The True Desire Power

Evelyn Rubenstein Jewish Community Center of Houston, Houston (United States)

1983-09-22 The True Desire Power, Houston, United States, DP-RAW, 58' Chapters: Talk, Self-Realization
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Houston Public Program Day 3, 1983.

Today’s the last day and I have to go to Los Angeles it was nice being in Worcester meeting people giving realization to some people and then now have to be I cannot be single we all have it you all have to get you have to know yourself you have to know your power within yourself you have to understand how to use that power and you have to immense speech this is what the room is difficult it’s far fish some people think some people discourage me very much like today, I met a gentleman who told me – who is an Indian, that as far as Indians are concerned they have come here to make money. Not to know God. So they are not interested in you.  And the other people here, they won’t listen to you. They will come to your program and go away. I said- why? Because you can’t pin them down without you get some money out of them. (Shri Mataji laughs in astonishment). I said, “how much are they going to pay me?” He said, “Whatever you like” You must understand their psychology. If you do not take any money from them, they won’t be bothered. You see, he told me an American psychology which was really very shocking. He said, they talk like this- “I have paid for this.” If they have paid for it, they will go though it whatever it is. Otherwise they will not go through it. And it was too much for me. I said- “I can’t believe it.”  How can that be? There are true seekers in this world. Those who are truthful seekers will understand that you can not pay for what you have already within yourself. And this is what one has to realize that God has built you up in such a fashion that everything is within you. You have got your spirit in your heart. As I told you before and then you have got that vital force within you * or that divine force within you called as Kundalini. The true desire * This is the true desire. The rest of them as I told you are not true desires as they do not give you satisfaction. So this is the true desire within you which has to work it out and when it works out, you become yourself. Means you know what powers you have, and you can manifest your own power. It seems very fantastic to hear that we have all these powers within us that we can cure ourselves, we can cure others. We can cure our mental problems and we can cure others’ mental problems. We can solve many problems of money and other nonsensical things about which we are worried. Our priorities change. We become transformed and we become collectively conscious. So we can treat others and we can know about ourselves. Seems to be very fantastic but as I told you that you are made into this beautiful body with great care and love in such a beautiful way. I’ll show you that. Now all these centers exist within you. You need not take me for granted but they exist. And when the kundalini rises, she passes through all these various centers and enlightens them and nourishes them. It’s a fact that this knowledge was known to Indians, great seers of Indians, thousands of years back. But we had three types of practices in India. The first one was where people were in devotion to God. They wanted help from God and they thought that by praying to God, by (meditating*Unclear) themselves to God they will be able to achieve the advent of God. So they were praying for the advent of God, that was one sided. Left sided people as we can call it. Who worship. The right sided people are the people who thought that it is better to excite and awaken the different elements by which we can be benefited. And that’s how they tried to do “yagnas”(hawan). “yagnas” means a kind of a ritual by which you can excite or by which you can use the power of the elements. And that’s how they did lot of rituals by which they tried to overpower and they had (unclear*) quite a lot of development long time back about…They say that in India we had aeroplanes, pilot lessons aeroplanes where it was about eight thousand years back. So, whether you believe it or not but they tried to do it through this method of exciting or knowing the subtle side of the elements and how to use it for their own purposes. And the third side (Unclear*) was where people tried to find out, Sorry! …(Unclear*) they tried to find out why we are here? Why God has created us? What does he want us to do? Why should we live on this world like this? Because they realized that this is not the ultimate. We have not found absolute. And such people meditated. Through their meditative approach they reached certain heights. They found out certain secrets about ourselves and they described all these chakras that I am describing to you fourteen thousand years back. It’s nothing new , the tact(*Unclear). Only thing, I am giving it a modern connection! That all these subtle centers are within us and they manifest outside   . All the known plexuses and ductless gland. For example the (*Unclear) the Nabhi Chakra. This one manifests the (*Edited. Part of the speech missing) We have the pelvic plexus and then we have the aortic plexus, then solar plexus, then cardiac plexus and here we have the cervical plexus. And here at optic chiasma, we have got a very subtle center, which we call as Agnya chakra. Which controls the pituitary and the pineal and is placed on the optic chiasma. In the cross of that. So this is the center. And the limbic area which doctors know about, is the one which is enclosed by the ego and super ego of human beings. That’s how we have all the picture. This is the tree of life. Now, the tree of life is ready, only thing- it is to be nourished. And for that nourishment, that kundalini is placed there. I am sorry, you can’t see? (Shri Mataji makes a physical move to the side).

And this kundalini is nothing else but is the Aquarius within you. That’s why it is called as the age of the Aquarius. Many people don’t know, why is it called as the age of the Aquarius? Aquarius means the water carrier and this is the one that is the water carrier within us. The sacrum, the sacred bone in which this power is there and this power is your Mother. And when she nourishes you, you solve all these problems that I told you. You solve your spiritual problem and ultimately you become one with your spirit. It is a very simple thing because nature does everything in a very simple way. As I told you yesterday, if you have to sprout a seed- you just put it in the mother earth. What do you do? Nothing else. Mother earth has got the capacity. In the same way, when this has to rise, it has to rise spontaneously. Now the idea, you must clean yourself, you must do this and that…is not necessary.  Say when you are sitting in your car, you have to get out of it to correct it. So first, get out of it, not only that but you get the light to see what’s wrong with you. In that light, you understand what’s wrong with you, you correct yourself so Nobody has to tell you. You correct yourself. And by correcting yourself, what do you get? You get an absolute being within yourself which is the spirit. So now, the time has come for you to get integration. The complete synthesis of all the religions has to come to (*UNCLEAR) but its not a mental projection, again I would say. It’s not a mental projection, I should say that all the religions are one. Nobody is going to understand that. It’s nonsense. Because people say, how if all religions are the same, why are they fighting with each other? They are having wars, they had wars, they are having wars, they’ll have wars. So how is it possible that all these religions are coming from one tree. They are flowers of one tree. How can that be? That has to be seen. If it is so or not? When it happens, you automatically realize that all of them belong to the same tree of life. And these different destinations that you see are not actually the destination but are the milestones in our life time by which we rise. Now many people have a habit that they stuck on to one chakra. For example, those who are hindus, will just believe in “Krishna” and nobody else. Krishna is just here (Shri Mataji pointing towards the Vishuddhi Chakra on her neck) he came six thousand years back. He is here. Then some will believe only in Rama. Rama is just here. (Shri Mataji pointing towards her heart chakra to show Shri Rama’s place). Or some will believe only in Christ, Christ is here (Shri Mataji pointing on Her forehead, where her Kumkum is) Now Christ is just here. He is the Gate, Alright! But he is not the destination. So what is the destination? Is the Limbic Area. You have to enter into the kingdom of God, he said it. He always talked of the future. He said you have to enter into the kingdom of God, Holy Ghost has to come. He said that you are to get somebody who will counsel you, you will redeem you, who will comfort you. And that is the Holy Ghost. Of course he did not say that it’s a lady, because he thought that if I say it’s a Mother, they will be all towards his Mother, attack her. And he didn’t want to do that. To loose all the drama of crucifixion. So he didn’t say that it was my mother who is one of the powers of God but he just kept quiet about it. But you…As I said this afternoon that it is impossible to understand how people rationalize that there is a Holy Ghost, there is a Father and there is a Son. And No Mother. It’s an impossible. And you can understand it clearly that there has to be a Mother, who has to come up and nourish. Now you, (*Edited/skipped portion) who opposed Freud said it very clearly that it is the Mother who is going to nourish us. He even took the name of Kundalini. He studied up to that point. But the mistake was when he tried to talk about it, his knowledge was that of a person who jumped on the stage. Suddenly! And he is trying to know over the stage. So it can be mistaken also. And he got quite confused because he said that to get to the unconscious you have to pass the subconscious. And the other day I explained to you that there are four areas of unconscious. Means from four areas we do not get any messages. We are unconscious of it because we don’t feel it on the central nervous system. Now these four areas I have told you before and I’ll repeat them again. On the left hand side, as you see of the person. (Shri Mataji explaining on the chakra chart various aspects) On this side means facing, we should see the left side where the hand is like this. Is the blue line as you see is called as the Ida Channel which gives the manifestation. In the gross of the left sympathetic nervous system which looks after our emotions. And beyond that is the subconscious and the collective subconscious. On the right hand side, when we think of the future too much, plan for the future too much then we enter into the area called supra conscious and collective supra conscious. Now down below as you see, there is hell. The collective hell. We live in hell and we have collective hell also. Above, on top your head, is the super consciousness. Which is unconscious. Just now, you do not feel it on your central nervous system so it is unconscious. To make it conscious what we have to do is to, bring into your consciousness on to your central nervous system the existence of your spirit. Once that comes in your consciousness. In your attention. Then you start feeling the all pervading power. The subtle power, which does all the living thing. Like creating the flowers, like creating fruits out of the flowers. Every sort of a living work is done by that all pervading power. Now for that, what can you pay? What can you pay? That’s one thing. One should understand that you can’t pay for all this thing. This is your own. It is within you. I am paid for it already. You can think like that. And it is within you. The whole power is within you. You have to just get to it. Now, I do not want to criticize any religious bodies as such but they are doing all the upside down things. You can see for yourself. You’ll be amazed in London, people are selling the churches. And they are having their pubs. I mean after (*Editted/skipped portion) something of the same kind. So what is the reason. Now, what is the reason? Not only that but in Indian temples same thing happening. In mosques also same thing happening. In all the other religions the same thing is happening. Jews are having the same problem. Unless and Until you are a fanatic, nobody is bothered about you. But fanaticism is a disease. Because they believe in one center. One part of it. I’ll give you an example, I met a gentleman who came from Iran about ten years back to see me. He was a doctor and he was suffering from stomach problem. Stomach cancer. Somebody told him in India that I may be able to help him so he came down. He came to London to see me. When he came to London, he asked me, “Mother, can you cure me?’’. I said, “I can, but have a disease.” He said, “What disease”? I said, “You are a fanatic.” He said “No.” I said, do you believe that only Mohammed saa’b is the one for you? He said, yes off course; I do not believe in anybody else. I believe..(Shri Mataji asked someone if they are recording or not) Any problem?  (As someone tries to fix the mic/wires, Shri Mataji says I don’t understand these things…laughter. I don’t understand these connections. I am absolutely ignorant about these things.)

So I told him, Let’s see now, if you believe it’s only Mohammed Saa’b I can not cure you. Clear you of your problems. So he said, then what do you want me to say? I said, you have to say that Mohammed Saa’b was one of the incarnations of the primordial masters and there are many others who came on this earth. For example- Abraham, Moses, some people in India like Raja Janaka, Nanaka, all of them were the incarnation of the same. He said “This I can not say.” I said, “Alright then! Go Ahead. I can not cure you either.” If you are obstinate about it you go ahead. If you believe in only one person, like Mohammed Saa’b who is angry with you. Take it from me. Because he can not understand this kind of a stupidity. He never did that. What he said was, all of them were prophets and they have come on this earth and only he said that “I am the seal!” Seal does not mean that I have sealed them. Means I am one of the samples of that. I am one of the symbols of that. And that’s what he said. And they said he is the seal now, nobody can come. How can it be? When he himself has talked about resurrection time, that when the resurrection time will come your hands will speak. And there is “Assess” he called the kundalini as “Assess” and that resides in the triangular bone. All these things he says, he talks of the resurrection day all these things he talk and how can you say that Mohammed Saa’b didn’t talk of all these things. He did very well. But people don’t want to have that. They don’t want to listen to it. They don’t want to understand it because they want to use it for their own purposes. When they want to use it for their own purposes they have their own concept of Mohammed Saa’b, about Christ, about Krishna, about Rama, about everyone they have their own concept. And they want to live with that concept. They do not want to get out of it. Because its beyond them. It is beyond them to get out of those concepts. Because they are bound by their ego. Ego, is one of the greatest myths we are carrying with ourselves. And it make you absolutely stupid. Is the most stupid thing that is Ego. Ego is the thing which tells you that we do this, we do that, we don’t do anything what so ever.  What do we do? Supposing, a tree is dead. You make it into a bench. Alright! Or a chair, or anything. Can you make a flower into a fruit? Even one? You can not. So what do you do? Its only stones, and dead wood you play with. What living work you have done? Nothing. Nothong! Then what do you do? Except for making a chair for yourself or some sort of a comfort by which you become absolutely a lethargic person. If you make a chair, you can not sit on the ground. If you make a bed, you can not sleep on the ground. You become a slave of this matter. Graudually you start becoming a greater slave and greater slave and ultimately you think, are the lord of the matter. But the matter is ruling you. Suppose the electricity goes away, what will happen to us? Supposing we don’t get any petrol. Suddenly, everybody will be (*UNCLEAR WORD) one day, electricity went off in New York, then what happened? So much we are dependent on the matter now and not our spirit. And that is the trouble with us that we have to depend on our spirit and on that great power of God who has created us. Who is the one who has done all this living work. And who is going to do greater living work. We have to depend on that greater force of life. That higher force of life. And we have to say that, Oh Lord!, Please give us that we deserve. And you will be amazed, how anxious he is to give you that great thing. To give you that (*BENEDICTION) that is your right to have it. Sahaja means that. Sahaja means it is born with you. It’s your birth right to get realized. It’s your (TIME;19:21) birth right. You have to have it. But how many want to be realized. They want to belong to some group they belong to this group or that group. I don’t know what people get by clubbing themselves like this. Which is artificial clubbing, you know. I have to go in England, all kinds of clubs. I am sometimes surprised, how they have clubs about. Like the people who hold their forks in the left hand and the knives on the right hand are one and those who hold the other way round are another club. IT’s stupid. And such a wastage of time. They have conferences, meetings of a group….People are coming all the way from Australia, from Japan, this that….and what do you come out of there(*UNCLEAR) what is there to club? And this clubbing shows in every walk of life that we try to club under the name of something nonsensical or something that is hatred. When we hate others, then we club together. Like we have to hate this type of people or that type of people. This type of people are bad, that type of people are bad, and we have to aggress these type of people or we have to protect ourselves from these people. It’s all is hatred. A kind of a fear. All the time working. While God has created you all beautifully to (*) off course there is variety. Variety has to be there. Without variety, you would look so horrid. I mean, imagine everybody looking just the same. You would not know who is a lady or a gentleman? It happens these days, very common. My experience has been terrific this time (Laughter) In programs, I call some gentleman as a lady and he gets angry and he says No, Mother I am a man. I said, I am sorry, see, I couldn’t make out. You see. The way you are walking. The way you are dressed I just thought that you must be a lady. What can I do? (*Editted/skipped) just human beings. He has made us men and women and children and everything to create the mood of variety. And that mood of variety that gives us a special absolute as human beings. Animals do not have so much variety. Only the human beings have so much variety. And the craziness also that we have is our specialty. Like animals will never create an atom bomb to kill themselves. I mean, Thank God they can’t. But we human beings can do such absurd thing as to make a bomb just to kill ourselves or to kill others who are our kith and kin. So this is what it is that we have now reached a very precarious stage where everyone knows, God knows what is going to happen. Everybody is frightened and this time we have to know that as soon as we are transformed we are looked after by that Divine power. Krishna has said, “Yoga-Kshema vyamaham” when yoga takes place, I look after your well being. Kshema is well being. So first yoga has to take place. It is not before yoga. Many people think “Oh we believe in God, Oh! We used to go to the Church, we used to go to the temple, we always would worship Krishna, everything. And we never got any benefit. So one should ask- were you connected? If you are not connected with God. If you are not one with God how will you get anything that is your due? So first thing is yoga. Is to become one with the Divine. Establish the connection and that’s the most important thing. Many people ask me- what about “Hath Yoga?” In Hatha Yoga there are “Ashtangas” there are eight folds. Out of which the main thing is “Ishwar-Pranidhan”. Ishwar Pranidhana is that you establish yourself in such a way that God is establish within you. Means- First is self realization! Then you know and it is logical. That once you know your kundalini has started moving and you will know which center is catching and what kind of an exercise you have to do, what kind of “Dharana” means meditation you have to do. What mantras you have to say and unless and until the kundalini is moving how will you know which chakra it is catching? And that is why, it is essential that first kundalini should be awakened. Once the kundalini is awakened you start feeling her movement, you start feeling your chakras, you start understanding all the blocks you have. You start understanding what problems others have. If you know how to cure them, if you know how to put them right you can make the kundalini rise straight and then once it comes out and then you establish it. You have to establish it. Once its establish then only you will feel that you are absolutely there. So the first power you get is of thoughtless awareness. Which is called in Sanskrit as “Nirvichar-Samadhi” It used to take ages in those days to establish even “Nirvichar Samadhi”. But I must be something the way I am doing it so fast. It’s like a jet. The kundalini rises just like a jet. So there must be something about me but I am not going to tell you anything about myself. It’s better that you know yourself first and then you ask about me. It’s much safer for you and much safer for you also. So when the kundalini rises, she comes up through this center of Agnya and when it crosses through that time we become thoughtlessly aware. Then your attention is stationed. There is no thought in between. Like a thought rises and falls off. Another thought rises and falls off. (Shri Mataji uses her hand to express it as a wave going up and coming down for thought process). You can see the rising of the thought but falling you don’t see. In between these two thoughts there is a space and that is the space which is the present. When the kundalini rises, what she does – she makes this thought weak or elongated.  By that there is a space, that increases and you stationed yourself in the present. You become thoughtlessly aware. Again, I say- you are aware. But you are thoughtless and you can watch your thoughts. If you want to, you can create your thoughts if you want to. That’s the first stage of kundalini awakening. But when she crosses up here (Shri Puts her hand onto her Sahasrara) and she comes out and you start feeling the cool breeze in your head then I should say that you have got your self -realization in the sense now, an egg has become a bird. But still, there are many things of the egg which are sticking on. AS every bird has to through away the shell properly to come out or the Mother has to work hard to through it away. And once that is taken away then complete cleansing has to take place till the bird is ready to fly. Then the bird is afraid still to fly and it spreads its wings here and there but it doesn’t fly. So the Mother bird hides herself and calls the little ones. After sometime, the birds spreads the wings, goes up, flies upto a point. It thinks it is falling down, falls. Again it rises, again it falls ultimately it achieves that state where it starts flying very well straight forward. When that is achieved, that state we call as “Doubtless Awareness” called as “Nirvikalpa Samadhi” But in the olden times these were divide into two -two. First was “Svichar Samadhi then second was “Nirvichar Samadhi”. Means first the Samadhi means the enlightened mind. So first the enlightened mind with the thoughts in then the second one was the thoughtless enlightened mind. Third one was as it should be only “Nirvichar Samadhi” but it was not so it should be “Nirvikalapa Samadhi” means doubtless awareness they would have and enlightened mind still with doubts. And then the fourth one they used to say as enlightened mind which has no doubts of any kinds. Which is beyond (*UNCLEAR) but with all these four stages you get different powers within yourself by which you start manisfesting the power of raising the kundalini also. Now, this is the thing one has to understand that, some people move slowly. Some people move just like a jet. Some people move slowly and steadily and establish themselves. Some people move like a jet and establish themselves. Some people move like a jet can fall down. Some people move slowly and steadily and go on falling up and down, up and down, up and down. The reason is you have many problems. Which you face after realization. One of them is your health. If you have physical problem that shows immediately you start seeing the physical problem within yourself. You start curing yourself and once the physical problem is handled then you want your emotional problems should be handeled. So you come to the emotional problem. You start solving your emotional problems. Then you go to the higher thing where your intellectual problems where the doubts start coming in. and that is the intellectual problem you start solving. Once you solve your intellectual problems like this. Like we had (*UNCLEAR.. Some name) first time he got his realization. He is an intellectual very well read man, he knows all about it. Today that lady asked me about some (Edited or skipped) which I never read. See I don’t read books, I don’t have time to read book you see. I am reading human beings only. And she asked me for that book and I said I don’t read that book and they told me its about doom’s day (UNCLEAR) stop. Because you have read all about it. I am talking about the resurrection days. So, now when he got his realization he said- “Mother, you told us that you have got telecommunication and you can feel the other people. I haven’t had any information from my father. I want to know how he is?” I said, Alright! Put your hands towards your father and just think of him. And then he said there is a piercing pain here. (Shri Mataji showing the palm of her right hand right below the Vishuddhi finger and the soft area below the fingers and around the Sahasrara of the palm) I said see, these are the centers of your father. And this finger (Vishuddhi) if it is so piercing then he must be down with bad bronchitis. So he said, Really? I said yes. I said, Alright! You telephone to your father and find out. He telephoned, his mother came on the phone and she said exactly the same sentence. “Your father is down with very bad bronchitis.” So, he was amazed. Andbut then he was convinced and that’s how he saw gradually it works. It’s fantastic. But it does happen. So the doubt starting disappearing. So then he rose to the position of doubtless awareness. But it is not a mental activity. It is a growth within you. When that growth takes place then you have a great power that you can give realization to others. With the movement of your hand, you can give realization. You can see what’s happening to others on your fingertips. And you feel completely blissful. Absolutely at ease. At that point of peace where nothing can disturb you. You are in your fortress.  You are just sitting there and watching the whole world like a drama. It’s a big joke. It’s a big…you witness the whole thing as just some sort of a play going on. And that is the state which comes to you which establishes itself and you become that. Then you are no more (*UNCLEAR) or upset with anything. As it is you are blessed. Physically, mentally, emotionally, materially in every way. But you don’t become Mr. Ford because that’s a headache. Satisfy and your problems of material wellbeing are solved. Here we have somebody, who is sitting there, who had material problems (*UNCLEAR) problems and he came from India and was very upset. He happens to meet me, he knew me very well otherwise as my husband was Chairman of Shipping Corporation. He (*) he didn’t know that I was also this. See you have a double life. So he just met me and I told him that you have a problem with financial things. He said, yes, how do you know? I said, I know because your center is catching on the right hand side and if Nabhi center is catching on the right hand side and left side definitely you must have material problems. He said, that’s true. I said alright. I gave him realization. I  just checked his Nabhi Chakra and you will be amazed to know that he started doing very well. Now he is a happy man. He is a satisfied man. He has got his family here. He is a very happy person. It works out. So this works out in many ways and that’s how you start understanding it is in doubtless awareness. For this in “Hatha Yoga” of “Patanjali” is called as “Ritambhara PrAgnya”. Ritam- bhara-PrAgnya. Ritambhara PrAgnya means the knowledge of that power of Mother Earth which fills it up with all the seasons. You’ll be amazed how you will be helped. You will be so much surprised, how things work out. You don’t have to worry about anything. Everything works out so smoothly that you are, as if there is a red carpet for you and you are going on a magical carpet somewhere. All kinds of problems get solved. And you are amazed as you are on top of all these things and you can help others also. The person who is a Sahaja yogi of a high value if he enters in a house it becomes auspicious. The person get all the blessings of the auspiciousness. I have seen people who have reported to me that such and such person came to our house and since that day Mother, my wife got cured, my son got cured, everything became so much better. We are much better people. We had lost all the money in the business but we are doing very well now. So many people write to me. Recently I received a letter, there is a lady who is a widow and somebody wrote to me, a wife of a gentleman called MR. Dalvi that Mother, your daughter such and such has cured my husband of his cancer. He was about to die, he had galloping cancer and now I am a lucky woman to have my husband back at home. So these things happen. So many such things can happen because you are a powerful thing. You must have, just have the power to feel yourself. That’s all. If it works, it works. If it does not work I can not help it but gradually it can be helped. That’s why you have to come to the center. Because it’s a collective work. Now the time has come for us to work it out collectively. You cannot just sit at home. Oh! I have got Mother’s photograph, everything is alright. No. you all have to meet together. Understand each other’s difficulty. It works much better. Supposing one person has a strong say, Nabhi Chakra another one has got a Heart Chakra so when they meet, they supply the energy which is needed by integration. And that is what has to happen. At the last center, you have all the seven centers placed here (Shri Mataji pointing towards her head to show the chakras.) all the seven centers. (TIME: 35:16) and when the kundalini rises in that area (Sahasrara) then all the integration of these seven centers takes place. That’s how become an integrated personality. Whatever you do, you do it sincerely. You do not have a mind somewhere, you don’t want to do it but you have to do it because rationally it is good. It will fetch more money. Nothing of the kind you do it because it is absolute. Because you think that is the thing you have to do. And that’s how you get the courage. To stand up against all non-sense that talks of disintegration. Talks of hatred. Talks of wars and you become such a powerful personality that all those who come in contact with you also have that peace within themselves. They feel that peace and they also rise to that. We have to have so many people like that on this earth to change this world. And I am sure one day will come where it will work out. Television is discovered only for Sahaja Yoga because on television if they allowed me to ask you to put your hands towards me, I could have given you realization then. Possibly! So this, what you call…a camera. Is also for Sahaja Yoga. There are many photographs of mine which you will see, is amazing. See I was sitting in a school. In a village school, just an ordinary school. Outside, in a very small little school and talking to people. Suddenly the rays of light started coming on me. Off course, I told them (Editted/missing*) a great saint had lived. Seven times, the light came on me. I knew that. Nobody knew that there was light coming on me but then I put my hand like that and said “Bas! (means enough/stop in hindi) that’s all. I laughed and said, No “bas! That’s it”. Alright! And at that time it stopped. But some lady was taking photographs. She took seven photographs of all those seven poses. One of them is here. That one is not here where I stopped it also. It’s a very nice photograph of mine. So this camera is doing so much justice to Sahaja Yoga. It is catching all that you cannot see. And that is why, I would say that all modern science is for this communication.  To the whole world the message that you all have to become the spirit. That is the achievement that we have to have. Otherwise all the rest of it is absolutely useless. Absolutely useless. And when today that Indian gentleman told me that Indians will never for God because they are only interested in money when they come here and rest of them won’t come to you because you have to ask them to pay some money for you. I was really very much disappointed and I said, is this the level of human beings? I don’t think it is so. Hope so, it is not so that people just don’t care for money. Money is nothing. What is it? It is just the dust of the feet of the Lord. It is nothing. It is nothing important. But by telling all these things it does not work out. Once you get your realization automatically you will become so detached about money. Though living in the same. I live now, like a….because I am married to a man who is in a big position. I live according to what he has rewards me to live in that position. But from inside, I am absolutely detached. In the same way, it will happen to you. You won’t be involved with (it*UNCLEAR) only thing- the matter has one value that you can give it to others. That you can express your love for others. Today I was shopping. Buying presents for friends, and things for sahaja yogis where the children are. What to give them. That’s a big attraction for me that we should buy some present for them. And this is the thing one has to achieve. There is nothing else out of this matter that you can except for this joy of (*UNCLEAR) that you give somethings. In the same way, people give to God also like they will give a flower. Flower is the best thing you can give. But when you started talking off money I don’t know what to do. I feel like vomiting. My stomach goes into funny condition I just don’t know how to tell you that it is an insult to think in the term of human beings of God. God doesn’t understand money at all. Not at all! So please try to understand that even if you are not paying money, doesn’t matter. It’s your right to have your realization. This is the greatest wealth you have. Today you have your realization or yesterday you must have had. You must see to it, persue it, be serious about it. We should not be shallow people. We should not be shallow at all that today you receive your realization and tomorrow you forget about it and you do nothing about it. it will worse thing. Because when the seed is sprouted it has to become the tree otherwise it is absolutely ruined. It is important that when you get your realization, you look after yourself.  Go deeper into it. you can meet here we have a center. I am leaving some people here for you to talk to. Who are very senior people they’ll tell all about Sahaja Yoga. About yourself, about your problems. May God Bless you. As Gavin has told you today that I have to go today because tomorrow they have fixed a program at 7 o’clock in the morning in Los Angeles. So  I am sorry, I have to leave today. I hope you will be able to achieve what I have told you. I will just go in for a little program of self realization. Offcourse I don’t (*UNCLEAR) if fit works out. Nothing like it. if it doesn’t work out, nobody should be disappointed about it. And one should be contented that it will happen if not today, it will happen tomorrow. Yesterday so many people felt it. and also today you should feel it. Now, if you have any questions, you should ask them now. What’s the time Nick?

[TIME:- 41:23) Realization Exercise.]

You just put your hands towards me like this and close your eyes. Just put your hands, both the hands like this (palms open) and close your eyes. Put your hands on your lap so that you are comfortable. First thing is you have to be comfortable. Put both the feet (*UNC:EAR) parallel. Away. Little bit away from each other. Because there are problems on the left sometimes, there are problems of the right and if they are little away its easy to handle. Now the left side, left hand- as I told you is the hand by which you desire. Is the hand of desire. It is the hand of desire, expressing the power of desire. So keep the left hand straight towards me like this that the desire is to become one with the divine. Now the right hand, you have to use it to raise your kundalini. First of all, you have to put your right hand on your heart. Close your eyes. Please close your eyes. At the very outset, I have to tell you that don’t feel guilty. Please don’t feel guilty. You are in the present. Forget the past. Forget the past. You are in the present. Just now you forget what you have done, what wrong you have committed. Forget it! and now you have to say with full confidence within yourself you can ask a question to me. Addressing me as Mother if you like, or as Shri Mataji.

-Mother, am I the spirit? Ask the question thrice. If you are an indian ask the question- “kya main atma hoon? Maa kya main atma hoon?’’ Sincerely.

Now put this right hand, keep the left hand as it is. Don’t open your eyes. Put the right hand on the stomach on left hand side. This is the center of the primordial master. And your principle of mastery has to be awakened. We call it as “Guru Tattwa” now, put your hand there and press it hard. At this point- you have to assert because if you are the spirit, you are your own master. So please say-

-Mother, I am my own master. Say it ten times. With full confidence.  Don’t feel guilty while saying that. You are. You are the spirit. Sprit is quite intact. (it * UNCLEAR) its never ruined. it never does any harm its there, all intact. Just say- Mother, I am my own guru. I am my own master. Please say it ten times. Because this center has got ten petals. Now raise the right hand on heart again. Press it a little bit. At this point, you have to assert now twelve times. Saying that Mother- I am (*UNCLEAR) , I am the spirit. Which you are. No doubt. You have to just asset it. Now, raise this hand higher, at the base of your neck on the left hand side. On the shoulder. Don’t open your eyes please. At this point, you have to say- Mother- I am not guilty. Please say it sixteen times. Push it on the shoulder. Raise it higher, push it on the shoulder. And hold it tight at the base of your neck. Mother, I am not guilty. Now raise your right hand higher onto the forehead. Put your palm across your forehead, across. At this point- you have to say- Mother, I forgive everyone. Really say that. Without questioning, please say- Mother I forgive everyone. Now only you can say without feeling guilty that, if I have done anything wrong, please Oh Lord! Forgive me. Anything wrong if I have done knowingly or unknowingly please forgive me. For this you have to put back your hand on the backside of your head. Please say that but don’t feel guilty. Please don’t feel guilty. Without feeling guilty you have to say -if I have done anything wrong, Oh Lord! Please forgive me. Now put right hand on top of your head. And try to press it. and move it clockwise a little bit. On top of your head, where you had soft bone in your childhood. Press it hard. At this point I cannot cross your freedom. So you have to say that you want your realization. You just say- Mother I want my realization. Please give me my realization. Say it seven times. Now raise your hand and see if there is cool breeze coming out. You can change over and see on top of your head, if there is a cool breeze coming out. Put your right hand towards me as you have put the left hand. Right hand towards me now and put your left hand up and see. It’s there. (Mother smiling) see it’s there. Change over. You can change over. Put your right. (Shri Mataji blows air into the mic a few times) now again you can change hand and you can see it is there. (Shri Mataji takes some water from the cup near her and rub it on her Sahasrara and a little bit at the back on right nabhi) after a break of few moments….

Now, you open your eyes, I will teach you how to raise your own kundalini. Can you hold it for me? (Shri Mataji asks someone to hold the mic) this hand, the left hand you have to put it in front of you just like this before the kundalini. Just like this. You can do it at home also. This is your own hand and your own kundalini. This is the hand. Now the right hand, you have to move it up, forward, down, backwards. Like this in a clockwise manner. Now let’s start, moving it. one hand is moving up and another is going round like this manner. Take it up.