TV Interview, Houston Live

Houston (United States)

1983-09-22 Shri Mataji, Houston Live, TV Interview, 37'
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T.V. Interview with Shri Mataji. Houston(live) 22-091983

Interviewer:(music playing) Hi. (No sound ) with me today is Shri Mataji. She is considered to be a guru, a prophet, a faith healer and in India she is called a Saint. We will be right back to talk to her after this. Some music playing. (some advertisement) She is a guru and a lot of other things. Which of those do you consider yourself to be?

Shri Mataji: I would say I am just a Mother and mother can be anything isn’t it?

Interviewer: Is it unusual for a woman to be a guru?

Shri Mataji: No it should not. On the contrary I am not a guru as such, because I am a mother I am also a guru. And it is important that the time has come for the feminine qualities to manifest. We have had manly qualities where people had competitions and they developed in such a way as if the tree has grown outside and now the tree has to grow inside,inward to get to the source, for its nourishment.Its only the mother who can nourish it, isn’t? She is the only one who could be compassionate, and affectionate and kind.

Interviewer: You have said some real harsh things about orthodox religions. Why is that?

Shri Mataji:I didn’t mean to be harsh with them but I think they have mislayed the people very much as far as the religion is concerned. Any religion you take that they are propounding , like say Christianity.Now in Christianity it is said that Christ is the main person, and we have to accept what he has said.Christ has said that you are to be born again so they made some artificial sort of a drama of the meaning baptism. It is so artificial. Any intelligent man can see that you just put water on somebody’s head and say that you are born again or you certify yourself as born again you do not become. There must be something living about it. Because he has talked about the living for living process that has to take place for our evolutionary process.It has to work out in a living way. Something living has to happen within us. Like an egg becoming a bird. It is a complete transformation. But on the contrary you find like what Christ had said,’ thou shall not have adulterous eyes’.Very hard to find a Christian without adulterous eyes.The innocence is lost.He was the embodiment of innocence. There is no innocence.It is all money making , building making, all sort of things but not Christ. 

Interviewer:You have said that people don’t believe you because you don’t take money.You pay for your own tours for everything .

 Shri Mataji:I try to.

Interviewer: You think we have become, a world where unless you do take money you aren’t believable?That is a real sad situation.

Shri Mataji: You see these people are very materialistic. First of all they can’t understand God.And they think that for everything you must pay.Even you can purchase God.They can think they can organize God.This is ego. Real ego.You cannot pay for God.That is one thing.You have to humble down.

Interviewer:You have asked interesting things about diseases.You have talked about aides.You talked about curing these diseases.

Shri Mataji: That’s a automatic thing that happens within you,is placed this power of your own, and when it rises it nourishes you.Again the same mother in you.Your own mother. Every body has an individual mother called the kundalini. In the sacrum bone means the sacred bone and when it rises, it nourishes you.When it nourishes you, your subtle centers get nourished and you get alright.Its all yours. Only thing it has to be awakened.

Interviewer:And how does the awakening happen?

Shri Mataji:The awakening takes place like as we would say, very spontaneously, as you can put a seed in the mother earth and it sprouts by itself.So you have to be ready to just be that and if somebody who has the quality of a mother earth can do it. But as soon as you get it you can do it to others. Like that one enlightened light can enlighten another light. But the candle which is not enlightened cannot enlighten itself.

Interviewer:So you need somebody to help them to enlighten?

Shri Mataji: Yes.It is not even a help.Its just that you are there.It is just a catalyst agent and I would say it works.

Interviewer: You are talking about homosexuality, schizophrenia ahh…

Shri Mataji: Many physical problems.Many emotional problems.Many psychosomatic problems with combinations of these two. Like cancer I would say aides and mellitus, most of these incurable diseases come from the combination of the emotions as well as the mind.

Interviewer: Basically it depends on the way we handle our emotions.

Shri Mataji: Yes.You see the way we live,the way we try to suppress our emotions sometimes.Sometimes the way we mislead ourselves into wrong ideas of sex ,and perversions and all that.All this complicate it. We don’t lead a normal balanced life. That’ s why the problem is.But when this rises within you, it nourishes you, it brings you to the centre and makes you, your own spirit and with that you become absolutely a different person, a transformed personality. 

Interviewer: You talk, you made predictions , things would happen? What are some of the those predictions?

Shri Mataji:No, I don’t make predictions, but I can say that if people do not take to their transformation, it could be very dangerous.I mean,I don’t think the distruction is going to come from Russia or any other country. It is going to come from within.You can see it very clearly.You are destroying yourself moment by moment. Cancer, all these diseases nobody knew before.All of them are appearing now to show that you are trying to destroy ourselves.

Interviewer: What could we do?

 Shri Mataji: We have to understand that we have to get to ourselves. To our Spirit, which is our power, which is within us, for which you cannot pay. That is something so insulting to say that such an invaluable thing you can get by paying. And for that also you cannot put any efforts, but it is spontaneous.What you have to do is, to just ask for it, I should say, that if you put your hands towards me like this and it may work.And it will show its results by, you start feeling cool breeze of the Holy Ghost in your hand. If you could feel the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost out of your head, this is a real baptism. That is what I was saying,that we are doing all that is not told to us and we are just going on the wrong path. 

Interviewer: Actually someone did tell me before the show when you were once here before that you had touched them and they felt a cool breeze around them.

Shri Mataji: Yes it is.So many have felt. Thousands in India, but I work in the villages not in the city because our Westernised Indians are though really hopeless people you see. They are just copy cats. They are trying to copy the West and trying to become modern but they have forgotten what heritage we have. And there are many like this. Even they have come to your country, they are absolutely neither here nor there but the people in America are great seekers, very great seekers and they are ardently seeking and if they come to the right path I am sure they can be saved.And they can save their country and save the whole world. 

Interviewer: You were friend of the Gandhi’s?

Shri Mataji: No. I was much younger to him. I was a little girl of 7 years when he asked my father to leave me with him and I stayed with him as a little girl and he was a very sweet person as a elderly grandfather I should say, and very wise man too and extremely gentle with children. Extremely gentle. And he saw something in me. He used to ask me questions about certain things life and I could guide him on certain points like he asked me how to put the different prayers.So according to the different centers I told him, you put it. So first is that of the first center and the second center like that, and that is how we arranged all of them. Like that he had realized that I had something special about me.

Interviewer: Lots of people have noticed that too.You do have the presence about you.When did you notice that?

Shri Mataji: I knew when I was small. I knew that what I was. I knew it very well as we know we are human beings. I knew that I was something like that .

Interviewer: You do not accept money..Why is it that?Why is it .Do you believe not to accept money for what you do?

Shri Mataji: No.What will you pay me? This is love. What can you pay me?I mean, you cannot evaluate into any money whatsoever, so what is the need.Of course, for my traveling sometimes, these people pay. They pay for their halls and also my husband is quite well off so he would like to pay sometimes for the good work like that. He thinks, is the only solution.He is the secretary general of International Maritime Organisation, one of the agencies he was elected and he thinks that this is the solution.This is the only way you can save the world. Without transformation you can not save.

Interviewer: What basically is your philosophy?

Shri Mataji :It is not a philosophy but its an actualization of what you are and is the one , that will prove the existence of God, existence of reality and all the scriptures can be completely understood when you are your Spirit. Before that you cannot understand because it is very subtle and you can make mistakes.Like people say about the holy Ghost that it is a mystery.Now think of it even rationally . When you will think that you have a father you have a son and the Holy Ghost, but no mother. Can you get a son and a father without a mother? Is something unreasonable. Absolutely absurd, but that’s how people go on and on because they have not become their Spirit.Once you become the Spirit the Spirit can guide you. Because you get a new kind of a dimension called as collective consciousness by which you can feel the energy flowing through you, and you can decode all that on your fingertips . Even Mohammad sahib has said that at the time of resurrection your fingers will speak. Your hands will tell you.And Muslims also they don’t want to talk about resurrection time.Though he has written more about the resurrection time than about the Doomsday day, but they want to talk about Doomsday so that they can frighten everybody and every body becomes a Muslim.

Interviewer: Why do you think there are so many young people looking for something like movies say they are Hari Krishnas.Why is it that?

Shri Mataji: Time has come.It is a special time. It is a time already predicted by William Blake* only hundred years back. He said that the men of God will be born in those days and they will become prophets and they will have power to make others prophets.That’s what it is predicted, but this was predicted 14000 yrs back in India that this was going to happen and when they dilated it down to modern times, it was 1970, they said Sahaja yoga will start and that is when I started Sahajayoga.It is a thing called Sahaja Yoga.Sahaja means spontaneous, Sa means ‘with’ and ja means ‘born’. ‘Spontaneous union with the Devine’.Its your right.You have to have it.

Interviewer: You also called some gurus ‘Charlatans’.

Shri Mataji:Ahh.Sorcerers. They are all horrid people.Absolutely devils you see.Nothing but devils and you like them more than you like me.(Laughs) You see, why don’t people think about it ?What good have they done?You will see, those who have been to them, they have lost all their money, they have lost everything, they are doing no jobs, they are like mad people.They don’t know what they are up to like walking under the blanket in the darkness.They do not know where they are going.But if you see a person who is a Realized soul, there are so many here, they will tell you what are your centers catching,where are your problem. They have given realisation.There is one gentleman who has given realization to ten thousand people in India.

Interviewer:We will be right back to talk some more on this after this break.

(Announcement for question, answer session with Shri Mataji.)

Interviewer: Shri Mataji.We are talking about Indian religions. You said you made a prediction in 1970.You warned people.What was that?

Shri Mataji: I came here in 1970 and I found out that the time has come for people to get the Self realization.And I told them that you be careful, there will be lots of fake, false gurus, will be coming here and I took their names and told them the names and even told them what they were in previous life and what they are going to do, how they are going to entice you. Very clearly I told them. Lectures after lectures I gave about them, and they were quite surprised and said aren’t you afraid of them.I said they can’t do anything to me because they are cowards.But they would not accept me as I told you, because they said you must charge money otherwise in America nobody understands it.I said it is absurd . How can I take money for this and that’s how it happened.

Interviewer: We have a call.Go ahead.

Caller:Hi, my name is (unclear) and would like to comment Shri Mataji on her stand that we must be changed and transformed and people must be.(.unclear) However I would ask her how did she come into the knowledge of this spontaneous Devine and(unclear )…and how she received the Holy Ghost without being baptized?

Shri Mataji: The question is alright but I would suggest, I am rather careful in telling about myself because when Christ told that He was the path and He was the light He was crucified. I don’t want to tell anything about myself just now, and I don’t want to get crucified again.We should know what Christ, where did He get his Holy Ghost and all that.You see it is a question of first you getting your transformation and getting yourself alright, and then you can know about me.It is much better than to unnecessarily worry about what I got it, how I got it, because I definitely have it and I have done it, so why not have it.

Interviewer: Another caller.Go ahead.You are on the air.

 Caller:I am a person like what you would describe as a wet blanket.I lost all my money and I don’t have a job.How do you go about to get out of the blanket?

Interviewer: You are basically saying you are confused and you one of the people what… Caller:walking under the blanket.

Shri Mataji:I know. She has to come to our program tonight. We have a program tonight which you can tell them and also we have a centre here. Already there are people who know how to get out of it and they can tell her how to do it, if she can come to the centre.But tonight there is a program for that.

Interview: Basically when you were saying earlier that people have to look within themselves.I think that was her question.She was one those person who was kind of walking wounded.She basically…

Shri Mataji:When they come to the program, maybe the kundalini might rise in them and they might get alright.But otherwise also it can be followed up and they must learn where is the problem .Which chakra is in danger and they should know how to correct it and we have people who are now very deft in it. Very deft and they can do it and you can learn from them later on.We had people hit by all of them and they came to us and they are all cured and perfectly alright. And they are great people now working all over the world.

Interview:We have a caller.Go ahead.

Caller: Yes,Shri , first welcome to Houston.You are doing a super good job.(unclear)You had mentioned the word Charlatan earlier in the conversation and changes of sorts and I could not understand what you meant by that.Could you please clarify that point please?

Shri Mataji: What’s he saying?

Interviewer.When we talked about gurus being Charlatans.

Caller: I have a strong belief that something great inside of me, (unclear) I hope I am not a Charlatan.I will hang up now and again welcome to Houston and thank you very much.Bye,bye

Shri Mataji:Bye. You see, that is not(laughs) .I am not talking about any particular , but many of them are fake gurus. But there are also very good gurus.There was one gentleman who was very good and he is a Realized soul. Very learned and l asked him to come to America and he came here for two days in New York and he ran away.He said it was a nightmare and he could not face the people.The people wanted something else.They wanted a kind of a jargon and you can call it a kind of a circus, and all sorts of funny things so he was not prepared for that. He ran away. So I am saying about the people who are false people.They are not only false , they are sinister because not only they take your money, of course, if they take your money it is only thuggery. You can’t call it a beginning for that but they spoil your chances of Realization . They give you diseases. They give you troubles and they just decamp with all these things.They are more interested in say motor cars like Rolls-Royce .They want to have airplanes.It is parasetic.How can a person who has anything to do with God will take money from you and buy Rolls-Royces? 

Interviewer: Got another call.Go ahead.

Caller:Oh yeah ,I just wanted to get the concept of man’s work on this physical world.Why are you actually on this planet? Why is he on this physical planet?

Interviewer: Basically why is man on this planet?

Shri Mataji:( laughs)I will tell you. I will tell you why you are here.You see, it is disgusting sometimes the way our life is, I can quite understand. That you feel a little ahhh.. upset about it but actually you are on this planet to enter into the kingdom of God. You are welcome there and you are made that way.Of course we have made mistakes you see. Collective mistakes, individual mistakes and that is how we are in trouble but everything can be forgiven. Everything. And you can enter into the kingdom of God.

Interviewer:Do you think you find people wondering why they are here?Do you get the question often? 

Shri Mataji:( laughing)They are just waiting for their Dooms day . Some are so desperate.You don’t know?Very desperate.

Interviewer: What do they do?What should a desperate person do?

Shri Mataji: They commit suicides. 

Interviewer: But how can they help themselves?

Shri Mataji: They can help themselves by becoming themselves.You see I have had people who came to me in a very desperate state. l mean I knew three young girls who were wanting to commit suicide.They came to me and now they are very good Sahaja yogis. and they are working very well and they are very good girls and they are normal people. They have gone back to their families.

Interviewer: You have following, right?

 What basically is your following consist of? .You don’t take money.So how then how do you ..?

Shri Mataji:We don’t have any organization. You see it is like this.Now I am talking to you. You can get your Realization sitting down here. Suppose you get your realization then I ask you to come to a centre where the people are working.There nobody is sort of giving up jobs or anything. They are working but in the evening time or a Sunday time they have this Centre where you go and learn all about it.Then you start doing it . So there is no organisation needed.Ofcourse when they rise higher and higher in their manifestation then we start knowing each other very well and then we call them Sahajayogies. When they can give realization to others then we call them Sahajayogies.

Interviewer:There is a call waiting.Go ahead.

Caller: Yes this is for Shri Mataji,I would like to ask, our Bible states some where that false God and the false prophet shall rise and like she said( unclear) arrive can I believe you shall choose sides and receive markings on your sides of the forehead.(unclear) Do you see this happening any time in the near future?

Shri Mataji: What is the last part I did not follow?

Interviewer:Do you foresee it happening in the near future?

Shri Mataji:You can see it happening now.You can see that very clearly.These people have come up.Now within these ten years I find that they are showing up. You must know by their fruits..Christ has said you must know by their fruits. He said I’ll send you the Holy Ghost and that’s what it is. Your Holy Ghost is within you. It’s your Kundalini.

Interviewer: Another call.Go ahead.

Caller: Hello,am I on?

Interviewer: Yeah.

Caller.Ok, I would like to ask the visitor if one is consumed by negativity and anger, how one can get out of that state of being?

Shri Mataji; That also is very easy.When you become the Spirit.Because the Spirit is the peace within us.And once you become that, the whole world is in a turmoil, but you are at peace with yourself and completely integrated. When you are not integrated these problems come in, but when you get to that position, when you become the Spirit, when your attention is enlightened by the Spirit, then you will become absolutely peaceful and you start seeing the whole thing like a big joke.

Interviewer: You seem peaceful.Is that something worked out?

Shri Mataji:No, I was like this from my birth.

Interviewer: And you work with peace, people basically get their work going so that people somehow they become peaceful.

Shri Mataji:Absolutely.Absolutely.They can.They can become. It is not difficult because you are peace.Basically you are peace. Because you are not inside that’s why you are disturbed.Once you become that, then you are absolutely at peace.

Interviewer:Go ahead.You are on the air.

Caller: Hello,hell and (unclear)concerning Bible prophecy like( unclear)and if she is, what are her views concerning Bible prophecy?

Interviewer: Sorry we did not get the first part of your question

Caller: Okay.I would like to know if she is familiar with how on( unclear)and Bible prophecy,why this book is (unclear) Bible prophecy concerning (unclear)

Interviewer: What is basically your question?

Caller: How and what are her views concerning Bible prophecy and if she is familiar with ( unclear) disagree.What is her view?

Interviewer asking Shri Mataji: Did you understood her question?

Shri Mataji:No.

Interviewer:Can you repeat the question one more time?

Caller:Is she familiar with the book?( Unclear) What I heard you disagree

Interviewer: What book is it?

Caller:( unclear)

Shri Mataji:I have not read the book. So what does it say?

Interviewer:She has not read the book

Caller:Oh, okay.

Shri Mataji: Sorry.

Interviewer: You have another question?

Caller: What are her views..(.unclear)

Shri Mataji: You may write to me.

Caller:(unclear) Does she follow the Bible or…

Shri Mataji:Yes I do.I know that.I know about it that Christ has said that I will send you the Holy Ghost.I will send you a Comforter and a redeemer and a counselor that is what it is.And it is what I am.

Interviewer:So you basically know the Bible? You follow the Bible?

Shri Mataji:I know most of the scriptures. I have to know because they are to be proved.

Interviewer:We have another call.Go ahead.

Caller: Hello, Okay,I want to ask her if she believes in hell?

 Shri Mataji:Yes.Of course I believe in its powers but there is hell within us. 

Interviewer:There is hell in each one of us?

Shri Mataji:Yes ( laughs) The road to hell is there. You have to just take two running jumps and you can go down there.

Interviewer:Do you think more than ever more of us have more hell now than…

Shri Mataji:We are going more towards that.

Interviewer:If say, people continue on the road they were leading now, where would that lead us? Eventually do you have any idea, do you have any predictions for the future as to what that might be happening?

Shri Mataji: Just now I think it can be averted. So let’s talk of the optimistic side of Life.

Interviewer:Go ahead.

Caller:I would like to know how you feel about (unclear) yoganada and where you are speaking, if you allow small children?

Shri Mataji: Now see if you bring in names I will have to tell about them, that if you (unclear) wanted to get. We talked about Self-realization and nobody gets Self realization from him.So there is nothing worthwhile discussing him.

Interviewer:She also wants to know where you are speaking,if you allow small children?

Shri Mataji: Yes.Yes.

Interviewer: Yes they do.I also read something for you. You were staying in a place in London and there was a seven year old boy who had an accident?

Shri Mataji:Yes it was in Bedford.

Interviewer:And he felt your Spirit.

Shri Mataji:It was in Bedford.He fell down from a bridge, very low, from a very fast-moving vehicle.I think it was a bicycle or something. I don’t know what it was. And then they got frightened. They called for the ambulance but he got out of that,walked up.It was quite a hilly place and they were quite surprised that he was not hurt because he fell from a great height. They asked him what was the thing.He said, there was a lady in a white saree .I normally wear a white saree for my programs. In a white Mercedes that was my car.She walked up to me and she healed me.She put her hand on me and a little at the base was left pain and she said alright you come to me for this and now I have to go. And I am alright.So they were quite surprised.Then the police was there also and recorded it.They said this boy’s really we can’t understand, but he was healed no doubt so they were surprised at that.Next day he saw my photograph in the newspaper and he told them that this is the lady who healed me.And then they telephoned the organisers there in Bedford. They said no.That time Mother was addressing about six hundred people in the hall for about three hours so, she was not there.This has happened many a times in India also.It is very simple.As you have got television God has also got television.That is how it can work out.

Interviewer: Another call.Go ahead.

Caller: If she believes that (unclear)Jesus Christ is the son of God?

Shri Mataji: Hundred times.Thousand times,and everytime.

Interviewer: You have also being saying that all religions were flowers on a tree of life, unfortunately human beings pluck the flowers from the trees for themselves?

Shri Mataji:Yes, I will say this is my religion.Christ is mine.He is in my pocket you see.How can it be?.You cannot claim them. What are you? You are no relation of theirs. As Christ had said you will be calling me Christ Christ ,I won’t be there.So ego oriented we are. We think we can keep Christ in our pockets and walk about saying we are Christians.

Interviewer:Go ahead.

Caller: Hello.My (unclear)understanding that Mathews, Jesus who gave them the key to the kingdom of Heaven.(Unclear) Where What are the technique of or we can enter the (unclear) 

Shri Mataji: Yes there is. There is a technique, no doubt. Supposing you come in this room and you want to have the lights. I would say, alright go put this button on and the lights will be on. There is a technique behind it, there is history behind it.There is a big organization behind it.Though it happens so spontaneously that doesn’t mean , there is a no technique.There is a technique but first you get your light and then you learn the technique for which you don’t have to pay at all. Because without the light how can you learn the technique .

Interviewer: Another call.You are on air.Go ahead.

Caller: Shri Mataji I would like to know whether you are teaching Self-realization in India because there are all kinds of problems there.

Shri Mataji:Why? I am very much teaching there.You have no idea.There are thousands of them I am teaching and sometimes if I want to teach you what is the harm. Do you mind that.? Actually you need it much more than Indians do.

Caller:I appreciate that but it seems every five years someone comes from India and with…


Shri Mataji: That’s true.Thats what I have come to warn you.

Caller:…. never seen their work there.

Shri Mataji I know. I have always lived there and I never wanted to come across. I tell you it is not easy to live in the western country with the Indian culture. IT is an impossibility. See the idea of chastity and all those things are completely lacking in those countries and it is a headache I tell you, but my husband is elected to this job,he was elected unanimously by 134 Nations so we had to come here.What to do.(laughs)

Interviewer:A call. Go ahead.You are on the air.

Caller:this is you call about hell and I have another query what she thinks Jesus Christ (unclear)and comment on baptizing.It does not send you to heaven.Baptism is just a resemblance of being faith.Its just a symbol.Its does not save you.She said that….

Shri Mataji:No, no. You see he is mistaken there. You must not have a mental projection about anything. You should face the reality as it is.This is not baptism what Christ has said nothing so important.Symbolically you can do anything you like, but actually when the kundalini awakens, you see actually with your own eyes the pulsation of the kundalini. You see the rising of it. You can feel it in the stethoscope. It comes on top of your head, you can feel the pulsation there and when the pulsation stops you feel the cool breeze coming out of your own head like you can say like a cooler. So this is what is the baptism, which Christ has said.He did not want to have a symbolic thing going on by anybody coming up and doing that.So this is what one must understand, that the time has come for us to face the reality as it is and not to have some mental projections about things.

Interviewer:Go ahead.You are on the air.

Caller:My question is what is your religion and if you ever hear about baha’i religion.What she feels about this religion?

Shri Mataji: They are all just the same.They have achieved nothing.I have not met one person from Baha’i religion who is a Realized soul. Because they have no collective consciousness.So they are all just the same. Just playing games, that’s all I can say.

Interviewer: What makes you different?

Shri Mataji: Because it is actualization.You get your own powers.Whatever I may say.I may say I am this. I am that.Don’t believe me.But you believe in your self and you get your own powers.Let them manifest.See for your self.

Interviewer: You have also said that you are the key to bring about the world’s greatest spiritual transformation?

 Shri Mataji: Did I?

Interviewer.:I read a quote.

Shri Mataji:I never say like that.Normally I am very careful.( Laughs)

Interviewer:If we do,if we should have a spiritual transformation, will the country have a spiritual transformation?

Shri Mataji:I hope so. Hope for the best. I will try my level best to do that. America is very important for me because it is the centre in the universe which we call as Vishuddhi Chakra which has the responsibility.

Interviewer:Go ahead.You are on the air.

Caller:If you know or comment on spiritual path( unclear) and about the science of soul travel or leaving the body and what that’s about?

Interviewer:Can you repeat that?

Caller:If she knew anything about or can comment on( unclear) which is the science of soul travel or leaving the body?

Shri Mataji: Soul travel is a very dangerous thing.One should never indulge into that.I don’t know from where this idea has come of soul travel to you people when Christ has never talked about it.You believe in these things which never crossed Christ mind neither it is good..In India everyone knows that soul traveling is a very dangerous thing.It is done through the Spirits.It is a very wrong thing. Never trust this things.Some Spirit can take away your spirit.Can make you feel that you are travelling all over the world but that is not a good thing at all.It is very dangerous. Actually I have seen some children die because of that.Because there was a lady who tried to talk to a child who was dead or something like that.Instead of that she called the soul of the other child which was sleeping and then the child died in the bed and that child always used to go like that and would tell the mother that my grandmother calls me.

Interviewer:Do you think people in India are more aware spiritually than United States?

Shri Mataji:I wouldn’t say that.You all are much more aware because you know the dangers You are great people. Spiritually very endowed no doubt.I wouldn’t say that Indians are more aware but they are I would say more….aaa prepared I would say because they are simple people . They are not so complicated.They don’t have mental projections. They are not naive. They know what Self realization is.Its like if you have the teeth you don’t have the food. If you have the food you don’t have the teeth.It is like that.So there I would say that basically Indians are religious people in a way that is needed for Sahaja yoga while the people in the west are not so much religious but they are aware, very aware and they get it very fast and once they get it they really get to it.(not clear)

Interviewer:We take a break.

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