I have come to America to give you a great message of the salvation of human beings

Hollywood United Methodist Church, Los Angeles (United States)

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1983-0924 Public Program Day 1, LA

I bow to all the seekers of truth. Today they have decided that I should give you a general idea about Sahaja Yoga and after that on Monday and Tuesday I’ll speak to you about all the details of the mechanism. I have come to America to give you a great message of the salvation of human beings. Everybody is trying to frighten us that there is going to be a doomsday and we are all going to be doomed. But the one who has created this universe has some worry about His creation also and that He is not going to allow this creation to be destroyed. Not only that but He is extremely anxious that this creation should be saved, that human beings must be saved and they should enter into the kingdom of God to enjoy the realm, the glory and the blessings of their Father, the God.

It is hard to believe in those days of turmoil that any such thing can happen to us. But perhaps we are not aware that we are fantastically made great instruments of God’s powers. The only thing needed is that we should be put to the mains. Unless and until we have connected to Him we do not understand the value of this instrument which has been created with great care, love and tenderness. We just believe that this body has come to us, we take it for granted and we actually do not even think why we have become a human being from a small insignificant thing like an amoeba. There must be some reason for becoming a human being. And what is the purpose of a life, why are you on this Earth, what are we doing, what are we [UNCLEAR]? We do not ask these questions to ourselves. On the contrary we have turned our back to all such questions and we think make the hay while the sun shines. But actually we are not. What we are doing in our pursuits also sometimes, we just go after things which are destructive, which are negative, which are anti-God because the discretion, even to understand what is right and wrong is being lost by our over-thinking and ego orientation. When for us I use my ego, what I might think is correct then we do not think that this ego can destroy others as well as ourselves. So it is very important to know, first of all, that we are not our ego, we are not our conditionings and our blind faiths, but we are our Spirit which is absolute and which knows the reality. So we have to become that reality. Unless and until we become that reality, whatever we do is just a mental projection.

There are many people in this world who just abide by their mental projections and that explains many things. Like if you see Mr. Khomeini. You may not like him, but if you ask the Iranians they think he is a god and they think he is absolutely right. If you meet somebody else like that, like Hitler. Hitler thought that he was the best man and there are many even now, they believe that it was just a mistake otherwise they would have to live long to really create a new race of Arians. All these ideas can be explained because people lived with their rationality and rationality has no logic in it, it has no binding force, it has no discretion, it has no understanding to what limit one can go.

For example somebody murders someone. So someone can say, “What’s wrong? I murdered because this happened, that happened so I murdered. But under law all these things are punishable so we are frightened to do it and we don’t do it. But God’s laws are not perceived in normal life. They start becoming evident when we start denying the naturalness of life. When we become extremely sophisticated, so-called, and artificial. Or we go too much into some sort of a fanaticism or some sort of a conditioning by reading some books or forming some sort of a club or forming some sort of an organization.

One has to know that you cannot organize God. God cannot be organized. God can organize you, but you cannot organize God. Second simple thing people don’t understand, especially in America, is that you cannot pay for God. This is something so simple what people don’t understand because for them money is everything, perhaps I don’t know what, but recently one of our persons tried to send an article about Sahaja Yoga to one of the magazines, and the people of that magazine asked how many Rolls Royces she had and when they said she doesn’t take any money, they said we are not interested in her. We are not interested in good people. If there is something sensational, then we’d like to publish about it. That is what we have come to. That anything good or a message of salvation is not going to go to many people because for them it is not very much pay or I don’t know whatever it is. So one has to understand at the very gross level that you cannot purchase God. But this simple thing also people don’t understand and when you are so naîve about your spiritual ascent, all kinds of mistakes can be done. Now when we do mistakes the result of it we get into problems. I was addressing the Jungian society in New York and I asked him, “Why do you accept people that take you to the subconscious? Why should you accept people who take you to this kind of mesmerism and hypnotism? What is the idea behind it?”

They said, “Actually, because it is unconscious you have to pass through it. It’s a hodgepodge or a mixed bag, as you call it. That whatever is unconscious within us is not God. Supposing a bird can hear much more than you can hear, a fish can understand magnetism of the Mother Earth, but you cannot, and there are so many things which are unconscious to you, that doesn’t mean that all that is unconscious is God. Also whatever is written is not scripture. Now what is unconscious within us and what is not you must understand very clearly. According to them it was that the unconscious was placed at the bottom, then on top of that some can be made conscious, then on top of that, they had subconscious, then they had conscious mind, then on top of that was the ego. It’s absolutely like a bag into which everything is pushed into. God is the greatest organizer that you could think of and He’s so systematic and He knows that a day has to come when you have to ascend. He must keep that road free, like you have kept this road free for people to pass through. They don’t have to pass through everybody, to every bench, to every table to come on their seat. So this is a very wrong conception people have about unconscious. Now in our body you should how see clearly unconscious is placed. Whatever I am telling you, you should not also take me for granted. It’s not a correct attitude. But also you should not deny it because, like a scientist, you should keep your mind open to see what I am saying. People who deny are the same as who accept it blindfolded. You should not accept it blindfolded, but keep yourself open and keep this as a hypothesis which is to be proved, and if it is proved you have to accept it as a fundamental law of God’s government.

Now within us is placed – here you can see, is a very clear-cut thing – is the lowest part, is the center that guards this part of the unconscious called as the Kundalini. It is called as Asa in the Koran and also in the Bible it is said that I will appear before you like tongues of flames. Now this is the reflection of the Holy Ghost about which in the Bible nothing has been written and whatever has been written is very ambiguous or a mystique. This is the reflection of the Holy Ghost within you is this Kundalini, which is the mother, which has to ultimately nourish you and to give you your second birth. This was known to the Greeks definitely because they called this triangular bone as sacrum bone. Sacrum in Greek language means sacred, so they were quite aware of the sanctity or sacredness of this power which is within us, so they called it the sacrum bone. This power resides inside this triangular bone waiting for a chance where it can ascend and nourish you. You must know that normally in the body nothing ascends by itself. There is some sort of a force that has to ascend it or to bring it out like blood has to circulate to the pumping of the heart. In the same way this Kundalini, when She is awakened, just like the pulsation of the heart, rises above and you can see clearly with your eyes the pulsation of the Kundalini and the rising of the Kundalini and also the breaking through of the Kundalini. If you have a second [UNCLEAR] you can feel the pulsation of the Kundalini, rising of the Kundalini. You can hear the same lub-dub of the heartbeat and on top of the head where you get your so-called baptism, you feel the throbbing there and ultimately this break and you start feeling the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost. This is the real second birth and not an artificial birth where we just decide that we have got a baptism. That’s artificial. That’s just an immature, symbolic thing. But really what should happen is that the living process of your evolution must be exhibited through its happening and not just a mental projection of accepting that you have become a person who is twice born. It’s just a certification, again a mental projection. So one has to accept that something living has to take place, something that you can see clearly within you happening and you have to get something that you cannot do. For example you have seen people who say, “We have got the blessings of the Holy Ghost.

So you ask them, “How?”

They say, “We are jumping.”

If you are jumping, anybody can jump; what is so great about it? Jumping is not a big thing. If you are jumping that doesn’t mean that you have achieved anything great. Anybody can jump. But you can not get the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost coming out of your own head.

One lady said, “There is always an air conditioner and you must be feeling the air conditioner.”

I said, “All right, but from your head it is coming out.”

She said, “Yes, it’s coming out of my head.”

So I said, “ So that means your head has become the air conditioner.”

And she said, “That’s true. The air conditioner has started working here.”

And that’s what one has to know that whatever will happen to you that is Divine, we cannot [UNCLEAR]. We cannot transform a flower into a fruit. There’s a thousand and one things we cannot do which are done by the living power of God’s love and that living power of God’s love is reflected within us as Kundalini. So that’s one part of the unconscious. This is the one which can become partly conscious. Below that is the consciousness which we call the collective hell. One can go to hell. It’s very simple to go to hell. If you want, the simplest thing to do is to go to hell.

On the left-hand side is another consciousness – of which we are not aware so it is unconscious – where we talk of the subconscious. Whatever has happened to us in this life or many lives or to all the world, all the creations since we were created, all that resides beyond that point. So we have subconscious as well as collective subconscious. We have another unconscious area which is not conscious to us.

You must have seen some people, like recently I saw a very good film about a gentleman who was never an artist. Suddenly he became quite funny and he said, “I’m Gaugin and I can paint like him.” He started painting on a canvas, you could see, just like Gaugin style with very bold lines and all these colors as you have seen – exactly the same way. People couldn’t understand. This man was never an artist, nothing. He has done suddenly. What has happened to him? That means he got possessed by someone, must have been possessed by Gaugin himself because he was mad when he died, and that he was expressing himself through this man and he was a medium now. There are many things like this which act as mediums and anybody can get possessed by this and in my experience I have seen most of the diseases are called as incurable are done when people go to the left side. Any kind of fanaticism can give you. Then if you try to bow yourself before people who are fake, you get problems on the left-hand side. If you bow to wrong ideas or to wrong conditionings, also you go to the left side. Or if you just start thinking about your past and crying and weeping, you can get into it. So the people who are more on the left side, when they are of an extreme nature, we call them masochists.

On the right-hand side you have another kind of unconscious which we call as supraconscious unconscious. Supraconscious is where you think more of the future. Such people are more troublesome to others than to themselves. They are ego oriented and they talk so much, they are so aggressive, very argumentative – very right-sided people. They trouble others, they torture others. They don’t torture themselves. When you have the left-sided problem you suffer body, but these aggressive people try to trouble others and they’re least bothered because that’s not their problem. What they do is to trouble others and they enjoy that kind of troubling and that ego orientation.

Beyond that lies another unconscious which is called as a collective unconscious. This collective unconscious is made up of people who have died with their ambitions still intact. Hitler has used those dead bodies to entice the whole German nation to do all the things that they have done. No normal human being can be that cruel. This kind of a thing works out in all the countries where it is very ego oriented. For example, an ego oriented society can have very cruel parents, can have very cruel people and can be very aggressive people. As a result of their activity on the right-hand side they develop an institution called as ego and this ego, when it covers them, they cannot think that anybody is right. They think they are always right. They always try to establish their point, whatever it comes to and they aggress others and try to dominate others. The other type are the superego people. So the people who are extremely egoistical, they call them as sadists.

So we have two types of beings within us, two types of unconscious within us – one on the right-hand side and one on the left-hand side and the third is the hell where people are thrown when they go too much to the extreme, to the right or the left.

But now here we are dealing with another unconscious which is the super unconscious which is on top of your head and that is what we have to achieve through our evolutionary process – achieve a living process.

The Kundalini is the feminine, the mother within you. That doesn’t mean the feminist society or the feminist movement, because the feminist movement is absolutely against it, because what I am saying that in your evolutionary process you have to be crowned by the compassionate, the kind, the soothing, the nourishing quality of a mother. But otherwise what happens is that women think we should become like men and men start thinking we should become like women. It’s a very funny sort of thing going on. Actually it’s a pendulous movement, it is not any evolutionary. In an evolutionary movement you move spirally and come above a point, much above than where you were and start seeing things at a much better level and a subtler level. But this kind of pendulum movement is very common with people who want to solve their problems by mental projections. They think if you have this kind of government is good, that kind of government is good, they try all sorts of things. Nothing is going to work out because that’s not reality.

Reality is only possible when you are transformed and you become the Spirit. That time you move spirally and come up and you become a person who is really an enlightened person. As an enlightened person you get the power to be collectively conscious. It’s an actualization. It is not just a lecture that we are all brothers and sisters. It is not just a mental understanding that, “Oh, I’m a twice-born person.” It happens to you by which you become collectively conscious, means you actualize the experience of self realization.

As it is said in the Koran also that at the time of resurrection your hands will speak. You’ll be surprised that in the Koran, much more is written about the resurrection time. That means He talked about the future. He said that when the resurrection time will come your hands will speak. Now people just want to talk about doomsday. They don’t want to talk about the resurrection time. Like the newspaper, we said that if you have to give some bad news you’d better give us, we don’t want to have good news, that there is a saving point, we have a right. Because perhaps they are afraid that their existence will be lost if you say that there is no need to worry, you will all get transformed. So whatever it is, we have to get transformed and without transformation there is no solution.

In Sanskrit language this is called as atma sakshatkar, means the facing or actualizing the Spirit. Also a twice-born is called as dwijaha. Even a bird is called as twice born because first it’s an egg and when the egg becomes the bird he becomes a dwijaha. So there is a difference in the personality of an egg and the personality of a bird and that’s how this transformation has to take place.

Like somebody asked me, “Mother, I believe in this thing.”

I said, “But ask yourself why did you believe?”

He said, “I felt like giving him.”

I said, “This is an explanation.”

Then everybody will say, “I believe in it, I’m believing in that and if everybody believed in something, they fight. Why do they fight? By believing into something you have just used your ego, that you have fixed your ego with certain ideas and you are accepting it, or on your superego that you have conditioned yourself, or this is the thing I have to do, that thing I have to do. But it is not because maybe it is wrong, maybe it is right because you are still on a relative terminology. To believe into something is all mental projection again, but you have to keep your mind open and see for yourself. First of all you must see those who believe into it, what effect it has. Like somebody told me that some people fast on such and such day in India, or they fast in Ramadan on a certain date.
I said, “All right. One should do that in case you find by doing such and such thing these people are exceptional, that they are something great, that they have achieved something in life, that they can say that they have become the Spirit, that they can say that they are collectively conscious, that they can feel you and feel themselves on their fingertips. Not only that but they have to be peaceful people, they have to be compassionate people and their presence must nourish you. If it is done then all right, it is a proper thing. But because there is a fashion to club something like this or another fashion to club like that, if you try to club under any banner like that, then we are sadly mistaken that we have not done full justice to our mind. Anything that you cannot reflect back and where you lose the capacity to reflect is a wrong thing. When you become the Spirit the more you reflect the more you understand.

We had one gentleman who came to Sahaja Yoga. He got his realization and he said, “Mother, you said that you become collectively conscious. I want to know about my father, what’s wrong with my father.” He wanted to question and he wanted to see if it is true or not.

I said, “All right, put your hands towards your father and just say, ‘I want to know about my father,’ because you are connected and your computer is working.”

What happened was that he got a burning on his finger, on this part, He asked, “Mother, what is the decoding of this? That you are getting this burning means what?”

So I told him that this means that your father must be down with very bad bronchitis because this center is here [Shri Mataji points to throat]. And he telephoned to his father and found out that his mother said – exactly the same sentence – that your father is down with very bad bronchitis.

Now the telecommunication of God has started working. You can even cure your father sitting down here. Then he tried to do it and he asked after 3 or 4 hours and they said he is all right, he’s out of his bed.

So first what happens, you start reflecting about your achievements. Start feeling openly does it work, how it works, do you see anything like that? and when you are convinced about it then you start proceeding further with it.

But anything that makes you so incapable that you cannot reflect then I see a kind of enslavement of whatever type it is. Like I have seen people just do it because they are told to do it. We are people who are freedom loving, especially in this country has talked a lot about freedom and the freedom doesn’t mean abandonment. It doesn’t mean that you just get lost in your freedom. But it means that wisdom to balance your freedom, how to understand the value of your freedom. If you do not have that sense, all freedom can be lost. This freedom can only be understood and could be valued when you become the Spirit. If you are not the Spirit, even if you give a hundred dollars to somebody, he might immediately go to a place which will destroy him. People do not have wisdom to understand even the value of their money, their position, their chastity. They have no sense at all of their self also. So how you develop this is through the awakening of your Spirit within you.

There’s a category of people who are seekers. They are a category. Everybody is not a seeker. They need not be showing that they are seekers, they may not be apparently seekers but in their heart of hearts, they are seekers and they are the epitome of our evolution. They are the ones who are going to be blessed. Not every person. He may be a king, He may be a big man, he may be a minister, anything. It makes no difference. He has to be a seeker and a seeker is going to be blessed to begin with. It is a seeker who knows that she’s seeking something beyond.

But those who are still seeking money, all right, go ahead with your money. When you are fed up with it then you will come to God. Those who are seeking power, all right, go ahead with your power. Those who are mediocres are not good for Sahaja Yoga to begin with. First only the seekers get the blessings. They can be under any [UNCLEAR], they can be anything. Only their Kundalini judges them and tells that they are the seekers.

I’ve seen people who have just met me once and got their realization and settled down. One of them came to America who started giving realization to so many, another one came to Boston, another part of America. He just started giving realization, another went to Vancouver, they just started giving realization to people. It’s not that the realization is a guarantee for anyone. It depends what is their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual condition. If any way there is an imbalance within you, it has to be balanced and you have to get your realization. Nobody can fight for it, nobody can be aggressive, you cannot argue it out. On the contrary those who argue too much seldom get realization. You have to be humble about it. If you are humble about it, you do get your realization.

There is nothing to be given up except for your ego and superego. That’s what you have to get of and you can see that very clearly. When the Kundalini rises, when She touches this point, then an awakening takes place here. By that awakening these two institutions are sucked in and you get a very soft bone on your head like a child. As Christ has said you have to be like a child to enter into the kingdom of God and then you enter into the limbic area and through this part you enter into the subtle energy of that all-pervading power which is called in Sanskrit as gamba shakti.

There is no difference in what these people have been talking, They are all absolutely one with each other, complete [UNCLEAR uni-religion]. There is no difference at all. Christ himself has said those who are not against Me are with Me. But we never try to find out which are the ones who are not against Him. And He also said you will be calling Me Christ, Christ, and I won’t recognize you. Why? He said, “By calling Christ, Christ, you do not become Christians.” You become Christians only by real baptism, by the awakening of the Kundalini, by breaking of this area and entering into that subtle area where you become one with the all-pervading Diving power. And this has to happen, this is your right to have it. Sahaja Yoga – Saha means with, Ja means born. It’s spontaneous, the spontaneous yoga of the Spirit. It’s a living force and you don’t have to do anything about it. It just works out. Only in places where people are complicated, I a little bit regulate the force and then it works out. I have to little bit nourish the different centers which are suffering and it works out. But in a place like India where, in the villages, the people are extremely simple. Thousands of them come in and get realization. So many of them are getting realization and having a better life. They are no more slaves of any habits, any diseases. Diseases get cured because of nourishment, your mental being improves, you get rid of all your mental sicknesses, you get rid of all your false guru problems and you get rid of the oppression of the modern times that is working on you. You become a free bird and you start seeing the whole thing as a drama. This has to happen to many people – not to one but to many. When it happens you’ll be amazed this is the time of our last judgment. This is the time where you are going to be judged by your Kundalini. Nobody is going to put you on a scale to find out how far you are good. It’s only the Kundalini which is going to tell. When She rises She indicates that this person has this problem, that problem and not only that but through Sahaja Yoga problems can be solved and you can be established into Sahaja Yoga. May God bless you all. This is just an introduction to Sahaja Yoga I’ve given you and again on Monday and Tuesday I will tell you about the different chakras and nadis within us, how they work out, how we get diseases, how to get them cured, how you can do it yourself, but how you become the Spirit, what is the nature of Spirit, how the Spirit expresses itself within ourselves and what are its powers.

May God bless you. As today is the first day I would like you to ask me some questions but not like mad people. Ask good questions, sensible questions which have some relevance. There’s no need to be aggressive with me. Supposing you believe in something. All right you go ahead with it. I have not to argue with you. I’m here to give you the reality to find out within yourself what is it. No use saying this has happened, that has happened. If you belong to any group you go ahead with it. When you get fed up then you can come to me. Still I’m willing to help you all.

May God bless you.

[Someone in the audience starts delivering a long rant. He doesn’t seem to want to leave so Shri Mataji stands up to talk to him]

Shri Mataji: No, no, let me handle him. Gentleman, please listen. Sir? Hello? Hey, mister, if you are talking about Christ you have to change your tone. This is not the way you should talk as a Christian. Behave yourself. This is not a Christian way of talking. If you are talking about Christ, you are talking like a satanic person. That’s not the way to talk.

Ah, now you want to crucify me? Is He in your pocket? Was Christ born in America? Just look at this madness. What to do? Nothing you can do with these people.

Seeker: I have been meditating and had a vision of you. He then saw the picture of you. He heard you were talking about collective consciousness tonight and I presume he’s trying to see through this maze.

Shri Mataji: You are a seeker. That’s how the unconscious helps. Many people dream. Look at the unconscious, how helpful it is. But for a person who is gross, what can one do? There are so many ways by which people are suggested and told because God is anxious that people should be saved. Absolutely, it is true and it’s a good thing that you have said it. But one should understand the most important thing is that you must become your own Spirit. This is just a suggestion to you to come here to become the Spirit. It’s not important, whatever I am. Supposing I am something, so what? What have I done for you? What you are going to get out of me is important. So you get something out of me because you have had a suggestion, you saw, is good. So many people dream of me. In India is very common because people are simple and they go into their deeper sleep very easily while here, people are not that simple. They are so pressurized in life that they don’t feel that. But I’m happy that you dreamt about it. May God bless you.

Seeker: Will you be performing any healings tonight?

Shri Mataji: Yes, maybe. It might work out. It just works automatically. Actually I do not heal individually anyone. We’ll give you little guidelines by which it will work out. In a general way it works out because then the Kundalini rises She nourishes you and you get healed. I do not do anything particularly on one person. You get healed because you have that power within you to heal yourself. Only what I do is like a candle which is enlightened enlightens another light.

Yogi: Actually she is going to give you the experience of self realization when the questions are over. So if you want to stay, please do and feel it for yourself and then you will start to become your own healer.

Shri Mataji: You have to become your own master, your own guru. You don’t need any guru. Once you have your second birth that’s all. It’s so simple, it’s so fantastic. Why not have it? Why was he fighting with me I just don’t understand. He must be paid by someone. I don’t know what is the matter. Is he drunk? I’m saying that you have got something, your own power, your own diamond within you. Just have it. Am I saying anything wrong?

Seeker: Is meditation part of your program and do you teach a technique of meditation?

Shri Mataji: Actually there is nothing like doing meditation. What happens is that you become one with your present. Means you are in meditation. It is not that you have to do meditation but you just become in meditation. So the meditation has no technique as far as the spontaneity is concerned. First you are awakened spontaneously, just like a seed is sprouted. Then you have to look after yourself because [UNCLEAR at the first shot] the Kundalini rises, just like a jet it comes up. But then it goes back and settles back into other places where there is a problem.

Then you have to learn how to keep it going and establish yourself like a little seedling where you put in a proper place, look after it properly and then it starts growing well. So it is in stages. First is the awakening of the Kundalini, secondly is the breaking of the Sahasrara, and third is the establishment of yourself as a realized soul. Then comes the stage where you are called a Sahaja Yogi where you master the whole art of giving realization to others, of understanding yourself and there is a stage where there aren’t any doubts.

Seeker: How long does it take generally for one to get the kind of consciousness where the Kundalini awakens?

Shri Mataji: It’s a very good question, Sir. It is the question of a seeker, It takes just a split of a second. But not with everyone. If you say, “How much time does it take for an aeroplane to take off? We say if everything is normal it takes ten minutes. But everything has to be all right which is, normally, you don’t find. That’s an abnormal situation these days, to find somebody normal. So when they are abnormally like that, it takes a little time, you have to work it out. Otherwise it is spontaneous. In a simple person like a child, it just shoots off. Don’t worry. It will work out.

Seeker: One more question?

Shri Mataji: Yes, please.

Seeker: Somebody wants to get a job. They need experience. So you get experience you are good at job. It’s like a big cycle. So the profession you are talking about is it possible that somebody here on the world could never be able to awaken the Kundalini because of his condition. Is it assumed that everybody can do it maybe in ten years, fifteen years?

Shri Mataji: I wish so, but do you know in this place how many people have come out of this great Los Angeles? Just see. This is the condition. But let one fake guru come here. He can fill the whole hall and people would be hanging from there. That’s the problem. I wish that what you say comes true. If they come they’ll get it. But if they don’t want to come, you cannot force it. That’s their freedom. You cannot hypnotize, you cannot do anything. They have to come, really. They have to knock at the door.

Seeker: If you are meditating at the moment should you continue with your present meditation or does it really matter?

Shri Mataji: No, you will give up on all that yourself because you’ll find out that the state of meditation is something that is inbuilt. Once it starts, like, say, you are inside this room. You don’t need a car, isn’t it? Once you are inside there then you don’t need anything. Then you have to know how to be there all the time.

Seeker: When the Kundalini rises, then you said it goes down. Does it go down to a place where it has to help and if that does happen can somebody else help to fix it up?

Shri Mataji: Yes, many can, and thank God now in your Los Angeles we have at least ten people who can do that and you’ll be the eleventh one to help them later on. Don’t you worry on that point. You have to work it out. It’s not difficult. It has become very easy now.

Seeker: When exactly does the Holy Spirit reveal things to you?

Shri Mataji: The Holy Spirit which is reflected within you as this Kundalini, when She rises, She enlightens your centers. By that, what happens is that you start feeling your centers on your finger tips, on your central nervous system, on your complete consciousness.

[Someone in the audience starts interrupting which becomes more and more shouting and chaos.]

Shri Mataji: I don’t understand these people. It has never happened whatsoever in any country.

Yogi: He’s probably a born-again Christian.

Shri Mataji: It must be fine for… After all, what have you done? He’s talking so big… Now I think we’ll do the questioning tomorrow, all right? Let’s have the realization now my child, if you don’t mind madame. You can write it down, darling. You give me all things written down and I will answer all your questions because this thing starts. This is a funny thing, I tell you.

Yogi: They’re just saying this is Hollywood Los Angeles.

Yogi: The questions we are going to leave it for next time. Mother wants to give you the experience. If you want it, please stay. If you do not want to receive it, that’s fine.

Shri Mataji: Go away. Give me my freedom. Why are you doing like this?

[Woman in audience wants to continue the conversation.]

Yogi: Please, can we all just turn this way and Mother is going to give you the experience. Let’s get on with it.

Shri Mataji: Madame. Hello, madame, can you give them the experience? Can you do it? No you cannot. What you feel is different. You are an individual. But can you give the experience? If you cannot, let me do it. If you feel then go ahead with it. I’m not saying you don’t feel it. You can go out. Why are you here disturbing others? You can go away if you don’t want to stay here. Let the others feel also. You cannot give them the experience, can you? So you go away.

Yogi: Maybe, I think, she was saying that these other people have evil spirits and not you.

Shri Mataji: You see, I don’t know what you were saying. Whatever it is now you must understand.

Woman in audience: Can I say a word? Maybe it is time to tell you that she loves you…

Shri Mataji: I tell you I can’t hear, I’m sorry for that. Yes, now I understand. What I’m trying to tell you: Be simple about it. I know that they are evil spirits or whatever you say. I don’t want to call them by any bad names, I understand that but let it be. Forget about that. Don’t pay attention to anyone. It’s all right. I understand. Just think, now, I couldn’t hear anything at all what you were saying. So forget it, madame, it’s all right. They are not crucifying me at least, isn’t it? That’s not so bad. It could be much worse. It makes no difference to me. Now can you much forgive? Because they don’t know what they are doing. They are out of gear.

Man in audience: No, I wouldn’t say they are out of gear. I would say they are in gear.

Shri Mataji: Ah?

Man: You used the words of Jesus Christ, right?

Shri Mataji: I have no right? Listen now. I think some people think that Jesus Christ was born in America… What right do you have on Jesus Christ?… Why can’t I talk about Christ?

< unintelligible shouting breaks out >

Yogi: It looks like an organized group that came in numbers. They’ve all got Bibles and they’re probably all born-again Christians.

Shri Mataji: What’s he saying?

Yogi: He’s advising us not to say anything just for the moment.

Shri Mataji: They get angry because I say you can’t take money. These groups always take money.

Yogi: Can I suggest that – a good way to experience this is to slip your shoes off to make the contact with the Earth, put your hands out toward Shri Mataji – socks if you wish, it’s up to you. Just simply put your hands out and, in your heart, all you have to do is ask for it, nothing else.

Shri Mataji: Now, please, don’t disturb anyone. I request you, please. It’s really sinful to disturb people who are seeking God, who are seeking reality.

Yogi: Put your hands comfortably in your lap.

Shri Mataji: Just put your hands straight and both your feet touching the Mother Earth. Please sit straight, neither bending too much nor pushing back your neck. In a straight way please be seated. Now close your eyes. You have to keep your eyes closed. Now as I’ve told you, when we have problems with our centers we have to nourish them. So keep your left hand towards me throughout because the left hand is the desire power within you. And the right hand you have to use it to nourish your centers which require nourishment. First of all you have to know that we are all Spirit.

And so, please put your right hand on your Heart and say – you can ask a question if you want – to me. You can address me as Mother or Shri Mataji if you can say that. Ask a question, “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Ask three times. Without feeling guilty. Don’t feel guilty about anything because we are in the present now here so you are not to feel guilty at all. Just ask the question, “Am I the Spirit?” It’s like watering the plant. You are nourishing your Heart. Open your Heart. With confidence, “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Now if you are the Spirit, then you are your own guide, you are your own master, you are your own guru. So you have to put your right hand…

Please don’t feel guilty. All of you have this problem. I think you should not feel guilty at all. At this time you should say, “I don’t feel guilty at all.” It’s very important. Not to feel guilty. Forget about the past.

Now put the right hand on the stomach on the left-hand side. Put your left hand towards me as it was and put your right hand on the left-hand side of the stomach and press it a little. This is the center of Primordial Master. You have to say here in your Heart ten times with full confidence, “Mother, am I my own master?” “Am I my own guide?” “Am I my own guru?” Or you can say with full assertion, “Mother, I am my own master.” “Mother I am my own guru.” “Mother, I am my own guide.” Because “I” stands for the Spirit and not for ego.

Again raise your hand to your Heart. Now without feeling guilty again you have to assert, no questioning. You have to assert, “Mother, I am the Spirit.” Say it twelve times. On the Heart, press it hard without feeling guilty.

Now raise your right hand up to your forehead and put it across. At this center, you have to forgive everyone, just forgive everyone. Some people say it is very difficult to forgive, but actually, logically if you see if you don’t forgive you are playing into the hands of others. You must say I forgive everyone.

Now put this right hand at the back of the head. There’s another center there. If you have forgiven everyone without feeling guilty – again I say, without feeling guilty – you have to say, “If I have done any mistakes, let God forgive me.” But without feeling guilty. It will just work out.

Now raise your hand on the head. Put it on your head, your palm. Press it and move it clockwise. At this point as I have said, I cannot cross your freedom. You have to say that you want your realization. Please say, “I want my realization.” “Please give me my realization.” I cannot force it on you.

Now put your right hand towards me and the left hand on your head and see if you feel the cool breeze. Raise the hand about six inches above. [Shri Mataji blows into the microphone several times] Now change your hand and see again. [Shri Mataji blows again] Change your hand again and see. Some of you might feel heat.

The first state you arrive at is called as thoughtless awareness. Now you watch me without thinking. Put your hands like this. Let’s see if you can do it. Some of you might be feeling the left hand or the right hand. On whatever hand you are feeling, you put it up like that and the other hand towards me, if you are not feeling in the right. If you are not feeling in the left hand, you put your left hand towards me. In any case you try it this way. The ventilation helps you. First you put the left hand towards me and the right hand up. Now put your right hand towards me (and left hand up). It’s better to keep it that way because more are right.

Also tonight I will teach you to raise your own Kundalini which you should do at home. You should go home and sleep – not discussing it, talking about it but I’ll tell you how to do it and how to feel the cool breeze in the hand by that. You put your left hand which is hand of your desire in front of your Kundalini, while you are sitting down. Just put it like this and you have to move your right hand in this way such that it goes upward, forward, downward, backward – like in a clockwise manner. So let us move it, one hand like this. Now move this hand like this. At this point you take it up, push back your head and give it a twist. And now you put it into a knot. [Shri Mataji demonstrates raising Kundalini again finishing with a single knot.]

Once more. This is the last time you have to do it but three knots we have to give. Now let’s do it. You are doing it yourself [Shri Mataji raises Kundalini a third time giving three knots].

Now see for yourself. It’s very subtle, a subtle thing, a new awareness. You can put up your hands like this and ask a question in your Heart, “Is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost?” Put your hands like this and ask the question… Now see it for yourself. Are you feeling the cool breeze? Put down your hands and see for yourself. Are you feeling the cool breeze in the hands?

Seeker: [Unclear]
Sahaja Yogi: She is feeling it on her feet as well.

Shri Mataji: It’s all over. You’ll feel it on your feet, it’s all around you. It’s a game sometimes. It’s all there. First experience is very strong. But you have to keep it on. Don’t forget the first experience if you have had and you have to be serious about it. You must understand, it’s a deep thing that has happened. This has been what you have been asking for ages now and you are blessed. If you feel extremely peaceful and happy without any thoughts, go home, don’t talk too much and sleep off. This is you are in meditation. Some people haven’t felt, doesn’t matter. There is a way by which we can do it and can establish it. So please you go home, be silent about it and understand that you’ve got it now. Be one with yourself, respect yourself, you are to be respected and I bow to all of you.

Yogi: At the end of this program as you go out, the people here in Los Angeles have asked if you would just give them your name and address so that they can let you know, the reason being that they are going to have a follow up seminar in about a week or ten days time afterwards and they want to be able to let you know the dates incase you cannot come on a Monday or Tuesday night, they could advise you so that you could follow this up and get the experience deeper and deeper. So please give them the address, there is literature at the back, they’ll be giving that out to you.

Shri Mataji: But don’t read and get confused. That I must tell you because to put on the light is very easy, but to understand the mechanism and the history and all that is very complicated. Of course the first book is very simple, but you people don’t read it and get worried about it. Just if you want to read it, you can read, you will, if you don’t read, it’s all right. We don’t give all the books. Actually, in Sahaja Yoga, we have many books, but we just give the first book to begin with. I have a very short time with you. I think you can read it, you can understand it and come back again and gradually progress with it with respect to yourself. May God bless you all.

Yogi: As you heard her say, the programs are on Monday and Tuesday night here at the same time. The experience is something you have to deepen into, so come back on Monday and Tuesday nights. Thank you very much.