Radio KFI Interview Los Angeles (United States)

Interview Radio KFI, Los Angeles (USA), 25 September 1983.
Broadcaster: Good morning. We hear a lot about gurus and various spiritual leaders these days, and a lot of times it’s hard to tell real ones from phony ones. And recently there was a segment on a news program – Sixty Minutes – talking about some false guru and today, to talk about that and a lot of other things, we have a woman who has many names – […]

Picnic San Diego (United States)

1983-0925 Picnic in San Diego, USA

Yogi: – quite a lot of newspapers [UNCLEAR] but not here in Los Angeles…

Shri Mataji: But nobody can come in and interview?

Yogi: There are three main newspapers they were approaching: the Times, the Daily News, the Harold Examiner and none of them wish to make an interview.

Shri Mataji: What about this gentleman [UNCLEAR] what was he saying? How will he be making contact with you? What was his idea? […]