What did you get by your Kundalini awakening?

San Diego (United States)

1983-09-25 What did you get by your Kundalini awakening? San Diego, United States, DP-RAW, 104' Chapters: Introduction by Yogi, Talk, Q&A, Self-Realization
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Public Program, San Diego, USA, 25 September 1983

[Dr Warren Reeves doing the introduction]

The Subtle Body that lies within us, so that when She gives you the talk, you won’t be at a loss for some of the terms that She uses and perhaps be a little clearer about the experience that I hope that you’ll all receive tonight because it has to be an experience. Self-realisation has to be something that you actually experience. It’s not the promise of something. It’s not mesmerism, it’s not any exercises, it is not something, which you have to believe. It’s something that has to happen! And so, if it has to happen, it has to happen by the Grace of God and it has to happen spontaneously.

Now, so many of you have read about Kundalini, have read about all of these things and perhaps there are lots of conceptions and misconceptions about this. The first thing that I want to say is that Kundalini is an energy which is within you. It’s an energy, which is coiled up in the triangular bone at the base of the spine. That triangular bone is the Sacrum. It’s curled into three and a half coils and it’s within you. It’s the energy, which reflects the quality of God, The Mother within us. It’s the energy, which reflects the quality of the Holy Ghost within us.

This centre, we call as Mooladhar Centre, the place where the Kundalini sits. The place where the Kundalini sits is the Mooladhar and beneath it, you see that red centre, which is the Mooladhara Chakra. She’ll explain the significance of why the two are slightly separated and the Mooladhar sits slightly above the Mooladhara Chakra. I won’t go into it in great detail because She, Herself, will explain it and also at the follow-up meetings which you’ll be having here in San Diego, it will be explained to you, during the process in which you develop the experience itself of Self-realisation, which I hope that you’ll experience tonight.

So, we have the first centre, if we like to call it that way, which is the Mooladhara Centre. Then, the yellow centre, which is the second centre, which lies in this position, is called the Swadishthan Chakra. This centre controls our creativity. This centre is that part of our being, which subtly from within, gives us that quality of divine creativity, which is inbuilt within us. It’s the centre, which, allows us, when it is awakened, to express the qualities of divine creativity. And, for those who have read any of the scriptures of the East, this is the centre, which is adorned by the incarnation of Brahmadeva. Brahmadeva, The Creator, just as much as the first centre, at the very base, is the place of Lord Ganesh. For those who know a little bit about it, I just wanted to tell you this.

As we move higher and higher some of the later incarnations will be reflected in those centres, which are higher because, you see, Sahaja Yoga is the integration of all the great Religions. It’s not another religion. It’s certainly not a cult. It’s the integration of all the truths of all the great religions that have ever been given on this Earth. And yet, as I say, it is not a religion. It’s beyond religion because Self-realisation has to be something, which is beyond that which ties us down, “religio” that ties you down; ties the consciousness down. Actually, Self-realisation liberates the consciousness and so you become one with the Divine. It’s that union with the Divine which is the meaning of the word, Yoga.

So we have the third centre, which is the Nabhi Chakra or Manipura Chakra, which is located at the navel. This centre controls the seeking within us. It controls that quality within us which gives us that urge to rise to something higher; that gives us that surge that makes us into a seeker after truth.

All of these births that we have taken, we have moved from the most primitive form of the amoeba right through to this highest level, which we’ve reached as the higher human being today. What we’ve done with it is another question. But, this is where we’re at, in our evolution and it’s quite logical that we should feel yet another urge, to rise to something still higher than this highest level of human awareness which we’re now at. We have to become Spiritual Beings, not just be satisfied with human existence.

So just as you became a human from the monkey stage you have to become a Spiritual Being from this human level, which we are now at. So, this is why there is so much turbulence within us, so much seeking. So many people have been born at this time, right now, so that we can take advantage of the blessings of God, which are abundant. And, Self-realisation is the actual manifestation of that Gift of God.

And, so some people will say but in the past, it was on a one to one basis, it was a guru and “chela” [disciple/student] relationship. It might be, from other people, they might say it has to be done in the way in which Christ perhaps said it had to be done. Or somebody else will say it has to be done in the way Mohammed said it has to be done. Actually, they’re all saying the same thing. If Christ said you have to be born again, if Mohammed said that you have to become a “Pir” [Arabic: means a Sufi master; word also used in the Nath tradition; means a saint or an elder], if you have to have your atma sakshat if you follow the Hindu scriptures, they are all speaking about the same thing. Absolutely the same thing and so, there is no quarrel between any of them.

And, so this seeking that you are expressing within yourself, whether you are a Christian or a Jew or a Hindu or a Moslem, it doesn’t matter because every incarnation who come on the Earth, whether it’s Moses or Christ or Mohammed or Buddha, whoever they are, they are all saying the same thing. They are all part of the tree of life and they were all giving us the next step in our spiritual evolution.

These incarnations have been milestones in our evolution and all we have to do now is to take that final step and experience Self-realisation. So how does it happen? It has to happen in the presence of a holy person, a person who is authorized, a person who can give the experience or from people who have been given the experience and who can give it to others. So, very naturally it ceases to become a very exclusive thing. As one gets it from an enlightened person they too can give it to others and this is what I hope will happen to everybody tonight.

So, this centre within us, the Nabhi Chakra here, is the centre of our seeking. Very naturally, if it’s the centre of our seeking it is also the centre of family life because it’s through the family unit that we have to evolve. We have to conduct ourselves through the framework of the family in order to feel the joy of evolution. We have to reproduce our kind; we have to be able to take new births so that we can rise higher and higher. So, very much a part of this chakra here is the quality of family life. If there’s any disturbance to family life this centre will be very much blocked in your subtle body.

Then around that centre, as you can see is the Void. That centre occupies the whole of what we might call the stomach area, from the diaphragm down in the ladies, to the, to include the uterus and in the men, down as far as the bladder. All of those organs are contained in the larger chakra, which is the Void. It’s actually part of the Nabhi Chakra. As much as the Nabhi Chakra gives us our seeking, the Void establishes the boundaries within which our seeking has to operate. And, so it sets the rules, it sets the pattern or in the Hindu tradition, it sets our dharma. The Ten Commandments of Moses are nothing but the laws of righteousness which have governed us within the Christian philosophy but the same thing has been given by Mohammed; the same thing by the Buddha when he spoke of the Eightfold Path and so it goes on. So it’s all there, contained within us, and this centre we call the Centre of the Primordial Master.

On this Earth have come great incarnations of that aspect of the divine, the Primordial Master or what we might call the Adi Guru. The Adi Guru is the Primordial Master, he was incarnated as Moses, he was incarnated as Abraham, he was incarnated as Socrates, he was incarnated as Loa Tse, Confucius, he was incarnated as Raja Janaka, the father of Sita, he was incarnated as Mohammed. He was incarnated as these great personalities the last of whom was Sai Nath of Shirdi who died in 1917.

And so within that centre, great incarnations have come on the Earth to give us the balance, to give us the boundaries, to give us the rules of righteousness within which we have to operate.

And then we move to the next centre which is the Heart Centre, where we can call that great centre of security within us. In the centre, is the centre of the Mother of the Universe within us, Jagadamba, for those that know, the quality of Durga Mata for those that have heard of that aspect of the divine. Actually, it’s the incarnation that has come on the Earth from time to time to protect the seekers. It’s the incarnation that’s come to save the seekers at times when they’ve been threatened by the evil forces. It’s had many aspects and maybe some of you can relate to one of the aspects that have incarnated as Kuan Yin, the Chinese Goddess of Mercy who incarnated in China.

So the Devi as we call Her, or the Goddess has incarnated at this centre to give the seekers the security that they need, so they can fight the evil forces. In fact, She herself has fought the evil forces over many incarnations.

Then on the left-hand side because you can see that there are three aspects of that chakra. On the left-hand side is the centre of the Mother within us, the physical mother, your own mother, your quality as a mother, your relationship with your family as a mother, as a wife, as a daughter and so if there’s any problem in that relationship and you begin to feel insecure due to a failure in this area then there can be all sorts of problems on this centre.

So as much as on the left-hand side is the centre of the mother, on the right-hand side is the centre of the father, again your physical father, your role of a father, the quality of responsibility of a father, the quality of protection of a father, the quality, therefore, of security of a father. Lord Ram, about 7,000 years ago, epitomised the incarnation of fatherly, kingly quality which, in nobility, He set an example that we can use.

This is all sounding very Indian but it isn’t because later on at this centre (finger on Agnya Chakra) is the centre of the Lord Jesus Christ. They’re all there. All of them. Mohammed is here (indicating Void), Buddha is here (indicating left forehead), Mahavira is here (indicating right of forehead). They’ve all got a place within us and they all have to be enlightened.

And so at this centre (indicating centre of the throat), we have Lord Krishna, who came about 5000 years ago. Lord Krishna was the Incarnation of Diplomacy. He was the incarnation of, that taught us to become the witness of the drama of life. He was the incarnation that showed us that we have to lift our heads from this limited vision (looking downward and then looking upward) to the All-Pervading Power of God, which is everywhere. He was the one that gave the concept that which was expressed by Mohammed as the “Allah Hu Akbar”, that call to prayer, wherein it is said that, ‘God is Great’, take the attention away from this little person that is me towards the God who is all-pervading. And, so, He’s taught us, for example, how to become the witness to the drama of life. He’s taught us how to become the witness to the play of the divine. If we become too aggressive and too dominating that chakra becomes damaged on the right-hand side. If we allow ourselves to become dominated and begin to feel guilty and lacking in self-esteem, the left-hand side of the chakra becomes blocked. You start to feel tensions and pains and problems in the neck, all sorts of spinal problems, thyroid problems and so on.

In fact, problems of the physical body can be related to each of the centres because the subtle body is very closely connected to the gross body. So we have the Vishuddhi Chakra, which is the place of Lord Krishna and his shakti who was Radha.

Then at this centre here, which is in between the eyebrows, is the centre of the Lord Jesus Christ and His mother, Mary. This was the penultimate incarnation about which we, in the west, of course, know most. This is the centre, which is adorned by that greatest of incarnations that have come to open the narrow door to the Kingdom of God within us. The Kingdom of God is within us and if Christ manifests within us, as the Kundalini rises through these centres it opens them, and as it rises through this centre, it opens this centre and you become in a state wherein you begin to lose your ego. You begin to lose that ‘I’ that is doing things all the time and you become the ‘I’ that is the spirit. This is the beginning. This is the opening of the doorway. And, this was 2,000 years ago. The quality of the Lord Jesus Christ was principally the Resurrection, the Resurrection, that great event in which He proved that the spirit is eternal. He proved that nothing can destroy the spirit, not even the ego of man can destroy the spirit, that it lives forever and that it will come again as it’s been spoken of in so many of the scriptures. It’s been spoken of in the Hindu scriptures that the Kalki will come, the Rider on the White Horse. It’s been spoken of in so many ways that ultimately there has to be a final stage in our evolution, which is here, this is the final centre which we call as Sahasrara centre and this centre is that centre about which we’re speaking about tonight.

It’s the centre, which can be opened in each one of you and as the Kundalini rises it pierces through the Fontanelle bone area, that area which was soft in you when you were a small child. It pierces through that centre and when it does you begin to feel cool vibrations on your hands, you begin to feel cool vibrations from the top of your head. It starts to blow upwards like an air conditioner. It really is like that. When you begin to experience it as you deepen in your experience of Self-realisation, you’ll not only feel it like that. You’ll not only feel it on your hands but you’ll feel it like a shower, like a fountain flowing over your body. But I warn you, that this experience is very subtle at first, maybe very slight for some of you. But don’t let your ego play tricks. I don’t know whether there is air conditioning here but I see that there are fans. But don’t let the ego play tricks. What we often do is we often switch the air conditioning off but sometimes equally sometimes Shri Mataji says let’s leave it on, let’s play with the ego, let’s teach it a few lessons. Doesn’t matter. You have to feel it. You mustn’t believe it.

You have to actually experience what happens when the Kundalini rises, chakra by chakra it opens these centres and they begin, I say begin to become enlightened Centres of Awareness. What actually will happen tonight to most of you is that you will touch your Realisation. You’ll touch it. You’ll experience it. You’ll begin to feel this cool vibration which was called, in the Bible as the Cool Wind of the Holy Spirit, which was called in the Muslim scriptures as the Ruh and the Jewish Text, which is referred to as the Chaitanya in the Hindu scriptures and so it goes on. It’s the same thing that you will experience tonight if you desire it if you desire it from your heart.

So all you really have to do tonight is to humbly desire that you get the experience, nothing more. So the question that immediately arises is, how come? Why so easy? Thousands of people have waited lifetimes, birth after birth to get this experience. Purification, disciplines, all sorts of austerities, going to a guru, in the mountains, in the caves, in the jungles, why can it happen to an audience like this in San Diego? All I can say is, very simply, and I think you must feel this in your heart, that right now, the seeking urge is so strong within us that the blessings of Almighty God are over-pouring, that are overflowing, that in His Grace, the Power of God, manifesting through this Kundalini within us is absolutely anxious to give you your Second Birth; to give you your Atma Sakshat, and to give you which is your birthright and it can happen en-masse.

What is Shri Mataji? Who is She? How come She is doing it? What She is, whether She is a great incarnation, whatever it is, you have to find that out for yourself. The point is, I have seen all over the world and thousands of others have seen it all over the world, and it’s been recorded on the television and filming and so on, She awakens it in thousands at a time. You can actually see the rising of the Kundalini if somebody isn’t wearing a singlet. You can actually watch the Kundalini rippling up in a person whose chakras are in good condition. You can watch it throbbing at one particular chakra where there’s a little obstruction and then passing and moving further and further until it reaches the top. You can not only watch it but you can manoeuvre it. When you gain your Realisation you can give it to others. You can clear your own chakras and you can clear the chakras of others as they get their Realisation.

So, it’s a very dynamic thing that happens, that is a very simple thing. In a way, this explanation is absolutely inadequate, completely and utterly inadequate. I just wanted to give you an outline of the basic aspects of the subtle body within us. But frankly, there is such a complex mechanism of nadis and subtle channels within us. There is a left side, which refers to our emotional life, there is a right side, which refers to our action and thinking and there’s a central channel through which the Kundalini rises. So, I think the best thing to do is to listen to Mother as we call Her, Shri Mataji, listen to what She has to say, then in a humble way, in a very gracious way, if you want to receive it, and yes, only if you want to receive it, should you ask for it. You put your hands out towards Her and you may begin to feel this Cool Vibration, you may even begin to feel it during the lecture.

So what I suggest you do, even before the lecture starts, is slip your shoes off so that the Earth becomes the connection and you start to allow this happening to take place. If you don’t want to do it, until the end, when you get the choice, that’s fine! I mean, there’s no obligation. I’m just saying this helps you to actually feel it. So, that Kundalini that lies subtly within you within the sacred bone, sacrum, has to rise, very sweetly and very silently, with no pain, no pain, maybe you’ll begin to feel a little heat coming from the top of your head at first but then it becomes cool but no air conditioner blowing air can do it, no fan can do it. It’s actually coming upwards, you can’t feel it here (indicating sidewise), can’t feel it anywhere else. You’ll begin to feel it from the top of the head. You’ll begin to feel it in your hands. You’ll begin to feel the silence.

Shri Mataji has come, and I’d like to, very simply, introduce Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi to the people of San Diego. (Applause)

(Introduction ends 23’40”)

Warren: Mother they don’t have a stand, so I’m afraid you’ll have to hold it.

Shri Mataji: I can hold it.

Warren: You don’t mind holding it? I’ve told them to slip their shoes off; they’ve very kindly, most of them have done it.

(Mic set up ends 24’12”)

[Shri Mataji ‘s Lecture starts]

I bow to All the Seekers of Truth. This is a special time in the History of Creation that so many seekers have been born on this Earth. They have realized that there is something beyond than the mundane life they have to seek. This is not the seeking of one life. It is the seeking of ages which is being prophesied, has to be fulfilled now. There have been prophesies and prophesies about this great time. In India about 14,000 years back, Brigu Muni has written a book called Nadi Grant in which He has described you all saying that a day that will come when all these greater seekers, great seekers will be born on this Earth and that their Kundalini which is the Power of their True Desire will be awakened spontaneously and they’ll find out what they are.

But also there has been prophesies about many fake people coming on this Earth and they will try to delude and take people away from the truth.

There have been also great prophesies all over the world but especially in England about hundred years back a great poet called William Blake was born and He has written so clearly, so clearly about Sahaja Yoga that it is surprising how He has even exactly mentioned the house where I’ll be staying. Also that he has said that the men of God, meaning the seekers, the men of God will become prophets and they will have the power to make others prophets. This is the sign we should take when we are seeking the truth.

When we are seeking the truth we have to remember that we have to become the prophets ourselves. We have to become the guru ourselves. If I say I am such and such, I’m this and that, what’s the use? What’s the meaning of that? What have you got out of Me? What have you become out of Me? What did you get by your Kundalini awakening? We should know that you are on the right path by the fruits it gives you.

Now, people have been misled and misled and misled. I came here in 1970, ’73, and I was told very blankly that I won’t be successful here. That I must demand for a lot of money otherwise people will never take Me seriously in this country. So I went away empty-handed. It was sad at that time to understand that the seekers don’t understand the simple thing that you cannot pay anything for your Realisation. What did we pay for becoming Human Beings? A simple thing like that one has to understand that you cannot pay for that, it is so invaluable; it cannot be valued in money. God doesn’t understand money. It is your headache.

It is so simple. It has to be simple, your evolution. All that is living has to be simple. A flower becomes a fruit. How much money do you give to the tree? A seed becomes a tree. Do we pay for that? What do we do there? It’s commonsense. It’s simple commonsense. If it is a living process of evolution then it cannot be understood through our human enterprises and human madness.

So, if there is going to be evolution within us, what should happen to us? Let us see a person like Jung, what he has to say. He has very clearly, he’s the only psychologist, who has talked about a higher consciousness within us. All the rest of them has said that because of this problem, because of that, that is the problem, but to overcome it, what is to be done, how to achieve your higher consciousness, only Jung has talked. And, he has very clearly said that the new man who will appear on the scene will have ‘collective consciousness’. Will have! It will not be just a lecture that we have to form a united nations organization and then fight among ourselves. But, it is a reality that will be within us felt as consciousness on our Central Nervous System, just like I can feel the heat or the cold. In the same way, we are going to feel others and ourselves on our fingertips.

Another great personality that of Mohammed Sahib has clearly said that at the Time of Resurrection, your ‘hands’ will speak. It’s clearly said. And, if you read Koran, you’ll be surprised, that most of it has dealt with the Resurrection and not with the doomsday. But they want to talk about the doomsday so that they can frighten everyone that you are going to be doomed so better be there, paying all the money to these people who represent some sort of an organization.

Now, we have to know that when we believe in something before we ‘becoming’ the absolute, actually we use our mental projections. You project yourself into any realm, you go on projecting mental projections but they are on a relative plane that you exist. Means it may be true, it may not be true. It’s just mental projections! Mostly it is not true. All of our thinking about our economics, politics, everything is just a mental projection and that’s why everything has failed, everywhere! Whether it is here or in Russia or in Japan everything has failed completely. Take it from Me! I have travelled all over. Nowhere it seems that people are happy.

In the same way, in the realm of God also we have our mental projections. Like some people believe that I am a great Muslim and that Mohammed was the last person and because I call myself Muslim I will be taken straight from this Earth to Heaven. Khomeini believes like that. How many will agree with that? Now there are Christians, all kinds. So many types of Christians have come out of one Christ that it is impossible to understand. Like they asked Mahatma Gandhi why don’t you become a Christian if you believe Christ. He said, all right, I’m willing but tell me which Church? What Church should I join? And, the person who asked kept quiet. This is what is exactly is! And the young people today who are seekers are confused, absolutely confused. They can’t understand that why, when they talk of God, why do they fight in the name of God? Why do they become fanatic, why they shout, why are they, such angry people?
Yesterday I had a funny experience that some people brought some Bibles to hit me. Really it was so. I saw them bringing the Bible to hit me. I just started laughing. I said look at this now that they have come here to hit me with the Bible. I mean this is the best that could happen to anyone. Such absurdity in this world! Once upon a time, they used to carry a Bible in one hand and a pistol in the other but now it’s another thing. They are using the Bible as the pistol!

So, when you see all those things and it’s confusing, people. It’s misled, people. You start wondering, is there God? If there is God, why there is so much of madness and why we are behaving like that?

Now, I say that there is God! He exists. He exists within us as our Spirit. Everything is within us. We have every power within us. Only thing, we are not yet connected to the mains. Like this instrument, if it is not connected to the mains you won’t be able to hear me at all! In the same way, if you’re not connected with the Divine, whatever you do is a mental projection, which can create confusion, which will give nothing substantial and everything will sound absolutely unreal. That is the time described as of Complete Confusion. That you’ll be born at the time when there’ ll be complete confusion and that you’ll go mad with that confusion because that is the time, in that confusion only, people try to seek the truth! That they realize it’s a very relative world and that there’s something missing somewhere, which we have to find out. And, what is that missing, is within you is your Spirit. You have to ‘become’ the Spirit.

You are the spirit but your attention is outside and in this attention, if the spirit starts shining, you become the spirit. As a result of this happening, many things happen but when you become the spirit, you become, first of all, completely aware about others and about yourself. You do not know about yourself. Till people get mad they don’t know they are becoming mad. Till they get their cancer they do not know they are going to die of cancer. Till they get to some diseases they don’t know they are going to suffer like this. So, till these things happen to you, you do not even feel that that has started within you that this destruction has started building up within you. You do not know where are you. The reason is, you do not know what you have got within yourself.

Now I hope Warren has told you about these centres that we have within us and I was amazed when I came in ’73, I talked about this. They taped my lecture and already there are many books written about it. Not only that but this twice-born business also started. You see they used all the terminologies that I used, and when I came, the person who was here, who had sponsored Me, he said that you must get everything, what you call, the register or something like that that they do and I said, why? Why? They said because they used. I said let them use. I said it’s a good idea. At least they will know these words and once they find out that this is not so, they’ll throw it away and see for reality.

So, doesn’t matter. I don’t mind anything if they want to do anything let them do it. Let these words go into their heads and let them understand that within us lies this marvellous thing called Kundalini in the triangular bone. Now, look at that. This bone is called as Sacrum in the Greek language that means, the Greek knew about this power within us, otherwise, why should they call it a sacred bone? It’s a sacred bone and this sacred power lies within that.

Now, what is this sacred power is a three and a half coil power of pure desire.

Now the sense of purity even in this country again people do not understand but I will try and explain to you that other desires we have apart from this tend to create more desires, like in economics they say that wants, in general, are not satiable. Means you want to have today a chair and then you want to have a table, then you want to have a house and then you want to have a car, then you want to have a helicopter. You go on like that. So, that is not a true desire because if it was your true desire, you would have been satisfied.

So, what is your true desire then? The true desire within you is the desire to be one with the divine. That is your true desire. All other desires are false because they do not give you true satisfaction. So this true desire resides within you in the triangular bone in three and a half coil.

Now, when I say that I must tell you, Sahaja Yoga today is at such a time that you can prove everything that you say. Before this, it was not possible to prove.

When this Kundalini rises, in many people, if they have obstructions at the Nabhi Chakra or at the other one, Swadishthana Chakra, you can see it pulsating. You can see that pulsating. Actually, you can see it with the naked eye the pulsation of the Kundalini, with your naked eye. Then the Kundalini rises, you can feel it with the stethoscope, the rising of the Kundalini, like lub-dub, lub-dub, it goes on like the heart. It reaches to the top of your head here (indicating Fontanelle) where you again feel the sound and then the sound disappears and you find a cool breeze coming out of your own head.

Now, this you cannot do. As you cannot transform a flower into a fruit, you cannot, you cannot make cool breeze come out of your head.

Like the other day, I went to one of the television person and the person said maybe the air conditioner is there. I said maybe but you put your hand. She said, of course, there cannot be the air conditioner in my head. I said that’s it and know that you are being really baptized.

Now all kinds of the trickery we indulge into. People can tell you now you start jumping. I have seen people coming to my program suddenly start jumping.

So I said, why are you jumping? They said, ‘Oh, we have paid 6000 pounds for this jumping’. I said 6000 pounds for jumping, what do you mean? You are jumping like a frog. You are not going to become a frog now. You have to become something higher. ‘No, we are going to now’ what you call ‘suspend ourselves very soon’. Levitate. Levitate is the word. Big words. I said why do you want to levitate like that? Imagine what a problem it will create. All of you levitating, going round. Already you are creating problems for me. But what is the interest? Why do you want to levitate? What is the interest? I said, but the one who has taken 6000 pounds let him levitate and fly in the air. Let’s see if he can do it. ‘Oh, no, we are going to do it.’ I said now you go away because I cannot do anything about it. After six months they come there with their epilepsy, levitating as epileptics. It is such a stupid thing to go, to listen to. Like the other day a gentleman writes to me ‘but Mother they say that epilepsy is a divine blessing.’ Can you believe it? If you go on thinking like that tomorrow you will say that cancer is a divine blessing or all other diseases are a divine blessing. I mean, imagine, to bring God to that level with your brains and rationality is absurd. I’ve got it in writing. The gentleman wrote a very strong letter to Me saying that you should not denounce epilepsy. You should not criticize that if someone gets epilepsy. It’s a divine blessing. I wish the gentleman for a change gets a little bit of it and know what it is. So this is what has happened with our mental projection. We have gone too far.

But this power still is there, quietly, intact, settled down there and it just wants to get a chance to give you your second birth because She is your Mother. She is within you, in every one of you, a separate mother. I don’t know in these days even motherhood is such corrupt stuff that I do not know how to talk about motherhood to you. But I would say that like the Mother Earth, she represents the Mother Earth, the Aquarius. In the Sanskrit language she is called as Kumba, means the Aquarius. She’s the Aquarius and the job of that Aquarius is to nourish, to soothe and that’s what the job of this Kundalini is.

Today at this position of your consciousness you have to become something higher. Not that a man becomes a woman, a woman becomes a man. It’s like a pendulum going from this to that. That is not the way it has to be! But higher means you have to develop the quality of a mother who gives birth to others, who nourishes you, who soothes you and who guides you, counsels you, redeems you and takes you to the higher position of God and this is the job of this Kundalini, who is this mother, very nicely settled in all of you.

So, I don’t do anything whatsoever, it’s just there. When She rises, She passes through various centres. Now, sometimes, these centres can be in a very, very bad shape because supposing you have some physical problem, you have some mental problems, you have any other problem, these centres can be in a bad shape, so this poor mother, first of all, goes to all these places to soothe and improves them and then She rises subtly. But sometimes it shoots off. In a split of a second, it shoots off. And when She shoots out, you can then feel the thing coming out. But it has to nourish so it nourishes all your centres. You just have to know after your awakening, how to nourish yourself and how to establish yourself into your spirit.

This is a very, very simple process, as I told you all the living processes are absolutely simple. They have to be because of their vital. Supposing tomorrow we have to learn how to breathe and we have to have a guru for whom we pay 6000 pounds, I don’t know if we will have the chance to pay that one when we have not the breath within us. So, all that is done within us in a living way is all simple, for which we don’t pay or read anything and we do not do anything about it.

Now one has to know that this consciousness, which has to rise, is not pendulous but it moves spirally and comes up over us, on this part (indicating above the head), and we become ‘collectively conscious’ that is the Super-consciousness we have got.

There is another very big confusion about ‘consciousness’. That I have seen recently only when I addressed the Jungians and they have a concept that the unconscious is, can partly become conscious, on top of that is the subconscious, on top of that is the consciousness of the present, and on top of that is the ego. It’s a very confused bundle, I can tell you because one must know that if the Creator has any intelligence He would not place you in a bundle like that. He must make a proper passage within you. Now here you will see how you are vertically placed.

The left side, which is called as libido or whatever he calls it, I mean he was a little half baked so I won’t use his words, it’s very confusing. But I tell you, we call it as the Ida Nadi which is an ancient name given to it thousands of years back. This is a traditional, absolutely traditional thing, ancient thing, which has been used in India for very few people, it was a secret science, till the 6th century and Adi-Shankarayacharya, for the first time started talking about it, openly. But then Kabir, Nanaka, all these people talked about it at length and said all kinds of things. But this Kundalini represents, it’s so simple to understand, that if a great organizer has put these things within us, He has put them systematically.

So, on the left-hand side as you see, is this Power of our Desire, not pure desire but of our desires, which we use and which also acts for our Emotions. This is also creating within us a bulb-like thing on top which we call as our Conditioning or we can call it, in psychological languages, as Super-ego. And, in Sanskrit, it is called as Manasa, Manasseh. And then this power also has the activity of creating our Sub-conscious and beyond that lies our Collective Sub-conscious.

On the right-hand side, is the Power of our Action by which we act upon our desires, by which we create on the right-hand side an area called Supra-conscious, means we think of the future you see, planning, this and that, and an area is created. And the activity of this channel, which is called as the Sun channel or Pingala channel because it is yellow and it creates liver trouble, and they have bile colour within them. They have a bile colour on their faces of these people who are futuristic. And these people, this one then on the right-hand side gives an area called Supra-conscious and beyond that lies the Collective Supra-conscious.

Now, in this area, all that is dead, which was dealing with the future, means mostly human beings deal with the future; some animals also do but most human beings. Like Hitler used this area. He caught hold of these things through these lamas and used that to impress on people that they are a great community and that they are a higher race and all that. And that’s how, by using these entities, he managed to influence these people. Mesmerizing of a different type, when a person feels very high handed and thinks he’s a great person or thinks that he can achieve a great result or he’s something of a very higher level than the others, you see, that kind of a thing. But as a result of this activity, it creates that yellow stuff, very dangerous one which we call as Ego.

So we have two types of people, one who lives with dominating another person, competing, pulling them down, sitting on their heads, and put the other fellow down, this kind of people at the extreme, we call then as sadists. And the people on the other side, who take all these things in their hearts and are very conditioned you know and they just say that I, I ‘believe’, I believe sort of thing. These people at the extreme are the masochists. Thank God you know all these words, not so difficult for me to talk to you.

Now in the centre lies the third power. The third power is the power which manifests the Parasympathetic. And, these two manifests the left and right Sympathetic Nervous System. When we go into any activity, which is an emergency, suppose we are running very fast. Then our heart starts pumping fast. So we bring in the play of the Sympathetic System of the right side and the heart goes on pumping more blood for that emergency. But the Parasympathetic in the centre brings it to the normal. So the job of the Parasympathetic is to supply the energy, and limited energy and, also to give a balance and bring it to normalcy. So everything becomes normal because of the Parasympathetic.

Now, in the medical terminology, all these are called as Autonomous Nervous System. Though the two Sympathetics can be put into manifestation by us, but the Parasympathetic is beyond us and doctors very honestly say that we don’t know very much about Parasympathetic.

Now, this Parasympathetic Nervous System within us is the one that is responsible for our Evolution so far. It is this power that has given us this evolution. That’s how we have become Human Beings. And now we have to go further with it. Now we are already people, the only thing what has to happen, we are to be connected to that Auto. Who is this Auto? By calling somebody Auto you do not understand. Automobile means there is somebody who is driving it. Now, who is the driver within us? And the driver within us is nobody else but is our Spirit.

To give an analogy of a car is easy to understand. That within us lies the brake and the accelerator. Brake is the left side, the right is the accelerator and there is a driver in the centre. Now this driver first drives left then right, right-left, right-left and then understands that how to bring the balance to the whole system and that balancing is the one who is our Sustenance, that is our Dharma in the Sanskrit language. When that balance is established, anything, supposing a plane has to ascend then it must have a balance. You can’t have a plane ascending without a balance. Though balance is given to us by this driver which is the Central Power, then there is the master sitting in the back. And, the master is watching the show, how you drive, how you balance. But when you become an expert driver then you become the master. And the master starts looking at the driver in you, and the accelerator in you and the brake in you and he becomes just above everything.

That is why when Kundalini rises She nourishes all these centres by which She cures your physical problems. She cures your mental problems. She cures all your emotional problems. She cures your spiritual problems. Ultimately, when She pierces through and establishes Herself, She makes you the master of your Self. So you drop out all your habits, you drop out all that is troubling you, all your temptations, all these things are dropped out. So, when you come to Sahaja Yoga, we don’t tell you that don’t do, don’t do because if I tell you don’t do it, you’ll do it more.

All right! So, you come along, sit down, have your Realisation and the just don’t do it, you just don’t like, you just don’t want it. So we don’t use the words of ‘don’t’ at all. First, get your Realisation and this was very much important for Buddha also because Buddha didn’t want to talk of God. He said if you talk of God, everybody is saying they are God so the best is to just talk about Self. First, just let them talk about the Self, get to the Self. Unless and until they get to the Self, if you talk of God they all become ritualistic, they start praying, doing all kinds of things. Like if you have to have the honey of the flower He said better not talk about the flower otherwise they get stuck to the flower. Then talk about the honey but even if you talk about the honey you can’t get to the honey, you have to be a Bee. So that’s what you have to be, to be a Bee and all that is built-in within yourself.

Now the Spirit resides in your heart but the Seat of the Spirit is here, on top of your head. When the Kundalini touches that then you find the cool breeze coming in and when the Spirit takes over you start feeling a cool breeze in your hand. For the first time, you feel that All-Pervading Power of God’s Love which is nourishing the whole world, who, which is doing all the living works without taking any money from you. And, this is what you have to be. So, you have to become your own guru. I’m not a guru, I’m just a mother for you if you want, to call me Mother and what I have to do is that you are already people, your candles are ready if I am an enlightened candle I just enlighten your candle. In the light of that candle, you understand each and everything. So, I don’t do anything.

Actually, you have to understand that when you become Collectively Conscious you start feeling everyone within yourself. There is not the other. You see like some people say that we are doing such a great social work you see, and looking after the sick and this and that. Who is the other? Who is the other? Supposing this is my finger is paining, all right, if I soothe this finger, so, I’m not doing any obligation on anyone and nobody should feel obliged.

This is your own, this you have; you have a right to have it. I would say I’m like a banker, I have to cash your checks and you better have them cashed. That’s all. There’s nothing to be aggressive with Me. I have not come to take away anything from you but to give you what is your own. That’s all. I am here to give you that; for that, I don’t think it is proper to be aggressive with Me or hit Me with Bible or Koran.

May God bless you all! (58’08”)

Thank you very much. If you have any questions you ask but last time I asked the question and people started saying all kinds of things. That’s why these people have told me, Mother never asked them to ask questions. Because by questioning or not questioning it is not going to work out. It is something that is within you which has to rise and give you Realisation, which I cannot guarantee. If it works well and good, if it doesn’t work the others will look after you. We have a centre here. It should work out but by discussion and argument, it’s not going to work out. So, there’s no need to argue or discuss but you see we are very thinking people. So, if there’s your mind is working out too much you better ask Me otherwise at the time of Realisation, I don’t want your mind to stand you and say, you didn’t ask this question. Nothing is important than your Self-realisation. This is your Baptism. This is what is called in the Koran as to be the Pir. The Pir. He has said that clearly. You have to be a Pir. Now there have been many, many incidents to prove that Sahaja Yoga is the Truth. No doubt! And, for that, you cannot pay, only if you can accept this proposition, everything will be all right.

Thank you very much. May God bless you!


[Shri Mataji takes a seat.]

Warren: Any questions? Yes. Can you make it loud so they can all hear, please?
Seeker: Yes. There is a teacher whose name is …
Warren: Just before, just before you begin, I would ask that the question you ask relates to what Shri Mataji has spoken about and let’s not make comparisons between other gurus, with other teachers, with books. If you don’t mind.
Shri Mataji: I’ll just tell him.
Warren: Please.
Shri Mataji: You see what I’m saying, supposing you have been to any guru, anyone all right. If you have got anything, I have nothing to say. Is very good. If you haven’t got anything, I’m here to do something about it. So, don’t bring in anyone. I don’t want to talk about them.
Seeker: May I finish my question?
Shri Mataji: Now you don’t ask about…
Warren: You heard what She said, yes?
Seeker: Some of his disciples in this country have talked about Sahaja Yoga using just that phrase and I wonder if there’s any connection.
Shri Mataji: Yeah, yeah, yeah. [Shri Mataji stands up.] Who was the gentleman, is it Dhube? Is it Mr Dhube? I know, I know. This fellow was very funny.
Warren: What is his name?
Shri Mataji: What is his name? Mr Dhube and company?

Seeker: He’s from Northern California. He taught enlightenment and Intensive. I’ve forgotten his name.
Warren: He taught enlightenment and Intensive.
Seeker: He said he taught it in India and that he taught it in the name of Sahaja Yoga.
Shri Mataji: Correct, correct. This must be this horrible Dhube. Ah, I know. I know. He showed me a brochure when he came to India. Correct, correct. Must be the same fellow. He was making money out of Sahaja Yoga. That’s correct. From this intensive business I know, and he showed me, he was giving tremendous heat. And, I said, what are you doing? He said, no, I’m doing Sahaja Yoga and I’m teaching Sahaja Yoga and all that. So I said, all right, let me see your brochure. And in that, he had written that for ‘ordinary’ vibrations it is $175.00 or I don’t remember exactly and for Intensive, that’s it, that’s it, all right, forget it! Forget him. These Indians, sorry there are no Indians, if there are, be careful about them. They have come here to make money. And even out of Sahaja Yoga they can do it. I’m so sorry to say that they can be very dangerous. I’m sorry but it happens. I’m sorry. Now… [Shri Mataji sits]. There’s a gentleman …
Lady: Can you please tell me the purpose of putting your feet flat on the floor because my feet don’t touch the floor…
Shri Mataji: You see, it’s a simple purpose is that this is the Mother Earth. It’s nice that we are on Mother Earth. See? And if you put your feet on the Mother Earth, She helps me a lot because She sucks in lots of your problems. All right? That’s why. That is the purpose. Can you not touch it?
Lady: No, only the toes.
Shri Mataji: I’m sorry, the seats seem to be very high up. Now, doesn’t matter. Whatever touches is all right. We can manage as long as it touches. But don’t exert yourself too much. You have to be comfortable. All right? Sir?

Seeker: I meet in many people in this country, young people, also this answer is -many people don’t believe in guide, because these people who guide, have no knowledge to be guide [inaudible]
Shri Mataji: All right. That is all right if they don’t believe there’s nothing surprising about it because they all reflect on everything, there’s nothing wrong in it. But the only thing is now the time has come to prove the existence of God.
Seeker: [Unclear]
Shri Mataji: I think, I hope you get your Realisation and you can prove them the existence of God. Because, when you get your Realisation, what happens actually you are like a computer. You see computer is also in parallel to our evolutionary life, it’s another machinery also proves we are computers within. And what happens when you become that and you ask the questions, any absolute question, you get an answer as tremendous vibrations in your hands. For example, if you say, “Is there God?” You start getting cool breeze in your hand in such a big way. Now you might say, “Mother, this may be true, may not be true”.
Supposing, there are four mad people sitting here, all right, and you put your hands towards them. And you’ll get tremendous heat or you may even burn your fingers. Or if you want to ask about some of these fake gurus you might get blisters on your fingers. So, this is what it is, that it is such a truthful thing, it’s so absolutely true that whatever you start asking you get the answer in an absolute way.

Like there was one gentleman who came to Me first, very great intellectual, he got his Realisation. And then he started doubting about it when I told that you get Collectively Conscious and that your inter-communication system starts working in a very subtle way. So, I told him, “All right, now you do one thing is put your hands and find out about it”.

He said, “I want to find out about my father. He has not written to me since long years, he has not telephoned to me”. I said, “All right, find out”. So, he put his hands like this [palms out] and he thought of his father. And suddenly he got a burning here on this part of the finger [Shri Mataji indicates the mount just below the right Vishuddhi Chakra finger]. And he said, “Then what does this mean? I’ve got a burning here”.
Now, these I can decode. I said, “These are the centres, these are the centres of your father [place of the Ekadesha rudra on the hand] and this finger [right forefinger] relates to this part [the throat]. So, he must be down with very, very bad bronchitis.

So, just to verify he telephoned. His father was in Scotland and his mother came to the phone and she told him, exactly the same sentence, your father is down with very, very bad bronchitis”. Now sitting down there you can treat your father. Just imagine how wonderful you are! You are fantastic. You have no idea what you are. Sitting down there you can treat your father and he did that and after three/four hours the father got out of the bed, his temperature was all out and he was perfectly all right. This is fantastic. Sounds so fantastic. Without paying anything you get it. But that’s what you are! That’s what you are! You are fantastic.

Like, in an Indian village, if you take your television and tell them that you are going to see all kinds of plays and things here, they’ll never believe it. They’ll say, “What, in this box? How can we?” But this box, once connected, shows all the fantastic things that are within you and you are amazed at your own powers. I promise you that once it happens, you will discover yourself to be the greatest creation of the whole universe.
May God bless you all.

Warren: Yes? Speak up.
Lady: From what I have read in the past and from what I have heard, they said that it can be dangerous to raise the Kundalini.
Warren: Dangers of Kundalini.
Shri Mataji: Yah. You see that is all another nonsense. Because when I was born, when I read these books, I was so amazed you see. Some said it is in the stomach, some said it is in the brain. I said these people have no idea about Kundalini, why do they write books? But I think it takes nothing to write books, you see, and you can sell it in the market where people don’t know much about it. Kundalini is your Mother. She’s just waiting to give you your Realisation. But you see, below that, is the centre of your innocence and when people try tricks with that centre, then in that centre resides your Innocence which gets angry and starts hitting you. And that’s how it is dangerous.
It’s like a person who has never come, say, to a western country, tries to put his fingers in the plug and says that, “Electricity has given me a shock “. So, it is the naiveness of the people that it happens. Now I can assure you we have had thousands of people who have got Realisation and none of them has ever felt anything dangerous.
Of course, some people do feel the heat a little bit in the hand if they have liver trouble. If you have been to wrong fake gurus sometimes your hands shake, your eyes shake. These things little bit happen but nothing dangerous. It is quite bearable.

Warren: Somebody else, please.
Seeker: I’m here because I saw a poster with [unclear] you were “the most important spiritual figure”, whatever, why should I believe that?
Shri Mataji: You shouldn’t. I say you shouldn’t. He says these people do it. You shouldn’t believe it. But you just keep your mind open, all right? That’s all. You shouldn’t believe. I don’t say you believe it. That’s what they must have put it up but you see, I know, I told them, “Never put like that. If you put like that, everybody’s ego will stand up just like that. So, don’t put such a thing”. I have told them various times but they think unless and until you do something like that nobody would come. I don’t know. These are all gimmicks. But as far as I am concerned, you don’t believe into anything but also don’t become a closed personality. All right? You can see for yourself it is true or not.

Warren: Yes?
Seeker: [Unclear]
Warren: Even though there are great seeking and people claiming to rise to higher consciousness why is it that the world is in such a state?
Shri Mataji: Ask them. Why ask Me? I myself don’t know. You see these people, this is the most important time when you are born, and they think ‘what’s wrong?’, they have lost all sense of wisdom. All sense of wisdom is lost in their seeking and I would say there is a very big attack on the seekers also, from very childhood they can be attacked, they are naive, they can be misled, all these things happen. But if they once accept that they have to become the Spirit, then it works out. Everything is forgiven and it works out. Let’s start it now. Whatever may be the case, let us start it, all right?

Warren: One more.
Seeker: I just want to know what Sahaja means? What is Sahaja?
Shri Mataji: Ah, Sa-Ha-Ja. ‘Saha’ means ‘with’ and ‘Ja’ means ‘born’ – born with you. Actually these days it is called as Mahayoga because this spontaneous yoga is ‘union with the divine’ – is yoga. And “Sahaja Yoga” means ‘spontaneous Union with the Divine’. And also ‘yoga’ has another meaning, means, ‘yoga’ is ‘Kausalya’, means ‘deftness’. After Realisation, you must have the ‘expertise’. You have to become an expert as far as the Kundalini is concerned, as far as the awakening is concerned, Realisation is concerned. Then you are a Sahaja Yogi, otherwise, you are not.
This Warren whom you see here is a doctor and was a diplomat and all kinds of things. But today he is a great Sahaja Yogi because he has given Realisations to – I don’t know how many – thousands of people in Australia. Let’s see now what happens here.
Public: Yeah.
Shri Mataji: Right? Yeah. That’s it.
Warren: They’re waiting they say.
Shri Mataji: Right, now, are you all waiting now? Let’s us finish with the questions, all right?

Shri Mataji: [stands up] All right. Later on, Mr. we’ll …. All right? Let us…
Seeker: [Unclear]
Warren: Giving it to you.
Shri Mataji: You just wait. You just relax now. And be nicely relaxed.
Warren: Place your palms on your lap comfortably.
Shri Mataji: You see, it is such a great subject that I can’t tell you all about it in one minute, all right or one lecture. Like this room is, if you have to have the lights in this room, what you will say, that all right, put on the switch. It doesn’t mean, that though the switch is put on and you get the light, it is just without any organization behind it, without any history behind it. There’s a very big thing behind the whole evolutionary process, is a very big thing but first, you get your light and then you can find out for yourself what it is. All right? We have to have little patience.

[Shri Mataji commences Self-realisation process]. (1:13:52)

Now just put your hands like this towards Me. It’s simple like this on the lap in a very comfortable way you should sit down. If you are wearing something very tight, you can loosen it a little bit. I mean, there should be no discomfort, that’s all, and you can even take out your spectacles if you want because it helps the eyesight also. So, you should not feel uncomfortable.

You have to close your eyes throughout. You have to keep your eyes completely shut. Please close your eyes, completely shut. Please don’t open it because this is not hypnosis. In this the Kundalini rises and when She rises if your eyes are not shut it doesn’t rise because you know as Parasympathetic Nervous System, dilatation of the pupil might take place. So better keep your eyes shut and She will rise if your eyes are shut plus this very important centre (indicating Centre Agnya Chakra), when it will cross this you will feel that there is no thought in your mind but you are aware. Absolutely, fully aware! Because one thought falls, another comes but in between there is a space and this space is present so you go into that state where you are in the present. So, the first thing that happens is the Thoughtless Awareness, thoughtless awareness and then you rise into another awareness later on as you grow into Doubtless Awareness. But that grows gradually like a tree grows. Please close your eyes. Just keep your eyes shut and put both the hands towards Me. It is a spontaneous happening. It is absolutely a spontaneous happening no doubt but when there is some problem on the centres we have to nourish it before the whole thing starts. So I will tell you, slowly, how to nourish your particular centres because if in a group there is a centre has a problem, it’s better to correct it. You yourself will do so, first of all, keep your eyes shut and the left hand towards Me and the right hand, as I tell you, you have to put it to different places on your being so that you nourish that particular centre.

Now the first and foremost we have to know that we are sitting in the present and we don’t have to bother about the future or the past. So, you don’t have to think what wrongs you have done, sins you have committed, all nonsense. It is just a rubbish thing. It’s past. It’s finished! You are not to feel guilty at all! That is one promise that you have to make that you are not going to feel guilty. So you tell yourself, I’m not at all guilty! Whatever you have done is finished. Just say, I am not at all guilty! Just close your eyes and say, I am not at all guilty.

Now, every time you do what I tell you, you should know that you are not guilty at all about anything. With full confidence, you have to do.

(Guided Meditation. 1:17:09)

Now, put your right hand on your heart. Left hand towards Me. It’s very simple, on the heart, on the left-hand side. On the left-hand side, on your heart resides your Spirit. Now, you can ask me a question in your heart, a simple question. You can address Me as Mother if you like or Shri Mataji, whichever way you like. Saying: “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Now ask with full confidence. “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Thrice, you ask the question. Put your left hand towards Me, on your lap. Stretch your fingers a little, left hand, left hand; right hand is all right on your heart.

Now, put the right hand on your stomach on the left-hand side. Right hand on your stomach on the left-hand side and press it a little. This is the centre of your mastery. So here lies the Primordial Master within you, which is to be awakened, so you just say, put left hand towards Me, right hand on this part and keep your eyes shut. Now ask a question or you may say it full confidence. Both ways. “Mother am I my own master?” or else you can say: “Mother I am my own master.” Just say that with full confidence. You are! Just say. You have to just assert because you are! “Mother I am my own master.” Please say it ten times. Press it hard! Press it hard.

Now raise this right hand on your heart again, but don’t open your eyes and don’t feel guilty. Please don’t feel guilty. You are still guilty. I can feel it. Don’t feel guilty for heaven sake! Don’t feel guilty. Now at this stage you again assert, with full confidence, saying: Mother I am the Spirit. Don’t feel guilty. Say it twelve times but don’t feel guilty. Say it twelve times but say it with full confidence, say: “Mother I am the Spirit!” Please say. Now put the right hand, properly, on the heart and say it twelve times. Without feeling guilty. Just say: “Mother I am the Spirit”.

Now raise this right hand on your neck, on the shoulder, where the shoulder and the neck meet, in that corner, from the front, put this on the left-hand side of your shoulder, next to the neck and hold it tight and press it hard. This centre is caught up because you are feeling guilty. So now please say it sixteen times: Mother I’m not guilty. And, if you are really still going on with that kind, then say it thirty-two times.

You can go up to one hundred and eight times just to punish yourself for feeling guilty. How much energy is wasted in feeling guilty you don’t know. I feel there are mountains and mountains of that there, please say: Mother I’m not guilty. Make fun of yourself when you feel guilty.

Now raise your right hand to your forehead, straight, across the forehead and now at this point, you have to say: Mother, I forgive everyone. When you don’t forgive everyone you are just playing into the hands of the persons who are troubling you. It’s a myth. What do you do? You just say I forgive everyone. Just say: I forgive everyone.

Now put your right hand on top of your head, just there and press it with your palm and move it clockwise. Press it hard. Now, at this point, I’m sorry, I cannot cross your freedom. Just press your hand on top of your head. And press it hard! At this point, as I told you, I cannot cross your freedom. So, you have to ask for your Realisation. You have to say you want your Realisation. So please say seven times: Mother, I want my Realisation, please give me my Realisation. (Shri Mataji blows into the mic, 7 times) Now raise your hand and see if there’s a cool breeze coming out? Maybe some heat is coming, above, about six inches. You can change your hand. Put your right hand down and with the left hand, you can try to see. Yah! Got it. Yes, I know, you’ve got it. That’s it. Keep it on. It’s there! Farm it. See how it’s coming. Out of your head. All right? That’s what you have been seeking! Now put your hand, another hand, and exchange and see for yourself with another hand also. It helps a lot.

(Shri Mataji blows into the mic again, 3 times)

You change your hands again and see for yourself. Changing your hands. Don’t get disappointed. Some people feel it, some people don’t. Doesn’t matter. But you go on changing your hands.

[Shri Mataji sits down.]

Do not doubt yourself. (Shri Mataji blows into the mic again) Please do not doubt yourself. (blows into the mic again) And, don’t think. Don’t think! Don’t think. (blows into mic)

Now put your hands on your lap and see for yourself are you feeling the cool breeze in your hand? Just see. Don’t doubt. Put both the hands-on your lap please, on your lap and just see if you are feeling the cool breeze in your hand!

(Shri Mataji turns to Warren (off-screen): Can you hold it for Me? (Referring to the mic. Shri Mataji stands up.)

Now you can open your eyes, slowly, (gives Warren the mic, who holds it for Shri Mataji), slowly open your eyes. It’s very enjoyable to take you awake and watch me without thinking. Just watch me without thinking. Don’t start thinking because you have gone beyond thinking.

Now I will teach you how to raise your own Kundalini. Again, you are feeling guilty. This finger (indicating r. Vishuddhi) is catching. You are feeling guilty again. Please don’t feel guilty. Now you are done. You have become a bird. You are no more an egg. What are you feeling guilty? Please don’t feel guilty.

[Shri Mataji demonstrates raising of Kundalini. 1:28:39]

Now the left hand is the one you have to put it in front of your Kundalini when you are sitting down, just like this. In front of your Kundalini, left hand, and the right hand has to move from up, forward, down, back, like this, and now we move it. Let’s start. Now you move your hand, both the hands are moved, one is straight and another goes round it like that and put it, push back your hands on top of your head, just loose, and make it a twist, a big twist and now give it a knot. We have to do it thrice. Once we have done. Again, let’s do. Once more, throwback your hands and (Shri Mataji is looking up) your head and give it a twist, watch your hands and now give it a second knot. The third time you have to give three knots. Let’s start. Here, first knot, second knot and the third knot.

Now see your hands. Are you feeling the cool breeze? Better. Better now. Now you can put your hands up like that (Shri Mataji raises both Her hands up) and now, ask a question within yourself: “Is this the breeze of the Holy Ghost?” “Is this the breeze of the Primordial Master or the Primordial Mother”? “Is this the breeze of God Almighty and His Love?” Just feel it. “Is this the All-Pervading Power of Brahma?” It’s blowing in you. Right? Good! Put down your hands now. You’re feeling it better.

It’s so simple. The only thing is today it is working en-masse. Thousands have to get their Realisation. Each one of you can give Realisation to thousands.

So now, as you know, I’m going away tomorrow. I’m here for only one program. I would have loved to meet you, all of you but I’ll be in Los Angeles for tomorrow and day after. I hope you’ll continue with it, understand yourself, which is like a seed that has sprouted. You have to look after this little seedling. Let it grow into a tree and when I come next time, I’m sure I’ll see many fruits are borne by this great tree.

May God Bless you all.

[Shri Mataji, namaskars to the newly Self-realized souls].

Now we have a centre here and you can have the “danbar” (meeting) from the centre, you can meet the people and I’ll be in Los Angeles tomorrow and day after. You are all welcome. I’ll come back again next year. Definitely.
Warren: That’s the best news. (Applause) They’ve got literature at the side…
Shri Mataji: Ah, but don’t read too much.
Warren: Would you also kindly give your phone number to them because as yet they haven’t formulated a definite place for follow up programs.
Shri Mataji: (pointing to someone in the audience) Have you got it? (Shri Mataji is very happy.) That’s it.
Warren: So, will you give them your phone number on the sheet of paper so that they can contact you or you take their number and you can contact them, whichever way you like. Make sure you give the number so that they can let you know how this can be followed up, is most important.
Shri Mataji: And you should all organize some hall to all meet together you see. This is to be done by your people for yourself. And, it is to be organised by you people. We have imported people now from England, Australia. And now we have to export Americans from here to other places. All right?
Warren: These are the ones who want to meet Mother before they go.
Shri Mataji: No, no, no. Don’t doubt now. Don’t … (people congregate around Shri Mataji and people start to go up to meet Her.) Shri Mataji says, what’s that? What’s that? Don’t give me that…I don’t’ understand money.
A man says: I know that you gave me that in 1973. I used this money so I am returning it.
Shri Mataji: Did I give you?
Man: Yes, you gave me exactly this amount of money
[Shri Mataji laughs].
Man: It’s your money. Not my money. …
Shri Mataji: Where did you find this Dhube fellow? [Conversations with members of the audience continues]
Man: One of the disciples came down here. …
Shri Mataji: So, where’s the gentleman gone?
Warren: He’s just there.
People ask questions.
Shri Mataji: It’s very big science. Try to understand the centres. This is the centre of Christ. Woman: Well, spiritual people get jealous of one another.
Shri Mataji: That’s not the question. There’s no question of My jealousy with them but actually, you see people are naïve, they don’t understand all these are not of the Spirit itself, like people who get into trances and this and that. A very dangerous thing. The Indians know about it. They know about it. If you ask her, she knows what is, she knows. But you people are simple and naïve so they have taken advantage of you.
[Shri Mataji has been working on someone with Her left hand all this time] Only you need to believe in yourself, that’s all and believe that it is all your own. I told them that I came here.
[A woman says something]
Shri Mataji: No, I was very much disappointed.
Woman: I worked with Jeremy and he had wondered where you had been and he tracked you to London. You had moved to London?
Shri Mataji: My husband, now he is elected as the Secretary of the International Maritime Organisation. Yes, now, he is elected as the Secretary-General of the UN, it’s an agency of the UN, that’s why we are in London. That’s how he is there for ten years, he’s unanimously elected. And, but I travel a lot, America…But I came two years again, very disappointed, spent a lot of money, public programs and all that, it was too much. Then I went back but I’m happy I’m back again.
Now you people are suffering from all these diseases, what can you do?

Woman asks: How can we learn about that?
Shri Mataji: Let’s see, we have got a book here. Now, where do we want to begin? You see at the beginning we give you very simple things, all right? Let me show them. Now here we have the chart, right [Shri Mataji looks at the print out] rather microscopic [laughter]. Let the gentleman have. You can have another one. Now see, this is when I came before. This was ten years ago. This was when I was fifty years of age [pointing to a photograph in the printout]. Now I am sixty years. But this gentleman, have you got it, everything? You can get more. All of you can.
[Shri Mataji has her hands on the head of two different people].
Shri Mataji: [Pointing at someone] Now you’d better look after San Diego and America. That’s all we have to do.
Shri Mataji: It’s very simple. It’s very simple you see. We have people here now. Here (pointing to the man in a suit) we have one here. He got it from Me. He was a little boy and he understands Sahaja Yoga very well, can you believe it? He’s one. Now, who is the other gentleman that we have here? Blake, where is he? (People call out to Blake). Tracy… (Shri Mataji continues to work on people sitting before Her.) Where is Tracy gone? (Someone calls for Tracy) Who else is here? Let’s see, who are they?

Blake, he’s an American and he’s the one who has got Realisation to help you and who else is here? Tracy lives in Los Angeles. They are all experts.
(Shri Mataji, looking at the people in front of Her) Good? Fine! (speaks in Hindi) Clear? [ Shri Mataji speaks in Hindi]. Since he has gone, [referring to Dhube], Sahaja Yoga has prospered otherwise it was horrid, absolutely. It’s a very anti- and you have to discover…
Ah, now better? Now, you just say: “Mother come in my brain”, just say that.

[End of recording]