When the spirit manifest within us, what should happen?

Hollywood United Methodist Church, Los Angeles (United States)

1983-09-26 When the spirit manifest within us, what should happen? Los Angeles, United States, DP-RAW, 77' Chapters: Talk, Q&A, Self-RealizationDownload subtitles: EN,TRView subtitles:
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Public Program Day 2

I bow all the seekers of spirit.

The seeking of spirit has been described by so many people from ancient times. It is nothing new that I’m telling you that a human awareness reaches a point where it starts seeing that there has to be something beyond and at that time the seeking starts. And the person starts looking forward to something that will make that person the spirit, as all this scriptures have described and talked about it. There is no amount of talking is going to improve on that because, spirit is within us it resides within us in our heart. Now as it is you must have heard many people talking about it that you have to be spirit that you have to get your self realization, you have to have self knowledge, you have to know yourself but in Sahaja Yoga today, what one has to do is to establish that to actualize that, make it an experience of your own and this is a very big gift I think a very unique discovery that has come to us that we can actualize.

Now we have to understand what simple think that when this spirit manifest within us, what should happen on the very gross level, what should happen. Firstly it must be invigorated, means you must get more energy in the body, you must feel physical limit by going to any process or any method or any experience if health wise, if you cannot improve then must know that it is not the spirit. Because spirit is complete health or it never get sick, that is what Spirit is? So first thing that should happen to you is that, it should be an invigorating life a very dynamic life. Second thing that should happen to you is, that you become a very peaceful and a relax personality, not like the ones who were agitated and very angry and shout. There is nothing to shout and get angry. It’s a kind of a fear this people have perhaps that if the truth they face, or the reality that comes they will have no place in this world. That may be one of the reasons which make them agitated.

A person like Christ, about who people talk and think that the Christ was, is in their pocket. You must know that first and foremost thing the greatness of Christ was that He used a weapon of forgiveness. He was such a peaceful person, on the cross also that He said that forgive those who are doing this, Oh father, because they don’t know what they are doing. That kind of a personality, you can say is a spiritual personality and not a person who gets agitated and hot tempered and start shouting at people. The time today is extremely precarious, which we do not realize. For example, if you ask these people if Christ comes and stands here how will they recognize Christ? Is there any way of recognize didn’t Christ? They might be those who crucified Christ, because they did not recognize Him at that time.

How we will recognize Christ, is a very simple question which we never try to answer. There’s no way to understand how we are going to recognize Christ. A very very simple question has no answer because you can’t. You cannot recognize Him. Because your awareness cannot make you understand. Like somebody told me that there’s somebody who’s claimed that he is Christ. I said all right; ask him to walk on the water. (Laugher) If he can walk on the water then think that he is Christ. That’s one of the qualities of Christ. Now, whatever is the quality of a particular advent is to be seen in that advent. Every advent has a particular quality which is being already described in the ancient books. You should not accept anybody because he says I’m this and I’m that. This is the problem with us that we get ourselves value, to some sort of mental conception live with it, our forefathers lived with it, their forefathers have lived with it and ultimately we find there is nothing left. So one has to know that when you, at least when you say that you believe in Christ, how will you recognize if Christ comes. Is there any matter? Is there any shown matter that will tell you that He is Christ?

There is! You should become the spirit. You have vibrations. You feel coolness. You have an awareness a vibrated awareness, the fifth dimension within you rises into that point by which, when you ask, “Is this Christ?” The vibrations will flow, tremendously. You will know this is Christ. If he’s a fake person, you might even get blisters in your cap, you might even get terrible heat from such a person. But if it is Christ, you’ll get tremendous breeze in your hand. This is the sign how to make out whether he’s Christ or not. That’s why he said that you will be calling me Christ, Christ. I won’t recognize you, neither you will recognize Him. That’s a fact. You live with an idea with mental projection and then you came all your possibilities, chances of your ascent. You must keep yourself open like a scientist us, keep yourself open. Your mind should be open. You should not close down by any dogma or any kind of such a theory that makes you completely excluded from the rest of the thing or which makes you non reflect, which makes you a person who cannot reflect, cannot think anymore about. Such a personality who developed, which is going to be very, very dangerous for you. So the personality should be open, should be receptive you understand.

Now, as I told you yesterday back it is a spontaneous happening is the happening of the living process within you. It is nothing to do with artificial things. Of course in the churches were established that why o be good to people in the sense they told them that to be in the balance you keep the balance all that but it went too far with certain things like baptism, I think that where they everybody started putting their hands on top of anyone I’m said that your baptized that’s not proper but you call [Indian language] means it is unauthorized. To baptize one is not the authority that you can get from any school colleges but you have to get it from God. If you are realized soul then you can baptize others. Everybody cannot baptize everyone. Even, I don’t think Christ disciples baptize anyone, they did not. It is later on, I don’t know how it croul into the organization, that you could ask somebody to go and baptize someone. William Blake has clearly said, the priest cursed me on my head and cried and wept. Actually, that person who has to baptize, has to be realized soul because, baptism means awakening of the Kundalini and breaking up this fontanel bone area open to the subtle and that you cannot do it, so you better not do it. You are unauthorized. In all humbleness and humility one must understand that that is not your job.

Say for example, I do not know anything about the machinery or about a car, I start driving, what will happen? But same thing happens with people who do not have the authority to do God’s work, start doing God’s work. They Lang everybody into difficulties and ultimately they neutralize themselves. It is high time for all of them now to see, that what they have to do, all these institutions, is no dogma nothing like that, but what you have to do is to transform people through their Kundalini awakening, through their real baptism. This is what people have realized that there’s something wrong somewhere that we are not connected to the mains. When it happens, the first thing that happens to you that you become collectively conscious as ***** ***** as I told you.

This collective consciousness is nothing but that your attention itself, your attention which is felt on the central nervous system gets enlightened, in the sense that as like ether, when you touch ether you can communicate anything from here to every place. In the same way, when you touch that All Pervading Power you can communicate through that power, anywhere sitting down, it is collectively conscious. Moreover collectively conscious means that, you can feel a person whether he is the person he is all right or he has a problem or his… Kundalini is in this part of the body or if he has got some disease, you can feel also about yourself. That’s the sign of light, that you automatically feel how the person is. You may not of ???????? a meeting (build in) say it loudly or may not try to inform the person in the other lady came to me and she was, she was having cancer no doubt. But I didn’t tell him, I tried and I think now she is cured. So, you don’t have to tell a person because you don’t have to achieve anything by telling, what you have to do is to achieve if she can be all right if you can give them realization. But your attitude is not to cure people. That’s not attitude of the Divine. Because it has got common sense. If you know that a certain car is going to be a junk forever, it is of no use, you don’t repair such cars. So, despite the affection and compassion you have for everyone, you want to see that by giving realization to this man who is absolutely good for nothing and all that you are just doing, throwing pearls before him. So you don’t even want to talk to such a man about realization, leave alone giving realization. This is headache to give realization to a man who is absolutely against God.

Like Hitler for example, if he said that “Mother, give me realization.” What should I do? It is just like that. So you have to have basically a temperament of seeking. If you are a seeker, then you get your realization and you become collectively conscious. With collective consciousness you can also raise the Kundalini of people. You can cure. You can mentally improve them. You can settle them with peace. Then sitting down here, you can tell about everyone, what’s wrong with that person, and sitting down here, you can try to help others. It is not a difficult thing at all, because you become that. Like, you have seen a television. If it puts to the mains, it starts acting in such a fantastic manner, that nobody can believe that this little box can behave like this. In the same way this little box starts behaving in that fantastic manner. This should happen to you; otherwise you should not believe that you have got realization. It is not a ‘make believe’ thing. It is not just a mental understanding, that you are twice born; it is none of these things. It is something that has sprouted within you, which has two If you are lower **************** and if you really respect yourself, as people seeking the truth and nothing else, it happens to you, and grow completely in your growing.

Secondly, what happens to you is that, you start understanding that it is the truth. How? Because supposing there were, as I told you, that there was a gentleman whose father was sick, and we did not know about it. He wanted to know about his father. So I said, all right. Put your hands and ask how is your father. He just asked his father and got a burning sensation on this finger here. So he asked Me, so I called it, I said this finger relates to this portion, and these are the center’s of your father. If it is so, then you better ask your father but I’m sure he must be down with very bad bronchitis. He telephoned to his mother in Scotland because she came on the phone and she said your father is down with very bad bronchitis. Sitting down there, I told him how you can cure him and after that, four – five hours he was out. It can be done. You are that free test, you are that glories. So your attention becomes enlightened. There is no question of you trying to put some spirits into things and do all these useless things. Only thing you have to do is, to awaken the spirit in that person who sick and the spirit takes over. Because it becomes also the truth. You start understanding that this truth, because you verified. Every moment, you verify. First the thing it’s a fluke. Sometimes you think by chance, you think, “Oh maybe so”, like later on, start seeing that it is true. It is so. You put ten children, if they are realized souls and there are many these days, even in your country, we have seen lots of children who are born realized. You should tie up their eyes and put one person in front of them and you asked them, “What’s the matter with this man?” you tell us what the thing is. They raise one finger, this finger, supposing. You asking, “Did you have a heart attack?” This shows the heart. “Yes I have. How do?” I said, “All of them are showing one finger. This is the heart.” And then you start understanding that, this is the truth. There is no argument; there is no other opinion about it, only one opinion, because truth is absolute!

Somebody says, this is Christ, somebody says that is Christ; somebody says this is Krishna, that is Rama. It is never like that! It is one. The truth is one, you cannot have two opinions. And is absolutely your subject, becomes enlightened and you can say this is the truth. So the second thing that happens to you, that you start knowing the truth, which is absolute. Now, if you put your hands say like this. Now, as you have become and a computer, you are a computer, which has starting. Even all these instruments that have come are parallel to our evolution. Whatever is within us has come. But, if you see a computer, it has to think. But without thinking, I mean, I look at you, I know you are there. I don’t have a think about it. This kind of computer human beings will take thousands of years, even to make that just thinks and spontaneously knows. We are already such a big computer, but we are even become absolute computers, when we start asking a question, “Is there God?” Now those who are atheist, if they ask the question, they start getting cool breeze on the hands. You ask any absolute question, “Was Christ the son of God?” Why should people accept bible? Why should they accept anything? The accept this. Because if you ask, you get the breeze, cool breeze in the hands as an answer. Then you know it as a truth. But could be, people should know that, how is it absolute?

I’ll tell you an example like us we have some fanatics here in India we also have lots of fanatics. And in Pune they have arranged my program in a hall where, which was belonging to Brahmins. They another type of twice born people. Self certified. So, they learned that I’m not a Brahmin. So they were very angry and said, “We cannot have your program.” And our organizers did not tell me that “Mother they don’t want to have your program, because you are not a Brahmin”, nothing they told me. But they went and told that, “All right. If you don’t want to have, we will publish it in the newspaper, because Mataji is not a Brahmin, so they don’t want to have the program there.” This was too much for them, to take upon themselves, so they said, “No, no, no, no. If you have published it in the newspaper, let’s have the program.” So I said, “I start the speaking”, and I just say spontaneously said, “Please come forward those who are (booting??) The real Brahmins.” Four, five of them, you see, walked. Of course, I mean, in India you don’t find people of this kind, normally. They don’t challenge a seat normally. So they came forward and sat down and their hands were shaking, like this. You see. So I said, “Now, if you are real Brahmins, why are you shaking?” “You should not shake before Me.” They said, “Mother we are shaking because you are the Shakti, You are the power.” “That’s why we are shaking.” I said, “No, nobody is shaking here.” So they said, “No, but these three, four are shaking, who are they?” I said, “Go and ask them. Who are they?” So, they went and asked, “Who are you?” They said, “We are certified lunatics, coming from lunatic asylum, our doctor has brought us that because one of us was cured by Mataji, so we are here.” Lets us see. There is no difference between those lunatics and you. You’re shaking the same way and they’re also shaking. So, this fanaticism is making you shake.

And this is the main point is, that when you become the truth, you start understanding the absolute nature of truth. There is no another for truth. If this is so, this is so. If this is so, this is so. You cannot compromise it. You cannot make it little different, you cannot synthesize it. You cannot analyze it. It is so, it is so, it is so. And you get confirmed about it, when you growing in your awareness, you start finding out that this is the truth. So, you understand the truth through your mental activity first, through your rationality, is goes in to your logic and then you start accept it. But third thing that happens to you, is the best of all. Is the third thing that you see the whole world as fun? You see the whole world as a big joke. You see the whole world as a witness. Like a thought rises within us and falls off and another thought rises and falls off. When we are on the waves of the thought, we are frightened, we have fear, we have worries, we have jealousies and all these things. But supposing you get into the boat, then you start watching waves with fun. In the same way, you jump onto such awareness where you start watching the whole thing as a joke. As a fun, as a play. And the whole thing becomes a play to your mind, you start seeing. And then the joy starts pouring in you. Like you all say that, Mona Lisa painting is very good. How do you know? Why should wait about Mona Lisa? She is not one of these modern women. She is a very old fashioned woman, quite a plump and why do you say that, that painting is so beautiful? What is so much about it?

Now, if you are a realized soul, you can see it gives vibrations. It soothes your Spirit. That’s why, it is the best. If you go to the Sistine Chapel of the Vatican. What Michelangelo has done is nothing but he has created vibrations, tremendous vibrations. And you see Christ, how they are show Christ? A robust, tall fellow standing there, throwing people here and there. This is what is happen today. This is the time of judgment and the whole thing is nothing but the Kundalini they shown and the Agnya chakra, Christ is standing there and throwing people this side and that side. This is what it is. He is ??????, through His own understanding, because He was a realized soul. He shows it very clearly. But then on the altar you find a lanky panky Christ, you see, absolutely like a ??? patient about to die; only the bones, you see covered with you call a skin. How can Christ be like that! Is silly ??? Like these people who try once to carry the cross. And they will know that He could not be like that. He could not be such a lanky. He is a person of Joy, health, happiness and exuberance. How can be anyone who is a man of God is sickly, agitated, hot temper and horrible looking. And he has to have that??? on his face. He has to have that beautiful soothing, impression on others. How can it be that a person who is such a great incarnation came on this earth to be a bony structure like that? This is what it is.

We have such misconceptions about all of them, such misconceptions, and we want to put all this conception on God, but you cannot conceptualize. The thing that stands between you and yourself is your ego and your conditioning. Both things stand against, they are like barriers. When this Kundalini rises, as you see here. Is not here. When she rises and crosses over this center.

(Yogi: I didn’t put a chart…)

Then what happens to your ego and superego, its represents your conditioning, is sucked in. When it is sucked in, that is the, that is the center of Christ, when is awaken within you, He is sucks in. That’s the place where He is at the cross. Tomorrow, I think they’ll bring the chart and I’ll be able to explain in more details. And that is the time when you are neither ego nor the superego and you become the self. The joy starts sinking whole thing is joy. The joy starts coming in you. The all other pursuits are joyous. There is no joy in the whole things, and joy doesn’t have duality like happiness or unhappiness. Happiness comes to you when your ego is pampered. And unhappiness comes to you, when your conditionings trouble you. But, joy has no duality. It’s just a feeling of complete elevated soul. You feel completely elevated about everything else, enjoy the bliss of God. Actually, if you see, I mean Mona Lisa’s painting even you feel the joy is pouring, just like torrential way. The person, who did it, must have been the one who has felt that joy, has brought. But, if there is a person who is always thinking, and trying to think it out, what should be done. Then, he doesn’t get the joy at all. You look at a thing, and there is a thought in between. It kills the joy completely.

Supposing I am here and I see something beautiful here and I start thinking about it, then I start thinking, “How much it must have cost, how to insure it. What to do with it”, but he, there is no thought. The complete creation of that beauty flows inside you. Just like joy. And this is what has to happen to you, if you become the spirit. If it does not happen to you, don’t believe in anyone. Also to me. You should not believe into anything unless and until you get your spirit which manifests all this things. It has nothing to do with your intellectualizing, your analyses or anything. It is something that you have within yourself. It’s your own. It is within you, and you have to get it within yourself, by your own achievements. In the sense your own Kundalini rises and touches here and opens it out. Now, as I told you, what I do is a simple thing. That I enlighten and a light which is ready, which is a, which is again on turn, becomes enlightened and can enlighten the other lights. Now, this Dr. Warren who was here, you have seen. He came to Me with his friend and he just telephoned to Me, had nothing, had just the telephone number and when he telephoned to Me, he came to Me, he got his realization and he must have given realization in thousands. In the same way, you can also give realization to people. That’s how we can spread the knowledge that is reality. Knowledge of God’s law’s, of Divine mechanism within us, how it works. It is not, that everyone can get it. I must say that, I do not say that all off you will get it but should get it. That’s my desire is, if you get it, you’re very fortunate you have found, what you have been finding it. And if you don’t get it, I would say that I’ll try again. It has to happen to you, and that, it should happen in a way that it becomes part and parcel of your central nervous system that you can maneuver it. So, I have to tell you one thing. The One, who has created us, is anxious that you enter into His Kingdom, and enjoy the bliss of His truth. May God bless you.

I would like you to ask me questions. But not like the way yesterday it happened. People said that, “Mother don’t ask to him to ask questions, because as soon as they, you asked them to ask questions, they start behaving like devils.” There is no need to be aggressive with Me. What is the needed? I have come here to give, what is your own. Why should you be angry with me? I just don’t understand this psychology. I have not come to take away anything from you.

Yogi: I think they are outside

Yogi: They are not in here

Shri Mataji:  All right. Ask your questions please.

(Someone is asking a question to Shri Mataji. But it’s not clear.)

Shri Mataji: What is he say?

Yogi: He said, just a moment, he said that, as you have said, **** universal and that it is reality, but everybody is concept the reality may be different.

Shri Mataji: Yes, it is so. I know that. It is too; that the concept has to be different isn’t it? Has to be different because everybody has their own brain, to understand, and thinking to their brain. But when you become the reality, then there is no more concept, this reality is sucked. Because you start working through your consciousness, through your central nerves system. It is no more a concept, it becomes the reality itself. That’s true that it has to be different, naturally, I understand that. I don’t mind having them different concept, but, don’t believe in your concept. Because it has given no resents. It has shown no result so far, that’s all.

Yogi: Concept is all. Concept is all.

Shri Mataji: Yes that is what’s happened, concept is all. This is the reality. For example supposing, I’m not seeing this church and some people say that’s in a church I may have some funny concept about church. I have not seen it. All right? When I come and I see it for myself, and I know this it is so. I have no concept, I know what it is, and it’s like that. Simple, very its common sense, I tell you, it is really common sense. Actually will be shocked how people live in concepts. Sometimes I’m really surprised how they’re build upon their life of lifes of the falsehood. It’s a really surprising, but they live because you see, ego likes the myth. It wants to live with myth. Like Hitler believing that they are superior race. Imagine. He came with millions and millions of people with that kind of a myth that he had in his hand. Like community things is the greatest religious man and that board, it’s going to put him in his ??? It’s true, you see. You see the effects of these concepts everywhere. The problem is a concept only that’s the main problem why we’re fighting. Now, see. Let one by one, right please. Now, who? One this side, one this side.

“He’s asking you to speak about the love and compassion of the divine Mother and her qualities.”

Now, this is embarrassing. Isn’t it? How can a Mother talk about her love? You can judge by the Mother Earth. Mother Earth has the capacity, who nourishes. She has a capacity to soothe us. She has a capacity, to sustain all that we do, how cruel we have been with her. First of all, we commit all kinds of sins; we do all kind of wrong things on her back. Then we extract. For our stupid ideas of having all kinds of things of extracting. Still, she doesn’t say anything. She doesn’t bother about those things. But sometimes if you go too far with her, then she punishes. She does punish. Like you have earthquakes, you have many things like that. But she has a very special capacity, which is in Sanskrit described as the “Tambara”. Means, by which she creates seasons to please us. To make us happy. That innocence, creation of seasons that she has. You see the flowers, you see everything how she makes a life so beautiful humoruos, so joyful. That thing is ‘pragnya’ means the knowledge which is enlightened. When you get that knowledge, then you are amazed how kind she is. How she looks after you  ??? little, little, and how she is soothes. And I do quite some times??? How I try to console people. In my own symbol.

One day, there is a very great saint living in a mountain who I think, his legs and hands are broken and all disappear??? He lives in a cave, some like a monch. And, he cannot move, so got a tiger so he can move. And I told the people I must see him, he is my son. They said “Mother, you don’t like these gurus. Why you want to see him? That time, he is real one. They said, “How will you understand” I said, “Feel his vibrations.” They said “Yes, lot’s of vibrations.” I went to see these gentlemen. Now, he is a very involve personality and he can control the rain. So when I was going up the hill, it started raining heavily and he was very angry with the rain. Actually he felt that, “What happen, this rain is completely drenching my Mother. She is coming up and I can’t even control this rain. What will she think? I sit here and she has to come up to see me.” Because, he has broken legs and broken hands. And when I went to talk to him, He was sitting on a little stone and just doing like this, with anger. So, I just smiled at him and sat. Then he came, he said, “Is it that you control my ego, who did all this that you make this place like this. You come to my house and I cannot welcome you properly?” I said, “No at all, why you get angry? I know you have bought a sari for Me, and I don’t take a sari from a sanyasi, because I’m ???, I’m the one who has a household. Then how will I get a sari unless and until this sari is not drenched.” The whole thing becomes such a sweet thing. Really. He forgot his all temper and everything. “How do you know Mother, I have a sari for you?” “I know you bought a sari for Me, so I have to change it and how you latch it.” So, the whole thing soothes down and he was normal. But I said??? I’m permeating, and the whole place must be drenched. This is, is the joy of loving. So, why you should feel bad about it? And that is how you soothe down. So, the mothers love is such, that she soothes you, she knows your problems, she knows that you make mistakes.

Like, I tell you about Mr. Warren, one of his stories. When he came, he can tell one after another. One day, I was in Singapore and we are going to have a program. So, I said, “We go there about six o clocks. It’s all right because I have to see somebody. Why do you have to go they said, “No, no, we must go?” another lady who was organizing, even much more worried. So, they have decided, we must go to the hall. I said, “I’m going out and wait for you”.  But they just thought, better to go. So, they took a plane two hours earlier and went to the place of organizing. When, I was there, I saw that when my car reached there, their car also reached the same time? And I knew why it happened, I said, “All right come and drive but they feel very embarrassing” Because they came with such a termination that they have to reach there, and same time I arrived there. So, I went a ???, when I came back they said, “Mother we are sorry.” I said, “What happen? They said, “We reached there, all right. But from the airport to this place, there was such a bad jam, they have never seen. So, we thought we better drive through the sideway, so we got stuck into the mud. Then we start pulling the car out and all our clothes were dirty, then we had a very bad time. And we have arrived, after You have arrived. I said, “It’s all right.”

Now, we never do such a thing to Mother, we should have coming with you. It was a mistake. So, like that little little things Mother teaches you, how to be all right, how to be on the right path. But it is never a big pinch, never a big punishment. Because you are children. So, here this life by which you should advance you should go further, you should be encaurage. But if you ego get’s pumper, and you think I am a great Sahaja Yogi. There are many who behaving like that and then they have this correction point. That’s how it works out. And gradually I find, people come up very sweetly understanding that we should not try to do things which are not all right. And we should try to do something that is helpful, which is very collective. And that’s what it is, and it works in such a beautiful manner that you don’t have to should to anyone, or do anything. Whole thing works out beautifully.

The blessings are so great as Krishna has said Yoga kshema ……….. (in Hindi) He says, when you get yoga ??? Then, “kshema” – that means the wellbeing of a person ???. Even material you are ??? in so many ways. Is very suprising, is ??? You are helped in material in so many ways. There was a girl, a little girl about ten years. She wrote to Me, but I am dying to see you. How can I come to India, I have no money to travel and she wrote a letter to Me. I just get the letter and I didn’t answer her. And eight years later she had a field day in her school. So she took a trinket from her house just to sell it in the field. So the teachers said, “This is real gold, how you can sell this here?” She couldn’t believe. She went to her mother, she said this trinket of our house, is real gold. She couldn’t believe either. So they went to the goldsmith, and goldsmith said “Yes, it is.” It is gold. And he valued with the price which he wanted to buy was exactly the same as they would have to pay for their travel both of them. So, it is in such a sweet manner. You see, you must know, a loving mother when you are asleep she looks after you. When you awake, she looks after you. But she doesn’t show that you are something more than others, better than others. She doesn’t like you to have your ego but she wants that you to share. Share your love with everyone. That’s the greatest joy for Me to see when the Sahaja Yogis meet each other. When they would, you should see how they meet and how they hold each other to themselves. Just pure love and pure understanding, is the greatest thing to see. I’m happy you asked such a nice question but I feel rather embarrassed, because it is really so great to enjoy your love from everyone. May God bless you.

Yogi: this fire by Adi Shankara…

Shri Mataji: Ah, you must read Adi Shankaracharya to know the love of God, love of Mother. I mean he was a child, a beautiful child. Even Christ has said, “behold the mother”. Behold the mother. It’s very significant. Is water in this? Should have a Realization. Yogi: Ok. So we have it now? Have I answered your all questions, this side? Just one or two person. All right.

Visitor: asking question but not clear. Loudly please.

Yogi: loudly!

Visitor: not clear I can’t hear…

Yogi: She’s refereeing to the, how you said how you would you recognize Christ you referred to them. So she raises the question, what is your idea, your theory your concept on Christ, will he be coming on a white horse is he going to come and is this going to happen.

Shri Mataji: Yes, this is going to happen. No doubt! ??? That’s a fact. Yes, but that doesn’t going to give any??? He’s not going to ask you any questions. He’s not to going to give any answer. No realization, nothing. Just talk about ??? He has eleven powers of destruction is called as Ekadesha. Once he arrives you will have no place to hide your faces if you are??? Just try to ….right now at this moment. Otherwise ??? . Is a fact, no doubt. ??? ???? Because that’s what you??? I don’t want to ??? It’s a fact. That will be last ??? Already he has started working in us All ????? are also what Krishna has said According to Sahaja Yoga there are eleven destroying powers. They are here, which we call as Ekadesha Rudra. And when people get any of this diseases, all this centers ??? So, the destruction now ????? You did not get ?????

Yogi: One more and this is the last.

Yogi: Yes a visitor is asking a question, but it is not audible

Yogi: I’m sorry, I can’t… would you please stand and just say it again.

Shri Mataji: Make it short.

Yogi: make it very briefly.

Yogi: the idea of ??? that one soul ??? another soul

Visitor: not clear

Yogi: I think you have a, another concept about healing but let’s finalize it Yogi: She is talking about a healing process, and is there any particular way, we should do this.

Shri Mataji: No, no. You should never bother about the source??? Christ has said that; leave them alone they have nothing to do with??? Living souls you would say or death souls? Yogi: living living. Now the living soul, they not talk to another soul unless there??? spirit. At that level you need to speak to each other on a very different language. The language is different, the style is different and the communication is different. The whole priority changes. You become a different person. All right? That the egg becomes a bird, and the birds have a different language among themselves.

Yogi: That’s fine she’s happy. She’s happy about it.

Shri Mataji: All right. (laughter) All right.

Yogi: Ok, that’s it Mother. All right, are you all satisfied? Now, just one or two more. All right. Four, ah that for me… Yogi: One of the men. All right. ??? Question: What is a death soul? It just acts as a death soul or living soul?

Shri Mataji: What did he say?

Yogi: What if a death soul is acting like a living soul?

Shri Mataji: Oh, it’s a very big question my child. I’ll tell you later on, after the program. All right. It is not  my lecture. Doesn’t matter. ??? We are made of ???, all right. And then is Kundalini within us and also the spirit. Now, if a death should ??? What happens, that the earth element comes out ??? Water element also comes out the rest of the three element remain and the spirit and the Kundalini means top of that. And that is the death soul. And the living soul with a person which has got the spirit, and thinks that is a soul, I don’t know ???? But ????? person, who is living, has got a spirit, has got a Kundalini and has got a …. Yogi: 5 elements Shri Mataji: also the, all five elements. representing in those centers. But when he becomes a realized soul, then he is not as a living soul. But he’s called as an enlightened soul.

Visitor is asking a question.

Yogi: She’s peda grow on her own. She has lot of good experiences, but she’ also had a lot of pain. Is a necessary experience that she should have the pain?

Shri Mataji: No, not necessary at all. Actually you got some good experiences. ??? The good experience should not??? Now, what is the experience you get first of all? You get the cool breeze coming out of your head. On the very gross level. And out of you head and there should be cool breeze you should feel around. Then the second experience we should have is that you should be peaceful with yourself. Absolutely silent, and there is no problem at all. And, if you get any pain. Supposing after Realization also you might be some sort of pain as soon as put your hand there you can get rid of that pain. So, it is the experience that you have had, should be an experience of spirit ???? And, if it a person who has given you realization, you?????? You see, this is a guru that give you realization that makes you an expert.

Visitor talks, but it’s not clear. ????

Yogi: She wasn’t just referring to physical pain; she was referring to pain in face up to life and so.

Shri Mataji: Be in what?

Yogi: pain in facing up to life’s problems and wider meaning of her pain.

Shri Mataji: All right. That must stop, that must stop completely. Because you start to see the whole thing as a drama. You are so detached see the whole thing. You solve the problem. You see the things, if you become, the spectator of the whole drama, and you know that you can cure you don’t feel the pain. You get ??? All right? May god bless you!

Yogi: Ok, let’s have it. All right.

Shri Mataji: One more ????? What is it?

Visitor is asking: I have two questions, actually. What is your feeling ??????

Yogi: What is the base of cause of disease?

Shri Mataji: Is imbalance. Tomorrow I’m going to tell you all about. Is imbalances.

Yogi: Second.

Shri Mataji: Second one?

Visitor… I’m not ????? If that is Shri Sai Nath. He gives it perfectly all right????? ???? ????

Yogi: Can you speak about karma?

Shri Mataji: Ah. The karma a ?? thing. but actually, what you do ??? is activated with your ego. And when the Kundalini rises, when she passes through this center that is sucked in. That’s why it has said, Christ forgive us ???? since he’s taking our work, he died for our sins. In the sense that karma is sucked by Him. And we are left without an ego, and it is only the ego that has ???? Once the ego is sucked in there is no karma left. ??????? All right.

Shri Mataji: Now, let’s ask one more question, all right? They are anxious to have we the experience. Please ask. One question more.

Visitor: You mean we create karma?

Yogi: Do you mean that, do we create karma?

Shri Mataji: Yes, we do! Where we do action, you see, karma is only the myth that human beings have. Animals don’t have. They don’t have this problem. The problem is when ego and superego of you head, then we develope a personality. Which is I. I’m Mr. so, I’m Mrs. The I`ness we develop. When we develop I’ness, we think that we are unique. This is a big??? Like a, I give an example from the villagers???? that you don’t have to take too much luggage on an aero plane. So, they sat in the aero plane and they put their entire luggage on their heads. and they said, “Now we should Lessing the weight. of the aero plane. It is something like that with our karma. That we take the responsibility of doing the work. Why we ??? , you see ??? Is all there. ??? said, so we make them ???. All right. Death from the death to the death. That’s all we do. We make ??? We make this, we make that and then we start using matter for our comfort. And then, matter sits on our head. We can’t get rid of it. Our spirit is suppressed because of the matter. And then we have to use the matter, otherwise we just can’t exist. So, what we are doing is, we are creating death after death. But, not the scenery we??? We cannot transform one flower to a fruit. Can we? We cannot do it! So, whatever is done is done by God Almighty, By His living powers. Whatever being is all there?????

Yogi: Ok. Let’s everyone slip their shoes off. So, let’s us do make the better contact with the Earth.

Shri Mataji: What is….?

Yogi: and put your hands up.

Yogi: So, they recording?

Yogi: Be comfortable, sit with your hands on your lap. When Shri Mataji asks, just close the eyes. Speaking every day….

Yogi: All that you do at these stages be hungry for it! And do ask hungry for it in your heart. Please Mother, give me my realization! Because you have to desire it. And that’s where she cannot cross your freedom. If you don’t want it, then as She says you are free to go. But if you wanted put your hands up and ask humbly in your heart “Please Mother, give me my realization”. We have to humble us all down.

Shri Mataji: Now, we have to put our hands just like this. Yesterday I told you, day before, that left hand represents our desire and the right hand our action. So we have to use left hand ???? Put it in your lap, like this. With your finger stretched, and sit comfortable. That’s very important to sit comfortable. ???? Shoes go back, on the the chair, and put your feet straight. Like this. On the ground, not touching each other. Put the left hand on your lap, and the right hand ????? Put the both of you hands on your lap. And now, close your eyes. Now, don’t open your eyes till I tell you. Because Kundalini wants to rise??? Something has to happen within. So, just keep your eyes completely closed till I tell you.

Now, put your right hand on your heart. On the left hand side and press it. Now, you are the Spirit, and the Spirit resides in your heart. So, you have to just ask questions three times. Mother, am I the spirit? Just ask, in a humble way, and full confidence. Mother, am I the spirit? Please don’t feel guilty. That is one thing I’m requesting, not to feel guilty at this moment. Forget the past, just forget the past.

Now, keep the right and, left hand as it is bring the left hand down. On your stomach, on the left-hand side, to the center which is of the Primordial master. Right hand sorry, left hand towards Me left hand. Sorry I made a mistake, left hand towards Me. And right hand the stomach and press it hard. Press it hard on your left-hand side of your stomach. Put the right hand on the left-hand side of the stomach. At this point, you have to say with full confidence Mother, I’m my own guide. Mother, I’m my own guru. Mother, I’m my own master. With full confidence. Try to sit comfortably. Now, this has to be said ten times. Because we have ten valences’. Human beings have to ten valences. So, we have to say ten times.

Now, please put your right hand again to nourish, on your heart. Here you now assert by saying “Mother, I am the spirit.” Please say, twelve times. To assert, without feeling guilty. Without feeling guilty. Without feeling guilty, you must assert and Mother, I am the spirit. Twelve times, please. Please don’t feel guilty.

Next thing could be to put your right hand on the base of your neck, on your shoulder on the left-hand side. Right hand. From front, on the left hand side. Here, you hold it tight. From the front you take your hand ??? And hold it tight. Here we say “Mother, I’m not guilty, please say sixteen times, and please say it. It’s too much… Please say it with all your understanding that, “Mother, I’m not guilty”.

Now, put your right hand across your forehead. Across your forehead at this point and one you have to say, “Mother, I forgive everyone.” Please say “Mother, I forgive everyone.” It is very easy to say, just say and it will work out. Now, put your right hand on the back of your head. Hold it tight. If the know the optic loop, where it is placed, on the back of your head. At this point, you have to now say without feeling guilty, you have to say that is, If I have done any mistakes, “Oh Lord please forgive me”, that’s all. But don’t feel guilty. Please don’t feel guilty, don’t count them, just say that “Please forgive me.” From your heart.

Now, put your hand on the top of your head. Put it just on top, your hand your palm should touch the fontanel bone area, where you have a soft bone in your childhood. And press it, and try to move it clockwise. Now, at this point as a said, I cannot cross your freedom and you have to ask for your realization, otherwise I cannot force it. Then just say seven times Mother, I want my realization. Please give me realization. Seven times.

(Shri Mataji blows…)

Now, raise your hand and seek if there is a cool breeze coming in. Now, change your hand please. Put your right hand down, and the left hand on top of your head. And now see, ???? You got it, most of you. All can raise both your hands. On top of your head, open your eyes. Please take more higher, higher. And now ask a question, in your heart. Is this the wind of the Holy Ghost? Is this the Brahmachaitanya? Is this the call pervading power of love of God’s all living work? Now feel it yourself. Those who are proper on second time must have definitely felt it. But I tell you today what is to done tonight and work it out would be better.

You may get a photograph???? In the beginning, is better to use my photograph because it has got vibrations. Now what you can do is the put a candle in front of the photograph, and you can see the vibrations are coming from the photograph. Now, put the left hand towards photograph and the right hand like this, just now you can do it put the left hand towards me at the right hand like this. Now this is the balance. This is the balance that we have**** Put left hand towards Me, and right hand out like this at the back. You see like this so we are ??? All right. Now see on the left hand if it is coming. You’re all thoughtless, if you see that. Now, you put your right hand towards Me and your left hand up. Heart. You have to believe that you are the spirit. That’s all we believe, you believe in yourself. That’s all we have to believe in that you are the spirit. Good? All right. Then I teach you how to raise your Kundalini tonight when you go home. So this is what you can do on the photograph and you can see that it starts moving from both your hands. At the most of very much, sort of intention and If you are very sick, then you can take a little bowl of water with little salt in it, and put your feet in that bowl and take the vibrations from the photograph. But if you feel cool breeze in your hand and cool breeze moving in this hand. Then everything is perfect. Now you have to learn, tomorrow I’ll tell you what it means how to use it, how to become a master. Is a simple thing.

Now today, I teach you how to raise your own your Kundalini . Which is your own. Now put your left hand in front of the Kundalini, here. All of you sitting down. Can you see me? Put your left hand like this. Just like this in front. Like this in front. This hand like this. The right hand has to be moved up, front, down, back. Like that clockwise. We have to rise. Now, let us raise our Kundalini. Start it moving, slowly, like this, like this, like this. Throw your hands up, absolutely lose and then give it a twist. Throw your head back, and now give it a knot. That’s one, we have to do it twice. Again let’s do it! Hold the hand in front and start moving it. Take it up through your hands and just give it a twist and here it is. Third time we have to give three twists. You can do it at home. Throw back your hands head and hands loose, and give it one, then the second one, and then the third one like this. Now see if you??? Now, that’s one thing more one must learn, how to give protection to your aura? That is very important! Protection to your aura, I wish people knew how to do it; they would have saved themselves in many troubles. Iis to put your left hand like this. And with the right hand you move it like this, from here. Move it, one Go back. Two. Is Three, Four Five Six Seven This is how you give protection to yourself. Now, see you vibrations. All right? Is better. Now, what happens that when you are judging other’s vibrations, you can just start judging like this, it’s all right? Or giving bandage like this. Bandage of love. Because it is felt your hands when you move your hands actually the powers is flowing to, through your hands something like this??? So watch your maneuvering so you give it a bandhan, like you have a??? Like that to him, and then sit the vibrations. Now, if you want to see your own vibrations you give yourself a bandhan like this, and then see your own rubbish. You try tonight. Don’t talk too much about it, don’t argue. You are beyond mind. And that’s why I don’t argue about it. The becoming is the most important part that it is the difficult part of Sahaja Yoga. It is like no other thing that here, unless and until become it is of no use. You have to become then you have to grow, then you have to become the expert, ultimately the master. That’s what it is. And for which you cannot pay. May God bless you.

Yogi: ??? Tomorrow night program is here. There is a weekend seminar, all this information we could get at the door, please give your address and telephone number. We’ll contact you to let you know the follow-up meetings. If you are unable to come to the seminar, so you can deeper in this process.  We’ll see you tomorrow night. Good evening. Those who want to meet Shri Mataji tomorrow evening; She will spare a few minutes to meet you all. Tonight She’s just come back from San Diego, and rather tired. So, tomorrow evening it will be a good chance. She’ll spend some time with you all here after the program.

Yogini: ??? Shri Mataji some tea?

Yogi: No, no let’s go. How are you?

Shri Mataji: Lookin fine. “I assume so.” ???

Someone: It’s shameful what She said.

Yogi: We will do something. Thank you very much. Anybody going to the seminar at the weekend? Would you be kind enough to just have a word with Brian Bell, who’s standing here with his hand up. Because you may be able to help with transport arrangements for other people. It’s a long way Brian will deal with those people going to the seminar, who may be able to help with transport.