Kundalini is made of many strands of energy tied together just like a rope

Hollywood United Methodist Church, Los Angeles (United States)

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Public Program Day 3. Los Angeles (USA), 27 September 1983.

Dr. Warren has already talked to you about the different centers that we have within ourselves, and you can see how beautifully they are placed and how gradually when the Kundalini rises, how She enlightens the innermost core of the centers. There are three channels in the central channel, and the innermost channel is used by Kundalini to pierce through for the first time. You can imagine Kundalini to be made of many strands of energy tied together just like a rope, and as the chakras start opening more strands start getting awakened and they pierce through these six centers; but if a person after Realization just thinks that he has got the Realization, then he doesn’t have to bother about it, may lose it for the time being, for quite some time I should say, and he’ll have to work much harder to re-establish his Self Realization.

I’ve seen many-a-times when we give Realization to people they say, “Yes, we have felt it.” They did feel it, everything happens, and then they loose it because they have not established their Realization properly, for which luckily in every place wherever I go I see to it that we already have a center established, then you can go to that center and you can learn from them how to establish your Realization. That is a very, very important time which must be taken into consideration.

There was a lady who had cancer, she was cured of her cancer, she was perfectly all right and she went back to her family, she was doing very well, and after some time – a year or so – she came back with another disease of a very serious nature.

So I asked her, “How is it that you are cured of cancer, now you get another disease? Did you do anything about it?”

“No, Mother, I went back from here, everybody says, ‘You are looking very fine.’ They are all right, they were all quite surprised how I was cured, and I never bothered to do anything about it.”

So she got another trouble. You go on like this, you cure one thing then you again cure another thing. Like little children, you clean them, then again they get out and soil their clothes, again they are back in the bathroom, then again you clean them, again they do the same thing. So you have to mature, after Realization you must in all wisdom and sensible behavior, you must mature of it, otherwise it is a big headache to Me and big headache to you, and you can be quite lost also with it, because if a seed is half-sprouted it is of no use at all.

So if you want that you should really have the complete bliss of Self Realization, you have to become a little serious person about it. Shallow temperament is not going to help you, or looking at it as if like another guru shopping business it is not going to work out. You have to work to see that you establish yourself, till you have established you are not to work on other people but once you are established you can start working on other people, giving them Realization. There is no need then for you to bother that you will catch from others, or anything; but before that you should not try to help others. First help yourself, selfishness to begin with. Unless and until you are all right and you know all the methods of protecting yourself, you are not to indulge into Sahaja Yoga practices which helps others. But when you become an expert, when you have an expertise then you should do it. Like a mechanic who doesn’t know how to repair a car, they spoil it more. So better become an expert for which you don’t have to pay anything, you don’t have to do much about it but only to understand how you have to move the Kundalini within you, how you have to establish it back, what problems you have and how you have to cure. You will be surprised you won’t be aware of problems that you have.

One gentleman came and told Me, “Mother everyone is coming and asking me, ‘what about your father, what’s the problem?'”

I said, “Everybody said the same?”

He said, “Yes.”

I said, “I also want to know, what about your father?”

He said, “My father died very early in life, and I always had a feeling that I had no father.”

That can be cured, and he developed asthma with it, so everybody knows, those who know one thing that is the truth about you. All of them will say the same thing, even if it is a small child, he will also come and ask you that “Is your father all right?” Because if he knows that this center, this center on the right hand side means the father. So he will also say the same and then he will come and ask you, “what about your father?” It is so remarkable sometimes the way people see these things that they can’t believe it, but this is nothing, what you get is just a wee bit of it.

But as Kundalini rises, on every center you start getting the light of that center. At the first center you get back your innocence, your eyes become innocent, your behavior becomes innocent, you are not filled with lust and greed, you don’t look at things with lust and greed, but you look at things with innocence, which is a very big thing that people have lost and that you get back and such a person develops many qualities. One of them is that such a person is full of fragrance, such a person has a tremendous gravity, tremendous gravity, and such a person has tremendous dynamism, and attraction is a bad word so I don’t want to use it, but magnetical.

His magnets is awakened within him, this is the center of your magnet of the earth. Such a person develops a tremendous sense of roots and sense of direction, you place him anywhere he will know where to go. Like birds, you place birds anywhere they know which side is north, south, east, west. In the same way you also develop your lost innocence and your magnet within you by which you have proper direction; but the highest of all you develop the proper direction to wisdom which is the wise thing to do. You just don’t do stupid things, you just don’t do, even if you ever try to do it, you will not do it, because you know it is so stupid, just you don’t do it. I mean it is so simple to be wise than to be stupid, because if you have to be stupid you have to go out of the way to be stupid and idiotic; but if you want to be normal and wise is the easiest thing to do. But what people do is to do things that would make them more and more stupid, nonsensical, because also some people told Me they do it, the reason being they think they have a nuisance value.

Like in London now we have one funny stuff going on, they call it what? “Punk rock.” You see, it’s a funny stuff. Now poor kids they don’t know what they are doing it, and I think the only value of that punk rock system is this: that they try to sort of make a nuisance out of them so that people feel attracted towards them or sort of a significance out of them. But when you become a realized soul you realize your significance, because you understand you are part and parcel of the whole and that your significance is to give Realization to others, the highest of highest, that’s what you have to do now you are a saint, and that’s how the whole attitude of cheapiness, of outward shallowness finishes and you become a serene, dignified personality. This is not possible through any sermon, any lecture, it’s only possible when the Kundalini rises you become like a very dignified child, very dignified child.

I’ve seen one beautiful painting done of Mother Mary being taught first time. You see Her as a child, She is a very dignified personality, as a child, She is about ten years of age. I’ve seen My own grandchildren who are not very old but extremely dignified. They walk like kings, behave like kings. In every behavior you find there’s such a dignity, they’ll never do something shallow, they never ask for anything, they never weep for anything, they never cry for anything, they are so dignified and they understand it so well what is dignity is. I don’t have to tell them, because they are born realized, in the same way you become, nobody has to tell you that “do this, or do that,” but you understand that you must have self-respect. This happens to you automatically, this is actualization, nobody has to tell you that “you be dignified,” you just become. I’ve seen people who were absolutely absurd, even from this punk rock we got some people and they were so changed that people could not recognize them, but one thing bad has happened with this punk rock that they put some sort of dye in their head and since then their eyes became very weak, because these dyes I think made the optic globe covered with some sort of a color and you can’t see properly, and the eyes became very weak and it took some time for us to remove the effect of those dyes from their head.

We go headlong, “what’s wrong?” There is nothing wrong in this world if it is a stupid fool, but for a wise man there are very many things which are absolutely wrong, and there are very many things which are absolutely correct, so you develop your wisdom by this first center.

Now as the Kundalini rises She enlightens your second center which we can call as the Swadishthan Chakra for the time being, though it is the third center. But second center, you become extremely creative, extremely creative. I know of a gentleman who came to Me, he had no job.

And he said, “Mother, I have no job and what should I do?”

I said, “All right, what do you want to do?”

He said, “Whatever you say.”

I said, “All right, why don’t you become an interior decorator?”

He said, “Me? I don’t know what is a teak wood, I don’t know what is a rose wood, how am I to become an interior decorator?”

I said, “You just use your vibrations.”

And you’ll be surprised he earned million of rupees out of that profession because you become extremely creative, your sense of creation becomes so subtle and so beautiful that you start understanding art at such a high level that people don’t know how, when you are not educated in art, how you can do it. I went to Japan once, and they were having an Ikebana competition or something, so I went to see the Ikebana class and they requested Me, “Why don’t you do some flower arrangements?”

I said, “All right, I’ll do.”

I did it and I got the highest marks without knowing a word about Ikebana, just surprise Me, I got the highest mark. I can do lots of things which I’ve never done before like architecture. I have built houses without doing any architecture, I’ve done decorations of the houses, I’ve done all kinds of things without knowing how to it, because you become you so creative.

Music you start understanding so much better. There are people now in America, there’s a girl, she had a horrible hoarse voice, absolutely hoarse voice, and she always used to go out of tune.

So I told her, “You shouldn’t sing songs before Me because it’s rather funny.”

She said, “Mother, why don’t You give me a good voice?”

I said, “You just try your Vishuddhi Chakra, if your Vishuddhi Chakra is corrected you’ll be all right.”

[Shri Mataji speaks aside: Why don’t you sit down.]

So the Vishuddhi Chakra was … she tried on Vishuddhi Chakra giving vibrations, and she sings so melodiously now that I tell you she can be a great singer. So the creativity, that also is a blessing of your power of the Goddess of learning. Boys who could not study in the schools were absolutely duffers. Some people brought this boy, recently I’ve received a letter from him.

When he came to Me, his father said that “He is going to be taken out of school because he’s good for nothing, he can not remember anything, he’s absolutely finished.”

I said, “All right, doesn’t matter, let him take to Sahaja Yoga.”

He got his Realization. Not only that he passed with first class, but he got a scholarship. Then he passed another exam, he got a scholarship. Now he’s got a very big job, at a very young age. He wrote to Me, “Mother no one can believe that a duffer like me has been so much highly placed.” All the boys who got scholarships in Maharashtra in schools, in colleges and universities are Sahaja Yogis.

It is such a tremendous force that starts working in you, if you try to give vibrations say to fruits or to trees or to say wheat and such things which are very important for life, any food, you will be amazed that the food also grows so much more and the taste is so good and it lasts you so longer. Like one gentleman tried, a university professor in agricultural college on some wheat, some vibrations and he was amazed that when they collected this wheat it was at least six times more than normal, and when this wheat was stored in a big hall like this, there were so many other things, the rats who are always a menace in India never touched that wheat. They ate all the rest of it but never touched the wheat.

Even the animals – the snails, even the tigers, of course the dogs and the cats – understand it much more, they understand you, they know that you are a saint. They’ll never touch you, they will never trouble you. Even a tiger sees a saint, he never attacks. You can handle a tiger very easily; this is the power of a saint. So you develop a tremendous capacity of creativity. The greatest capacity you have then is of creating a new human being out of a ordinary human being. This is the greatest blessing that you have, that you transform an egg into a bird and that is the epitome, that is the spiritual power you have, by which you can transform the whole human race into a new race which has this fifth dimension within yourself.

You can start talking on science now, we have a scientist here and he’s a done his science, he is a Doctor of Science in this and that, in chemistry and I explained to him about this – where is the hydrogen and oxygen and nitrogen and all that within us and he was amazed.

He said, “Mother, how do you know all these things?”

I said, “I don’t know how I know, but I know. That’s what it is, you just have a look at this.”

And he was amazed how I was telling him about spiral movement and linear movement of peptose.

He said that “For this I had to study so much.”

I said, “For Sahaja Yog you don’t have to study.” A little bit you know and immediately you click the point. Now this is the second thing that you know in your learnings, in your education you are all right, but the mastery of this center comes, the mastery of this center comes when you know the pure knowledge, the pure knowledge of handling the Kundalini, the pure knowledge of Spirit, the pure knowledge of the blessings of God, of Ritambhara PrAgnya. If you know that, that is the highest that you achieve gradually as you grow, because when these centers starts expanding on the sides, you start expanding in your personality, in your sensitivity and in your evolutionary ascent, so that is how you start growing from one to another to another to another.

Now the third center that we have actually, this is the second center because the third center arises, this Swadishthana arises out of the Nabhi, is a very, very important center, is the center of your seeking as he has told you. Your compete priorities change, complete priorities change, because the joy that you get out of Sahaja Yoga, the joy you get out of this meditation, out of the feeling that grows in you all the time, like a beautiful torrential rain of joy that fills you, your life and everybody’s life, you don’t care for cheap type of entertainment. You feel, you seek other Sahaja Yogi, you want to meet another Sahaja Yogi, you don’t want to meet anybody else. If there is an actor coming, or some big man is coming, “All right, let him come, I’m going to see such and such person.” It is such a different personality that one day – I will tell you how it happens – there was a girl, a diplomat, she’s a diplomat who is a realized soul and she happened to go to Sicily. And she was eating her food, suddenly she felt there is some vibrations coming down, she looked around, the other one was also looking at her, she said, “Are you Mataji’s disciple?”

And she said, “Yes, I am Mataji’s child.”

They both got up and just hugged and said, “Such joy Mother in that far-fetched place of Sicily to find a Sahaja Yogi.”

And then they stayed together and they wouldn’t go anywhere else but they said, “Now this is the enjoyment.” Just the company of a Sahaja Yogi is such an enjoyment.

I’ve seen these people when they go to India, the people are not so rich, poor people – they have little, little huts – but when they go they go there, you should see the love, the rapport, and that makes Me so happy, so happy, the way they love each other, the way they understand each other, the way they help each other and the only the company, for the first time they start enjoying. We were once in a hotel staying in Calcutta and with two Sahaja Yogi with Me. They were in the other room, quite far away, they could not get a room close to Me, and one gentleman came for his Realization, he came to My feet, when he got his Realization it was a tremendous happening and they came rushing from there.

I said, “What happened?”

They said, “We felt the vibrations, we felt the vibrations from there, Mother, so we have come to receive the vibrations.”

And they came and they felt the vibrations. So this man was so great that his vibrations attracted them and they came down. They were just enjoying that as if they were enjoying a big flower with lots of fragrance. What vibrations, what vibrations! The fellow got up and said, “Very nice. They are enjoying my vibrations. Now I’m going to enjoy your vibrations.”

For the first time you start enjoying your fellow man because everyone is a beautiful personality, a glorious, fragrant, joyful personality; but because you cannot feel the other person, and because the other person does not emit, you are all the time quarreling. Even husband-wife quarreling, father-mother quarreling, this one quarreling, that quarreling. In Sahaja Yoga there is hardly any time for people to quarrel. The other day I had a lady who came to see Me, and she was trying to put her point and there were about five-six Sahaja Yogis, and everybody was putting the same point and she was amazed.

She said, “I’ve never seen such concord, such friendship, such understanding, all of them supporting each other, nobody is cutting anyone.”

Such a society has to develop. It’s such a nourishing, soothing, invigorating society, and you forget about getting bored, boredom goes out of life, you never get bored, you enjoy yourself or you enjoy the company of Sahaja Yogis and it is very different level that you come of – that is what, that land you have to reach within yourself.

Now the greatest thing that happens as a result of this center seeking, that you start seeking other seekers, you try to find out “where is the seeker?” If you hear somebody is a seeker, you go and see. If you hear about someone that some people are lost there, they were seekers, but they went there lost, you all rush there. It is like a person who is like a, what you call a guard on the seashore you know, there are guards kept for salvaging people, and that is how you become. You suddenly see somebody sinking, you just go. In Bombay there was a case they announce that “there’s a lady who is going to die, if somebody can come and help her, it will be a great thing.” They all rushed there; they saved her.

Now the interests changes completely, and you start really helping people and not feeling that you are helping them, not at all. But the surrounding portion of that, which is the void, is the best, which is affected by your awakening, that you become the virtue itself. Nobody has to tell you that you be virtuous, when you are awakened you become a virtuous person, you enjoy your virtues, you enjoy being good, you enjoy being nice, you really enjoy it. And that enjoyment comes to you as a blessing because the virtue itself is so strengthening, so powerful that anyone who is harmed or troubled or tortured or put down, you stand up, you are not afraid of anyone, you are not afraid of any one of them.

Now about these people who have been troubling you as fake gurus, I told about them in 1970. I’m just a lady and single-handed I told them who these people are, how they are going to loot you, and what they are going to do; but in this country nobody can think of one genuine person who could be really genuine. It was the problem that time, but with this awakening within you of the virtuous nature, you just know what is virtue and what is not virtue. I don’t have to tell you; I don’t say “don’t do this, don’t do that.” I never say that, it just happens, because when the virtue starts developing, the vibrations improve and you feel extremely joyous. We have lost our virtues because there is no joy out of it, no reward. If somebody is honest, he has to suffer; if somebody’s good, he has to suffer; is somebody’s kind, he thinks he has to suffer; but after getting Realization you are rewarded for your virtues.

You are amazed how you are paid for it, it’s so surprising, like once there was a lady who came to see Me, she was a refugee, and I had a big house.

So I said, “All right come and stay with Me.”

So My husband, My brother they came, they said, “What’s this? You don’t know her, who she is, her husband, whether he is her husband or not, just given her two rooms. It’s not good!”

I said, “Let it be, doesn’t matter. I know for nothing is going to happen, let her be here.”

So they wouldn’t also go against Me. They said, “All right, if you say so.”

This lady stayed for ten days and went away. Then she become a very well-known actress in India, I didn’t know she was the same lady, but somebody told Me that she is the same lady. I said, “Maybe.”

Then one day you see, they wanted to make a film for our Sahaja Yoga, so they said, “We can ask this lady to act, because she is a good actress.”

I said, “All right, you can go ask but don’t tell her I am here, otherwise she will have no choice. I will not go and see her. You just ask her.”

They went and ask her, they said, “Will you be actress?” and all that.

She said, “I’ll try.” This, that she was saying.

But on the day on when they were going to open the film I went there, she saw Me, she was so amazed, she said, “Oh God, You are the One, You are the One Who is sponsoring this, Oh, I’ll give my life for Her!” She just came forward, she said, “Have anything you like, I have nothing to say, I am so sorry that you never told me that She’s there.” Thousand times more she rewarded a little thing I did for her.

No more cheating, no more troubling, you become a wonderful person and so many people become your friends in this world. Your have to just tell you are coming, there will hundred people at the airport to receive you. There will be so many friends all over the world for you, you will be amazed. It’s such a tremendous thing happens, because now you all are awakened in that Primordial Being and you have become one with each other. You can feel it, that oneness, that unison that we are all not only human beings but we are yogis, we are super human beings, and we have to look after the whole world. That feeling of compassion is so overwhelming that all little, little stupid things just fall off, there’s no place for that. This actually happens and has happened with many.

Dr. Warren, whom you have seen here, can tell you as I have told you lots of stories, but there are many, some of them were so hot tempered, some of them were so quarrelsome, some them used to fight so much in the beginning that I thought, “How are they going to be all right?” But today I find them as great friends and very great yogis. So this is the center where your religion is awakened. And what is a religion? Word comes from “religo,” in Sanskrit it means dharma, “Dhariyatisa Dharma,” the sustenance, your sustenance, your valances is your religion. As every atom, carbon has four valances, and in the same way you have ten valances, these are the ten commandments that were told to you and you become that, you just become. I don’t have to tell you as commandments but they become your beautiful ornaments within yourself. This happens automatically, so spontaneously you become that.

A bishop came to see Me the other day, he is a relation of Mine, My brother. He came to see Me, and he was rather adamant and little angry when he came to see Me because he thought, “Why am I trying to do this kind of thing?”

But when he saw the Sahaja Yogis he said, “I’m amazed, you know, I’ve been giving lectures in the church for years together, but I could not achieve anything. How have You transformed these people? The drug addicts have suddenly become such good people that they have given up drugs, alcoholics have given up alcohol. How is it without telling them anything?”

I said, “Everything is within them. As soon as the light comes you can see everything. You know that this is on your way, this is against your progress, this is anti-life, you just give up. Only thing you have to have the light within you.”

So he himself was surprised at this and then he said, “Really, that should be done, is to transform them.”

But I said, “You do not transform them by giving them big sermons, you transform them by giving them the real second birth, real baptism.” And I must say that Calvinist, of all the persons, Calvinist in Geneva have accepted Me and they think that this is the only way they can transform you.

You will be amazed the Calvinist of all the persons who are such I should say one-sided people, they have accepted to see the result of everybody who is open-minded person, who thinks for the good of others and not for money-making and for selfish ends. We’ll see one day that this is the way it has to be. God has given us this power, we have got a Spirit within us, we should try to awaken that and we should accept it, not because I’m doing it, you can do it also. So this thing happens to you with this chakra.

Now with the another chakra on top, that is one – as he has told the diseases, I’m telling you the positive side of it – when this chakra is caught up he must have told you, you develop breast cancer and all that. But when it is awakened, you get all the security of the world, you are never insecure, you are never bothered, you have no fear of anyone. You do not have to suggest yourself that “you should not have fear or anything,” you just become fearless, there is no nothing like fear, there’s no reaction to any threat or anything. Like the gentleman who came here, just to beat Me now, I was just looking at the drum, and the fellow was getting frightened of Me, he was going backwards, backwards, he would not come forward. But you don’t develop any fear of at all about anyone, because you are standing on truth, like Christ. At the time when He was challenged, you must know when Mary Magdalene was beaten up, He stood up. He had nothing to do with the prostitute, such a virtuous man, He was virtue personified, He stood up, He said, “Those who have not committed any sin, can throw a stone at Me.” He was sure nobody can do it because He was an authority of virtue.

I, as I told you, I am just a woman and I spoke openly with the names of these people and told of what they are going to do, and how they are going to possess you. And people came, they were frightened, they said, “What are You doing?”

So you get rid of all your fear, but you do not dominate anyone, you love, in your love you are secured. It is not by domination but the security that you are love, you are compassion. And the power of love is the highest of all, that you stand in complete peace and bliss. This happens to you when the central thing comes up. There are many other things happen, you can become a poet, I mean so many things happen with this, because you become such a compassion, such a compassion. And when this compassion starts working you are given all the help that is needed.

Then the another chakra – I am going a little fast because after all you understand that there isn’t much time today, I’ve been speaking, and speaking every day, it’s a marathon race for Me, so I’ll try to make it short now – it’s the Vishuddhi Chakra as he told you is very important, this is America. Vishuddhi Chakra is America in the Universe. America is the Vishuddhi Chakra and the star is the Saturn. There are seventeen of them, sixteen is the planet moving round, there are sixteen centers there and the seventeenth is the Vishuddhi itself. Is a very important thing that this center is America, so America has the responsibility of transformation. They have to take up the responsibility of transforming the whole world. Instead of that they themselves are getting ruined, they are killing themselves. There is no fear from outside I tell you, we are going to be ruined from inside. What a responsibility you have and what we are doing you should see to that. That’s why so many seekers are born here, but they do not feel the responsibility of transformation. They will, one day it will come, they will have to feel it, once they are awakened I’m sure they will feel that responsibility.

This very important center as he must have told you, by the virtue of this on the gross we develop a face which is very relaxed and attractive and good looking. We develop eyes which are full of compassion; we develop a face which is innocent, which is very smooth and which has got a capacity to express its feeling. The smallest of feelings can be expressed through this center. It looks after your nose, yours ears, everything improves with this. You develop – now I can’t hear anything if a non-Sahaja Yogi speaks to Me. It is a very funny thing, unless and until that person is very close I just can’t hear what he is saying, to Me, it is all what you call “blah, blah, blah.” But a Sahaja Yogi, if he speaks to Me I can hear very well.

The whole thing changes, the whole sensitivity changes, you start understanding what music is good for your Spirit; you start understanding what is good for your eyes to see, because you don’t want like to see that is something that is horrid, you just don’t enjoy it. You feel like vomiting – you see something horrid, you just feel like vomiting. You become so sensitive you can’t imagine, to virtue and to goodness.

Automatically it happens to you, I don’t have to tell you. I’ve seen people have changed overnight. The whole idea is that the light has to be brought in for you to see for yourself, and when it happens you’ll be amazed, you become such a different, wonderful person. There’s everyone in America has Abraham Lincoln within them, which has to be just awakened and you’ll find that that great personality can be shown in you, when it happens to you. It has to happen to all of you to feel that greatness that lies hidden within.

I cannot elaborately tell you about Vishuddhi Chakra what they call the Krishna consciousness, but not this Krishna consciousness which has made people actual beggars, they are begging on the streets. You go in India in the villages, about they were going to beat these people. They thought they are Krishna consciousness, they wouldn’t get places in the hotels because they thought they are Krishna consciousness, because these people were lost, they had no money left with them. Now they are begging in India, imagine. How can we afford to have these beggars there? They have no money with them, they can not come back, they don’t know what to do with them, so many you will find in the villages just begging. So this kind of thing that – imagine a person who is being blessed by Shri Krishna Who is the Deity on this center, should beg!

He’s the One Who is the giver of complete wealth, why should we beg? This is the thing they don’t understand, just the opposite of what they are suppose to be. There are lots of stories of Krishna how He blessed people with wealth. It is to be seen sometimes, if you have time, I may have time then we might be able to see all those beautiful things that He did.

So the other chakra is important, is the Chakra of Christ. This center is very important because this is the gate through this you have to pass to your destination which is the limbic area. So Christ is the gate, many people are shouting, “it’s only He can save.” Where is He now? Is He here? When He was living, they talked of Ibrahim, when He came then they said, “You are not the One. It was Moses. You are not the One.”

They denied Him, defied Him. Now when He’s dead, then we think, “It is Christ.” Now I have come, He’s talked about Me, if you read Bible you’ll find He’s talked about Me very clearly there and I have to do My job and I have come. You are going to say that it was Christ Who has to do it. If Christ could do it, why did He say that “I’m going to send you a comforter”? He talked of future, didn’t He? Why did He say such a thing? We should find out why did He say that “I will send you the Holy Ghost and the Comforter and the Redeemer and a Counselor”? Why did He say that? Why not look forward to that? Because we are today after Christ. People don’t want to see this point, they want to depend on Christ because He’s in their pocket, they can use Him the way they like.

When He has talked, He has said, “Why not see the point?” If this is what Christ is, then it is such a bad thing because people say, “Christ was no good.” They say, “What has Christ given us?” Christians nations, what have they done, what have they achieved? It’s a bad name to Him if you do not see completion of His work. I’m here to complete His work and when you do not complete His work, His half-work done in a very half-way will bring bad name to Him.

Why not people who claim about Christ understand that what others have to say about it? If you want to know about Christians, go and ask the Jews; and if you want to know about the Jews, go and ask the Muslims; and if you want to know about the Muslims, go and ask the Hindus. There are all in a doldrum. Nobody has any understanding that they are worshiping or they are admiring or advocating a flower which belongs to one tree of life. They have all plucked those flowers, “This is mine, this is mine, in my pocket,” and fighting. If religion means fighting and quarreling, it is not a religion at all. If it is integration, then it is a religion.

In Sahaja Yoga you’ll find that they are all together. Christ has said, very clearly, “Those who are not against Me are with Me.” Who are those people? Try to find out. For that you have to little bit go out of Bible. In the Bible how much do you have Christ there, for three years? Nobody allowed Him to live for three years, and if they could, they would also kill Me.

Not easy, He wanted to play the drama, otherwise He would have finished all of them, in no time. So He has said that “You are to be resurrected first, and then that’s how you will be judged.”

And the Day of Judgment is today, this is the Day of Judgment, that’s why you are confused, this is the Day of Judgment where you will be judged and how are you going to be judged? Through your Kundalini. Your Kundalini is going to be awakened and you’ll be judged where you are. That’s what it is, and those who will be calling Me, “Christ, Christ” I will not look at them, that’s what it is. By calling Him “Christ, Christ” you do not become Christians, you have to get your Realization, your baptism in the actual sense.

It has to be an actualization. I’m telling you that if you miss the point, you have missed it for ever and ever. Be careful on that point. It’s very important. Don’t run after things which have no meaning to your consciousness. Try to raise yourself up to this point and understand that the time has come for you to transform, this is the time of your judgment and you have to get to it in a very big way. The shallow things and all this will be finished. What is America or what is any country in the eyes of God? Nothing. If they do not take to His ways, all will be treated like waste, thoroughly waste, it’s a wasteland. But if you rise, thousands and thousands and millions and millions can be saved. Try to rise, try to understand your own responsibilities, that is very important.

Today is the last day and the last center which is the Sahasrara, is the integration, integration of your being, of physical, mental, emotional being, it takes place. Is integration of all the Deities, of all the Prophets, all the great works that they have done, integration of all the scriptures, everything takes places when this Sahasrara is opened out, when you become the Spirit.

This is a much more difficult job, I know, because if you don’t have to transform people it is very easy to talk about it and get away. But I have to transform, not only transform but you have to become, you cannot become a Sahaji Yogi by paying Me, by saying things, by arguing, by showing up, you can only become Sahaji Yogi by going within yourself, face up to it, see for yourself. I am here to help you in every way possible. Whatever is possible we’ll try to do it, but you all should also understand your responsibility.

It is not a joke now, it’s no more a joke. It’s not like Sunday morning you get up and go to church, or Monday morning you go somewhere else in the temple, and Tuesday morning you go to see Siddhivinayaka [Temple of Shri Ganesha – SG] and another day you go to a mosque. It is not like that. It is a very serious thing which we must understand. We are at the brink of destruction, be careful about it. We must do things so that the blessings of God comes to upon us and that we are saved. It is a very serious thing, and the responsibility is much more on all the people who are getting Realization, so do not treat it lightly. You all, I hope, will take it seriously.

Thank God there is a nice seminar we are having after this for three days, you can come down there, they have charged you very little, we don’t have to make any profit of out you, the only profit I can make is that you get your profits, that’s all. So please take it up seriously, work it out seriously, and I tell you, out of you will come out those people who will build that foundations of that construction which is going to come. Please don’t waste your time in useless things, get to it.

Any one of you can do it. I bless you with My whole heart and know that I love you very much. If you have any problems, you can write to Me, but don’t write to Me about your family problems and this and that, it’s a headache to Me, there is no need to write. Of course I’m a mother, if you have problems you can write but some people write ten pages saying, “my wife is fighting me.” It’s bit too much. You should write to Me about the problems which concern the whole country, concern the whole world. Widen yourself and that’s how, though you may think that you are very unassuming simple people, you are the ones who are going to be, not those who are successful, they are blinded by their success; not those who are rich, they are not going to enter into the Kingdom of God; not those who have a big name, no. It’s you, you are going to enter into the Kingdom of God.

May God bless you.

[Self Realization]

Now, all the angels have a seat, now, put your hands towards Me like this, and close your eyes, the vibrations are so much today, nothing to do. Just so much vibrations tonight, it’s tremendous. Just close your eyes, you’ll feel the cool breeze, most of you, close your eyes please.

You just put your right hand on the head and see if there is a cool breeze coming out, little higher, on top of your head.

Hmm, it’s there. Now put your right hand towards Me and put the left hand and see, little higher, about six inches higher, six inches higher, change over, again, now put your hands up like this absolutely, close the eyes and ask, “Is this the breeze of the Holy Ghost” or ask the question “Mother, are You the Holy Ghost?

You feel the cool breeze? Good, it’s tremendous today. May God bless you all.

Those who have not felt any cool breeze, please raise your hands. One, two and three. Are keeping all right? You are not well? All right, doesn’t matter, if you are not well maybe you may not feel today but you’ll get well and then you’ll feel it, so it doesn’t matter. There’s one or two persons who have not felt it, it’s so tremendous today, May God bless you.

You may give your addresses to these people, let them know where you are, also you can take address for the seminar, if you want to come, they are going to arrange a transport for you to go to Santa Cruz. Thank you very much.

I say goodbye to you, after a year I’ll definitely will come to Los Angeles again, those who haven’t cool breeze should keep their hands raised. These boys will come and see you. All right, those people who haven’t got it, please keep your hands slightly raised so some people will come and see you, little higher so that they’ll come and see you. Here just have a look.

Man in the Audience: I didn’t hear Your last question. I didn’t understand what You asked about the Holy Ghost.

Shri Mataji: Just to know that I am the Holy Ghost.

Man in the Audience: You are Holy Ghost?

Shri Mataji: Yes. Otherwise how will you recognize?

Man in the Audience: The Bible says that God is the Holy Ghost.

Shri Mataji: Bible never says that. You don’t understand that. You don’t teach Me Bible. [Man keeps interrupting Shri Mataji] It doesn’t say. You don’t tell Me. You have no knowledge. Don’t disturb others. If you are such a good person you …