San Francisco (United States)

1983-09-29 AUM, San Francisco, United States, DP-RAW, 81' Chapters: Introduction by Yogi, Talk, Q&A, Self-Realization
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1983-0929 Public Program, AUM, San Francisco, USA

It’s such a great pleasure to come back to this place again after ten years. Doctor Chaudary was a tremendous, enthusiastic seeker of Truth and he saw the point of Sahaja Yoga very clearly. That was not the time to talk of many things as the people were already lured to some things that were to be discovered as false and fake. So I left it at that point and I thought when they would find out the futility of such wrong type of seeking, I’ll and have to go again. Before that it may not be anything fruitful.

Today as Yogi has asked me to speak about Om, I would like to tell you about the great word called Om, what it is, what it represents and how it came into being.

In the beginning I have to tell you that whatever I’m telling you is a hypothesis for you. You should not accept me as the last word, but as a scientific mind, you take everything with open-mindedness. You should keep yourself open and see for yourself what I’m telling you and then, later on, if it can be proved, then you have to accept it as a law or the Divine law.

Om is a word that people don’t understand because it is at the very beginning of this creation that the energy of God, energy of His Love separated from His identity. He pushed Her, called it as Lasik, He pushed Her to create and He became the spectator and She had to create. At that time when She was pushed (we don’t have here something to show you how it worked), but when He tried to push Her, Her movement went into a kind of a word which is written as “A” “U” and “MA” (Shri Mataji draws the ,symbol for Om). So there are three words in it. At the time of that pushing when the separation took place, there was a sound, the first sound and that sound is called as Om. So many people call it as logos, but to understand it you have to go deeper into it, what is involved. So Her power got divided into three – A, U and Ma – and that’s how She became Om. So Om is the sound which is emitted when she creates, which acts as the basis of the essence of Her Love. Then how She started creating is a very long story which I won’t be able to tell you today, but this Om is the one that She first used to create the innocence on this Earth.

So this Om was the innocence with which She filled the whole universe. Om is nothing but the innocence that you see in children, in so many people, in saints and in most of the incarnations. They are empowered by their innocence and this innocence first filled the whole space. Even before creating the space the innocence was there. That was the first creation of element and that was the innocence.

So Om is innocence which does all the living work on this Earth. For example we see these flowers become fruits. We take them for granted. We don’t understand that there must be some great mechanism to make the flowers a fruit. We have come from amoeba stage to this stage and we take ourselves for granted, we don’t know how we have become this. We have to know that we have become this because there must be some purpose behind it. Because we don’t know the purpose that’s why we are confused.

This A, U and Ma are three powers. The first power is the desire power, by which God desired. We call it as the Mahakali power which resides on the left side of the primordial being. Mahakali power resides in us on the left-hand side which is manifesting outside the left sympathetic nervous system which looks after and caters after our past and our emotions. Just now somebody told me that in the West it is not regarded very good to express your emotions which is a wrong thing. You should not suppress your emotions. Emotions are very important because they give the balance to personality. Whatever it is, this left side developed into a society of people, groups of people, who started worshipping God without thinking. Like Catholicism or any such thing they didn’t think. There was non-reflecting guidance of people who just surrendered to God and prayed to God. But as I told you yesterday, the mistake was that we believed we had achieved the end was a wrong thing because we were not educated on that point. Just by going to some guru, by reading some book, by propounding some sort of a theory or by saying that we are such and such, we do not become. Such people who just became different organizations really created a fortress for themselves into which Truth could not enter.

So we had to keep ourselves open to know that, yes, we believe in God but still the light of God has not been expressed within us. We have not yet felt the light on our central nervous system. If we really are truthful we have to just believe that, yes, there is God, there is His power because we see all these things happening which we take for granted, we can’t explain. At least you have to believe there is an all-pervading power which does this. Imagine, an Indian will produce an Indian child, a mango tree will produce mangos, an apple tree will produce apples. Who does this sorting out? Tremendous things are happening. All these things happen to us but we take these things for granted and also we take for granted our beliefs.

The left-sided people started working on the devotion and dedication and saying that God you are everything. But those who were not educated by great saints and seers accepted it as if they are the chosen ones or they are something they have already achieved God or they are already realized souls and they formed groups and that was the death of Truth there.

These second type of people came out of another power which is the right-side power of action, of creation. Out of this power the whole creation took place of all the Sun, the Moon, the stars, all the constellations and all the 14 universes that were created out of this power which is right-sided called as Mahasaraswati. This power started working among people and they thought that as this power has created all the elements we should try to go to the essence of the elements and try to invoke. So the invocation of the elements started by another group of people. The group of people that started this were doing yagnas. They used to invoke the fire and say the mantra of the Om of the nirakara, is the formless and they tried to do many things of this kind just to invoke the element. So this second group of people started doing this.

Invoking the element has resulted into today’s knowledge of science because once you go into the essence of the elements, you can harness it and you can find out how to use it. There’s another method also by which you can harness it if you become really the Spirit. You can manage that also but at the rational level and the human level they achieved the science. But science is still a blind lane and not only that but it has a linear movement by which we have developed horrible things like atom bombs and all these modern things which are shattering our confidence. So the second group of people were searching in this.

There was third group of people who came out of the third power of Mahalaxmi who were the people who were just trying to see the Spirit evolve themselves. And the third type of people were the ones who went into the forest and lived there. Thank God India is such a country that you can live under a tree. You don’t have to wear a coat and hat when you have to go out of the house, spend about 15 minutes dressing up yourself to protect. So this place, India, is a place where you can live in a forest, you don’t need much, you can eat fruits and you can be happy there. So the attention of people did not move outside as it moved in the West. They were not bothered as to get protection for themselves, make houses, how to then get the cars and all those things which are needed for human comfort. It went to the other extreme of comfort. But in India when this meditation took place, these great seers worked it out in such a way to find out what is the method of evolution.

You’ll be surprised that 14 [thousand?] years back we had a poet called Markandeya who has described the evolutionary process in human beings. He has described it clearly how the Kundalini rises, how She gives you the Moksha, the realization. There nobody said that Kundalini is a dangerous thing and you get burnings and you get all these things that you read about Kundalini, such dangerous things about Her. Because only about 100 years back some people went to India, especially Germans, and they got interested in the erotic art of India, which is anti-God activity. They found out that those people who were so-called erotics and the people who supported all that kind of thing were the people who were saying that Kundalini can be awakened. But if you awaken the Kundalini there is a lot of heat and you start jumping. You start behaving in a funny manner, you have to go through it to become a saint, which is absolutely a wrong conception. As I told you yesterday that they gave a very wrong conception to the Western people who went down and wrote those books and they don’t know whether Kundalini is in the stomach or in the brain. So it was second-hand knowledge from people who have no authority towards Kundalini.

It is very well known in India because in the sixth century we had the advent of a great person by the name of Adi Shankaracharya, the Primordial Shankaracharya who came and established that it is a Mother who can awaken the Kundalini and that the Kundalini is your own Mother. She’s the Holy Ghost within you, the Adishakti and She Herself achieves the transformation. He said, “By any talk, by any rationality, by any thing it cannot be done.” It has to be done spontaneously by the person who has the authority to awaken it.

The authority doesn’t come to you from going to any school, college or anything. It comes to you from God Himself. It cannot come to you… say, if this Mother Earth has the authority that if you put any seed in it, it spontaneously sprouts because it’s the quality of the Mother Earth that does the job. So all the living processes are done through the quality of the personality of, say, the Mother Earth or the Sun or the moon. All of them have that quality to do it. In the same way, the person who has that qualification to do it can only awaken the Kundalini. Every Tom, Dick and Harry cannot do it. But it started just after the sixth century. This thing started very much in India. People started making money out of it that we are going to raise your Kundalini, Kundalini can be the reason, this can happen, that can happen.

Then they started saying that you have to pass through your subconscious because they found these people were all possessed, they got lost and became recluses. Many people who got this kind of Kundalini awakening went into funny situations. Then a great personality, Guru Nanak, came on this Earth and He said that all these nonsensical things are not what Kundalini is. The Kundalini is your Mother and She rises without any trouble to different chakras and the one who supported Him and explained Sahaja Yoga in a very good way was the great personality of Kabira. Kabira has described everything about Kundalini, only in poetry. But human beings have a great sense of how to twist and turn everything into something that’s just the opposite. Like He talked about the Kundalini and called Kundalini as Suryati and he lived in Behar and he preached about it in Behar and there, people called tobacco as the suryati. You can imagine how people twist the Truth into just the opposite. This has happened with every great incarnation who came on this Earth. It was very clearly openly talked about by Shri Adi Shankaracharya in the sixth century because He said it should not be done secretly anymore, we should not be very selective. We have to give this knowledge to the masses because the day will come when people will get their mass realization and they should be prepared for it.

Then there came another great saintly age in Maharashtra where many saints were born all over the country. There were saints born even in Uttar Pradesh and also in Gujarat, Bengal and also in places like Madhya Pradesh. All of these saints said that you all should get your self realization. Unless and until you get your self realization, you cannot understand our language. Of course all of them were butchered, troubled and tortured.

Then only about 60 years back a new type of rational sort of gurudom came out because people realized that there are Western people who would like to have some sort of a rationality attached to God and they started coming down here and started talking about Vedanta and all kinds of things. These big things they talked but nobody talked that you must get your self realization. Even if they talked about it, they did not say that it is a happening that has to take place, the Kundalini is the one that has to do it and you‘d better face it.

So people formed another venue, big organizations were formed. The last 60 years we’ve had all kinds of these pseudo-intellectual religious leaders in our country. And then came another type who were absolutely fake people who started saying that when you get your realization, before that you have to become mad. Unless and until you become mad you cannot get your realization. So the poor Kundalini has to suffer. The seekers who are a special category of people are to be born in these modern times. They have to be born because this is the day of judgment. Here you are going to be judged by your Kundalini and if you do not accept that judgment then when are you going to do it? It’s only your Kundalini which is going to judge you. She’s your Mother. She doesn’t trouble you. She doesn’t do any harm to you. She is the one who represents the Aquarius, the Kumbha, the Aquarian Age they say, but they don’t know what it is. What does it do? It represents the Mother Earth within us. The Mother Earth who nourishes us, who soothes us, who comforts us and who takes us to the living reality of life, that you are the Spirit. You are not this world, you are not this myth, you are not this conventional things, you are not these mental conceptions, but you are the Spirit which is absolute and when you become the Spirit, again, it is the becoming that is important. It’s not just a make believe. You are not to believe in something but it is a happening that should take place. It’s to be understood in a very open-minded way because you have got the power, you have got your Mother Kundalini within you. She’s residing within you. You have got your Spirit shining in your heart. It has to come in your attention. It is your own power which has to manifest. It is you who have to become the guru. It is you who has to know what is the real guidance, what is the wisdom, what is the ultimate. Nobody else is going to gain by that but you to begin with and when you become that, you also become collectively conscious.

In Sanskrit language, a realized soul is called as dwijaha, means born again. People can certify “I am born again” sort of a thing. You cannot certify like that because a born again has to have the qualities and the capacities and also the power of that. Also a little bird is called as dwijaha. First it is an egg and then it is transformed into a bird. In the same way you must get a complete transformation within you. The whole lifestyle should change, the whole being should change. You should become again collectively conscious. You have to become.

Yogi was telling me, “Mother, when you say collectively conscious they think that it is the word from Jung.” Jung was a realized soul, so if he has used that word, he has used the right word, the truthful word. But for that you don’t have to go to Jung also because in Sankrit language it is called as Samuhik Chetana. If you call it as Samuhik Chetana that means collective consciousness. It cannot mean anything else and Jung used the right word, no doubt about it. So you are not a Jungian, you are not anything but what he teached that Jung had achieved his realization and he talked of the same thing as any realized soul will talked. So about Samuhik Chetana thousands of years back people have talked and if Jung has said that, it’s not that anybody is trying to be Jungian. On the contrary, Jung became one with the whole and he started the same language. Truth has only one language. It doesn’t have two languages, it is always one.

When you become collectively conscious, firstly what happens when the Kundalini rises as it is the Holy Ghost, you start feeling the cool breeze coming out of your head. If there is no cool breeze coming out of your head, then you are not yet realized. It’s not that I have to certify or anybody else has to certify, it is you who has to certify. You have to be truthful with yourself. Then you start feeling the all-pervading power as a cool breeze in your hands.

Now this no one can do. As you cannot do any living work, you cannot do this. People can jump, dance, change their dress, but you cannot make your head an air conditioner. But it happens and it is for you to see and verify if that helps. As that happening takes place there comes a complete change within your entire being. I don’t have to tell you don’t do this and don’t do that. I do not preach that don’t do this or you must be like that. But what I say that it happens to you and when it happens to you, you become that.

What happens is that we get attached to certain groups, certain gurus, we get bound to it. I was asking him that even after finding out that you have not found out anything for so many years, why people are still like leeches sticking on to them? Why? What have they achieved? They have lost all their money, everything. Perhaps it’s the ego, that, “We have paid for it. Let’s go through it.” Yes, one of the reasons is very common with human beings is that if they pay money and the play may be the worst of all but they will sit through it because they have paid for it. If they have paid for the food and the food is rotten, still they eat it because they have paid for it. So they go on with that. But what is the advantage you have had? You judge yourself, “What did you get out of it?” You have to be your own guru. Have you become your own guru? It’s like in the blanket they walk. I’ve seen people completely destroyed by so many people and some of them are just intellectuals. They cannot get realization because they are very right-sided and it is rather difficult to give them realization because through intellect you cannot understand God. I came by car and I had to keep it outside to come in. But once you get realization then the whole thing becomes absolutely logical. It’s only through the awakening of the Kundalini that you become your Spirit. Otherwise there is no way out. If you think you can maneuver it by thinking about it, you cannot go there. To go there, to take your attention there, your Kundalini should rise.

Now the fourth power that is within you is the Kundalini and this power is the one of true desire. It is your pure desire. All other desires are not pure because whatever you desire… Say, you want to have a house. All right, you have the house. But then you want to have a car, then you have the car. Then you want to have an aeroplane. It goes on like that and it is said in economics that in general, wants are insatiable. So that shows that all of our desires are not real desires because they do not bring you real satisfaction. So this real desire is the Kundalini which lies in the triangular bone, which is to be awakened and which is to be manifested. Because it hasn’t been manifested it is called as the sleeping Kundalini. This you have got within you. It is there lying dormant. It is for you to achieve it because you are seekers. Nothing is more important than becoming a realized soul today. That is the main thing that should happen because that is what the evolutionary process is going to end up into, is the breakthrough to the epitome of it. For example, if you make an instrument like this, it is of no use until it is put to the mains. If it is not put to the mains it has no meaning. You cannot use it also. It has no absolute meaning and that’s what it is today. We have lost the view of our absolute being and that’s why we are in confusion. This is very simple if you see it that you connect it to the mains if I know the job. I may not be able to do it with this instrument but with your instrument I may be able to do it. That’s the only thing I know, perhaps, but I know one thing.

But at this time many people will feel that why Mataji has to do it? I would be very thankful if someone can do it. It’s a very good idea. As I am now 60 years of age and I would like to retire. If somebody can do it in my place I would be very happy. But it is not the work of anything to be dominating or anything to be extracting because it is the job of nourishment, is the job of soothing, is the job of curing. What can anyone pay for the love of the Mother. That’s what I told when I came last time ten years back. The Americans didn’t like me very much when I told them that you can’t pay for it. They didn’t hide it. They wanted to have an ego trip that they thought they can pay for their realization, they can pay for their guru, they can pay for God. God doesn’t understand money, take it from me. It’s your headache. He doesn’t understand money at all. So it is for you to understand that you are seekers, you are a special category. Do not waste your life any more. First of all, you have to get established. When you get your realization also we cannot say it is a complete thing. For example you must have then the knowledge about yourself, then the knowledge about others. When you get your realization you feel that, oh, I am on top of the world, I’ve become so good, my lifestyle is [UNCLEAR], I am so very happy. But still you must know what you have got.

Supposing you get the car and you don’t know how to drive it. It won’t be good for you or for others also. In the same way, your realization, whatever you get, you must master it, and you can for which you cannot pay. You cannot pay for anything whatsoever and that’s what we should know that we cannot put any effort in it for ourselves. It is the effort of the person who knows the job that works out. Like the people who are getting drowned have to keep still and the one who knows how to swim has to bring them to the shore. There’s no need to feel ego and all that nonsense. The one who is saving is saving the other person only because the other person is within himself. Supposing I cured someone and he says thank you to me and I just don’t understand. Say, if this finger is sick and if I soothe it down, am I obliging this finger in any way? Does this finger feel that way obliged to my hand which has soothed it? No. If there is not the other, there is no question of any obligation, in any way obliging anyone or anybody getting any obligation on oneself. It is very simple, it’s just emitting free just like sunshine. You have to bathe into it and get it. But those who are identified with other cults and other gurus and other books and other things are very hard nuts. The other day we had three people who walked into me with their Bibles to hit me and beat me. Can you believe it. I just laughed. They are so aggressive because they are challenged. They don’t want to face the reality. But reality is so beautiful. In reality you are so beautiful, you are so glorious, you are so great. Why are you wasting your energy like this? You are not going to gain anything. You are not going to make anything. You will go to hell. That’s what it will be. Why if you have to become the realized soul and enter into the Kingdom of God, why not enter? What is so wrong with you? Why are you so obtuse? Why can’t you see the reality? It’s something I can’t understand sometimes. Why when people are so educated, so wise, who have the responsibility upon themselves of the emancipation of humanity, who have talked so big about it, why when it comes to reality they turn their faces and don’t want to take it. It’s really beyond my understanding. I would just request to you that you should just first get your realization and then ask me about the whole organization, about the whole working of it. Supposing you come in the room and you want me to put the lights on, I can just switch on and you would say there is light, of course, it’s so simple. But behind these lights there is a big history, a big mechanism and there is a great organization that is working it out. So if you have your light first then you start seeing. You start seeing yourself as well as others. And that’s how you will help others very well.

The thing is today is the last day I am here. Only for two days I’ve come. Yesterday I talked to you about how materialism can make you low and how the essence of matter is innocence by which you can become fragrant with innocence. I talked to you about that yesterday and today I wanted to talk to you about Om. But also they said I must talk about the Spirit, the Spirit that is within, what we become. So I will talk to you about that in a short time, whatever is possible.

So when you become the Spirit, the Spirit comes in your central nervous system in the sense you start feeling the vibrations in your hand you start feeling the cool vibrations in the head. When you start using this, you start knowing that this is the Truth. For example, if you put your hands towards me, after your realization you become like a computer. You ask a question, “Is there God?” You get tremendous vibrations. You ask a question, “Was Christ the Son of God?” You get tremendous vibrations. But you ask about a guru, “Is he a real guru?” You might get even blisters. You might get tremendous heat. Now relatively how are we to know whether it is true or not? Relatively you can see… Like we had a very good experience that in Pune, when I went there, the people gave me the hall and then they discovered that I’m not a Brahmin. They said, “No, she’s not a Brahmin so she cannot speak here because this should only be used by Brahmins.” So they said, “Now we have declared in the newspaper all right you wanted to have only Brahmins here?” and they said “No,no, no, no, you shouldn’t write because that would be very bad to show we are fanatics.”
So they had my program and while having the program I said, “Among you whosoever are the Brahmins come forward.” Three, four of them came and sat down before me. I said, “Put your hands towards me. They put their hands and they started shaking and I said, “What’s this? Why are you shaking? You are Brahmins you should not shake.”

They said, “But Mother, you are the power, you are shakti so we are shaking.”

I said, “But nobody else is shaking.”

They said, “But these 3, 4 persons are shaking in any case here.”

I said , “Go and ask them who are they.”

So they asked them, “Who are you?” and they had a doctor with them and he said, “These are all certified lunatics. I brought them from the lunatic asylum because one of the lunatics was cured by Sahaja Yoga so I have brought them.”

They started looking at me and I said, “See? Relatively, they are shaking, you are also shaking. That means that something is wrong with you there and you must get it corrected.” But it so happened when I said it, the chairman of their organization was sitting on the balcony. Suddenly he had a very bad attack of rheumatism and he couldn’t walk or move. Suddenly the whole thing fell down and he walked on, came to and he said, “Mother, please forgive me for what I said before. I didn’t know they had done this kind of a thing.” I just said by the way that those who are Brahmins should come forward because the organizer never told me. The whole lifestyle changed and he is now one of our greatest Sahaja Yogis in Pune who has a very big place of his own where he conducts classes for Sahaja Yoga. He’s doing very good work. He has cured 500 people at the [UNCLEAR]. He’s now going to be about 80 years of age and even now he cycles down.

It is important that we should get our realization. That’s the main thing. Nothing more is important. All other talking, all that thing should be given up. What we have to do in silence is receive your realization and be yourself. Don’t deceive yourself. You have to be fair with yourself. God has given you a special body not to be wasted for someone or for some group or for some reading or something. Just be yourself first and then we can talk about other things.

If you have any questions I have no objections. But there is no need to beat me with Bible. You can ask me sensible questions related to Sahaja Yoga.

Seeker: You said that one has an individual path to anything to force enlightenment and on the other hand it is very important to achieve self realization. How when people are so hungry for this realization and there is such a pressure to achieve it it’s sort of a double bind and what do you suggest is an appropriate method when people are so hungry to let something else happen?

Shri Mataji: Yes, my child, I agree. What you said is true because I didn’t tell you how it works out. That’s why your question is absolutely relevant, that when they are so hungry why doesn’t it fall like [UNCLEAR] and everybody gets it, it’s the point. No, it does not. What happens is there are many candles who are just waiting to be enlightened. But there has to be a candle which is enlightened. But once one candle is enlightened, that candle can enlighten another candle. It goes on, from one candle to another to another. So the enlightenment goes on spreading.

We have some seekers from Australia, two persons who came to Sahaja Yoga and out of them only one survived. Out of that one person, we have now thousands in Australia. There was only one fellow who came to me from a small place called [UNCLEAR Ramsey] and now there are at least 20,000 people in that area who are not only realized but are masters of this Sahaja Yoga.

Actually I work more in the villages than in the cities. In my experience the ones who live in the cities get very much confused and pressurized. What you say is true. You are a special category of people but first you must know what you have to seek. Secondly you must know that Truth will come to you without any effort, without any experiment, just spontaneously. It will happen, but you have to have somebody who himself is an enlightened person who knows the job. Otherwise it doesn’t work out.

The trouble is all such people… I got one of them, a very nice man from Calicut, who was a very good man who calls himself Brahmachari. He’s a very great soul and I requested him that I can’t go to America, I’m looking after Europe and England, so you’d better go. So he came to New York, three days he stayed and then ran away. He told me, “Mother, I can’t manage these people. I just don’t want to have anything to do with them.” They bombarded him with horrible things and just threw him out. Same with me, I came ten years back and just how to talk to these people. It’s impossible to [UNCLEAR] them. They have got these mental barriers on their heads, all these clouds on their heads and they always like people who are fake. Somehow or other they take to fake people, much more easily than to reality. They have done it before also. They crucified Christ, now, can you believe it? Of course you can’t crucify me, but you can beat me with Bible. I agree there is such a pressure. I know that very well. That’s why I’ve come back again.

Finished now? Shall we have it?

Yogi Mahajan: Mataji will give the experience of realization which if you’ll take out your shoes
and put your hands out like that…

Shri Mataji: It’s a very simple thing. As I told you yesterday, the finger tips are on this hand: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 centers, and seven centers on this side, are placed in the central area like this, from here and here and the Kundalini moves, goes round, again comes up like that. But, I mean, the left side and the right side, and they make these centers here. These looks like, if you see it clearly, it looks like your… the left side and the right side, and what happens, that the Kundalini has to pass through this, and this is the center.

First the invitation to the Kundalini must go and for that you have to expose yours fingers towards me like this. Now what happens the message goes to the Kundalini and She shoots off. It takes a split of a second. But because of the complications of these centers, which have gone out of gear, there’s obstruction. When She hits, you can see in so many people, I’ve seen, the Kundalini pulsating. You can see with your naked eyes in the triangular bone of Sacrum. See now, the sacred word. It was called sacrum. The Greeks knew about it, it’s something sacred. You can see even the pulsation rising if it is in slow motion in some people where there are obstructions. With a stethoscope you can feel the lub-dub-lub-dub till it comes to the epitome here. And then you get your baptism. This is a real baptism, not an artificial one.

And you know a great saint, born about 100 years back in England, apart from all the other prophecies we have had in India thousands of years back, only a hundred years back, William Blake* has said beautiful things about Sahaja Yoga. He said, “The men of God (means the seekers) will become prophets and they will have powers to make others prophets.” That is the thing. You become prophets and you will have powers to make others prophets.

Now just put your hands like this. Without any effort just sit comfortably, without bending forward or backward but keep in the center. Keep your neck straight, not bending this way or that way. Close your eyes. Keep your eyes shut. Kundalini may not rise because of certain problems of dilation of the pupils. As I told you the left side represents your desire. Keep your left hand resting on your lap. You have to nourish now only certain centers which are on the left hand side because we have problems on these centers. If it’s a question of a straight forward thing we don’t have to nourish it, absolutely, spontaneously, immediately. Maybe some of you have already started feeling the cool breeze in the hands spontaneously. But maybe some of you are not feeling it. So for all of you we have to do a little nourishment of the chakras. Then you will know what chakras are in trouble.

The first and foremost chakra which suffers is the chakra of the left side Vishuddhi where people start feeling guilty. As I told you yesterday you should say in your heart of hearts that Mother, we are not guilty. Just say it with full confidence that you are not guilty because you are in the present. Forget the past. Whatever you have done, whatever was there is to be forgiven. If the creation has to be saved, if the seekers are to be saved, it is forgiven. So just say, in your heart of hearts, “Mother, I am not guilty” …for anything. Keep your left hand as it is, keep your eyes closed and put both the legs a little away from each other on the Mother Earth because they are two powers and are to be treated separately. Now put the right hand on your heart, on the left-hand side, and you have to ask a question, with full confidence, “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Ask thrice. Sincerely you ask because you are.

Now put this right hand on your stomach on the left-hand side. This is the center of the Primordial Master. Because you are the Spirit you are also your master, your guru. Now you have to say with full confidence, just to nourish and to give full confidence to your being, “Mother, I am my own guru. Mother, I am my own master. Mother, I am my own guide.” Please say any one of these ten times.

Now raise the right hand again to the heart. At this point you have to say twelve times, with full confidence, “I am the Spirit.” Assume it. You are the Spirit. Just assume it. Say that I am the Spirit. Without feeling guilty. Don’t think I have done this mistake, that mistake or anything. Just don’t think about it. Just say that I am the Spirit. Assert yourself. You are. You have to know that you are the Spirit and Spirit is never guilty. It does not do anything. It remains absolutely pure whatever you may do.

Now raise this hand again to the base of the neck, on your shoulder and push it down. This center is the Left Vishuddhi as I told you and you have to say 16 times here, “Mother, I am not guilty.” If you are really still feeling guilty then you can say 32 times. You can say even 224 times. Please don’t feel guilty. Put the hands from the front so it won’t be a strain. Hold it tight with all your fingers at the back. (to Yogi: “Worst of all, isn’t it? Want to feel guilty.) Please keep your eyes shut.

Now you put your right hand across your forehead. All of you should do it. Then you’ll say, “Mother we didn’t get it, this doesn’t happen.” There’s nothing wrong. At this point you have to say, “Mother, I forgive everyone.” After all, when you don’t forgive you are just torturing yourself. This is a myth to say that you do not forgive. Just say, “Mother, I forgive everyone.” From your heart. I’m trying to raise your left side, if you see it clearly. “I forgive everyone.”

If you say that, after that you can now, without feeling guilty, again I say that without feeling guilty, you have to put your hand on the back of your head where the optic lobe is, push it hard, hold it tight and here you have to say, “If I have done any mistakes, oh Lord, please forgive me.” Just put it up. Hold it tight. Push back your head a little bit and hold it tight. It’s very important here. Don’t count your sins but just say, “If I have done any sins…

Put your right hand on top of your head with your palm holding the central part of your head, where the fontanel bone is, where you had a soft bone in your childhood. Just try to press it, not very hard but move it clockwise. At this point I cannot cross your freedom. You have to say that you want your realization. Unless and until you want it and you ask for it, I cannot force you. So that’s why you have to say at this point, say it 7 times, “Mother, please give me my realization. I want it.” Clockwise, clockwise move it, 7 times. (Right Heart) Now, you put out your right hand and put your left hand up about 6 inches above your head and see if there is a cool breeze coming out of your head. (Shri Mataji blows into the microphone.) You can move your hand, a little higher. First you might feel a little heat coming out (Left Heart).

You can change your hand. Put your attention there and you can see if it is working out. Are you getting it there? Got it or no? Coming out? Just try again. A little higher. Hmm. How are you feeling? No? Better try. You can feel on each other’s head if you want. Now just watch me without thinking. Can you do it? Let’s see. Without thinking how far you can go? [UNCLEAR Hamsa… Ekadesha] [Shri Mataji moves a candle to different parts of her head].

Now I will teach you how to raise your own Kundalini. But in any case, as I told you, you are germinated but this little seedling has to grow into a big tree. All of you have to become gurus and for that we have a follow on program though I am going away. For those who want to come to Santa Cruz we have arranged a seminar there. Is it too late to tell them?

Yogi: No, they can still come.

You can still come for this weekend and they have arranged it for only 50 dollars. It is just what we have to pay there. If you want to come you can come there where you will definitely learn much more about it. But in any case there is going to be a follow on program here and in that follow on program you will learn how to be your own master and a master for people who are seeking. It’s very simple as you have seen. It will work out without any difficulty. Most of you have felt the cool breeze. Even if you have not felt it, you will feel it very soon. It’s all right. If you have not felt it, we will have a look at you. Don’t you worry.

Now I will teach you how to raise your own Kundalini because you must know this yourself. Put your left hand towards me. Steady your mind, a little bit steady. You shouldn’t look here and there. Steady your mind. It’s important you are steady. Now put your left hands towards me like this, first of all, then put your right hand [up] like this. This is just for ventilation. You will increase the cool breeze on the left.

Now you put your right hand towards me and left hand up. It will ventilate again. This is to clear out the right-hand problems. This is how it gets out. It’s very simple. Now I teach you how to raise your own Kundalini. Now your Kundalini is here [in front of the sacrum bone]. While sitting down only, you put your left hand just like this and your right hand has to move up, forwards, down, back. It’s a clockwise motion. Now you have to raise it. Let’s raise our own Kundalini. You see the result. Watch your left hand. Go up. Push back your head and now give it a twist and give it a knot. Hands should be made loose when you go up. The shoulders should be made loose. All right, again. You have to do this thrice, All together. Again this one has to go up again like this. Left hand straight and right hand goes on [circling it]. Now you go up. Push back your head. Give it a twist nicely. Watch your hands. And now give it a [knot]. Second. You are tying up your Kundalini. Third time three knots you have to give. Let’s start it. Like that, look at your [left] hand. Go ahead, put it up. Now loosen your shoulders. One, two and three [knots].

Now see your hands. Mmm. Better. Because it’s all within you. Now you put all your hands like this and ask a question within yourselves. Is this the breeze of the Holy Ghost? or of the Adi Shakti? or the Primordial Mother? Just ask the question. Put your hands up. Now see. You feel it better? Central Heart. You should not feel insecure at all about it. Now see, are you feeling the cool breeze in the hand better? Started.

Now how do you give yourself a protection? That’s important. All of us must learn how to give a protection to ourselves. Every time you go out of your house, before sleep, you must put yourself into complete protection. Put your attention here (Sahasrara) and sleep off. You can’t argue it out, you cannot talk about it. If you talk about it no one is going to listen to you. Only thing it has to work out.

Now to give yourself a protection, you have to put your left hand on this side, as it is now, and put your right hand on the side of it and put it through your aura to give you a protection. So one, nicely. Again two, again three, again four, again five, again six, again seven. Now see for yourself the vibrations. This is known as pure knowledge – Shuddha Vidya, the knowledge about the Divine life, the knowledge about the Divine law. Knowledge about the power which is Divine. How to use it, how to use your fingers, how to move them, how to work it out is the knowledge. Then you have to also know what are the mantras for the different centers, what are the deities, how to awaken them, what are your problems. This is how you’ll gradually know all about it and you yourself will become a master. May God bless you all.

I say goodbye to you today. I hope to see you in Santa Cruz. If possible, try to come.

*(about William Blake)