The Significance of Puja

Sausalito, San Francisco (United States)

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The Significance of Puja, San Francisco, United States, 29-09-1983

Today I just thought that there are quite a lot of people who have come for the first time. And I should tell them about the significance of Puja. Because, as the western style of life is, that they’re meant to be like this. To seek something outside, to go outside, find out new ways and methods to grow outside. Now this is the knowledge of your roots. Knowledge, through which you receive your nourishment, is not known to you before. This knowledge was not known to you before and was not deliberately told because you are supposed to grow outside. Now when you have to go inside then you have to understand the divine laws and divine methods, how it works out. The Puja has a significance from ancient times, the saints described them. Because in India, the whole climate is such that you can live under a tree, live in a forest no problem, you can eat fruits and very happily you could be in a forest. There is no need to have bed or anything; it is so warm and nice, and then always enjoy the bliss of a forest. And thus many people went into the forest and started thinking, looking at whole world from that solitude, what is the problem with human being? Why are we here? What should we do? What is the purpose of this human life? Why God has given us this beautiful human life? They started thinking about it. And that is how they went to meditative position, meditative entry within themselves. And when they started meditating they found out, all about Kundalini, about chakras and the deities that reside on them. Now, these deities have resided from eternal times; we can say in the abode of God, they have all resided there and then they were reflected on this Earth and they incarnated just to give us a better and better awareness.

We could have avoided all this. It could have been very easy if we had listened to God at the time of Adam and Eve. At the time of Adam and Eve, it was told that you should not eat the fruit of knowledge. Now, that was not the fruit of the true knowledge, but the fruit of knowledge was the knowledge about the matter, the knowledge about things. So, as you know, the story is, satanic forces worked, they lured both of them and they started developing themselves on the other side. That is how they made a mistake. That is why it is called as original sin. And that original sin has brought us to this brink now, and we have to go back. We have to go back within ourselves to find our roots. And that is why to improve on their mistakes and to improve on their ignorance that is how the first ignorance was set in. The darkness of ignorance was set in because of that mistake. And then from darkness we had to come to human stage. And when we have to come to human stage, we have to pass through all those different various stages of life where incarnations had to take place. So, now, as as you know very well, we have incarnations placed within our centres which are not yet awakened. That means they are not in our attention. They are not to be felt in our central nervous system. Or we cannot feel them on our finger tips, to be very very simple. So they are there, but they are not acting according to our desire. We do not know them and they do not listen to us. They do what is right for them or what they think is proper. You have no connection with them so far. So, the first thing is to connect yourself with those different stages through which you have passed.

So, the first as you know is the Ganesha’s stage, it is the innocence. Innocence, the formless of innocence was made into Shri Ganesha because some nucleus has to emit that innocence. Now, in the whole world there are eight such creations of the Mother Earth, and luckily they are in Maharastra. You will find Maharastrian people on the whole are innocent, compared to others, they are rather innocent by nature. And the reason is from the Mother Earth innocence is emitted. So the first thing is that within us to establish innocence we have to worship Shri Ganesha. So, when you worship Me as Shri Ganesha, the Shri Ganesha within you is awakened. You see the result of that. So, the people who are suffering, say, from the trouble of all these perversions, these modern diseases that have come, must establish their Shri Ganesha. If they cannot establish their Shri Ganesha, they cannot be cured. So their innocence has to be first established. If we cannot establish their innocence, we cannot cure them. First and foremost thing is to establish Shri Ganesha. And Shri Ganesha is made out of the Mother Earth element. So, by praying to Shri Ganesha we also establish Him in a city, in a place, like this place now is San Francisco, where I came here first we had no Puja, nothing and that is why the whole thing was just touch and go. I could’t go deep into people; I couldn’t go deep into the place and so the, I didn’t know how I would be able to mange, because there is no education on this. People are not educated about it. But in India immediately the first thing is Puja. They will not come to my lecture, they will not come to anything, first is Puja. If there is a Puja, everybody is getting up at 4 o clock, having a bath, getting ready to come to Puja. Because they know the importance of it, that you does just, your essence is awakened by it, essence is awakened. And to awaken the essence you have to be there, at a place where this is done, so that your essence is awakened.

Now, the trouble is with ego-oriented societies, is very difficult to tell them about Puja. It’s find it difficult, so that is why we don’t allow everyone to come to Puja for one reason, because as soon as they see something happening, their ego starts up, you see. And instead of doing anything to them, the barrier is so much, that I cannot just do anything about it. The barrier is too much in their ego, they have their own ideas, their own conceptions, their own feeling, and it’s impossible to penetrate deep into them, so it is a waste. And if you cannot receive the vibrations, I feel the pain in my own centres. Because the deities, you see, get so annoyed, and they don’t like it and they think that why Mother should waste Her energy with these people who do not understand about Puja. So, I want to prepare you beforehand, that you keep yourself open. Don’t allow your ego to come up. It’s nothing for Me to gain. It is for you to gain. Keep your minds open. The trouble is that at the time of this Sahasrara opening, this brain, everybody’s brain is upside down. It is impossible, you try to turn it and they jump on you. It is a big problem for me; it is the biggest problem. Because, all other incarnations came, they didn’t have to do this difficult work of making you something. Just it was to awaken within you a awareness, like Christ had to awaken your Agyna Charka. Alright, he has crucified himself for the same reason, He resurrected Himself for the same reason. It was a very hard life for him and, for the Mother, it was even worse, no doubt. But still, one should know that this is a very hazardous thing, to transform people and then to establish them and create out of these little seeds a huge big tree of a saint. Now, in the same way, we have got Moses, we have got Abraham, all these great saints are within our, in our void. They are the gurus. And on a Guru Puja, when you worship me on the Guru Puja day, that time these are awakened within you, and you become a master, you become yourself a Guru. You yourself know so much even I don’t have to tell you, I don’t think I have talked to people very much in private, or explain to things. But somehow they become so much full of knowledge, that is rather surprising how they understand. Like, I was talking to Yogi Mahajan and he was telling me what’s the problem is with human being and, you see, he was telling me how we cannot relate to them and all. Which is interesting, because My father did same to Me. I said that he is my first guru and all of you my second gurus. Because I don’t understand human beings. You see for example, this homosexual business. When Gregoire, with very great reluctance, you see, told me through somebody else, I nearly fainted, actually could not understand, what’s happened to them? Now, what am I to do? And I couldn’t eat my food for one week. I felt so bad about the whole thing. Like, My own children where are they?. If you have a heart of an intense Mother, you can understand what she feels about it. And I knew they are in for trouble, I knew everything was going to be very very hazardous. But doesn’t matter. By God’s grace everything will be all right. I am sure it will work out.

So, first we have to establish Shri Ganesha. First of all, we have to establish Shri Ganesha within ourselves and Shri Ganesha in this place called San Francisco, alright? That is why we have to first do Shri Ganesha’s Puja. Then, secondly I told him that if possible we should do little bit of Shri Vishnu’s, because he is the one who gives us the evolutionary power by which we can evolve ourselves and evolve others. So we have a little time for Shri Vishnu’s Puja. Also, they do Havanas and all that for Shri Vishnu’s Puja, which is very good to clear the atmosphere sort of thing. But, we will do next year all these things, perhaps, may be because now we don’t have the arrangements. But that would be a very good idea, too. And then, thirdly they want to do the Puja of Shakti, the Mother. Because, unless and until you have power, even if all the deities are there, you will be exhausted, you would not able to work it out. So, the third is of your own power, of your Kundalini, of the power that is going to work out this Divine work. That is how we have three Pujas.

But none of you should get into an ego trip. Please, keep your ego on one side. Just now, see for yourself how it works within yourself. You start feeling good, you start feeling better vibrations and you start feeling much better and healthier within yourself. So, just keep your self open. It is you who has to achieve something, not Me. I don’t have to achieve anything. So you better make use of Me. Because I am here only for today and then I will go away. So, make best use of Me and that is why I said as many as possible, try to call people over here will be a good idea.

May God Bless you all.


So, the first is the Ganesha Puja at that time they wash my feet, you see. Now you can take out. Ganesha is the devotee only of the Mother, not even of the Father. He is only worried about his Mother and he will worship the Mother. And once the Mother said, alright. He had another brother, who was Kartikeya, who was the one who was created specially to kill one of the Rakshashas and who goes on a peacock, while Ganesha has got a simple little mouse as His conveyance, to show that He has no ego, he does not need a Cadillac, you see. He needs just a little mouse, the smallest animal there is, he is uses for. They are very symbolic things and there are many lectures of mine in which you will learn about Him. So, this Shri Ganesha, you see, when we are worshipping him, we have to be very humble. He has just an ordinary mouse as his conveyance. And His Mother once told that anyone who goes round the world and comes first, we have to give them a present. And the both of them thought that it is good idea. But Shri Ganesha thought that this one Kartikeya is such fast one. He’ll go on his peacock, flying all over, I cannot compete with him. And He is, He is the embodiment of wisdom. He said who is greater than my Mother? So He went around His Mother only three times and he got the prize. Still, the other fellow was going round somewhere. Because that is a fact and She gave Him a prize. That is what it is that one has to understand that the Mother’s dedication is much more beneficial than any other dedication because She doesn’t want anything. Because she is so dedicated to you that you achieve the best from Her only. She will go on giving giving giving giving giving. The more you ask, the more you will have. The more you want it the more She will give you. So, it is better to depend on a source which is all the time available to you and is very gentle and kind and affectionate and loving. So it’s better to depend on some one like that than to depend on any guru who might hit you hard or do something or make you stand upside down. And the Father who can be very wrathful sometimes, you know, the father is all the time waiting just to destroy the world. And you have to ask him just wait, just wait just wait. [All Laughing]. He’s a Father, can be very wrathful, very wrathful, destroying.

[Shri Mataji talking to yogis]

So now, some thing I got for your. I hope you have shown them, a present for the centre, I brought this one for the centre here, and I hope, this also, this one. As a present I will give it to someone for from here. Priscilla, you can take it.

May god bless you.

In India, I can get many more things better suited for Puja. But, when you come next time you can get real silver. [unclear] [laughing]

This is a nice thing you got from India. But this you must get for every centre. Now, they are carrying all over, you all can get it and we should send them, to all the centres. It is every easy, from Delhi we got this thing.

Now, those who have never washed My feet should wash today. And those who have washed many a times should not wash. [All Laughing], [not clear] He very nicely asked me, “Should we all wash”. I said, “No” [All Laughing]. Alright. There is a competition in India, you see, and some people try to cheat.

Yogi: We say the Mantras to Shri Mataji?

Shri Mataji: Sindoor lagao.

Now, this is, this one is something now very red, you know, enhance the wavelength which can be seen by anyone, the fastest, you see,  it has such a short wavelength. They say It can pass through and bend itself very well. That is why this is the red mark they have described in Bible. Now the red marked, this one, this is made out of a very auspicious thing and then burnt into this colour. This is the colour of Shri Ganesha. And if you put it in the night, before sleeping, on your forehead, if you are possessed, the possession will leave you. But it should be vibrated, it should be vibrated. Once it is vibrated it has that power. And it really clears; I will try it today on some of you because it clears completely your head, makes it properly.

Because he is going to say mantra, [I am putting this for you]. All this have significance only when they are vibrated. Without vibration it is empty ritual.

[To Yogi], See, [unclear], just screw, you know the screw, tight one? Is loosened, or if it is  loose, it is tightened.

You all will feel it also. All the collective.

So you have one American here, one American here, who knows about it. But he lives in England. You must try to persuade him to come here. 

Now, we should have the people who have not washed My feet [unclear].