So the purpose of human life is only manifested when it is put to the Mains

Vancouver (Canada)

1983-10-03 So the purpose of human life is only manifested when it is put to the Mains, DP-RAW, 93' Chapters: Introduction by Yogi, Talk, Q&A, Self-Realization, Workshop
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Public Program day 1. Vancouver (Canada), 3 October 1983.

I bow to all the Seekers of Truth. Seekers of Truth are a special category of people, as just now Mr Graham has told you that we have centres within us, which is called as Nabhi centre or the Naval centre, which gives us the capacity to seek.

First, we seek in money, power, all ego stuff and then ultimately, we find that all these things do not give us the Joy, that we are trying to find out. So, in all the affluent countries, it’s very surprising that people are much more frustrated than in the countries where there are still people have to climb the higher levels of material life.

Now, when all these centres are there within us. We are made in our evolution, is such a beautiful way, all these centres were established within us.

So, one can ask a question, what is the purpose of making this instrument so beautiful? Everything, every instrument we make, has a purpose. For example, this instrument, which I am using now has a purpose. But unless and until it is put to the mains, it does not work out. So the purpose of human life is only manifested when it is put to the Mains.

And, that’s why, all the scriptures have said, that you are to be born again. Of course, some people can just mentally believe that they are born again. This is the biggest problem of human being that they live with concepts. They have a concept of something, some mental understanding about something, and they just start believing in [no clear]. Yes, it was said that you have to believe that there is God. [No clear] also said you have to believe that Christ is the Son of God. That was a good thing, that was said. But it was never said that you have believed that you are a realized soul. Some of them believe that they are Christ. If you want to believe in something, you can believe into whatever you be like, because our thought cannot be controlled. It can go to any extent. And, with this kind of faith, when people start doing things, we have seen how all such proclamations have failed and have shown to be absolutely fruitless.

So, if you just mentally believe in something that I am such and such. Then be sure, there is something wrong. This mental projection is a myth and, is a linear movement, that leads us nowhere. We think to go on imagining, putting theories, [unclear], go to a point and then again we recall. That’s why, everything is like that has come to end, and is coming to an end, and will come to an end.

So, what should we do, if it is not the mental conception, which else is the reality? The reality is within you the Spirit, the Reflection of God might, God Almighty in your heart. This reflection exists, it is there, it is a witness of what you are doing. It is all the time luminous. But, is not, yes, felt in the central nervous system in the sense, which has not entered into the conscious mind into your attention. It is not available to you onto your central nervous system. You can feel this beautiful instrument. But, you can not feel your spirit. But, many also believe that you got already. Many, I have met, they said, we have got already the Spirit. But, the Spirit, when it manifests into your attention, it has certain qualities that automatically exhibit through your behaviour, through your life, through the whole being, that you are.

So, if you believe that some sort of a self-certificate, we take upon ourselves, and go ahead with it, then we are alright. Then I must say that you have to develop a very scientific and open-mindedness about Sahaja Yoga.

Sahaja Yoga means, ‘Saha’ means with, ‘Ja’ means born. It is born with you. It is spontaneous. People can’t understand that you can not pay for your Evolution. What did we pay, for our evolution so far? You can not catch it. Just think of it. We take everything for granted. Look at our eyes, look at ourselves.

We are such a great computer made by God. That, if you see something, you see it, you don’t have to think. But, a computer has to think. So, you can imagine, how great we are. Such a computer will not be made in thousands of years, whatever you may try.

And, such a great thing that we are, is made out of us, without taking any money, without any effort. We did not put in any effort into it. We have become human beings effortless. So, it has to be effortless. It has to be something evolving. It has to be something higher. It can not be something like a pendulous movement.

That today, if you are following Christianity. Now, are you are fed up with the churches, so you go to the Hinduism. You become a Hindu. Then you are fed up with that. Then, you become Islam. Then you go from that to the Buddhists, then, this and that. It can not a movement which is pendulum-like, which moves from one to another. But, it has to be a movement where your attention moves spirally higher. It’s very interesting to see that the spiral movement itself is a very big sustains with it. For example, if you see the peptones in the pancreas, which look after digestion of the Sugar. When they become linear, when their movement becomes linear, then they lose all their biological quality. So, when we too become linear, we lose our biological qualities. Now, biological qualities mean living qualities within us.

So, we have to have the substations within us built like a spiral as if you see the spiral of spring, it has got that strength within us itself built it in innate you inside that it can withstand the weight of a person.

This kind of a thing is built in within us, that sustains, that personality within us. And, this personality has to move spirally to come higher than what it is.

Now, as you know, there are people in this world who have come. They think that religions or God is one of the things which is sellable in a market. And, the people who believe in it, also I can’t understand. That, how can you sell God in the market or how can you organize God. It is beyond human understanding and comprehension. That, we can organize God. But, that is what it is. But, there are people who are seeing through this game and the gimmicks of it. And, they are trying to understand, that there has to be something higher or greater life without going through all these rigmaroles.

Now, we have some people, I met the other day of the philosophers who are [unclear]. And, I was surprised that their idea about a human being is quite confused. Though, you (himself) have a realized soul of a very high level. But, perhaps he jumps on the stage and then he did not know how the stage was made so perfectly. He lived very little after that.

So, the idea that he as given is rather confusing. He said that within us, is unconscious first, then the part that he will become the unconscious out of the unconscious, then the subconscious, and then on top of that the subconscious is the conscious mind. And, on top of it, is the Ego.

Now, this looks like a myth by this, see you all put together if you have to travel, you mix up everything like that. But, you can see one thing clearly how beautifully we are organized. After all, the greatest organizer is such a wise person. He is not going to put one on top of another. For example, if somebody has to enter here, you leave the space for the people to come in. You won’t put all your luggage everything in between, So as to have to pass through them covered them and come to the Mains.

So, this is the trouble, is that such confusion exists in the west about that, about human beings and the unconscious. And, the people started going into the subconscious seeking, going into the subconscious is the only way you can go into the unconscious. It was such a myth by them, I must say. And, I was shocked, when I saw the diagram, I said, this is the reason why all these thugs have come from India to loot you and to disturb you.

That’s why the fake gurus have come and so many of your also fake gurus are here to make money out of it.

Now, see beautifully, you are organized. In the centre, is the present. The centre, the centre as you see the central path is absolutely open. And, on the right-hand side, you find on the right-hand side, if you see clearly, is another channel which caters to your future, to your supraconscious area to your collective supraconscious area. And, to the left-hand side, is your subconscious and below, away from that, on the left-hand side is collective subconscious. So, you have got already, so well arranged the whole thing, is that, if you do not go to extremes and keep a moderate life, you are in the centre. Your attention is in the centre. But, if you move to leave or to write too much, then, naturally, you will, you have the problems either of the Supraconscious or, of the Subconscious. But, otherwise, the path, that is in the centre, is beautifully kept, absolutely clean.

Now, the centres have here described is something like this as you see here. This is a vertebra, and centres are like this. So the left, and the right, both of them meet like this. They move spirally in the cells, that the movement comes to appear, goes up again, then again centre is formed, another is formed by these two channels, which manifest outside as sympathetic nervous system.

Now, these centres, when they are used too much on the left or the right, they break. And, once they break, the attention starts moving towards the left, or to the right. And, that’s how we get affected by the subconscious or by the supraconscious. And, when we get affected, we don’t know what to do or what. And, we think that we are achieving sensations, now, going towards reality. While the reality is here. This is the seat of reality. But, the reality is that is the Spirit resides in your heart. This is the seat. And, when this power, which is there, which is the Kundalini. This is the power which is called as [Not clear, could be ‘Asat’] in Quran.

Christ has said also, I will appear before you like tongues of flames.

Also, you must have heard about the tree of life. This is the tree of life, which is to be enlightened. And, this tree of life gets enlightened, when this special thing called ‘Kundalini’, is a special power within us, rises and awakes us.

You would be amazed that with your naked eyes, you can see the pulsation of this. You can see the pulsation rising. You can see the pulsation reaching here. With the stethoscope, you can clearly hear the lup, lup, lup, lup, as you hear the heart.

Ultimately, that breaks here, and when it breaks, you start feeling of cool breeze in the hand of The Holy Ghost. You start feeling it in your hand. This is something, so natural, so living. This you can not do.

I have seen people jumping. I said, “What happened?”, They said, “Our Guru has awakened our Kundalini.” “Why are you jumping like a frog? Are you going to become a frog?”. They said, “We have to become a frog, then earthworm and amoeba then will become that.”