TV Interview Vancouver (Canada)

TV Interview

Shri Mataji:
…meaning Your attention with your spirit. That what Christ was said, that we are born again. And this born again it is not just certificate, it’s not something artificial, but it is happening within us, you can see it clearly, the rising of this power from your secret bone. Greeks knew the meaning of the word sacrum because sacrum means secret. And this power rises you can feel it, like a heart bit going up, […]

CBC Radio Interview “The Planet” Vancouver (Canada)

CBC Radio Interview “The Planet”
Presenter: [Missing part] come to Vancouver. But unlike some others this one is not after your money. As a matter of fact, She brands those gurus or teachers that are after your money as fakes. Shri Mataji Devi lives in London with Her husband, the United Nations diplomat. As a child in India She knew She was different, and Her character trait Mahatma Gandhi also recognized when he asked Her to stay and worked with him. […]