Awakening of Kundalini just takes split of a second

Vancouver, Robson Square Media Centre (Canada)

1983-10-05 Public Program, Vancouver, Canada, DP-RAW, 97' Chapters: Yogi introduction, Talk, Self-Realization
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Public Program Day 2, Vancouver, Canada, 05-10-1983

[Sahaja Yogi gives an introduction of Shri Mataji]

Shri Mataji:
I bow to all the seekers of truth. I knew that in Vancouver there are many real seekers, seeking the truth but the time is so short and the world is so large. I have been travelling and travelling and am here only for tomorrow. Doesn’t matter, whatever may be the span of time, awakening of Kundalini just takes split of a second, if you are ready to get it. If there are obstructions ,if there are barriers, if there are already preconceptions about things then your mind sticks to them and the ascent does not take place. Because reality is what it is, it will be what it is. You cannot conceive it , you cannot change it and you cannot conceptualize it, that this is the reality this should be such and this should be such. So as scientist, we have to keep a very open mind as to know what reality is. There may be many questions in Your mind as I can see them clearly and has to be there but by questioning also it doesn’t work out. Only the question like this the way the girl ask me today on the television it answered, she got the cool breeze in her hand immediately as soon as she asked me. I do not want to avoid the answer but people have to be prepared because answer has no meaning for people who are not prepared. Christ said that he was the path, he was the gate and people crucified him. What he said was absolute truth but they crucified him for that. So one has to be cautious with human beings. They can be very funny. I don’t know if he has told you or not but people try to beat me with the bible in the church. What an absurd scene I could never have imagined but this alright. That’s all due to ignorance. So if you are wedded with some idea or if you just believe into something that is also blindness or you do not believe into anything that there can be a God also it is too much of abandonment. So you have to keep yourself open hearted, open minded because it is your own that you have to get, this is within. The Kundalini power is within you and the Spirit is within you. What I have to do is just to kindle it, awaken it. Once you are awaken, you can do the same. Dr. warren who talked to you just now, I don’t know how many thousands he himself has given realization to and surprisingly Australia the country which perhaps people said that they were people who went there as convicts but they are doing the best among all the western, eastern countries in the sense that we have maximum number of centers and maximum number of Sahaja Yogis, great experts in Australia. Not only that but for my travelling they said mother will pay for you buy you better travel all the way around. Of course I didn’t have much problem on travelling but they said, no mother we would like to pay for their salvation.
A day must come when you Canadian should go to Australia to give them realization that would be the best return to them. So now today as the time is very short I thought, I better tell you about what happens as a result of self-Realization and how you go to wrong conclusions because of the confusions created by thinking about your perfection. The first and foremost thing that should happen to you is that your attention becomes enlightened means you become collectively conscious. Means your conscious mind gets another dimension in which you start feeling others. The gentlemen in London ten years back got realization, he was a scientist so he was little bit doubtful about the whole thing. He told me, mother, how do you say that we can find out to telecommunication of God what’s wrong with others. I said alright, about whom do you want to find out. He said about my father, he is not written to me and he is not spoken to me all these days, he was in Scotland. I said alright you put your hands like this and just think of your father and then he said, oh mother, I am getting a burning sensation here of course I have to decode you. I said, this means this center here, this is center Vissudhi and this it’s the father’s this are the fathers centers and if you are getting burning there that means he must be down with very bad bronchitis.
He telephoned to his father but the father was not there the mother said your father is down with very bad bronchitis now he said mother how to cure it so I told him the method by which he can put around him this power of love.
After three,four hours father rang up and said I don’t know what happened a miracle. I got alright my temperature has got down. I don’t know what happened. Now it’s so fantastic that people can’t believe it. It’s too fantastic but do you know you have been made from amoeba to this stage with what care, love you have been created for some purpose and when it works out you are surprised at yourself. Now see this little instrument that is made if you show to someone in the village they won’t understand that little pipe like that can carry the sound or if you show them a television they won’t believe but when you plug it to the mains they may be amazed how that little box reacts.
In the same way I have to tell you that you are created in such a beautiful way. It’s a perfect machinery within. It’s so scientific, it’s so perfect that all these machineries will fail but that machinery cannot fail. You are that beautifully made within yourselves. Of Course you have made some mistakes no doubt spoiled a little bit here and there little connections are sometime lose doesn’t matter it can be fixed up but you are all due for it and you all have to get it. Now what should you do about it is you don’t have to do anything because to become a human being you did not do anything what did you do to become human being even to breathe you don’t do anything. If you read books or have a guru and go to him and ask him how are we to breathe he would never exist so you don’t need anything just the Kundalini is there and an enlightened person can enlighten. I would say that your attention becomes enlightened means if this room is enlightened you can see what’s wrong with this room. What’s the color of this room? In the same way you start feeling your own chakras. You start feeling your own centers. And then you don’t feel bad because you are out of yourself you can see yourself you see the whole drama of yourself. And then you say Mr. oh, I see now Mr. ego is coming up, alright go ahead. You just address yourself in quite humorous manner that alright you have been doing all this alright go ahead for a while and then you will know. Like one gentleman asked me very seriously, mother if I was the Napoleon in last life don’t tell me. I said what makes you think that your last life how how about what makes you think that you were Napoleon. He said because my ego is too big I can see it and I can draw very well. I have a very good hand for a drawing. He too had it. I said now let’s assure you that you were not a Napoleon. He said thank god otherwise I would have thought how much I to fight with my ego if I was a Napoleon in last life. So it is If I tell somebody if you have an ego then you will be punched. I mean you cannot get out of it but when you start seeing your own problems then you know you better get rid of it. For example, if I have a some black spot on my shawl if you tell me I would like to take it out but if I am identified with that one I will not like it and I will never take it out so the identification with we can call it misidentification with yourself you name your all that it is artificial drops out and you become an independent free personality to judge yourself. That’s how the last judgement is going to work out that you will judge yourself. You don’t need anybody else to judge you and people come and tell me that mother my Agnya chakra is catching means my ego has gone up who will say like that normal have you heard anybody in normal conditions saying like that my ego has gone up but you start seeing it so clearly and you laugh at yourself oh this ego Mr. was with me and now he is showing his results. So that is how you start seeing your own problems. You know how to cure your own problems, that’s how you cure your diseases. You cure your mental conditions, you come to the balanced part I dont tell you all 10 commandments are after realization not before that. I don’t tell you dont do nothing of the kind because human beings are such that if you tell them don’t do it then they do it. So best thing is not to tell them don’t do it but when the light comes in, the Sahaja Yoga today so wonderful that first the light comes in there is no question of cleansing nothing first the light comes into you and then you start seeing yourself in that light and correcting yourself. Sometimes a light can be very little. You might be surprised at yourself that it’s very little with me. Why is it so? but gradually you start understanding that I have problems on my centers. I have to clear my centers. We had a girl who came to see me many a time from paris so my husband asked her now she has given you a realization now why are you again coming and coming in and bothering her because he is dealing with shipping so she said supposing sir you have a fifth hand ship then it has to be repaired again and again. he said no we scrap it but she said mother does not scrap that’s the trouble is, so I come to her for repairs. So even if there are problems you see them and you understand them and you quickly try to remove them. Some people are so great I have seen that they just jump out of it, jump out of it permanently they never catch they have no problems, nothing. I have seen such personality but some are just the light you enlighten and then it moves a little bit this side that side you have to look after it you have to just give it a little shade so that it just doesn’t blow off. But that’s how the first seeking is to be looked after to make it into the tree. So you have to be respectful towards yourself first of all and kind to yourself and not to be angry. I have seen many people after realization, they start getting angry with them. what is this? why should I have got this thing? why did I do this? so forget about the past you have to forget about the past whatever has happened has happened in the past doesn’t matter. What has to happen is in the present. So the guilt business that many people have, I am guilty that has to be given up. If you think you are guilty then it’s rather difficult because of the left hand side this Vishuddhi chakra catches very badly those people think that they are guilty for something. I mean it’s the fashion in the west to feel guilty is the very common fashion. In India I have not seen anybody knows about it and when I tell them they are quite surprised what is there to feel guilty we are not in the jail why should we feel guilty. So this kind of feeling that we are nurturing, also stands in your realization and always sucks in your energy there. As the Kundalini is your mother and she is one like mother Earth like a aquarius like the aquarian age.This is the age of Kundalini is called as Kumbha in Sanskrit language so she represents that and the Kundalini when she comes up she nourishes you and in that nourishment she looks after your attention. She fills up the attention with her energy which gets ignited by the entry of the Spirit into your attention. So far your attention is not in your central nervous system. It is there it is the one who is the witness is looking at you all the time and he knows what you are doing but it doesn’t say doesn’t interfere it’s just there watching.
But after realization this Spirit enters into your attention and starts guiding him. Only through vibrations this new dimension that you achieve of cool breeze you understand what is right and what is wrong. So far you live in a relative world but after getting the realization the Spirit guides you clearly what is to be done. Whether to do this or not and your priorities change so nicely that you know where to waste your energy where not no waste your energy and where to use your energy. You just start understanding the complete picture of you being part and parcel of whole and that’s how you become collectively conscious. For example, this finger of mine is paining so I rub with another hand, now am not obliging this finger by any chance neither this finger feels obliged in the same way in collective consciousness when you do something for others you don’t think it’s a social work or you have done some good to others it’s just happenes, because it’s just emits through you. You can’t help it. Wherever you are you bring auspiciousness. You bring goodness you bring wealth, health and every sort of well being. Krishna has said “Yogakshemam Vahyamhyam” first yoga if you get the yoga the union with the Divine then you get the “Kshema” means the well being and that’s how the kshema has been worked many a times. We have had many experiences which are which can be called extremely fantastic for you and for your understanding but it works out, it works out. People get over their sickness so some of the doctors are agree with me they think that I am going to cancel them completely and the psychiatrist you don’t need anymore because you are no more in a state of confusion. You reach a state where you see things absolutely clearly and understand. Now one can say as a doubtful case that how are we to know that what we know through the vibration is the correct thing because when it’s yes you get lot of vibrations coming into your hand and when it’s no your vibrations disappear. Sometimes if you ask about some gurus whether they are good or bad you might get if they are bad you might get some blisters in little bit. They can be so horrid and devilish that they can give you blisters so then you understand who is real and who is unreal but how do you understand that whatever you know through your vibrations is the perfect thing, is the real thing, is the absolute. For that I give an example. Once I was in Puna and they had arranged my program in a hall which was sort of belonging to some brahmins and brahmins got very angry because I’m not a brahmin so they said you can’t give according to them I am not a brahmin so they said we can’t give this hall to Mataji. She is not a brahmin so the organisers never told me but they told them that if you don’t give her we have already published in the newspaper and we will also publish that you did not give her a hall because she is not a brahmin.Of course this is too much for them because it’s a secular state you are not supposed to do like that. So they said alright let’s have the program and I was having the program. So I asked among you why they never told me and I knew the problem somehow so I asked them among you who thinks that they are the bramhins should come forward so three four of them you see like big warriors walked in front and sat before me. As soon as they sat they started shaking so I said what’s the matter with you they could not control themselves I said control yourselves they could not control themselves they were shaking like this I said what’s the matter they said mother we accept that you are the shakti now stop this its too much you are the shakti you are the power that’s why we are shaking. I said that’s not the thing the others are not shaking they are feeling the cool breeze why are you shaking. He said no mother we are real brahmins we assure you but you are the Shakti we are sensitive that’s why we are shaking then they turned around and said see there are three,four people here they are also shaking alright I said go and find out who are they?

So there was a doctor sitting and he said that these all are certified lunatics from lunatic asylum and they are shaking they got a fright of their life they said are we lunatic mother? I said no but the way you think of brahmins is not true. Unless and until know the Bramha the all pervading power of God you are not a brahmin. Unless and until you have felt that you are not a baptised person it’s a artificial. Somebody puts something on your head and said that now you are baptised so we believe oh now we are baptised now.
That’s all artificial understand it it’s all artificial it’s a drama playing. You must understand the joke behind it. The way we believe in we have believed our parents have believed their parents have believed this has been going on and on and on. When I was born I saw it and I said what’s happening. The Kundalini is just there there is nothing like a baptism. it’s a reality. It’s the real happening the awakening of the Kundalini is a real happening. You can see with her with naked eyes rising of the Kundalini and the pulsation . You can even say it feels the pulsation on your head not in all places people but those who have obstructions. I have,we have got some photographs or in some of the I think we have taken some of the films where the Kundalini was just pulsating in that triangular bone like a heart. So you can see this things on the back of the person when it is rising if there is a obstruction but if its smooth movement you don’t see anything so this is what happens to your attention now there is another misunderstanding among people that if you see the light you have become the light or there is some sort of sensation then it is the light. Now one must know that seeing the light means you are not the light. That’s why you can see. If you become the light you cannot see it. So it’s logical you must understand everything is logical so you cannot be the light if you are the light you cannot see it. One thing should be cancelled from the mind that in Sahaja Yoga what happens to you is your own knowledge. You know each and everything what you are doing, how you are doing it, how you are getting into it, you become a master of that. It’s not just madness that suddenly people start jumping. You see in one of the program we had about about 10 people sitting in the front row just jumping as it, I said what happened to you. They said our guru has awakened our Kundalini and that’s why we are jumping. I said for what like a frog yes it is written he showed me in the in the book. His guru had written that you will jump like a frog when you get your Kundalini awakened. I said now logically are you going to become frogs what are you going to become you have to become superhuman being and that super human being as described in all the ancient scriptures has to become collectively conscious. Now it’s a English word. I mean I think you has used it but that doesn’t means it belongs to you. You was a realised soul but it does not belong to him. In sanskrit its called as “Samuhik Chetana” This is the first thing that happens to you. You become collectively conscious. This is the first thing that happens to you and it has a already mentioned, a description and everything even in patanjali yoga. A trouble is the books that are translated in English are all written by pseudo anglo westernized Indians, who have I don’t know what they wanted to communicate to you. When I read some of the books I was shocked because they said Kundalini is in the Stomach another said the Kundalini is in the head but it takes nothing to write a book on everything that is written is not a scripture. But people really follow it so religiously if it is written in black and white then they think that is the knowledge. Knowledge is not in the books it is not in the books knowledge is in your central nervous system. The rest of all is a myth . whatever you know through your central nervous system is the knowledge. People talk for days together and there are tapes and tapes and tapes and nothing but bubbles and bubbles and bubbles nothing comes out of it. So that is not your attention becomes enlightened by which first of all you know about yourself and then when you take the light out you know about others also. You start knowing what’s wrong with others. But you don’t tell them you speak in the language of Sahaja yoga like you will not say that this fellow has an ego because he will turn around and will give you a slap. So better not to say that. You have to be careful. Because those who are seeking can be very nervous, violent all types of people. We had one gentleman who came to my program who was an alcoholic and he came started shouting at me at the top of his voice. I said alright today you go out and tomorrow you come and see me. He got his realization and after that he is a beautiful Sahaja yogi and a beautiful person. But sometimes he again feels shy that he shouted at me but that’s gone that’s finished where is he, he is no more is the light and egg has become bird all that was a egg is finished. Now you are bird. So you become a bird which has to fly out. Strengthen your wings and you fly out and know for yourself. What is the sky? What is the kingdom of God? and how you have to enjoy it.

Now when attention becomes very very alert and you start feeling the sensitivity of the attention, in the west it happens more that you start verifying it. You try to verify oh, let’s see the vibrations of this let’s see the vibration of this lady then they will ask are you suffering from this then they will verify it. They go on verifying. They take time. So they go on verifying this is correct or not like Dr. Warren himself give me very hard time you see and he was asking if he was not believing because it was too much for him. He has been to all the gurus everyone everywhere a big list you see. So when he came to me he was quite suspicious he could not believe how it could happen so he tried to verify it here and there and there and then he verified. When you are verified it then you accept it as truth. So only the truth you accept through your vibratory awareness first and then you see it so clearly what is the truth and what is the myth. It’s so obvious that you don’t have to ask me, ask anyone and you know this is the truth and this is the thing and truth is one, truth is absolutely one. There cannot be three points on truth you see. I was in America and somebody came to see us and we were trying to tell that lady what Sahaja yoga is or how. She was amazed at it and she said how is it all of you are just supporting each other all the time. If the one says one point another supports that how is it you are working it together because you are collectively conscious. You all work as a one personality you see because truth is one if this is white color everybody sees this as a white color. I mean nobody will say that this black. In the same way when you see the same thing if you are honest, if you are dishonest still in Sahaja Yoga you have to become honest, you jolly well you have to become honest you can not help it. So you start saying the same thing. The best thing that happens to your attention is because attention is your sustenance. Now people think “religion” word is very dangerous because religion has been organised and it means some sort of a mythical stuff but what happens to sustenance we have got within us a sustenance means you can see a spring has got his own sustenance to remain like a spring. But when it loses its biologically qualities then it becomes linear in the same way we because of mistakes we have become little linear by temperament so our biological sustenance has gone down. That power has gone down. Like peptones you see in the form that exists in the human beings have tremendous this spiral sustenance within them. They can remain spiral but you put all the amino acids of the world and try to create one like that only 5% can achieve so you can imagine what a tremendous these body is created. Now you have the sustenance to be spirally sustaining your qualities and these are 10 sustenances within us and these sustenances are destroyed by the fake gurus. First of all they destroy your sustenance and when they start destroying you develop a problem on your head here. If it is destroyed by the other gurus then you develop this 5 chakras here (Shri Mataji shows Ekadasha rudra chakras on right hand side) which becomes prominent sometimes and you develop a destroying force here, destroying force for yourself. That’s how all these diseases and all these things come in. Even cancer can be caused by that, epilepsy and all sort of diseases can be caused by that. Now if you believe that there is no guru I am the guru I can do it you see that’s also wrong because you can not do it. Like if a candle has be enlightened by itself it does not get it. Its some enlightened light has to enlight it and once it is enlightened it can enlighten other lights. This is very logical, you understand that. So if you say I am my own and I don’t care for anybody I am trying my own meditations so you have spoiled your instrument by that way. When you have spoilt your instrument then you develop on this(left) side. Because they move across on this left hand side you develop again five destroying forces and in the center is the collective being so there are eleven forces called ekadasha which are built in and this are the forces ultimately are to be used for the complete sorting out by the advent of the Kalki as you call it,the last one who is going to come. So we should not allow these forces to be built up. If somebody has cancer the first thing that happens to a person we have seen that either has from this side or this side is developing these centers inside the brain. So these centers are very dangerous and one has to be careful. Now when you start understanding that your attention has enlightened you can see within yourself what’s happening within your chakras. How are they, whether they have built up these centers or not, whether your Kundalini is up there or not, whether your chakras are alright or not. You can see for yourself. Then you can also help others, once you get your vibrations absolutely established and you are established well you can give realization to others. You can give them the awakening and the knowledge and everything about it. But knowledge is what they feel. Once the energy starts flowing in then you have to tell now this is the energy flowing from your hand now see for yourself how to work it out and then once you work it out you can do it you can tell him ask him to work it out first he may not believe possibly but because you have gone through it you have patience and you understand because you are a seeker so you understand that I have suffered it so this person has also the same problem through which I have gone. You have tremendous patience and love for that person and you try to explain to him how it is to be done and that’s how you can create thousands of people who are realised souls. Now in India its is to say what is to say thousand of people can get realization and they have got it but I must say this one gentleman who is not an educated person very much he is a farmer he himself has given realization at least to 8000 people at least so it is quite possible for you to manifest your powers and your understanding through which you try to correct others which just flows. That the whole idea is that you see first time, you are manifesting the living power. Before this you could not, from dead to the dead. You make some tree dies then you make some building you say now we have made the building from dead to dead we create and we really become the slave of the matter like you make chair then we can sit on the ground you make a bed we cannot sleep on the ground. Like that we start becoming slave of the matter but after realization you are amazed that for the first time you are giving your living power to the mother Earth also. If you give your vibrations to mother earth even in the water that is flowing to say to your feet. You will be surprised the yield would be at least four five times more very tasty and it won’t have any problems of hybrid. Hybrid has the big problem we have tried this in a university in one of the very great agricultural universities in Maharashtra where so many professors now even the dean of that place is a realised soul and they say that when you give this vibrations to even to cows Indian cows they start giving quite a lot of milk but not like Australian milk but they think that if you get Australian milk you get confused personality because because they are hybrid cows and they don’t understand and they gave the example of how the egg and hen are confused from the western side because in India if the If a Indian cow is there and the calf dies then the Indian cows immediately stops giving milk but if its an Australian cow it forgets about it and it starts giving milk all the time. So they can’t understand that how is the emotional side is missing there in the Australian cows and like hen and everything they have studied and they have made a big research on this. So with your vibrations you do increase the productivity of the soil. So you solve many problems that are facing human beings. Your sustenance is awakened. You give up all your habits, you no more a slave of any habit just they drop off. So many people who have been tremendous alcoholics and all kinds of problems they had they just dropped out all their habits. It’s amazing to see the people how they dropped out their habits overnight but not always if the person doesn’t have so much of will power young people do it much faster but I have, we have seen even old people doing it. But in case the will power is less we know how to even enlighten your will power. How to bring your will power into play or your hearts power into play. These powers are within us which are to be given balance like today when I was talking to the lady, she didn’t feel first any cool breeze. I said put your right hands towards me because you are working very hard, your right side is all exhausted and left side is sleepy. So she put her right hand towards me and she started feeling the cool breeze because she ventilated from this (left)side and she got nourishment on the right hand side and she started feeling the cool breeze. So this what happened today and it will happen always with you. You will find out you will have some imbalances which must be corrected. And once you know how to correct your imbalances then you start correcting the imbalances of others without telling them. You don’t have to tell them that you are corrected but it just happens and when it happens they themselves are amazed how is it this is working. This is minimum of the minimum that happens to you that you feel absolutely healthy. Diseases like cancer, aids all these things drops out because they arise out of the combinations of certain centers and if you know which centres they are causing I mean those who are suffering will feel it on their fingertips and then you will know this are the centers if you know how to awaken this, you can cure yourself then you don’t have to go to the doctor at all. But you have to do the whole thing religiously, understandingly at least for a month you must settle down with it and work it out religiously with it to become proficient and expert. Yoga also has another meaning, Yoga also means expertise or you can call it “Kaushal” Yoga “Yukti” “Kaushal” is the trick or the expertise the knowledge the true knowledge as to how to manifest your manifestation of your Spirit and how to use it the power of God and how to be alright yourself and keep others alright. This is the knowledge which is called as “Shuddh Vidhya” in Sanskrit language. Now when the attention is enlightened you also know through your attention that all this people who are fighting differently that Christ is ours somebody says Mohammed is ours and then another says this is ours and all that are all stupid people. Because these are all the flowers born on a living tree and when people remove those flowers the flowers have died and the ugly flowers, they are sticking onto themselves and saying this is mine and this is mine. They all belong to the same tree of life that is here and all these chakras have deities on them and as deities they are there and they are the milestones of our evolution and our consciousness. Consciousness has been established as far as father side is concerned and the sun side is concerned. Now the mother side has to be established which is the Kundalini which has to rise and has to nourish you. So in the new consciousness what is going to happen, you are going to move spirally up higher as a feminine personality in the sense you don’t become femisnist or anything but you develop the compassion, the love, the affection, the forbearance, the soothing, the redeeming quality and that’s what every human being becomes whether he is a woman or a man and that is today the hero because they told me that Gandhi film is very this and was very very popular but what was the greatness of Gandhiji that he talked of love. He practiced his love to appeal to the nobler self within you. He didn’t go with his ego to fight he went with a humility to appeal to the nobel side of the human beings. That worked and he achieved the Independence. So this is what it is we become like that one I would say now we would have had great people like that caliber since long and when you come to Sahaja Yoga you will know about them how many people we have had and we never bothered to know about them. Now about attention this is what happens because in Short I have to tell you on attention I don’t know how many lectures I have given which you can have my tapes later on from these people and know about it in details because as intellectuals you always want to know more that experience is wrong. You should experience first and then you know it’s better. Because sometimes listening too much to lectures and all that one can get confused so it’s better first to have the experience. Normally we don’t even give our books to people because I have seen that once they the book one point they will stare mother what’s this mean you see and they will stick on to that point. It’s impossible to tell them forget it my child now first of all receive the whole of it now don’t stick to this point. One point they will hold and getting on with that all your life. Are you going to save by that? So one has to know that if you have to get into the boat you must get out of the crocodile which is holding you. So best thing is to pull yourself out and get into the boat first and then will talk about everything else. Now the second thing that happens that you know the truth you know the absolute you become the truth. Whatever you see is the truth. Whatever you desire is the truth. Whatever you ask for it works out absolutely no doubt because your desires change your ideas change now I received today at least 30 letters in the morning everybody was saying one thing surprisingly, mother I hope you get lots of seekers in Canada and we hope they all get their realization and have the same joy as we are having.
Every letter even a little girl’s letter of about 12 years old girl’s letter was this mother the joy I have I want to share with Canadians such a sweet thought in the morning I read one by one was so very happy all the way from Australia, India from everywhere from Europe this letters came and all of them were desiring one thing that Canadians must get their joy, their right to have the joy. So the third thing that happens to you that you become the joy. Now will always confused between happiness, unhappiness and joy. Joy has no duality joy is singular and there you do not happiness you do not have happiness or unhappiness but you witness the whole thing as a play as a play as a drama. Now when you are happy actually what happens is your ego is pampered if somebody says you are a fine person, you are a very nice person I means all the gamics you know all these things. Then the second one is you are unhappy when somebody says hurting to you means when ego is there you are happy when superego is there then you feel unhappy. So it is just a pendulum like one to another you are going but here you move not like a pendulum but in a spiral way you come higher and where you become the joy. The joy is flowing. Now joy the source of joy is everywhere but we miss it because we haven’t got that sensitivity to feel the joy and that’s why we miss it sometimes people say yes we are in joy but this is mythical. If people just believe oh we are in joy is wrong. Because the second moment you see they are very unhappy so that can not be joy. Now this joy gives you such nourishment and such strength that people immediately make you out to be different people. You see, supposing now if you see this people Sahaja Yogis photographs of their the children and all that they look like flowers, faces are so smooth, nice and so smiling and so happy. You see the joy is bubbling out of them and you will say what it is? No we are just enjoying because you come in the present, the past and the future ends and you are in the present and the dynamism of the present. The dynamics of the present are so great that every moment you are full of joy and all useless things do not bother you. The thought you leave and you rise above that. You become thoughtlessly aware. A thought rises, falls off another thought rises and falls off , in between there is a space you come in that space and that’s the first thing that happens you become thoughtlessly aware. There is no thought you are silent you are listening to me but there is no thought that’s coming in, you are listening to me and that’s the first thing that happens where you start feeling the joy. For eg. Now supposing if there is a beautiful thing and I see and I see it just see it the joy of creation flows through me,like a lake which has no ripples in it. The whole creation around it reflects the complete joy of its creation but supposing I start thinking how much it must have cost and how they must they have paid now if I buy it how much insurance I will have to pay finished then there is no joy out of that creation. So the best thing is to see the thing without thinking ,which is a very difficult thing, we do it but for a split of a second we do it and that is so remarkable that we see things you see me you know I am here you don’t have to think am I am here so how much higher you are than all the computers put together because computer can not see without thinking it has to first of all think and then it sees. So your computer is such a great computer which has been created and this greatest computer has to become really the computer of the Divine and then your computer starts working but that working is so joyful so great we cannot imagine. First time you start enjoying human beings. Now human beings are busy fighting they find anything to fight with each other they bark at each other sometimes I don’t know they do all kinds of things which they should not do normally you tell them you are brothers and sisters this and that we are United Nations and God knows what happens suddenly the whole united nations falls off because it’s just a mental projection it’s not a reality. Whatever is a mental projection it will fall off. It is linear, it doesn’t have that spiral sustenance within itself but when it becomes a reality it never loses its sustenance,you are just there. So that’s how you really become related to each other in a pure relationship. There is no lust and greed ,nothing. Pure relationship between each other because you enjoy the vibrations of others. Like one gentleman was in Calcutta came to me and I gave him a realization and as an Indian he touched my feet. There were two other Sahaja yogis staying in another room in a hotel they just rushed and said who is on your feet mother I said, “why?” he said we felt such joy coming on our head. I said just see there they started feeling his vibrations oh, they have had never seen his face, what a great person. Oh, what a nice thing to happen, they were feeling so happy and then this fellow lifted his head and asked are u fed with it or not, I am tired now. He said now we are enjoying you better be there for a while. Even a little child understands if he is a realised soul. Small little children understand it better than we do because they are realised souls. If they are realised souls they are very very sensitive like I was in a San Francisco and one of the Sahaja yogi said this Americans can not understand unless and until you have a course I said course now how can I have a course “You must make some sort of a semester some sort of a class otherwise it won’t work out”. I said but how can you do it?” it’s impossible because somebody will touch so fast somebody will do so slow so how can you. I said it is not possible to have a class and all but I told him a story of my grandchild that once she got a paper in her class little one she was of four or five years kindergarten and she brought it me and said Grandma what is in the paper? I said it is written here if you pay 100 rs in a particular hotel if you go you will get your transformation. She said how can it be? without Kundalini how can you transform a person? see little thing she said so the other one says the elder one she said all and course for you just imagine. My father has done fourteen courses and his Kundalini just there. Even little child understands if they are realised souls you see and if they understand who is realised who is not realised. In this little medium we have here so wonderful you don’t know he little thing he understands we have many beautiful realised souls and you must also be having children as realised souls. There are many children who are going to be born, many children want to be born and we have to have same life for that but I will not say anything before realization because half you may run go away so I don’t want to say anything.
Once you get your realization sanity comes in and you start behaving in the very same manner. You understand that sanity is the basis of our existence. If we are not saying about it, if you are not balanced people we lead a life which can take us to the left or the right. I hope you talked to them about that . He is talked this to you about this and which is a very dangerous thing from where you get all kinds of diseases. So I don’t want to frightened you about it you can be all above it once you have your realization and once you learn how to do it. Now I have to tell you one thing Sahaja Yoga is not something like a guru shopping like people talk. I have went to this guru, I have been paid so much, I have went to that guru, I have been paid so much. Now there are some people who stick on to one thing they can not leave you even they will give up their realization but they will not give up the guru this is the trouble with them you see. So all these two types of people Sahaja Yoga doesn’t work out. If you are sticking out to any guru like that, it is better you leave us in peace because there should not be any quarrel on that. You go to your guru and get it. But as far as we are concerned you have to give them up completely and have to be here. Now you should not ask me personal questions about them because I know all of them to be horrible people who are taking the money from you buying rolls royces like one of the newspapers here they said we would not like to publish anything about Mataji if she has no rolls royces can you imagine. I was amazed I said what? really they said? so we are not interested in a person who not have rolls royces
I don’t know what they meant they must be meaning that a controversial person they would like to have not a person who is non controversial or the one who is bringing some good news because good news is a bad news for I think newspaper people they must have bad news you see. So that must be the reason but I was amazed that from Canada a very well known newspaperman said that if she has no rolls royces we are not interested. So that is what it is and one has to understand that rolls royce has nothing to do with it those people who live on your money and live on your needs are parasites. forget those people. Have no attention for them they are not gurus they are parasites some of them are even devils absolute devils no doubt about it. 10 years back I had come. I told everyone about them by their name and everything nobody filed a suit against me you will be surprised. I have told their name and everything nobody did anything against me but they are even strong all the Americans went on the guru shopping they want to have a choice as they have a choice for a different handle different, locks different everything. They must also have a choice for a gurus you see so they have got all of these people chosen from and in a big elite parties I have seen even in London where I have a another kind of a life I find they talk oh which Guru oh that one I have paid him quite a lot now am going to try another one. You see this is how people are and for those people the Sahaja Yoga is of no meaning. For them it’s just a fashion but for those who are real seekers Sahaja Yoga is the one who respects all the real people, the special category of the people as William Blake has said “the men of God who will become prophets and they will have powers to make other prophets all such people are dearest to my heart” and I will go all out to see that you are established as the greatest gurus of the world.
May God Bless you all.

I was thinking that if I ask you to ask questions you might spent too much time and I think if I can write questions because some people who have questions too much in the mind you see they cannot get rid of them so better write them down somewhere and you can give the questions to me and I will try to answer them and write to you or somebody will answer them to you so please don’t worry just now about asking the questions because will be wasting lot of time and if you give somebody a chance somebody gets a chance it’s alright somebody doesn’t gets a chance then he may start quarreling. So I don’t want to have all that I know(laughs) I know they are just like children. So today you will get your realization. You may touch your reality. But as I told you you have to face yourself which is very easy after realization. You should come to the center that we have. Have you told them? (Shri mataji asks Sahajayogi volunteers) Now write it down. I think what they tell you. Even if you haven’t got the realization today you will get it. Doesn’t matter, all of you are seekers of ages you all should get your realization. That’s your due that’s your right, you have to have it . So you just write it down the address you go and see there and ask whatever you want to ask. If you have any troubles then they will tell you how to get it cured it’s very simple. So we are going to go ahead with it and we are going to know everything about it fully. This is the best thing that one should ask for and that one should get it. If you want to have it, it’s all free you cannot pay for it. The whole thing is sorted down, there is no research needed, nothing. You have to just get your realization and you have to know that you are now on the path of knowledge and as you are moving the light is taking you ahead for you to understand everything. Everything you will understand and everything you will know, there is no darkness about it. There is no private session or anything. It just works out so wonderfully. Because the blossom time has come and you are all like many flowers on the tree of life which have to become the fruit. So little gentle breeze and it works out.

(Sahaja Yogis talk and instructs for the further realization given by Shri Mataji)

There is nothing to be frightened off first thing you know they have said that Kundalini rising has this all that is not there it’s such a beautiful experience just forget about all those books so not to be afraid of keep your shoes back and put your hands straight and sit straight, sit straight not the slouch back on the both put your head back or forward but between the center and hands should be stretched properly just like this (Shri Mataji shows her left hand to the seekers) because these fingers have got the ending of the sympathetic nervous system they receive the message and the Kundalini starts moving out. Another thing you have to see that you don’t have anything tied tight around your waist. And nothing in the neck you see especially any Guru mala and all that should be removed but then you will say mother I never got realization better remove all the Guru Malas. Please remove I know some of you have got it. Because you should not be bound to anything there is nothing to need to wear, what is that to wear nothing to wear you see this is just the clubbing you are not to club You are independent. There is nothing to wear or have a sort of a brand there is no need to have any brand at all you are a free person absolutely free person, look at him how he is that’s how you should not brand yourself as anything. Only human beings brand themselves there is nothing to brand yourself it’s not good. So take out everything and forget all this things just a it’s a kind of a thing going on all over the world. They have clubbed you, they have used you for that and you should know that your Self-realization is important no guru, nothing is important. You have to become your own guru. Just forget them. Get your realization that is important. Once you decide that nothing will stand on your way. Alright, now you put your left hand towards me because this is the hand that expresses your desires. So put it like this straight like this, your palm upward parallel to the ground and very comfortably on the lap. Very comfortably on the lap. Now as I told you that in the west little complications are there will have to use a right hand that is for the action. Because in the villages as he said its correct there six thousand people can get realization because they are very simple people no complications. We have to nourish ourselves a little bit more so this is alright little bit more has to be done.
Now close your eyes you can take out your spectacles if you want because you don’t have to see anything on the contrary your eyesight might improve. Put your left hand towards me and right hand you can put it on your heart. Now one thing I have to tell you, don’t open your eyes till I tell you its very very important because if your eyes are open the Kundalini may not rise with that light because you will be surprised that the Kundalini knows everything about you just like a tape that is taping everything that you have done that you are doing and that you are up to so you please do not open your eyes it’s no mesmerism so you have to watch out only the for to silence yourself. Now don’t fight your thoughts, nothing it’s just happen automatically. You don’t have to fight your thoughts, you don’t have to fight anything, forget the past and just before starting remember that you are not guilty. Tell yourself at least three times “I am not guilty” tell yourself absolutely with full confidence that you are not guilty.
How can Spirit be guilty? If you are the Spirit how can you be guilty? Now put your left hand towards me and right hand on the heart to begin with. Now you know that in the heart resides the Spirit, close your eyes now please close your eyes. In the heart resides your Spirit so now you have to ask a question to me you can call me mother if you like you can call me Shri Mataji if it is easier for you so say mother, “am I the Spirit?” ask the question in your heart seriously ask the question thrice “mother am I the Spirit?” which you are but it’s an absolute question you are asking but that by asking only the Kundalini gets the news. “mother, am I the Spirit?”
Take him out little bit (child). Now you put your right hand on the left hand side of your stomach here is the center of the Primordial master so if there is anything gone wrong in that center we have to nourish it so put your left hand towards me and right hand on the left hand side of your stomach. As I told you the Spirit is your guide. The Spirit is your guru and the Spirit is your master and he is the one who is going to guide you. So you have to ask me a question, “mother am I my own master?” Say it thrice. Now take this hand little lower little lower in the stomach on the left hand side. Here is the center of true knowledge of the “Shuddh Vidhya” the technique the true knowledge here you have to say “mother please teach me the true knowledge, give me the true knowledge, the true technique” keep your eyes shut don’t move your attention here and there just keep them straight don’t move your eyes higher, lower anywhere just keep them absolutely simply closed. Say at least six times “mother, please let me know the true technique of divine laws.” Now take this right hand again back to the primordial master’s center which is the left side of your stomach and press it hard now. At this point you have to say now with full assertion you have to say mother “I am my own master ” with full confidence you don’t need any guru “mother, I am my own master”. Put your left hand on your lap straight on your lap straight palm upward on the left lap and now say with full confidence ten times “mother I am my own Guru” “I am my own master ”please don’t feel guilty while saying that because you have accepted somebody as a Guru or anything forget it forget all that don’t feel guilty for anything you don’t feel guilty please. That’s how you have been put down. You are a special category of a people and you have been put down by telling you that you have to feel guilty about something please don’t feel guilty. Now after saying for ten times “mother I am my own master” raise your hand to your heart. Don’t say any Mantras or anything keep your mouth steady. Now just say at this stage with full confidence twelve times “mother I am the Spirit” with full confidence you must say (you have to tell that gentleman,James please take the gentleman who has came now and tell him how to do) twelve times you have to say with full confidence “mother I am the Spirit” you are the Spirit. I would request you none you should get up and disturb others it’s not fair first people are meditating just now trying to raise their Kundalini is a very important time for them the most important. Now put your right hand on the base of your neck on the shoulder on the left hand side. On the left hand side from the front and hold it tight at this point as I told you, you have to say “mother, I am not guilty” sixteen times and if you still feel guilty you go on saying it for thirty two times or hundred and eight times is a punishment. You have to be cheerful about it “mother I am not guilty”. The biggest problem is that today I really tell you, believe me, try to take it out. It’s Difficult. It’s too much can’t understand. Please don’t feel guilty whatever you have done, you have done finished past is past, put your hand from front so it won’t hurt you much don’t raise it but put it front side so it won’t trouble you too much. Please say it sincerely “mother I am not guilty” please say it sincerely. Now put your right hand across your forehead. This is the center of Christ where you have to say that “I forgive everyone”you really say that. Many people say it is difficult mother to forgive actually whether you forgive or do not forgive is a myth. What you do, you are torturing yourself. Put your right hand across your forehead and left hand towards me across, the full hand. At this point, forgive everyone, please forgive everyone. “mother I forgive everyone” better forgive, you will feel so much lighter you don’t know, it is an unnecessary burden on the head. It’s a mythical burden. Don’t remember all those whom you have to forgive just say “mother I forgive everyone” like an ocean of forgiveness, talking about an ocean of forgiveness. Just in the ocean you throw them all. Also forgive yourself, forgive yourself. After all you are saints. Put your right hand on the backside of your head and hold it up. Hold it tight , back side. Now here without feeling guilty again hundred times I am saying without feeling guilty you have to say “If I have done any mistakes my Lord, please forgive me” but don’t feel guilty about it. Now put the hand now on top of your head on the fontanel bone area press it hard with your palm, press it hard. Put on top of your head on top of your head press it hard, now press it in such a way that you can move it clockwise before doing that. I have to tell you that I cannot cross your freedom because your freedom has to be there to enjoy the highest peak. So I have to tell you that you have to ask for your realization I cannot force you. So you have to just say “mother I want my realization, please give me my realization”. Now press the thing hard and move it clockwise, clockwise press it hard, seven times and say that “mother I want my realization” press it hard, just press the head with your hand, just press it don’t leave it, just press your head like that, seven time.
(Shri Mataji blowing the vibrations from her mouth)

Now you can lift your hand and see if there is a cool breeze coming on your head. See if there is a cool breeze coming. You can change over your hand now change ove put your right hand towards me and left hand there. Just see if there is a cool breeze coming . Little high six,five or six inch higher and see if there is a cool breeze coming or not. Some people feel it in hand but not in the head as it happened a day before so I just told them that say “mother be in my head seven times” and it starts working. “mother be in my head” it worked out. You can change hand and again see, change your hand and see for yourself. Again go on changing your hand and see for yourself.
(Shri Mataji blowing the vibrations from her mouth)

Now put both the hands on your lap and sit for a while with eyes closed. Now don’t think that’s one thing you have to do. Just for a minute keep your eyes shut, you have to open your eyes very slowly. Now open your eyes very slowly, very slowly. Now watch me without thinking. Now how to raise your Kundalini I will teach you. Your own Kundalini you have to raise. This hand is left hand you have to put it in front of your Kundalini while sitting down just like this and with this hand you have to move it up forward down backward like that and you have to raise it higher like that. So now let’s start. Put your left hand in front of your Kundalini and the right hand is to be moved and the left hand has to be taken up like this. Now the Kundalini is coming up. it’s Very live within you very lightly it’s coming up. Take it up. Now make your arms loose, put your head up and give a twist and now tie it up. That’s it. Now again, do the same you have to do three times do it slowly seeing the hand but it’s so light now, smoothly working very fast now, just give it a twist, tie it up. Once again three times now, one two three. Now just see in your hands all right? You can put up your hands like this and ask a Holy Ghost?” Feel the cool breeze? good, now bring it down . Those who are, have not felt it or feeling hot, should put only the right hand towards me like this and left hand like this. Just put right hand all of you. Right hand like this and left hand this is the ventilation. You start feeling it in the right hand like this. Left hand like this right hand like this. Start feeling on the right hand, alright? Just say I am the Spirit and forgive forgive forgive like this at the back. You must say “I am the Spirit.” believe that you are the Spirit. Feel that you are the Spirit. Catching on the heart,better? Now turn the other hand. Just keep the hand steady here, alright?
Now put both the hands. let’s see how many have felt the cool breeze either on the head or either on the hands, raise your hands all the people. Either on the head or in the hands. I think raise both the hands will be better idea. So I can see. It’s quite a lot. Good, it’s a good thing. Now you have felt it but now don’t think about it. By thinking you haven’t got it. It’s the Kundalini that have risen and have given you this baptism. Now you have to become a bird. The bird is still inside the shell which has to break completely out of it for which you have to work it out and those who haven’t got it should also should not feel bad about it. Everyone is going to get it. Everybody has to have it and you all are going to get it. But when the people tell you about Sahaja Yoga don’t start arguing with them because they have gone further with it they have also argued with me. Now they have gone further with it. Best thing is to take full advantage of it, full advantage of God’s love which is so anxious that you should enter into the Kingdom of God.
May God bless u all.

If you have any questions you can give questions here. Tell them how to give bandhan also one minute more. You must learn how to protect yourself before going out. Please just a minute. I will show you.
This right hand you put like this on one side and should be taken as one this is to your heart even if you have got realization or not it’s good for you. Two. three, four, five, six, seven. Seven for seven centers. Now you can raise your Kundalini up like this and tie it up. The Kundalini has tied up. Now see it is better alright? There is no air conditioner because some people will start thinking about air conditioner. Your head has become the air conditioner now. You know how hard it was now its better.
May God bless u all.

(Sahaja yogis invite all new seekers to attend the pooja of Shri Mataji)

It’s a blast I must tell you for those who can bear.
Normally we never do like this, see it’s not the way we do because it is rather too much some time. They start thinking about it sometimes so it’s a blast it will clear you out. There won’t be any harm as such but it will clear you out and it’s a very great thing and we tried this in santacruz seminar. Hundred and fifty people and they were really absolutely new people just like you and it worked out so I want to try it with you. Now once I go back I will come after one year. So it will be very late so if you can bear it up. It’s not some difficult as you think but may be little bit off may be pain in the stomach some people might get some might don’t . But it will clear out you in no time so if you are willing for that just you come for a Puja which is a very simple thing you don’t have to do anything but it clears out all your problems and settles your chakras in proper places. It’s a wonderful thing and I have agreed with because they said that mother have come here only for three days you allow people to come down for us
so may God bless you

Will strat 10, 9:30 by 9 o’clock you should be there
And will have lunch also will give them lunch. will try to give you lunch. mother must give lunch to children that will be the only chance I have , I will be coming after one year then when will I meet you.