Shri Ganesha Puja: He will be incarnated again as eleven Rudras

Vancouver, West Vancouver ashram (Canada)


Shri Ganesha Puja, Vancouver (Canada), 6 October 1983.

(TRANSCRIPT Partial; 7 minute video transcribed. Transcript does not contain the recitation from Devi Mahatmyam, Divine Essence of the Prayer by Warren. Also not transcribed yet: Soundcloud Track 2) Transcribed: Vlad/Svetlana (Romania) Proofed: Madhukar (USA)

(Shri Mataji instructs on raising Kundalini) Now raise your Kundalini. All of you raise your Kundalini and tie it up so that it’s up there. Just raise it like that. No. This way. This way you should do it. This way. It’s good. Once more.

In the West, you have grown very big outside, like a tree has grown very big. But it must find its roots, otherwise the whole tree can fall off, without nutrition. So you must know the knowledge of the roots.

Without the knowledge of the roots, the tree has no meaning. So this may be a little new thing for you to understand, but you must know … to know the knowledge of the roots you have to become subtle. If you are not a subtle personality you cannot enter into your roots and you cannot understand what lies in there. So, first of all, I said yesterday, you all should get your Realisation, and after your Realisation you can understand this better than anything else.

Christ came on this earth, but he was only allowed to preach and talk for three and a half years of his life time. And in tree and a half years is nothing. In that, whatever was possible he said positively, he told about the future, all that was to happen. He didn’t talk much about the Holy Ghost. The reason was His Mother was the Holy Ghost at that time and He didn’t want to talk about Her because the attention of the people would be on Her and they would have killed Her.

And then he has got eleven destroying powers. And he would have used those eleven destroying powers and everything would have been finished, the whole drama would have been finished. So He did not mention much about the Holy Ghost and did not (expect / express / exaplain?)

But logically we must understand that we talk of the Father and of the Son but not of the Mother.
How can you have a father and a son and no mother? That’s an impossibility. So, Holy Ghost is the Primordial Mother.

In the sanskrit language if you go – because in the Bible you cannot find everything about Christ, it’s very (little/literal) – but you have to go back about 1400 years back, back in India people have prophesied about Him, how He will be coming. And about the Primordial Mother who was called as Adi Shakti who was the Holy Ghost.

All description was given and when Her advent will come what will happen and how to recognize her.

All this is described very well so many years back, even about Christ, quite a lot to described and also we are going to read it out to you, the translation of what is written about Christ and then there is a complete description about His origin, how He came on this earth and what was the purpose of His life.

(Ask that gentlemen to come inside. Can you ? This gentlemen, come inside. You sit comfortably)

And what was the purpose of His life and how He has to establish in this centre here (pointing to the Agnya Chakra), and that by establishing there he can suck the ego and superego in you and how He takes you away, or He washes off your karmas and your conditionings.
All that has been described very well in the Devi Mahatmya book out of which we are just going to read a little bit to you about the adoration.

So Bible cannot contain Christ, because Christ is Chaitanya, He is Omkara, He is the Logos as we call Him. He is the Power, and you cannot describe Him in one little book, when He was here only for three and a half years and the people who saw him also were his disciples, they did not know much about Him. Until he was resurrected they did not believe Him and even after His death, I mean His resurrection, Matthew and all these people were quite disturbed and upset because you know they were all persecuted and they, somehow or the other, wanted to continue the message of Christ in a very secretive manner.

So today the time has come for you to know about Him, about what He was – in the Heaven and how He came on this Earth. All that we don’t have time today but we’ll be just telling you about a little passage that is written about him.

So first, He is the one who is innocence, who is an eternal child, and He appears first on the first chakra of Muladhara, and there He’s called as Shri Ganesh. Where the carbon atom was made. Carbon. And that is very important to understand that Ganesha is the symbol of innocence and Mother Earth is the power of that deity, Ganesha.

So it was Ganesha, later on incarnated on this Earth as Christ, and He will be incarnated again as eleven Rudras, means Ekadashas, or we can call him as Nishkalanka deity, when He will just sort out things in a sense that He will just cut the people out who are not realised, who are no good, and the rest of them will ascend in the Kingdom of Heaven, this is what is the last Ascent.

Now, for this …
Please sit down, please. Please be seated, give him a chair or something. You have to sit down comfortably. You see, it is a thing that makes… happen something within you, so you have to be very much restful, that’s very important. Give him a chair if he cannot sit on the ground. Give him a chair, but be comfortable otherwise it won’t work out, you see, it is not something that will go into your mind, it’s something that will go to your being, so you have to be very receptive.

Another thing I’ll tell you, yesterday also I saw, and today also, you should not move your neck by eating something or chewing something because this Vishuddhi chakra gets upset at that time. So keep still, unless and until you are still it cannot work out. So please keep still.

So this is the nourishment of the roots of which we are going to work out, which you will feel it, very nicely within yourself.