See for yourself actually, what reality is

Toronto (Canada)

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Public Program Day 2

I bow to all the seekers of Truth. Yesterday we were talking about our seeking and the seeking is achieved or manifested by the third center, which we call as the naval center, within ourselves. As I told you yesterday, there are people who are seeking joy in money, in power, in so many things like that but ultimately they discover that it does not lie in all these gross things but there is something beyond they have to seek and when they reach that state, then they are called as seekers; Seekers of something higher life – life that is beyond and from there the story starts. The seeking of the people does not give them the knowledge or the concept about what they are seeking. They just a desire, it’s a desire, that they want to seek but they don’t know, they have no concept as to what to seek. Then they go ahead with reading, finding out here and there and you find there are shops and shops built where they say, ‘We sell this and we sell that.’ But this seeking is within yourself. The seeking has to happen within as a living process of the living force of God’s love. We should understand what is living is. Living is that which we cannot do ourselves – like we cannot transform a flower into a fruit. All such things are done, so many of them, millions and millions and billions and billions so beautifully, so sorted out, that we take everything for granted.

Even we don’t understand how human-beings give birth to human-beings alone, not to animals or we don’t even understand how is it a, say, a pineapple will grow into a pineapple. We just take the whole nature as for granted and we don’t try to understand why you have become human-beings also. Under these circumstances a person starts seeking and when he starts seeking, he starts seeking in through his two forces, which I told you, the left and the right side, which are called as ‘Ha’ and ‘Tha’ nadis in the Sanskrit language or they are called as the Sun and the Moon nadi or Pingala and Ida nadi. These two channels are on the left and the right side and they manifest within us – the gross thing called the Left and the Right Sympathetic Nervous System. I also told you yesterday – I don’t think if you heard because of the bad acoustics here – but I told you that when you try to do anything through your own effort, you go on to the left or into the right. So those who people who worship and say that, “Now we are in peace, we are one with God and that we have achieved God, now we worship God,” actually are moving towards the left side. If they have towards the left side, they do not reflect at all; Whatever they are doing, they think, is the correct thing. They just start moving in that line and do not try to even look back where are they going, what’s happening to that? So this is one type of personality that develops and people start calling them as people who have become recluses or have become people into clubs or could be called as fanatics. The other type of fanatics are on the right hand side, who think that they can achieve whatever they like and that they can think about it and rationalize everything.

So they start rationalizing God, thinking about God and putting their own mental picture about God and mental concepts but this is also not reality because mentally, supposing I think, that Canada is like this. Unless and until I come to Canada, My mental picture may not be correct or I might have read something wrong; How am I to know that I have done it till I come here? So, in Sahaja yoga, as we call it, we have to have a very, very open mind. We have to keep an absolutely open mind and this open mind like a scientist, has to see for yourself actually, what reality is and should not just believe into one person or one type of idea or another type of idea. Any one of these ideas, if they had achieved any results, then we should have considered them but so far, as we know, there has been no transformation whatsoever; Whatever may be the effort of man is, either he becomes a fanatic or he becomes a recluse or he becomes a sort of a, some ‘ism’ he gets or some sort of a thought that he clusters people around that and after some time they find that the bubble is out – there’s nothing, this is all lost. So, under proper understanding one has to know that we have to see the Truth as it is; We cannot make the Truth. Truth is, what it is and it will remain what it is. So, we have to just keep ourselves open, absolutely open, to see what Truth is. Now, when the seeking comes on to that level, such a person is ideal for sahaja yoga. Because sahaja means – ‘saha’ means with and ‘ja’ means born.

Sahaja means spontaneous yoga. Yoga means union with the Divine. Also yoga means deftness, expertise – that you have to have expertise how to use, how to manoeuvre the energy, when you become realized, the Divine energy. You must know the laws of Divine energy how it acts, how it works out. If you can know that, then what will happen, your gradual understanding of the subject will become deeper and deeper and you’ll be amazed, that you will think that the whole knowledge is within your head, it is within yourself – you don’t have to go anywhere but first of all, you must be connected. As I told you yesterday, that every instrument must be connected to the mains. Unless and until it is connected, you can’t even know whether it is faulty or not. Once it is connected, then you can find out whether it is faulty or what is the purpose of this or what is the value of this otherwise, any instrument which is not connected, has no fulfilment. So, to find out our own fulfilment, we have to be connected to the All-Pervading power which is the living power about which I have told you. Now this power exists, as you have seen, as I told you, the flowers become the fruit; Is a fact – there’s no doubt about it.

How they become – spontaneous. You say, how a seed sprouts – spontaneously. You just take the seed, put it in the Mother Earth, it sprouts because the Mother Earth has the capacity to sprout a seed. Is the capacity of the Mother Earth, that does the job. So that to, so that to say that we have done this, is wrong or you can do it, is wrong. It is all in the seed, the whole map of it’s manifestation and what you get is the spontaneous happening of the sprouting and then of the growth; In the same way, it happens to you. Now, the higher chakra than that, is the chakra of heart. Now this heart has got two sides, as we have put it, which is one of the mother and another of the father. Now, the kind of a family you come from, is very important. If you come from a disturbed family, then this center can be very disturbed.

And one person, say, is having insecurity. If you go deep down into the insecurity of the person, you find out there’s something wrong with the parents or something like that or maybe that his grandparents have done something to the child that the child is insecure. It could be sometimes far-fetched but most of the time if you find out, it is the parental help is very much needed for a child and that is what we do not understand the importance that we must get the parents to understand that their responsibility is very great towards their children. When this center goes out, among women specially it goes out very commonly. Very commonly it goes out in women and when it goes out, they become extremely insecure and as a result of that, in the gross you find, they develop breast cancer and cancers of this kind because they are very vulnerable and with the slightest triggering they develop these diseases. So, if one can steady this center properly and give the security to the mother of the children then this center can be completely cured and you can have the complete benefit of having, as if you have had, a very good parenthood. The higher than that are, is the center, which is the most important center, is called as the Vishuddhi center. This center is the one, when we lifted our head up and we started thinking that we are something, we are human-beings, we are no more animals, we are higher – at that time when we lifted the head, what happened, that the whole system of the brain changed and the flat brain started becoming like a prism. As a result of that, our attention has gone outside and when our attention goes out – say, My attention is on a particular thing, then what happens, that a thought wave starts coming out of that, I start thinking about it and when I start thinking about it, a certain type of a balloon grows within us, which we call as ego. So when we go into a mental activity a ego starts developing within us.

Now this ego is such a thing that you can’t see, you can’t feel it. Those people who have ego do not know they have ego. Actually, it has to be there because first we had only one side, the superego, the conditioning – complete conditioning in the whole of the brain and then and then the ego has to develop to bring it to the center, like this. But if it is in balance with the superego, with your conditioning, then it is perfectly alright but if it is too much pressing that side, then it forms a barrier. Like the other day, there was a gentleman from the newspaper to, he came to Me and he could not get his realization and he said, “Why is it I am not getting it?” I said, “I know what’s the problem is but I don’t want to tell you,” because if I had told him, “You have ego,” he would have hit Me back. So, you can’t tell a person also that you have got ego. So this ego develops as a result of over-activity of mental projection, like, “I am doing it, what’s wrong in it, why should I not do it, I am alone, I should do it,” And a result of that, you know that today the society is gone into a very wrong type of development. People don’t know how far you stand with another. There is no relationship between two persons.

One cannot have the collectivity. One cannot know today, the person is, is a husband or a wife, tomorrow what is going to happen. Where do we stand with each other; We are absolutely on a shaky grounds because of this Mr. Ego. It has created a big barrier between ourselves and others, so we develop an ‘I-ness’ a kind of a egg like existence, which is like a shell, which is like thick shell upon us like an egg and that’s why, the higher chakra, which is the chakra of Agnya, which is the Agnya chakra – which is, you can see here the mark is – behind that is that Agnya chakra, which develops. Now, this center is the one, that controls both ego and superego and tries to control it all the time. If you become too much egoistical, then this Agnya doesn’t allow you to sleep, you cannot sleep – it goes on working all the time. Then you take to some drinks or something, bring out your superego by which you push it down. So the whole thing is balanced and again you can go off to sleep. But it is just a temporary thing. Tomorrow, then when you get up, there’s a hangover, again your superego goes down, again Mr. Ego is back as it is and you again behave in the same manner as you have been behaving.

Then again in the evening you come back home, you feel absolutely frustrated with yourself and then you want to go down again and bring the superego to work out and you take something sedative to sleep off. Like that the things go on so the ego also generates a necessity for getting into habits which are anti body, anti our life, anti our uh.. anti God, I should say, anti our ascent and that’s what happens to us when we become very much ego-oriented. Now the ego-oriented people do not know that they harm others but the superego people are all the time feeling the pain, they’re very unhappy people, they always cry, they weep and they’re absolutely melancholy people but the people who are egoistical, they try to oppress these people and they try to oppress the whole surroundings that is there, like Hitler was. Hitler was the one who created ego into everyone and made them think that they are some superior race and that superior race tried to oppress other people and that’s how the ego-oriented people tried to dominate and thought there’re doing all right things and with that idea they really created such a problem that they could kill thousands and thousands of people. Thousands and thousands, I should say – I don’t know how many millions were killed altogether but I was shocked when I went to Berlin, that it is just like a cemetery. Even if you go to Russia – I’ve been to Russia – Russia is also another cemetery. Anywhere you go, you find so many thousands were killed here and buried. If you go to France, so many were buried here. I went to a place called Milos and they showed Me a huge mountain there – just like a mountain – they said, “All underneath are all the dead bodies are buried.” So imagine with ego what we can do, how we can be really be so much cruel with others.

This is what happens to us so, to realize that we live with ego, we are carried away by ego, it is the ego that guides us – it is such a dangerous thing. It’s a very cunning stuff also because it will teach you how to be nice to others, how to be kind to others. If you are a businessman, the same ego will make you extremely modest and nice, if you’re this, it will be like this, if you are a politician, it will be another picture but this ego never keeps you to yourself and to know yourself, you have to somehow or other manage to get rid of the ego. Now how do you get rid of the ego? If you start fighting with it, it sits on your head. Now, if you just run away from it, it runs after you. How to get rid of the ego, is the problem and that’s why this center is very important. This center has got only two petals; One side it manages the superego, another side it manages the ego. Now how do enlighten this work, is by raising the Kundlini. When the Kundlini rises up to this – the deity here is our Lord Jesus Christ and when that deity is awakened, what happens that it sucks.

See now, there it is placed, it sucks into itself these two pouches and so there is a space created in between and you start getting a realization. If these are not sucked in, it’s impossible because there is such a barrier that the Kundlini cannot get out. but if this can be sucked – that’s why it is called the gate and that’s why Christ is the gate – He’s the path, He’s the gate but the destination is the Kingdom of God. So, you enter into the Kingdom of God when it is sucked in and your Kundlini comes out of it and you start feeling the cool breeze – like so many of you felt yesterday. But everybody need not feel it; It’s not compulsory that you should feel it nor one can guarantee that you can feel it but with assiduity, with the patience of the people who know the job, it can be worked out – if not today, tomorrow but the important thing is to know that we have to become ourselves, we have to be our Spirit. If we are not our Spirit, we may think whatever it like about ourselves, it is of no use because it is not that you are talking. When you say, “I love this, I like it, I want it, ” then which is this ‘I’ – this is not your Spirit. It is your ego or your conditioning, which is the superego. So to become the I, to become the Spirit, is the most important thing because when you become the Spirit, what happens that this thing opens out and here is the seat of the Spirit. Here is the seat of the Spirit and the seat of the Spirit gets enlightened.

If the seat of the Spirit is enlightened, then you start feeling the cool breeze in your hand. For the first time you start feeling the existence of the Spirit on your hands. First time you feel it on the Nervous system, on the Nervous system that is Conscious Nervous system. So it is not autonomic but it is the Central Nervous System on which you start feeling the existence of the Spirit. Now this is something that people can’t do. If you say, “I can take out the cool breeze out of my head,” you cannot. If somebody says that you can, “If I give you something, you get a sensation, you start jumping, you said some miracle happens, a diamond comes down,” – this is nothing, this is useless thing. This anybody can do, this is nothing so special – you can always dance, jump and buy diamonds in the market but this is something living which you cannot do. Like the transformation of a flower into a fruit, you become transformed, you become a new personality – you break the egg and you become the bird. This is called in Sanskrit language as ‘dwijaha’ – born again.

We too use this word born again but this word also is used that a bird is also called a dwijaha – born again. See the difference between an egg and a bird and same thing happens to you that you become the bird. When you become the bird still something is sticking on to you of the egg and the shell is still not fully broken so you should see that the shell is broken and you become a completely free bird to move out in the sky of the glory of God’s Grace and this is a very important happening that has to take place. People used to get it, first of all, once or twice in the beginning – say, 16000 years back there was one fellow who got realization, they say, then another two, three got realization. Like evolution always works out that way; First, one fish came out then, two three fishes came out of the water then, the shoals of fishes crawled out. In the same way, today is the time where it has to happen enmasse. Many people have to get this realization and they have to become the Spirit. Now when you become the Spirit, what happens to you that I will tell you tomorrow, in full way whatever is possible in that short time I’ll be able to tell you but if it does not happen to you , you have to know that there are barriers in you and there are different barriers. The first barrier that comes to you that your centers are not open as yet because of your extreme behaviour. Extreme thinking, extreme reading, believing into things without knowing – “I believe in it because my heart said.”

Where is your heart? In the heart resides your Spirit and whatever your heart says has to be from the, from that Spirit but that Spirit is not there, then how can you say, “I believed into it because it is my heart has said it.” As in Science – you don’t believe into anything, you say, “Alright, this is the hypothesis, alright, we keep our mind open, we’ll work it out, we’ll experiment, if it works out, then we are going to believe into it. In the same way, we should keep ourselves open. Nobody said that you believe into anything blindly. They said that, Christ, for example, has said that you believe into Him. That’s alright, you believe that He existed and that He came on this earth. But people believe that they are chosen people already, they believe, some of them, that they are Christ, they believe that they have become God. This kind of a belief if you have in your head, how to cure that kind of a absurd belief. Alright, Christ was the One who was an Incarnation, He was the Son of God – if you believe in it, it’s good.

Even if you don’t believe it, it can be proved because when the Kundlini rise, if it is stopped here, then you have to take the name of Christ. Not you but the one who is a realized soul, if he takes the name of the Christ, it can rise or you may have to say Lords’ Prayer. If you say Lords’ Prayer, it works out. You can see for yourself how it works out and then you can prove it that, “Yes, that is the fact what Christ has said is the fact that He was the Son of God.” Now the question is that, if I say, it is within you, the diamond is within you and you cannot pay for it. Why should you ask a question that, “Why should we do it?” If you don’t want to do it, nobody can force you. Actually you have to ask for it but if I say, “There’s a diamond lying here, which is free for you,” you will all rush and try to get it. In the same way, you must understand the diamond is in your heart and you have to open out yourself and see that you get it – not to put up a resistance because you believed into someone or something has happened. Keep your mind absolutely open and receive your realization.

Once you receive your realization, you’ll be amazed how it gradually grows within you and how you get experiences of experience of your growth. I have had very difficult people; Some who came to Me were extremely difficult – full of ego, full of fighting spirit, they were very funny but today they have turned out to be very great sahaja yogis. They have become very great people, they have become extremely nice people and they are the ones who are trying to share – share and to give. They are the people who have become like ideal people – you cannot think how beautiful they are! I mean, there was a bishop who came and stayed in My house and when he saw some of the sahaja yogis, he said, “Oh God, I’ve been talking about God, I’ve been preaching about God – these people are thousand times better than me. They are the people who have no dual life, they have no attachments with things, they are so beautiful, they are sharing with everyone and how have they become so good?” I said, “It is all within you. Within you is the Spirit and when the Spirit is awakened, you just become.” Overnight you drop out most of your habits. We had an alcoholic, who came to My program and he started shouting at Me.

“You get away this and that,” and he said that, “I don’t believe in You,” all sorts of because he was drunk. I said, “Alright, you go home, come and see Me tomorrow.” I knew he was a seeker and he was drunk. So he came next day. You see, in sahaja yoga you can’t get angry with anyone because you know they are misguided people. You have to really, not only forgive, but love them and understand that there is something they are seeking but they have gone wrong so one has to look after them as a mother. Now this fellow came next day, he got his realization. and if you see him now, you won’t be able to make out; He was an engineer, electronic engineer and now he has become such a great uh.. man, everybody respects him and he sometimes feels shy about it. I said, “You forget the past, you forget the past – is over.” So this is what it is but then he – because they saw his life, how his life has changed – those his friends and all of them have come.

So one has to understand, that unless and until you get your transformation, you don’t believe in Me also. there’s no need to believe in Me also.Then what are you going to believe in Me. I look just like you people – what’s so special about Me, nothing so special. You don’t have to just believe blindly into Me – that’s wrong. What you have to do, is to keep yourself open absolutely, get your realization and then try to understand Me. Before that, I don’t want to talk about Myself. Whatever people may say, don’t believe them either. You see, because what happens, Christ just said, “I am the Son of God,” He was Son of God, no doubt. That’s the Truth and the Truth and nothing else but still people crucified Him. They crucified Him for that.

So, a person has to understand, I thought, that human-beings are not capable of taking to Truth. It’s very difficult to tell them the Truth. If you tell them, they will just start, uh… shouting at you or beating at you or doing something like that. So they are not yet ready to receive the Truth so, first give them realization. First give them the light. Once they get the light, gradually, they will start seeing that there’s something happening within us and then they will start listening to the Truth. And one thing more is that, if you have to know about the roots, then you have to become a subtler personality. Only talking about the roots that, “This is Atma, this is Spirit, this, this,” is all talk, talk, talk, talk, talk. You have had so many talks and if you are going to be satisfied with talks, you can go to many lectures from one to another – people would do like guru shopping. You see, they go to one guru, then to another guru, then to third guru they go on moving from gurus, to gurus, to gurus and get nothing out of it but what you have to do is to first see, where you feel for the first time, the All-Pervading power – then you go deep into it.

No use digging here, there, there, there – you’ll never reach to a well but if you have dug somewhere where you have found the water, you stop there. You must learn to stop also. I’ve seen many people who are like in an inertia. They go on finding the guru and they go on chanting. From one guru to another guru they go on moving and they don’t want to stop it. At any cost they don’t want to stop it. Even if they are suffering, anything is happening, they just don’t want to stop it or some of them get stuck to one person. That is also a wrong thing – you should not stuck to anyone but you should stick to yourself – that what have you got, have you got any powers? Do you understand anything, do you feel others? Now you have seen all the sahaja yogis, who have come here, can feel your vibrations, they can raise your Kundlini.

To look at they might be like you or may be more, there might be more lustre on their face, much more relaxed but they can feel you, they can give you realization. In the same way, you have to be. You must know here we have got people from England, we had somebody from India yesterday – they have come all the way to Canada and also we have got people from Australia, from New York, from all over the places, from Boston all of them have come here. Like when one finger is hurt, the whole body, the whole attention goes to that one finger. Now, as I’m here, they have all come down. They have come down to get the people to the reality and this is what they are here for. Now, it is for you to find out your reality and get to it. But you have to be little deep about it – it is not a shallow thing. It’s not a shallow thing, it’s not meant for shallow people. It’s meant for people who have depth within themselves and who have an ardent desire to become the Spirit.

That’s the only thing that is wanting; No money, nothing is needed for this. So today, I have told you in brief about the different chakras and the seventh chakra is the chakra of Sahasrara, we call it, where in the brain, in the limbic area, we have all the seven centers placed there and all these seven centers, with the center here, is the center of the heart, actually of the heart. So you have seven centers placed in your head in a line so they are all integrated there. So once you cross this center, then you become completely integrated. There’s no problem. Your body, your mind, your brain, your intelligence, everything acts together in complete concord – there is no struggle between the two. Not only that but you find the integration of all the religions, of all the great souls, of all the great scriptures, all if them is integrated at this point and you start seeing the unity, real unity – not just a unity. Because I have seen, I went to a church, where they said, “There’s a unity of everything.” I found they have unity of the devils, of the Satan, of everything – without any discretion they had put them. Out of those people they had, when I told them, “These are all devils, why are you putting their books here?”

Said, “We must be considerate, we have to be good.” Now all these devils, out of them at least 50%, have been exposed – even Moon was there, everybody was there. I said, “How will you discriminate between these people, you must discriminate?” So they said, “No, we should be kind even to devils.” Now you do not have that much power to kind to devils and better be not. You better be kind to good people and look after them – that is much better. Not to go so far with things and this kind of, also, attitude towards uh.. wrong type of people is not very helpful. You have to stand up for the right, always for the righteousess, for the nobler things you have to always stand up for that. If you do not stand up for that then, you are like a person who goes half-way this way and half-way that way. You are sitting on the fence.

You have to know you have to be with the righteous, with the saintly, with God and you are not to join hands with anti-God people. This is what I have to today request you that today you keep your mind open. Those who got realization today will have a much deeper feeling, much deeper uh.. expression of what they had got and the others who have come today, may also receive, all of them, their realization, I hope so. May God bless you! Yesterday we had some questioning, we can also have today some but no so many as yesterday. We spent quite a lot of time questioning and all that so, if about ten minutes, if you want to ask any questions, I’ll be very happy but don’t be aggressive with Me for nothing at all. I’ve been speaking for the last, I think, how many months – one and a half months continuously every day, so little bit … Is it alright? It’s better not to have any. It’s much better, though little strained but it’s alright because this hall is.. – Is it alright for you [UNCLEAR]? – [UNCLEAR] – Alright, it’s there.

If you have any questions, please ask. – There’s a question over here. – Please get up please, we can’t hear you. – She wants to know about insecurity. – Annh? – Insecurity. – Yes, what is it? [UNCLEAR] say little bit about where it comes from. See insecurity, is come from various things. Insecurity comes from your conditioning and comes from your ego also sometimes.

People who are very egoistical also are frightened. I’ve seen that, that people who become very egoistical ultimately get frightened because they think that, “As we have been oppressive of others, others may be oppressive of us,” so they also get frightened. Such a fear exists in many countries, I’ve seen, that people are so frightened. I know someone, who lives in England and who was a very great operator in India, who really did lots of bad things to people, he really tried to harm many people and now he’s so much afraid of people that people will come and try to sort of, harm him and he’s just hiding himself behind. It is like this. Is a terrorist, supposing, he’s a terrorist or something like a person who has acted as a great dictator or something. Then if, he leaves his position or he is challenged, you see, then he hides somewhere because he’s afraid he’s done wrong, so he’s afraid that they will attack him; This kind of a insecurity also can be there but mostly it comes from childhood – mostly that, mostly I’m saying – that when the child doesn’t get the mother when he needs. You see, little child needs the mother – the present society is such that we don’t give that love to our children which we should give. So, the first thing is, that the love should be given to children so the security could be built up in the child. It’s very important that we have to give them the security and it also comes also from the schools where the teachers are very harsh on the children and try to torture them.

Human-beings are very delicate things and they are to be handled very delicately and beautifully with love and not to be tortured. This is the problem is that, when they are tortured too much then, they start uh.. feeling insecured within themselves, as if, the whole world is going to torture them and they get the manias from that. It can come from anyone. For example, a lady, if she thinks that her husband is a flirt, he’s flirting with other women, she might develop a breast cancer. Normally, such women do develop breast cancers because their motherhood is challenged and they feel absolutely funny about it and they think the husband is not paying attention to them and they might get this trouble. Mataji, I came to know that [INAUDIBLE] [INAUDIBLE] so, I had a discussion with my wife that I wanted to go and enjoy the [UNCLEAR]. She started crying and [UNCLEAR] and she said, “We already have a commitment to a [UNCLEAR] how can you do that,” she said So, I let it go for an hour and then around quarter to seven, I said, “I want to go.” She said, “Make home by eight 0’clock. By eight you should leave that place and so that you can be home – quarter to nine or nine.” I don’t know, I don’t want to go.

[LAUGHTER] – Alright, you better have it. You can deal with her later on. Sit down. This is the most important thing you have to do, you must understand. She doesn’t have proper value system. What is the most important thing, is to get something which you have been waiting for for ages. Is the most important time. We must understand the importance of it. Now, these people have come all the way sacrificing their jobs, their time – all the way from Australia, imagine and all these places, they have come down here and while they have come here, I’m here only for three days and people don’t have time to come three nights, means what – isn’t it? And the whole of Vancouver, see how few people have come and then when I’ll come next time, they said, “We did not know you had come, Mother.”

Now what are we to do? We have tried our level best to do whatever is possible. That was the journalist sitting there who went away? I think so that’s the same fellow. I didn’t know. Alright, so you must understand your priorities. You see, I’m also a very happily married woman and in life I’m very well looked after, in the sense I have a very nice house and family and everyone and everyone in My family wants Me but they understand the importance of this work and I’ve been now travelling for months like this and they understand that I’m doing a good work; They have allowed Me to travel. So, in the same way, everybody must understand – isn’t it, important it is. And for a house-wife to go about like this is too much but still My husband has agreed. He says, “Alright, you go and do all this work – is important.”

Not only, but he pays for My travels and so many things. So it depends on how much people understand the value of this work. Is it over now? Alright. Now, I would request you to take out your shoes. That is important because this Mother Earth is going to help us. Just take out your shoes. And it’s already very late and now you have to sit very comfortably, very comfortably with both the hands towards Me. It would be better if you take out your coats also because coats, little bit, make you heavy. It’s better to take out.

It’s not very cold inside. Now both the hands should be put, like this, on your laps – just like this. Now, what we have to do, is to raise our left side. Today, left side we’ll try to raise it and you will be surprised that with that only we can work out our realization because it is spontaneous, as I said. It’s a very spontaneous happening – automatically it can work out. but people have problems. They have problems on different centers so, we have try to reduce the pressures on these centers and if we can do it, we can work it out very well. [ASIDE – You sit down [UNCLEAR]] Now, this left hand should be on your lap, as it is – alright? And with the right hand you have, whatever I say, you have to do it. It’s very simple, it is.

First you have to put it on your heart, then on your stomach on the left hand side – keep this hand straight – and then down below here. Then again you have to go back and put it back here, back there and you have to go back here. These are all the centers – and then you have to come back here and here and on top of your head, like this. It’s very simple but I will tell you one after another – you won’t have to remember all that. I’ll tell you one by one but I told you because yesterday people got confused in the left and the right. So the left hand has to be steady, like this, straight on your lap, straight. Now only right hand you have to use. Keep your eyes shut. Please don’t open your eyes. If you open your eyes, it’s rather difficult which you will know why because there is something happens behind the eyes when the Agnya chakra opens and if there is light, then there is no balance.

So please try to keep your eyes shut – that will help a lot. Please keep your eyes shut. Also if you want, you can take out your spectacles – it helps your eyesight also. There’s no harm in taking out your spectacles. It does help your eyes. – [UNCLEAR] since we have to close our eyes because – Beg your pardon? – Would You mind doing [UNCLEAR] because when our eyes are closed – No, you see, if eyes are open then what happens, this Agnya chakra has only one side in opening, you see, and to keep it open, we have to keep it shut otherwise the Kundlini doesn’t rise. You don’t have to worry. That I will tell you. It’s very simple.

Close your eyes – there’s nothing to worry. Alright. Close your eyes, just close your eyes. Just don’t worry. It’s a very simple thing – it’s a child’s play, just a child. Only keep your eyes shut – that’s very important. Don’t open your eyes, that’s all. You have to keep your eyes shut all the time. That will help you a lot and your Kundlini will come up very well because the light, that passes through your eyes, should be minimum at this time – as much as is available to the closed eyes is alright because that has to be balanced – alright? Just keep your eyes shut.

It’s nothing – nobody is going to touch you, nobody is going to do anything. So just don’t be afraid, relax and close your eyes. Now, put your right hand on your heart, on the left side, everyone Keep your eyes shut actually everyone. Keep your eyes shut – it will help you. Now, Now with full sincerity, you have to ask the question, within your heart look into your heart, pay attention into your heart and ask the question – very simple question – you can call Me Shri Mataji or Mother – whichever you like – “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Ask the question, “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Three times you ask Me this question, “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Now, put your right hand on your stomach – left hand as it is – on the left hand side and press it hard. At this point, this center, you have to say – because you the Spirit – “Mother, am I my own master?” But if you have confidence in Me, you can say, “Mother I am my own master, I am my own guru, I am my own guide,” please say that.

That will help you to get out of all the problems of using others as guru. You have to become the guru. Just say that, “Mother, I am my own guru, I am my own master.” You have to say that ten times. Say it with full confidence and don’t feel guilty about it when you say that. Please don’t feel guilty – you are your own guru. Without any conflict, just say, “Mother, I am my own guru.” Now, put this hand little lower and here you say “Mother, make me the expert of the Divine technique.” “Please make me the expert of all the Divine technique.” Please say it six times.

Now, again raise your hand on your heart. At the heart point you again say, with full confidence you have to say now, “Mother, I am the Spirit.” Don’t have to ask Me questions – please say it twelve times, “Mother, I am the Spirit.” With full confidence – you are the Spirit. Now as the Spirit cannot have any guilt – that’s a past thing – forget the past – say it twelve times, “Mother I am the Spirit.” You cannot have any guilt. Now, put this right hand on the neck – the base of the neck and the shoulder, on the left hand side from front – hold it tight and here you say, “Mother I’m not guilty.” Please say it again and again. Whatever you have done, you forget it. Take the hand from front so that you won’t feel the strain of the hand.

Take it from the front, please – not from the back side but from the front side take the hand to the left hand side and say sixteen times, “Mother, I’m not guilty for anything.” Just don’t start counting. Turn your head more towards the right and say, “Mother, I am not guilty.” Say it sixteen times because the Spirit cannot be guilty. Forget the past, forget the past, forget the past. You have to respect yourself because you are the temple of God and if the light of the temple has to come, you must know how to respect the temple. So don’t feel guilty at all, please. Now, you raise this right hand across your forehead just like this, just across your forehead, across your forehead whole hand, put it down. On your forehead, put the hand on your forehead, across your forehead and here you say, “Mother, I forgive everyone,” because Spirit is forgiveness, is the source of all forgiveness. You have to forgive everyone.

“I forgive everyone,” say with sincere heart. It’s very easy to say but when we say but when we say, we don’t forgive. We don’t do anything. It is a myth. We live with the myth and make ourselves miserable, so just say, “Mother, I forgive everyone,” – is very important. Now, put this hand at the back of your head and hold your back of your head tight and say, without feeling guilty; Ten times I say, without feeling guilty, hundred times I say, without feeling guilty you have to say that, “If I made any mistakes, please forgive me my Lord.” Without feeling guilty you have to say that, “If I have done any mistakes, please forgive me,” but don’t feel guilty. Hold your head tightly into your hands. Without feeling guilty you have to say it. Don’t feel guilty.

Please don’t feel guilty and say that. Now raise your hand on top of your head. Put it on top and press it hard with your palm and move it clockwise manner but while doing that I have to tell you that I cannot cross your freedom, you have to ask, you have to say that you want your realization. I cannot force on you because you have to get the Ultimate Freedom, so your freedom is respected. You have to say, “Mother, please give me my realization.” Put your hand, put it clockwise, clockwise, press it hard, press it hard. Put your hand, press it hard – the whole hand, open it out. Open your hand, put it, the whole hand on top of your head, your palm and the palm you just go on pressing and seven times and say that, “Mother, I want my realization.” Now you put your right hand on your lap and don’t open your eyes – both the hands, both the hands on your lap. Now please keep your both the hands on your lap and don’t open your eyes.

Just don’t open your eyes. See if you start feeling anything in your hands. Just keep your eyes shut. Now, raise your left hand on your head, just and see for yourself – right hand on your lap. Right hand on your lap and left hand on top of your head and see if you are feeling the cool breeze coming out of your head. Raise it high, little higher than your head. About five inches higher than your head and see for yourself, if you are feeling the cool breeze on your head. Now you change your. Put your right hand down and put your left hand up and see – one hand down. Not both the hands up but one hand down.

Right hand down on your lap and see if there’s a cool breeze coming. Again change over and see for yourself. Are you feeling the cool breeze on top of your head? Change your hand again and see, if you are feeling – put your right hand towards Me. Now those who are not feeling even now on the right hand can say, “Mother please be in my brain,” because this is the brain is going again. Just say, “Mother, please be in my brain.” Put your right hand towards Me and left hand on top of your head. and say it seven times, “Mother, please be in my brain.” Because mind is shifty and it’s going from here and there, so please see that you get your realization. Say it seven times and see for yourself.

Now you can open your eyes and I will tell you how to raise your Kundlini. Is very simple it is. You put your left hand before you, your Kundalini, like this, while sitting – left hand put it like this and the right hand has to move like this round it – up, forward, downward, backward. Now what you do – you start moving like this. Put the left hand up there go up, up, up. Now, loosen your shoulders, put your head back and give it a twist and give it a knot. Again. You have to do it three times. Watch the left hand and now loosen your arms, give it another twist and tie it, give it a knot. Now third time you have to do three knots.

Let’s do it again. One, two three. Now see in your hands are you feeling it? Just keep your hand if you are feeling the cool breeze in the hand – are you? Now you can put up your hands [UNCLEAR – SELF?]. Now put up your hands, like this, all of you and just ask a question in yourself, “Is this the breeze of the Holy Ghost?” Just put your hands and ask the question, “Is this the breeze of the Holy Ghost?” ask three times. Now bring it down and see for yourself. It’s complete silence within yourself, if you see.

There’s no thought and a complete silence. Most of you have got it. Those who have not felt the cool breeze on the head or in the hand, raise your hand. Those who have not felt at all. Everyone has felt it, you all have got Self-realization. You have all become saints, you’re prophets and you have powers to make others’ prophets. You have to just learn how to do it, you’ve got it, all of you have got it now – nothing to worry. Such nice people have come, I’m very much fortunate to see you all here. May God bless you! Tomorrow I’m going to come here again and I will tell you about what is to be done after realization, how to work it out and day after tomorrow we’re having a kind of a cleansing in a big way for which I will tell you if you all can come and see Me in the place where we are because it is not a very big place, it’s a small place and I don’t know if you can do it but if we can manage, we should do it.

May God bless you! Now, don’t talk to each other, don’t think about it – just has happened to you, you cannot discuss it or argue it. Go home in silence, have your food and sleep off and come tomorrow again – I’ll establish in you. May God bless you! Now you can give them books, if you have, for today but if you read the books, again your mind will start working. Give them day after tomorrow – will be better. – So, what happened, saw him now? – Yes, Mother. – Good! – Excellent!

Wonderful people! – So cool! – So cool, absolutely! Tremendous – They all got it. Beautiful vibrations, so strong! Such strong, so strong!