What is going to happen after Self-Realization?

Toronto (Canada)

1983-10-09 What is going to happen after Self-Realization? Toronto, Canada, DP-RAW, 76' Chapters: Introduction by Yogi, Talk, Self-Realization
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Public Program Day 3


[Dr Warren gives an introductory talk. The transcript of this talk follows the main program transcript]. 

Shri Mataji: I bow to all the seekers of joy. What Warren has told you is Absolute Truth; no doubt about it. But we were not so sure as to say these things out or not. Because it is not tactful sometimes, to tell these things to people. The Truth is too much, for people already overladen with ego, problems and pressures, to bear. But it is not so great for Me to be That. Because if you are That, what is so great? Is nothing special. It’s like, if you are the sun, you are the sun – so what is special about it? 

But it is for you to be something great because you have to achieve it. Those who have to achieve it – it requires courage, it requires understanding and it also requires depth. If you are a shallow person, you cannot achieve it. It is very difficult. One has to settle you again and again, and again and again – still you do not settle down. So for Me, it is nothing. It is so innate; I know it is so. But for you, it is something you have to achieve, become – and the becoming is the point you must understand. 

Yesterday I told you that I am going to tell you what happens after Self-realisation. And that point I am going to tell you today. Because maybe, after the Puja we may not be able to talk much about it. Now when you have got these cool vibrations in your hands, for the first time you start feeling the all-pervading power around us. For the first time you know there is something which is pulsating all over. Which is active. 

On the gross, this happens – that you start feeling it on the central nervous system. But you have to know what it is that is doing the job. How it is working. Because we must understand the nature of the Spirit which is within us. Because even if you come to the destination you have to know what destination you have come to, and what sort of a place it is. Suppose I come to Canada and you give me Canadian money. And I don’t spend it. I won’t know the value of it, isn’t it? So in the same way, even if you get the wealth of the Spirit, you must use it and you must understand – that once you start using it, then only you will know the blessing of the Spirit. What it has done, what it has given you. 

In Sahaja Yoga, you have to grow. You have to become. So now, once the seed has sprouted, it is a very delicate time. And that is the time when most of the Western people fail. Because they try to think about everything, they try to rationalise everything. You cannot rationalise everything. You cannot rationalise how you got your realisation. You do not know how to get it. But still, they will rationalise it. That’s why I see that people in the West have to go up and down, up and down. 

You can imagine, in London, for four years I was working on six people. Four years it took Me. The first foundation of the Western world. During that four years, I worked very hard on them. And My husband couldn’t understand it. He said, “What’s the matter? Once you have given them realisation, what’s the matter? Why are they coming here every week?”. I was living in the suburbs; they used to come every week and they would spend every weekend with Me. He couldn’t understand what was the need?

So one of them, who was a French girl, she said – because my husband is dealing with ships – she said, “Suppose you have a fifth-hand ship, then what do you do?”. He said, “I scrap them”. She said, “You cannot scrap; we are dealing with human beings here. So Mother has to work on even the sixth-hand ships. We are fifth-hand ships. So She is working on us”. 

But actually, what I found, that every time we raise the Kundalini it would come up and then it would come [UNCLEAR] and down. And would create a barrier between them and themselves. And the – this ego is such a terrible thing that it does not allow you to see the Reality. That’s why people crucified Christ. Just think of it – why crucify Christ? Think of it – why did they crucify Christ? He didn’t take any money from you. He didn’t do anything. He came here to do some good to you. Despite that, why did the people crucify Him? Because of their ego. They could not bear to see that Christ came as the son of God. 

Even the Jews said that we will not accept You as the Messiah. Our Messiah is going to come after two thousand years more. Even this two thousand is postponed every time. You see, now two thousand have passed; against two thousand is going to come. And they do not want to accept that Christ came on this earth for their salvation and for a special purpose, as he has told you, for your ascent. 

So they said, “All right. We don’t believe in Christ. So we must suffer”. Because Christ said, “I have suffered for you. You don’t have to suffer at all”. So they said, “Now, though He has said it, still we must suffer because Christ came on this earth and told us. But that does not mean we must believe Him, that He suffered for us”. So they got mister Hitler on top of their heads and Hitler; they suffered a lot. Still, they have not learnt a lesson. Still, they don’t understand. Still, they talk of suffering. Or what suffering do Jews have? I don’t know. They only suffer – make others suffer. This is what it is.

So one definitely has to understand that Christ came on this earth to suffer for us.  And He has done all the sufferings; you don’t have to suffer anymore. Suffering is over. Now don’t go ahead with the suffering idea. Still, among Christians also, I was amazed – they are carrying on with this idea of suffering. They think you must suffer for the ascent. Because if you believe in Christ, then you must not suffer. Why do you want to suffer? If you have really achieved the belief in Christ, that He has suffered for us – then there is no need for you to suffer. 

But the people go on thinking like that. That one has to suffer. And if you tell them something – just what is the truth – they don’t like it. They just don’t want to see it. They just don’t want to hear it. They don’t want to know about it. This is the trouble with the modern world, that they have their own conceptions, own ideas. And they don’t want to see the reality. 

But this is a very precarious time also. This is the time of your last judgement. This is the time of your last judgement. That is why so many people are seeking. The blossom time has come. And so many people have to get their realisation. If they do not get it, they do not get it. And then they are missing the point. And the last incarnation is coming. That time there is not going to be any talk, any counselling, any redemption or anything. What is going to happen – that whatever is alright, have to enter into the Kingdom of God. The rest are completely destroyed in a very bad shape. 

All these things have been suggested already, before also. And if you go and see also Michaelangelo’s Sistine Chapel paintings of Christ. You will see His Agyna chakra. Christ is standing like a robust personality. He is throwing people at the Agyna. He is throwing them up and down. And only those who are saved, He takes them up. It is very clearly shown. But still, people are not understanding. That you have to become something greater. You have to become a prophet. When you are seeking. You should not be satisfied with mundane things. With the things that pamper your ego. 

You should not try to pamper your ego. But seek your Spirit, become your spirit, become your Reality. That is what we have to face and understand. Now, this Reality is the Spirit. So you become, as I said, “become”, collectively conscious.  You start feeling on your fingertips. Yesterday only, some people who got realisation – they started feeling. You can feel another person on your fingertips. You can feel yourself on your fingertips. I have shown here – you can see the different colours that are shown – that’s how it is decoded. 

Now, who’s going to tell this decoding? I have to tell you about the decoding. You can verify. It’s Absolute Truth. 

The other day I had a person interview Me and I was surprised. He was saying, “Everybody claims it like that”. True, but when I claim it, it happens. It is actualisation. Why don’t you take actualisation? I don’t take any money. If you can have it for free, why not have it? This is the point one must understand – that you have to become something. You have to get something. You have to achieve it. That’s why you are on this [UNCLEAR/earth]. And if you think you have got something, then what can I say? If you live with that myth, I have nothing to say. But if you have to get it, you have to get it. And not only that – but you have to rise, which is growth, you have to become complete knowledge. That is what has to happen. 

Like as Warren was saying – or anybody; we have so many like that in the whole world. I can tell you there are so many people. Who did not even believe in God. Who were atheists. Those people – say Jews. So many Jews are our disciples now and they ardently believe in Christ. And they know that Christ exists. So many Hindus who never believed in Mohammed Saheb. They hated Mohammed Saheb. They said Mohammed Saheb was not an incarnation. And so many Jews also hated Mohammed Saheb. But now they know that Mohammed Saheb is such an integral part of our being, they respect Him. 

As Christ Himself has said, “Those who are not against Me are with Me. Those who aren’t – you should find out”.  He has said it clearly. He has said so many things clearly. But you must know He was given only three and a half years to exist. After that, the ego of people rose and they [UNCLEAR/went against] Him. For nothing at all. Today the life is changed and everybody is forgiven. He Himself has said, “Everything will be forgiven. But anything said against the Holy Ghost won’t be forgiven”. 

The reason is, after the Holy Ghost’s advent, you all will get your realisation. You will all feel the vibrations. You will feel it. You will know what is right and wrong. You will have your discretion. And once you have your discretion – and then you try to crucify the Christ within you – then you will be punished. That’s what it was meaning – that you have to become. He has said that you have to be born again. And this born again – I was amazed that people are doing these tricks of just giving you baptism and all that. And sometimes they self-certify it. 

And some of the “born agains” as I told you, brought some Bible to meet Me. Imagine, with a Bible they came to Me and they are called “born again”. With such a temper. How are they born again, if they have such a terrible temper? And they have such a horrible nature. They cannot see anything through – they have no discretion. How can you call them “born again”? Such certifying themselves, “born again”. And shouting on the streets – they think they can achieve their ascent? They cannot. It has to happen within yourself. It has to work out within you. 

And whatever is needed; I am willing to tell you. Whatever you need to know about it; I am willing to tell you. But you must learn all the methods about the Divine process. 

Not for yourself – you will, of course, grow very fast. But for others. Now you have to help. Christ has said, “The light that is to enlighten should not be put under the table”. So those people who get enlightenment have to give enlightenment to others. And they have to know how to do it. As you know, Doctor Warren has come all the way from Australia; there are so many people who have come from so many countries. Just because they feel, “Now we have got enlightenment, we have got the joy and, we have to share the joy with others”. 

Now this Spirit that is within us – first of all, it manifests the quality of collective consciousness. First thing, you start feeling the light within yourself, you start feeling what is wrong with you. For example, if I tell somebody, “You have ego” – he will shout. But here you start seeing, you start seeing how the ego is throwing you and taking you around. Then you should know how to remove that ego from you. Not by fighting, but balancing yourself. That is how you have to take it out.

Even Doctor Warren can say that – because he was before you, I can say that he had a tremendous ego. Tremendous ego he had, when he came to Me first. But with love, affection, understanding and his own growth, he understood that this ego is useless. [UNCLEAR/It needs to be] given up. And then he got rid of it. Very simple to get rid of your ego because you start seeing it. 

Then, once you get enlightened, you start seeing your own centres within yourself. You know what’s wrong with you. People who had cancer; didn’t know they had cancer – suddenly discovered they were going towards cancer. So, the treatment they started taking from this, and they got cured. People who go mad do not know until they land up in the lunatic asylum, that they are mad. So they started treating themselves and they got all right. Those who are sick do not know they are getting into sickness. 

But in Sahaja Yoga, you can get the whole diagnosis. In a second, in a split of a second, you know that this is the problem that a person has. Maybe, out of decency and graciousness, one may not say it; he will keep quiet. He will not say it, that this is the problem. Supposing somebody has cancer. A Sahaja Yogi will not say you have cancer. But they will just talk in the words of the chakras. When they say, “this chakra, this chakra”, then they know it’s cancer. Now, it’s cancer – they know how to cure it. They will tell you what is to be done. What is to be awakened, what chakra is to be put right. You know how to cure yourself. Once you cure yourself, then you can cure others. 

It is not only curing; the physical side is not important. But as the awakening of the Kundalini takes place – physically, mentally, and emotionally, you will be all right. Just you feel all right. Now, there are some people here who have suffered a lot. Physically also, they got cured. Some people were mentally upset; they got cured. Some people who were alcoholics, terrible alcoholics; some people who were mad, from the lunatic asylum – they got all right. 

So, it is such a tremendous force that is working. It is all your own. It is within yourself. It is just to be awakened. And once you allow it to grow, you become such a dynamic person. There is no fear in your mind. There is no restlessness, there is no tension. And you see your own beauty. Because Spirit is the beauty. Spirit is the glory. The only thing is you have to see it and know it. That is how.  

Now, the second thing that happens with this is that your attention becomes collectively conscious. Your attention becomes. Now, this attention is spread out all over the place. It is not here. It is all over. It is like the ether. It is everywhere. And sitting here, you can find out about anyone you want to find out; just putting hands like this and putting attention to that gentleman you can immediately find out what’s the matter. 

Now for example, if I say that such and such person was a realised soul. Now how do I [UNCLEAR], that he is a realised soul or not? You just have to put your hands like this and you can find out. Even if he is dead, you can find out whether he was a realised soul or not. And you will immediately find out he is a realised soul.

You become so sensitive, so sensitive to Reality that immediately you will find out, who is a realised soul – sitting here. Immediately you will find out who is the person who is sensitive to Divinity. It is so simple because you become – you become the light. You can see the light. But before that, you are in darkness. And you do not know which is the light and which is the darkness. Whatever mistakes you have committed in darkness, whatever has happened has happened – it is the past, forget it. 

What you have to do is now enlighten your light and improve your light. Improve your lamp. Lamp, if it becomes dirty sometimes – it does not have a proper glow, it does not have a proper amount of oil, it does not have a proper flame coming out – so you have to, first of all, see to it, put it right. Once you have put it right, once you see – you can see in that light, yourself and you can see in that light others.

But that is the light of Love. So you don’t tell people. You don’t abandon them. You don’t get angry with them. You have all the quality and you just nourish them with your love. You just fulfil them with your love. You just see that they get to the right path. 

Up to a point. Up to a point, the Divinity goes. It goes up to a point; then It recedes back. If it sees that the person is very much in the clutches of negativity, then it just leaves the person and is not bothered. Because you also have to desire to get out of it. 

Like a person has his foot in the mouth of a crocodile. And somebody is trying to pull that person in the boat. Now he wants to go into the mouth of the crocodile as well as come into the boat. You have to know that you have to give the crocodile a kick and get out of it. If you cannot do it, it is very difficult. If you are still praising the crocodile, then the Divinity says, “All right. Have the crocodile and go with it”. So this is what is the simple method of understanding Sahaja Yoga – that it is you who has to desire it. 

You have to ask for it and you have to get it. Nobody can force Sahaja Yoga on anyone, it cannot be done. That is a big difference between any other guru and ourselves. We cannot force anyone. If you want to come in, well and good. If you don’t want to come in – doesn’t matter. We have nothing to say. You go ahead; you go away.

And that’s what happens, there are two types of forces in Sahaja Yoga. One is centrifugal and another is centripetal. By one force you are attracted; by another force, you are thrown out. Because there is a circle going around. So many people are thrown out. 

In the West especially, many people are thrown out, I find. Because the people are really very ego-oriented. Very ego-oriented. I think so also because they are not very integrated. They are not very educated, about – they do not understand what is Reality. In India especially, we have a great advantage over others because, like the one he is telling Me about, the prophecy of William Blake* here. But nobody reads William Blake here. 

But in India, everyone knows about the prophecy of Sahaja Yoga. Everyone. It was done about sixteen thousand years back or fourteen thousand years back – as old as that. That when the Sahaja Yoga will start in 1970, this will happen, this will happen. Sahaja people will get their realisation; there will be no need to have a hospital. That such and such personality will come and It will show – such an elaborate thing is written. By a great astrologer, I mean, the pioneer astrologer called Bhrigumuni. Before Bhrigu Samhita.

So this is how those who are in India and read. I mean, those who are Westernised Indians are absolutely neither here nor there because they don’t read these things But those who read Sanskrit and those who know Sanskrit, and those who go into details know – that is how will be proved and that is how it will be shown. 

Another thing we have an advantage, is we believe very ardently in astrology. We believe in astrology. And we have methods of finding out who is an incarnation, who is not. Who is a devil? Actually most of these gurus who were born; they change their dates of birth. Because as soon as they declared their dates of birth, it was [UNCLEAR]. And people said, “Oh, these are devils”. We have special systems by which we can find out if somebody’s a devil and or an incarnation. 

So now, they have [UNCLEAR/cast?] everybody’s and now they have changed their date of birth. But they did not know what date of birth to have. It was quite a confusion. That’s how people discarded them. So they ran away to America. And they are befooling people. We have so many sciences in India by which we can detect. But Americans – they don’t understand. They have no discretion. For them, everybody is a guru. Everybody is a great thing. 

You see, they have such blind ideas about [UNCLEAR], that I am Myself shocked. That I asked them, “What did you get?”. They said, “What is that? What is the idea? Oh, I felt peace”. 

I said, “Really? You think you are peaceful? Sure?”. “I think…”. 

“And how much you lost?”. 

“ I just paid six thousand dollars, that’s all”. 

That is what it is.  You must know what you get out of it. And that’s the point. You start understanding, what you have got first, is the manifestation of your own Spirit, your own power that you start feeling. So you better use it and see for yourself. 

So the Western mind goes like this; first, it verifies – is it true or not? What Mother says is true or not? Let’s verify. Like one gentleman got his realisation in London and he said, “Mother, I want to know how is my father”. I said, “ Very simple. You just put your hands like this and ask in your heart, ‘where is my father?’”. And he started getting a burning sensation here. He said, “What’s that?”. I said, “This is all your father’s centres and this is the centre of the throat. So he must be down with very bad bronchitis”. So he was amazed that how can that be?. So I said, “Yes. You just find out from your father”. 

So he telephoned him in My presence only. He telephoned his father. And the mother said the father is not well. And he is down with very bad bronchitis. The same sentence she used. He was surprised, you see. I said, “Now I will tell you how to cure him”. After three-four hours, his father rang up and said, “I don’t know what just happened. I am all right”. 

You can do all this. But one has to, first of all, cleanse yourself. There’s lots of cleansing needed within ourselves. We should not take to ego. And understand that we need cleansing because we have done mistakes. But you cleanse yourself. Nobody is going to cleanse you or tell you that you cleanse this way or that way. Nobody is going to tell you that. 

You have to cleanse yourself. And this is a very simple method by which you can do it by yourself – without any difficulty, without any head-breaking in that. Even children can do it. Even children can do it. So, it is so simple. So that you can understand all these things in no time and you can practise it and you can become the master of yourself. 

Then the second thing is that once you are absolutely, collectively conscious and you start practising it, then you think, “This is the truth”. Because everybody says the same thing. Because if you have ten children who are realised souls, you could tie up something on their eyes and ask them about a person who is sitting before them, “Now, what’s wrong with him?” They will give the same thing. They will say, “This is burning”. That means this is wrong. If this is burning, that means you have a bad liver. And you just treat his lover with your vibrations – and he will be all right.

Today only, just before coming, there was a lady with Me and she had a bad knee. And the knee had come out. And in five minutes she felt better. It’s very simple. But you see, people can’t believe how it can be so fantastic. But you do not know how fantastic you are. Then you start discovering the truth. That you are fantastic. That the whole instrument is made fantastic. 

And it is so perfect; the whole engineering is so perfect. And so efficient that you are amazed. Like, one day I was in Bedford. I was giving a lecture like this. From seven to eleven I was giving a lecture. And one boy fell down, I don’t know, how many miles away from that place. By a bike. He was going on a bike and he just fell down. Very low, he fell down. 

And when he fell down, he got very frightened. They telephoned the people to come and do – what you call – carry him and look after him. So they asked the hospital people to send some sort of a vehicle. And I think they sent an ambulance there. When the ambulance arrived, by that time, this boy walked up. They couldn’t believe it. I mean, anybody could have been dead by that. So he walked up.

And when he walked up, they took him to the ambulance and he said, “I am all right”. They said, “How can you be all right?”. They took him to the hospital. He said, “I am all right. Because the Lady in white came in a white Mercedes”. And I have a car of my own, a Mercedes car, a white car. “So She got down from the car”. And at that time, I was giving a lecture before six hundred people in Bedford. “And She walked down, and She cured me. And She left a little boil at the base and She said, ‘You come and see Me for this. And then I will cure you’ Then She went away”.

So, they were amazed. They said, “How can that be?”. “Yes, yes, there was a lady – definitely I saw”. The next day he saw My photograph in the newspaper. When he saw My photograph in the newspaper, then he was amazed. And he told the police. Because the police were there also. And he told the police that this newspaper has got Her photograph. This is the lady who cured me.  

So they wrote to the people who organised it. And they published it in the newspaper. So it is all in the newspaper, the whole story about it.  That this is what happened. This is the Lady who came. And that time I was giving a lecture before so many people so they were witnesses. 

Now how do I do it? People may say, how do I do it? Of course, I can’t tell you how I do it. It’s rather difficult. It’s a different machinery I work with. But it’s very simple to understand if I say, there’s television which is universal. You can use anything. Whatever you have produced outside, it’s all inside. You can use this thing. You can work it out. And without even being conscious of it, you can work out so many things. And it can work out in so many ways, that you are amazed how it can work out.

I don’t know if Warren has told you how petrol was over and they were to do Sahaja Yoga jobs. Australia and I said we must start the work here. And they had no petrol; there was a petrol crisis. But they said, “All right, we will do as long as we can, with the petrol”. And they did the whole tour in twenty-one days. And after twenty-one days when they went to fill the petrol because that was over in the crisis. 

There was only one-litre space left. So the gentleman said, “How can I fill it? There is only one-litre space left”. So you don’t know, God’s ways are so great. Krishna has said clearly, “Yoga Kshema Vahamyam”. If you get your yoga, if you get your union with God, then He looks after your well-being. So you are helped in every way possible. Even the national problems are solved. If there are a lot of Sahaja Yogis.

For example, in India, if there was a lot of poverty, things are changing so fast that you can’t…Despite the fact we have a government that is not so good – all sorts of problems are there. Especially in the area called Maharashtra, where Sahaja Yoga is taking root in their thousands, they have become very prosperous. Where not even a grape used to grow, it is not full of grapes, full of so many things. And they are now going to also produce apples.

And now, what they are doing is to put their vibrations for the tree and all other trees. And the trees have become so much blooming and so much better. That is a fantastic thing. And in such a short time, to tell you about it is too much. And people can’t believe it. It is better that you come and see for yourself how things can change. When you become divine.

Because you must know that God Almighty is really God Almighty. 

He knows everything. He knows how to manage. He knows how to [UNCLEAR]. You must enter His kingdom. You just have to enter His kingdom. And then you see how blessed you are. Only that you have to do. 

For that, you don’t have to worry. What you have to surrender is your ego, that’s all. Just surrender your ego. And when you surrender your ego, you can enter into and you get all the blessings, all the blessings of God Almighty. This is what, when you start realising; so you become the Truth. You become the Truth. So the second quality of the Spirit is – you become the Truth. 

And you start understanding – Truth is so great. The mechanism is so great. How it works, how efficient it is, how nicely it works. You are amazed at how it works. Then thirdly, what happens is that once you become the Truth, you start discovering Truth in every scripture. You start understanding every word in the scriptures. You start understanding every word in the Bible and other scriptures. And you are amazed that you have missed this point. 

Your knowledge becomes tremendous. You become so tremendously alert and knowledgeable. That people are amazed. Many a time, I have seen, when these newspeople came, they said, “Have you got only the scholars as your disciples?”. I said, “No. Some of them, they are just driving a bullock cart”. They are not scholars at all. Very simple people. 

And the other day, I was going in a village on a bullock cart. And the gentleman was driving the bullock cart. When he started speaking, I was amazed. Like a saint. Like a great saint was speaking – such knowledge. I was surprised. From where this knowledge has come? And I asked him, “How are you? Are you all right?” He said, “Anant rakhile, raise raahat”. He said, “Whatever the Eternal has kept me, in that [UNCLEAR/I am happy]”. Such great words – I was amazed at him. The satisfaction and joy that he had. 

And the vibrations were flowing so well. And he said, “These bullocks that are taking them, they are such tamed ones now. Otherwise they are not, they are so mischievous. The way they are behaving now, they also know who they are taking”. Like that, in small, small things they start seeing the beauty of knowledge. 

Now, this happens to you and then, when you become the Truth, you start seeing the Truth. You become absolutely thoughtless when you see something [UNCLEAR]. And the joy of that whole thing just drops on you. Then you get the joy. Then you get the joy. And the joy starts flowing through you.

But for a villager, the joy comes [UNCLEAR/spontaneously]. He doesn’t verify, he doesn’t justify. He just jumps into joy; an ocean of joy. Any time they write a letter – “We are now swimming in the ocean of joy”. That’s the letter I get from them. We are now swimming in the ocean of joy. But for a mind which goes on finding out things, it takes time. It takes time to develop into it. Doesn’t matter. Still, anybody who comes to Sahaja Yoga, I have not yet come across – who has worked out assiduously. 

You must have patience. Patience with yourself and patience with others. If you have patience, it can work out very well. Within a month’s time, I have seen people [UNCLEAR]. So it doesn’t take much time to settle down. You don’t have to pay anything. You do not have to do anything. But then, the joy of being in the company of Sahaja Yogis, the joy of being with each other, the joy of sharing – the whole attitude changes. 

Now we have with us a few English ladies, who are actresses you see. They are used to a sort of a very elite type of life. And they came all the way here. And they were telling Me, “Such a joy inside”. And they were telling Me, “Actually we are in a small little place and from all other practical things we can say we are not very comfortable, there is no privacy”. But they are saying “ we are having such a nice time. They must have been on so many holidays before . But they were saying, “We have never enjoyed any holiday before. This is the best holiday we have had”. 

So that’s what happens. You get into the joy of the company of human beings. Human beings are so beautiful – like flowers they are. You start getting the fragrance from their being. Now all the barriers recede. You don’t think that you are a Canadian or you are an American or you are an Indian. But you become a human being. 

Once you become a human being, you start enjoying the beauty of other people. This is how the emancipation of the whole world has to take place. Of the whole humanity has to take place. There is no other way out. Now you can see how few people have come here. That shows how Reality very few people like. They like falsehood. You see, if you have horns around you, if somebody is blowing the trumpet, or doing some sort of jugglery or if you take money from people and put it in the great advertising and all that – then people like it. But they don’t like simple things which are great.

So you have to understand – to make a real person is not easy. To make an artificial one is very easy – you have to make, say plastic flowers, you can make thousands. But to create one real flower takes time. And that is why you have to be careful about it and see to it that you all become real flowers of the great fragrance of Divinity. 

For this, I have to work very hard. You have no idea how much I am working. Day in and day out. Now for the last one and a half months, I have been speaking every night, every night. And I travel to [UNCLEAR/where we have a program]; every night it is like this. I go home; till the 29th I will be doing this. And on the first I go, they have a very big program in London. So I don’t know how many days of rest I have.

But I don’t need any rest. This is My rest and this is My joy and this is My peace. 

May God Bless You. 

This is a very big subject and you cannot cover it in such a short time. So tomorrow if you are coming, I would like you to stay for lunch. I will cook something for you. As a Mother, I must cook something for you. So we are going to cook something for you tomorrow morning – you should take your lunch. But I would like to know how many people would be coming. Accordingly, we would like to cook. So let us know, all those who want to come tomorrow to puja.

And the puja is a thing, one must understand, that I gain nothing. I gain nothing. On the contrary, sometimes, the vibrations are too much if the people are few. Then I find it difficult. You see, I have to do something special to take out the vibrations. Because all the chakras start working so fast – people don’t receive it if they are few and closed people. In India, it’s very easy to have the puja.

But these nine days are very important. And that is why we are having this puja on these nine days. And tomorrow is a very powerful day again. And it might be that you all may feel that depth within yourself. And you may all get your deities within yourself awakened. And might feel a great experience of your Spirit. Emitting out, manifesting. And if that happens, you will be very well settled down within yourself. 

So, this is a thing we have arranged tomorrow for all of you. Those who would like to come, let us know. It’s a small room. In case you are coming, we will have it in an open space. But if you are (not?) coming, we will not have it in an open space. But it will be good to have it in an open space. The whole atmosphere can be changed in Canada. It is very depressive, I think. Economically also and people are having problems. And they can be solved with Divinity. Just can be [UNCLEAR].

So I would request you, all of you to let us know – those who want to come and those who would like to have this puja done to them and, for the lunch we are going to have. Little lunch and then I have to fly out. I have to go to the airport. At about one o clock, I have to reach there. So we have many things to do tomorrow.

So you are all cordially, lovingly, affectionately invited to come down for the puja. You don’t have to bring anything. I don’t take anything, as you very well know.

May God Bless You. 

Let us have the experience I think. 

[Shri Mataji speaks briefly with a Sahaja Yogi].

Shri Mataji: Now, a simple thing as I requested you – you have to take out your shoes. Because this Mother Earth helps us. Rather cold, but doesn’t matter. For a while. Because it will work out very fast today. I think, with these declarations, it works out very much faster. 

You have to put both your hands on your lap, like this (outstretched). As we did yesterday, you have to use your right hand for expression of the action that we have to take, to fill in the different centres that we have. We have certain deficiencies in our centres which have to be a little bit nourished. If they are nourished, they can help us a lot. 

So let us have the left hand like this, all the time. Like this, keep it on your lap. Be comfortable. You can also even remove your spectacles. It is a good idea. Because it improves your eyesight. You don’t have to keep your eyes open. You have to keep your eyes closed all the time. Please don’t keep your eyes open. That will help a lot.

Yesterday there were a few people who would not close their eyes. I know they did not get realisation. And then they started saying, “I have not felt the realisation”. So I said, “I had requested you to keep your eyes shut.” Is nothing much to be done. Just to keep your eyes shut. That’s all. Because the Kundalini, when she rises, you see, it is like a happening takes place. And the whole attention is taken inside. 

And if your attention is outside through your eyes, it is rather difficult for Kundalini to rise. She is your mother and she is so considerate. And she doesn’t want to disturb you. So better keep your eyes shut so that the attention is taken fully and you don’t feel any pull of the attention in yourself. That will be the best for you, to keep your eyes shut. 

Now, keep the eyes shut and both the hands like this (palms outstretched), to begin with.

It’s already started. 

Now put the right hand on your heart. Don’t open your eyes. Till I tell you, please keep the eyes shut. Put your right hand on your heart. 

Take out your spectacles, please, it will help.

Now, on the heart, when you put your hand, say it very sincerely. You have to ask a question to Me. A very sincere question you have to ask. You can address Me as Shri Mataji or you can address Me as Mother – whatever you like. 

Say, “Mother, am I the Spirit?”. Ask the question. “Mother, am I the Spirit?”.  “Mother, am I the Spirit?”. Ask the question thrice.

Now put the right hand, the same right hand, on your stomach, on the left side. And press it. This is the centre of the Primordial Master. Of Moses, Abraham, all these great prophets who have been on this earth.

Here, you have to say with full confidence, “Mother, I am my own master”. Because if you are the Spirit, you are your own master. You don’t need any guru, you don’t need anything. Just say, “Mother, I am my own master”. 

No, on the stomach. Say it ten times. 

You are not to feel guilty when you say it. Please don’t feel guilty. That’s a very common disease with all of you. Just feeling guilty for nothing at all. There is nothing to feel guilty about. Don’t feel guilty. 

Now take the hand a little lower still. A little lower still. On the stomach. And push it back. 

Here, is the centre of the Divine activity. So just say, “Mother, please let me know the laws of Divine activity”. It is called as “shuddha vidya”. Called as the pure knowledge. 

Say it six times. Six times I am saying because they are the petals of the different centres. 

Please don’t feel guilty. You are quite capable of knowing everything. Forget the past. Forget the past. Just forget the past. Bury the past. Past has no meaning. 

Now, again put the right hand on your heart. Now here, with full confidence, you have to say, “Mother, I am the Spirit. I am the Spirit. I am the Spirit”. Say it twelve times. With full confidence. Without feeling guilty. You must not feel guilty at all. 

Now hold your left side neck on the base of it, on the shoulder. Don’t move your left hand. With your right hand. Keep your left hand as it is. With your right hand. You hold it in this manner. And just press it. This is the place where you feel guilty and there is an obstruction. 

Now you say sixteen times [UNCLEAR]. Turn your head in this manner. And say, “Mother, I am not guilty”. “I am not guilty”. Say it again and again. Sixteen times you must say it. 

Better. Say it sixteen times. 

[Shri Mataji is holding a lighted candle in front of Her Left Vishuddhi. Dr Warren comes up and moves the candle sideways across Shri Mataji’s Left Vishuddhi]. 

Now put this right hand on your forehead. Forehead, across. 

[Dr Warren is holding the candle near Shri Mataji’s Agyna].

At this point, which is the centre of Christ, you have to say, “I forgive everyone”. You have to say it.

[Dr Warren moves the candle in a bandhan across Shri Mataji’s Back Agyna. Shri Mataji rubs Her palm and indicates Her Left Vishuddhi finger. Shri Mataji rubs Her palm and Left Vishuddhi finger vigorously].

Now put this right hand back, without feeling guilty again. Again I say, three times, hundred times, not to feel guilty. Put your hand on the back of your head. Because the same centre comes back side also. There are two petals of the same centre.

Here you push it hard inside. And say, with full confidence – without any guilt, without any fear – just like a flower you have to become. You have to say, “My Lord, if I have made any mistakes, please forgive me”. Without feeling any guilt; just say that. 

[Shri Mataji indicates to Dr Warren who moves the candle across Shri Mataji’s Left Vishuddhi a few times and then Back Agyna and the whole left side]. 

Now put the hand on top of your head. Top of the head. Absolutely on top. Press it hard. With your palm. And move it clockwise. Press it hard and move it clockwise. At this point, I cannot cross your freedom. Because you have to accept that you want to become a realised soul. And you want to become a saint. That you want to be Self-realised.

So you have to say, “Mother, please give me my Self-realisation”. I cannot cross. That is why I am telling you that you have to say it. “Mother, please give me my self-realisation”. 

[Dr Warren moves the candle from Shri Mataji’s Front Agyna to Back Agyna].

Say it seven times. After saying that, put both your hands on your lap as they were. So don’t open your eyes. 

Don’t think. Don’t think. You are beyond thinking. So try not to think. Just watch your thoughts. 

[Shri Mataji moves the candle across Her front. She turns to face the seekers with the candle in Her hand].

Now you put your right hand on your head. And higher.

And ask a question because it is declared today. ‘Mother, are you the Holy Ghost?”. Ask three times. 

[Shri Mataji is moving the candle up and down].

See there is a cool breeze coming out. Ask the question again and again. 

If you feel it, the cool breeze, then you say, “Mother, you are the Holy Ghost”. 

[Shri Mataji moves the candle flame across the chakras on Her Left Palm].

Now you can raise another hand and put this right hand down below and see. With the left hand also you should feel. 

[Shri Mataji continues to move the candle across the chakras].

Just see how you are feeling on the other hand also. Right hand towards Me and left hand on the head. See if you are feeling. If you are feeling it, it’s all right. 

Now you can ask, “Is this the breeze of the Holy Ghost?”. Because the Holy Ghost is reflected within you as the Kundalini. 

[Shri Mataji moves the candle close to chakras on fingers, holding close to Agyna. Dr Warren takes the candle and moves it across Shri Mataji’s Back Agyna]. 

Ah, it’s there.

Put down your hands, please. Now, watch Me and you will find, there’s no thought. Just watch Me. 

[Shri Mataji rubs Her Forehead alternating between Her Left and Right Hand].

Just rub it here. Some of you have problems in this part. 

While rubbing it you should say, “Mother, am I the part and parcel of the whole?”. Rub it hard. Say, “Mother, am I the part and parcel of the whole?”. 

Here, here on top of it [position of Virata]. You see, at the end of your forehead. Here, on top. Here. Here, here. 

This is the centre for that. “Am I the part and parcel of the whole?”. 

[Shri Mataji holds the candle near Front Agyna on Her Forehead].

Clear now. Is it clearing now? Better? All right? Is it flowing? 

Good. Better now? 

[Shri Mataji puts down the candle]. 

I think all of you have felt it. The cool breeze. Those who have not felt, please raise your hand. It’s very subtle.

You came only today, is it? You two, came today only?

You too came today? Yesterday you were there. 

Didn’t feel it? Just see to her. Tell somebody to see her. And these two persons. They will see.

Dr Warren: Anyone else?

Shri Mataji: Anyone else please get it corrected now. Because tomorrow for puja those who have not felt it should not come. It will not be all right. Just see him. This gentleman. 

Have you got it? James, what is the problem with the lady? 

What’s the problem? Malcolm? 

Sahaja Yogi: It’s cool.

Shri Mataji: Oh, you got it. Maybe she has Vishuddhi. Do you smoke? 

Seeker: No.

Shri Mataji: Never smoked. You used to smoke sometimes.

Seeker: No.

Shri Mataji: All right. Now got it. These two.

Sahaja Yogi: They are cool.

Shri Mataji: They have got it. You have got it. Just see on your head. It’s very subtle, you see. The first time you have come? It’s very subtle. It takes a little time. The first time you have come doesn’t matter, as long as you have [UNCLEAR/felt the cool], it’s all right. Just you can feel it there. 

All right. It’s very subtle. The first time you have come doesn’t matter, as long as you have [UNCLEAR/felt the cool], it’s all right. 

Are you all right? What about you? Have you felt the cool breeze today? 

Dr Warren: [UNCLEAR]. Everybody who’s been before has got it.

Shri Mataji: It’s all right. Have you felt it? No? You have felt it. Have you felt?

Seeker: It’s cool.

Shri Mataji: Good. It’s cool.

Seeker: I feel it only on one hand.

Shri Mataji: Only one hand. Don’t feel in the right. Then put the right hand towards Me. You are feeling on the left. Then put the right towards Me. 

Yes, right towards Me. And just try.  Right towards Me. And the left at the back. Just like that.

The right hand down. And the left hand in the back. That’s all. 

Shri Mataji: Are you feeling in both?

Seeker: Little more on the right. 

Shri Mataji: More on the right than the left? Less on the left, is it? The one that you are feeling less, you put towards Me. In whichever way, it is less. You are feeling less in the left. All right, put it up. (Shri Mataji raises Her Right Hand).

Now, only I have to tell you how to give a protection to your aura. That’s very important. As soon as you go out, there are negativities which catch you. So be careful. What you do is put your left hand.

[Shri Mataji turns around to Her photograph].

Ekadasha is too much. All right. What you have to do is put your left hand towards Me like this (outstretched)and give yourself a bandhan. How do you give a bandhan? Very simple. Rub your hands. A little bit you can also (Shri Mataji holds both palms together and blows on them). Now your breath has got Divinity. That’s why in the Koran it is called as “rooh”. 

[Shri Mataji rubs Her hands]. 

The left is still a little bit hot. Not that cool. 

You have to look after your hands more. You must put some oil in your hands. Make them softer. So the subtly is more. Rub them with oil. You see, it has to become subtler. 

Now you do is put your left hand towards Me like this, and the right hand, you put it on the side, like this.

[Shri Mataji shows how to take a bandhan].

One, again, two, again, three, again, four, again, five, six, seven. All right? It’s done. 

[Shri Mataji speaks to Dr Warren].

Dr Warren: How many people would like to come tomorrow because Mother’s preparing lunch. How many people would like to come tomorrow and can come? Just so we can get an idea of the numbers. 

Early morning. Nine o clock. 

Shri Mataji: Because I have to go tomorrow, you see, that’s the trouble. 

Dr Warren: Nine o clock till about twelve-thirty.  

Shri Mataji: And you can go away by twelve-thirty.

Seeker: Is it very important? Because I have to leave tonight. I have to go back tonight but I can make some changes. 

Shri Mataji:  Why don’t you stay? You have come from outside? From where?

Seeker: [UNCLEAR]. It’s about two hundred and fifty miles away.

Shri Mataji: You can’t stay tonight? It will be a good idea. Then you can start a centre there. And you can help people. It is better.

Seeker: We have a meditation group. 

Shri Mataji: Oh, that’s good. Then you better master this. You can really help people. If you really want to help them, better master it. Very good. All right, if you can come tomorrow, will be very good. 

Tomorrow morning. You see, that will completely settle you down, within yourself. You must settle down. It’s no use doing this, this, this, this. It’s all hotch scotch. You have to understand exactly what you must do. You must start a proper meditation because you have to do good to others. 

You are here to be the vehicle of God. You have a problem of transport?

Dr Warren: He is staying a long way away. He has to leave tonight. I think he is thinking of staying tomorrow. That’s where he’s at.

You decide whether you would like to come. You are very welcome.

Shri Mataji: You should. I mean, it’s a very important thing. I have come all the way from India. Just think of it. Just think of it.

Another seeker: What time is it?

Dr Warren: Nine o clock. The details of the address, the address is 1386, Islington. You will find the details at the door on your way out.  Bring something to sit on because we are sitting on the grass. And something because it is windy. Lunch is about…

[End of recording].

[Dr Warren’s introductory address at the start of the program].

Dr Warren: …fontanelle bone was opened as a child. And Christ Himself said, “You have to be like a little child”. He was speaking symbolically. But He was actually speaking in real terms. That this part of your head actually becomes quite flexible. And you begin to feel at the time of your Self-realisation, this centre becoming soft again, like a little child. And you take on the properties of a little child when this centre opens. 

So if Christ was the door into the Kingdom of God, this area becomes the Kingdom of God. When the Kundalini passes, these divine vibrations about which we have spoken absolutely bathe the brain, bathe the consciousness and enlighten it with divine awareness. So your thoughts become divine thoughts. Your feelings become divine feelings. And they all come from the Spirit.

Now, having reached this point in our evolution, we have to come to certain conclusions. Sensibly and logically. If, as I was explaining to you up to this point, we have had so many incarnations. The last of which was at this point, Lord Krishna. We can conclude that this is the period, this is the age of the Father. 

This is the age where the Father aspect of God incarnated. This is the age in fact, where fear was used as a means of bringing people up to knowledge or a certain level of awareness. Where, to a certain extent, a parental strength was required and in order to bring people to that level. And Lord Krishna, the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu was actually the one who epitomised that final quality of fatherhood within us. He manifested it and within each one of us, that potential is sitting there.

So God, the Father, is expressed in its strongest form at that level. Then we have the incarnation of God, the Son. God, the Son, the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. The Son of His Mother, who was none other than the incarnations that had been before. Here, the incarnation of Radha; here the incarnation of Sita. 

And so here we had the Age of the Son, the Age of Redemption, the Age of Forgiveness. The Age of Love. But now, we have the Age of the Holy Ghost. It is very clear. People like Joaquin Feori even within the Catholic Mystical Movement was very clear about it, even in the thirteenth century. He made it clear we had a succession. Whereby, rather than this conflict – this Augustinian conflict between two struggling, opposing forces which would never be resolved – there is now a possibility, after the incarnation of Lord Jesus Christ. Of, instead of a head-on collision – an actual victory of the forces of goodness and enlightenment. And love, all-pervading love. And this is the energy of the Holy Spirit. This is the quality of the Holy Spirit.

And now, very, very sweetly, very, very beautifully and in a universal way, this energy is manifesting everywhere. Now I have been with Shri Mataji for three years. I had no knowledge of Hindu scriptures greatly, before that time. I had no knowledge of these other aspects within us. I had been quietly developing my own Self-realisation before that period. And I have been with Her and watched thousands and thousands of people get their Self-realisation. In India, I am speaking about.

Here in the West, it’s a lot different. Our egos are so hard, so tough, that it is very difficult to break through in this awareness. But to watch six thousand people get their realisation at the same time – we have to ask ourselves, “How does this happen?”. If Christ had a job to do, how do you know that it was Christ? Christ could walk on the water. He had that power. Now, in the presence of Shri Mataji, what happens is, spontaneously – and I have seen it in six thousand people at once. Five, three and thousands of people all over the world get their Self-realisation. 

They begin to feel, emitting from the top of their head, these cool vibrations. They begin to feel the cool vibrations on their hands. They get what Christ forecast would happen. They get the counselling because She decodes the whole process within us so that we begin to know which of the centres is working. She makes us what we might call collectively conscious. In other words, you become aware, within your being, that we are part and parcel of the whole.

So the counselling part is done. The comforting part that Christ spoke about – remember He said, “I will send you a counsellor, a comforter, the Holy Spirit. The redeemer, who will teach you all things”. So the counselling is done. The comforting is done. So much of the negativity that is affecting us, making us sick, making us tense, making us worried. Giving us diseases, making us anxious, frenzied people is just being defused. And we are becoming whole integrated beings again. So the comforting is done.

I am speaking on behalf of Sahaja Yogis all over the world. Thousands and thousands and thousands of them have become transformed beings. From gross physical diseases, mental problems, marriage problems – the whole production of modern living. I have seen a soothing effect, a comforting effect and a regenerative effect taking place. And of course, the third quality Christ spoke about was the redeeming quality that had to come. 

The redeeming part is, of course, the awakening of the Kundalini and giving you the second birth. Now as Shri Mataji has come to this centre, as She has come to give you the experience of Self-realisation, I owe it to you to tell you very frankly that, sitting before you – from my knowledge, and I invite you to consider the possibility is sitting a great incarnation – of the kind that was Christ. Of the kind that was Krishna. Of the kind that was Buddha. And yet She has come here as a Mother. She’s come here as the incarnation of the Holy Spirit; that much I am sure you know.

Because She has declared. She has declared, what about what we have done? We know it by the experience – the transforming experience that has happened. And when the Holy Spirit comes within us, we become a transformed person. We become a whole Being. We start to feel everybody within us. We start to relate to each other with a feeling of compassion and love. And this starts to work out in a universal way.

This truth will never be accepted at a wide level at this stage. Because there is too much of ego, too much of a barrier. And when tomorrow we invite you – these people who have come regularly for each session – to come to a small celebration or puja as we call it, of worship at the address which will be shown on the wall, we are inviting you to come into the presence of somebody, who not only gives you the second birth you experience on your hands, you experience on the top of your head – but who gives you the ultimate; the realisation of the Self.

That you are part and parcel of the whole. That you are the Spirit. And that depth has to be there. That weight and gravity have to be there. Of knowing that within me, I have touched the silence. I have touched the Reality. This is what you were born for. This is the reason for taking your birth. This is the pure seeking within you, getting its ultimate fulfilment. Now if, when you come tomorrow and I hope all of you do – Mother has made the invitation to so many of you. Take it, deepen in the process because at puja, what happens is you get a tremendous blast. 

These centres that have been damaged by our – let’s face it – by our many misuses of our divinity, have been damaged. But they are forgiven. There is no judgement in that sense. Those chakras get a blast. Because at that moment, that time when we are worshipping Shri Mataji, as the incarnation that She is, these centres become tremendously in a state of awakening. And the negativity gets thrown out and the positive qualities become manifest. You go away and you begin to feel so much deeper in the process of the establishment of your Self-realisation. 

So when it happens tomorrow and you come along, I urge you to come in a receptive mood. Come in a mood where you have to get something. Where you have to get something. Not to give Her something, but to get something. And what you get is an awakened sense of being, to the point where you begin to feel not just cool vibrations. Because that’s just a physical manifestation. If that’s all realisation was about, then it’s not worth it so much.

What Self-realisation is, is it gives you the silence. It gives you the joy of the Spirit. It gives you that transforming energy. And it gives you the energy to transform others. Because when you get it, you can give it to others. As you had the Kundalini awakened within yourself and become one with the Spirit, so too you can give it to others. You have to establish Sahaja Yoga here in Toronto. You have to become places where others can come and receive the blessings of God. 

You have to form in such a way that you can bless the whole of this city. So this city can bless Ontario. And Ontario can bless Canada. And so it happens. All over the world, this is happening. And I just simply, with a lot of love, urge you to come along tomorrow after listening to tonight’s experience. And just simply experience all of the joy, of the blessings of God. 

Thank you. 

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