Navaratri Puja (incomplete)

Boston (United States)


1983-1015 Navaratri Puja

………[] used are not known to you because he is telling about another side of life. As we are human beings you see all our history is connected to each other. First of all, you have to forget that you are Americans or you are Canadians or you are Indians. You have to know the human history has to be followed as complete as complete human history. And behind the history of spirituality, you have to seek the very ancient countries, and one of them was in India. In India, people tried to find out what was the purpose of our life? Why we came on this earth? The main thing that helped them to do that first of all was that is the country where you can live very easily. There’s no problem with the climate. There’s no problem of the extreme colds and extreme breeze as you have [seen]. It is kind of a climate we seldom have in that country and even if you have it you have it for about two-three months. When you know this is the rainy season when it is going to rain. You have proper seasons. It is very easy to live in India in the forest if you live there’s no problem. You can live with…under a tree. And you don’t have to wear too many clothes or you don’t have to wear a coat like in England you have to spend at least 15 minutes dressing up yourself before you get out of the house. So these problems do not exist there. Because of this great advantage of the country people took to the seeking very much and they went on searching instead of finding material advantages and what material can give us or what …how we utilize the matter. But of course, there was a group of people who tried to also find out if they can master the material side of life through…through this spirituality. And they did something called yAgnyas where they prayed to them… the essence of the matter so that they could master it. The other side was people prayed for their sustenance for their prosperity everything all sort of things like worshipers, they worshipped. Because they were seeking they also wanted the protection. Because when they were seeking the negative forces would attack them. So they wanted protection. Also, there was every age every time some form of negative force [came in] like we had Hitler in this time when we were [] and now there are so many others you know who are negative forces, who are destroying forces who are trying to destroy the human beings.

So it was such a worshipful country where people worshipped the Gods with their heart and with their devotion that there were incarnations of God many times on this Earth. And they did that part, that aspect tried to protect the people who were in danger, especially the Mother. Mother came many a time out of which we celebrate nine special times when she came and killed very horrible devils on this earth. Now the same Mother according to Sahaja yoga has got three types of action. She is a Mahalakshmi because She is in the centre by which She ascents. And She is the desire of God as Adishakti the Primordial Being, the Primordial Mother who becomes first the desire so She is the Mahakali. And then She becomes the creative force or the creative energy so She is the Maha Saraswati. So first we have the Maha Kali, who becomes Mahasaraswati and then ultimately the Mahalaxmi. So first the desire, then action and then thirdly the ascent or you can say the sustenance []. You were sustained as human beings. Now you have become as human beings. Now you have to ascent higher into that superhuman state where you start feeling the divine, the power of the divine and also the divinity within yourself. Then gradually as you grow out you settle down into the kingdom of God by which you are completely blessed. Now to achieve this last ascent, Sahaja yoga of the modern times which is a very very unique thing was manifested through which you get your ascent, self-realization.

Now why we don’t allow people to come to the pujas is this that first of all this is the knowledge of the roots in the West especially. They have no sense of puja at all. Whatever they have is the church worship and something like that. This is the knowledge of the roots while you have the knowledge of the trees. As they have grown outside that you know the science and you know material things, how to use mechanical things, you see, you have lived with those things but you have not lived with the roots which are the source of history. And to get to the source of history you have to become subtler. You have to become the spirit and to get into the roots. And this is the knowledge of the roots which you do not know. That’s why you are so naïve and you fall prey to falsehood. So, first of all, you have to become a subtler being. Now how to become a subtler being? For example, you have to get your realization. Now many of you got it. Some of you are still halfway here and there. And such people are dangerous to please because they have terrible egos or super-egos. And when they come to puja and they find something different from what they have known immediately turn back, you see, and their egos take over. That’s why it is risky for such people. Those who come because they haven’t got a mind that can…that can receive, that can receive the blessings with that open-mindedness. So it is better that you sit down without doubting anything. Allow…tell your mind to keep quiet[]…because so far you have achieved nothing. And now if you have to achieve tell your mind to be careful. Don’t try to [trouble you]

. Keep shut. I have to go further. If I have to go further you better keep quiet. You have been always been trying to dominate me and trouble me. So you better keep quiet. Let me suck the vibrations. Let me get peaceful. Let me settle down. And that is how once you start settling down you will be amazed at yourself how things work out. It just works out with a little click like that and yo just get fitted into it. And that’s what happens with pujas. With pujas you see suddenly the revolution takes place in your chakras because My chakras are stirred up and they reflect in you they work on very hard and when they start working on you they are stirred up. Like the little child who was stirred up, all her negativity which has been there for so many days came up so when this stirs up within you what happens that you start getting cleansed, suddenly set. So this is the method of settling into that subtle thing. So if you have to judge it through your mental activity you can. Just allow your mind to be settled down a little bit. You cannot learn it through mental activity. You may learn a language. You may learn all technical things with your mind but to become subtler it’s a happening which has to take place within you. And take you deeper into yourself. For example, your attention is towards yourself and I say take your attention inside. You cannot. So how do you? So this puja only creates revolving force in Myself which goes in your chakras and works it out and this is the only way it works wonders and we don’t introduce yourself when you are just realized of just or just just…..this is an experiment I am trying because I may come after a year and you may not have advantage of puja. So that we are trying to experiment. Now that you have to try to keep extremely…extremely alight, cheerful and.[]. What happens to you is within and not without. Now you’ll be surprised how it works out. Now the first thing we do, how many of you are new. Please raise your hands. Higher.

Man: New people. []

Shri Mataji: [in Marathi] Are you feeling the cool breeze?