Spontaneous awakening of a force within us which is called as Kundalini

The Community Church of New York, New York City (United States)

1983-10-17 Spontaneous awakening of a force within us which is called as Kundalini, New York City, 95' Download subtitles: ESView subtitles:
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Public program day 1, Community Church of New York, 17-10-1983

l bow to all the seekers of truth.

Truth can be only conceived by your central nervous system. One has to understand that truth that is mental is never the truth because whatever you project through your mental projections and conceive something out of your mental abilities can be absolutely untruth. That’s what I noticed about so many dogmas and philosophies that came forward on this earth without the experience of the truth. 

That’s how we accept science, much faster because science is what it is, we can see it with our own eyes, we can feel it, we can understand it. And only the effects of science when we find out, that when we also started working out the science. We started moving in such a direction that ultimately we end up in a collective destructive programming and this is where we get shocked. We just don’t understand that if science is for the betterment of human beings how is it then it created hydrogen bomb, nuclear weapons and all these things and they stand like devils before us, monsters, all the time frightening, giving us paranoid feelings and we suddenly discover that, “Oh, God, what have we done out of that!”

So there is something lacking in whatever progress we make even through our central nervous system and that is a conscious control over ourselves is not possible. We haven’t got the overall picture, that’s the main point. We haven’t got the overall picture of what we are, what we have to be and what is lacking in us. And the truth is not only a partial thing, it’s not a limited truth but it is an overall truth which gives you an overall knowledge through your central nervous system. 

For example, we think we have achieved great marvels when we have produced, say, our computers. Now computer is what? You see something [UNCLEAR] with this body of yours and it is a scene and you know you have seen it. You don’t have to think about it, you don’t have to go through the process of thinking, you just see it. No human being can produce that kind of a computer, whatever you may try.  Because you have to feed it first of all, there has to be a feed of the knowledge and so the computer has to work that one. So this kind of artificial behaviour we can build up, from dead to the dead which can take us to dead only. 

I am not against the science as long as it is used for the right purpose. But how? How to make people use it for the right purpose, they’ve no controlling force. Who rules this universe? Who controls us? That’s what we should find out.

In the medical terminology we use the word “auto” very much, autonomous. Who is this auto? We never ask who is this auto, we’ve just given a name – this is auto. But who is this auto who is looking after our autonomous nervous system? At the most we may be able to work out our sympathetic nervous system but what about the parasympathetic? We have no idea about parasympathetic and we cannot work it out. So there is something beyond us. We have to accept in all humble understanding of the subject that we have not known who is this auto and to know the auto is Self-realization. 

Like the idea of mastering a thing always means in a human mind it’s kind of a domination. Mastering means that you sit on the head of that another person then you are the master of that person. It has no other meaning. When you say you master your own parasympathetic, means what? Now the trouble is that the whole concept of our living has been on the idea that we have to aggress on the matter, to know about it; we have to aggress the human beings, means to debase them, to overpower them or we have to do some sort of an aggression all the time if you have to put them right. As if we are perfect. As if we know how to control. As if we are the masters of the art. 

But now today I am going to tell you the mastery over the power of love, love which is without any lust and greed, which is detached love; about which Socrates has talked to you, that he said the politicians have to be detached politicians. How can they be detached? All the great saints have talked of this detached attitude. Unless and until you are detached according to them we cannot achieve the mastery of controlling ourselves. 

Now, what is this detachment and how we achieve it? We should try to really find out for ourselves. We can say that the whole civilization has grown like a tree, a big tree which has grown. And what I am telling you is the knowledge of the roots for which one has to become a subtler personality. If you want to seek the roots you have to become a subtler personality. But to think a tree is nonsensical; it’s a tree – grown big so you cannot see the whole tree. So to get to the whole, to get the overall idea, the overall, all control you have to become a subtler personality. So you have to go into another direction from which you are already there. 

As I told last time, that the time of the God Almighty when He was the Wrathful God, he was the One who used to kill, he was the One who used to destroy negative forces and He was the One who was an angry God and you could not displease Him, came the second idea of the Son of God as we call Him in Sanskrit language as Shri Ganesha. Shri Ganesha is the second form of the idea of somebody who is a supreme being. Maybe you might call it an imaginary thing, doesn’t matter. Unless and until it is proved better to call it imaginary otherwise people start thinking they themselves have become gods. It’s better that you say it is imaginary, at least you won’t feel that you are chosen, you are already selected, you are already there, you are already great. So best is to accept the situation by saying that, “let us have it as an imaginary.” But the second imagination, or whatever you may call it, or what inspiration it was about the Son – Christ, the One who identified with the people, who sacrificed, who gave idea of God. That’s how the second part of the manifestation took place.

And the third part is now – the Mother. The Mother has to nourish, the Mother has to look after, the Mother has to give all that is missing, all that is lost, all that is sick. These nourishing qualities the Mother has. So as a hypothesis you must accept Sahaja Yoga. You need not accept it blindfolded because blindness is no well. But you must keep yourself open as a scientist and see for yourself that if this is said, it is so or not. But a scientist whose mind is closed is not a scientist. I think he is a gone case. The person who has an open mind can only be called a scientist because he knows that hypothesis can become laws and laws can be challenged also. With that, if you see you will understand what I am trying to tell you about the Kundalini as in these three parts, how they are represented within us. 

Now whether we accept the idea of God or not, whether there is the idea of Child or not and a Mother or not is not so important. First of all, I would [UNCLEAR] and say you better see for yourself, better find out yourself because we found out that unless and until a person becomes self-realized, unless and until he becomes his own Spirit, he cannot understand anything any further. And if you start talking about God or anything it becomes a dogma, a myth and people start clubbing together saying that we belong to this religion, that religion, that club, this club, Fortnum School Club, all sorts of clubs. But it is absurd. We cannot live with myths very long. For a while it’s alright but we cannot go on because we feel the reaction of the myth, how it reacts on us and on the society, on the progeny, on the whole atmosphere it reacts that we become shocked and we start seeing that there is definitely something wrong somewhere. 

Now, as I told you that this is a hypothesis, everything is a hypothesis for you today. Maybe tomorrow the truth and day after tomorrow the law but today let us see that it is just a hypothesis we are putting before you about the spontaneous awakening of a force within us which is called as Kundalini in the triangular bone. 

Now to us Indians who are not very westernized, who were educated in the old knowledge about the seers, it was known that there is a force called Kundalini residing in the triangular bone. Even you will be surprised this bone is called as “sacrum”, means the Greeks knew about this force that’s why they called it sacrum, the holy bone because there was some holy power. Nowadays this concept of holiness is vanishing but at least the Greeks knew about it so they called it as sacrum and this bone was specially very much respected by them. Now, this Kundalini existing within that has been known to Indians for thousands of years. Now if it is known to Indians I don’t know why the people in the West get so alarmed because anywhere I went this is the first question, “Why did you come to the West?” So why did you come to the East? I can ask the same question. But we have thought to give you something that is substantial, something that we knew long time back and that is the solution of today’s problems. So why not? Sometimes we listen to others also. Must you always put your knowledge in the first place and accept nothing from others? This kind of an ego attitude if you develop then one cannot talk about it. But this knowledge existed in our country for thousands of years and because of the ego orientation of the West, even among educated people never went into the search for this. Only last hundred years some people who learned bit of Sanskrit here and there went into little search about Kundalini and found out something absurd, absolutely absurd about Kundalini. When I started meeting them as a child I was shocked because some said the Kundalini was in the stomach – in such a big book written down, and some said the Kundalini was in the head, somebody said in the heart. With this kind of uncertain ideas they wrote, most part of books say the Kundalini awakening is very difficult and it is very dangerous, it should not be ever looked after into, it is a very, very mysterious thing and they called it “the mysterious Kundalini”. All the English words denoting the Kundalini were used but actually Kundalini is your mother. She is that nourishing point within you which is absolutely pure. I don’t know if you understand the word “purity” which has only one attitude –  is to give you something. It is not going to take anything from you, it’s the compassion of the purest form. We cannot understand such thing, it is too much, beyond our minds to understand that there could be a compassion which is absolutely of the purest form which acts for compassion itself, loves for love’s sake, without any lust, without any greed, without any expectations. That’s your Mother in down there, it’s the Kundalini. And I wonder if any mother may you trouble when you’re born, except she herself must have gone through horrible troubles. If She is the Mother and if She is the one who has to raise then how can She give you trouble? I can’t understand it. So these half-baked people, I should say, naive, who had no knowledge about Kundalini came out with big, big books, especially the Germans, I must say, wrote many books about Kundalini and after knowing about Sahaja Yoga if you read them you’d think that this is child playing, they are just playing with Kundalini without understanding anything about it.

Of course, this force is placed within you because you are a human being, in the sense that the manifestation of this force can only take place in the humans. We are specially made people. As you know the flat brain of the animals becomes a prism-like brain in the human beings and that gives it a special quality by which our attention goes out due to refraction. In some other lecture I’ve given a complete idea about how it works out. So the human mind goes out in the sense that its attention goes out and anything a human being sees it creates a thought in him and because of that he has the power to overcome or to master the dead. Like an animal cannot make a chair but a human being can make a chair. He can use these hands for making things out of the dead but nothing he can do living. Like a flower becomes a fruit, all these living things that happen in this world they don’t happen because we think or we have making capacity. They happen because something has this power which is All-pervading, everywhere and that power does this. Not only that but within us it gives all the choices: like an Indian person will have an Indian looking child, an American will have an American looking child, all sorting out in the body takes place. Not only that but there are so many things that this power does within us through parasympathetic that doctors cannot explain them, why they augment and why they relax. There are so many things which cannot be explained. To explain everything let us have the light within ourselves. In darkness we cannot explain so let us have the light and the light is that of the Spirit. That is the integrating force which will integrate all religions, it will integrate all your scientific discoveries, it will diagnose all your troubles and also it will give you the complete recovery and cure.

Today I was thinking of talking about, more about the gross side of life, is the body. Because body is the temple of God and if God has to shine in our body then body has to be alright, it has to be cleansed, it has to be beautifully that. And if you see the human body, see how beautifully it is organized. So on the left hand side is the subconscious, right hand side is the supraconscious and the central part is left open for us to ascend. That is how we are arranged. And the other day, as I explained to you, it is not a mixed bag of unconscious on top of the subconscious on top of the conscious and then on top of the Ego. It is a complete beautiful arrangement that is within our body that we are left with a clean path to raise, ascend through all these various centers.

Now the center which is at the first point here is the center of pelvic which looks after the pelvic plexus and is called as the Mooladhara chakra. Here one has to understand this is the Mooladhara center and the Mooladhar, the abode of the Mother, is higher. This is a very important point which you have to know.  Now on a very gross level I would say that this center is the center of innocence and when we start playing with our innocence this center goes into problems. Now it has two sides, right and left side. When it goes out on the right side, this center, we develop all kinds of problems of constipation and all sorts of problems of excretion which is, we can say is augmented, augmented excretions we develop. Now the other side of it is the left side which gives raise to diseases which are caused by perverted life. 

So to make it understood for all of you we have two types of sins, we can say where you move to the right or to the left. If you move to the right then you are committing a sin against the Father, as we say. Means there you do things as material aggression, material possessions, material attachments and too much running towards matter, that is the, we can say, is the sin against the Father. Because if Father is the compassion, if He has created this beautiful world for us, He is going to look after us. Shri Krishna has said, “Yoga kshema vahamya” – first you get your yoga then I can look after your “kshema”, meaning your well-being, he said it. I mean, we have to either conclude that they were all wrong but we have to give them some benefit of doubt. When you listen to them, why did he say that yoga first and kshema later? So when you have the yoga you get your well-being and there is no need for us to be so much attached to matter. And as a result of that this becomes infected with material, we can say, trauma. And when it takes place it goes into a kind of a very rigid condition by which you develop all the diseases of excretion. The right side is quite funny and it gives a manifestation very fast on the physical side. But the left side is even more difficult and this is the doctors cannot understand because psychology is different and doctors are different and we have doctors – one only for one eye, another doctor for another eye, you see, funny [UNCLEAR]. And for mind there is another psychologist sitting there. Then if you have to go for teeth, they’ll tell you, “Remove all your teeth”, they can’t say that it is alright because for every tooth there is another doctor, you see, so you have to show your teeth to everyone, to see that all teeth are removed and by that time you are finished with all the teeth and they’ll tell you that you are absolutely all healthy. So this sort of a thing happens because the trouble is we live in a [UNCLEAR], we have no idea of [UNCLEAR], the overall idea, we don’t have the overall idea of the being, that we are not only physical being, we are also emotional being, we are also a mental being and, above all, we are a spiritual being. So now when the spirit of this one is innocence, is challenged then what kind of diseases you develop are really very, very serious and some of them, and I’ll show you, they are affecting this country very much, like AIDS. 

AIDS are caused by the combination of three centers within us. They are curable by Sahaja Yoga, I’ve said it before. For this I hope the people won’t arrest me here. They can be cured by the help of the Kundalini. If we can put three centers within us in proper proportion we can cure AIDS. But first of all the doctor has to be a realized soul, he has to know, master the art of Kundalini awakening and he should know which are the ways of curing these centers.

Now this is one of the diseases. I have come here about ten years back, in New York, and when I told them that all this nonsense of homosexuality and all these perversions of sex is going to lead you to terrible troubles. That time I must say the people didn’t want me, they rejected me for two reasons: because I said I do not take any money for this and the second one was that you have to live a life of balance, you have to be a balanced person. You cannot take into your hands the laws of nature; and once you take the laws of nature into your hands you live unnaturally, you have to suffer for it. And today, within ten years, I find all these things that were predicted are coming true. 

So this center is so important where you commit a sin against the Mother. Here people start using prevented ways and methods of absurdity. Like I met two ladies in Born and they were sitting in front and they were just shaking before me. I was amazed, I said, “Are you coming from lunatic asylum?” because only lunatics shake like that before me. I said, “What’s the matter?” “No, no, no, we’ve got powers so we are shaking.” I said, “That’s alright. But nobody is shaking and you are shaking just like that. There must be something wrong with your nerves, what are you doing?” They very proudly went, they came and told me, “We have done all the sophisticated methods of Freud’s philosophy. I said, “What are the bathroom sophisticated methods of Freud you have tried, what I don’t know. But what has happened to you that your whole being is abused, absolutely. This is the filth that you are carrying on your nerves and they were amazed when I said that their thing stopped. I had to take three months to cure them; it was a very difficult task to cure them. Now these kinds of things, “What’s wrong? Let us go to [UNCLEAR]”, it is absolutely ego-oriented. Without getting to know the knowledge, without getting to know what you are, how far you can go? What is the way to protect yourself? And how far a human body which is not a machine, even a machine you have to be careful, has to be taken? You have gone headlong into all kinds of pursuits. That’s the result, today we find that nobody is going to destroy us, we are going to destroy ourselves from within. We have built-in within us the mechanism in such a way, like we can even build a computer that can destroy us. In the same way we have built within our own computer in such a way that it is automatically destroying us and we are going towards destruction one by one.

Now I would only say that as a Mother I have to give a very compassionate concession to people who said that Kundalini is in the first center because it is not. On the contrary it has nothing to do with your ascent. Every animal, every being has got sex thing – it has nothing to do with your ascent. Only your seeking works it out and the seeking – how it becomes evolved, how you become better and better and subtler, on that depends your ascent and not on your sex movement, it is the other way around. Now this center is a very important center within us though it doesn’t give us the ascent in the sense that the Kundalini doesn’t pierce through this. But as I said, as a Mother I say this must have happened: that people must have tried tricks with their centers here, some sort of a dirty thing; you see, if they had nothing to do, they start doing all these dirty things and in that they must have seen from outside the center you can move, because of sympathetic movement, the face of the Ganesha. And Ganesha has a trunk like this and they must have confused that trunk to be the energy, possible. We can say that because in a mental projection anything is possible. So they might have taken that as a hint that that is the energy which we have to utilize, which was a very gross mistake and they went very wrong there because the energy, is Pure Energy, lies over this center. 

Now the importance of this center is that it is innocent, like a child; child doesn’t understand sex, does it? It’s a child and that’s what Christ has said that if you are to be born again you have to be like a child. Means what happens – that this center just stops all excretion and becomes innocent like a child, you become like a child, yourself, and the whole situation changes because when the Kundalini has to raise you have to put the hands like this, faced towards me. Now the messages pass through your hands inside your being and they are carried out to this center; and in this center is the Deity and that Deity informs the Kundalini, there is a message system. That’s is a thing now doctors know about, thanks God, that there is a message system. And this message is sent to the Kundalini that now there is somebody who knows about Kundalini, who is a master of Kundalini, or whatever it is, so you may raise and She raises. But if this center is ruined absolutely by the tomfoolery of people then it is difficult to make the Kundalini raise despite the fact that one can try and one can work it out. 

Now when the hands are put like this, these are all the five, six and seven left hand centers, these are emotional centers of the sympathetic nervous system and these are 7 centers of the parasympathetic nervous system. So what happens that – like this we can put it simple to understand – that this is the central path and this is the left and this is the right. [Shri Mataji shows with her hands] In the gross we call it the sympathetic system left and right and then is the parasympathetic. But in the subtle we call it as the Ida Nadi on the left side and on the right side we call it as the Pingala Nadi and in the centre we call it as the Sushumna Nadi. These are subtle nadis which you can yourself see when you start raising the Kundalini, you can feel them. When balancing people you have to balance it, it all can be seen  and worked out, just like science. It’s a science  of God’s love, it’s perfect, hundred percent it works out; it is so surprising how it works. So we enter into the realm of you, our Spirit. We’ve become entitled and empowered and we start feeling the raising of the Kundalini; also you can see in some people pulsation of the Kundalini raising, you can feel the pulsation on top of your head and then you can feel the Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost coming out of it. 

Now Holy Ghost is a mystery, as you know, in the Bible. And as I’ve told again that to think that there is a Father, and the Son God and without the Mother is an absurd situation. How can you get it? There has to be the Mother. And they avoided this motherhood, I don’t know why. They just didn’t want to talk about the motherhood because [UNCLEAR] and the men wanted to rule the women or whatever it is. They never talked about the Holy Ghost. Christ did not talk because His Mother was the Holy Ghost and didn’t want to direct all the attention of the negative forces on the Mother because that could have been very dangerous. And that’s the reason He didn’t talk about Her. But in so many ways He said that, “I will send you the Holy Ghost” and “I will send you this…” and all those things. 

Whatever it is, at this stage one has to understand that within us is placed a beautiful computer. We are not without our Creator, He has created us, we have not created ourselves. We have become human beings through His grace, through His work. We must accept it; in a very humble way we must accept it that we have not created these eyes – we cannot; we have not created this body but there is somebody else who has done it. Whether we like it or not that force exists. Now that force if it has created, this whole universe it has created, it will have to see to the completion of that and that completion time has come today. That has come today. But we have to turn back. Now we have done whatever was possible on the outside, on the tree level, but now we have to go inside the roots to find out what are the problems within us: why we suffer from these things, why do we have this kind of mixed ideas, why human beings hate human beings – worse than any animals can hate. I mean, have you heard of any animal making an atom bomb to kill another, just to push a button on and then finish off? This kind of stupidity only is possible at the level of human beings and this they are doing out and out, a very serious business. The worse part of it, they do it so seriously. They have conferences for this; all of them will sit down and consider how to destroy other human beings. It’s a very funny situation and you have no way to get out of this vicious circle except that you have to become your Spirit. 

Now, when you become the Spirit you realize one thing immediately, first thing that happens to you is that you know that you are part and parcel of the whole, that you become collectively conscious. Now some people told me that, “Mother, don’t use this word ‘collectively conscious’ because they’ll think we are Jungian.” I mean Jung was a realized soul so if he’s called it as “collectively conscious” it’s the truth. Everybody says the same thing. After all if that is the Truth, that is what it is. So I will say it is collectively conscious but there is a cosmic consciousness, that can come later on. But just now first a person becomes collectively conscious, his hands starts speaking, all his fingertips, the centers that are within you and the centers that are in other persons, he starts feeling that the other is within.

Like a person, one of my disciples in Austria, had a pain here [Shri Mataji point her ear] and I felt the same here and I knew it was he who has suffered. So I just rubbed it like that, so it’s better, that’s all. On the telephone also you can cure a person. That looks all miraculous and so fantastic that people can’t believe it. They think how that can be, what is Mother saying? But you do not know how fantastic you are. God has created you so fantastically. Have any idea as to how fantastic you are? You are marvelling at all these computers and all these things that you’ve produced. It is nothing compared to what God has within, He has built beautiful intercommunication, everything so well that it is surprising how it works out. And I’ll give you an example of a person who came to me and he could not believe that he has become collectively conscious. He could not believe it though he has become it but it is difficult for human beings to believe themselves. They’ve become so much hopeless that they can’t believe that it is happening, they can’t believe it. So he said, “Mother, you said that we can feel it on collective consciousness. Anything?” I said, “Yes, you can, you try.” He said, “I am worried about my father.” I said, “Alright. You put your hands like this and ask ‘What’s wrong? How is my father?’, just like that.” And he got a hot feeling here [Shri Mataji points to the base of her index finger] and he became very [UNCLEAR]. He said, “Oh, I’m getting quite hot feeling here.” I said, “Alright. That means this suggests this center, it’s collective. Now that means your father – you see, this is all father’s thing“, only he and me got it, no one else. “This is your father’s thing and this means that your father is down with bad bronchitis.” He telephoned and his mother came on the phone and said that, “Your father is down with bad bronchitis.” And when I told him how to cure it within three hours he was out of bed. 

This can be done. If you can do it with your ether and all those things, these telecommunications, do you think all this knowledge has come to you from outside? It is whatever is within you. Thousand years of evolution you’ve being creating on outside. And all that is within you is such a fantastic [UNCLEAR] being. Only thing you have to know your Self, you have to become your Self. Once you become your Self it’s extremely fantastic. 

Like I tell you one other example of a doctor who met me in America and he was suffering from diabetes. And he said that the peptones or peptides – whatever you may call them, they have a kind of a structure which is spiral. Of course the movement has to be spiral to have some sustenance within it. And he said whatever amount of amino acids you take or whatever combinations you may try, once you get diabetes they cannot be build up, only five percent you can build them up, a little spiral thing in them. But with Sahaja Yoga he said he is again normal and he can’t understand. Because he has got back his sustenance. Again he has gone back into normal and he has no diabetes at all. The gentleman would be coming to New York and if you come to our seminar you can meet him. And there are many like that. The one who spoke to you is also a doctor himself. And he was himself saying this morning that it is so fantastic that one cannot believe how your body is a doctor itself, how your body can diagnose everything and has all the purity powers within itself. It is something so remarkable. 

And it is essential that at this juncture when we have problems of our health, our mind –  every third person is a schizophrenic here, all paranoid, and when we have problems of political and economic nature, you should understand that there is something missing within us. There is something that we cannot see in darkness’s time. And this darkness has to be removed. Only the light can remove darkness and this light is the Spirit which must be enlightened. 

Now today as I said I have to give an introductive lecture. I don’t know, I’ve been lecturing now for the last two months continuously every night and I don’t know what an introduction to Sahaja Yoga is but already I’ve told you that “sahaja”, “saha” means “with” and “ja” means “born”, is born. It’s called Sahaja Yoga. Yoga means union with the Divine, the All-pervading Power. Yoga also has another meaning – yu-kti: the trick of deftness. If you become the master you become deft with it; you should know the true knowledge of the technique of handling this power – that is also yoga. Yoga has two meanings: one is the union, another is kaushalam which is called as an adeptness;  and this adeptness you should be able to do marvels. 

This is the only solution for the whole human race. They may  not like it when I say that. All your artificial things will drop. They have no meaning. There is no sustenance in them. While the sustenance that is within you Spirit has to come in your attention, in your central nervous system, you have to feel the Spirit shining through then only you can understand that you are your Self – the glorious thing. And that this your Self knows each and every thing, there is a library which you don’t have to consult – automatically, spontaneously you can do so many things. But to look at, for human being it is too much, it should be difficult, it’s all ego business, all exterior. What is difficult? Any vital thing that you do is not difficult. Like supposing you have to breath. If for that you have to read and consult [UNCLEAR] nobody will exist. Anything that is vital is spontaneous and knows to work. You know how to breath, you know how to think, you know how to feel, you know how to hold, those are all spontaneous within us and that is what one has to know that if this is vital, this evolution if it is vital, it has to be spontaneous and you cannot pay for it. God does not understand money, this is all absolutely a pervert idea that you can pay for it. Absolutely absurd because how can you pay? I mean there is no value system in it. How can you work it out? That you can pay for it, you can do this, this shows that people have no idea as to what Spirit is. 

You cannot pay for the Spirit, Spirit is invaluable. And such a person has no interest in your purse at all because such a person has to be just compassion, compassion that is forgiveness, that is love, that is complete understanding and patience, which cannot be somebody who doesn’t have these qualities and just asking for money for courses. You cannot have a course; just understand – it’s not possible to have a course for this. Some people tell me, “You can have a course in Sahaja Yoga.” How can you have? Can you have a course in growing trees? Can you tell the tree how to grow? This is a living process of the living force of the living God. When we talk that we must know we are dealing with living things and not with dead which we can manoeuvre. Only after Realization you can manoeuvre this living force because it starts flowing through you – you become a person who is egoless, you become a holy person – it just flows, you don’t have to do anything about it. Then how can you take money for it? I mean it’s just flowing, it’s just working out, you just can’t help it. See somebody is part and parcel of you – supposing this finger, there is something wrong with this finger and you are trying to cure this finger. Are you obliging this finger in any way or what are you doing? Just you are finding your own soothing quality helping to sooth yourself. That’s what it is where nobody is the other, what is this social work mixed up with God? God has not created your social problems. If you are doing your social work, you do, it’s all right but don’t bring God within it. God does its work spontaneously, it just flows, it just works out and this is what is called as Ritambhara PrAgnya, meaning the knowledge of enlightenment about the All-pervading Power which creates the different seasons, the different beauty, spontaneously. Once you have that knowledge you have no other problem. And for this knowledge you cannot charge any money. I mean so many people told me that, “to get to these intellectuals, Mother, you have …”. Of course. I said, “But how can I?” Because there are ten people coming to me, somebody gets the Realization, settles down there – finished; another one goes up and down, third one never raises. Now how do you have a course? For individual you can have a course or what? 

See, it is something so different that people don’t understand that you don’t have now climb up on the tree  but you have to go down to the roots and for that your movement itself is your own course of movement. You can see a little root cell which is at the tip which is so wise, which follows a course. It sees a big boulder, it doesn’t fight, it goes around, uses that boulder for tying up the tree. That’s the wisdom you develop and that cell, this little cell that has that wisdom, you become aware of that wisdom within yourself and you start seeing everything in that wisdom and you are amazed at yourself. I hope it will work out in these three days when I am here and then we are going to have a seminar for you. And this time I think I have given a lot of time for New York to see that some people in New York really become solid knowledge of Sahaja Yoga. 

Today I would say it is not Sahaja Yoga anymore, it is a Maha Yoga because it is working out en-masse – thousands of people can get Realization; has happened in the villages, some of you who have been there have seen it. But in the villages people are simple, they get their Realization in no time. And thus this has to work on mass level if people have it, understand the importance of it.

May God bless you all.

I hope to have some questions for me, sensible ones, not [UNCLEAR]. To understand that it is God’s work one has to really go deep into it, with shallowness you cannot. You don’t have to look at it from shallow point of view, outwardly. It’s a deep thing that has to happen to all of you, it has to work out and it works out. Then you have to grow into it and you have to master it by not domination but by nourishing, nourishing others, loving others, being kind to others, sharing with others. All the individualism drops out and you become part and parcel of the whole ocean of love. 

May God bless you all. 

[a Sahaja Yogi requests to turn the air conditioning on]

It’s alright, if you’ve got. You see the heat is coming out of the body and after some time the cool breeze will come out of you. You’ll become like an air conditioner yourself. 

You ask me, one by one. Alright?

Question: What is the difference between social work and God’s work?

It’s very simple to understand. God’s work is something that we cannot do: like we cannot transform the flowers into fruit, it’s a living work, we cannot do it, human beings can’t do it. Now what we do is dead work, like a tree is dead – we make a chair, then we use the chair; then we become the slave of the chair, we can’t sit on the ground. This is man’s work – he creates all problems for himself morning till evening. And God’s work is to solve the problems. But it is not the social work. Now people do social work. They think that – many people believe – that if you change the [UNCLEAR] of one man for example, they change human beings. Now luckily I’ve travelled all over the world, I’ve seen all kinds of problems, all kinds. You may call it communism, capitalism, socialism, dictators, every sort of thing I’ve seen. Human beings are just the same everywhere – same greedy caps, there is no change at all. All exactly the same, little very little, individually, depending on bringing they have, education but mostly they are all the same. No one man can change human beings transforming them. No social work can transform them, no social work can transform them. At the most… Supposing somebody is a drug dealer. Now you might, by conditioning and all that, you may just stop this thing but the transformation – the kind of a transformation I am saying which is a living transformation from an egg to a bird – that cannot be achieved. So all the so-called social work is your doing, is human beings’ have done and whether you do it or undo it, it’s your job, is your headache, it’s not the headache of God. It’s your doing. But when you bring God in between like, “This is God’s work”; this is your work, that’s all it is, it’s not God’s work. God’s work is fantastic, you cannot do it until you have after Realization.

I went to a village called Rahuri and I was going through an agricultural area. Suddenly I saw a beautiful farm and I said, “Whose farm is this?” They said, “This belongs to one of the Sahaja Yogi.” So I asked the Sahaja Yogi, “What did you do with it?” So he said, “Nothing, I just vibrated the water of my well and that vibrated water is doing all this. And I am not using anything like an artificial manuring or any hybrid staff because it doesn’t have the taste. And the colour of the water was so beautiful and the wheat was just like Persian. I was myself surprised at the [UNCLEAR].

So this is God’s work. This kind of work we have never seen before so we don’t know. Just touching somebody you can cure, talking on the telephone you can cure people, that is God’s work. But social work is artificial. You can make chairs, you can make beds for our sick, you can make a halls for [UNCLEAR], this is your own work, it’s nothing to do with God. You are the ones who have created poverty, richness, this, that nonsense, you have done it, God has not done it. So you better face it and you correct it, that’s your work. But God has nothing do with it, He does fantastic things. Old Sahaja Yogis, there are people who came to me and in the front row they were sitting and went just jumping out of their chairs. I said, “What’s the matter with you?” They said, “Our guru has awaken our Kundalini.” I said, “What?” – “Yes, it is written”, they showed me in the book that when your Kundalini is awakened you have to jump like a frog, can you imagine? I said, ”Are you going to become a frog?” Anybody can jump, what is so great about it? Even with a little bit jump, like the horse people do it – they develop a kind of a mounting heap and you can jump like that, so what is so great? Is this what God is going to give? So all these nonsensical things that we do in the name of God, we are just wasting our energy. Better reach your Self, it is yours. God’s work is fantastic and that can only be done by people who have got the Spirit shining in them, cannot be done by others.

Question: Granted the sincere desire, what is the starting part of Self-realization?

That is the question. Alright, that’s a good question. That I will tell you just now. Alright? That’s a very simple thing. Only sincere desire is the first and the last step you have to take, the rest I’ll look after. Then you can look after all. That’s all. That’s the best thing that you can do – is to have plenty of desire to be Self-realized.

a Sahaja Yogi: Shri Mataji is going to give you the Experience tonight.

Shri Mataji: Yes. But then you can give it to others also. 

Question: When you say you are a Mother, you mean a mother for all of us or for somebody in particular?

You see, I am very careful, it is for you to decide. I will never say… I will never force my motherly love on you. You see, you have to be very careful with human beings. Christ said, “I am the Path and the Light, and the Gate.” And they crucified him. He was, He was absolutely that and they just crucified Him. I am just a woman, I’m not going to say this. If you like you can call me “Mother”, if you like you can call me “Shri Mataji”, if you like you can call me “Mrs. Srivastava”, whichever will you like. I am not going to force anything on you because I don’t want to behind gates before I finish my job. Human beings are very vindictive. Because they are ignorant they can do anything, they have no laws. And the law can be also very blind, they crucified Christ.

Question: I’ve had the experience of Self-realization with her by it didn’t last more than five days. So I’ve been working on the chakras. How do you address the problem of the pancreas?

Oh, pancreas is… I’ll tell you the method, it’s a very simple method for the pancreas, it’s not difficult at all. You see there is a mantra for that and if you know how to do it, how to give yourself a balance, all those things we’ll teach you and it can be stopped in no time. It’s very simple. 

a sahaja yogi: Perhaps you can explain that the Kundalini raises and then it goes to work on the different centers.

Shri Mataji: But that is true because you see, what happens: at the first shot the Kundalini sees me, like a big flood it comes to me, it gives you Realization, no doubt. Then it goes back and tries to take care of it. For example in your case, supposing the pancreas is out of gear, it is looking after the pancreas and it is curing it. But in any case you can expedite it by your understanding how to cure the pancreas, what’s the problem you have, alright. For that you have to come to our center. 

A sahaja yogi: But has she lost Realization during that time?

Shri Mataji: No, she has not. Your path is alright, only the light has gone back, it can come back again. You see, the Realization point is the awakening first and the Kundalini after it. Then the second part is piercing of this bone. Third is the establishing. So the piercing has taken place, it is ok and that’s how it worked then. And then again it is has gone back and it’s working on your Kundalini. But it will be a slow movement if you do not try to handle it – now you can handle it, not before, you can handle it. If you handle it can be a fast movement.

Question: My question may be regarded as personal. When 12 years ago you devised a way of working it out on the Kundalini. It awakens that power in each one of us in the same way or you and your Kundalini is something superior to the Kundalini which is within us?

Don’t you think you should find out yourself, sir? Isn’t it proper that I should not boost about it? It’s better you find it out. You’ll find it out in no time, it’s not difficult to find out. It has to be little bigger, better, has to be. But what is it, you have to find out for yourself, you’ll find out in no time. We are going to do it and we are going to talk about it.

Question: Can you explain what your mission is, Shri Mataji?

When all the world will get enlightened. I’m telling you what my mission is. You see, mine is a mission that we have to now become aware of our roots, of our potential, of our Spirit. And my mission is, if you call it a mission, to bring your attention to it and to achieve, if possible, in you that happening, it’s a happening. Alright?

Question: If you say that this process is as natural as breathing, it’s automatic, then how long one needs to be an expert?

To become that? Till you become one, a master yourself, you have to work it out. It can be one day, it can be one month, it can be two years. I’ve not met anybody who took years, so far. There is no time, there is no time, it’s beyond time. There is nothing like measured time. For any individual it can be anything depending on what sort of a quality you are. Like some seeds sprout, let’s say some sprout after ten years, it’s like that. It’s not such a fixed thing. But most of them get Realization in no time, within one or two days they all get Realization and they settle down within a month’s time but you have to work it out, properly. Like the seed that sprouts you have to settle it, you have to look after it. If you have to allow it to grow, when it grows it grows, you cannot measure time. It’s like this, you are on a bicycle, you say, “Mother, when am I steady?” When you are steady then you are steady. How much time it will take? The time it will take, it will take. Some people steady on the bicycle in one day, some take one month, isn’t it?

Question: You said the Kundalini was known thousands of years ago. Why is it that you are special and why is it that nobody knew nothing obvious in the intervening time?

They knew. Who told you they did not know? But you did not know. They all knew about it. They all knew. And if I am special what is your objection to that? But this I can’t understand. I mean, supposing you know how to drive and I don’t know how to drive. Alright, you know how to drive. I know only one thing – to open the Kundalini. I don’t know even to open a plastic bag. [UNCLEAR]. Otherwise I know the job, I just know Kundalini, that’s all. Somebody has to know. If you can do it, nothing like it. It’s a good job, you can do and I will have nothing to do. But supposing somebody knows it, then why have an objection to that? These are things I just can’t understand. It is only in the West I’ve seen this. I means somebody knows the job, he knows the job. What can you do about it? And I can’t answer this question because I really know it. I’m sorry. 

Question referred: A lady in the audience talks about grounding techniques and visualizing oneself grounded in the earth. It this part of the technique of Kundalini?

No, no, no, not at all. You see, this is what visualization [is], that means that you believe. If you see the light then you are not the light, you have to be the light. There is no mental professing it involved at all, actually you go beyond your mind. 

Question: Is the age an important factor in so far as the chakras may have been badly damaged and therefore make it more difficult for Kundalini to work?

It’s sometimes I’ve seen age reduces the main power of people, I’ve seen that , little bit. The eyesight gets weaker, they’ve used it too much, but it can be awakened. My eldest son is only 109 years of age, you can imagine and he is ok. Age has little problems sometimes. But one should not think about anything at all. It will work out, it has worked out little problems but it should not worry you at all. It’s the pancreas in your case, not the age. If one is not happy and enjoy one also can get diabetes. So it is not that, you just don’t worry about anything. 

A sahaja yogi: Shall we have the Experience?

Shri Mataji: I’ll have that, one more, the gentleman there.

Question: You spoke of Christ and presumably He had the knowledge of the chakras and all of this subtle body…

Shri Mataji: Of course.

Question: Would Christians by invoking Christ awaken the Kundalini and enlighten the centers? Did He control the centers and stimulate their growth?

Shri Mataji: Yes, Christ is here, at this point. And the thing is human mind is such a funny thing, my child, that when Christ came they talked of Moses, they won’t listen to Him. Now I’ve come, so you talk of Christ so never get your Realization. Now I am here before you, living at this time, at present time. Why not understand it from me? And I’ll make you understand about Christ also. Why should people stick to these people who are no more there to answer their questions? Will He answer your question now? I have to answer your question, isn’t it? Why don’t you see we have to be in the present? Is He here just now? Why should we stick to Him? Now what is the reason the psychology is… Do you what is psychology? The psychology is that dead are  better than the living, it’s better to handle them. Those who say they are connected with the Christ I’ve found they are anti-Christ, some of them are absolutely against Christ. That’s why Christ has said, “You will be calling me, ‘Christ, Christ, and I won’t recognize you.’” He said it clearly, for the same reason. It’s a common human nature, I don’t know why they stick on to the past? They don’t exist. When Christ came they crucified Him because He said He is not Moses. That’s exactly the same. I’m sitting here, you better take advantage of me. Otherwise you will miss me and when I will die you’d tell the second person that, “What about her?”

Let’s have the experience which is a simple thing to do, it’s the simplest thing to do. This mental projection will not lead you anywhere. It is just all the time, if you see behind most of the questions is, “Why not I?”  You do it, but you can’t. You must understand I have to get nothing out f you. It’s a thankless job. One has to work very hard, 24 hours I have to work and you know I have a very loving husband and a very good family. I’ve no problems of any kind. But I have to do it because I’m supposed to do it. If you can do it, I would love to retire. But can you do it? No. So forget it, let me do my job and then you will start doing it. Once I’ve started in you, you will start doing it. But anybody could, one can give Realization, he has given Realization to so many people himself. But somebody has to start or not? What’s the use of fighting whether the hen came first or the egg came first? 

Let’s have it. Get out of this vicious circle. I am not going to take anything from you, taking it from me. Alright? Nothing has to be surrendered, only the ignorance. Humble down, one has to humble down. One must know we have not known so far. Actually the problem in the West is that they are very naive; they are not interested  getting it at all, they don’t know what it is. That’s the worst part of it – it is a  difficult thing struggling. But doesn’t matter because you are saints, you are seekers, you must get it, it’s your right to have it. I am like a banker, why not cash your check? Really I am the person who cashes your check, it’s like this. Now beyond that there is this kind of a funny fear, there should be no fear about it. It’s your own thing, within you. It’s your Kundalini within, it’s your Spirit. See, there’s the lady here, she says she had the experience why not you ask for it? She is the view of that kind before you:  that you are great, you are glorious, you are the Spirit and you have to wake up, that’s all. Am I saying anything wrong? Why should be there any bad feeling about it? Whether I do it or you do it, makes no difference. 

But last of all I have to say that I can’t guarantee. It may work, may not work. That’s the truth. I may work, it may not work. I cannot say 100 percent that you’ll get it, you may get it, may not get it. So be humble about it. If you get it that’s a great thing. But if you don’t get it then I am not responsible. One has to ask for it. We’ll try today, we’ll try tomorrow, we’ll try the day after, we’ll try later on but whether you get it or not is your own luck, it’s your own chance, it’s your own preparation, isn’t it? The candle which is enlighten can enlighten another candle one but whether it’s definitely enlightened the other candle you cannot say, when that candle is full of water, it cannot. So it is your [UNCLEAR]. So have a very sensible and wise attitude that I have to have it, it is within me, I have to have it. You have to have a sincere desire, like the other gentleman said. That’s the only thing, is use your desire. Don’t worry about anything else. You must have a sincere desire to become the Spirit and then you grow into it. Alright. So I hope you are now satisfied about it and you are going to work it out. Actually it’s the other around: instead of you asking me to do something, I have to ask you to do something.

A sahaja yogi: Please everyone slip your shoes off so that the earth will suck the vibrations.

And you have to be fair to yourself, that’s the main thing I’m telling you as a Mother, that you must give full chance for it to work out instead of thinking about something, “I believe and I think…”.  All these things you give up for the time being. With that you have achieved nothing so just can’t compare it. Just become pure Spirit in all your pure desire, because Kundalini is the pure desire about which I’ll tell you tomorrow, on Wednesday. Tomorrow is no program.

Now, put your both the hands towards me like this. Sit with your both the feet on the ground. Everything we do it’s a purpose. There is nothing like mesmerism in it so please close your eyes. You have to keep your eyes shut because when this happening takes place, we are giving Realization to the people, when we will do that if the eyes are open Kundalini will not rise and nothing is going to clear you, to help you, so please keep your eyes shut. Because your attention is sucked in with this happening. If you just keep your eyes you will not feel anything, except that you will feel absolutely thoughtless, there is no thought in you. You should be cheerful and you must have respect for yourself.

Now there is guilt in the mind. So first thing you have to do is to say in your heart – If you don’t want to call me “Mother” or anything, whichever you may want to call me – you have to say, “I am not guilty.” Within your heart you have to say, “I am not guilty.” You have to respect because you are the temple of God. So with a cheerful mind we will sit down. And don’t try to fight your thoughts, they will just subside by themselves, you don’t have to oppose your thoughts. And now don’t try to count what wrong you have done in the past, you have to be in the present. So forget everything about the past, don’t blame yourself for anything, don’t feel guilty. Please don’t feel guilty that stops the Kundalini from raising. It would be better if you  remove your hats because the heat needs to come out of your head, that will help. Be kind to yourself and don’t feel guilty, just be very kind to ourself.

Now the left hand is the hand of your desire, of your desire to be the Spirit and the right side is the action. Now this power  is to be used to raise the Kundalini. As I said in the introduction it is spontaneous, it works spontaneously, thousands of people get Realization. But when people are complicated we have to little bit manoeuvre the centers, we have to be little bit correcting them. And how we do it? For which you don’t open your eyes. I will tell you where to put your right hand. Left hand should stay here on the lap, very comfortably you should be sitting. And now right hand you put it on your heart, just on the left. It is very important because people in the West specially are very hard working and all the time futuristic and that’s how you have pressure on your hearts. Now to release it you have to say, if you want to call me mother, “Mother, I am the Spirit.” In your heart you have to say, “I am the Spirit.” Just it’s a suggestion. You are giving in my presence yourself an assertion, “Mother, I am the Spirit.” If you are not so sure you can ask a question, “Mother, am I the Spirit?”Try it, sincerely, because you are your Spirit, no doubt about it.

Now the other center is on the left side of your stomach. Please bring down your right hand to the left side of your stomach. Here, this is the center of the Primordial Master. And as the Spirit is your master and guide you have to assert 10 times, to say, “Mother, I’m my own guide, I’m my own guru, I’m my own master.” Ten times you have to say that. Please don’t feel guilty. Without feeling guilty you should say it. You are thinking that, “How can I say that I am this one, that one – it is not proper.” Please say this with full understanding that the Spirit is the master and if you become the Spirit you are the master.  

Now take your right hand back on the heart and this time 12 times, because there are 12 petals to this center, you have to say with full assertion, without feeling guilty – which I say hundredth time, without feeling guilty – you have to say, “Mother, I am the Spirit.” With full faith in yourself.

We’ll be telling why are we doing it later on. Now do not try to enlighten it now, you just see what we are doing. It’s alright, there is nothing wrong with it, just do it and we’ll explain to you later on why we are doing it. Alright?

Now, keep your eyes shut. Now put the right hand on the base of your neck, on the shoulder and push back your head a little, from the side. Put the hand from the front, not from the back, at the base of your neck, on the shoulder. This is the left side of the Vishuddhi chakra. You must have noticed we are working on the left side of all the centers. Now we see. Press it hard, hold it tight and push back your head a little. Do it on the left hand side so you have to take your hand to the back , hold it tight. This is a very important place because if this is caught up then you develop diseases like angina. This is the center which we call as the Left Vishuddhi and it’s caught up when you feel guilty. It’s a fashion I think for people to feel guilty. So you tell yourself that you are not guilty at all, do it 16 times. And if you have a habit of feeling guilty better you tell it two times. There is no need to be serious about it, we have done no wrongs, nothing, so don’t feel guilty. For heaven’s sake, don’t feel guilty. The more we say about the more people start thinking that they are guilty.

Put your right hand across your forehead. This is a very important center. Please all of you should do it otherwise what’s the use of sitting here? Just wasting your time and mine. Please do it. Aren’t you interested in your Realization? Why don’t you do it? Just do it. Why don’t you get your Realization? Something I can’t understand. All today you have come here to get your Realization. Now at this point is a center again called as Agnya chakra, at this point you have to forgive everyone. You just say, “I forgive everyone.” Now you might say that to forgive is a difficult. It is imaginary because it’s a myth. When you don’t forgive anyone what do you do? You do nothing. You are harming yourself. Forgive everyone, sincerely forgive everyone.

Now put your right hand back, on the back side of the head, hold it tight. Now without feeling guilty you have to say to God Almighty or to whatever, whichever you think is the one who has created you, to your Creator that, “If I have done any mistake, please forgive me.” Without feeling guilty, just say that. 

Now put your right hand on your head, press it hard. The center of your palm should be on your fontanel bone area where it was a soft bone as a child and press it hard. This one in Sanskrit is called as Brahmarandra, it’s the hole through which the Kundalini ascends and you enter into the subtler consciousness of collective consciousness or we can say the super consciousness. Press it hard and move it clockwise. At this point I cannot cross your freedom. You have to say that you want your Realization, you have to say it seven times, “Mother, we want our Realization. I want my Realization. Please give me my Self-realization.” I cannot force it on you. Say it seven times please.

Now bring back this hand onto the lap, just bring it and don’t open your eyes. Now put back your left hand little higher and see if there is cool breeze coming out from your head, with the left hand you can test it now. Left hand on top of your head, about 4 – 5 inches above, just move it forward backward and see if there is a cool breeze coming out of your head. Little higher. Don’t feel guilty. If it is not coming doesn’t mean you should feel guilty. Today is the first day. Change your hands and see now. Put your left hand on your lap please and see with your another hand, just see, take it higher, a little bit.

Good. You got back your Realization now? Check it over again and see for yourself. First of all you see that you get the cool breeze in your head, then we’ll see about the hands. Be sure that you’ve got, you can feel each other, also you can feel the heads of other people if they’ve got it; your friend, the person sitting next to you if they’ve got it. With both the hands you can feel it, one hand on the lap, you can change. And then keep the smile.

Now don’t think about it, it can happen without thinking. This is the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost, Chaitanya Lahiri of the Adi Shakti.

Now I will teach you how to raise your own Kundalini, that is important. When you go home you have to do it and here also I’ll teach you so that as already I’ve told you, you should not lose your Realization and should grow into it. But doesn’t matter, even if you lose your vibrations, tomorrow again it can be re-established. 

It’s a very simple method. You may open your eyes but you don’t think. Without thinking you should watch me what I’m telling you. It’s a very simple method of raising your own Kundalini. It comes from your hands, the power is flowing though you are not feeling it, it’s very subtle but it is there. Now what you do is to put the left hand in front of you like you see, just like that. You put the left hand. The right hand on top, in front, below, behind, like that. Then both the hands go up like that as we are raising our own Kundalini, watching  the left hand we go up like that. Now loosen your shoulders, just loosen them, push back your head and give it a twist with your hands. Hands are very important in Sahaja Yoga. Now give it a knot. Alright. Now again we do it. Now push back your head again and give it a knot. You must loosen your shoulders when you go up to make your hands more sensible. Again, this time three times you have to give a knot: one, two and three. It’s a simple exercise but now you will see, it’ll show on your hands if you put your hands towards me. Some might feel little tingling, doesn’t matter. That can be corrected, the hot is there, some sort of a [UNCLEAR].

You can raise your hands like this. Absolutely be loose when you’re raising them.  And now in your heart you have to ask the question, “Is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost?”, just ask the question. All of you ask the question, you’ll feel the cool breeze. Now see your hands are more [UNCLEAR], it’s a subtle thing. So from the gross to the subtle when you are moving it has to develop, see for yourself. Better now on the hands? Better? [UNCLEAR]. Now you have to also learn what these centers mean and everything is to be decoded and you have to verify. And tomorrow I think I’ll tell you all about the left side and the right side, all about the diseases, the troubles, the psychosomatic problems, computations, everything. 

Now everything I’ve told you is the knowledge of the roots and was talked about it [UNCLEAR]. After the sixth century there was a big attack and the [UNCLEAR] coming in and they really ruined lots of things. But still in the sixth century Adi Shankaracharya talked about everything. Then we have people like Guru Nanaka and Kabira, and all these people who openly talked about it but in a poetic form. But the time has now come for the en-mass realization and that has to be worked out, and it works, no doubt. It has worked and you should work it, all of you, that’s what is it. So now you go home and don’t think of it, give rest to your brain. Let’s see how it settles down in all of you. 

May God bless you.

This is all your own which I’ve given to you, I have nothing to do with it.