Really discover of what you are

The Community Church of New York, New York City (United States)

1983-10-19 Really discover of what you are, New York City, United States, 78' Chapters: Talk, Q&A
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1983-10-19 Public Program, Intro Modi, New York, 29'
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Public Program Day 2

Shri Mataji Talk – Transcript of Public Program Day 2 New York 19-10-1983

Shri Mataji: To all the seekers of truth, I bow.

People are seeking today everywhere. The seeking is there. It’s sort of an upsurge of seeking. People are talking about seeking, they are writing about seeking, they are asking. For something. What they are asking for, what they are expecting, is not known to many of them. But, one thing is there. That they know why they are seeking.

They are seeking because the atmosphere has that fragrance. That invites the bees from far-off places. The atmosphere is charmed with the beautiful aura that the flowers are out. Perhaps people are not aware of that. But they are definitely aware that wherever they are, they are not satisfied. And some of them are absolutely frustrated with what their life as human beings is. Absolutely frustrated with it.

So they may not even be aware of the promises in the air. They are definitely aware that wherever they are, there is a problem. A life that’s a struggle. Life that is not fulfilment. Life that is going on with a relative world, with relativity. There is no absolute to depend on. There is confusion. You don’t know what to choose, what to see, what to depend on. Who to call the real, who to call the unreal?

Whether it is nice to be married or unmarried. Whether it is nice to be democratic or socialistic. Whether it is right to be individualistic or capitalistic or any other “stics” as they are. All these things confuse the human mind. And they don’t know what to do now. We have done our level best.

At this juncture, we have to remember the scriptures which have said that you are to be born again. You are to be born again. Now, this can be literally taken by people, “We are to be born again”. So we are eggs and now we are to be born as birds again. Because in the Sanskrit language a bird is also called as a “dwijaha”. And a realised soul is also called as “dwijaha”. Means first you are an egg and then you become a bird – a second birth.

But there are people who can just certify. The myth goes hand-in-hand with it. All the time the myth is carried too far with the truth, till you really discover what you are. But to that point, you have a sheaf of myths which are difficult to be dropped out – unless and until you become the truth. The sheaf of myths is so thick sometimes, that even the Divine does not want to go near that. Wants to recede away from that.

And this is what exactly we are today facing. The myths on one side just covering you up on all four fronts, while you are getting out of it – discarding one by one. The falsehood has one great quality – that it all gets exposed and falls off. But takes time. And that is why in Sahaja Yoga today, we don’t need time. “Tatshan” (that very moment) is the word in the Sanskrit language. Tatshan. At that moment.

In the dynamism of that moment, you get it. It had to be like that. There is no other way out. Because the moment you allow it to linger, the myth crawls upon it. And that is why one has to get rid of the time factor completely.

Many people you have heard have said that first, you must cleanse yourself, you must study this,
Study that. You go through this kind of penance and you go through that kind of a thing. That doesn’t work out. The more you try to do like this, the myth crawls up. Then you get involved in the myth. Better have a jet kundalini now, in modern times. As you have developed the jet, let’s also develop the kundalini at the same speed. The speed has to be so great that in the split of a second, the kundalini must rise.

It was all to be so. And that is how it is. I think it is quite timely. As all the myths are gradually dropping out. And the thin sheath, whatever is left, can be penetrated through. Here is your kundalini, settled down quite nicely, just waiting for this moment. She is there, she is your mother – that is your mother. Now the quality of motherhood has not been understood so much in the West. But, maybe it has been discarded.

But in India, a mother is regarded as higher than anything else. There is a story of Shri Ganesha that His mother said that, “I have to give you a special present. And if you go round the Mother Earth three times; the one who does first, I will give the prize”. And the another son is Kartikeya. Ganesha is the wisdom. He is the embodiment of wisdom.

Ganesha thought, “Who is higher than My Mother, who is the Primordial Mother? So what is the need to go around Mother Earth. I better go around My Mother”. And He got the prize.

So the wisdom lies in understanding that motherhood is the complete fulfilment of your being. Whether you are a man or woman makes no difference. See, first the manliness of God, the wrathful God. The one like Shri Krishna who had to kill so many devils. At that time, the Mother also had to kill so many devils. She had to do it. She had to take that form only – whether She was a man or a woman, She had to become. A power of killing. “Samharshakti” as they call it.
Because that was the quality that had to develop in human beings.

Then the Son. The Son came as the embodiment of prayer. Of sacrifice. In your astrology, first the Aries, then the Pisces. And now the Aquarius. Aquarius is the mother. In the Sanskrit language, Kundalini is also called as “Kumbha”. Kumbha means Aquarius. Now, this has to fulfil. Has to nourish. Has to redeem you. Has to comfort you. If you are very thirsty and you come home, a glass of water comforts you.

And to also counsel. That is why Mr Modi when he was saying at the fag end of his lecture, “The learning in Sahaja Yoga is unending” – the learning he didn’t mean through books or understand through brains. But through experimentation, through the experiences you have.

So this is a special thing within us that is just resting, so people call that kundalini is sleeping. She is in three and a half coils. Now you may say, “Mother, why three and a half coils?”. It has a mathematical coefficient for eternity. That is why she is there in three and a half coils. It has many other things also.

That three and a half coils are the powers of the Primordial Mother. It is the left side and the right side and the central path. Left the comforter, right the counsellor, the centre the redeemer.

And the half is the complete. Is the Adishakti. The Primordial Mother Herself.

She is called residual because She manifests everything but remains the same as She is.

She is the reflection of the Divine Power of Love of God. Is known as the Holy Ghost in the Bible.
It is the Mother quality of God’s Love which creates through the right side, which desires through the left side and which sustains and evolves through the central side. These are the three powers which She works out. Through this central power also, we have become human beings.

And now, this residual power which has not manifested itself – the true desire, that has not manifested itself. True desire to be one with the Divine which has not yet shone its light. Has to rise, integrate these three powers at this point here and, to give you complete integration of your physical, mental and emotional side. All the three cosmoses are to be integrated within you, through this happening.

Now the trouble with the western mind, we must study. Eastern mind has its own problem; when I am with you, I am western Myself. So the trouble with the western mind is that the mind itself has started thinking. Everything they have to analyse. That is also, has come through a special happening in the brain. And also through the nature of life that they had to face.

Here in this country, it is very hard to live. Not because of the problems, I must say. But because, when they came here, nature was so much against them. They had to fight nature so much. It is such an extreme climate. To fight nature, they could not put the attention to something that is within.

At the time that people were fighting nature in England, in India people had reached very great heights of meditative achievements. The reason is that they did not have to bother about nature. They could live in a jungle. Even now. Happily. You could get the fruits. And there’s no problem from anything. Like a cold season coming, with icy things coming down.

And the meditative process started in India as far as you can trace it mythologically because historically, we are there for only three hundred years when the Britishers ruled us – according to them. But according to Indian history, we have been existing for thousands of years. Thousands and thousands of years back. Up to sixteen thousand years back, people have written about the meditative ascent. About what you achieve and what you feel.

Of course, it was not exposed so much. People did not talk about it. It was used only for one person here and one person there. It was only first talked, very openly by Adi Shankaracharya. Who tried to reform Hinduism on proper lines. Actually, according to Sahaja Yoga, he was Buddha reborn to correct people. Because Buddha had taken them from one line to another line. Because they had become very ritualistic. So he said, “All right. Take them down to something else”.

Like when they first started working on Kundalini, they started seeing the images. Because if you go from outside, you see the image. So they started worshipping the images. Buddha felt that now, talking about God has been too much. Because people started talking about God, people started thinking, “We are the chosen ones”. As we have many chosen ones in the West also. They started thinking, “We are the ones, we have achieved something”. So he said, “Don’t talk about God at all. Just don’t talk. Talk about Self-realisation”.

And that’s how he put them onto another side that there is only a formless God. Don’t talk of anything. Formless. About the All-pervading. About the Self. That’s all. Nothing beyond.

And then he had to come back again to tell people as Adi Shankaracharya that the forms are correct, no doubt. But you are not to be stuck up with the forms. The ascent of the kundalini has to take place. And it is he who very openly talked about the kundalini, in the sixth century. But just after his advent – you will be amazed – there was an upsurge of all negative forces in our country. Specially in the belt starting from the east to the west.

And very bad people – I should say, devils – came on this earth to establish cults and the things that you have today. Same style of things; most of them connected with the sex. Ruining the complete moral sense and the sustenance of human beings. Chastity is the sustenance of human beings. If you have no sense of sustenance, you are not a human being anymore. But this was flouted completely because Adi Shankaracharya, all the time insisted, that innocence is the most important thing that human beings must have.

At no cost, they should accept anything that is not innocent. So there was a big attack on innocence. And the innocent people. And they befooled the kings. They befooled the people. There is a big history about it. And they established their own temples. And they established their own nonsensical things. But to the general public, it was nothing. It was a nonsensical phase that came and went away.

Of course, not to the Western people. If you see the Western people going down there, they will put their zoom lenses, you see. And see all microscopic things. So particular to see all these things. To them, it is such a great education. Can you imagine? To them, it is a very great education – these things which are against God. They don’t want to hear it. If you tell them that this is not going to give them realisation, they don’t want to hear it.

Even the animals know this. Even the animals know about it. What is there to talk so much about this nonsense? But people believed them more than they believed the real saints of India. The real saints of India are lost in the forest. They are not to be seen anywhere. With great difficulty, I managed to get one fellow to come to New York – within three days he ran away. Even Mr Modi whom you saw. I brought him with force. But, like a jack-in-the-box, he is running away every moment. Every morning he is saying, “I am going away. I cannot manage these people”. He doesn’t want to stay.

Because the reason is, you are led so much by the mental projections. “You all have to be collective. You have to be this. This has to be done. We all have to have a global thing”. All big, big, words. But how? A simple h-o-w if you ask them, they have no answer. “You have to take your attention inside, do your meditation”; all these talks are there. Which are not going to give you anything.

There is a living process, of living evolution, of the living force, of the living God.

The actualisation of it. The most important thing is the actualisation. You should not even believe Me, I would say. Of course, you should not put a barrier against Me, in any case. But at least, you should not believe Me till you get your realisation. You should get the actualisation of the experience. Don’t be satisfied with the myths.

Sahaja Yoga is meant for people who are true seekers and not for those who have already accepted the myth as the truth. And are identified with it. You have to drop out all these identifications, as soon as you get your realisation. I have seen people get realisation. In London especially, – I mean, I have much more bigger groups coming down. They get their realisation. Then they get lost.

The reason is, they start mentally understanding things. And all their misidentifications again get hold of them. I am not worried about the realisation part. That is very easy to achieve, I think. But to retain it, you have to do it. And that’s the part where people fail.

Now when the Kundalini rises from, say there, she comes up there through a very, very small channel. Which is not yet expanded enough for the Kundalini to come out. You can say like a hair, hair like energy. Because Kundalini is made of many coils. In the sense that there are many coils, made together in three and a half coils. But actually, there are so many threads – just like a rope you can say. And one of them would come up to rise if it comes to know the message it gets. Through the lower centre. That it’s all right.

Then only a wee bit comes. Then again it comes down. If this centre is weak, it can pull down. So, you might feel I have lost my realisation. It may happen. Now you must know how to raise it. And what are the problems that face us? Why we drop out – we should see very clearly. We can say generally – there are two types of people. Of course, there are permutations, combinations 0 endless. Mostly we have people who are left-sided or right-sided means some are very emotional and some are mental.

Now the two types of people that we have – the emotional, the left side, the right side – are the people who are very futuristic, planning. They appear to be very successful in life and they produce an institution called ego on top. And these produce an institution called superego. That’s how an egg is formed.

Now when the Kundalini is rising, then first, it touches this centre (Nabhi). Now this centre, it cannot touch if there is something wrong with this centre (Swadishthan) – though that centre comes out of this centre. Because this centre, Swadishthana caters on one side to our futuristic thinking. And another one to our past. To our subconscious. To our collective subconscious.

Now if you have been to a wrong type of person and bowed this head before that person, then you get stuck there only. The Kundalini is just stuck here (Left Swadishthana). At this point. It cannot rise. Now she goes there and looks after it. But even if, with the force of your Mother’s love, it touches here and comes out – again it will go back and work it out.

So you must know after realisation – first of all – what centres are troubling you. We have to face ourselves. Because now you are out of it. Now you are no more identified with this body. With this mind. You are outside. Just like a car. You are outside now to repair it. So you must face yourself. Honestly. That, “Oh, this is the centre I am catching”. So you find out how to cure that centre. This you have to do. At the most, you can be given realisation by Me. But you have to do this yourself. Is to cure that centre. Get yourself all right.

Then the other side of it is the right side which is very common in Western countries. Because this centre on the right side converts the fat for the use of the brain. Because you know we are all the time planning, thinking, using the brain cell – and who replaces that? You know that the brain is made of fat cells. In Sanskrit, it’s called as “medha”. “Mendu”. Medha are the fat cells and mendu is the brain. So these fat cells are converted to go to the brain.

If you are thinking too much if you are futuristic, then these cells are transformed by the particular centre on the right-hand side and you develop and you develop an imbalance in your character. And the imbalance comes that this centre cannot cater to your other organs which are to be looked after. Like your liver, then your spleen, then your pancreas, your uterus and kidneys. So such people can develop problems with all these organs.

But if you do this too much; if you are an extrovert, complete extrovert – and you are not paying any attention to your spirit – you are “very hardworking”, you see. Working very hard. Like jogging itself. Now jogging is a new fad I have seen; I don’t understand. Like mad, people are running. For what?

They say, “We want to have a better physical side”. But the rest of it is neglected. Why don’t you bother about that? If you are a real jogger, you will find they are never happy people. They are miserable. Because they have no emotions left in. They drain out all their emotions. They are completely imbalanced on the right side. All people who are great politicians, or great administrators or great generals have no left side in them.

They have only the right side. And they work with the right side. But ultimately they find out that the right side has now taken over; they have no emotions. I have had many people who came and told Me that, “Mother, I have no emotions. I have reached my heights”. I said, “Yes, that’s the inflation of the ego”. But this can go very much further. That if this starts bloating too much, you leave the grounds. And you become a shallow personality. Really become a shallow personality.

You cannot understand the depth of anything. You cannot go to the depth of anything. All kinds of fashions that come up, all kinds of shallow things that come up – you just take to it. It’s like a shopping going on. And the [UNCLEAR] about spirituality – you talk like this – I mean, I belong another society also, where I have seen all the people talking, “Oh, I have been to this guru also. I didn’t find him so good. He’s rather cheap. But the other one seems to be better, though expensive”.

I mean, I am astounded. How can you talk about spirituality in such a cheap manner? As if there is a sale on here, there is a sale there and this one is a little cheaper and that one is a little more expensive. But it happens. Because this ego takes you floating in the air. And you don’t realise what is wrong. That’s the biggest problem. “What’s wrong?”. There is nothing wrong. We must go to everyone. Put our nose in every corner.

Even if you are bitten, doesn’t matter. If another was bitten, say, his nose was lost. Then you will say, “Why not mine?. I will see. He will not bite me”. Then you get bitten. Then you tell another, “Nobody bites”, putting your hand on your nose. “Better try”. Another one goes. If your tail is cut, you do the same thing. You never want to confess you made a mistake. Because the ego is idiotic and it never allows you to confess you made a mistake. Even if you are ruined, you will not accept that.

It’s such a misidentification. The more you have it, the more you have it; the ego starts bloating like that. And this is another thing that always comes up. It’s like a balloon, I tell you. With the slightest touch, though you have shrivelled it completely, through realisation, it again bloats up. Again the people start bloating in the air. Now you start bringing back.

So the best thing is that you start seeing your ego. And you will say, “Oh God, again this Mister Ego is coming back”. And you know the method how to put it down, how to bring it down, how to give the balance, through the power that is flowing through your hands. And this is what you have to learn after you have been realised. If you do not learn this, then the problem will be – after a year I will come, you will be in the same position and you will say, “I don’t know what has happened Mother; I have lost my vibrations”.

Because it creates a barrier you know; it covers the whole head here. It creates such a barrier that you cannot penetrate through. So you have to face yourself very well. When this mister ego appears, you must learn how to reduce the pressure of this ego. Then you start enjoying the play of it. Then you laugh at it. “All right, Mister Ego, I know you very well. Now let’s have it”. You don’t fight it. Just looking at it, it drops down because it’s a myth.

The ego is the biggest myth. What do we do? Just see, this is very clear-cut, I am asking you. Can we transform one flower into a fruit? We cannot. Not even a single living work we can do. Somebody got a living sperm and they put it in a living ova. And it germinated and they said, “Ah-ha, we have done such a great thing. What is so great? You couldn’t produce life.

You couldn’t even produce an amoeba with your science. With all your advancement, can you produce a computer which just sees and does not need any thinking? You cannot get spontaneity. Understand. This ego is nonsensical. With all your dogmas, this, that, what have you done?

Wood is there because some tree died. You have made the floor, you have made the house. Now very proud, “we have made a house”. So what? Dead to the dead. If you make from a tree, say, a chair – all right, the chair sits on your head. People have to carry their chairs; they can’t sit on the ground. It is impossible. The chair becomes their additional appendage. They can’t get rid of it. So this matter starts sitting on your head when you start thinking, “Oh, I have done this, and I have done that”. You have done nothing. Except for changing from one dead to another dead.

Face it. Face it yourself and know that whatever you think yourself to be so great is not so. This ego can really befool you to such a limit, that you end up in a lunatic asylum. Till then you will not realise that you have been a great idiot all your life. It’s such a horrible thing and in, I must say, Thank God – that in our country we have so many anecdotes about it.

That it is difficult to be egotistical in India. From childhood, you see, you are poked into the ego. And you know where you stand with life. See, you are made very practical there. But here, even the children are allowed to do what they like. Everybody is, “Yes, they are free to do what they like”. Whether they have the wisdom or not, nobody sees. People don’t even judge if they have the wisdom.

Like, with Me, they will come to quarrel. I said, “How many people have you given realisation? Why are you fighting with Me?. What have you achieved yourself that you are fighting with Me? Why are you fighting with Me?”. Just because their ego is challenged – for this point or that point.

Ego is not your Self, believe Me. Your Self is so beautiful, tremendously powerful. You have to become that Self. Otherwise, you will be an idiot out and out. I tell you, sometimes it’s so surprising. How people carry on with their idiocy. And do not know that they are idiots. They talk in such a manner, they behave in such a manner. That others can see but they cannot see. It is such a blinding force.

So this centre, if it is too much used for becoming a very intellectualised, mental projected giant, then the giant; I know what it is. For such a person, I have a message. To get rid of it say, “I am nothing. I am zero. I am nothing. I have not known anything”.

Like, Newton said – see, he was a realised soul. When he found out, what did he say? “I am still like a little child, collecting pebbles on the shore of knowledge”. But a person who has no knowledge or who is half-knowledge, he is so bombastic. Talks so big. He writes books. He thinks no end of himself. Einstein now, such a great man. He says at the very beginning of the book that, “I was fed up of all the searches and everything”. He was another realised soul. “But suddenly when I was lying very tired, in my garden blowing bubbles like a child, the theory of relativity dawned upon me”. Because whatever is unknown has to dawn upon you.

And whatever is known is already in the libraries. But whatever is unknown dawns upon you. Through your mental projection, you cannot reach there. When you are tired, fed up, at the door of Reality, the Reality graciously expresses itself. This is what we have to know – through ego we are not going to know anything.

Through ego, people dominated other countries. Through ego, they killed so many people. All kinds of violence came in. And there have been wars after wars. This war and that war and that war. Now when people say, “We made good countries. We made countries for peace and love. Why is there violence?” Ego is the one that wants to fight. Ego is the one that lets you out. And if it is possessed by another egoistical fellow, then God save this world.

Like Mr Hitler did – he put his ego on everybody else by using some methods of supraconscious activity. We know them in India; people can do it. He got it from Tibet of course, from Lhasa. And he worked it out supraconsciously and he really befooled all the people. And they believed what he was doing was good. And that’s how they killed their kith and kin. Human beings. Imagine. This kind of massacre is only possible for human beings to do.

But what is the solution? To overcome this ego which is so destructive, which is so hateful, which destroys everything that is beautiful within you. Is your Spirit. When the light of the Spirit shines in ego, you see this horrible thing and laugh at it. Just get rid of it in no time, because the Spirit pushes it out.

This one is the centre for that. As you can see it is here, is the centre of Christ. Many people talk of Christ. Talk of course – they don’t know where he stands within us. They don’t want to go outside the Bible to find out if somebody has talked about him. They use the Bible as if they are the people who are Christ. As if they are the people who have written the Bible. As if they are the ones who can interpret the Bible. And I can tell you they don’t know anything about it.

Because, even to understand the essence of these great scriptures, you have to be a realised soul; otherwise you will not understand. For example, it is said in the Bible, “I will appear before you like tongues of flames”. Can you explain it? Can any clergyman explain what it means? About the Holy Ghost, it’s a mystery. They say, “We are agnostic about it”. Then we ask them, “What are you doing?” We are doing the job of a clergyman. As if there is another job to be done as a clergyman.

What is a Holy Ghost? What must be? Trinity – of a Father and a Son. And having a Father and a Son without a Mother is absolutely an impossibility. But they don’t want to have the Mother there, so they didn’t talk about it. There are so many other things they cannot explain.

In Indian scriptures, say, there are many great, learned Indian philosophers. But Kabira said, “Padhi, padhi pandit moorakh bhaye”. Means by learning too much, even the learned have become idiots. So as a child, I used to think, “How can it be – by reading, people have become idiots?” But now I see the signs everywhere – they have become idiots. You see, if they read the Gita, they think they have become Vyasa. If they read the Vedas they think they have become Vendantists that means they are the Vedas. Whatever they read, they think they have become while not understanding anything about it.

First, you have to become. Once you have become, you will understand what is Gita, what is Veda. What is the Zen system? There are many who claim, “We are Zen”. Now the head of the Zen himself is not a realised soul. But an honest man. So I asked him, “You are not realised”. He said, “I know, I am not realised”. Then I said, “What are you doing with the Zen? Zen means the knowledge and the knowledge after realisation, isn’t it?”. “Yes, it is true but I am not realised”. He told Me that only from the sixth to the twelfth century we had only twenty-six “kashaypas”, meaning realised souls.

Then I said, “Now what are you doing about Zen? You better give up. You should be honest also to give it up because you are not a realised soul. You cannot talk about God. You have no authority. It is all unauthorised. Unless and until you are a realised soul, you have no business to talk about God”. He could not see the point there. But he was very sick and had come to meet for a cure and I did cure him. But that’s beside the point. I wish I could cure his ignorance about it.

So when you start dealing with the third centre that is the Nabhi chakra as they call it – which is about your seeking – also you have a problem there. Nabhi chakra has two sides, right and left side. Now some people who are true seekers remain in the central path. True seekers have an advantage in that they remain on the central path. They may get lost here and there but they come back to the central path.

But there are people who believe that God is a money-making proposition. They think that you can sell God in the market. I mean, most of the people do it. For them, it is an organisation that can be commercialised. If not, they will sell candles. They will sell Bibles, they will sell Gitas, they will sell this, sell that – make a profit out of that. It cannot be commercialised. It is a point; they cannot see it clearly. You cannot. It’s purity. How can you commercialise purity?

Can you sell your purity? As soon as you sell it, it becomes impure. It is done by everyone.
All people who are professing religion are all doing this. I mean, one may say, “Mother, how do You travel?” Or I can say, “I can afford it, I can travel”. But supposing it, you pay to the travel agent, not to Me – it’s all right. But I cannot live on your earnings. That is parasitic. If I start living on your earnings, then it is a dependence on your money. I mean, if I tell you, “You come and stay in My house free”, you won’t accept such a situation. It’s below your self-respect for a normal person also.

To take money from anybody else, to live on another’s money. They can be thugs and thieves. That’s a different one. Those who cheat. That’s a different point. But you cannot have the money of other people, use them for your purpose. And then, after that, you should say that “I am a religious person. I am following this religion”. And preach about religion then.

Those who live in glass houses cannot talk about God. That’s exactly what it is. And we have to understand – you cannot commercialise God. Is the greatest blasphemy. Everybody has done it. It’s a very sophisticated method. Every fanatic has done it. To make money out of the people who follow them. But thank God, all this falls off.

So, the religion is within yourself. Here, surrounding (the Void), is the valency that you have – the ten valencies as a human being. Which gives you sustenance. Which gives you the spiral arrangement of your genetics. Of your peptones. Of your nerves. That’s the sustenance that you have. These are the ten valencies of importance, these are the ten commandments within you – which you have to follow.

But no one thinks it is so. No one even wants to know that by doing all this, what is the transformation we have got? For example, if I ask a simple question. Christ has said one thing, “Thou shall not have adulterous eyes”. How many Christians can claim that? That they have innocent eyes. Let’s face ourselves. How many clergymen and people can say, “We have innocent eyes”. If you are a true Christian, you should have those eyes. If this transformation has not taken place in you, then know that you have not achieved it.

Do not try to cheat yourself by believing that you are chosen people. Christ Himself has said, “You will be calling Me, ‘Christ, Christ’; I won’t recognise you”. He said it very clearly. Till you have your transformation, you should not believe in anything that is this so-called outside religion.

In the sense, that these are all the flowers born on the same tree of life. Beautiful. Belonging to the same force. But were plucked by human beings, identified as their own and made ugly. Dead. They still exist within you. Here on this green path, you see, are the advent of the ten main Primordial Masters who came on this earth to establish your balance. To give you the sense of sustenance that is called as dharma.

Which you can call as religion. “Religo” is the word you see, which I mean, I don’t know – I found out in a dictionary – it means the “consciousness of consciousness”. Is the very word that says. In one of the dictionaries I read, it means “consciousness of consciousness”. Means the essence of consciousness. The one that governs the consciousness is your dharma.

But when you don’t have that dharma when you don’t have that balance, you see – the ego starts rising; you have no weight. Dharma means your gravity. You have no gravity. And so you float in the air. “What’s wrong? What’s wrong?” You go on like this. You float in the air. You become a shallow personality. Because there is no dharma, to keep you on the ground. And the first thing is to establish dharma. That’s why these great people like Abraham, Moses and all others came on this earth to establish that.

The latest we have got is in Shridi, Sai Nath. But now we have also got people who are trying to copy him. And imposters. But He was the one who came last time and he has done a great job in that area, where Sahaja Yoga is working the best, in the deepest way.

[A Sahaja Yogini enters with her child and Shri Mataji greets them. Shri Mataji tells the yogini to see Her to cure the child who is possessed. The yogini answers that she is making an appointment to see Shri Mataji and the doctors have been unable to cure the child. Shri Mataji asks her to come after She returns from the seminar. Talk resumes].

Shri Mataji: So now we come to the Void. Void we call it. Not the zen style void but here (around the abdomen) is the Void. Which is looked after, protected, sustained by the ten principles of life.
Of course, I must say, Moses when He came down – the Jews were in such a bad shape – that He thought that better to put some strong measures. So He found these sharias – which are a bit too much – He put it. It was essential at the time. But the Muslims are following the Shariat; not the Christians. Nor the Jew. Just imagine.

The Muslims are doing the Shariat which was put by Moses. Now, so we have three fanatics already brought out of one thing. Anything you do for human beings – they know how to make a mess out of it. They are such experts, I tell you. You see anything – I mean, Christ. See His life. What have they done to Him? I see Him crucified every minute.

Hinduism; same thing. Hindus – it is said that in everybody there resides the Spirit. But they have a caste system. They have born brahmins. They have got born shudras. How can you be born? In the former days, it was never in the heads of people. Like Vyasa wrote the Gita and he was the illegitimate child of a fisherwoman. And how can he write that you have to be a born Brahmin? Just think. Vysya wrote the Gita – who was the son of an ordinary fisherwoman who was of a scheduled caste in India.

So they will have these caste systems. Now the caste system has become a political front for Indians. They have no sense of caste left. And this country where people believe there is Spirit in everybody has become such a horrid place of fighting. Now these Christians. Where Christ has said, “Thou shall not have adulterous eyes”. I have yet to see a Western Christian who does not have that kind of an eye. First, when I came to the West, I was surprised – what are they up to? Looking at this one, looking at that one – I mean, they cannot rest their eyes for one minute.

I was amazed. The way they were looking at each and every woman. And each and every woman was looking at a man, you see. So a lady asked Me, “Mother, where are you looking?”. I said, “At the children. They are to be seen. Aren’t they beautiful? They are innocent”. We never look at children. We look at this. Taller the better.

Where are those eyes Christ has said? The second thing He said is, “You have nothing to do with the dead”. He took out those dead and put them in the pigs. And sent them in the sea that they should vanish. But every church – I hope that this doesn’t happen – have dead bodies down below. When you walk in the church, you have to see who is sleeping down there – walk this way, that way. You don’t know what to do; all dead bodies. No wonder the Christians are getting possessed. If you sit every Sunday on a dead body, what will happen?

It’s a cemetery all over. So they said, “There must be a church for the dead”. Alright, keep it outside. Actually, they should not have a church in this world. They must have their church in some other world.

Now we have witchcraft in New York. We have the science of the dead. We have parapsychology. We have all kinds of things here working out. Which have to deal with the dead. The whole of your country is now busy with the dead. I think people are not aware of it. All of your psychological problems are there because you are interested in the dead. Psychology can be easily made; the psyche can be cleared out – all clear out easily as soon as these dead leave you.

You go to the past. You study the past. You are bothered about the past. Your mother, your father who is dead. You don’t want to live in the present. And in the present lies Reality.

So the people who were first on the right-hand side in the West. When they came to fight all the people who were living here, to destroy them – then they came on the right side. Now they are dead. Now they are on the left. Perhaps they are possessed by those people who killed. Possibly. Those Red Indians that you killed might be possessing you today. God knows. I have seen some of them doing that.

I have seen people having possessions of these Red Indians in them. And that’s why they can become volcanic. Very hot-tempered. And to add to the fire, you have got all the Indians who are experts in the science of dead – nicely settled down. Have it now. And you are very much impressed by them because there is already some dead sitting in your head. So you get impressed. And that’s how we are going more towards the dead.

Now you will be amazed – going towards the dead causes how many diseases. Once you start going to the dead, the first disease you contact could be cancer. Cancer is the triggering of the vulnerable condition of the human body by a dead spirit. In Sahaja Yoga language; because we are frank. And straightforward. But according to medical science, the triggering is by Proteins 52 and 58 – because that’s the name they gave it; they don’t know what to say. Which enters our being from the areas which are built within us from the creation – which means collective subconscious.

Subconscious is kept on one side; why do you want to go to the subconscious? God has organised you so well. Why do you want to go to the subconscious and get involved with the dead? But then the ego says, “What’s wrong?” There’s nothing wrong. Nothing can harm you. Nothing is dangerous.

Indians have that wisdom because we are very traditionally built like that. We don’t want near these people. In the forests and all that, there are people like that, who do it. All these gurus who are making money out of you are just mesmerising you. Simple thing. But these people in India are living in the forest, hidden. And these gurus have their vidya, so-called – the knowledge from them. And they are mesmerising you and making money out of you.

You will be walking under the blanket. You will be amazed – I was in Los Angeles. Los Angeles, isn’t it? Yes. When a lady wanted to interview Me on the television and she announced twenty minutes before that, “Today we have Mataji Nirmala Devi before us. Who is going to speak about Kundalini”. So, within that twenty minutes you see, other ladies from somewhere telephoned to her. “I know that She came ten years back and She had warned us. By name, She had told us that these are the people who are coming. They are training themselves to come up here. They have mass hypnosis. We did not listen. I am under the blanket. My husband is under the blanket now Can She save me?”.

And this lady, asked Me, before asking any question, “Did you come here ten years back?” I said, “Yes, I did. But that time nobody was willing to see Me. Or meet Me. They were having calls from Tibet. Some Shambala’s nonsense was on. ‘Sitting down in a basement somewhere, ‘We are talking to Shambala’”. I said, “What is Shambala?”. “Sambhal” is the word. What naiveness I tell you. Sambhal. This part (the forehead) is sambhal. This is what it is.

So they said, “We have to go to the Gobi desert”. They were planning to go to the Gobi desert. If you go the Gobi desert, within half a mile you will die. That’s the nirvana. So many, you see, were making arrangements to go to Gobi desert, in those days ten years back when I had come. I don’t know how many are lost. I don’t see them here. And all sorts of nonsensical, mythical things they were busy with.

And when I told, “You cannot pay any money for it”, that was the last. End of My talks. They wouldn’t come to My programs. They wouldn’t look at Me. They said, “That must be some humbug. That’s why She is not charging any money”. And I went away.

Of course, I did all the travelling, talking, everything. It’s all recorded, it was there. So this is what happens to us in our seeking. Here (the Void), when we bend ourselves before someone, we are just denying the truth. What have you found out? Why don’t you find out? What sort of a person he is? What has he given to others? What have they got from others? When you go to their disciples, you will find they are mostly cabbages.

Now there are some who claim that “In this country, we have created peace”. If you go and see, all people have become cabbages. Now, what is the peace of a cabbage? This is what they do to you – to make you completely their slaves.

Here it is, you have to become a complete free personality – like a bird you should fly. I don’t think Mr Modi has ever spoken in his lifetime before he came to Sahaja Yoga. But today we think he is the knowledge because he has become the knowledge. Kundalini just pushes you in that. She has no time. She pushes you to be knowledge, to be the knowledge, again I say – to be. It’s not what I say to you, or talk to you, My lectures to be remembered by heart or to be quoted. But it has to be within you to have it, is the point.

Unless and until that happens to you, you are not to believe in yourself also. There cannot be a false certificate about it. It has to work out. Within yourself, this ascent has to take place. Now the other side of it is also, if you point it out; before I finish – that, in seeking, people become fanatics. Like a pendulum, they move. Like supposing they are drunkards, they are wayward, they join another order. Where they are properly dressed, they lead a good life – in the sense, they walk with their eyes downward. They don’t look this side, that side. And they think they have become really great religious people.

This is not in freedom. This is not in proper understanding. Because such a person becomes deadened again. Again, he has to settle. What you need is a proper balance. So the austerity, running away from sex, itself is a mistake. But even running towards the sex is a mistake. Sex is a spontaneous happening. There is no need to think about it. If you start thinking about it, you try to bring sex to the brain. If you start eating food through your nose, what will happen?

And that’s why in Germany – where people think they are so marvellously great, sophisticated for Indians – you will be amazed that among three persons, two persons are impotent. Because you are using your brain for everything. But we in India are spontaneous people – we are producing the maximum number of children. Moreover, you can’t blame us for that. Which child would like to be born in New York? Tell Me. If you are given a choice would you like to be born in New York? Or in America, wherever?

No one. Because here the children are not loved by their parents. Not looked after. Not loved. They are born in this volcanic world. People are standing as if on some crocodile – shaking all the time. Nervous. Unhappily married. Everybody is unhappily married. They might have ten marriages. They are never happily married. Which child would like to be born in England where every week, two children are killed by their parents? Actually, such cruelty. Such impatience. No love. So, poor our country, India has to bear all that. Because whatever it is, they love their children.

They are poor and very much impressed. All our bureaucrats, all our businessmen who come to the West are very much impressed by your lifestyle. And are all trying to dominate. But for a simple Indian – just looks at them, their stupidity. He’s not bothered. He says, “They will be alright. Let them have a few slaps. They will be alright”. And through our mental projection – we have to face it – we have created an artificial cosmos in which we are revolving. We have to get out. Through our spiritual ascent.

But what is the greatest thing about America is – that in America there are many men of God born. What can I do? There are many seekers who are born in this great country. Actually, they are rewarded for what they did so they were blessed. See, you are a God-blessed country. Go from New York, upstate New York – nature, everything is so beautiful. Such abundance of life. But whatever blessings you have, you have made a mess out of it. That God can’t help it.

You have made a mess, not Him. And you are men of God. As Blake has promised – the men of God have to become the prophets. Will become prophets. And they will be able to make prophets of others. And this is the criteria you have to apply to your realisation. If you are able to give realisation to others, then you have got realisation. Otherwise don’t believe in it. No myth. You are not to be mythical.

I think I have covered quite a lot in this. But as Modi has said, it’s endless. In the beginning, we just give the first primer for people to read. Because, I have seen that if you give the big book, they go off. Again the same ego business starts. So better is, you read the first primer. Try to understand your own chakras. Try to understand where the problem is.

Face yourself. There is nothing to be gained out of you. You have to gain something out of yourself.

You may call Me as a banker who is cashing your cheques. That’s our relationship for the time being. As if I am paid for it. You don’t have to pay Me anything. You cannot pay Me anything. You cannot give Me anything. That’s (what) the problem is. So humble down. You have to take it from Me. Whatever I can give you, I have to give you. But I have nothing else but love and that also is not My mental thing. Just flows; just flows. So take full advantage of it.

I would request you to ask questions. But there is no need to be aggressive with Me because I have come here to give you something. You do not box the person who comes to give you something isn’t it? I mean, that’s not good manners. So if I have in any way shocked you, for anything, you can come and see Me for that. But try to understand it is for your good, your ascent. It’s happening and the time is very short.

The Divine is anxious. It’s very efficient. It’s working out. But if you turn your face away from the Divine, it is not going to run after you and beg of you. This is one thing you have to understand.

May God Bless You.

If you have questions, you can ask them for about five minutes or something. And then, we can have the realisation.

Those who are coming for the first time, should not raise their hands just now. Those who are coming for the second time, please raise your hands. Alright. No, no, I am saying, if you have questions.

You are coming for the first time or the second time?

[UNCLEAR/Someone is trying to disturb the meeting. End of recording].

[Transcript of Sahaja Yogi Mr Modi’s introductory talk before Shri Mataji’s speech].

Mr Modi: Sahaja Yoga teaches you how you can enjoy the peace and the bliss that has been promised by every religion. And for that, you can pay nothing. You can pay nothing. But I wanted to still tell you a few things – how the mechanism works it out. How better you could use it. How better you could use your instrument for your own benefit. And for that, I am going to narrate to you a few small, small things from my childhood.

In our country in India, particularly in Maharashtra, a child when he first starts writing the letters, the first word that has been taught to the children is “Shri”. Shri meaning the Shakti. Shri meaning the Shakti. The energy. The living force. The all-pervading force. The divine force is known by one word – Shri. The second word the children are taught is “ga”. Meaning, the word goes or the sentence goes in a short form as “Shri Ganeshaya Namah”.

Shri Mataji said that day that this is the first deity created by the Divine known as Shri Ganesh and He resides over here. So Shri Ganesh is the first word that is taught to newborn children right from the beginning. You can imagine how in the thousands of years of history where the religion has become the essence into the day to day living. It is the children who are taught the word Shri Ganeshaya Namah. The parents desire that the child who is to grow will learn and be powerful like Shri Ganesha. Who is the deity, who is the God of all the knowledge.

That is the concept when the child is taught his initiation into writing or speaking that particular word. You see, that is the essence of innocence, the wisdom and the knowledge. And the power. All four things are extremely powerful for young children when they are three or four years old; when they start learning for the first time. So that consolidation of all these four qualities – the innocence, the wisdom, the knowledge and the energy is given by the Lord Shri Ganesha.

You can see the first word that is taught in the Marathi language or Indian language is “ga” – Shri Ganeshaya Namah. Which starts at this particular point. If you look at this particular (subtle) system which is pervading, all-pervading, existing in every human being – this Shri Ganesha is the beginning of the divinity. It is the beginning of the divinity. It is the beginning of “nirgun sadhana” – the meditation which is formless. It is the beginning of understanding the all-pervading Divine. If a human being has these four qualities, then he becomes an ideal student. Ideal student.

The other day Shri Mataji talked to you that when you enlighten within your own heart, within your own Spirit, Atma what we call, that Atma becomes your own guru. If your own Spirit, the Atma, He is your own guru, then there should be somebody who should be your student. And that studentship qualities, ideal studentship qualities come from Shri Lord Ganesha. And they are the qualities I explained to you – wisdom, knowledge, energy, truth. Innocence. All these things. They come from Shri Lord Ganesha. And they are absolutely innate in every child, every child.

So, in front of your own master, the Spirit or your own mother who is giving you your transformation – she could be your guru, this Kundalini. This Lord Ganesha is just like a student. He just prays to her and tells her, “Oh Mother, please let Me be an ideal student”. And that studentship quality – it keeps on growing from this centre (Mooladhara) all the way to all the centres. All the way to all the centres. If I have to relate these things to the little knowledge which I have earned into this Western philosophy of the Bible, this is Atma (Agyna). This is Atma. And the same Shri Ganesha at this particular point becomes Omega.

If you take to our own Indian philosophy, Lord Jesus becomes or whom we call in our language as Mahavishnu – he is the totality of knowledge. And Mahavishnu and He is also known as Mahaganesh. If this is Ganesh, this is Mahaganesh. Mahaganesh means the totality of Shri Ganesha. So the totality of Shri Ganesha over here is symbolically in our alphabetical order as “gyna”. Which is the last word. We write it down as “gyna”. The meaning of “gyna”, the first word that has come out of the “gyna” is “gyan”. “Gyan” meaning the totality of the knowledge.

So the Mahaganesha gives us the totality of knowledge as the fulfilment of knowledge. Fulfilment of the knowledge. So the knowledge – beginning of the knowledge and end of the knowledge – is also the same. But there is a transformation in the human being. Here, actually, this shakti of Kundalini, it works like a mother. There is total independence that has been given to every human being and, with that independence, it is the individual who is a student and who is the master. He has to convince himself into the total understanding of himself. What he has earned, and what he is earning and where he is.

This awareness has to be innate. In-built and enlightened into every Sahaja Yogi. If it is not so, then to that extent, the personality is something less than perfection. Now again, if you can see this shakti; how it works. This is very interesting to see. For the last twelve years in Sahaja Yoga, I would say I am the least experienced as compared to the greatest saints who have done the lifetime jobs for the enlightenment of the human beings. And for the manifestation of their growth.

My progress is nothing in [UNCLEAR/comparison]. But I have seen with my own eyes that after realisation, which takes place only in the presence of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, because She is an authority, an ideal authority on the Divine Motherhood. It is your Kundalini, your universality that just rises in the presence of Shri Mataji. And, it is your individuality, your conditioning which is respected by the same Kundalini and tells you, “OK, my dear person” – supposing some of you is catching on this chakra or this or this – Kundalini will rise up to there, again come back here or here wherever there is a problem and it will start working it out.

It works day in and day out. Because it is the same Kundalini, same motherhood that has given you the transformation from animal consciousness to the human consciousness. We never paid for it or did anything extraordinary. We never paid for anything and still, we became human beings. In the same way, actually, we didn’t go into details – this is the same power which works on the chakras. Even when you get realisation in Sahaja Yoga.

She cures you. Supposing, somebody has a problem of money. Many people have been finding that even if they have got good positions, they need more money, more money. And really, if they need money, this power – we call this power Mahalaxmi – Mahalaxmi is the greatest power of transformation which gives us “laxmi” means the material wealth and the spiritual wealth. So the greatest power which in our language is Mahalaxmi – which gives us material wealth and spiritual wealth.

So supposing somebody has a material problem, the Kundalini will work out at this point and the material problems will get sorted out. If somebody has a problem of creativity – if he is doing too much creativity or too little creativity, this Swadishthana chakra it works it out at this level such that his creativity is adjusted. And it is the same motherhood which works out all these chakras and gives balance to only one person. Every individual, individually. That is why Sahaja Yoga is absolutely individual. Though it is working collectively, but personally it is working individually. And then it is again working collectively. I will talk to you sometime today, again, if possible, about how the collectivity works it out and how the individuality works it out.

But today I am going to touch upon a few points which are of interest to all of us. And particularly, I feel, from my Indian background, I should narrate to you. Now who is against this studentship; that I am going to tell you. This is very important. If I learn something, it is my quality of studentship with my Kundalini and with my Spirit which is my own guru. That helps me to establish myself. That helps me. So this process of learning that I have my own guru, and at the same time, I am my own student. At the same time.

So when the guru and student when they become two, both of them one, that time you will have achieved the completion of [UNCLEAR]. In an ideal world. In an ideal way. And actually, that is again innate in every human being. Because you don’t have to tell the Divine in so many words. [UNCLEAR]. “You rise” or “you don’t rise” – it is automatic. In the same way, this entire system [UNCLEAR], we have our own [UNCLEAR] which has been given by the Divine to understand ourselves. We understand ourselves. We understand our Spirit. And we understand the ideal studentship qualities one must have.

[Break in audio for two minutes].

See how we get covered up completely. And if we do not get the desired results time in and time out, day in and day out, then we build up our superego. And ego and superego both put together, they can just cover completely. You can see the children, how they grow. After the age of six or seven, the ego is built in completely. And, when the maturity is there, the ego is such that you are completely cut-off. There is a full-fledged cover of the ego on this and this connection is not there at all.

So if there is no connection with the all-pervading Divine, which is the normal case with everyone, then there is no connection. And therefore there is no yoga. If there is no connection, that means the individual behaviour or individual aspect is being established every day, every moment. That’s the problem. So, coming back to the same subject as to how to become an ideal student, and how to achieve the maximum knowledge, we have to go back again to the same chart.

So the same Lord Ganesha who is an ideal student of Her Mother and, of course of the Master also, She teaches this to such an extent that ultimately, when a man reaches a point, then the ego and superego are sucked in. As Mahaganesha, He just sucks in ego and superego. This is just also natural; the way we don’t do anything for our transformation. This situation also happens just automatically in the system. But, it has to happen with our knowledge. It has to happen with our independence. And with our outward and inward understanding – if this happens to us, then it is easier to maintain this realisation or connection with all-pervading Divine which Shri Mataji is giving us in these programs.

And that is why the difference between outward learning and inward learning is much different. Therefore, this particular conditioning which we have or whatever we have read, whatever outward knowledge we have got – well, at one stage or other, we have got to tell ourselves that, “Well, Oh Lord, I have tried and learned so many things but please, please, please pardon me. Please pardon me. Let me be with you. Let me be with myself. Let me understand myself”. With that devotion from the heart, when you start understanding, then there is a possibility that the same Ganesh tattva may bless you much better. And the studentship quality will grow better.

And naturally, when the studentship quality grows a little better then naturally, the connection, the yoga connection will be much simpler, much easier, much more convenient. Though I am explaining it in much, much, much simpler words, there is a lot of [UNCLEAR]. A lot of things have gone into this background. The bhakti what we call in our language is nothing but which comes from the same heart which is hridaya. If this is opened out then the energy flows and goes to the particular heart, the love of the Divine flows through your system and then you humble down.

And as long as you don’t humble down in your heart to your own self, and start introspecting yourself that, “How am I going to grow? Oh Lord, please permit me, please permit me to grow, please permit me to grow”. You have to say it thousands and thousands and thousands of times. Before that, your Mother has already blessed you. Shri Mataji has blessed you so immensely that this Self-realisation is more or less an impossibility. More or less an impossibility for human beings. If Shri Mataji was not there, I don’t think human beings could have got realisation.

Because I have made so many rules. In order to awaken this energy, gurus don’t want their disciples to come to them. And if you go to them the gurus desire that maybe, for twenty years, thirty years, forty years, they will just keep on testing a man. If he is good or bad. And then they will bless him to a very limited extent.

But it is Shri Mataji’s just innate nature, just extraordinary divine capacity to love others, that it flows through Her. It just flows through Her. That OK, doesn’t matter – even if you have not asked for your realisation, even if you have not done any meditation, even if you have not done any penances, even if you have done lots of mistakes in your life, even if you are not an ideal student, even if you are not your own master – still, you have it.

In our language, in our country, I have seen before independence, some kings riding on the elephant. And a few hundred horses in the front, a few hundred horses in the back, camels well decorated and the king’s men walking down the street. And the king would distribute his wealth – gold and silver coins – just throwing into the street to the people. This is what I have seen in my childhood. Here I see Shri Mataji just throwing away the Self-realisation – “come and take it”.

This flow is going to be there as long as Shri Mataji is here. And I just presume those who are going to be lucky people – they are going to settle down in Sahaja Yoga. And if they settle down, well, I know fully well – they will settle down with their own consciousness, with their own understanding. And with the same studenthood which is nothing but Shri Ganesha, enlightened within them by the grace of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

Shri Mataji is here. Let us welcome Shri Mataji for the time being and then …

Shri Mataji (in Marathi): Talk about [UNCLEAR].

Mr Modi: So, when I explained to you right earnestly that God does not understand, nature does not understand the [UNCLEAR] when He gave you your innate qualities. Similarly, Shri Mataji also just looks at your own divine qualities. As here is the right time and take it. Just accept it. And [UNCLEAR]. Because the learning in Sahaja Yoga is not going to end in one lifetime. Or two, or even three or even five. Learning in Sahaja Yoga is [UNCLEAR] not going to end in even five, four lifetimes. One after the other. That much learning is there. Because imagine, if you are connected with the all-pervading Divine, which is infinity – how would such a small instrument, such a small human instrument understand infinity?

And in the same process of learning, when Lord Ganesha and the studentship quality become one with the Spirit, and with the Shakti, the motherhood, the totality becomes the all-pervading energy. The human beings become all-pervading. What we call, in our language is Brahma. Shri Shankaracharya had said after writing every little Vendata and Veda, after worshipping Shri Mother, he said, “Oh Mother, you are the only truth”. Because, with the same motherhood, you get enlightened. With the same motherhood, you get the total transformation. And with the same motherhood, you become the all-pervading One.

That is why there is a small saying in our language, “Brahma Satya, Jagan Mithya”. “Jagan Mithya” means whatever you see in the outward world, with our outward eyes, outward understanding – all that is a myth. And the truth is the one which connects you with the all-pervading Divine. And Shri Mataji is just taking you to the same, same truth. The same truth is being enlightened from time to time. Sahaja Yoga is not just a blind faith; neither is Shri Mataji. Or in what I talked to you, or what you understand in a day or two. It is a continuous process of learning. With total open-mindedness. Total open-mindedness.

And you have got to master it all. Once you start mastering it out, then only you will enjoy the fruit of Sahaja Yoga. It will just give you; just it is going to give you the bliss. First of all, you are going to enjoy. And then the others are going to enjoy. Whether Shri Mataji is here or whether She is in India, or whether She is in England – well, you should imagine that you are there too. Wherever She is, the connection – you cannot cut it out. Unless you don’t want to take Sahaja Yoga; it is automatic.

But if you want to take to Sahaja Yoga, the connection is automatically made. You are automatically going to enjoy. And you are automatically going to grow. Just it requires your attention within yourself. And, with that enlightened attention, you meet your own self. You introspect yourself. Today, I have a great desire and I pray to Shri Mataji and the Divine that all of you should be blessed very well, nicely, so that you will enjoy your own Self – absolutely first class. And maybe in one year’s time, I will see some of you standing here and talking to other people about your own experiences. With that, Mataji, thank you very much. Shri Mataji.

[Applause and end of recording].