Seminar Day 1, Treatments (Ghee, Olive Oil, Vests etc)

Deer Park Farm (United States)


Talk to Yogis, Treatments, (Ghee, Olive Oil, Vests etc), New York State, (USA), 22/10/1983

Starts at 1:32:00

Shri Mataji: You must put some heated butter in the nose, all of you.
Sahaja Yogi: Inside?
Shri Mataji: Inside, with a dropper, alright? Heat butter and fill it up. And then, when it is slightly warm, not very warm, absolutely slightly warm, then put it in your nose, very important, because the- I don’t know in this country, people, it’s a very simple thing to be done once in a while, about say two or three days later or even every day you do, doesn’t matter. It’s like putting cream on your hands, you see, because the cold weather also chaps inside the lining of the nose. And when you put this, it makes the nose smooth and you don’t get troubles of it. It’s very simple. All of you should do, all the Sahaja Yogis are supposed to do. There are so many things that a Sahaja Yogis are supposed to do, one of them is this, that try to keep you Hamsa Chakra alright.

By keeping your nose alright you are keeping your Hamsa Chakra better. So better use this simple method of heating some ghee, we call it. You see, you can prepare it, heat the butter, keep it in a bottle with a dropper, and heat it in the hot water and then put it in the nose, just like that, in the night, before sleeping.
Even in the ears, we must put olive oil. It’s very important. For the teeth also, you must take some salt, put some olive oil and rub your gums. With that, you won’t have to go to the dentist anymore. That’s the best, I’ve never been to a dentist all my life, and I don’t want you to go to the dentist anymore. [Laughter]
So that’s a very good way of rubbing your gums with vibrated salt and what you call the olive oil. Also you must oil your heads, every Saturday, with so much of oil, nicely, oil it, massage your head and sleep off and next day, wash up your hair. You’ll feel very much better. If any of you cannot give olive oil the best is almond oil for the head. You’ll keep very peaceful.

Specially your children, you must massage them till they’re five years of age, every night, when they go out to sleep in the night, nicely very- before sleeping. And then put some powder, clean it out, let them sleep. Then the children won’t be running and upset and all that. They’ll become very quiet children, well-behaved children. Because you people don’t massage the children, all their lives they are jumping. And all their lives they are slightly violent, you see, the nose must be smooth out. It’s a very simple method and as you are Realised people you’ll smooth them much more. All these small, small things must be taken care of, you see.
Now if you have too much of cold, if you have too much of cold, then you can mix up with a bit of camphor, with oil, and put that in the nose, little actually, not much, that also is very good, that also smooth your cold and puts you right. This country has one big problem with Vishuddhi chakra everywhere in the West, because of the cold.

And in Sahaja Yoga it is compulsory that you must wear an undershirt. It is compulsory. Whatever may be, it is hot, cold, in India when it’s steaming hot, you must wear an undershirt, because, when it is very hot you start perspiring and that perspiration causes problems. So, always wear an undershirt, whether you are in a hot season or in a cold season. That’s a compulsion for Sahaja Yogis that they must wear.

And for all of them, also is compulsory that they should always wear a muffler when they go out in the winter time this is an important thing. And also put some cotton wool in the ears as I put it. For your sake I’ve told you to put it cause you are careless, so I look after you but putting it to my ears like this. You all should put it before going out.

And keep your head covered in the night, when you sleep, cover your head with something and then sleep. Because most of the time, your body is all covered, but the head is not covered. Because now you are Realised-souls and your Sahasrara is weak, so you must look after your Sahasrara. Cover your head so that you won’t have any problem. Also you must verify what sort of a person you are. If you have a liver problem, you must get a diet for that, which is here, people will tell you. If you are left sided person, if you have left sided problems, then you must know about the diet that you have to take.

For example, a person who is a left sided should not take carbohydrates at all, on the contrary should eat proteins, in whatever form it is possible. In Sahaja Yoga you know we don’t believe in vegetarianism or anything, but we do believe that the muscles of bigger animals than us, are not good for our teeth, or for our body also because the structure of a muscular cell of a bigger animal is much bigger than ours. And that’s how they heat up, I mean, even by mistake if I eat some beef, or anybody ask me, the other day, my cheeks were swollen up, so that’s why it happens, it is an automatic reaction.

And we are not supposed to use plastics; in our clothes, also try to avoid. Some person, [?] plastic can be used but not all the time plastics and nylons. And also the food should not be eaten in plastics. You can eat it in paper, paper is alright because it is –what you call- is wood, it doesn’t matter. But you shouldn’t eat in plastic food, plactic with fork and spoon of plastic and it’s too much plastic in this country, be careful because plastic is anti-God. It is anti-human life, it is anti-biological processes. So avoid plastic as far as possible, be careful on that. Also don’t use, I mean, something out of absolute plastic like, I’ve seen I wanted to buy one pair of slippers for myself, I couldn’t get one in the all of New-York. Because I didn’t want a plastic. And if you wear that then you develop all kinds of skin problems and diseases, so be careful on that. There are so many other things we have to be careful about. And because we have found out that these things are harmful, that’s why we have made it compulsory that every one of you must be careful. Because now you have become the temple of God and the temple of God should be healthy. We don’t want tubercular patients to go around as saints nobody is going to believe them. [Laughter]

Sahaja Yogi: Can you just tell us about sugar.
Shri Mataji: Ah. Now there is another falsehood about- thank’s God it’s now broken- that the sugar is against our growth and all that. Sugar is very important for attention, specially people who suffer from liver. For example, people who are thin, mostly, suffer from liver trouble. For them, sugar is so important, that if they don’t take sugar, they’ll become like the sugar cane which is, comes out of the machine, pressing machine, you see. [Shri Mataji laughs]
They’d better take some sugar. Sugar is very important for your liver! Best carbohydrate is the white sugar, not the red sugar; red sugar is not good because it has got molasses, it’s very heating. Some people have funny ideas here, also about food. Like, some of them believe, that if you eat natural food- and once I got something from natural store and I got diarrhoea for five days! Because it was meant for animals not for human beings.
Like some people eat, what you call them [Shri Mataji speaks in Marathi] cotton seed. Now cotton seeds we give only to animals. I can’t believe it. But I’ve seen in Switzerland, they give cotton seed in the bread. There was cotton seeds in the bread, one or two is alright, but imagine [Shri Mataji speaks in Hindi] – Laughs from Hindi speakers.
I mean it has to be given to buffalos only! [Laughter] Like that, I was given a [inaudible] You see, these are very strong things. In the same way, very soft food is also not good, we have to be in the centre in everything. Don’t eat very raw food you see, like some of the bread in France you know, even in England we find, the bread cereals [inaudible] completely. So that kind of a crispy stuff is not needed. It should be such that your gums are looked after, there are delicate things, and have food which is good for you. Don’t go with rationality, don’t go with the fashion, but whatever is good for you that should be done. And you find out about yourself, what is your temperament, what sort of a food will suit you, and accordingly you should eat.
Of course, everybody is free to do what they like but we can only advise them that this will suit you and you’ll find out it will be very useful to all of you, it will help you.

For your hair growth, also you should get vibrated oil and use it. Now, you’ll be surprised that day, somebody saw Warren and he said: “He is the same fellow? He looks much younger”. So I said: “Yes”. he had a bald head from here to here like that and now he’s grown hair. With proper care, you can have you hair quite intact, for quite some time, if you look after your hair.
But hair is very important is not so much the look, but it’s Sahasrara. And if you put oil in your Sahasrara every week, you will have a smooth personality, a smooth behaviour, a smooth movement; you’ll deal with other people in a gentle manner. So this is very necessary.
In India we actually have a big masseur attached to a family, you see, he’s a very hefty fellow, and he comes to masseur [massage] the men, you see, and he just sits on their body and really finishes them off completely!
[Shri Mataji laughs]

At the first shot, they’re dead! Then he uses their body fully and pushes them and sits on them rub them with one clap! You see, five, six of them will be jumping on five, six people. With clap, they’ll go round. By the time the second clap comes in, the person is finished! [Shri Mataji laughs]
That’s how, that’s how they manage. But there is no importance on massage in here, you see. And don’t ask a non Sahaja Yogi to massage you, never. Don’t allow anybody to touch you that way because, you see, these people carry all bad vibrations and you may suffer. You must allow only the Realised souls to massage you, if possible, or you yourself should massage yourself. But don’t go to these masseurs and people who are massaging all kind of people and they might be giving you some troubles.

So one has to be very careful about certain things and certain personal habits also which we have discussed. And you can ask Warren, he’ll tell you about it, which are very important for Mooladhara and all those things, which must be followed, whether you are in England, America, anywhere. These must be followed to keep yourself clean outside and inside.
Now if you have any question.

Sahaja Yogi: I was only wondering about the kind of techniques that we should use when massaging the children. But I guess we can talk about that another time.
Shri Mataji: I mean, anyway you use is alright, but always, you put it upwards, you see? The movement should be upwards, but use oil otherwise you pull up, you pull up their hair. So use oil to put it upwards.
Sahaja Yogi: And don’t forget the Sahasrara.
Shri Mataji: Sahasrara, don’t forget. Sahasrara you must put lot of oil on children.

Sahaja Yogi: Mother we’re gone need more hairdressers, people who can cut hair, who are Realised souls, cause they are touching our Sahasrara while cutting.
Shri Mataji: Yes. Otherwise you can grow, what’s the harm?
Sahaja Yogi: We can grow our hair Mother?
Shri Mataji: Yes here, up to here [below the ears] you can grow and turn them round.
Shri Mataji: You see, you’ll look like a philosopher, quite impressive.
Shri Mataji: But you should not be a funny looking person.
That’s one thing very important you see. You have to, not to adopt some funny methods, you see? Like people have. Specially, nowadays, the fashion is to disable your hair and keep them absolutely disabled, there’s no need of doing-
Sahaja Yogi: The hair must be up there, over the forehead.
Shri Mataji: Ah! It should be keep back over the forehead, don’t cover your forehead or your eyes, never.
Sahaja Yogis: Agnya chakra
Shri Mataji: Ah. Agnya chakra. You must keep it open, you see, always open. You must have a centre path if it’s possible, but keep the forehead open, this is important. You should keep the forehead open, it’s very good for others you see, and don’t cover your eyes with any hair. Many people have a habit of allowing the hair to come in the eyes and you’ll have [inaudible]. Children also, never allow hair to come on their eyes.

Then we have something for the eyes also, what you call Netranjan, I don’t have now anything, but it’s a very good, simple thing, cots you nothing about- [Shri Mataji speaks aside] one cent of a dollar.
Sahaja Yogi: We have some, we can send them tomorrow.
Shri Mataji: Alright, they have some, they’ll give you, which is to be applied first very carefully.
Because if you are not used to it, it will a little bit burn and the tears will start coming out of your eyes, it will clear your eyes. And you’ll be surprised, with that, if you use it, you don’t develop these bags [dark circles] and things like that. And the water flows out. It’s a very simple thing.

And for soap also, try to use natural soaps, better use, because here the soaps are such that I don’t know what to say.
Sahaja Yogi: Paramolove Mother? Paramolove, I think that is about the only soap you can get here.
Shri Mataji: Yes that is good, Paramolove is good. It’s very good.

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Shri Mataji: What to do, is to take a little oil, and heat with some clove, Cloves.
Sahaja Yogi: Cloves?
Shri Mataji: Cloves. And let the oil be a little bit cool down, when it is quite cooled down, nor burning out at all, but just warm, you can feel it, then put it in the ears.
Sahaja Yogini: Olive oil is better?
Shri Mataji: Olive oil is alright.

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Sahaja Yogi: Mother can you explain to us the techniques of vibrated sugar and vibrated salt, by giving vibrations, I don’t quite understand you see…
Shri Mataji: You see, because God has given you vibrations, the power is flowing through you now, the vibrations are there. So whatever you get from outside is touched by so many people, so many people have created it and they have got a good mind or may be something’s wrong with them, best thing is to give them a bandhan before eating. [Shri Mataji turns tree times her hand]
Any food you eat you must give it a bandhan like this three times, so your vibrations flow into the food and you get it sanctified. Or else, you can also use your hands for eating if you have washed your hands, then it’s alright.
Or else, if you are taking the water, you can just put your hands there, then it gets vibrated, then drink it. Because, the thing is, the vibrations have started flowing through your hands, but still have not spread to your body fully. You see my point?

[Sahaja Yogi sing the song Jerusalem, the aarti, and say the 3 great mantras]