What is the Purpose of Our Life?

Hampstead Town Hall Centre, Hampstead (England)

1983-11-01 What is the Purpose of Our Life? Hampstead, England, DP-RAW, 108' Chapters: Introduction by Yogi, Talk, Q&A, Self-Realization, WorkshopDownload subtitles: CS,EN (2)View subtitles:
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Public Program. Hampstead Town Hall, London (UK), 1 November 1983.

I bow to all the seekers of truth. As doctor Reeves has told you, you have to become something. What do we have to become? We are born as human beings, and we take it for granted that we are human beings. [Shri Mataji smiles] We have to ask a question to ourselves : why are we human beings? What is the purpose of our life.
Is it that the whole evolution is purposeless, that there is no Divine play in it? And why it was done with such care, and why we have become human beings?
So first, we have to come to right conclusions – that is the counseling you can call it – we have come, we have to understand, that we have not become what we are supposed to be. That’s why we are in confusion. We do not have answers for these fundamental questions. Some believe in God, some don’t believe in God. Some believe in Christ, some believe in Mohammed. Some believe in Krishna, some say that it’s all science. We are so confused, and there is no answer to it. The reason is we are not that what we have to be.
Supposing an instrument is given to you, and you don’t know anything about that. Then you don’t know what is the purpose of that instrument, and for which it was created, and to what use it has to be put. Thus, there’s a confusion, and the confusion is to such an extent, that in that confusion we have formed, from ideas, mental projections, artificial, without any biological basis for it. There is no biological basis for our mental projections. Just sit down here, and think now, that see, this kind of a government if you make, then people will be alright. This is your own mental projection. It has nothing living behind it; it’s all dead thought. By changing the governments, have you been able to transform the people?

I have been to Russia, I have been to China, I have been to America, to all these places. Human beings are just the same; there is no difference whatsoever. Maybe some are more honest, some are more dishonest, some are more immoral, some are less immoral, but, on the balance, if you see you find any kind of person everywhere. So one has to understand that this kind of mental projection that we were having about other things like social work, people think that being social work and all that, our ego can be conquered. The greatest egoistical people are the social workers.
Now these mental projections have created also lots of norms for us. Like, I sit down here and decide I’ll give a title to someone. Now he becomes a titlehood. Then he’s off, finished, once for all he’s dead now to anything that is reality because he’s living with something so unreal, which was given to him by somebody which is so unreal. There’s nothing living force behind it. Have you seen any man changing by getting some sort of a title or lot of money? On the contrary he becomes worse, never improves. So what is the reason? Why is it that when we go into an enterprise of this kind, why is it, we find, that everything fails? You talk of democracy, it becomes demonocracy. You talk of communism, you find it is another headache. You talk of anything, it all becomes such a funny thing, and it recoils back on you. Whatever you try, any enterprise, it recoils back.
Science, what is science now has become nothing but atomic war. How is it, science coming [running?] to atomic war, no one knows, but suddenly it has become a great threat to the whole world. Computers, tomorrow computers will start dominating us. We see those things clearly happening to us, and we are worried, we are shocked. But we don’t know why is it, whatever we try to do, why, it recoils on us, and entangles us, and enslaves us.
The reason is it’s, it has no living force behind it. It’s only mental, at mental level, and human beings live only on mental level. So there has to be another higher level which is generated when you get in contact with a living force. Now let us see what is the living force. The living force is that which sprouts the seed. The Mother earth sprouts the seed. If you see the Mother Earth as it is, you don’t find anything in it, nothing. There’s just clay. But you put some seed and that wasteful thing that you think of no use, this mud, that gives that life to the seed, and you find that the flowers become fruits, automatically. It’s a wondrous world, if you start looking at the living work of the living force, because we are not in connection with that, whatever we do, we go into problems, but the nature does not, while we do. The reason is we have lost our biological sustainers, or process. We are not biologically acting: it’s all dead action.
What we do is all dead. For example, as I told you before also that something is dead, a tree is dead and you make a chair, then you think, ‘I have made this thing’. From dead to dead to dead to dead, and this dead sits on our head. You make a chair, you cannot sit on the ground. Then we start another thing like anti-culture business. That also just the same. Like pendulum we may move. Now, we don’t like democracy, to have communism. From communism to democracy, democracy to communism, there’s no movement!
Now what is the biological movement? Within us, as you know, there are peptides [amino acids linked together] in our body, and the biological movement of peptides is shown when the movement is spiral. When it is spiral then it’s biological, and when it is linear then it is said that they have lost their biological sustainers. They have no biological quality in them. They have become linear. So that sustainers within us, that spiral movement within us is existing in our nerves, but can become absolutely linear, leading to death. All of our mental projections are linear, because we cannot, with that, in our own awareness, in our own awareness, jump higher. It is so outside.

For a man might say, think: ‘Ah, I must try to improve the whole world, I must do this thing’. There was a gentleman I met who is in charge of the peace of the world, and the most disturbed personality I have ever come across, you see. He was jumping this way, he was jumping this way, every sort of disturbance was in his mind, and he’s supposed to be in charge of the peace of the world; imagine.
Now what’s the matter with the gentleman? Though he thinks of peace, he thinks of such big things, he talks of higher ideals, everything. What is it inside? There is nothing, no peace. He’s just talking outside. What is the reason? The reason is it’s only linear. He has accepted that he is in charge of the peace, he must talk of big things, he must talk of ideal things, and then the whole thing drops out. We had League of Nations, now we have United Nations: all flops. So to make it spirally activated, what have we to do?

First of all we have to come to the right conclusion, understanding, that whatever we have done so far has been linear in its action. It’s not biological. We cannot transform a flower into a fruit. No living action we can take. We cannot perform any living action. Once we understand that, then we have to know that we have to become more to be in connection with that living force, that all-pervading force. And to get to that all-pervading force, what have we to do? Actually what did we do to become human beings? Nothing. We just became, spontaneously, Sahaja. Sahaj: spontaneously. It was just some force within us which worked it out, that made us human beings. We didn’t do anything.

So one has to understand that if it is a living process, then you don’t have to do anything about it. It is effortless. This is very difficult for human beings to understand. It is very difficult, because they live with their ego, and they cannot accept that you cannot do it yourself. They think, ‘We can do it ourselves’, which is not possible. It cannot be done.

You have to go to the Mother Earth to ask the seed to be sprouted. You cannot sprout it. You may try to dissect it, analyze it, put it under microscope, but you cannot sprout it. For sprouting, you have to surrender yourself to that Mother Earth who does the job. To begin with, we have to understand that we are not capable of doing any living work whatsoever. Once we have that humility within us, then we start seeing what can happen to us by which we can become the masters of that living force.

To become something you have not done anything, and to become higher you don’t have to do anything. That means there is, built in within you, the complete mechanism which is going to work it out. Now before you, I would say, it’s like a hypothesis for you, and you have to understand it as a scientist would understand, with an opened mind, because this is the science of the Divine. It’s not known so far. This is the knowledge of the roots, not known to anyone so far, I can say. But to [be] known to some people who have evolved themselves, they have gone above that state that is just mental, and these are the very few people who know what it is. This knowledge is not of today; is of thousands of years, but, is not the knowledge of the tree, as I told you, which we have, but is the knowledge of the roots, which we have to understand.

The knowledge of the roots is that, within you is placed the root, is called (Shri Mataji speaks aside to the yogis present: ‘Is it here? No, ah. Somebody can come up, please.’) Here, in the triangular bone is placed the thing called Kundalini. It is a Sanskrit word. One should not be so frightened of Sanskrit. I was surprised, when I went to America, the first question they asked me: ‘Why should you come and teach us about these things which were in your country?’ I said: ‘To Me, it is just the same whether it is America or India. Why did you come to India to teach us about science?’ Why this kind of an attitude people have? Wherever there is knowledge, a humble person must go and see it. This was discovered about 14 000 years back, where, in England, I don’t think people lived here, in this country.

So, why should anybody feel humiliated? When you think you are English, or you are American, you are wrong. You are a human being. God never made a world like that. We are all one, and everybody has to support each other. Like a flower thinks, I am a flower, a leaf thinks, I am a leaf, and the roots think they are roots, then how the whole tree is going to manifest, just think? We are one, there’s nothing that you are the tree, and you are the leaf, and you are the flower, and we are everything. So to think like that if that, is another mental projection we have, that ‘I am this’ and ‘I am that’. You are just a human being, which has been created by God’s grace, to this level, as the most beautiful thing, the epitome, of His creation. I would say that, in the west, there are more seekers, perhaps, than we have in the east, perhaps, but that doesn’t mean that it is only because it is England, or America, but it is only that all over the world, God has this blessing and the message for everyone.
So first of all we must understand that this is the knowledge of the roots, and this knowledge of the roots, unless and until we know about it, we have no right to criticize it. Moreover, by criticizing you are not the gainer, you are the loser. So with complete openness of a student we have to see to this, that this great force is placed within us, in a triangular bone, whether you are an Australian, American, English, Indian, or coming from Timbuctoo. All of you, if you are human beings, God has placed this force within. He doesn’t understand these differences, actually. It’s only we do understand. For Him it’s the one world, that beautiful world He has created, and all the human beings are His children.

So in this triangular bone, is placed this beautiful thing called the Kundalini, and this Kundalini is the motherhood within you. It’s a quality. It has nothing to do with a woman or a man. It’s a quality, is a type, a personality. For example, I would say today, Mahatma Gandhi, people accept him as a great man, because he had the quality of compassion. He had the quality of giving, of nourishing. In the same way all the saints of the world had this quality. They were motherly, full of compassion, love. Christ had the same. He was so full of compassion that you cannot call him, in the worldly way, a man, because man means he must hate, he must aggress, he must do all kinds of things to show his ego. No. He was a personality who had compassion, who had nourishment.

Now to become that personality, what have we to do? Again, say I, nothing, because it is all placed within you. The expression of Kundalini within you is the expression of that great personality. When that happens to you, you yourself become like the Mother Earth, that you can give, you can project yourself, that you become compassion yourself and your compassion acts. These days, Kali Yuga is the modern times, what was the Kali Yuga, the days of confusion, is over, and is called as Krita Yuga, means where this living force will act, and this living force has to act through you. You become the medium of that living force. Actually you become the master of that. But the beauty of this is that it manifests within you also.

For example, the electricity is flowing through this; it doesn’t do anything to this instrument. But when this force starts flowing through you, you get completely transformed into a new personality, and a personality that Christ had described that you are to be born again. Again, linear way, is that artificially people can brand themselves ‘born again’. But when it happens to [you] are completely transformed from within, and the transformation is so visible, and so active, as Krita Yuga has started, that you are amazed. You cannot believe, it is fantastic, because you are fantastically made, extremely fantastically made, and that all things starts expressing itself as soon as it manifests. So a human being should know that he’s made with great care, great love, and for a very great thing: is to enjoy the love of his Father.

When this Kundalini rises within you, passes through six chakras – the seventh it does not cross; the seventh is the guard [Mooladhara chakra] – then it creates that spiral movement within our awareness. The awareness itself gets spirally formed, and instead of moving in a pendulum you move in such a way that you jump higher. Your awareness becomes higher than what it used to be. So the human awareness becomes higher. There are lots of misunderstandings about this, and it comes from the ignorance, because when you start seeking something from ignorance, what happens that whatever you find, is a partial truth or could be something not the truth. For example, in the darkness, you might see this and think it’s a snake. A wire might look like a snake to you. But supposing you suddenly become enlightened. Of course, in the beginning, light may not be that strong. In some people it could be little bit, just a flicker. But you start seeing then, and gradually, if the light improves, and the lantern improves, I can say, then you start seeing it, very clearly, what has gone wrong with you, and you start correcting it.

Now the new awareness that comes into you is not something that can be just certified that, ‘Alright, now you are realized souls, have a brand and go ahead.’ It is not that way. But you become conscious of that awareness, because for the first time, when the Kundalini pierces through this fontanelle bone area, then you feel the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost coming in. In the Sanskrit language, Holy Ghost is called as Adi Shakti. Most surprising is that, I don’t know why, but in the Bible, Holy Ghost was not discussed much. Adi Shakti is the Holy Ghost, and about Adi Shakti if you have to learn, you have to go to Indian Scriptures. Even in the Old Testament they say Jews know about it.

Now this power, which is the All-Pervading power of God, the power of His Love, becomes evident, because you start feeling it on your fingers. And as you say in the English language, you know, on your fingertips. Your hands start speaking. You can feel another personality, you can put the hand towards another person, and you can see what are the centers catching, because they are shown on this five, six and seven on the right, five, six and seven on the left. This is the emotional side, and the right is the physical and the mental side.

Now the doctors cannot deal with the psychosomatic, or psychological things, and it’s a very big problem because there is only analysis for you. Now, for a doctor it is important to know both the sides of human beings, or I would say the three sides: the physical, the mental and the emotional. But it is not so – he just knows part of it, while a psychologist knows a part of it, and that’s how we cannot find out the reason for the problems that exist within us. But when this Kundalini rises, She passes through these six centers which are the milestones of our evolution, and thus integrates you completely. So the first thing you receive is the integration. By that integration you are amazed that physically you get cured. There has been a criticism about us in the newspaper, that we have started curing people. Thank God we are not in America; there we would have been arrested, because the doctors there do not allow anybody to cure anyone. But we do not cure. Automatically it happens: when the Kundalini will rise, automatically it will happen that your whole being itself will become integrated by which you will be healed. You will heal yourself, nobody else is going to heal you. I don’t (know?) under law if you can charge a person if he heals himself, but this will exactly happen that you will heal yourself, and you will know how to heal yourself. But this is nothing. Is not only the physical side of it that happens to you. Is just the minimum of minimums. But those people who (are?) suffering from mental trouble also get healed.

The third side of it is that physically you are alright, mentally you are alright, and emotionally also, you are alright. Now there’s a very big confusion about mental and emotional in English language. So if you have to say ‘mental’ as the brain is concerned, then they mean to say that person who is mad is a mental case. Actually he’s a heart case, because he’s working with his heart. He weeps, cries, but his head goes off, it’s a balance. When he’s working with his head too much, his heart goes off. That’s another balance of the nature. So if you have even the problem if you think too much, some people are so mad that they go on thinking like mad, they cannot stop their thinking, they think, think, think, think, and they’re thinking madness there, but they cannot stop it. So here, when the Kundalini rises, onto this point, you become thoughtlessly aware. You don’t have to think; you can stop your thoughts. If you want to think you can think, if you want to stop, you can stop. It is not necessary for you to think, and that’s exactly what happens when the Kundalini rises here, that mentally you become absolutely comfortable.

Now this business of raising the Kundalini is a business of God, and which cannot be sold. You cannot have a business on the human level. You cannot sell it. You just cannot do it. How it happens is automatically. By the grace of God it works out. You cannot sell anything that is the grace of God. What is the value of that? On this point only many people discard Sahaja Yoga because they think that it cannot be sold so it must be useless. It is so invaluable that you cannot pay for it.

Now the rising of the Kundalini has to take place, first of all. (Could possibly be missing some lines here on the recording..) …the Spirit. The Spirit is the one who is the master in you. So you become your own master, you become your own guru. Nobody has to tell you ‘do this’ or ‘do that’; you are guided, because as soon as the Kundalini rises, you start feeling the cool breeze in your hands. And these are giving you a new vibrations, a new dimension by which you know whether to do this or not.

For example, you want to do something; you want to buy a book. You don’t have to decide about it: as soon as you go near the book either it will give you cool breeze, or it may make you hot, or it may little bit burn also if it’s a horrid one, and you don’t want to have that at any cost, you want to have the cool breeze because you enjoy it. So you just give up. You just give up things without anybody telling you, because your vibrations tell you. The spirit that has now shine in your attention, tells you, and you start understanding, that now I have become my own guru, because your guru is sitting inside you as the Spirit. It has not yet manifested in your attention and that’s why you’re worried. But just it manifests, and once it manifests you are amazed, that you yourself may have become a guru of yourself. You don’t need anybody else to tell you, but you can do it yourself. You can find out yourself. Nobody has to give any explanation, or correction, or anything, you just start improving yourself. Automatically it works, and little bit, if you know, how to decode it, and how to work it out, your problems, you just manage it. You become yourself a guru. That’s the thing you have to be.

Of course I told you, you cannot pay for it. It’s an insult even to think that you can pay for it. Nobody can understand this; that this is complete benevolence, is complete. It’s not mercenary act of benevolence, but it is a complete, absolute benevolence, and for this benevolence you cannot pay. As soon as you pay for it, it is no more of benevolence. And that’s why you cannot pay for it. You cannot work it out, it has to just work out. Now, especially in the west, there is a problem with people that they think, ‘Why should Mother do it?’. I tell you, it’s a thankless job. You cannot do it. If you can do it, I’ll be happy to retire. But you cannot do it. That’s the point (INAUDIBLE). This is my job, what am I to do? Supposing I am that, what am I to do now? If I have to do it, if I am supposed to do it, then what should I do? I mean supposing you are posted as something; you are a policeman, you have to do the policeman’s job. Now, how can you challenge it? He has to do it. As if you can say, I’m paid for it, or you can say that this is my job. This I have to do, though I know it is very, very troublesome. To get it done is not easy, it’s not very easy. Everyone may not get realization, I cannot guarantee that. I cannot say that you all will get the realization, it’s a very difficult thing. Some people will just miss it for some time. There’s nothing to be worried about it; it has to be corrected. It has to be redeemed, as they say. The Kundalini has to be brought up, if there are centers catching they have to be cleared out, they have to be brought up, and we have to have complete understanding and compassion about ourselves, and love for ourself and respect for ourself. That if you have to become the light, then we have to adjust and cooperate.

Now the thing is that the ego part of it is the strongest enemy of realization. I. I like it. I am this, I am that. When you say of ‘I, it is not yourself, your spirit, but it is your ego that’s saying ‘I’. When you become the spirit you don’t say ‘I’, but you say ‘it’. You talk in the third person. You say, ‘It is not coming up, it is not working out, it is not’, in a third way. You never say, ‘I will raise the Kundalini’. What you will say: ‘the Kundalini is not coming up. The Kundalini is not there.’ In a third person you start talking, so that you do not take any credit or discredit for it.

Now, it is for you to observe it and see for yourself. It depends on your power of observation. Whatever doctors may tell you, or anything, you don’t have to believe those, because it depends on your own observation and sense of penetration.

Like I would say, I went to the Union Society and the Chairman of the Union Society was 82-year-old man. And he got his realization. And I told about Jung’s mistake why he missed the point, which they understood very well. But then he got up, very humbly, and he says, ‘Mother, now you have learned our language, let us talk your language, let us learn your language’. And then at the second meeting he says, ‘Now I have observed – it’s not a question, but my observation, if it is true – that you don’t believe in time. There’s no time.’ Just you give it like that. That depends on your own observation. But I would not like to accept any ideas about Me because I know it is terrible; sometimes it can act against. I mean, some people may just leave, you know, they can’t bear it anymore. So that’s not the point. You have to see for yourself, observe yourself. There’s nothing to gain from you, at all for Me, you cannot give Me anything, whatever you may try. There’s nothing to ask for. It is you who have to take something from Me which you better have it. I’m like a cashier on the bank, see? You have got your cheques. Now, I have nothing to get from you. The cashier is paid for, alright, that’s one point, is different, from the employer, but not by you. And what I have to do is to take your cheques and cash it. Now, when you are in that position, will you be angry with me for that? Will you say to your cashier, ‘Why are you doing this to me? Why should I take money from you?’ If that is intelligible, then we can see there is some meeting point between us, and we can talk of realization then in a way that it has to be done. You all have to have your key, your spirit, that is within you. Perhaps I know that better than you. You know many things better than Me. I don’t know even how to use a plastic bag, but I know how to open the Kundalini. I am so hopelessly bad at so many things which are so trivial and simple which you can do just like that, I cannot do it. So it’s alright, so, I am also quite humble about it, I don’t mind. I don’t know many things, but I know one thing, is that you are the Spirit, and you have to become the Spirit, through the awakening of your Kundalini. This is what a Mother can do, is to explain to you, that come to the right conclusion, that you have to have it, it is within you, and you have to get it. But I cannot force it on you. I cannot make you take it. Or else if you do not want to have it I just can’t do it. It’s impossible. There’s no (hypnosis?) in it. It’s a happening that has to take place with complete understanding of your freedom.

I hope you will understand this new method, that if you have to go to the roots, you have to become subtler than what you are, and to become that subtler being, you have to become the Spirit, your Kundalini has to be awakened. Now, if you have any questions, you can ask me, and there’s no need to be aggressive with me, because I have not come here to take anything from you. But if you have any questions you can ask me. One thing I must tell you: if you are going to some other guru, or something, because I have seen also these people are going to other gurus and I think these gurus feel threatened because I don’t take any money and they feel threatened about it, whatever it is. If you are (registered/adjusted?) with any guru or still attached to someone, you may go away, because I am not here to quarrel with you for that. You can go away; it’s all your free choice. But if you want to become the Spirit, if you want to have your realization, you’re welcome; I’ll be very happy to work it out. Now, let me have some questions if you have. Yes?

(Inaudible question from audience. Yogi: What happens to your self-realization when the body dies? What happens to your Kundalini and Spirit?)

That is again futuristic. You be in the present, my child, alright? Now this is a very futuristic question. Now you’re not going to die, I can assure you, for some time. So we’ll do it later on. Because why should you worry about your death just now? I am talking of eternal life. Let’s (take?) it, be in the present, alright? It’s a good question, but why should you worry about death? (Inaudible discussion in the audience. Yogi: Just, Mother’s given you the answer. Just leave it.) I have given you the answer. This is not the time to talk about it, it requires a complete lecture, alright? I’ll tell you later on. I’ll write to you. You give me your address, I’ll write to you. (Further inaudible discussion in the audience. Yogi: Next question, please.) Now don’t take others’ time, because I’m not interested, now. Don’t be interested what happens to your death, and what happens. That is not to be seen just now. Just now you get your realization; the first step. That’s why Bhudda did not talk of God, even, because he thought, he talks of God then people ask, ‘What is God? Where is He? Well, can I see Him? Can I meet Him?’. So he said, alright. Just take your self-realization, finished. Nothing more than that. (Further inaudible discussion in audience.) No, no, no, please sit down. You are from some other group, I think. Do you belong to some other group? (Inaudible response from audience). I know, I know that. No, please sit down. We don’t want you here. Please sit down. Now this is not the way to behave. We don’t go to your group, why don’t you take your own hall and give a lecture there? If you belong to another group you don’t come here. These people have been always troubling us like this. This is too much. Why are you troubling us? What have we done to you? Why do you come here and trouble us? (Inaudible response from audience.) No, that’s not good, that’s not being kind, and civil. You better learn these things, first of all. Please sit down. Please sit down. This is not the way to behave, to go to somebody’s groups and, you see, I don’t go to these people, I don’t talk about these people, why should you go to other peoples’? Go and learn from your guru and become whatever you want to become, it’s alright. I’ve already told you, we shouldn’t trouble somebody like this all the time. It’s not good. That’s why realization is needed; then you’ll understand how to be gentle. They give big ideas; you become mokshas, you become this, you have become this, and you, you go with those ideas. You don’t even have vibrations to feel what you are; what your guru is. You don’t have any understanding, no discretion; nothing. You go to a guru and he says, ‘Alright. Now you, you are going to go beyond everything’. You believe it. This is all ego pampering. If you want to live with it, go ahead. (Further inaudible discussion from audience.) You believe into whatever you believe it in your own way, but whatever you believe has done no good to anyone. Has it done any good to anyone? You may believe into anything, so what? It’s not important. What have you done so far? What good have you done to anyone so far? (Further inaudible discussion from audience.) What’s he saying? (Yogi: Let’s leave it, please.) No, don’t do like that. (Yogi: Next question.) It’s not good. It’s not civil. No, no, no, no, no, no. You better join some politics, you’ll be better there. (Audience laughter.) You are not meant for spiritual life. You go into some politics; you’ll be better off. Now, let us have some other questions.

(Yogi: If there are no questions, those few people who want…) These are stupid people wasting their time, I tell you, really, wasting their time, wasting our time. Done no good to anyone…

(Inaudible question from audience. Yogi: If he gets self-realization, will it interfere in any way with his normal functioning?)

No, no, you will be very normal. (Shri Mataji and audience laughter.) You become extremely normal. You become so normal that you are amazed at yourself. You see, all abnormalities drop out, first of all. And secondly, you become so dynamic, absolutely dynamic. We have people here who couldn’t do any jobs, or they were depressed, this, that, but apart from that when they started doing jobs they were surprised. The students who could not pass their exams took first in the class, they had the highest marks. The people who could not concentrate become well-known artists, well-known architects. We have so many Indian artists in India, especially, who are very well-known artists but they had fallen prey to, say, alcohol, or something, they have become great artists and now when they sing, you see, it’s so melodious, they themselves now feel it that way. And on my birthday they came to sing, because they said, ‘Mother, You have given us this new dimension in our music’. You become extremely creative, and very dynamic, and you are not tired, because you get connected with the whole.

(Yogi: Yes. Inaudible question from audience. Shri Mataji chuckles as She listens.) Thank you. (Further inaudible discussion from the same questioner, a doctor.) Yes, doctor, I’m sorry to say it is so. It’s so many diseases can be cured, so many. I would not say all I would cover, like supposing you have a cata, catarac, in the eye, and we cannot cure that, we have seen that. And also, things where something is dead in the body, then you have to remove it, you see, and things like that. But I think if it is not in a very galloping state, if it is still there and if you do not interfere too much with it, and do proper meditation the way it is to be done, you see these are only permutations and combinations of these centers that we get into trouble. If you are in the center, you see, if you are in the center, I mean, no less than Guru Nanak, Himself, has talked about it, absolutely, and this is what work He has done. I’m doing His work, only, only thing is that today is the time for, to give you the proof of what he said. So if these centers are kept normal, and if the Kundalini starts flowing properly, then what happens is that you get connected with that all-pervading power which is the life force itself. It’s not only Prana. It’s not only the right-sided thing which we call the Prana, the white thing is, but also the emotional, and also the evolutionary process, the sustenance. So it gives all the three forces within us and if you know how to manipulate it and manifest it, you can work it out. And for you, especially, I would say, that it is your heritage, itself, so for you it should be a great thing to understand it. But of course the patients who are absolutely gone cases, and some patients, I would say, I must admit this, like Hitler, now, Hitler I wouldn’t be able to cure, I’m sorry, because you must have some catch there also, isn’t it?, with God. If you ask Me to cure Hitler or somebody like that, it’s going to be difficult. But, people are normally good people, and those who are good people, who lead a righteous life, not an aggressive life, and are of good nature, can be easily cured.

Once it happened that there was one doctor Daetey; he brought Me a lady to be cured of her heart ailment, and she was very serious, and he thought he, she, she may not be alright with Sahaja Yoga. But I cured her, but I told him that this lady would not survive, within three days she is going to die. She was so much cured that he could not believe, because every heartbeat was alright, everything was alright. He was surprised: I was saying that she is going to die after three days. So he said, ‘How do you know, Mother?’. I said ‘I don’t know how do I know but I know she is going to die’. Then I told him, ‘Doctor, you go and find out the history of this woman, what sort of a woman she is, so then you will know what I am saying. And he found out that she’s the woman because of her, her daughter-in-law committed suicide, and her husband had become really mad; an extremely aggressive woman and she has tortured all the people in the family. She had no love at all, and there was no need for her to be blessed to that extent that she should get completely cured. Perhaps, I think her life was cut short was good, and that’s how she could not survive, after that, and she died really after three days. And the doctor Daetey was himself surprised. I told him himself, that, ‘You will get a heart attack too, if you don’t take to Sahaja Yoga’, and he died of heart, because his heart was catching, he wouldn’t believe, because he said, ‘It’s showing alright, my x-ray’s alright’. I said, ‘It is not’.

It is such a subtle thing. Before the disease starts, you see, you cannot make out, but the disease starts at a point, when it is so subtle, that doctors also cannot make it out. But in Sahaja Yoga you can. You catch on this finger. If you catch on this finger, that means there’s some pressure on your heart. And if you’re catching on this finger it’s better to pay attention to your heart immediately, and you carry the very simple thing, very simple, the mantra for heart attack is: ‘Mother I am the Spirit’. Just (say/do) it. ‘Mother I am the Spirit’. (Hindi translation), that’s all. If you say it three times you can get rid of it. But, this mantra has to be siddh. Every Dick, Tom and Harry cannot give you the mantra. Any person who is a realized soul can only give you that. That is one thing very important. And Nanaka himself always talked about Satguru, you see, because he found out that people used to talk about guru like Swami Ramdass and all those talk of guru. But then he thought that it’s better to call Satguru and guru as two things. Satguru is the one who has got realization, and the one who calls himself as guru without realization talks big, ‘I, you, I’ll give you this and I’ll give you that’, and just makes a big organization out of that, is not a guru. So that is what it is, a person has to be a realized soul, and he must know all the details about how to do it.

Now, as if you are interested, I would like to meet some of you doctors here, and I tell you all about it, details, and I can make you master in no time, there’s no problem. But a Sahaja Yogi is a person who knows all about Kundalini, he knows how to deal with it, how to work it out. Now he himself is a doctor, and he has cured many people with Sahaja Yoga, and is a very simple thing, and which can work out. Thank God this country is a free country in this respect, and that they have asked us to write to them about this method of Sahaja Yoga; how we cure people. But that’s just the basics. That’s not so important. What is important is to become the spirit.

(Inaudible question from same audience member.) Yes, by all means. Why not? I would love to have you for tea at my residence. You give your name and address and I’ll, I’ll let you know. I thank you very much. Thank you very much doctor. Yes.

(Yogi: Any more? Yes.) (Inaudible question from audience member.) What did he say? (Yogi: Sorry, could you say again? Ah. And you’re asking will it help.) Yes. (Yogi: His son has been very depressed.) Where do you live, in what part? (Inaudible response from audience member.) Alright. It’s not difficult; we have a center here. (Inaudible discussion from the man. Yogi: So, medication doesn’t help, is that what you’re saying?…) (Inaudible response.) (Yogi: Ah. No medication is required at the moment but they as parents are very worried about him.) No, I know, depression is also to be understood in its full, full extent. How people get depressed, you see? And how people get into problems on depression. It’s very simple and it can be cured. He can be cured. We have people here who were very depressed and now today they have become dynamic people, so it’s alright. You can, you can go to the center, you take the address of the center, and you, you take the photograph, and they, we’ll manage. You just don’t worry, they’ll tell you how to do it, but do it religiously. The way they are telling you if you do it. It’s very simple methods, they will tell you; you have to have faith in yourself and you have to do it religiously, it will work out. I promise it can be worked out. Now, behind you is sitting there some Mohan, is sitting, just see that boy, sitting behind you, and he had been to some guru like that, who just ruined his awareness completely. He was really, absolutely, out of mind. And now you won’t believe, he writes poetry so beautifully, like, when I read it I think of Kabir, like that. He’s writing poetry now. So it’s something so different, you know? So, it can happen. You just bring the, you take the address and bring the photograph of the boy, with his birth date and all that and give it to them, we’ll work it out. (Inaudible comment from man.) He’s an artist? Then it’s alright. He’ll become a greater artist. (Laugher from audience.)

(Yogi: Yes? Audience member: Asking about special diet, the difficulty of meditation) It was not hard at all! (Shri Mataji laughs.) (Audience member: Laughs. It wasn’t hard! …INAUDIBLE…) No, no, no. You see, it is Sahaja Samadhi. It is Sahaja. Sahaja has another meaning also; easy. That’s the quality of your mother, I should say, has to be (easier/easiest?). Mother gives you birth, does she give you any trouble? Nothing. She takes all the trouble, so you don’t have to worry. Kundalini takes all the trouble within you, you don’t have to do anything. So it’s very Sahaj, is absolutely Sahaj. It is absolutely spontaneous. It doesn’t give you trouble at all. It is absolutely easy, easy as possible. Has to be, because it is so vital. Whatever is not vital is like this, that guru says, ‘Don’t eat this, don’t do that, stand on your heads, do this, do that’. That’s not the mother’s style. But the real gurus, also, they’re very strict, no doubt, but the real gurus give you realization. That’s the first thing they do. They don’t tell you that, ‘I’ll take you to mokshas, I’ll do this’, nothing of these big talks. They say that, ‘First of all you get your realization’.

Any other question, please. (Inaudible question from audience member and general laughter. Yogi: Can you give some evidence of Your own enlightenment? Shri Mataji laughs, more audience laughter.) What evidence you want? What evidence you understand? You see, the evidence is if your Kundalini is awakened, then only you will understand. What Christ could not give evidence (so/to?) you crucified him nicely. But I am going to give you the evidence, you the evidence. I will give you. You sit down, you get your realization, then you’ll get the evidence, alright? Once you get your realization you’ll get the evidence, isn’t it? What is the evidence that the candle is enlightened? That it when you take it near an unlit, unlit…supposing this is an enlightened candle, the evidence is that it can enlighten another candle, isn’t it? That is the evidence. Now you sit down, first you, let’s see if you get realization. That’s the evidence, alright? If you don’t get the realization, then the evidence is that something wrong with you, because many will get it. It’s you who has to give Me the evidence, not Me, because I don’t have, you see, these questions are alright for a person who’s taking money from you, or taking anything from you, or I’m telling you anything, nothing, I’m just saying, you take it. These questions are just other way around, should be, isn’t it? It is you who has to give the evidence that you have got it, not Me. Here at least there are 60% people who have got it. 60% people. So if you get it, thank your stars that you’ve got it. If you don’t get it I’ll have to work hard with you.

(Yogi: Why don’t we all ask for it now. Just slip your shoes off, and put your hands on your lap, put your hands out, and ask for it. Ask for it in your heart, that is.) I think all of you should get seated down, first of all, properly. You see? There should be no (INAUDIBLE). Please be seated. There are some seats here. Come along. There are some seats here, also.

There’s one thing I have to tell you, that it is something that happens within yourself, and it is a very quick thing; it’s the split of a second, when the Kundalini rises, just split of a second. But, if there is any obstruction, then it takes some time, and I have seen, that say, in an Indian village, I have seen 6000 people just get realization in the split of a second, but, the more we get sophisticated and modernized, we get complicated. So, we have to, little bit, give some energy to our different centers, and try to nourish it, so that the Kundalini is moving faster, without any obstruction. To remove the obstruction, we have to work it out in a very simple way, which I’ll tell you, that left hand you have to put like this, which is the power of desire. So put the left hand like this. All these things I cannot explain in one, one lecture, and it’s too much, also, like I would say that if you had to switch on then you just pull the switch and the lights will be on. In the same way we can say put this left hand straight like this, just like this, on your lap, very comfortably, and with the right hand, I will say where to go.

Now first of all, you must close your eyes, and don’t open your eyes till I tell you. Take out your spectacles if possible, and… it’s already going to deep I can’t keep my eyes open… now put the left hand towards Me and with the right hand you have to move, so keep your eyes shut and also, if you can take out your spectacles it’s better because you don’t have to see anything. Better, it’s good for the eyesight. So better take out your spectacles, and be comfortable. There should be nothing tight anywhere in the body, anywhere.

Now, what you put your left hand towards Me, and with the right hand, right hand, you put it on your heart on the left-hand side, to begin with. It’s very important. Now, on the heart, we are putting it, first of all, because we have to say that ‘Mother, I am the Spirit’. You can address Me as Shri Mataji, as Mother, whatever. If it is easier for you to say Shri Mataji, is alright, otherwise to make it easier you can call Me Mother. I am the Spirit. Everyone should try. Everyone should try. Or you can ask a question: ‘Am I the Spirit?’.

Now, slowly take this side down on the left-hand side of your stomach, left-hand side of your stomach, and press it hard. Left-hand side of your stomach. Don’t open your eyes. Put this right hand on the left-hand side of your stomach, because there resides the principle of the Primordial master, of your mastery. So here, you have to say, ten times, because you have ten valencies. As human beings we have ten valencies, so we have to say ten times: ‘Mother, I am my own master. I am my own guru’, to awaken within you the Primordial master. ‘I am my own guide.’ With full confidence. Without any guilt, without any guilt. Without any guilt you have to say, ‘I’m my own master’. This is one of the diseases in the west; to feel guilty. At the present moment, your past is not there. You just worry, don’t worry about your past. You just say, ‘Mother, I am my own master’ with full confidence. Don’t feel guilty. (Long pause.) Please don’t feel guilty throughout. Please don’t feel guilty at all. And don’t count your sins but count your blessings.

Now raise this right hand, again, back to the heart, with complete love and understanding about yourself, and full respect, because you are at the epitome of the evolution. You must respect yourself. At this point, you have to say 12 times, ‘Mother I am the Spirit’, because at this chakras, there are twelve sub-chakras, that’s why it is to be said 12 times, or petals, sub-petals as they call it. Mother, I am the Spirit. Just say that. You are the Spirit, believe Me, you are. Just say that. (Long pause. Yogi tells Mother that he and/or the other yogis present feel left Vishuddhi.) Now don’t feel guilty at that time. Don’t weep, or cry, don’t feel bad. Just say, ‘Mother, I am not guilty, I am the Spirit’, with full confidence, you are. Don’t feel guilty. This feeling guilty causes angina, one part of it, I tell you. Now, with that fear at least you’ll stop feeling guilty. (Shri Mataji chuckles. She says to yogis), Hmm, better.

Now put that right hand on the base of your neck on the left-hand side, from the front. From the front. On the base, on the left-hand side. Base of your neck on the left-hand side, take your hand in front, not from the back. Now press it hard, a little. Now this is the point, which catches very badly, when you feel guilty. Now, just say, ‘Mother, I am not guilty’, 16 times. But I always say that if you have too much of this fashion, of feeling guilty, then you may punish yourself by saying 35 times, or 108 times. Just laugh at yourself for feeling guilty; that’s the best way. Do not condemn yourself. Say it 16 times. (Long pause.) Still you are feeling guilty.

Now, put this hand on your forehead across, without feeling guilty again. Throughout I have to say this because that’s the main thing you’re catching, all the time, and at this point you have to say, ‘Mother, I forgive everyone’. Just say that. Now, somebody would say that it’s very difficult to forgive, and all that. It is all a myth. When you don’t forgive anyone, what do you do? Nothing. You are actually cursing yourself, and torturing yourself. So I forgive everyone. Mother, I forgive everyone. Forgive everyone. (Shri Mataji says mantras quietly.)

Now put this hand at the back, on the backside of your head, and pull it out a little bit. Press it a little bit. Now at this point, without feeling guilty, again I say without feeling guilty, at all, just to say, that, ‘Oh Lord, Oh God, if we have done any mistake, please forgive us’. But don’t feel guilty. (Pause.) At the back, just at the back of your head. (Longer pause as Mother speaks quietly aside to the yogi/yogis.)

Now, put this hand on top of your head, and press it, on the fontanelle bone area, where you had a soft bone in your childhood, and just press it, and rub it a little bit, and at this point as I said, I cannot cross your freedom. You have to ask for it. You have to say, ‘Mother, I want my realization, give me my realization’. Say it seven times here. Ask for it. You have to ask for it. You must know that the Divine is not going to fall at your feet. You have to humble down, and ask for it, otherwise it will not work out. (Pause; Mother speaks again, quietly, to yogis.)

Now raise your hand, and see if there’s a cool breeze coming in. Just not much, about five inches, six inches higher, on top of your head. Now put down right hand, on your lap. Don’t open your eyes, please. Keep quiet.