Talk to Sahaja Yogis, Money, Sleep, Bhoots, Lethargy

Surbiton Ashram, Surbiton (England)


Talk in ashram, Bonfire Night with Mother at Diwali. Surbiton (UK), 5 November 1983.

I’ve had a very hectic, strenuous journey through America and it was much beyond my expectation, it worked out very well and I am very happy about it. All the Americans are very thankful to the Sahaja Yogis of England and other countries who have contributed to this tour and specially to people who travelled across and went round and have them to organize. So they have been extremely grateful I tell you, but for you people it would not have been possible. It was a very strenuous journey no doubt, and strenuous tour and everything was bit too much after the tour of Europe. But the way people went from here and have them and you sent money, there was much less strain on them and they could manage it very well and as you know we have done very well as far as our sowing the seed of Sahaja Yoga is concerned.
So the seed of Sahaja Yoga I think is now sown and it may take a big flight I am sure because Americans have I know they are very, people who are uprooted type and quite shallow people and one can say that also that they go on changing their gurus every third day and their cars every fourth day and their wives fifth day. When they have changed so many of them that it is easier to bring them round and talk to them about reality. That is the greatest part of it and most of them have been to some guru or someone and the result of all that is that they have reached conclusions that if reality has to come, it should come in the way Sahaja Yoga is.
So it’s not such a difficult thing to talk to them about Sahaja Yoga. But the best part of it they have been to all gurus who have given them a good licking, real good licking. They have lost all their money, they have been trained so much, they had to do all kinds of things, and they had to starve themselves and no food and sometimes they had to run for miles together, do all kinds of acrobatics and all kinds of things they have done and as a result to them Sahaja Yoga is very precious. This is a difference I think with others and Americans is, because you have not known those severe type of gurus that they have had who just torture their lives all the time saying that “you have to do these things just to get rid of your sins and this has to be done, because of your sins, you are like this.”
And the main thing was I discovered there that the philosophers or the writers who wrote about the unconscious also had made a very big mistake and they said that if you have to go to the unconscious you have to pass through sub-conscious. And when I saw this diagram I was surprised. Jung had done the diagram with the unconscious and the unconscious becoming conscious and on top of that, was the subconscious and then the conscious mind and then the ego. So it was such a mixed bag. So I told them that God is the greatest planner and He has kept the central path for you absolutely open which is Sushumna path and the sub-conscious is on the left and the supra-conscious is on the right side. So you don’t have to pass through all these things, even in an airport supposing you have to pass through the luggage to go to the aeroplane what will happen? And when human beings can understand that [then] what about God? He has to be a greater organizer, a greater thinker than we are. And He could not have thought of such a mix bag for us that when we have to ascend we have to go through our subconscious and then go to the unconscious.
So the whole thing is they had no picture, it was all a mental projection and that’s how they made all the mistakes there and when they published these things, perhaps the gurus who are agurus must have taken a clue and that’s how they started talking that you have to go to your unconscious. And that’s how the whole thing has been worked out that people thought that we have to go to the unconscious through the subconscious. And when this happened they said that if you have to go to the subconscious we must bear up everything, we must get possessed, we must get bhootish, we must take drugs, we must do all those things that the mad people are doing. In addition to that they used Bible for that purpose, because in the Bible it is said that when the Holy Ghost came they all started behaving like mad people. This was Mr. Paul’s mischief. And that’s how they justified it that we all have to get mad to become spiritual. So this kind of a stupid idea was taken over and was exploited by the real thugs of India. Then it is now taken over by the thugs of Americans also. So the Americans are also forming some groups there, they have also become gurus and they are also teaching people that you have to become mad before becoming realized soul.
It’s such a thing that they never understood that there has to be some sort of a way made by God Himself for our ascent. Why will He make it so difficult, He has never made even a sprouting of the seed difficult, why will He make our evolution so difficult? And that’s why these poor things, you see, half of them are mad. Really mad people, when they came to Sahaja Yoga, they had blisters all over their hands. All blisters on the left hand side, you could see all their hands were burning. Shaking all the time before Me, it was terrible I mean, I had to go on combating their bhoots and I really got tired with it, absolutely tired, every place I went there were people who had lots of these possessions in them. But the beauty about them which one should learn from them is that once they realized that this is the way it is the truth, they are working very hard, extremely hard and they are very disciplined people, they get up in the morning, have their baths, sit down for meditations, they work it out. They are not like us, you see we are ‘oh very happy’, you see, floating in the air, “Mother is looking after us, it’s all right, we can get up at nine o’clock and then it’s all right, we say namaskar to Mother, write a nice poetry about her”, finished! They are not like that; they are working it out because what they said was very remarkable thing, what they said that “Mother, we have gone to hell actually. And we have to really jet out, very fast, if you have to get out of it otherwise we will never be there”, which is a fact. And this is what one has to understand that if you have to have any rapport with your Spirit you have to really work very hard.

Now our, so far our Sahaja Yoga in the west, so far, I would say, not further because today is new year’s day we have to take certain vows on a new year’s day, isn’t it?. So, so far has been a easy chair, as you call it, politician. And another thing I discovered very funny there which now I understand why people are like this in this country, also everywhere which, you see , you understand it better when you are little away from that place. So another thing I discovered was that this so-called Christian ethics you can say.

[Mother speaks aside to a Sahaja Yogi: I hope you have not talked about, have you? All right.]
Now the Christian ethics they told me was really explained many things why you behave like this. Like, one lady told Me a story that there was a fellow who had a store of his own and he used very good locks, you see, to secure it. So the people protested saying that why did you lock your things so well, you should have given a chance for a burglar, you see, after all you could insure yourself but why did you take away the chance of a burglar? That kind of a Christian ethics works in our minds, you see. So what we do, we always sympathize with a bhoot all the time. You see.”Oh! She is, Mother, so badly off, she is like this”. “arey baba! she is a bhoot!” Didn’t Modi tell you the saying of Ramadasa? Sangeetla tumhi? (did you tell them?)

So Modi said this, there which is Ramdas Swamy has said it. ‘Pishacha’ means a bhoot of a style, you see which sticks on to people, is pishach. So he says “Pishacha mage pishacha gele” (behind the bhoot has gone the bhoot), after one bhoot another bhoot has gone. So who can go after that? Who can save that? I mean if they are going after the bhoot, and what sarthak means – what will they achieve out of it? The whole thing is that our mind “oh he is very much, Mother, we must help that person, we must do this for that person.” All this is Christian ethics, is nonsensical. But Christ never said, he took a big hunter and beat all the people who had bhoots and took them out and put them in the sea. So this is some sort of Christian is different from Christ, so the Christian ethics is that always sympathize with a person who is a bhootish person. Always! A bhootish person also has a method of creating sympathies.
So today on New Year’s Day, I think I should warn you certain things that I have realized after going to America. My human realization is improving (Yogis and Mother laugh loudly). I had seen once, you see, there was lady who was running a restaurant. And one thief, you see, had stolen a coat from one restaurant and came to her restaurant and would not pay the money and she informed the police. So police said “Has he a got a very good coat?” “Yes,” [she] said “he has”. “He’s stolen from the other restaurant we’ve got the reports”. So the police came in. So they filed a suit against this man that he is a thief, he has stolen a coat from there and ate food here, never paid anything. So these people, both the restaurant people had to go to the court and give evidence saying that, you see, this fellow has stolen the coat and he didn’t pay for anything and he was quarrelling. And they had to spend two days and waste their money because they were earning out of their own restaurants. So the judge said: “Doesn’t matter, he was drunk at that time. So he should be forgiven because he was drunk”, firstly. And secondly he was given money because he said “I have no money now with me to travel around”, while these people lost their money for two days. And the police sat down with the hand like this.
So this kind of ethics that we have, you see, is to sympathize always with bhoots you see, wrong doers. Even if you read the newspaper you are shocked. How were they released on one point that they were in imbalance. Because they were in imbalance, so they are released. They are sent on a parole; that man goes and kills ten people again, but because he was imbalanced. So it is more necessary that you keep him, if he’s imbalanced, it is more necessary. To be imbalanced is itself a sin, itself is criminal. If somebody is imbalanced, that means he is a criminal personality and such a criminal personality must be kept in lock and key.
Like in France I saw, I was going by a bus; now I understand many things, I didn’t understand them before I must say. So in France we were going by bus and one person boxing he was talking all kind of things. I said O’ God! This one is only spelling bhoots from his mouth, who is he? They said he is a man who is talking about the war. I was so shocked, I said this man is talking about the war and these things, why is he allowed to come on a bus? Then the second one came in, then a lady came in, they were all talking, talking away something irrelevantly. They said these are all people who have suffered very much and they are coming into the bus and that’s why they are like this. So I said “But why allow these people to come in, in India nobody will allow such a person to come inside.” So I think Marie was there, she said “You see our government is very sympathetic, you see, towards such people.” I said, “But what about the rest of them? They are not sympathetic about the other people, at least they should be sometimes for a change sympathetic with sane people!”
To have always sympathies with the insanity also shows that you are encouraging all the bhootish people to develop, to do what they like. I mean this is no sympathy at all. That is how it works out and I have seen this bhootish sympathy has also given Me lot of trouble. So you have to be little sympathetic towards your poor Mother. Now all sympathies of your bhoots must be given up. Because that has given Me lot of trouble throughout and now I understand why you people always sympathize with bhoot people.
Now, as it is, in England, it is a sin to awaken somebody in the morning. I mean we have had big quarrels, fights, bouts, breaking of noses, everything because somebody woke up somebody in the morning time. And people sympathize and came and told, “Mother, after all you see this gentleman went and woke them up or the child started crying in the morning and that person got up in the morning”. So it is a sinful thing in the West that if you wake up someone. But, you see, you have to change yourself now, if you have to be Yogis, you must know that you cannot get easy chair, yogi position. Normally you have to go to Himalayas, live in that cold, eat nothing for days together, wash off all your desires, give up your wife, your children, everyone. But Sahaja Yoga, so far has been, you can have your wife, even if she is slightly bhootish, is all right. But if she is very much bhootish, still I have to worry about the bhootish woman. Even if she destroys Sahaja Yoga, doesn’t matter, the sympathies are there. Even if she does anything, that’s a wife, after all. Or a husband who is a bhootish, I get every time a letter that my husband is a bhootish man, he beats me, he does this. Now, what am I to tell? You divorce your husband, what should I say? I mean, if he is bhootish, how can you be with a bhoot? You are a realized soul and gradually what happens that you develop such a immunity with the bhoot that you don’t know you have become yourself a big bhoot? And you go on with that and this. Can you imagine we are creating here a race of yogis, of pure people.

Now, why people were going to Himalayas? Because there were no bhoots there. You see, very few people went there, stayed away from the madding crowd. You are staying in this horrible, hellish atmosphere, where there are bhoots and bhoots, and bhoots, all kinds. Now here it is more necessary that you should be very careful, supposing, you see, plague breaks out, any country, then how people become cautious? They are so frightened that we should not catch anything from the plague, isn’t it? In the same way we must know, now you are conscious of it. But on the contrary this bhootish attachments are so great that I do not know how to fight it.
And the best part of it, you see, if you tell anybody, why did you do it, they say it is the bhoot who did. But from where is he residing? In your own house. Supposing in this house somebody is residing and he explodes the whole house, will you say that the man who was residing has done it? You have to blame yourself. Why do you allow a bhoot to be abide in you? So today is a day, I mean yesterday’s day was a special day of Laxmi puja. And you will be surprised in our house we put all the lights on. And the candles were lit up. As soon as the candles were lit up all My this, My foot, went into a contortion absolutely. It could not be brought to normal state. For at least half an hour we were struggling with it. The reason is all the bhoots of London perhaps touched My feet. And they got into there… that “save us”. So this is the situation is. While you are not at all aware of it. Now people think that you can compromise with righteousness, with God. You cannot. You cannot compromise. Whatever is pure has to be accepted in its purity, in its glory, and one has to work hard for it. You cannot just… You’ll have your jobs, you’ll have your wives, you’ll eat your food, the special type of things, you must have your comforts, you must have everything. Is a first class journey to God, and the bhoots along with it going towards God. Everybody is in the baggage.
This is what one has to understand, we are yogis and we are people blessed specially to elevate the whole world. We are responsible for the whole Western world. And what are we doing about it? And I asked these people who have been to [false] guru, I was amazed. Of course, money part was there, one thousand rupees each. And they said that we are given food which nobody can eat. You get sick. One lady told me that she ate such a food that she developed a horrible disease and – doctors told me that I first of all give up this food. And you are forced to eat that food. And you have to wear very, I mean, flimsy clothes and stand on the streets, sing songs, walk in a procession, dance like a mad person, do all kind of things they do.
Here in Sahaja Yoga they said nothing, is a drawing room treatment. But in the drawing room if you carry your bhoots also with you that’s not allowed. That’s not allowed. So one has to understand that though we have got our realization we have a very big responsibility and we have to move with that responsibility. The greatest problem now of UK also France, I have seen. Because of drinking habits or whatever, it is – lethargy. Excuses, brain is very… I tell you our Sahaja yogis also have tremendous brains. I mean sometimes I don’t know how to work on their excuses. “We had a public meeting which finished at eleven o’clock, so we couldn’t get up till eleven o’clock next day”. Twelve hours sleep you must have. Very hard working people! But your Mother sleeps the same time and I am marathon race runner, every night whenever, I mean you have only one program, but then I go to Italy, I go to any place, I have regularly, the whole year I am doing this. Still I get up early in the morning then why can’t you get up?
All excuses are there, this is an excuse another is an excuse and then I have told so many people that just get up at about four o’clock in the morning. Just get up, try and see and do it. It’s very good, four o’clock I’ve been saying for the last ten years now. I don’t how many of you have tried that. Have your bath, get ready, have your bath and then sit down for meditation. The whole day will pass out very well and sleep at about 8 o’clock.
It is English saying that ‘early to bed and early to rise’. But I have never seen any Englishman like that so far. It is the other way round. They’ll keep awake till one o’clock and get up at about eleven o’clock or ten o’clock; will not even brush their teeth and walk out. These habits you have to change, we are yogis and we have to worship the Sun. So we have to get up much before the Sun rise. That is very important. But I find that is not here. People don’t understand. They want to take Sahaja Yoga in a very slow way and you will move very slowly and so many of you will drop out I tell you. One must understand! Today is a new year’s day and we must understand what are we doing. This is a real warning to all of you. You just try, this is not a very big thing; you will be amazed now. CP is having a conference for twenty days, every day he gets up at four thirty, every day, sleeps at twelve o’clock, every day the whole day he is working. Twenty days after all he says “once in a while I have to work hard”. Our servant gets up at five thirty every day, who works very hard. Why can’t you get up? You people think that you are the most unhealthy people or what is the reason? Every time [you say] ‘haaah’. What’s wrong with you? Nothing is wrong, you are lazy lumps that’s all, you should understand.
Just tell yourself you are lazy, extremely lazy and we have been brought up like this and this comes from your ego, for your information. Ego thinks, thinks, thinks, justifies everything, makes you weak and then you sleep like logs of woods. What is going to happen? This is tamasa, complete tamasa; ego is taking you to tamasa. Or when you are not inactive, then what we do is to ride a big horse, John Gilpins, we met so many. I went to Toronto, there is one John Gilpin. Mr. Patrick. Was a real John Gilpin, without any single pie he became a big administrator of money, this that. Then I find here, Mr. Jason is touched by him. This is another John Gilpin, I call them what you call… James Bonds. They are riding such horses. So there is one group which is extremely fundamentalist about lethargy. You see, they know all the excuses, how to say to Mother “oh! this is so, we have this problem this that”. The another group is this, riding the high horse. “Mother I have to still clear out, this is the problem”. What are you doing about it?
Let us face ourselves! Are we going to lag behind? You know, on a ship you have to get on to the gangway at least. If you move so slowly, gangway will be lifted and the ship will move out, I’m telling you. So one has to understand and we have to work something for Sahajaj. Sahaja Yoga should be first priority. Job is first priority, making money is first priority, or wife or children, all these are much more important. Then go ahead with it. Marriages, another is marriage.”Mother when am I going to” People will eat my head for that also. “When am I going to get married, what should I do, whom should I marry, do that” These things are not going to take you higher. Where should be your attention? Those who are married are troublesome, those who are not married are troublesome. (Mother laughs). Those who are married have problems, and those who are not married. So the marriage doesn’t solve the problem of Sahaja Yoga. Now they’ll say “but we…” Excuse is there. “We must create children”. All right. Which children? “Children, which will be realized souls”. Do you think realized souls will be born to lazy lumps? They’ll keep them morning till evening if they are born, I tell you!
So one has to understand that either you are lazy and when you are active you are James Bonds. Nothing in between. And that’s how people have been avoiding taking responsibility. Excuses. The whole brain system is such how to give excuse which is anti our progress. It’s destructive, this will destroy you. This is destructive. And this tamasa has to be conquered by willpower. But if I’ll say willpower then suddenly I find ten James Bonds standing before me – “Now what?” (laughter) Your poor Mother is blasted. Oh God! Now what to do?
So I don’t know which way to go. Now if you tell somebody that you have got some catches, you go and look after yourself, go away from here. Then that person starts thinking that “I am the person who is to be like an outcast” and indulges into all kinds of miserable existences. It is said that you go and get yourself alright, and cleaned up. Instead of that, person is the most miserable person and the slightest pretext, you see, you find the person thinks he is in hell. Now what to do with such people. You just tell me what is the solution for these people.
Now I am already sixty years of age, how long do you want me to live I don’t know. But whatever it is you have to now get up. Neither to be aggressive nor to be sleeping. And this sleeping business has to go away. Now in the ashram people stay here. Anywhere. There is no discipline in our ashram. You go and ask them what sort of ashram’s they have [in America]. [At] 3.30 one has to get up and then what do they do? You have to clean all the compound, 3.30 in the morning in New York, which is the coldest place. You see a lady told me, she is a very rich lady. She told me “3.30 I had to get up and clean the whole compound and planting all the things and that was sold by the guru and all the money was taken by the guru himself.” So the whole business was how to make the guru prosperous and they had to get up early in the morning and go on working it out, one after another. There were two people who came from Rajneesh with the same dress, you see. So these people told them that you can’t come to Mother’s program with this dress. So they said we have only these two pairs of this dress and one mala left with us. The rest is all gone to guru for his Rolls Royces. So we have nothing left. Only this much we have left. So I said “All right baba, we will give you money now, but change this dress”. This is the situation. That is how the gurus extract [from] them.
But we do not try. How far have we gone? You must think now, somebody who is a left sided person should think how far we have gone now, as our left sidedness is concerned. Those who are right sided should think how far we have gone, how far in the center we have come and then think of the ascent. Sahaja Yoga is simple, made easy, all right. Supposing I have cooked for you, all right, you have to eat it, digest it and use that for something. This cooking is done for the good of others. But people think of their family, house, children this, that, all these comforts. So one has to really, dedicatedly, absolutely understand that our worth is much more than any one of these people put together.
I’ll say my husband is working like this, I am seeing it and I am surprised. 4.30 he gets up and yesterday we had a dinner till 12 o’clock. He was so alert and talking to them in such an alert way, to these Chinese. And every day he is doing that. How does he do it? You know that when I sleep also I am working; when I am awake I am working. All the time I am working. All right! you might say Mother you are Adi Shakti. But this my husband is not even a realized soul, like you people are. There are so many like that. And he is not aggressive by any chance. So once they start working, they start thinking how to make money out of Sahaja Yoga, just imagine! Selling candles, selling this. What are these other side of it? I mean you cannot sell Sahaja Yoga. That is one thing I want to tell you and proclaim today that anybody tries to do such a thing I’ll liquidate that person and make him a pukka pauper. First of all you will get sick if you try to sell Sahaja Yoga. Nobody has to do such things. You have to keep that side extremely clear cut, you cannot sell anything. Also, whatever I am talking you cannot sell it in the market. Many people have this habit of selling it out.
Now somebody is writing a poetry about Rama, what is the need to publish that poetry? What has it got to do with Sahaja Yoga? I am living here. You are writing about Rama. What is the need? And who wants to hear that? Just think of it. Gregoire said, “Mother we want to publish your lectures and why are they publishing somebody’s poetry there about Rama?” Is this the job we are going to do? At a higher level become those great personalities, you see, which have achieved something. Learn music. I told you learn music, learn dancing, learn something by which you can manifest Sahaja Yoga. Otherwise, I don’t know what’s going to happen to you and to Sahaja Yoga in the West because there is no education or discipline here. We are free people, do what we like. We have to discipline ourselves. And now as you are newly born, you can do it. You have to discipline, “how dare I do these things, I am a Sahaja yogi”.
We have to take ourselves to task first of all. This is a very, very important thing and I find that is lacking so much. And you know this disease of lethargy or of high handedness is so contagious. Mr. Patrick met Jason for five minutes he clicked him, Mr. Jason met another one, he clicked him and if I find a link, you know, it is there. One lady like Jane, she meets somebody, she becomes bhootish. She becomes bhootish, then another person… You can link it back. You’ll be amazed, how these things work out. They have a chain reaction.
So one has to be careful. But why not see to the person who is doing something about it, who is rising higher, who is dynamic. I know who are there. They are the people I have now said these are your leaders, but some of them still go like that. You must assume your powers; that’s the point I’ve been saying. We have to assume our powers, we have to be wise people, grown up, matured; we cannot play like children with ourselves. And this is what has been said many a times, but now whatever I’ve said it you put it in your action. Fight with yourself. Don’t give excuses. There are excuses and excuses which you tell me I said “All right”. But, you see, I have another nature which you have not realized – I can recede! My interest is up to a point. What can I do? After some time like a glue, you know, it falls off. A glue can stick you to a point. If you get stuck well and good, otherwise it will fall off. So that recession should not start in my mind. So please be alert and don’t worry what other problems you have.
Also I have seen that there are forces working like this. Now, somebody wants to do something, because he wants to do it you should not cut it out. On principle if it is good you should say “Go ahead, we are with you”. And that’s why, I see, people don’t work out. Like getting an ashram – any place will work out if everybody has positive attitude, if somebody is trying for that. Every collective thing. But everybody will say: “But, you see, if you take the ashram then who will pay for it? We are only five people.” But Mother is there to look after you. Then will be another excuse something coming up that: “You see, if you take the ashram there could be such and….” But you just take it first of all and see for yourself. Like you start driving and you say: “All right. We are going this way, but there could be a jam”. But let us see if there is or not. Before hand how are you saying? I mean before facing the situation there will be ten suggestions immediately coming like a cock. Jack in the box suddenly will start, you see, giving their wise advice, cutting the legs of the people who are trying to do something. It’s a very common experience I have had with Myself also. We are going now, see, in the car; I mean throughout America I have been telling people, “Now will you please shut up. Will you please now understand, let us do it.”
They decided to have a program after this program was over. It was in, I think, Vancouver. And I said all right then call them also for puja because we have no time now to wait till they grew up and all that; call them for puja. And I said come and have lunch also. They’ve got a fright!, “Mother we have not made any arrangements”. I said, “What is there, we will make chola”. We have no cholas, how to soak it? I said “Don’t you worry.” I told them, “Let us go to some Indian restaurant here and we’ll get the chola. They said “it’s not possible Mother, who will…?”. I said “But let us go, I’m saying let us go”. There was a discussion about it for about half an hour. “Oh! Mother is saying but how to..?” I said, “Will you please take me to some Indian restaurant, anywhere?” “Oh we have to drive about 3 miles.” I said, “Doesn’t matter”. “It’s already 11.30 it will be 12 o’clock by the time we go there, there won’t be anybody”. I said, “I am telling you take me to some Indian restaurant, why don’t you take?” And the argument was on and on. I said, “Now, will you take Me…?” I felt like taking a pistol. And now, I said, “Hands up. Let’s…” (laughter)

And when I insisted too much then very reluctantly they drove Me down. There was a restaurant there, I said, “Now go inside and tell this man that we want five kilos of this cholas with you if you have got chana.” So he said “I have got it.” They said, “Better get it for us”. So he sold us. And he said, “I don’t know why I am selling it you, I never do that way, but I am selling it to you”. And he gave us. And then he said “There’s a shop here” And he asked the person to open the shop and he gave us all the rest of it and next day we had a nice cholas. I’ve made them for them. So we had it. But before starting they really, I tell you, they ate my head off. Same in Toronto, Toronto was much worse. Much worse. Everywhere I found this is the thing. You try to do something. Now you have to take this ashram. There will be ten wise people immediately sitting “But for this how can we do it?” Then you don’t have it.
All these explanations and all these things are not wanted. If you have any positive things to do, you do it. The thing is, is more talking and doing nothing is the point. Action is to be taken instead of that inaction, in such a way that it’s only thought, thought, thought, thought, thought and everybody’s talking. But the system where one person talks and the rest listen always works out like in Japan, in India, if an elder is talking, nobody talks. All right! If Mother says so, “All right. Go ahead”.
I mean Gagangan Maharaj asked these people Modi and all that “Will you jump in the sea if Mother says so? Are you willing to die for Her?” I mean this is the first question a guru asks, you see? Here, dying? Only driving up to three miles you have to break your neck with them. Dying is too much! I cannot even talk of that. But even for everything it is happening and that’s why Sahaja Yoga doesn’t work out. And those people who try to do something, either there is jealousy or pulling him down or the wise counseling. “If you do it who will pay for it?” There is Mother sitting, She will look after. “You should not take the ashram on hire, this will be too much for us”. Everything, if it is free is very good.
Now these are the two points I am saying the third point also I have to tell you and then I’ll tell you the good news. (laughter)
Now the third point which is very important one has to understand about third point. It’s a very small thing but expresses in a big way in everybody’s life. Now, you people are much more affluent than Indians are, but the amount of headaches I have with Sahaja Yogis about money I’ve never had in India which I must tell you very frankly. First we had the ashram, you know in Dollis Hill for which I don’t know how much money I had to sell out. I think thousand five hundred or something. Second ashram we had, we had to sell out, again there. Now third ashram we had I think here also I had to do it. The reason is there is no proper account. Nobody knows how much money is there in the bank or not. And everybody is trying to save if possible at the cost of Sahaja Yoga. I mean this is such a low thing to talk about but it is so.
Everybody sees to one’s own personal comfort but not to the whole working of Sahaja Yoga. Like so many have not even paid the rent. I mean are we going to go in litigation now, I mean, these people who have not even paid the rent? I mean just think of it, you have not even paid the rent. Like in Dollis Hill they never paid the electricity, who is going to pay? Mother will pay, She does everything for us. You see Mother is looking after us, isn’t it? So let Her pay for the electricity. Now here it is that people have not paid the rent. But for Dharma, for this great work, you have to donate. No question of paying for your rent, you have to donate. Do you understand? That is one of the principles of Lakshmi. These people have not understood this. You have to donate for this work.
You just think that Sahaja Yoga is for your advantage, all right, for spiritual advantage. But you do not take advantage of Sahaja Yoga this way. In India I never had this problem of money, I can tell you, this way, never. On the contrary, whenever there was a problem they stood by Me. Australia, same thing I must say, Australia has never given Me any problem of money that I have to pay out of my pocket. Here the people have not paid the rent. Now those who have not paid the rent let… raise your hands. Honestly. So far. In the ashram. Everyone has paid?
Shri Mataji: How much?

Sahaja Yogi: Seven pounds

Shri Mataji: That’s all, that’s not much; but it’s eight hundred pounds.

One must pay for Sahaja Yoga. Lavishly. You are staying here, pay for that. You see, I have seen people, just turn their faces. You are staying here. Free food is very good idea, if you can get even free lodging, London very good. You have come for the program, so what? You have come here, now there’s food, is all, pay for that. You must pay. You don’t understand [that] today is the day of Diwali where people have to pay to God, God’s work. Because Lakshmi tattwa is like that. You don’t have to pay the guru. Thank God! You have free guru here. Only 5p (£0.05) this time I took, isn’t it? But you have to pay, not only for yourself but for your work. You don’t even pay for yourself, you stay here free of food. Think people have not paid for food. Many a times it happened. They don’t even pay for the hall, one pound can you imagine? You try to save that one pound and you will be losing thousands of pounds, I tell you. Don’t do like that. This is God’s work, don’t take advantage of it. And it was very far, very far I’ve seen.
We used to have one Indian who would come to our pujas and he would buy things for the puja. Coming this year he’ll tell you. And it was impossible to pay him that money for that puja things that he bought. He said this much my punya. Even CP understands that very well. He says this is the only way I’m doing some punya. After all what punya I’m doing. While we try to save money out of Sahaja Yoga – is a very dangerous thing. Now, so far everything forgiven.
Why I don’t declare Myself to be Adi Shakti because once I declare Myself as Adi shakti, none of the sins will be forgiven, take it from Me. Is a very serious thing. All of them will be alert, is already said. That’s why I don’t ‘say I am Adi Shakti, better keep at a lower level, so that at least you have given a chance. There is a mess of money everywhere. How can it be with all of you so good, so intelligent, giving wise advice everywhere? And most of it is miserliness. It’s so sickening, you know, to see a saint to be miserly, I’ve said hundred times, a saint cannot be a miserly person. That’s one of the signs of a saint is that he cannot be miserly. So much thinking of money. “If you can go this way one pound you can save”. The money mindedness is so much. I have seen it every day, you see people used to work with me. “We are not buying that paint because if we use the whole of the bottle then we cannot return it”. I mean to that extent what was the need to bother? I mean the mind is such.
So don’t save that kind of a thing. Labour saving devices, money saving devices, you see, are very well built in, very clever people. But they are all against you. You are so clever that you are cheating yourself. Don’t cheat yourself. Be careful. You are special people, you have to achieve special results with yourself; you can do a lot but these are the things you should be careful.
Everyone who keeps the accounts, who sends the money, who pays the money, has to be careful also. And also the people who are taking advantage of Sahaja Yoga should be. There are many books which I have given to people I don’t know when did they sell. Except for Gavin I don’t think anybody has given me a proper account of the books that were given to him. Somebody asked me for ten, twenty, I just trusted, I trust people. Or if they could buy, you see, one Nirmala Yoga. “Oh we can share Mother about hundred people can have [one] Nirmala Yoga, it’s all right”. Yes, that’s very common, imagine Nirmala Yoga costs you three pound per year, used by hundred people, economical. But that’s the Bible. Nobody has the sense what we are going to collect.
They’ll collect coins, they’ll collect I don’t know what, stamps, I don’t know what else they are collecting here, quite mad people. But why not collect Nirmala Yoga? I mean, I read it, Myself I read my own articles, every time I find a new message. Why people have one Nirmala Yoga going round and round and round. One Nirmala Yoga I saw once, here in the [?], all torn, tattered this thing and I could see all the hands that have been laid on it. Because If you can save three pounds per year why not do it, we’ll have the Nirmala Yoga as well. Same thing about tapes, Mother’s tapes, all right! “If you have one, can you lend me?” By the time it ends up, there is nothing left on the tape. Is this the way to come to God? To the generous of generous. There is no place for such a people. God doesn’t like miserly people to enter into His kingdom. And when you have money. I would say that if you are poor people who are starving.
When I started my work in Bombay they all said, “Mother, how will You do it alone?” I said ”I’ll manage don’t you worry.” And they said “We want to give you money”. I said “I don’t want. Just now there is no trust, nothing, let us form a trust”. When the trust started also you must know that I paid lot of money for the trust, Myself. We started the trust, in trust we started paying. Then, when we had established properly I said now you can pay. That year that moment when I was sitting there I said now I want money, you are not so many Sahaja Yogis, fifteen thousand rupees, collected that moment I was sitting there. “What did you do?” “Mother, we didn’t do anything.” “Did you sell any ornament?” “Nothing.” “Then how?” “We had collected, because you had said that you will be asking some time. We have got it.”
Cash, they brought. Fifteen thousand. In one sitting, just like this I was talking, said fifteen thousand. And they saw to it, that paid. Here it is just on the meeting they’ll say, all right, we will pay fifteen thousand tomorrow, day after. A person has to go after you to ask for money like a tax collector. This is absurd. “Mother I’ve got a very good house, I’ve got a very good wife, come and visit my house, I’ll be very happy”. What have you done for the Big House? You got your own house, all the blessings, what have you done for the Big House?
One must understand that these are symbolic things which express your temperament, your nature. When you are taking drugs you are spending so much money for drugs because you are addicted to it. Why not get addicted to Sahaja Yoga? How many of you are addicted to Sahaja Yoga? Raise your hands. Raise your hands. At least promise me from today you are all going to be Sahaja Yoga addicted. Come along, raise your hands, all of you. So this is the good news [laughter].
So, New Year has started and it’s a beautiful thing, this year has to be something special. The first thing I was thinking about the school that you are going to establish and which is going to help you and your children very much, to begin with. And then we’ll be having different ashrams and different places.
Another good news is that we have now got the land near the Neera river where you jumped into that river and the photograph of that time when you jumped in, is just like this in the sky, you find, the light all going on the sides with rays, it’s wonderful – as you see of the Holy Ghost, exactly like that. It’s a photograph, [speaks in Marathi]: “ahe ka to photo?” (do you have that photo?). It was with Dhumal I think, it was an instant photograph. So that land we have got where you all can have your huts, nicely done, for all of you. It’s already arranged. It’s a beautiful spot, we’re all going to have that nice time. And our old age is now being completely secured, so don’t worry about the old age, don’t try to save for your old age.

Now we are going to India for which we have got two programs and please try to make it easier for Me. Don’t make it difficult. And if you make it easier for Me it’s better for Me because even if I have to worry about everything then it’s difficult. Like, we are thinking to have you on a plane which will bring you there in time. Now you can imagine you come at a time whenever you feel like at random, you want to go back at a time when you want to go. There should be some understanding that taking you to the airport from any place takes about thousand rupees sometimes and who is going pay for it? Extra? But you want to go to the aeroplane. You must tell Mother, “I have to go, I have to catch the plane, what am I to do?” Now, that’s not the way. This time all of you are going by one plane and coming back by one plane. We cannot have buses for each and individual persons and you know how taxis are expensive in India.We cannot arrange that. We’ll try to make most of you arrive at a time when there will be a bus. Moreover, if there is an arrangement that is possible we might be able to get a proper concession from Air India so that when you come back, mostly now Delhi we are not going, so it won’t happen to that extent I am sure. Like merchants you see and carrying luggage, every person two hundred kilos will be lessened of course, also Air India will be kind enough to help us out with little extra luggage. But the way people carry their luggage sometimes it’s… I can’t understand. Two hundred kilos were given once upon a time to me extra by Air India because of CP’s position whatever it is and that was also used by Sahaja Yogis. Then all my things were left there and they just walked off with my luggage concession and those things had to come by ship or by some other people for whom I had to pay a lot, doesn’t matter.
Whatever has happened is the past so forget the past. But in the new life, you should not have all the filth of the old life. So every year one has to jump out on to a better life, a life of magnanimity, of sublimity, of spirituality. And of spirituality means no sympathy at all for a bhoot! That’s one thing is definite, no sympathy! This should be decided today that you will have no sympathy for any bhootish person. Because when he sits on your head then you start saying Mother this has happened, but when you give sympathy to that person you don’t understand that you have been doing these things to a person who is anti God. All bhoots are anti God whether they are in you or outside. So fight them out in you or outside. Don’t allow any bhoots to be dominating, and once you understand this point that they are against God and you are the instruments of God, you have nothing to do with them, you will get rid of them. Once you become firm, they just run away.
So this second resolution has to be passed today that we’ll have no sympathies with bhootish people and will not give funny council by which you stop the work. Many people are bhootish that way, I know that. Anything you tell them, like [to] Channe [?], I said let us start a school. “Oh, how can we do it, this is this, this is that”. I said in Geneva “You start taking that big place.” Many people came with great council, I know everything what has happened, you may not tell me. I am not there, but I am there. I know all those people who tried these tricks, because they think they are very wise. At this time I am there to watch you and see you, but I witness you. But you will drop out. This is the point. Everything is recorded. Whatever you are doing. God has a registration office and how many marks you get is very important. You don’t think that you have been given realization, such a big position; then God is not watching you. He is watching your every step. There are angels with you to help you and there are Ganas with you, but also the registration office is registered. So be careful.
Then later on you will say that Mother I’ve missed the bus. There I can’t do any hanky panky, I tell you, at that point. I cannot do anything. Only thing just now whatever is possible I can do it, so please work it out in such a way that you really ascend fast and this is today you decide. Tonight. How many are going to get up tomorrow at four o’clock, raise your hands. And have their baths before puja and of course everything. Not only bath, otherwise they’ll say “we had the baths, so it’s all right”. No. But in proper dresses you have to be there in time. Actually so many times I come late because I know they must not have yet got up. What’s the use of reaching there? Then when I reach they say “Mother stop, still is not yet done, we have not arranged.” It has happened many a time, so you don’t blame Me for coming late, it’s just to give you facilities. I think that is better to go late so that there’s no problem.
So the good news I have told you already that we are going to get beautiful huts for ourselves. I would like you people to give Me some good designs for your huts that you want to buy. It will be at a very, very nominal cost, but don’t try to save there. You see, is the saving of savings. Like this $400 actually I did it under a wrong impression. I didn’t know that it was $375 last year. I thought it was only 300 so I said hundred rupees (dollars?) sufficient to increase. Now they are all called, shocked, “Mother, what are you doing, how can it be? The prices have gone doubled now.” I said “Somehow or other I will manage. Don’t you worry.” But in the hut business also you must know you have to pay for your hut, you cannot get it free there. Or, “Mother it’s all right, one person will build and we’ll come every year, we can share. It’s all right, you make one hut for us, ten persons can share it”. This kind of beggaring should not be expressed there. It’s quite common here, “we’ll share it, it’s all right”. But where are you going to spend your money that saving all this? You won’t shave because you want to save money, you won’t go to a hairdresser you want to save money, all right! Now you don’t want to pay for your food, because you want to save money, you don’t want to pay your rent because you want to save money, but for what? I can understand drunkards doing that because, you see, miserly people are around because they are drunkards you know. Drunkards always have to save money because they have to drink. But you are no more drunkards now? So why should you save? Only drunkards do like that, you see this miserliness is very much in England and all the places. It’s reason, because they have to drink, you know, where will they get the money to drink. So they save all their money for drinking. But you are not drunkards any more. And the thing that you are drinking is the nectar which is free. So why are you saving all the time your money?
So money making propositions and money saving proposition if they brought little low you’ll be amazed that these are all joy killing. Bhoots are joy killing things. A bhootish woman if she is next to Me, you see, I want to run away, can’t bear her. The reason is she’s so joy killing, she’ll go on saying “Mother, what is happening about my marriage now? My husband has not written any letter to me.” Finished. I’m saying – “Now, fed up of her.” Then another will talk “Mother my house is not all right, what am I to do? My business is not working out, what am I to do?” All very personal petty things they’ll discuss. Not of higher things. But in America I was so much happier that they never asked Me about personal problems – no one. Always talked about the higher thing. “But how is it, Mother? This is the Spirit, when it comes into you how is it the light is not spread so well?” They talked about Spirit, Spirit, Spirit. Nobody said “My husband is like this, my house is sinking, what am I to do? I have problems”. They never talked like that, so they’ll go much faster and you will stay stick on with your wives, children and your house and maybe I don’t know what else here. So be careful. Move your attention to higher levels.
Unless and until you move your attention to higher levels how will you jump out? And this is another way you can give a lift to the newcomers also. You see, many newcomers are shocked by the Sahaja Yogis the way they are. They say “there is no difference. They tell lies, they try to save money at our cost”. New people have come, all right! Are you a married man? Then they say “all right! You pay for today.” We go to a hotel, he pays for them. The new man is shocked. All the Sahaja yogis eat there, poor fellow he pays money. He is without any money; then he thinks what sort of Sahaja yogis these are, they are making me pay. When a new person comes you all should pay. But if they know somebody has money then they take out the money. This is a horrible thing to hear. And the whole problem is of money, “my husband doesn’t give me the money, he keeps the money at the bank, my wife doesn’t give me money”. I am fed up of all these talks. Now no more after this, at least don’t tell Me.
If you want I can give you two sticks, you hit your husband or your wife, finish it off. I have nothing to say, but don’t tell Me about them. And if your wife is a bhoot or a husband is a bhoot keep her out. Don’t take a headache on yourself. And those who are marrying because they’re in-love with bhoots better give up. Otherwise, their love affairs, and this and that, all sorts of things, I am so fed up with it! When are we going to talk about the eternal life? All right?
So, I think for New Year we have had a little pep talk and a love talk and good news maybe we may be allowed to stay here if you all desire, if you do not give some wise counseling, I am sure we’ll stay here. All right, when shifting here also there were lot of wise counseling, “It’s very far away, what should we do, this, that” It worked out. Keep your wisdom to yourself, work it out on yourself. Try to find out about yourself through your own wisdom – “What am I doing?” And you’ll be amazed how it will help you.
You have to shine. You are the leaders of tomorrow. You have to have your wings on. What are you doing? All these heavy loads throw them away – nothing important! Feel lighter. You have given up all that.
Now we are yogis, we are sanyasis, what is going to matter with us, even if you don’t get food, so what? God is going to look after us. He looks after us. And it is happened with people that they have all settled down very well those who have faith in their yoga, they get their kshema all right. First look after your yoga, is important. That’s the most important thing to look after your yoga by which you do not falter into the ditch of this greed and lust and all those things that are surrounding us.
Try to lead a life which is detached. Detachment one has to develop. Detachment. Complete detachment is needed. Today I had a mind of bringing some present for you, because, you see, I love it, I love to give you presents. I don’t know why? That’s an attachment I have. [Mother and yogis laugh]. But I said this today I’ll just have little more detachment about it, because if I give it to few then they will be angry. But I had a mind to give you some presents specially, but I’ll give you some special wishes today that – let your willpower become enlightened, let you become the people with great enlightened faith and with enlightened strength. You shed off all these things of the past, come out of your shells, come out of your past conditionings and without jumping towards your ego cleanse yourself completely. Spread your wings and like a dignified bird you enjoy the ocean of God’s bliss.” This is what I bless you. The sky, the sky is the limit. There is no limit to your enjoyment, but drop out all these nonsensical things. Just drop out. You are saints, you are yogis, all of you are. You are not ordinary mundane people on the street. Everybody’s feet are to be worshipped, you are of that level. Your Mother has made you like that after Ganesha. And what are you doing? Where are you lost? Take the responsibility.

May God bless you all!

So, I am told you are going to give Me some music program today. So why not go downstairs, it’s a bigger room. Have you cleared it out that bigger room? Downstairs. People also can sit on the staircase. Have you cleared out? Nick? [Mother converses with a yogi]. That’s a bigger room. Is it clean? I have told Nick, go ahead. Good, two, four. Who are going to get up? One person will get up, little bit move. Labour saving. Three, four persons should go and help and do it, fast, come along. Young people, aaa.. Come along, come along. Come along. hmmm. Just do it, put all the things in this back room. Ya, good. No labour saving.
How are you? All right? You can go there and arrange the music, everything. What about the food part? You never had? We’ll have the music first or the food first? I think better have the music first otherwise they’ll all sleep off. [Mother starts talking with Yogis]

Sahaja Yogi: You see, what they wanted to do for You was to let You sit in Your room, watch the firework display and the bonfire,

Shri Mataji: And then have the music.
Sahaja Yogi: Then have whatever you wish, fireworks, music …
Shri Mataji: Music we’ll have. All right! And the fireworks. And till then arrange the music downstairs and the fireworks is on, all right? So let us go down there. Legs are little bit sitting down. And this practice of sitting down also must be done. It’s few exercises, we’ll give you, that is very good to be on the Mother Earth. That is something to be learnt. You know these people who have been to gurus they sit so nicely, I was surprised. They were forced. And their gurus told them if they cannot sit they’ll have to sit on a thorny thing. So they got a fright.
Let’s go. I think go ahead now, is it ready downstairs Damle? But you are going all out first of all for fireworks, all right? Out in the open, for the firework. So what I was thinking, that when will we have music then, it’s the point, na?
Sahaja Yogi: Well, whenever You wish, Mother. When will You like it.
Shri Mataji: I was thinking first have the music and then go out; have your dinner there also and then the fireworks. While sitting before the thing you can have. Have the music first. All right?
Sahaja Yogi: Yes, is Debu Chaudhuri here already? Will somebody tell Debu the arrangement?
Shri Mataji: And then when we go out ……