Diwali Puja: Become The Ideals

Temple of All Faiths, Hampstead (England)

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Diwali Puja, “Becoming the ideals”. “Temple of all faiths”, Hampstead, London (UK), 6 November 1983.

With today’s vibrations, you can see, when you are prepared for a puja, how much you get. Today you can feel it.

So the Divine is very anxious to act, only thing you have to prepare yourself. And all these preparations are going to help you tremendously. As we are now Sahaja Yogis we have to know that we have become something different from what we were. We are Yogis, we are higher people than others. And as such we have to understand one thing, that we are not like other human beings who say something and do something, who can live with hypocrisy.

That’s why all the problems have arisen out of all the religions. A person who says he’s a Christian he is absolutely anti-Christ; who says who is Islamic, he is absolutely anti-Mohammed; who says who is a Hindu is absolutely anti Shri Krishna.

This is the main reason why all the religions have failed so far, because human beings talk big of ideals.

They all say that we have this ideal, that ideal, but they are not those ideals, they cannot live with those ideals. The ideals are not in their lives, they are outside. But they go about saying that these are our ideals, they become fanatics, but they are not the ideals.

By Sahaja Yoga now you have the method, you have the possibility, that you can become the ideals. The ideal has to first to be understood through your brains, in the West specially. What are the ideals we have become or we have to become, what we can achieve, this idea you must have.

And secondly you must have a capacity to deepen your meditative power, so that these ideals go and settle in your heart as a part and parcel of your being, that you can’t live without these ideals.

We can take an example say of Christ. For Christ He and His ideals were the same, there’s no difference between the two. He did not talk of one thing, did another thing and executed the third thing. This will be the difference between the Sahaja Yogis and non Sahaja Yogis, that whatever are your ideals have to be expressed in your life every moment, because you are that.

If you are gold, then gold is gold all the time. It is not gold sometimes, then sometimes iron and sometimes mud, it is gold all the time. Only human beings are like that, that sometimes they can be snakes, lions and could be foxes also. But as Sahaja Yogis you become pure human beings and this is what we have to know.

It is not difficult to strive for it, it’s not difficult, because now you have the power to deepen your roots to your heart.

So the brain must be used to understand clearly what are the ideals of a Sahaja Yogi; what are the things that a Sahaja Yogi should do; how he should behave in life; what methods he should follow. And then he has to bring it to his heart through meditative processes, through surrendering.

How I give you second birth you know very well. I conceive you in My heart, otherwise I cannot do it. Because My heart is so pure, it cleanses you; My compassion, My love cleanses you, and then I can take you out of My Sahasrara, otherwise how will I do that? And when that has happened you have become a new personality.

So you are very different from all others because a Spirit has given birth to your Spirit. You have been cleansed by the Spirit.

So you cannot live like that, like all other human beings are living. All the clashes, all the problems of human beings are because they are not what they talk. Ideals are out, out of their life.

That is how a Sahaja Yogi will show himself off compared to anybody else.

Take an example say of Abraham Lincoln, all right? Abraham Lincoln believed that everybody must have freedom and the government should be for the public, for the people. Whatever He talked He practised it. Whatever He believed in He worked it out and gave His life for it, that’s why He’s a great man. Think of Mahatma Gandhi. They were not like Christ – incarnations.

Think of any great man, think of Shivaji Maharaj. Any one of the saints – they were human beings. But once they knew this is the principle on which we have to live, they become one with the principles, they do not compromise.

So what Sahaja Yogi has to be, that we should understand.

A Sahaja Yogi is a person who has got Realization through the Kundalini, and Kundalini is the motherhood in you, is the caring, nourishing power within you.

But mother will never compromise with the son; if he wants to kill somebody she’ll say: “No.” I mean a real mother. She will even shoot that son who tries to do wrong things.

In the same way, if you become the mother of yourself, then you have to look after yourself, in the same manner that you nourish yourself and all others also; you have to nourish them, care for them, and do not compromise with wrong doings, unrighteous things, absurd things.

Now when I tell you this, it is not necessary for you to feel guilty [laughter]. We have to look upward. Those who are standing even on a lower staircase, if they are looking upward they are all right, but those who are standing at a higher steps and looking downward, will go down.

So look forward. What we have to do in our day-to-day life in simple relationships – even husband, wife, children, parents – are you becoming silent within yourself? Are you nourishing it, with your silence, with your compassion, or you are supporting something that is absolutely anti-God?

If you become the ideals, the power of ideals itself will make you so dynamic that you don’t need to consult anybody, you become the ideal. They are like torches. Your ideals itself will be enlightened. So the first attitude should be: “How do we deepen ourselves?” That should be first attitude.

Now say a husband, wife are quarrelling morning till evening – they cannot be Sahaja Yogis. Absurd it is. If they are quarrelling they are not Sahaja Yogis, take it for granted.

Now what you have to do if two persons are quarrelling, the one who is a Sahaja Yogi will leave that wife: “I’ve nothing to do with wife, I have no wife, nothing.” Keep out, detach completely from within. Just don’t talk to that wife. Don’t discuss, don’t bother about it, just detach. If the son is like that, just detach, up to a point – but no quarrelling, no argument, nothing. Complete silence, a silent protest, must be developed.

But in that silence you should not be a cowardly person. So many people are cowards, and that cowardliness, they think is their silent protest. A person who is really powerful will not deter, will not be aggressive, but will not also take aggression.

So in your meditations you have to sit down. Now what do you say in meditation? Try to see all the chakras, what chakras are catching, face it yourself. These might be from your past life, some chakras are weak. Try to make them all right, try to strengthen them. Because ideals have to be worked out, the instrument has to be all right. If the instrument is a crazy one, how will you do? [Shri Mataji laughs]

So, first of all, you must develop your instrument properly, it should be balanced, powerful, not cowardly. People should feel your power. Of course the power is of love, but love doesn’t mean that you compromise with all the nonsensical things. There should be no compromise at all. It’s a very self-certifying state.

We cannot say when it is so, we just cannot say. Itself the state will certify that “I’m all right now, I’ve reached that state”. We cannot say after five hours, three minutes, two seconds you’ll become that. [Shri Mataji laughs] You just mature and you see that maturity within you.

Once you understand that unless and until you become your ideals you are not a Sahaja Yogi. Everybody can call themselves Sahaja Yogis, there’s not inauguration, we don’t have any sort of a – inauguration of a university where people can come and get their degrees and diplomas: “All right, you are certified twice born.” There are some who are several times twice born. They are twice born today, tomorrow they are not, then again they come – twice born, again twice born. Some of them who can be hundred and eight times twice born in Sahaja Yoga [laughter]. [Laughing:] And even then they are not certified. So you have to give yourself a certificate. There’s no university to do that.

You have to understand yourself, what are your problems, why you are behaving like this. You treat yourself as a child. When it is needed you have to rebuke yourself. When you have to glorify, you should glorify yourself.

So now you separate. You become the mother, the Spirit is the mother, and you, whatever you are which has to grow, is the child. Mother is the ideal, she is the inspiration, she is the power, and the child is the recipient. If the child is an obstinate fellow, then you can’t do anything about it. Also find out – you might be one of them. I know who are they like that.

There are many and you can find them out in no time. Obstinate fellows, if they live with ten people, suddenly we hear reports of their existence. They are quite eloquent, even if they are not talking a word people can tell you: “I had a fight with such and such. That person said such and such a thing to me, that person was so cruel to me, that person demanded this.” You know which person it is, where.

You see, as a diamond can be made out, thorns can be made out also; anytime you go near the thorn, anyone without exception, it will bite everyone. It is not going to spare, it’s a thorn. So a thorn has to be a thorn. But if you are a Sahaja Yogi you have to be a flower. And a strong flower and an eternal flower, that always grows, does not fade out. Always growing, never fades, such a flower you have to be. Then you will be surprised that you do not get into a trip of ego, neither you go into a complete collapse of super-ego.

So much you know that anyone of you can be called as a scholar I can tell you. I mean, so many times people have asked Me: “Are they all scholars that You have – Your disciples?” You know so much, much more than any Saint ever knew, I can assure you. But you know only in the brain, outside. It’s all bla bla bla. [Laughter]

It comes to the brain, you use it to show off to others, and finished. It doesn’t even settle down there, then how will it go to the heart?

So everybody is talking big, they can impress people. I mean if some journalists come here they’ll be so impressed by the Sahaja Yogis, so many wise men in England [laughter] sitting down here. But you laugh at yourself; you have known all this because I’ve been speaking too much. Also the Spirit is shining. Let your Spirit shine in such a way that people know this is a man who is completely integrated: the Spirit, the talk, the behavior, the life itself is completely integrated and this is what is Sahasrara.

So if there is no integration you have not achieved your Sahasrara at all. There will be no need to pull your ears. A day should come when you all will raise your heads with great pride and glory because your ideals, your ideals will shine like ornaments. I want to see those days when all those who claim to be Sahaja Yogis become that. That’s the most important thing, all other things are useless. Getting an ashram, getting this, doing this, doing that – forget it!

What you have to manage is this child which has to grow, who is still naughty sometimes, tries to misbehave. Now put it right. You give it a name. You call yourself a Sahaja Yogi and that child as Mr. X, Mr. Y, whatever your name has been. And always try to tell: “Now will you behave yourself? Get up in the morning, have your bath [laughter], sit down for meditation”. “I feel lazy,” the child says, “I can’t.” Then you accept the child [laughter], then the child will become the mother and you will be losing your powers. Excuses!

The child knows, very intelligent, it’s a very clever child, extremely intelligent, knows how to deceive you. But the child also knows innately what it needs. If it comes to know that the mother in you has developed that personality, then it accepts mother’s personality. But if the child knows the mother herself is weak, then he starts taking advantage of the mother.

So you have to – not fight yourself but to tame, and this is very easy. You’ll start enjoying it, looking at yourself: “Oh Mr. so and so.” Then you won’t be angry. “I know how to handle you, you are hiding behind there, all right, giving excuses.” And the child grows big, so big that mother sees that and is amazed.

Like in Shri Krishna’s childhood, the Mother was Yeshoda and the child was Shri Krishna, is very symbolic. And He used to play very naughty tricks [laughter] and She said: “You went and ate that mud from there. I know you have eaten.” He said: “How can I eat, how can I, I can’t even go out of the house. I’m sitting down here. Where is the mud? How can I eat?” “You did eat, I know you have eaten, so better show me your mouth.” He says: “Really?”. And then the mouth opens and the complete Vishwa Swarupa, complete vision of the whole Vishwa She sees and the Mother falls at His Feet. That’s what it should be. This mother has to fall at the feet of the child that has grown. Very symbolic. That is how you have to grow, into that Vishwa Swarupa, into that Collective Being, into that Virata.

Arjuna and Shri Krishna is another very good symbolic thing. Arjuna was a friend who used to take liberties with Shri Krishna. Shri Krishna tried to tell him about Gita, all these things. But still Shri Krishna could not convince him of that. All these were just outside “bla bla bla’s”; as Mother’s talks are.

Mother’s talks are very entertaining, you know, very humorous, nice to hear them, instead of listening to any music better to hear Mother’s talks. And then the people think if they are listening to Mother they have become Mother already.

That’s happened to Arjuna also. but still he found out that there’s something lacking in him, that he has not become the ideal. Still his attention is not there as it should have been. So he asked Shri Krishna: “I think I’ll see your great image.” Krishna said: “All right, are you prepared?” He said “Yes, I am prepared.” And then He became the Virata, the vision of the Virata and when he saw it, he said: “Stop it, it’s too much for me.”

That’s what should happen to your friend who is this child. That it should become that Virat and when you see that, you should be amazed at yourself: “Oh God, I’ve grown like this.” Just like Yeshoda falling at the feet of the little child, you have to fall at the feet of the child that is within you. I’m sure this will happen now.

So remember that no argument, no explanation. Mother is forgiving. She’ll forgive you everything, you know that. Anything you do I’ll forgive you, even if you murder Me I’ll forgive you. But you won’t be able to forgive yourself. So allow that child to grow, grow fully.

Shri Mataji: Who-who are the children crying like this? Why are they crying? Which child is that?

Yogi: Aarti.

Yogini: Aarti.

Yogi 2: Aarti, Mother.

Shri Mataji: Eh?

Yogis: Aarti, Mother.

Shri Mataji: Aarti has a problem. Take Aarti out. You must clear her, She has had problems for so many days. You must clear that child. Take her out for a while. Still screaming, better take her out.

You must look after them and find out what’s wrong with your children if they are crying. I know what are the children, still not all right. Just don’t pamper their ego. Work it out. Clear them out. It’s important. Don’t want to be bhootish. All their lives they’ll be bhootish like this.

I’ve seen many children who are like this. They see Me, they cry, weep, shout. It’s not a sign of a healthy child. Rajesh’s son would not even look at Me, he used to scream and shout. Now look at him, how nice he has become. So any child who is like that, you don’t say that – don’t avoid the topic. Look after that child, put him right. You have to see that the child is all right.

 As you have to put your child all right, also put the child which is really your son and do not live with that kind of a misunderstanding. If a child cries like that, there’s something wrong with the child. They are singled out.

If you find your attention is going here and there, if you are not attentive in the program, something wrong with you also. If you go off to sleep, something very seriously wrong with you. At that time if you are thinking of other things then something wrong with you. You get headaches, something wrong with you. Judge yourself, clear out, you must clear out, that’s very important. If you are still getting into tempers, irritation, anger, there’s no balance that has come in you, something wrong with you. If you know how to control your anger, then it’s all right. You’ll find out everywhere how negativity works in small things.

Everybody is improving but it’s rather slow. It can be very fast if you meditate, that’s very important. You have to know how to make your chakras all right. Your mantras are to be siddhi. Mantras are to be such that they should not be mechanical, just saying something mechanically. You should say it from your heart. Again, if you do not say mantras through your heart, mantra is not siddha – means you may go on saying hundred times, it will have no effect.

Siddha mantra is that, that you say that, it has an effect, it works. If it does not work then your mantra has no meaning. So the development has to be within and without and you have to certify yourself. Nobody else’s going to certify you. If you want to give yourself a false certificate go ahead. If you want to cheat yourself go ahead. It’s not going to help anyone. But if you want to really have the joy and the bliss of the grace of Heavenly Father, then come out of it. Many misidentifications that are there have to be given up to enjoy that beauty. It’s such a great day today to meet you all.

Today is a day we celebrate in India where relationship between brothers and sisters has to be established. They’re very pure. Brothers and sisters relationship is without any lust or greed. It’s pure relationship where the sister prays for the protection of the brother, and brother prays for the self-sufficiency of the kshema – well-being – of the sister. So this time you have to think of your other Sahaja Yoginis and Sahaja Yogis who are like your brothers and sisters. You have to think like that. Purify your hearts.

It’s something funny in these countries, you know that, there’s no such relationship exists. Purify your mind today on that point, that everybody else is my brother or sister. If you are married it’s all right. But look at everyone, try to look at everyone as a brother, and a sister. Both relationships don’t exist. This is a funny country where there is no relationship which is pure. It’s such a filth I tell you. If you read them you can’t believe it, such perversion.

Specially innocent people like children are attacked. Think of them as virgins. Be careful. And the young girls should know that they are virgins. If they go about with boys and they are Sahaja Yogis, they are not. Sahaja Yoginis have to be chaste women, powerful, chastity is their power; and men too. After Sahaja Yoga men should become conscious of their chastity, that is their power too.

You see, this was nomadic time, when the men used to go for hunting and women used to cook in the house. Men were supposed to have five women – they were nomadic people, then they became sophisticated. Then the monogamy started which reached a certain point. Then again this kind of an abandoned life started. This is nomadic life! Now women also have become nomadic. Men and women are all nomadic and primitive. After sophistication they have become primitive, this is the problem is. But now you have to become higher beings where there are pure relationships.

Any relationships – supposing there was something in between Me and this instrument, we cannot use it. Any connection can be cut off if there is something in between. To have the best connection is to have pure relationships and it should be discretionary. Mother is a mother, father is a father, sister is a sister, brother is a brother. All these are different, various types of relationships should be understood.

Women must understand they are women and men must understand they are men. Also relationship to yourself is very important. Women should not try to be men – we cannot be! – And men should not try to be women. Is wrong. Because basically they are different people. They are born differently. What is the difference? A man is more meticulous, he knows more about machines, details about it. A woman will see the pattern. Woman will listen to the tune more, man will be seeing to the instruments.

That’s the nature God has created you. After all somebody has to see this and somebody has to see that, both are beautiful. Nobody is higher or lower. But enjoy yourself as being a woman, enjoy yourself as being a man. But man does not mean that you aggress women thinking stupidly that you are higher than women in evolution.

Or women dominating men thinking that by dominating them they can put them right. They have never put them right by that. They have gone absolutely cabbages, men have become cabbages. Wherever women dominate, men become cabbages. They have not put them right. So both the qualities must be nourished and developed, and the relationship between man and woman should be of pure love, pure love.

Once you start purifying yourself, these things will automatically work out, and you’ll respect each other. Actually you are all Yogis. I have to respect you; and you have to respect each other. On the contrary I find there is no respect. You are all great saints. Yes, you are. Respect, respect each other. You are not to talk harshly to anyone, to trouble anyone. Try to do as much as possible for others. This is the way we have to change. This has no brand of any culture, is the culture of God we are talking about, is the culture of His Kingdom. Where we give others, enjoy giving, doing for others, loving others, caring for others – without any return. If you little bit help yourself, the Divine is very anxious.

You have seen today the vibrations are so much that really I’m finding it difficult even to talk to you. Suck in, it’s going on. Just a little thing you did yesterday, or this morning. Tremendous vibrations, and you’ll be thrown into that, you’ll blossom into something new.

Just pay attention to yourself; and first and foremost respect yourself because you are a yogi. You cannot be indignified, you cannot be stupid, you cannot be high-handed, you cannot be dishonest. You have to be a sweet, matured personality because you are a yogi. I mean you should call yourself Yogi X, Y, Z. You should, you are! But calling Yogi and fighting and pulling each other’s hair, then I would say [laughter, Shri Mataji laughs] it’s better not call. [Laughter, Shri Mataji laughs] Try to get rid of your problems which are very simple. If you cannot, you tell Me, I will tell you how to get rid of them. Face them up.

May God bless you all.

Now today we’ll not have any havan, that we have decided because in the Diwali there’s no need to have any havan, but we’ll have just the puja. Now today is the puja – as you know there are five days they celebrate Diwali.

The first day is the thirteenth day where it is the Gruha Lakshmi’s day. Is the Gruha Lakshmi’s day, that is the day when the Gruha Lakshmi is worshipped. But a Gruha Lakshmi has to be worthy of the worship; and then some utensil is given to the Gruha Lakshmi.

Some sort of an utensil is to be given to the Gruha Lakshmi as a present. That is the day Lakshmi was born, Lakshmi was born out of the Mother Earth. Out of the, we should say, Mother Earth but She came out of the sea after the churning, so that is the birth of the Lakshmi. She is the giver of wealth, wealth which is material as well as spiritual.

A wife who says that: “All right, you save all the money,” teaches the children to be selfish and teaches the husband to be selfish, to save all the money in the bank and not to be charitable is not a Lakshmi. She is the One who teaches you how to be charitable, how to give to others. A woman who is very particular about her money and bank balances is not a Lakshmi at all. She has to spend. She is there to spend. Man has to preserve his money but the woman has to spend [laughter, Shri Mataji laughs]. He has to earn for she has to spend, but rightly, spend it rightly, not only for herself but for the family, but for the husband.

She thinks: “What should I buy for my husband, for my children, for other Sahaja Yogis, for other people?” – all her job. The husband earns and gives it to her and she does that. It’s a very sweet distribution of work.

So that’s the day of the Gruha Lakshmi when She is born. She must have these qualities, if she is a miserly, calculating type of a woman, she is not a woman at all to begin with. If she is worried about her own clothes and her own comforts and her own things, then she is not a Gruha Lakshmi at all. She makes others work and sits down herself and orders about – she is not a Gruha Lakshmi at all. She has to work for others, she has to do for others, she has to look after. That’s the thirteenth day.

Then the fourteenth day is the day when Narakasura was killed. You know Narakasura has taken his birth and he is to be killed – the Sahaja Yogis are going to kill him. You have to come up to a point and definitely he can be killed.

When Kartikeya is awakened within you he can be killed. But for that you have to be just like gold, untarnishable people. You need strong people to do that. A sword that can kill him has to come out of your metals, then Narakasura can be killed. He is one of the worst possible asura. That is the fourteenth day. When he was killed the gate of hell was opened and all those who were his disciples or his followers or satanic people were put. That’s the only day you can sleep late [laughter], and here’s a good news for you [laughter].

Then the fifteenth day, is the darkest night which we had – darkest night. That is the night when you put the lights on. Because it is the darkest night the negative forces can walk in; so the lights are put because Lakshmi can come in. You’ll be surprised how Lakshmiji is, that if a bottle of wine enters from one end She disappears from another end. If there’s a lady, she’s bhootish, in the family they can never have the enjoyment of Lakshmi. The Lakshmiji runs away from them. They may have money, but they cannot enjoy. The Lakshmiji will run away. Such a person will be so inauspicious I tell you.

Supposing you want to, say, buy something and such a bhootish person telephones to you – cannot get it, finished. First of all your ears will be finished with the poison, and then whatever work you are doing will never be successful.

Now this country is so full of such bhootish women – alakshmis, that I don’t know how will they become all right. The women have to decide to get rid of their bhoots and not to carry on with them. They must meditate, they must try, if they feel sleepy they must go and have a bath, go twice, thrice, sometimes burn yourself a little bit, doesn’t matter. See to it that you don’t feel sleepy and dreamy. If you are dreamy by nature then you are bhootish. That’s the responsibility of women to keep the Lakshmi intact.

So that’s the Lakshmi Day, when we say that Lakshmi Puja takes place, because that is the day you invite the Lakshmi to come in – the Rajalakshmi, the Lakshmi by which you become the king of the family, or the royal benevolence you can call it, the regal feeling in the family – that is the day.

Then comes the day, next to that is the first of the month in… That is the calendar, My forefathers, because you’ are all My children you have to use the same calendar, Shalivahanas calendar and that is the first day of the Shalivahanas calendar. And what do they do in the morning time to celebrate it? They take one of these jars, Aquarius and put a shawl with it. And that is put as a flag, representing the Aquarius and the shawl of the Mother. That’s why they are called as Shalivahan – the ones who carry the shawls of the Mother, “carriers of the shawls of the Mother”. That’s how they put it up. The shawl, on top of is the Aquarius. This should be actually the flag of the Sahaja Yogis, that you make it the Aquarius or we can say the jar – what do you call that? Pitcher Hm? Pitcher. Or not pitcher but this lota business, you see, what do you call that? There’s no – nothing used like this here.

That one is the kumbha, we can call it kumbha. And the shawl is there, so they put it up – that’s why it’s called as Gudi Padwa, Padwa means the first – first day of the moon is Padwa, and Gudi means this [Shri Mataji touches Her shawl]. So they put it up and that is how they say that today is a New Year day for the Shalivahanas. Shawl is the covering of your Mother which gives it warmth and also it covers Her modesty. Shawl is a sign of regality and modesty and chastity. So you stand for that of your Mother. You protect it like Ganesha does.

Only on one point He gets angry, if anybody says or does anything against the Mother, then He comes down. That’s why Christ has said: “Anything against Me I’ll tolerate, but anything against the Holy Ghost will not be forgiven.” That’s a Son talking about the Mother, that’s what happens.

So today is the second day. Second day is the “bija” – is the, we call it the “Bhaiya dwija” or “Bhau bij” – is the day when the brother and the sister, who are the seeds of one tree have that pure exchange of affection. The sister does the aarti of the brother, gives him a tika and then brother gives her something as a token of his love, as a present.

In Bombay we started that and they have made sisters and brothers. I wish you also could find out somebody as a nice brother. But I found that these relationships have been so beautifully managed in India that if they could be managed here, it will be a great day of really ecstasy for Me, because that means you have overcome this devil of immorality. The purity, removing the lust and greed from your mind completely, and bestowing that affection for someone who is your sister.

Very common in India, everybody has a sister there; all the Sahaja Yogis have a sister and they look after their sister that way. Is a very sweet feeling. And a sister is treated – like Raulbai is a sister of Dhumal, you can imagine [Shri Mataji laughs] – and a sister is treated with the same grace as the own sister is to be treated with all the relationships and everything.

So this is the fifth day is Dwija. So from thirteenth to the fifth day they celebrate Diwali. For us Diwali has a very great significance. That is, from one light many lights are awakened and they are put in a line, so they are called as Diwali – means ‘the lights put in a line’.

So when you hold My Hands together all of us – through that the energy passes and the enlightened rasa is established, and the whole world has to become that beautiful dream of your Mother where nothing but the bliss of your Father and His enjoyment when He sees His Own Creation dancing in that Ocean of Bliss.

May God bless you.

…allAlready vibrations [INDISTINCT WORDS]  we can have puja, [but?] it’s too much already.

You want to do puja, all right do it, but I’m already finished. [Laughter]