Pre-Christmas Evening

Surbiton Ashram, Surbiton (England)

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Pre-Christmas Evening. Surbiton (UK), 21 November 1983.

Sorry for this delay but today there is something great luck for us. A gentleman has come from Delhi with the plans of our ashram in Delhi and within two-three days we could make another plan. A much better plan for Delhi people and he came to see us this evening and I had to discuss it with him and I am sure he will manage it very well and he is invited Allen to go to India and he is going to look after the Allen there and he is going to make him stay in India where Allen is going to work out the whole thing. So, let’s give a hand to Allen. (Everyone applauses for Allen). It’s very god sent we must understand again the Ritambhara Pragnya is working out (Shri Mataji talking to a Sahaja yogi – let him be seated somewhere, there’s a guest we have can you give a room somewhere. Where is he sitting?). 

So, it was pointed out by Warren that he’ll have to work here for two years, he cannot practice as an architect and he has to put so much to money to insure and all kinds of problems are here. Suddenly, today we find somebody who is willing to take him up in India and send him abroad and all those things are there. So, you can imagine how things work out for him but there should be dedication and understanding about Sahaja Yoga first of all, that’s very important. Now, today in the beginning of the whole thing I don’t want to say something that will not make you happy. 

Today is the day of great happiness and joy and that we have to know that Christ came on this earth to deliver us from our sins and our karmas and it was such a sacrifice. He went into which he cannot see or visualise with human understanding. It was too much for a person who was so powerful to get into a position where he had to forget that he was so powerful and go through all that and treated just like an ordinary person. It was too much but he did it just because that drama was to be played because Agnya Chakra was to be opened up. But we have to understand that though he has done all that, our karmas are being taken away as you know that as soon as the kundalini is awaken, you know that kundalini cannot be awakened if your karmas are (not) clean. You cannot, that’s why in the olden days people used to go to Himalayas and all those farfetched places where they used to clean their karmas clean their bodies clean everything and then they used to get awakening of the kundalini {then to get their realisation}. But the way we have got realisation thanks to Christ that Agnya Chakra could be opened out and that I could manage that. But we do not realise that once that is done that means you are now entitled to get your realisation because of your Agnya Chakra being opened out that your Sahasrara can be opened out. But, the punishment of the karmas has been taken away. You have been given such a higher position that you suddenly become Saints and you get all the knowledge that Saints cannot have about Sahaja Yoga, about the Shudh Vidya the Nirmal Vidya, you get all the knowledge of the Spirit. But the problem is I find that we have certain special problems belonging to the special countries also and my attention has been on England very much, you know that and I have really worked here very hard, 10 Years I have worked. And for English Sahaja Yogis it is important to understand what are they lacking in just a our own understanding of ourselves which should be done with proper critical eye so that we understand what is our problem. 

Of Course, the karmas have been forgiven, you can see that. No problem of the karmas are there, but the problem that exists within us is also little bit from this Country itself. The first is that this is a Country of Tamo Guna because it is in a very high altitude placed and it’s very cold Country and people are used to drinking and all those things. So, the generations have done that, so it has gone into more Tamo Gunas and now it is so saturated that Tamo Guna, Once upon a time, it was on the right side, now it has gone onto the left side because the whole saturation of that drinking and all those things brought this Tamo Guna to settle down in this Country. So, the first problem is of Tamo Guna and Tamo Guna makes you with your intelligence explain everything automatically. So, the intelligence has a capacity to cheat itself. So, the intelligence tells you – see now, alright if we have to get up in the morning then maybe alright in India but in England maybe too much! (Sahaja Yogis laugh). That’s special intelligence you see, and then you see the progress compared to other people becomes slow, despite mother is working so hard here. The second thing is that Tamo Gunis, you see, because they have to live with their Tamo Guna, they become very shallow and their depth is missing because they are on the other side of it and they do not touch their depth so they can live very superficially you see. Ah, whatever they do they don’t feel anything. They are not ashamed of it; they are not touched by it. Whatever it is, at the most they blame a bhoots somewhere, that’s all. But otherwise in a shallow one lives. They do not touch it that much where they should touch because of Tamo Guna. Now, as it is this is the heart of the Universe and a person who has a heart is the most deep personality because you see doing with the heart. Anything done with the heart means you are all out for it. But just the other way around it is that sometimes when we are shallow, there is no heart, nothing, we do something without the heart. 

Now, as you have seen in the Ashtanga Yoga’s, there is a many a times I have said Ishvara Pranidhana is the first. Now what is Ishvara Pranidhana? We must understand. Ishvara Pranidhana is the establishment of God in your heart. Now, how do you do it. You see, you see a mantra, you are just saying it outwardly. You are clearing out outwardly. You are meditating outwardly. But when you are saying that, you are just using your right side or your left side but not your heart. So, what you have to do is to balance it. When you are saying something, say it with devotion, with dedication, with understanding and try to put it in your heart that whatever I am saying is a mantra given to me by Adishakti herself. So is a mantra very powerful. But the mantras also lose their powers if you do not have the Ishvara Pranidhana. That means your Ishvara must be established in your heart and this is what we lack is that when we do something we just do outwardly in a shallow manner. And if you are shallow you will be playing with this and playing games is a very common thing because you see people with Tamasa what else will they do. I mean they are lazy lumps. So, the mind has to be used. Mind doesn’t stop, isn’t it. It is working all the time and we are lazy, doing nothing. So, the mind plays on its own and then we should understand that this mind is the one that makes you shallow. We make faces as if we are very happy before mother or something like that or we say we are very this thing and we have achieved this and that supposing, but she knows. 

So what we have to do is to feel what we want to say, what we have to do. That is Ishvara Pranidhana. It should not be superficial. I have seen people, Oh Mother! This that this that. Just coming from the lips only sometimes. It should come from the heart. Try to feel that. You will see the joy will be much more. You are trying to give me joy. You try to give yourself that joy. That’s what you are feeling within your heart. Try to feel that in your heart. Then the Ishvara Pranidhana is established. But this is one of the problems is the Tamasa. But when they were aggressive in this Country then their aggression you see they created another problem is to sort of a condition our minds. This also should face it directly. Specially for Britishers, it is important to face that, very important because I have been noticing it is happening. 

Now what happens. Supposing, you are an aggressor means, what do you do? I would see in a stark way, just forget that you are Britisher just go away from it. You just thing like this that this is your house then you become quite healthy, hefty and you go and attack another person, driving him out of his house, stay there nicely for 300 Years. It is that. As simple as that. That’s what the forefathers have done here and they have conditioned our mind, means what have we done. That means you have no respect for anybody else’s country. Simple as that. That they show no respect for anybody else, is this love? To them, they were the ones that could occupy other countries, they could capture other countries and live there, dominate there. But as a result of that the conditioning is still in the minds because when we live say in the ashram. I was very happy to know that the ashram of Brighton is looking so much better, people are looking after, is a very big thing that shows that you respect. That place which is a holy place you are looking after it. Otherwise, formally the ashram was this that the bills would rise, so high that everybody became bankrupt with that. Everything was broken. Everything was thrown away. They live the way they like. All the lights were on all the time. All the fire was on. This happened that happened. I mean, impossible to put them together in any place it was like that. Today, I was so happy to learn that this is an ashram where people respect. 

So, to be more on the right side we should know, do we respect. Do we respect others properties? This is not others; this is Mother’s property. I mean,  you give them any sofa set, after 10 days you go and see it is all broken, finished {two words unclear}. Anything it used to happen like that. Now, this should come that we have to respect. We have to respect now the property which is first of all started with Sahaja Yoga property and then you start with others. We have to respect. Then another conditioning that we have from the society we must face it, is very funny is this that nobody respects anybody’s wife or anybody’s husband. They are married but their eyes will be on somebody’s wife, somebody’s (unclear). How can you do that. See to the subtle side, because now you have become subtler people and you must see these problems in system in our Country that we have got this conditioning around us is all this going on. Somebody’s wife is going with somebody’s husband. No respect. They are married people; how can you carry on with somebody’s wife or somebody’s husband. Just think of the society in which we live. Isn’t it? Now somebody is married to someone, now you cannot carry on with a person who belongs to somebody else. Is a simple thing like that! But is all, you see in a society you live in that kind of a society. I mean every day we have here such news, I mean it’s just shocking sometimes. So, we have to face the problems with which you are living like Indians have their own problems and they are horrid on that line. So, we have to face our problems so first of all we have to know that we must establish Ishvara Pranidhana. Sahaja Yoga cannot be established by people who are shallow, who are superficially in Sahaja Yoga. Some people think they can play about, they feel happy by disturbing the ashramites, by talking against the ashram people about Sahaja Yogis, many I have seen, Sahaja Yogis are a horrid as if other people are better. They go on like that you see, playing. Now, what is the thing they lose. They are the losers. They don’t understand this. By doing this kind of a thing you are the loser. Whom are you playing with? You are playing against with yourself. Those people who try to criticize the Sahaja yogis must know that they are cutting themselves out of Sahaja Yoga. And this is just that playing games and this should not be allowed. 

Nobody should criticize Sahaja Yogis which is a group. One individual Sahaja Yogi is doing wrong, I will know. So, it is very important that you should be accepted by the group. If you are an individual and think you are a great personality and you are trying to correct others, and say that the Sahaja Yogis are bad and the ashram is bad and do like that then you must know you are getting out of Sahaja Yoga. Very soon you will be out. So, one should not try these things and taking sides with newcomers. When the newcomers are coming you are more attached to the newcomers than to the Sahaja Yogis, then we are sure you are not there. That’s one of the ways you can judge. Are you with the collectivity or are you trying to get out of it and trying to control all the rest? 

Alright, this is one of the ways of understanding yourself. All such tricks will put you out of Sahaja Yoga and I think this is what Pluto is working out now. So, we should be very careful. It’s time to celebrate, but spirituality is purity. If your heart is not pure you will be thrown out. Pluto is purity and purity has one quality that it is very joy-giving. It is glorious to be pure to be innocent but it also means that many things have to be dropped out and those who don’t drop out will be dropped out will be dropped out with those things. So, I want to warn you that it’s a very good day that has started today. But this is the problem we will be facing now so be very careful, don’t play games with Sahaja Yoga. Clean your heart. This is from few people I know who are doing these things. I know about everyone of them. So those who are against collectivity will be immediately dropped out. And then even if they want to come back, they cannot. That can be arranged. So, try to be one with the group. Try to have better friendship, better relationships, better brotherhood, greater love, greater affection, complete understanding. Enjoy it. That’s the best way. Sahaja Yogis should enjoy each other not the others. Others are others till they come to us. Remember that. In the eyes of God, others are others. Sahaja Yogis are his people. Others are not important at all at all at all. If they come well and good. Of Course, one shouldn’t be harsh with them, be kindly, be nice, bring them along. But in a group, you are to be one. Then there should be no differentiation, I mean that is one of the qualities the English had once upon a time. (21.07)

When Calais was in invaded, you know at the time of Queen Elizabeth, the Catholics and the Roman, the Catholics and the protestants all joined together forgetting their differences. I hope you remember those good qualities of the English also. And that’s what one has to understand that when we are facing others, we are all one. And this is I am telling you again that unity is extremely important for the strength of the Sahaja Yoga. Those who try to correct the Sahaja Yogis all the time are really trying to play into the hands of Satan. They are doing no good to Sahaja Yoga. Be careful of such people, they will be thrown away. They will lose their vibrations and you’ll find them out. So, Sahaja Yoga as it is a very great force of getting people together. Also, there is this force that is working which is throwing out. Because here only those who will improve will become higher and higher, will be acceptable, there is no other criteria you know that. Those who become purer and purer are accepted in Sahaja Yoga. You are all Sahaja Yogis here sitting down but all of you become better and better and better people. The first thing that will happen that you will be clear headed. What I find is that Tamo  Gunis have no clear head. First thing, I called somebody X, Mr X come along, or a lady comes to me, the first reaction is puts up her head like that, with a barrier. Say, now I will say that this carpet is to be say cleaned up. What? Which one? Where? I said this carpet is to be cleaned. (Sahaja Yogis laugh). Then, another question starts. You go on telling ten answers but nothing goes, there is a barrier. Nothing goes in that. They just don’t understand. Now how to explain anything to such people there’s no clear headedness. The whole head is clouded you see with a barrier which doesn’t want to take anything. So, all my lectures are nothing but a sing-song, I think. Nothing goes in that. So, first of all the purity of heart. You know that the heart has got seven chakras, around it, the seven auras and when the heart is clean the light is clean. The Sahasrara becomes clean, absolutely. First is that, the complete dedication of the heart should be there. That I am going to be perfectly alright and I am going to be an ideal Sahaja Yogi, this is my responsibility. Then all this will go away because this muddled head business; I think they hear 50%, 25% they forget and 25% is lost. So, what do they understand what I talk to them? So this kind of a barrier is a fashion also. Is a fashion. I have noticed it is a fashion, it is a fashion in this Country special because if you tell them something, there is no need, but first they will repeat my question, this is the question, this is the question. I say what is your name? You said what is my name? I said, yes. What is your name? (Sahaja Yogis Laugh). Oh! Do you mean, I didn’t understand? Oh! I said what’s your name? They go on like that. And by that thing they think they are very sophisticated. Is a new English style I think? Some French have nonsensical ideas about sophisticated but English sophistication I can’t understand. What is sophistication is. Then while talking they will say ten times Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! I can’t understand. Why? Why can’t you speak straight forward thing what is to be said. Now you must stay in up. Imagine, a Sahaja Yogi standing up to give a lecture with many Ah! Ah! Ah! Then they will think are they saying some mantras or what. (Shri Mataji and Sahaja Yogis laugh). 

So, one has to understand in Sahaja Yoga, you have to become very dignified, decent, pure people. The purity is the point we have to say. Now, out of say hundred, even if twenty are like that, muddled headed, it creates a bad impression. What will others think that these muddled head people. What are they going to do? How are they saints. I mean imagine a saint like this. You are saints no doubt. But little saint, no saint, saint, saint, no saint. It is like that (Shri Mataji and Sahaja Yogis laugh). So important for 20% people it is not to blame any bhoots anymore and play about but try. Get your heads cleared out by your heart being cleared, your head will be cleared. It’s only through your heart, you will get a clear idea as to be what is to be done and the innocence. If you start respecting others, other things, innocence will come. That innocence only comes through respect people don’t know this. So many said mother how to get back purity. Get back our innocence is simple, respect yourself. Your chastity is to be respect first. Respect your chastity. Respect others chastity. Then others things, others relationships. Respect your relationship with others. He is a Sahaja Yogi, you are a Sahaja Yogi, he is a saint, I am a saint . I have to respect and then see the joy and the love. This muddled headedness has brought also another problem is today that the bank, my bank was very angry you see because I don’t know how you people reach there with a cash money or something there to pay. That shouldn’t have been done. Is a simple thing is that you have to buy a dollar thing and pay it there? And the bank people couldn’t understand how did I have relationships with such mad people and they called them strange also. For the simple thing was to make it into dollar, it would have cost two pounds more. But that’s another thing that a money-saving device is also. They are quite experts. Immediately, if I tell somebody now, you go and get so much of say paint, say, paint is an example I am giving. So, they will say there was a tin available, they will come back. But that tin was so much and this tin was so much. I said what’s that a to deal the big tin. No, but this one we can return if it is finished and that one, we cannot. Say now bring the big tin. Now, what does it matter, you see, in a paint in a house like this, such a huge thing. A little paint more or, but so much of understanding you see, how much you can save in that, how much, I mean save pound is another, everything blowing in our head to save pounds you see, being it any advertisement, save pounds. Means spending pounds you use really save pounds. You don’t understand the trick but you all the time think, what is the saving. Where can we save? Where can we cut? This is so waste of energy completely. Just waste of energy. If you go on thinking like that, you will go mad I think because Sahaja Yogis cannot do that. You will see that money comes very easy to people if you are relaxed about the money. If you try to save money you will never save and that’s why in England, people cannot save pounds because they just see the advertisements. Any advertisement like that save pounds must be avoided, completely. (30,40)

In Sahaja yoga, we have to believe in that God looks after us. It is he who is going to things for us. If you put your attention to saving money then God doesn’t bother about saving your money. You know that miracles have happened about money for so many people. Like I went to Patrick’s place I will tell you, Patrick, you see, I asked the Patrick, you never received any money. He said, no mother. I said, don’t tell me lies. Did you receive any money? He said, no mother. I said, are you sure you haven’t received any money? Then he came up with the truth Yes, I found thousand dollars, kept on my table one time. But that was I thought that should be a good beginning for him to see but he went around, the other way around he thought that oh God, mother loves me so much and she thinks too much of me. So now I can go ahead. He started going like a, now what should I compare it to, a bull or what? Just he became a big great man, a big great leader, everything, he got bloated up, you see. He started rising like a balloon rises, you see, in the air. Like that it happened. But if you have depth, and if you have your dharma, and if you have Ganesha with you, then you go deep. Oh! Mother has done this. What a miracle! How she has achieved it? Who is she? How did she do? She looked after us so well. Go down. Don’t float in the air like a balloon. So, this is what one has to understand. This is another conditioning we have of saving money, saving money. Let’s save here, let’s save there. Ultimately, what you find, no money to go to India. Last minute, borrow from here, borrow from there, go to the thing get it. So, trust in God. God will look after you. You have to have trust, trust in others, trust in everything. I trust you. I always trust you. Beyond, any trusting that is possible, for everything. 

Today only somebody came who was here, he told me that 25% prices have risen up in India. But I think the amount nowadays is how much it is. A Sahaja Yogi says: 25 dollars, 5% That is how much it is. 5% money have raised. So, Warren was rather worried, mother how will you manage out with 5%. I said I will manage, I have trust, I have trust that I can do it. I can trust myself and I can trust you. So, this is important that you have to trust each other. First of all, you trust yourself and trust others. By trust only you can work out wonders. If you don’t trust people, doubt everyone, you cannot work out. It makes the whole organisation very very weak. So, try to trust each other. I know there could be a wrong person. I will take that person out. I know who it is. You just don’t worry but you try to trust and don’t worry as to what is going to happen. Trust yourself and trust the God Almighty, because he is the one who is going to look after us, yogakshema vahmi. If you have the yoga, you will get the kshema. Yoga must be established so you get the kshema. Second part of it is not first, the first is Yoga, establish to your yoga and then you will be amazed how things work out. And so many people asked me that mother why only in England this problem is. There is unemployment all over the world. There is problem everywhere, but the last minute is when there is going to Coutts (a bank in England). Imagine, Coutts is in England, England. While we have got money already paid, even from Vancouver and from Australia, all paid long time back, while the English people were today cueing up in Coutts and company. And the Coutts and company became mad and they said what sort of thing it is mother. We don’t want to have your accounts. So, what is the reason for that, that we have not trusted ourselves, we have not trusted others. Some people told me, they made a mistake, they forgot about it, how can it be? So, this messing nature must go away, we have to do it systematically. We have to be systematic about Sahaja Yoga. As you have now started meditating in the morning time and doing all those things, I am sure the system will work out. The system of God should be there. And it so automatically works out. (36.10)

In three days, we have planned such a big, huge ashram, in three days. I mean, in one day I planned of course, but in two days we have drawn it and finished. Two days you took. Two days. Such a huge plan. You can’t imagine, if you see it, have you got it with you. They haven’t got it, otherwise would have shown you. With four floors and very beautiful architecture and Greek design {two words unclear}, six floors in 4 floors and a beautiful place and everything organised. So how? I mean, I am not an architect, I am nothing of the kind, but it was all done. In the same way, you can all have those powers. You have to just assume that you are saints. You must know you are saints and behove the way you are a saint, accordingly, It should behold your position as a saint, to live like saints, to behave like saints. It is not just what face you put up or features you put up but the temperamentally, the generosity, the kindness, the compassion, the love, the nourishment, that you have to give to each other and to the whole world. If you cannot give it to Sahaja Yogi, you cannot give it to anyone. The first test is how far you love each other in Sahaja Yoga. It’s nice to see all of you here today on this great occasion. Also, I feel sad that I have to leave you now. I am going to India and I am going to meet you there, all of you. I hope so. Many of you are coming down. 

Now, to India when you are coming also come with a deeper enquiry. Because, superficially if you see, that country doesn’t have your comforts, doesn’t have this paper you know, may not have carpets but it has got a heart. They have got a heart. A very large heart and whatever they do they do it from their heart. If somebody is very superficial can even ridicule them for their sincerity, can even make fun of them that they are so stupid to be that sincere. I mean, according to modern ideas. But you have to develop that heart. A simple innocent giving heart, which enjoys, which has the (39.02) fondness to do. I mean I had to tell them now, argument is the other way around. You will be amazed if I tell you the arguments were, like when Modi came here and he said we want them to stay in Bombay but I said why? Bombay is an expensive place. No Mother, we will bear half the expenses but let them stay there. Why, you see that’s what we want? I mean the whole thing was argument I remember. We want to do something for them, they are coming to our country now. We want to make some nice things you see, we will make some nice food for them. I said, don’t make over do, simple food should do. No, no Mother, but that’s the only chance we have got. And the whole argument was how they will afford. Then they said we should have, I said have just five days, in that place where, Bordi, So I said at least make it seven days mother, please seven days because that will be easier, poor things will be coming and then they would like to sleep for one day, after all they would be tired, so one day is gone, two days like this and the other group will be coming so you see they are just thinking how to make you comfortable, how make you happy, what to feed you, what to do. But if you want to see something superficial you might try to find some faults. And I have seen, people spoil, people spoil. They really, they spoiled so many Sahaja Yogis by their overdoing which was never understood why they did it. Now gradually you are understanding. You have to become that kind of a personality that gives that nourishes. That is fond of doing for others. What should I do? What should I buy for you? What should I get for you? You see, it’s such a joy. You see, my special joy is in that. I mean, in America, I was at least 25% of time I was busy buying things because I have to give presents and they said Mother what are you doing? I said I enjoy, just forget it. If had time this time I would have bought something for you people before going. Just I enjoyed that’s what, just enjoy giving. I wish, you could just jump on other-other side, other bank of this river and see the joy of giving is so great, is much greater than getting anything for yourself. And with this idea you should go and see how they enjoy. If I tell them they, a lady was there, she said that you must come and have breakfast with us. I said I have at least forty people with me, how can I come to your house? She said no, we will arrange, don’t you worry. So, all the neighbours you see, got up at four o’clock, prepared all the breakfast for us. Everything ready, when we went that was so beautifully organised and those people who were with us coming, Gavin, you were there I think that time. Is he here. He is outside. So, the first group, I think the second group was there. Gavin you remember that lady who, day after that, you missed the point. Isn’t it? Just imagine and they were so happy, and they were so happy feeding in giving, and all of them were running and you will see this. You will see yourself and they never tell me any problems, always solutions. They are there with solutions. You tell them now the problem is you want to go buy a bus. We can’t afford to keep the buses for long time. No, that’s alright, we will get you buses. They will take you down. You don’t worry. Now we have this problem, what to do? Don’t worry, we will manage Mother. We will get it. All the time they are giving solutions to me but here, it’s the other way around, the problems. The problems, the sentence starts with, now today is a disaster. What’s the disaster? The milkman hasn’t come. All laugh) Always something starts with the problem. Now, have you any solutions? Have we any solutions? Only the persons who can think of solutions can construct. So, remember that is very common and I get really frustrated. Sometimes, I really get irritated. Everybody has some problems or some problems, some problems and even if you give a solution, BUT, but what? I am giving a solution. But it could be that, it could be this, but why don’t you find out. I mean they know all about it. Supposing you say, let’s go by this road, but there could be a traffic. I said how do you know sitting down here. But at this time this is this. Everybody is so knowledgeable with the ideas how to create problems and never solutions. Such a knowledge is useless. Such useless knowledge you must throw in the sea. Not very near Brighton because we are having solutions. 

So, don’t create problems, don’t fear problems. That’s very important is not to have any problems. Try to find out solutions and give solutions. So, this language should be changed, the problem is, this language we are going to change from today. And you will be surprised that all problems can be solved like that. Only change your direction. 

Supposing you are straight forward marching towards problems. Now what can you do, I mean, even if you are a Sahaja Yogi, no use, I mean you are going towards it but it just turn your face from the problems, no problem. Believe me, there should be no problems for you. Have you noticed that happening? Then, last is to remember, that you must understand your Mother very well and do not jump into conclusions of your own and if you start jumping onto your own conclusions, you really create problems. 

Firstly, in Sahaja Yoga, we must know we cannot make any money out of it. There cannot be any commercial activity on Sahaja Yoga. As it is, I am hopelessly bad as far as money is concerned. You ask him, he will tell you those who have known me know that. I am hopelessly bad. I don’t know even how to sign a cheque even today I don’t know. When will I learn I don’t know may be because this is entering into the sixth house, I will be even worse now? So, first of all we are not going to have any time any type of commercial activity and if you ever try it, I will see to it that you get liquidated completely. So, no commercial activity for Sahaja Yoga. No commercial thing should be started in the name of Sahaja Yoga. Like I have seen somebody Nirmala Udyog in India means Nirmala enterprise. I mean this is not the way, this is not allowed. Or Sahaja Udyog we cannot do that. It’s alright Sahaja Yoga co-up, because Sahaja Yogis are there in cooperative but should not be a money-making proposition anywhere, any business, anything, don’t use the name of Sahaja Yoga. It will be spoiling it. It won’t be good. So, you must understand, that should not be done. Secondly, your Mother is an extremely practical, extremely practical. So, do not start thinking. You see, people get an idea. Just now we had one example of that. That somebody said that I want to keep {two words unclear}. I mean, this is something even if I wear a hat, I don’t think like that I can tell you. Because I don’t know how people jump into conclusions and they will say Mother said so. This is another way of doing it. You must do the things that are practical. When I say that you should not try to save money doesn’t mean that you waste your money. So, one has to be very very practical and pragmatic and that happens because you see, spirituality is the most practical thing. Sahaja Yoga, have seen anything more practical than Sahaja Yoga. It’s the most practical thing but that doesn’t mean that you go to the bank and start seeing vibrations there, standing on Oxford street and seeing the vibration there. Seeing the vibrations of the balloon. This is stupid. 

Or I mean, these should not be done outside. I mean, Muslims also, when they do Namaz, they look quite odd to me that standing on the street sometimes, and suddenly you will find a Muslim see spreading something and going up like that. It’s stupid. It is show off. It is a sacred thing. In the road I have seen people walking like this. I mean what is this, people will think you are mad or what. So, we have to be extremely decent people and understanding in what atmosphere we live. They don’t talk our language; they don’t understand us. So, we should not be ridiculous, will look like punk rocks (Sahaja Yogis laugh). 

So, we have to be very decent, very poised people, affectionate, compassionate, soft spoken, sweet, kindly, and alert. Or we put the alert first. That way we have to be. I am telling you because the new year is now coming and in new year what you have to do is to give up all that is nonsensical and think of all that is good and that’s what we have to see what’s wrong with us. 

Now the last of all is that never get stuck on to anything. That’s the best way to live in this world. Live like a traveller. In this short life of mine, whatever it is, in these forty-five years or forty years of my married life, not yet forty I think it’s thirty-eight, we have changed about forty houses. I like it. Because it is sticking to anyplace. Now I have seen people get stuck to Surbiton now. Stuck, they get stuck to Chelsham Road (Ashrams). As soon as you get a feeling that you are getting stuck, leave that place and get out of it. 

Then this is my house, then this is my Surbiton, then that is my Chelsham Road. That’s not a sign of a saint. A saint is a traveller throughout, he doesn’t stick to anywhere. Now, if I have to sell this house, I will sell it tomorrow with least feeling with what we have done about it. There is no stickiness about it. Then the fight starts, then Surbiton is my house. How dare you come here? You are like this. Chelsham Road is my house. I must do this thing for that. That’s how you get localised, you become malignant, no connection with the whole. This is just like a Inn. Like an inn. It’s an inn. It’s like an inn itself. You live in an inn, live there like an inn and then you have to go from this, your house and abode is the kingdom of God. There where we exist, there where we live and that is always with you, so what does it matter. These are all superficial things. It’s not important. Now because Mother stayed in a particular house so I have seen people running mad after that. I mean what is it. I am sitting here, what is the need to go to the house? It’s like I told you the other day, like having my photograph, taking vibrations from my photograph and I am giving a lecture here. Unduly we are paying attention to things which we should not. We should know that we are the temples of the God. We are the abode of God that God resides within us. The light has come within us. We have to be a beautiful temples of God. 

The most glorious place is yourself where God resides. So, all that is not wanted out of, should be thrown out of this temple and make yourself that clean beautiful temple where God would like to reside, otherwise he will disappear and that is what is Ishvara Pranidhana which we should try to maintain, establish and develop. And then it grows and grows and grows, the temple becomes a palace, a huge big place where many can come and enjoy the bliss of your heart. Let’s become like that. So today is a day of a pledge in a way in our hearts to say that whatever we do we will do from our hearts because we are from the soil of the heart of the universe. So, this is a simple thing we have to just ask the Mother earth and she will give you the power to it. Once you start becoming there, all this messiness, all this unruliness and the unsystematic way, all this untidiness about life, everything will disappear and there will be clear picture of the London Sahaja Yogis. 

I think I have given the maximum time to you and the least to Australians. I must say that they have do it so well. They have been so great, never given me a problem, always a solution. In the same way, London Sahaja Yogis should all of them should become people who will give solutions and no problem. So, the but has to go away from our English language for Sahaja Yogis. So, I would also like to thank Dr. Warren Reeves for all the help he has rendered so far, so selflessly, so clear headedly, so well, by settling down here to solve all the problems and to look after all the accounts which is the biggest headache for me and organising, telephoning, finding out that you must really give him a big hand (everyone applause). 

So now we should have some nice music after this boring talk. What about some nice songs? (everyone laughs). Who is crying? What’s the matter? Is she alright? (Shri Mataji talking to the child who was crying – Hello! hello! hello! how are you? Why were you crying? Now, are you alright?) As soon as I called her, Hello! you disappeared that day suddenly and we were looking out for you. Where were you? (Sahaja Yogi answers). I knew you had come with them; I knew that, I mean I don’t send invitation cards. Alright! I didn’t know, where did you disappear suddenly. Alright! Ha Yes Yes! Alright! Good! Come along! Sit with us. {After music ends} Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. {Again music starts} Great, thank you very much. Thank you very much for all this beautiful Carols. When you sing it becomes a mantra because now you are enlightened people and what about you sing, the celestial, this is what a celestial, we could never have been such carols singers before. So many of such value. Thank You! Any problems? {everyone laughs}. So, ah, some solutions have come out like we have got a nice place now. Gavin and Ricky have been very nice, sweet and generous. They have purchasing a place for us, what is that place called? Chiswick, Grove Park. Well! It’s a very beautiful place and now you won’t have to move from places to places you see, they said in the Cat has her little kittens, she moves seven places before she puts her down in one place because, because she is worried about the security of the children. {everyone laughs}. So, ultimately now you have someplace where you can settle down ahh nicely and people could settle there and stay there and can grow but as I said as coming to ashram is for your training, for your betterment and for your growth. So, try to accept all the routine of the ashram and know that is important for you all and we cannot have an ashram where everybody works on arbitrary basis. It has to work on very collective basis and the ashram people have to be definitely better from the rest of the people. It’s just the other way around sometimes, so we have to be careful. You can’t have mad people in the ashram, see that’s very important. So, also this idea of admitting everybody in the ashram is a wrong thing because I have had very bad experiences of some of them. So I would tell you that next time when you to take people for the ashram, you must show me the list and I would like to see those who want to come to the ashram, who want to live there now because this is the regular ashram on which we have to have people who really want to progress and who won’t go further with Sahaja Yoga for a kind of training. Some people can come and go away again come and stay there but meditating desire. Not to make a use of the place because now we are in London, is the cheapest place to go to ashram, sort of thing should not be done and everybody should try to stay in the ashram for two days, three days with the routine of the ashram and I am going to make a beautiful routine for all you which you will enjoy very much, I am sure. So, I hope this happens by the first of January and by that time we have this place on our hand but in any case, people who are in Queens park, if they can leave the place can leave it and come down in Surbiton if they find it very expensive there, this is more practical but if they can leave that place and come here and then they can shift to Gavin’s place. Moreover, there are only three-four persons now left in this big place so you all can come and stay here and enjoy yourself. 

Now those who are coming to India, positively who have paid the money raise your hands. Just count them and take the names. Who have paid? Call for the names. There are mostly English. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve. Have I counted all of you? Right twelve. Now how many there Gavin. Hmm? Only English. How many? Twenty-four? And those who have not paid money and are coming, {FURTHER DISCUSSION CONTINUES}