Ready for the War? by Gregoire from Nirmala Yoga 1983 Vol. 3 No. 18

Vienna (Austria)

‘Ready for the war ?’ asked Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi a choir of Sahaja Yogis who were singing some battle hymn on tho tenth February ‘83 in Delhi. Well, are we ready ? What weapons do we master, what are the rules of the battlefield, what about tactics and strategy?

THE WEAPONS: Weapons are of two kinds: defensive (shield armour, helmet) and offensive (sword, spear, bow and arrows). At the timo of Shri Rama the fight was rather uncomplicated : I aim my arrow. I shoot. I kill… and it’s a great pleasure to see the rakshasa falling. At the time of Shri Krishna the importance of the weapons’ quality was immense: Arjuna would not have defeated Kama had not Shri Indra tricked Kama into giving him the breast plate from Shri Surya that mode Kama invulnerable At the time of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi what are the weapons of the men of God?

Upgraded weaponry of the twentieth Century’s war of the yogis is too complex a subject to bo odoquatly introduced here. Furthermore the Sahajland Intelligence Service would not allow the release of sensitve. classified informations on yogic defence systems that the bhootish nasties are still unsuccessfully trying to penetrate. However I have been permitted to expose here a few basic principles.

Defensive weapons: The essence of the yogic defence system is expressed in one word : purification! Time and again we are using the techniques of Sahaja Yoga to cleanse the various koshas (envelopes) of our psychosomatic instrument so that negativity will lose its grip on it. so that it will not find in our system any dark and remote corner where it would hide and plot, waiting for the ripe moment to assault us. Negativity knows the penetration axis of our system (leftSwadishthan. nabhi, agnya) but it is most effective when riding the wove length of our possessiveness and attachment. Sahaja Yogis who have understood this are therefore quite careful not to let marriage, family, job. power trips or any such human relationship become a trap for them. Indeed the successful culmination of the purification trend is detachment. Where there is no attachment, there is no ground for negativity to occupy. The yogi who is detached has vanished, has become invisible to the to the eyes of negativity; he can’t be found anymore. He himself, however, can search out. find and destroy negativity if he chooses to do so. Such a yogi joins then the crack unit of the Sahajland Defence Forces, the Yogeshwari bhakta squadron, named after the principle which rules it.

Offensive weapons: Tho essence of the yogic attack system is expressed in one word: attention I Attention (chitta) is the edge of the consciousness (chit) and the more concentrated the consciousness can be, the sharpest its edge. Sahaja Yoga teaches many meditation exercises to foster the concentration of the consciousness and to strengthen the chitta (cf Rojabhai Modi’s lecture at the New York seminar in October ’83). The chitta of an evolved Yogi works as a vibrations forward delivery system. As a laser beam launched from the nirvichara platform (thoughtless awareness), tho enlightened attention concentrates the Chaitanya Shakti (power of vibrations) on an identified sphere of negativity. As a mantra propelled missile, it directs the vibrations of a specific deity or divine aspect against the point of negativity which corresponds to the evil, antagonistic force opposed to this aspect, in both cases two results are possible. Either the negativity is right away pulverised. Or the negativity is too strong to be destroyed but then, the chitta instantly switches itself on to the Sahajland Telecommunication Network and passes all the relevant informations concerning the obstacle on to the unconscious which, in turn, passes it on to the Supreme Command (See Nirma/a Yoga issue Jan. Feb. ’83 pg 32). The Supreme Command takes over. Really, in the aquarian age, the bhoots are having a bad time. But it is’nt compulsory to feel sorry for them.

THE ’ BATTLEFIELD : There are two battlefields : the microcosme of our own individual being and the macrocosme. the field of the cosmic fight between Shri Mataji’s devas and angels against Satan, the collective principle of Evil. When you free the first from adverse interferences you join in the second as a nicely tuned instrument The struggle takes place on various levels. But one could perhaps say that it is still largely a guerilla struggle of the yogis freedom fighters against the various dark lords who have enslaved this planet; against their human, ex-human and less than human troopers. It is quite interesting to realise how. at the time of the battle of the Kurukshetre. Shri Krishna who is the lord of dharma taught the Pandavas to discard the rules of military dharma of their time. In today’s battle also, the higher goal of manifesting the victory of the Spirit overrules all the smaller dharmas. That is why there is a great versatility in move, maneuvres. styles and camouflage in the Sahajland fighting forces. No one can ever predict how they will operate!

TACTICS AND STRATEGY : First question: “Should we fight the negativity or should we avoid it ?” —The answer given by Shri Mataji : “If you can fight. do it, if you can’t, run away”. Hence a flexible response which covers all situations. First principle : concentrate all your forces on that precise point of the battlefield where the enemy lines can be broken. How 7—By putting our attention on Shri Mataji. Why ?—All the angels, ganas and shaktis at once rush to the rescue, riding the beams emitted by Her Lotus Feet After all, the Goddess is called “ranapandita “, that is mastering the science of wars and battles Thus we can now limit ourselves to stating the basic principles of sahaja warfare. All a sahaja warrior needs knowing is to call the Divine Mother’s attention on his Kurukshetra. “Strike. Arjuna. by Me all these foes have already been slained”. Shri Krishna made plain to His disciple that He is the real Doer. Sahaja Yoga proves this truth to be eternal.

As far as strategy is concerned, classified information available only to inner core yogis cannot, of course, be released here. Even these yogis don’t know the long term plan of the Supreme Command which is drafted outside of time and space, and thus, beyond mental computation… useful security check against the spies of Avidya land. For centuries together they have tried to locate Armageddon, the site of the last struggle. But. …when the last seeker will have left Sodome and Gommorrha, when the armies will come before Sambhalpur, when all the yogis of the earth will be integrated into the Sahaja land Telecommunication Network, when all the horses will have become white like snow… they may well get the answer.

JAI MATAJI I Vienna, 21 November 1983 Gregoire