New Year Puja, Who Is A Sahaja Yogi?

New Delhi (India)

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1984-01-03, New Year Puja: Who Is A Sahaja Yogi?, Delhi

From Nirmala Yoga, Issue 18 (Nov.-Dec. 1983), Back Cover

Every moment is a NEW YEAR for a Sahaja Yogi because he lives in the present and neither in future nor in the past gone by. For him every moment is a New Year, a new surge of joy (UMANG), a new wave. Just as one, while already swimming in the ocean of love is lovingly tossed every moment by the love all around, so also every Sahaja Yogi is to live in complete joy (ANAND) love (PREM) peace (SHANTI) and blissful delight (ALHAD) The question is whether we have learnt to swim thus?
Only he should be called a Sahaja Yogi who has achieved complete satisfaction and tranquility (SAMADHAN) and his pure desire has been fulfilled. He should now enjoy the supreme and unique bliss of his immense capacity to give this to others. ……

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi