New Year Puja: Who Is A Sahaja Yogi?

New Delhi (India)


Nav Varsh Pooja Talk – (Sahajayogi ki Pahechan), New Year Puja,  Date: 03 January 1984, Place: Delhi, India, Type: Pooja, Speech language: Hindi

[English Translation from Hindi]

Every year comes a new year, and the last year gets completed. For Sahaja yogis every moment is a new year because they stay in the present. They stay neither in the future, nor in the past. Every moment for them is a new year, a new hope, a new wave.

Just like while swimming in the ocean, every moment you are lifted by the love of the ocean. In the same manner, every Sahaja yogi is constantly feeling the bubbling of joy, love and peace. But the actual point is whether we have learnt to swim or not. In Sahaja Yoga, whoever has learnt how to swim, he will always swim in joy, will swim in the ocean of joy. If there is any shortcoming or flaw in Sahaja Yoga, it is that after Realisation, you have to become. Without achieving your becoming, you cannot achieve Sahaja Yoga. Mother has put you in the water, but even after becoming a swimmer, you have to learn how to make others swim, how you can save others, how you can teach others to swim. You have to become that completely. If this is one flaw, it is in Sahaja Yoga, but it covers many flaws.

Like in the past, gurus did not arrange straight away for your peace and joy. Earlier, they used to make you work hard, ask you to work hard, make you cleanse. Before getting peace of mind, you were made to cleanse your mind. Before enjoying bodily comfort, you had to give a lot of hardship to the body. After great penance, people could achieve God Almighty, and these vibrations which you have achieved in Sahaj, they could know.

But Mother has made a different arrangement for you. First receive your vibrations [Chaitanya]. Come to understand that God Almighty [Paramatma] is there. Have faith in Him, that faith which is not blind but is built on truth. And now, with a little effort, you can accomplish a lot. Like when you teach somebody  you say, “Look, do not be frightened of the water.” You give them a lecture about it. First, you show the swimming on the land. Try the swimming strokes at that place, two to four times with your hand. And after working hard for some days, then slowly they should be brought into the water. Soon after seeing the water, again they run away. Another method is to push them into the water. Then they keep learning. In the same manner, you have been thrown into the ocean of joy. Now if you want to enjoy it fully, you have to make some effort, and that effort is that you have to become. Without becoming it is not going to happen. 

A Sahaja yogi is a person who has total satisfaction, who has achieved, whose pure desire has been fulfilled, because Kundalini is the power of pure desire. In a person whose pure desire has been fulfilled, one whose power of pure desire has shown its miracles completely, there is no desire left. A person who is fully satisfied is a real Sahaja yogi. If there is any unfulfilled desire still remaining, then it means that the awakening of the Kundalini is not complete. You have not yet become a fully-fledged Sahaja yogi.

It is so surprising that even without becoming a proper Sahaja yogi, blessings keep coming, and miracles keep happening. You keep getting the benefits. You continue to be aware that “We are moving, everything is in place, things are happening, and we are progressing”.

But the biggest blessing for a Sahaja yogi is that he gets the ability to give, and he gives. And he not only gives; he enjoys giving, which is a very unique joy, and that joy that you can never get from any worldly things. And all other such blessings cannot bring about this kind of joy. The biggest blessing is that your power of the Guru Principle increases, and you develop the ability  to give it to others. When you gain this ability, then understand that the work of Mother is complete, and now your work has commenced.  That state is not achieved until you have made the effort and you have become. This is the only condition of Sahaja Yoga, which I say as a Mother, that I  do  My best not to leave anything wanting. From My side. I do as much as possible to see that nothing is incomplete from My side so that on account of Me, My children should not have any shortcomings. 

But your penance [tapasya] is also important. Without that, no work can be done. But it should not be that such penance is aggressive [ugra] or painful [santapta]). It is a peaceful penance. There is nothing hard in this penance. It is not a laborious penance.  

So, first of all Sahaja yogis should learn to love. This is a very big thing. Like, I hear complaints about some Sahaja yogi. When you say that Sahaja Yoga is a very good thing, still he insults his own mother. Then we talk about his wife. He beats his sister. He beats his wife. There are some who do not take care of their husband. There is no attention on children. In Sahaja Yoga, all this should be spontaneous. It happens spontaneously. If this does not happen, then what has Sahaja Yoga achieved? When you have become a tree, whoever is sitting in the shelter of the tree, no problem can come on them. A tree can take on all the burden of difficulty. Whoever is under your shelter, your relationship with them should be very loving and one of closeness. 

Now, whatever I am saying is being said individually to all of you, not to anybody else. Please understand this and listen. There are many people who feel that when I am talking to them, they think it’s about others; perhaps Shri Mataji is talking about them. So one should keep the attention on ourselves, that Mother loves each one of us individually. She knows about each one of us individually. In the same manner we also should know everybody individually. When we are unable to love our family, then we cannot love others.

Understanding the needs of family, agreed many of these people [family members] may not get their realisation. It could be that they have some faults, but whatever is their need, do that. The idea of Realisation will be accepted only when they see some change in you. If you just take a stick and say, “Why do you not get your Realisation? Why don’t you come to Sahaja Yoga?”, then nobody will come to Sahaja Yoga. On the contrary, this is not the way of Sahaja Yoga. The system of Sahaja Yoga is that you have to impress others by your own ideals and your own personality. When the other person gets impressed, then you slowly bring him into Sahaja Yoga. Even if you somehow drag somebody and bring him to Sahaja Yoga, and make him sit, will he then get his Realisation? You only need to tell him. In full freedom he should come. If not today, he will be all right tomorrow. 

So, it should be kept in mind that when we are achieving our becoming, then along with us, many are also getting their becoming. And the attention of all these people is on us. How we are developing is a very important thing. And you should understand one thing, that suppose you have a guru, even if he is a realised soul, poor thing, he does whatever has to be done with his own effort. He will not say that you become [a realised soul].  He will say, “He is already hopeless. Okay. He has accepted me as guru and that itself is a great achievement. Let us see about it in his next lifetime.” But Mother has undertaken a much bigger job. Her desire is that everybody should be made a guru. It is a slightly difficult job, and also not so difficult.  

You all know that you all are in the making, slowly, slowly. Everybody is refining and becoming ready. That is why, when you are achieving your becoming, you should take more care of others. Do you forgive your neighbours and others? Have you forgiven everyone? There is a lot to learn about forgiving others. Many times I have said that forgiving others is the biggest means and weapon available to us. And if we do not use this weapon, we do not apply it, then we will not be able to arrange any other means in this Kali Yuga. After  acquiring this means of forgiveness, we have to look at people with forgiveness. Peace will come only when you forgive. Whoever does not forgive will not be able to get peace. Firstly, you forgive everybody and then you forgive yourself also. When you are able to do both these things, then you see that peace will come within you by itself. When the Agnya Chakra opens, then the door of peace opens up. 

[Mother is talking to a Sahaja yogi in the background (not clearly audible).]

Now another thing which is always there before Me, and I also tell you, is that a kind of discipline is required in the hard work put in by you for achieving your becoming. Many people say, “Mother, I do not have time.” And then you say that, “Mother, see I had this problem, and this problem has not become all right.” Then I can also say that I had no time. Whether I meet you or not, I will always have time for you. My work goes on 24 hours a day. You have to just look after your own work. For this, you have to combine both time and discipline. This body, without being disciplined, will become like a motor car which runs over all and does not know which ditch it will fall into. 

There is an easy way of disciplining your body. First of all, look at yourselves to see if two powers are active; one is the power of desire, and the other is the power of action. In the case of the power of desire, it should be such that there is only one desire, that is, pure desire. What is this pure desire? That we should unite with our spirit. We should become one with the spirit. This is pure desire. Give up all other desires now, this moment. Give up at least for a moment. Do not desire anything else from Mother. Just become one with the spirit. Ask only for this pure desire. Give up all other things, like this should happen, want this, want that, want a house. Give up all these things at this moment. At this time, just hold this thought in your mind: “This pure desire is to become one with God Almighty, and to become one with the spirit and have no other desire.” You will see that your Kundalini rises immediately.  

And secondly, in your power of action, it should be such that whatever has to be done, it is to happen spontaneously [Sahaja]. People think that the meaning of Sahaja is that we keep sitting, and everything will come in our lap. This is a very wrong way of thinking. This extremely wrong feeling has come in us about Sahaja that we keep sitting and things should come to us. You have seen that there is a seed which when we put it in the womb of Mother Earth, it looks like the seed has sprouted spontaneously. But is it Sahaja? Have you seen its effort – that poor small sprout which breaks open the  ground to come up? Have you  seen the efforts of the small root, whose small cell on the tip, on the edge, digs itself in with a lot of effort? Now, what is its pure desire? It is how to secure  this tree in the Earth somehow. Have you seen it have any other desire ? Its only thought is how to go under the ground and find the place where there is water or the source of water, and from there  I can draw the water and give it to the tree. It does not think of anything else. And with how much effort it fights with the stones, fights with the mud, and somebody else crushes it or troubles it in another way. Passing through all these slowly and with a lot of wisdom, it goes on its way. If any tree comes in its way, or anything comes in its way, it will go around it. If any roots of the tree come, it will go around it. And if any stone gets in the way, it will also go around the stone and make its way.

In the same manner, a Sahaja yogi has to go about with a lot of wisdom and be a sensible person, and should take up responsibility in a way that “We are wise people”. The inner wisdom that we have is our quality, our symbol, our custom. The wisdom within us, that we should present on ourselves, like somebody proudly applies a vermilion [tilak], we  have to present our wisdom like with a tilak. And we are wise. The meaning of wisdom is that a person who is wise does not go in for tantrums and does not get upset. He does not slip onto small things and does not comment that, “This is not good. That is not good.” He speaks with wisdom. This is a sign of greatness, a sign of maturity. In Sahaja Yoga, a person who cannot be mature is not fit for Sahaja Yoga. You have to become mature, and wise as well.

It seems like a very difficult task, but it is actually not so much. We have seen small children in Sahaja Yoga. They are very wise, and they understand everything wisely. In the same manner, you also have a tilak of wisdom that you are now a Sahaja yogi, and wise also, and this is a subject of your Mother’s honour. Those who are not sensible – people will say that their Mother [Guru] has not taught them anything and not good. They call Her Adi Shakti, and some of these children are not good. With this wisdom in mind you should look at yourself that “We have a responsibility. It is essential that we become wise people before the world”.

Today, on the occasion of this auspicious day of New Year, I would like to tell you that in Sahaja Yoga, we people should become very mature. New people have come; it is a matter of great joy. Before them are  old Sahaja yogis; their wisdom can be seen. They have come, they have not got their Realisation; yet something is there. Some are getting a few vibrations, and some are not getting it. There is something lacking; some problem is there somewhere. Some have got their Realisation so quickly and they feel that they have become great people. All sorts of mistakes happen. It should not be forgotten that you have also made mistakes. That is the reason you should show some maturity [badappan] to them. Showing maturity does not mean that we throw tantrums or project ourselves as if we are a big personality. Maturity means having a kind of paternal feeling, a fatherly feeling, a motherly feeling. You need to look after the new seekers with this feeling, having love towards them like the love your Mother has for you. You should love them like that. If we think that the people of the world are absolutely useless, then would we have been able to work out Sahaja Yoga? And if we only go on comparing ourselves, then we are alone in this world. With whom can we compare ourselves? But that question does not arise at all. Here it is like how many can we bring in to our shelter? Now our numbers are less. In this shelter, who do we bring? Who can we keep? This is the concern.

In the same manner, in your attention there should be maturity with love. It should not be such that some people call you a very great person. I prefer you should have very simple, Sahaja love within you. And in that simple Sahaja love, you should have a fatherly feeling, and a feeling of understanding. I have a lot of confidence in you, a lot of confidence In any matter, whether it is the matter of money, or your wisdom. I always think that My children can never be unwise. Sometimes they are, but I have full faith that you all are very wise and of very high quality.

Now, you see how bad the condition of our country is. Even if you search, you will not find a single upright person. Now even after coming to Sahaja Yoga, if you do not improve your condition, then you will be like the crores of other such people in this country. How you can you be anything special? You have to be a special kind.

Now, many people say that, “Mother, these days if we don’t cheat, we cannot survive.” This is not correct. You give it up and see. In the Kingdom of God, nobody can die of hunger. “Yoga Kshema Vahamyaham. Yoga Kshema Vahamyaham”. We will say again, “Yoga Kshema Vahamyam”. After you get your Yoga, your wellbeing [Kshema] is My responsibility. So, there is no necessity to do anything which is wrong. I will look into the rest. God Almighty has saved you from so many bad circumstances and He will continue to save you. Rest assured about this. That is why you do not need to fall into any trap. These days, thousands of traps have come about. There are thousands of traps from which Sahaja yogis have to come out. What is the wise thing?  

Now, the dowry system is still continuing as a practice here. For Sahaja yogis, it is not appropriate to give a dowry to anybody, or to take a dowry. Firstly, you should not do such lowly things. Secondly, many people feel that we have to marry in our own caste. This is also a sign of foolishness. What is your caste?  You do not have any caste. You have become a yogi. There is no caste for yogis. Is there is any caste for a sanyasi?  Recently, we went to a Dargah [tomb or shrine of a Muslim saint]. There he said that, “Sir, this is Auliya Chishti [a Sufi saint].” He said his nephew was also Auliya. Then I asked, “What is the caste of this Auliya?” They said, “Auliya has no caste. I am also Auliya. We have no caste.”

The meaning of caste is aptitude. Caste – that which you have since your birth. This cannot be acquired  from the time of birth that you are born in Brahmin caste, or in Vaishya, or Shudra caste.  Not this.  When you were born, what was  your aptitude ?

This is another problem in our country, the caste system, which Shri Guru Nanak has broken to a great extent. Shri Guru Nanak  broke it to a great extent. Saint Kabir broke it. But now their followers have made another caste, Even in that caste, other castes have been made. Among Sikhs are there any fewer castes? They have also become caste-based. Sikhs cannot have a caste at all. Whoever is a Sikh cannot have a caste at all. This is the thing: whatever got broken, they have become just that.

Amongst Hindus, whatever castes  were there, were all according to their Karma. Matsyagandha was a fisherwoman whose son, who was born outside marriage, turned out to be such a child, Vyas, who wrote the Geeta. Just think where this has taken us. Why? Why this way? Why not someone from a Brahmin family  who was a so-called “pure” person? This is a really big joke. Why hasn’t such a person written the Geeta? Think about it. Why did Shri Krishna get it written by Vyas? What was the reason? This was because he wanted to break this very thought, and he wanted to get it written by such a person who was the son of Matsyagandha. He went to the house of Vidur, and ate food. Why? Just in order to break the custom. Shri Rama ate an already eaten fruit given by a woman of the Bhil caste. Why? Just in order to break this kind of foolish customs. Could he not have survived without the jujube fruit [Ber]? And even in case somebody eats because Shri Ramachandraji tasted, they would immediately go and wash their mouth. Why did he do all this? It has to be thought about. Knowing full well, why did he do all this? Because such types of beliefs were getting strengthened in our country. Caste, creed and all such foolish and useless things had to be completely broken. Just think, thousands of years ago such things took place. Prahalad was born in the house of a demon [Rakshasa]. Shri Krishna’s own uncle was a Rakshasa, and see how he jumped from one place to another. Shri Krishna also landed where his own uncle was a demon. Could he not have got anyone better? Why did he have Kansa as his maternal uncle? Why did he make him? Have to think. Because in spite of being his uncle, he had to kill him. This relationship business, for which we sell our country, these relatives, my brother, my son, my so and so relation, and all this, we give so much importance to these wasteful things. Shri Krishna said that, “If Kansa is a demon, even if he is my maternal uncle, I will kill him.” This is the special quality in Indians.

It is a different matter with the Western people. While talking to them, we have to say something else. There is a difference while talking to them. Those people do not pay heed to anybody, not even their own son. If they understood, then there would not be any other closer relationship for them. A son will kill his father; a father kills his son. It seems everybody is a demon in this matter. In India, there are such people that even if their son is a murderer, his mother will say, “Son, it does not matter. You have only committed  a murder. Just wash your hands, come and have your food. It does not matter. You are my life, no problem. Have your food – no matter that you have committed a murder – and come.” This is our country. These blind eyes that we have, this has been done only to open them. 

 In the same manner, these caste and traditions, our blind faith in temples, mosques and all such things and even in Gurudwaras also, to open the eyes towards such blind faith, people have done a lot of hard work, put in a lot of effort, a lot of effort. Shri Guru Nanak himself wrote.  He got the Granth Sahib made because people give their own interpretations to the religious texts [Shastras]. So he got the Granth Sahib made by such Gurus who were realised souls. Now Granth Sahib is being read, but at least  take note of what has been written in Granth Sahib. Whatever truth he has written, at least understand the essence of that. Otherwise you will be disrespecting Shri Guru Nanak. 

For the very same reason such confusion and illusion  has affected all the religions so badly. To the extent that people say that Shri Krishna had incarnated as Mohammad Ghazni, because Brahmins had been robbing the people [loot machana], and that is why Shri Krishna had incarnated as Mohammad Ghazni. This is the story. When he looted the Somnath temple, Shri Shiva [Shankarji] ran away from there and reached Shri Bhairavnath temple and said, “My friend, please save me from this person. He has been following me.” Shri Bhairavnath said, “You are Shri Shiva. You are not afraid of anyone. What is the necessity for you to feel frightened? You just open your one eye and everything will be all right.” Shri Shiva said, “You go and see who he is. He is sleeping.” When Shri Bhairavnath went and saw that Virat himself was sleeping, he said, “Who in the name of God, will kill him?” Then Shri Bhairavnath said, “Mother has given me one power. I will use that power.” Shri Brahmari Devi had given the power of beetles ([hrunga]. So, by using the power of beetles, the bees [Bhramar] went and by continual humming, they did not allow Shri Krishna to sleep. It is important for Shri Krishna to sleep at intervals, without which a lot of havoc would be created in the world, because his power of destruction [Hanana Shakti] is quite powerful. People say that Shri Krishna got frustrated and he went away. 

Whether there is any truth in this story or not, I will not say anything on that matter. But this much I will say, that when people trouble a person to this extent, then this kind of a story can also come about. When in the name of God they are torturing others, having bloodshed [khoon kharaba], all these kinds of things are happening, then people will say about God that there is no such thing as God. To have faith in God becomes impossible. I do not consider it their fault, because those who are doing such things in the name of God are so evil [mahadushta]. 

Now imagine if a yogi is making a gun [banduk]. Now, I am not able to understand what the relationship between a yogi and a gun is. “My friend, you tell Me, is your name Yogi?” Many people have asked Me what the relationship between yoga and a gun is. I said that it is neither Shri Krishna’s battle nor the Devi’s battle. What gun?  They must be imagining some weapons. 

So, such type of insane [vikshipta] and bizarre [vichitra] people have come in the present world. Such things also reflect God’s name. So some people think that God is just a myth, or cannot be actually there. Now, only Sahaja yogis know the actual truth. Clearly they know and not just by intellect, but through vibrations, that God is there and His All-pervading Power is operating everywhere. Only Sahaja yogis know this. Now, you people have understood quite a lot. Now, I am telling you that whatever you people know, even great, great yogis do not know – I mean the real yogis. I am talking about real yogis; they also may not know. But having this knowledge is such a thing. It is like music coming from the radio, and has no effect on the radio. This and beyond [aar-paar]! Whatever you had to know, you have come to know quite a lot. And you also know on the vibrations. But these vibrations are not working within us. They are working outside. They have to be made to work inside as well. That is the reason I tell you to discipline yourself. Make your instrument all right, and take these vibrations inside yourselves. In this regard, I say that people from Maharashtra work very hard. They are very hard-working. That is the reason their progress in Sahaja Yoga is very deep. It is becoming deeper.

That is the reason you should take care to get up every day, early in the morning. Now in England, it is so cold, and it is the biggest sin for the Britishers. If you want, kill them, murder them, they will not say anything. But if you wake them up in the morning, then the person is gone, finished. There is no other sin greater than this in England. If you wake up anybody before 9 o’clock in the morning, there is no bigger sinner, wicked, demon other than you. In such a country these people [Sahaja Yogis] get up in the morning at 4 o’clock and have a bath at 4 o’clock. The reason for this effort is that whatever discipline they had before, now they have put it into Sahaja Yoga. We people were never disciplined. We are all liberated people. We are all the spirit. “I am Brahma.” All have become the spirit [Brahma]. When they have done so much hard work, can’t we? “Now Shri Mataji, do not ask us to get up at 4 o’clock in the morning. It will be too much.” I will not say. But you must think, when do you have time? They get up in the morning and sit for meditation in the cold of London. And with that hard work only, they have achieved. It is hell there. In that hell they have created heaven. Then to light a few lamps in heaven should not be difficult. This is heaven only. Leave alone other matters. This is a big thing. This country is a great country. To do this work in this country is not a hard task.

That is the reason I am telling you that the future leaders are you yourselves, sitting here. Now, any political or social and any other such movements, in all of them there should be the principle of the spirit. Otherwise, it will not work out.

Now, you all are tomorrow’s leaders. They will be from you. Only through Sahaja Yoga will you be ready. Now, I have to ask you how many of you will be ready and want to make your life pure, beautiful and completely dynamic, becoming fearless, completely fearless, and will become special people? And we are. You have become. As you say, you have become twice-born [Dwija]. An egg was there, the egg of Ego, Superego. After it is broken open, you become a bird. Like a small bird is even weaker than the egg, for that reason should be given a lot of encouragement, should be protected, should be cherished [sanjona] and kept pure. Love should be pure. Pure love. Very few people understand the meaning of this. 

What is pure love? Pure love is that which has no greed, nor does it have lust; no greed, and no lust, and there is no type of filth. It goes on flowing endlessly. The light of this pure love should flow from within us. This pure desire should be within us. When this starts happening, then you will become an admired Sahaja yogi – not before that.

And this speciality of becoming should be given due attention. Today, you will say, “Mother, please make this all right. Mother, please make that all right.” OK, I will do it. I will do it. But nothing will happen for you. A child will say, “Mother, please give this to me.” OK, child, take it. You want it, take it. But you have not become anything special. You have not achieved anything. You just went on running after Mother. What is the benefit?  Whatever Mother wants to make of you, if you do not become that, then even Mother’s pure desire will not be fulfilled. It is an odd direction that you should become, and that is My pure desire from within. And you have pure desire from within that you want to become something. When we are in unison like this, let us just be with pure desire.

And the first thing that is required to be with pure desire is pure love. And in order to bring purity in us, we have to purify our attention. When we go to someone’s place, then what do we see first? “Oh, they have got this good thing. Where has it come from? How did they get it?” The brain starts to run. They do not see how nice this thing is, how has it been made. Praise, Praise, Praise [Wah-wah-wah]. See and enjoy. Good, it is not our headache. It is somebody else’s, and it is very nice.

When you look at others, you should have an appreciative temperament, but mostly the gaze goes on the defects of the person. Like somebody says, “My friend, the girl is good, but not attractive.” What is the meaning of attractive? What? Will you get stuck to her at once? What is being attractive?  Till today, I have not understood the meaning of the word attractive. Especially the meaning of the word attractive, I have not been able to understand till today. Like, “Sir, she is not attractive.” I said, “My friend, what is the meaning of attractive? What things attract you? Their nose, face, hands, skin, clothes or what? What is the thing?”

Only one thing should attract: another person’s spirit. That is the only thing that gives joy. By keeping our attention outside, our attention gets entangled.  

The attention should become deep, penetrating, deep. How is it possible? The moment you meet somebody, “Sir, he is not all right. This person’s state is not all right”. The effort is wasted. That person is finished; his spirit is also gone. All the hard work done by God Almighty on that person has been wasted. He is not all right. It’s all over then. Did you go into its depth? Did you see? Did you search for what it is? Go deep and see, and then you will see that he is great at the depth within, whatever he may be externally. Even if they seem to be great externally and think they are great, they are sometimes very jumbled up inside.

That is why you have to judge from your depth what is there, and put your attention on his depth. Then you see how much love flows. Love is of the  depth. When you look at anyone, measure their depth. Then you yourself will start going deeper into it. It is like “In the heart, I am making somebody’s way. I am making a way into somebody’s heart. I am going on making the path”. In a similar manner, just get into their depth. By remaining in superficiality, your attention will not be able to go deep, and till such time as the attention goes deep, your depth will not increase.

So, you have to first get your attention deeper. The attention is currently on many external things. Like our ladies – I will talk about men also – like whether the blouse is matching or not. For that they will break their heads. Blouses should be matching. In our times nobody ever wore matching blouses. With a blue sari we used to wear a yellow blouse. It was straightforward. If there was no yellow, red would be all right. Like, previously, there never used to be a contrast border; it would become a contrast. If it was not, then just wear it as it is. Now in the past, how many saris did a person have? Two or three, however rich they were. Nobody used to keep lots of clothes. Now everything is about matching. Now ladies have a problem that if they do not wear matching clothes, then there will be an uproar in the whole city. “Look at the type of clothes she is wearing and how stupid she looks.” But if she wears a funny type of jeans and comes with two horns, then she is modern. She is modern. Such norms, such things that have been made by us, we go on getting tied up in those norms. 

Now men have a different kind of problem. When do they have the time for matching their clothes? They keep seeing the watch. Every man has a watch. “What is the time”? “How much  time has gone?” When it is time to leave, instead of leaving the place, being leisurely, they are after the ladies. “Come on, there are only two minutes left, just one minute left.” Must have been timekeepers. In that time, the women forget some twenty-five odd things; they also forget, and run out. So much hurrying, so much hurrying. “It has become  late.” Look at the watch, state the time and pester; this is also a modern thing. 

In the olden times, nobody used to behave this way, because previously there were no trains. And which train was on time, that you are hurrying so much? Nor do planes stay on time. You keep running for the plane. Did you know, yesterday, we sat there from morning to evening; the plane did not arrive. We were just sitting. But while leaving the house, there was so much hurrying, we forgot this, forgot that. Three times the vehicle was sent to get it, still the plane did not come. You will say that, “Mother is only doing all this, because we are slaves of the clock.” It is possible. To be so much of a slave of the clock also makes a person mad.

When you come to Sahaja Yoga, you should know that the plane will be waiting for you. You come leisurely like a King [Raja Sahib]. The plane will not take off, whatever happens. The plane will be standing there, or maybe will arrive late. If you are delayed, there is no problem. Go like a King, and in case you miss the plane, then go by another plane. Perhaps something may be working out. Maybe from that, someone has to come into Sahaja Yoga. Like this, so many things happen. If you go on linking the events, you will reach from some place to somewhere else you can’t know.

Once, I was going through Geneva. I have never missed a flight till now. This is also an amazing thing. One gentleman had missed his flight. He came hurriedly into the plane. By coincidence, he got a seat by My side. He was very nervous. His condition was quite bad. He was a Maharashtrian. I understood that he had come into My fold. I said to Myself, “Bitter gourd flavoured with neem” [for him a situation that turned out to be even worse than expected]. He has to be taken into the fold now. I spoke in Marathi, “Sir, what is the problem?” He started speaking in Marathi, pure Marathi. He said, “I missed my flight. See what has happened.” I said, “Nothing has happened to you. Some good things are going to happen to you in this flight.” He saw Me. He asked, “What good things will happen?” Then he realised. “Are you Mataji Nirmala Devi?” I said, “Yes.” He was taken aback. He got his Realisation during the flight. His name is Dr. Muthalik. He said, “Oh, I was so anxious, and how could I know that I am going to get my Self-realisation [Aatma Sakhatkar]?” I said, “Yes, relax now.” And after that, you know what happened. It was brought to the United Nations. He brought this one, that one. He is a very big personality. He is the Director of the World Health Organization. Perhaps he would not have come just like that. And by coincidence – Sahaja – he got his Realisation. All these have to be seen with interest. 

There is no need to be such a slave of the watch. Ultimately, think about it that after being a slave of the watch for so long, what have we achieved? It means that even our forefathers had worn watches, although their watches seldom used to work. By being tied to our watches, besides nervousness, we have not achieved anything more. And on account of slavery to this watch, what we have understood and what has emerged in this modern world is leukaemia. If you do not want to suffer from leukaemia, then say goodbye to the clock. Sometimes you keep the time forward and sometimes behind. I also do the same thing. Or keep just only one watch-hand. So when somebody asks, “What is the time?”, then say, “Half past” or “Quarter past.” OK. You can add the balance of the time to it. Think of any number you wish. Otherwise, there will be no time to enjoy. If you are always being a slave to the clock, where will be the time for you to enjoy? “My friend, I don’t have the time for enjoyment.” But where are you going? To catch this, to catch that. You should stop running a race. Everybody is running like mad.

In this way, women behave differently, and men also behave differently. But we have made our norms. Like, we have to go on time. I am not saying that this is wrong. Now, English people had made this statement that by going on time they won the battle of Waterloo. But they could have lost, too. Being on time does not make any difference. When the time came, they won and lost. This does not mean that when the programme of Shri Mataji is at 6 o’clock, you can come at 9 o’clock. About this, a yogi is frustrated. Also Mr Verma. When Mother is giving Her speech, still they are coming. The wife, children, all are coming in line. Mother is speaking, and they all keep coming. So, it is said that the door of the Mother is not closed to anyone.

But it is the Court of your Mother. It may be a door, but it is a Darbar (court of royalty). All are sitting. All [deities and ganas] are sitting, of whom we should be careful. You should know about this. They have come and gathered and are sitting here from even before I have come. They are sitting here, there and everywhere. That is why we should not take such liberties with Mother. We have to arrive before time. This is the work of God Almighty. You should come well prepared for the work of God Almighty. You should know about it. You should inculcate this discipline in yourself: “I am not going to do that”. When you get two-four smacks, you will realise and be all right again. You should arrive well before time. You should take responsibility. You are all responsible people. You should arrive on time. Teach your children also: “This is Mother’s programme.” It does not matter if you drink one less cup of tea; does not matter. “Come on, there is the programme of Mother.” It is a very big thing. That is why we should arrive before time. But I will not say anything. I have told these people to keep the door open.

But you yourself have to understand, you yourself have to know, and you yourself have to have faith. You yourself have to handle it. Nobody is forced or punished, nor is there any kind of restriction in Sahaja Yoga from My side. But it somehow happens automatically, as you know. This discipline  automatically comes about in you. You are already getting the joy of the Kingdom of God Almighty. It is always there [Aadi], but the rules and regulations are also there simultaneously, and they are wonderful rules and regulations. That is why we have to prepare and present ourselves properly. We must humble ourselves and think that, “Today, we have to go to the Court of God.” You understand that people used to go previously to Delhi Darbar [Court of Viceroy of Delhi]. You may be aware. So preparations used to start two months earlier. Special clothes used to be worn, there would be rehearsal as to how to go, and if you went, you were not allowed to show your back to the Viceroy. You had to bow and walk straight backwards.

What is the might of this Viceroy? He was not even equal to the dust of the feet of God Almighty. Even less than that. There is nothing so great about him. So it may be only our Mother, but Her entire Court is full. And all those great Gods are sitting with discipline, laden with all their weapons. All the arrangements have been made. They are all standing. They have all come with full preparedness. See, the vibrations have also come. What strong vibrations are flowing! They are all properly attired [Sajja] at this time. When I am speaking, see how strong the vibrations are coming. Therefore, you should also be alert. They are watching all of you, as to how you are all behaving. That is the reason you should be careful and come humbly. This you will understand gradually, as to where you have reached, what is your position, which state you are in. You start behaving according to that state.

Recently, the marriage of the prince took place in London. People had come from far and wide. What a show [Tamasha] it was. But to attend, the wife of Mr. Reagan had come from America, and she was fifteen minutes late. She came running in. And the commentary of the people was that, “What will this lady understand? She was a model. Now she has become the wife of the President.” So what? What was really there has come into the open. What does she understand about rules? 

So, that is nothing at all. That is nothing at all. But you need to understand that what you have received is a big thing, it is such a height, and is so great. And as soon as you understand this greatness, you yourself will give special respect to this greatness.

I am not going to put any restrictions on you. You only have to grow. And whoever grows by themselves, those who rise by themselves, will conduct themselves accordingly. We need not say anything to that person. If any growth takes place after telling someone, then it is not spontaneous [Sahaja]. You, by your own sense [Samajhdhari] should rise, and gain greatness and self-respect. Your Self is awakened, and, being aware of that, you move forward. When you talk with each other, in your behaviour with others, in all this, the Self should manifest. Let owner-driven  be called self-driven. But the Self [Swa]) is missing in that. Your Self has been awakened. You go on in that path [tantra] of the Self. That is emancipation [Swatantra]. And walking along on this path, you gain a special presence, and seeing that, the people will start thinking, “What is this that is so special coming before us?”

This mad world requires this the most now. I need a little help from you. And if that happens, this world is going to change. It will change very fast.

All of you get together and try. Give your best. Understand your greatness. A lot has been written about Shri Mataji’s greatness. Now you must write about your greatness. And understand, from where to where you people have reached, and where to where we have to reach. On New Year’s Eve, especially, I had to say, “Live joyfully, live comfortably, live peacefully, and be happy,” but  governed by your awakened Self. Never leave your awakened Self. That day is not far off, when you see that you people will enlighten the entire world.

My eternal blessings to you all.