Devi Puja

Rahuri (India)

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Devi Puja, January 26, 1984 Rahuri, Maharashtra, India

Shri Mataji : Who forgot the bag to be brought in ?
Sahaja Yogi: Magda
Shri Mataji: Magda. You should be careful.

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Rahuri has a special significance in the history of the Goddess, that when the horrible rakshasa, called Rahu, started ruling this area and devastating it, the whole suffered, all the God-fearing people. Then the Goddess took Her incarnation here and She killed this man, this rakshasa and there are different places where how he ran, how She caught him and ultimately killed. He was killed in Rahuri.
And that’s why rahu-ri – “ri” starts from the Hrim, as you know that: “Aim, Klim, Hrim” are the three words denoting the three powers of the Goddess. “Aim, Hrim and Klim”: Aim, is the Mahakali, Hrim, is the Mahalakshmi and Klim, is the Mahasaraswati. So, with the Hrim-power She killed this rakshasa, and then – after that killing – bhaktas started living here. And a king came all the way from Rajpur, Rajputana, and started worshipping the Goddess.
And when he was a poor man, he came here as a poor man, while worshipping the Goddess, he raised this again into another kingdom, and that’s why they are called as Shalivahanas, because they carried the shawl of the Goddess. This Shalivahanas, later on in the dynasty, was a Babruvahan [precedent dynasty of Satavahan, Babruvahan was the father of Shalivahan] who fought Vikramaditya [a famous king] and defeated him, who was from Ujjain. Surprisingly many of My relations are still in Ujjain and they are following Hindu religion. So because he fought him and he captured him many people from here shifted there and settled down in Ujjain.
Now this Rahuri developed gradually into a very modern city, or you can say, in a modernized. And when we go to Naiakanche Shingve [the castle of Shri Mataji’s family in Shrigoan or Shingve] you will be able to see it.
The forefathers of Mine were called as Shalivahanas and My mother`s place is the other one [Rahuri], where they resided and lived. So Rahuri has a special significance in the life of Sahaja Yoga, or I should say in My own life. And that is why surprisingly that in Rahuri we have established our center in the biggest way. Because the kings here worshipped the Mother with a shawl. Now this has a special meaning as the significance goes, or you can say the symbolic – it is – it covers the modesty of the Mother.
Mother protects us, She looks after us. So this is the one which covers Her, gives Her the grace, gives Her the protection from the cold and when the children are suffering, or are tired or sick, She covers them with the shawl. So the shawl has a very big meaning and because the used to carry the shawl of the Mother all the time in their hands, that’s why they are called as Shalivahanas.
So the significance of Rahuri is very great and you will also see that in the gross also the people here are very receptive to Sahaja Yoga, even the factory people. I went to see them before I came here, to talk to them, and they are so much submerged in the developments of Sahaja Yoga and amount of things they want to do, and want to take advantage of Sahaja Yoga here. As they have built for you especially too was made with great care about from that they thought that it was finished and worked very hard, day and night, just to prepare this hall for you.
So this is how it is going to work out, and last time I told them that you should not make an alcohol out of these molasses and sell it at the market at a cheap rate, but make something useful. So they are trying to find out a technique about which I talked to them now. So they are very religious people also. And they are trying to improve the lot of the people, by removing all these addictions among the people.

So that is the significance of Rahuri puja and that’s what it is, that you are like Shalivahanas who are worshipping the Mother and Her shawl. So today’s Puja has a special significance – that’s why Rahuri, we have very good Sahaja Yogis here, very developed, very evolved, knowledgeable people. They are not scholars of Sanskrit, but they are scholars of Sahaja Yoga. There is a difference between being a scholar of Sanskrit and a scholar of Sahaja Yoga. Now for you people I hope it has been a comfortable stay for you here and we hope also for the future you all are going to enjoy your journey and enjoy the bliss of the Divine!

[Shri Mataji talks in Marathi]

We don’t read about Rahul`s killing, because it is Mahalakshmi who killed, but what we read in the Devi-Mahatmya is the Mahakali`s powers. But Rahul was killed here in Rahuri by Mahalakshmi, and that Mahalakshmi power is called as Hrim power, so that’s why this is Rahu-ri. Actually it is Rahu-hrim we can say it is Rahu-ri to make it simple.
[Shri Mataji talks in Marathi]

And according to that calendar [Shalivahan shak, according to King Shalivahan] only, all the Maharashtrians are living, which is very, I should say, much more subtler than Vikram, this thing [Vikram Samvat is the calendar followed in the North, according to king Vikramaditya] Because in the Vikram Samvat, this area, era, is still called as Kali Yuga. But in this pandjika [almanac], Shalivahana pandjika, it is called as Krita Yuga. It’s much subtler. That’s a very wider thing and it doesn’t give you the different sections of Kali-Yuga, that how it becomes Krita Yuga and ultimately a Satya Yuga.

The calendar that was used by the North Indians was the Vikram, and the South Indians used the Shalivahana, but especially in Maharashtra. But the support came mainly from [? Mangil Datatile, INDIST] who said this is the better pandjika because it deals with subtler side of time, subtler side of time, and that’s why it was regarded as a greater thing.
Now on the first day of this calendar they put a kalash [Hindi word for pitcher] with a shawl as a banner, a kalash and a shawl as a banner. That’s why “kalasha”, which is the Kundalini, is the Aquarius [Age].

[Shri Mataji talks in Marathi]

In the older days, all the Maharashtrian women used to have some sort of an additional cloth, a shawl, which they used to carry. If it was a marriage then they used to have a marriage sari, on top of that was a shawl. All the time, they had to wear something, a covering over the sari. Sari was not the end-cloth but now we have become modern, so we don’t use the, that, another cloth which they don’t have to use. So, but this is only the custom in India, it’s not the point, it’s not only in Maharashtra, everywhere. But there, because a dress was not a sari – but those who wore the sari did not use, in the North – but here, those who use the sari also use the shawl, on top of that. And that’s why, you see, this country has a speciality, this part, that they always had this shawl, whether they went out, for a protection, or they went for a marriage or anything, they used to have another thing on top. Now of course we have, symbolically, something modernized, you see, very little pieces to be used as shawls, you see, everything is getting modernized.

[Shri Mataji talks in Marathi]

You must, all right, touch the feet of this Rahuri land [Shri Mataji is doing namaste]. Then after Ganesha, we must also touch it [Shri Mataji is touching the ground]. As soon as I get the land, first we’ll establish Ganesha there. And once this land we get, everywhere in the whole world, we’ll get land and we’ll have no problems of any kind as far as the land is concerned. When the Ashram is built here, everywhere in the whole world, we’ll have Ashrams. So the beginning has to be at the right place.
[Applause, Shri Mataji is doing namaste]
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[Shri Mataji talks in Marathi]

They have come all the way from Germany.
[Shri Mataji talks in Marathi; then the Puja starts]

[during the Puja:]

Husband and wife, are you? Ha? You both are husband and wife – are you? You have to be husband and wife!
[Yogi: Yes!]
Shri Mataji: You are? You both are husband and wife?
[Yogi: Not!]
Shri Mataji: Yes!
[Shri Mataji talks in Marathi]
Means: the husband and wife should sit together! That’s the only time when a man and a woman sits together in this country. Not the brother. Not even sisters and brothers. Only husband and wife.
[Puja continues]

[Marathi Translation]

I am overjoyed to see you all. I was quite eager to visit Rahuri and now I have reached. Goddess has undertaken a number of missions on the holy land of Rahuri, in the past, but Her present mission is most auspicious and joyful. The killing of demons was not very pleasing. Instead of fighting with such dirty people it is joyous to transform the people who are waiting somewhere like beautiful lotus buds to bloom into flowers. If somewhere I had desired to enjoy the joy of transforming such buds into flowers and flowers into fruits, that desire is being fulfilled in this life. I am pleased to see you enjoying.
I have told you a number of times that in the land of Maharashtra which is situated on the land of India, resides the Kundalini of universe. This has a support in the scriptures. It is written in the scriptures that the three and a half Peethas of Goddess exist in Maharashtra. Only the Kundalini has three and a half Peethas. Also there are Ashta Vinayakas that are Shri Ganesha’s Swayambhoo idols (come out of mother earth), at eight places in Maharashtra. Its veracity cannot be ascertained without realization since only after the realization will you know what they are emitting. However at, Musalwadi it is actually the Sahasrara. From this you will know how great is this land and miracles that are going to take place here cannot happen anywhere else. Perhaps you do not know, on this land Shri Macchhindranath a great incarnation of Shri Dattatraya has worked very hard. Before that, sages like Shandilya made this land holy.
So this land is extremely holy, so much holy that Shri Ram and Shri Sita had to take off their foot ware and come here barefoot. That you are seated on this holy land means you are extremely fortunate and that fortune is now getting specially bright these days. In a way a little prosperity has come to you that has allayed your worries of fending for self and families. Hence the people are now thinking about of God. This is also owing to good fortune, since with little prosperity the people get only dirty ideas and it is difficult for the people to get good ideas. It shows that, God-loving people live on this land today. This is the reason why so many Sahaja Yogis are seen doing so much great work.
Regarding the Pujas I want to tell you that, as you know, in England and other countries we allow very few people at the Pujas. Today the people from 12 countries are here, 5-6 from each country. In some countries only 10-15 persons practice Sahaja Yoga but even from them we allow very few at the Puja. The reason for this is in foreign countries no sense as to what is Dharma is left. They have had a number of attacks. Some of them were so dirty that because of them the people have lost the idea as to what is Dharma, what is virtuousness and what is sanctity. Now an Indian, howsoever may he be on a wrong path, he remembers that this conduct is good and that conduct is bad. This is not so with those people. They may be way ward to any extent, yet they ask, “What’s wrong? What is our mistake in it?” That is to say, Dharma has a standard or what we call an anchor. Those anchors are broken, in that they behave as they like, unrestrained. Then they fall in the hell- what they have created there is virtually hell. Then they come to Sahaja Yoga and purify themselves. The way they have come out of that fire, pure and clean, is a stupendous achievement, probably because they are great saints and sages. Otherwise one who lives in such terrible hell cannot escape being singed. But they have risen above it. It is not so with you.
Having grown up in pure environments of innocent families, you are respectable people. So, you are not affected. A little distraction here and there is not difficult for Sahaja Yoga to put right and on the whole we lead satisfactory lives. And your innate innocence shall prove to be beneficial. However their tenacity and hard work and energy with which they dedicate to Sahaja Yoga are not seen here. Since we get it easily we do not value it. Here, you will see, in villages 5 to7000 people do not take time to get their realization. As against this over there, I have to break my hands working for 4 to 5 months on one man. So, the people here do not know what they have got in Sahaja Yoga.
Once, many Sahaja Yogis met Gagan Gadh Maharaj. He told them, “ It took twenty one thousand years for me to get the vibrations. First I was frog- I remember since that time- and slowly became a human being from the frog. Since then I have been praying to God to somehow give me the Chaitanya ( the vibrations).Even after becoming a human being I put in hard penance( Tapasya) for thousands of years. Just see how much time twenty one thousand years! And he said, “ Even after becoming a human being I performed the Tapasya for twelve thousand years and after twelve thousand years I felt the vibrations on my hands just two lives back. So, this being my third life with the vibrations, I realize the importance and greatness of the vibrations. And Shri Mataji has given these to you for free! So on many occasions I ask Her,” Why are you freely distributing them? Do these people have any sense? What do they know? On that She smiles and says, “Take it as my will” then She again smiles and says, “ That is not the thing. It ‘s time, the time has come to give. Since the time has come to give, it has to be given to all. Also God is worried that if these people are not given realization, then it will be destruction all around. The entire creation is based on the human being and if the human being is destroyed then entire creation of God will be destroyed and go waste. Hence this time has come. And at this blossom time you people get en mass self realization.”Yet it is extremely important for you to understand that since we have received this special gift, it has to be put to special use and we should also become special. Otherwise such great thing gifted to us will go waste for want of its use.
Supposing a beggar is placed on a king’s throne and if he keeps begging as before then what is the use of being in the throne? The beggar should realize that although he was a beggar in the past, now he is king and with the installation as the king he should sit on the throne with king’s majesty, and glory. Otherwise how will he rule? Our present rulers (in the year 1983) are in such state, “ First he was a beggar, then he was made a king, but he could not overcome his roaming for alms”. You should not be like them since your original state does not last in Sahaja Yoga. You are transformed from your very roots. You become altogether different persons.
I have already told you that the human being lives like egg. Hence he is known as “ Manav”, i.e. he is better than an animal. Animal lives in the Pasha i.e. rein. It is reined in by God and moves within that rein and cannot come out. Hence it is known as Pashu (the one that is in the leash). The human being is released from that leash and is like egg. He has full freedom to achieve own progress as he likes. With that freedom, how he behaves, where he goes, how he spoils himself and what condition he brings himself into, depends on his intelligence and wisdom. Finally on going to extremes he gets wisdom and good intelligence (Subuddhi), with which he takes to that path which leads to God. A number of people have not taken to that path but have joined Sahaja Yoga and got their realization. It means they are reborn like birds. Now, outwardly there seems to be no correlation between the egg and the bird. But they have come out of the egg as birds i.e. they have taken another form. Since you have come in another form what is wrong in placing you in king’s throne. I told this to Gagangarh Maharaj and further asked, “Why are you feeling so bad about the people?”Then he asked, “ How many of them are ready to die for you?” I answered, “ I don’t want anybody to die for me. Why should anyone die?”But the form in which I have brought you is that of saints, you have become big saints. You can raise the Kundalinis with your hands, with your fingers, which in the past only Shri Ganesha could do. Only Shri Ganesha could do that.
In the past, a seeker used to raise his Kundalini to a Chakra and stop there itself. Now by moving your hands, your fingers, you can raise the Kundlaini, not just of one person but of many. Thus I have put you in Shri Ganesha’s place. So, now you have to be in Shri Ganesha’s form. And Shri Ganesha’s uniqueness is his intense and unending love and devotion to his Mother. So, the Mother has given him all the powers, all the powers. His Mother is “Sarva Shakti samanvite, the one who holds all the powers within Her”. Shri Ganesha’s Shakti holds all the powers. If you recite Shri Ganesh Atharva Sheersha, it has all the powers. Shri Brahmadeva has some powers, Shri Vishnu has some and Shri Mahesha (Shri Shiva) has some. But the essence, the principle of all these powers rest within Shri Ganesha. Its reason is; Mother is the power of God Almighty and She has bestowed the essence of that power on Her children. All those powers are in Shri Ganesha.
So Mother has made us in the form of Shri Ganesha. She has given us our rebirth as She gave birth to Shri Ganesha. Hence our Kundalini that was rising from the triangular bone should now rise from the stomach. Only then shall we be real saints. What do the words,” Should rise from the stomach” mean? When the Kundalini rises from the stomach, seeking which is a function of the Nabhi Chakra – so far we were seeking God in money or in food and then in money-there is no more seeking now that actually the Kundalini herself is seated there. Meaning, we are seated on the Kundalini. When this is our state we should know that we have passed the test, truly we have become saints and there is no need for us to go anywhere.