Talk at Music Program, Sant Tukaram Vidya Mandir

Malharpeth, Kolhapur (India)

1984-02-06 Talk at Music Program, Sant Tukaram Vidya Mandir, Malaperth India, 14'
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Talk At Music Program, Sant Tukaram Vidya Mandir

There should be no sin in my eyes, no lust in my eyes. Better if I am blind than to have lust in my eyes. The second one is it’s better not to hear ill about God. It is better that I am deaf. I should not say something that is not holy; I should not say something unholy. It is better that I become dumb. And he says, Tukaram (UNCLEAR) is the poet. He says that I am fed up with everything else. I only like my Shri Krishna, that’s the God. He likes only God. Very simple song but very good. What I was trying to say that, you see it is so engraved in our tradition. That’s very easy to understand these things that there should be no sin in my eyes, my eyes should be sinless otherwise it is better that I become blind.

This may be borne that it’s a very beautiful poem.

It is rather embarrassing when you place me too much in this one. Somebody who can translate it.

(Speaks in Marathi, Come here and translate this in English. Translate from Marathi to English.)

[Sahajayogi speaks in Marathi and another sahajayogi along with Shri Mataji translates it in English. The English translation is given below.]

Shri Mataji: He is saying that this is our Dear Mother, Nirmala Mata. Priye, means you know.

Sahajayogi translates: Our hearts are very high and our behaviour is very simple.
Shri Mataji: This is the river of generosity. This is the ocean of holiness.

Sahajayogi: We don’t want anything more. Sahajayogi: Now, this is the holy place of…

Shri Mataji: This is the holy land of saints which is marked by the holy feet of Nirmala Mataji. This is the land of the brotherliness of all the Sahaja Yogis. We don’t believe here in blind faith. Here we have equality and friendliness.

[Shri Mataji instructs the speaker to say two lines at a time in Marathi.]

You see, we are various people speaking various languages and we are various brothers. And we all have wonderful variety of dresses also.

But all of them have only Mother. And in one flower there are many petals. So, now what do we want more! We have our Mother with us.

O, Mother! I bow to you and I put my heart to you with respect.

This life, I completely surrender to you and with great pride, I sing the song that this Mother is the dearest Mother that I have.

(Sahajayogis applauded and rejoiced.)

By giving the mantra of Sahaja Yoga, the one who has awakened us.

She has given us the truth and equality and removed the blind ideas from us.

The one who is the creator of Sahaja Yoga is my Mother.

The one who has won the anger with love and has won the unrighteousness with virtue.

She is the one who is being endeared to the whole world, who is the star of my eye.

There is no metaphor for her. She is my mother. The one who has no metaphor. There is no equal metaphor for her, She is my Mother.

The one who has decorated the crown of my country, India.

The one who is the mother of crore and crore of Sahaja Yogis is my Mother.


He is saying that Naubat is the one, the big drum. He says that the big drum sings the praise of the Mother and let it reach the echo in the sky.

We don’t know what are the caste and caste and creeds. And we don’t know about the Dharma also.

The brilliance of our heart should fall on our ignorance and O! Mother. So he says glory to Mother.

He says that I am not afraid of. I am not ashamed of doing any work. And you should hear actually the call of collectivity. You make me the new image of this new world with your own hands.

He says, my devotion is to Sahaja Yoga and my power is the collectivity.

He says that those who are frightened birds should rise and should fly in the sky. Let my mother awaken everyone to touch the whole sky.

He is saying that, O! Mother of the universe, I will try to gratify everything you have done for me and all those who come, small and big will do the same.

You have started the Sahaja Yoga by which you have shown us the path of light.

This has given us the greatest joy which has never happened before and all those who are small and big should come to your aarti.

You should not have blind ideas and you should give up all your unrighteous behaviour.

You must kick all your bad habits and bad addictions. And forget all that is nasty. All the small and the big have to come and have to become Sahaja Yogis.

He says, Mother in front of you I will always remain a little child. But you must always release within my being Anand lahri, waves of joy.

I am the most fortunate one that I got this new life and this transformation. And to your worship, all small and big have to come.

Sahaja Yogis: (Applause.) Bolo Jagat Mata Shri Nirmala Devi ki Jai!