Devi Puja: What is expected of Sahaja Yogis and Where are we, Advice to Brides

Bordi (India)

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“What is expected of Sahaja Yogis and where are we?”. Bordi (India), 13 February 1984.

[A Sahaja Yogi reads the mantra “Pasayadan” written by saint Gyaneshwara and Shri Mataji translates it.
It is the last hymn (Ovi) of the “Gyaneshwari” (or Dnyaneshwari), which is an interpretation of the Bhagavad Gita written in Marathi by Saint Gyaneshwara (or Dnyaneshwara).]

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Sahaja Yogi: “Ata vishwatmake deve yene vagnyajne toshave”.
Shri Mataji: Now it says that all of you, who are one in your Spirit – this all description of Sahaja Yoga today – is the future, the present that you will get it, at this time what is going to happen. It is so beautifully shown, you’ll be surprised, that you all will become one in the universe. The Spirit of the universe will be satisfied with the ‘yagnyas’ they are going to do, with the fire ceremonies you are going to do. How it is appropriated! He said it 3 hundred years back.
Sahaja Yogi: “Toshoni maza dyave pasayadana he”.
Shri Mataji: And then you should give us the milk of your blessings by getting the complete satisfaction from us.
Sahaja Yogi: “Ze khalanchi vyankati sando”.
Shri Mataji: That time all the horrible evil people will be ruined and their plans will be spoiled.
Sahaja Yogi: “Taya satkarmi rati wadho”.
Shri Mataji : And people will take to righteousness. This is the description [??] Gupta
Sahaja Yogi: “Bhuta paraspare pado maitra jivantche”.
Shri Mataji: At that time there will be a tremendous friendship of the Spirit among people.
Sahaja Yogi: “Duritanche timira zawo”.
Shri Mataji: Those who are in ignorance will get light.
Sahaja Yogi: “Vishwa swadharma surye paho”.
Shri Mataji: The whole universe will see the light, the sun of One Universal Religion.
Sahaja Yogi: “Jo je vanchita to te laho”.
Shri Mataji: Whatever you will desire, whatever they will desire, they will get it.
Sahaja Yogi: “Pranijata”.
Shri Mataji: All the human beings.
Sahaja Yogi : “Varshata sakala mangali lshwarnishthanchi mandiyali Anavarata bhumandala bhetatu. bhuta”.
Shri Mataji: When you will meet us, there will be a shower of blessings, and of course, of Chaitanya; when you will meet us-that’s Me, ha. [Laughter]
Sahaja Yogi: “Chala Kalpatarunche arava”.
Shri Mataji: This is the description of Sahaja Yogis, you must listen to this. That they will be the forests, like forest- means, many, thousands like moving forests of huge trees of giving blessings, trees that give blessings and can give- Kalpataru is the tree that gives you whatever you want. So, they will be like the moving forests, means, all of you are like that-great. That you will be like the great trees, like these trees are-great trees-which are moving, but which are bestowing blessings upon others, giving them what they want. Kalpataru.
Sahaja Yogi: “Bolate je arnava piyushanche”.
Shri Mataji: They will be -now, ‘you’ people. They will be the ocean of talking-oceans of talking or bubbling amruta. Amruta is the nectar, the nectar of life. You will be the oceans of the bubbling nectar which are talking. Like this ocean here, see the trees and the ocean. Ocean that talks in a way that it just emits nectar, the nectar of Bliss. That’s you people.
Sahaja Yogi: “Chandrame je alanchana”.
Shri Mataji: They will be like the Moon without any spots on it- immaculate moon- which has no spots- no blemishes, without any blemishes.
Sahaja Yogi: “Martanda je tapahina”.
Shri Mataji: Like the sun which is without any heat in it; that is you.
Sahaja Yogi: “Te sarvahi sada sajjana soyare hotu”.
Shri Mataji: All such people who will be righteous-who will stand for the right, for the truth-are going to be related to each other, going to be related in the whole world.
Now, with this beginning we understand that the great saints of Maharashtra, that time, the greatest was Gyaneshwara. Because he saw the future that is going to come. And he told people about you, that the men of God will become prophets and they will have powers to make others prophets.

Now we do not realize what are we, when we become Sahaja Yogis. We become so much still worried about things, which have no value. If you see, in the ultimate, all these things have no value, these are so temporary. And if you go on wasting your energy about things that have no spiritual value, that doesn’t matter, you are going to waste your life. Because you have ‘that’ which is described. “The oceans which are talking nectar”. Oceans of talking nectar. Nectar, not the nectar that we understand; nectar of spiritual Bliss. You are that!

And when you are that, what is expected of you, about yourself? Just find out, you just find out yourself, reflect back: “What is expected of me of myself? What am I doing about it? I am worried about this nonsense, that nonsense? And I’m supposed to be the Ocean of Blissful Nectar. I’m supposed to be the forests of the Kalpatarus – the trees that give the boon to the people, huge big trees and then what am I doing?”
“My giving capacity is so low! What do I give others? I don’t even have attention that can absorb the energy of the Divine. The attention should be such that I should be able to absorb the attention of the Divine. Instead of that, my attention is on wrong things. And what am I doing?”
What do I do about myself is that, I’m not trying to manifest that special quality, the highest quality, the one that I am. I’m born after ages, I’ve been born so many times. I’ve been a saint, I’ve been going round seeking God. I’ve been going round, and again when I’m born in this life-time for a such a tremendous task, again I’m lost with the same non-sense. I’m still moving about with the same non-sense.

If you understand that, then you’ll know that what importance it has today on this day of our International Seminar. Internationally, you are all related to each other and to nobody else- internationally. You are all relations to each other. These are the relations which are relations of deep friendship. Friendship has no bias, has no lust, no greed, nothing. Its just friendship. It’s ‘pure’ relationship. And we are that.

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Shri Mataji speaks to someone: who is this sitting in front?

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Shri Mataji [towards someone]: What is the matter with you Madame? Will you please go and sit that side? This is not to be done.

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Who is sitting here?

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Hello, get up. This is not to be done when I am speaking. What are you doing?

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Who are they? This is not done. Tell them in your language when Mataji is speaking, you should sit, where is the attention. I have told hundred times, but they will come in that same time and iron my clothes, they will pick up my shawl or they will do something. So when I am speaking, I should watch them or I should speak.

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I just don’t understand. Am I talking just – I mean it has any meaning or not, in your hearts? Or I’m just talking without any meaning. Sometimes I don’t understand if I’m talking to real Sahaja Yogis or I’m talking to some walls here who are not bothered about what I’m talking. Bring down your attention to what I’m saying. It’s important; otherwise, how are you going to learn this? Where is your attention?

So, it’s all right to say it is all love, it’s all affection, it’s all goodness, it’s all very sweet thing, you see. ‘But’, you must know that you have to come up. These trees have come up after a great struggle against the whole atmosphere, against the whole surroundings. They have come up on their own, except for the Mother Earth to which they are connected.
So, you people must know that you all are here to come up, to fight yourself, to find out what’s wrong with you.
Where is your attention -first of all. The attention has to move in such a manner that outward you grow and inward you hold fast to your Mother, with complete respect. Those who can not do it are absolutely useless. If any tree doesn’t try to hold fast this Mother Earth, it will fall off. I mean, it’s just what it is doing and for from which it is rewarded. It is nothing to do with the Mother Earth. This Mother Earth has this specialty to be called ‘Bhasakali’ [unsure]. This Mother Earth has this specialty. And if this Mother Earth is not going to be linked by you, by your purposeful adherence, continuous identification, you are going to fall off like a dead tree. So, it’s very important to understand that you are great, no doubt. These trees are great. They have fought through, they have come up, but where is your attention? And what are you here for? What is needed?

Sticking to things which are ‘against’ your growth. Bothered about things which go against you, all the time. The first and foremost thing that goes against us is our own non-sensical ego. We must understand this is the one, the greatest barrier within us. And we ‘have’ to get out of it. The Kundalini has to rise like the tree has risen up. And the ego is the biggest hurdle for most of us. It appears in many ways. We fight the Mother Earth which is giving you the source. You are the very being of that Mother. She has created you. She has made you. Because of Her you have come up, you are fighting Her! Arguing Her! Going against Her. This is your ego, how will you grow?

And once you start growing, the sun can help you, the sky can help you, everything can help you; the nature can help you. But you must have the complete desire to rise above your dwarfness, above your selfishness above your conditioning and specially your ego.

All this when we say that you are this, there’s no need to be puffed up. You see, if I tell a little tree that you are going to be a big tree, doesnt mean that it has become a big tree. One has to become the big tree by pushing forward. And that quality like Gyaneshwara, like Tukarama, like Ramadasa, you all have to become that quality. They never saw me, I just nourished them, without they seeing me. But they nourished themselves, on their own virtues, on their own qualities, on their own greatness. You have to be great like that!

Instead of that, if you live with false notions about yourself, artificial things, absurd ideas, all non-sense that we have gathered through our up-bringing, through our rationality, through our reading, through other Gurus, and through our own mental projections, are going to be extremely dangerous for every individual Sahaja Yogi and as a whole, also it will affect.

So, we have to take a vow today, that we are going to behave in a manner which behove our Advent-not Mother’s – our Advent, at this time which is being described and prophesied. Prophecy was made long time back. If we understand that we have come on this earth for that purpose, we really separate ourselves from all the rest of the non-sense that goes on, and try to rise towards the sky-as these trees have done.

You should not follow any other Sahaja Yogi in all anti-growth activities. And anyone who tries to create a kind of a group, or tries to impress you by saying that he can teach you something higher, lower, all kinds of technique and this and that, you have to forget it.

First of all, you must know that Sahaja Yoga is a growth within, and that growth expresses itself outside. So, that within growth is to be done by you fully- with full understanding. Then I don’t have to tell you about anyone. You won’t be vulnerable to nonsensical talk and jabbering. You have some people who are intellectuals. Intellectuals have a bad habit of intellectualising everything. Intelligence is nothing for God, because God has created it. So, you have to see through that. There are some people who are very emotional, and try to express themselves emotionally. You have to get out of these ideas and you have to understand that emotions can play a very dangerous role in life.

Now, we have decided to have so many marriages in Bordi, which is a very nice thing and auspicious thing. I am very happy that we are going to have so many marriages. It is auspicious. Because marriages are supported, blessed by God. Yours is special, because I’m sitting here before you for these marriages. But don’t make a fuss out of a marriage. Don’t create a problem by being superficial about marriage.

These are the marriages of Brahma Ekatva [oneness], where one feels the Oneness of the Spirit, of the All-pervading Power. Try to know that these marriages are done amongst saints and not among ordinary people. Try to respect the inner quality of a person. If somebody is a Sahaja Yogi of a high quality that must be respected and that must be loved. And not the outer qualities. The outward qualities are non-sensical. You must respect each other when you marry, because you are all saints. You are saints of very high quality, I’ve told you. And the potential is so great, which is already described to you, that only your assumption can fetch you that greatness.

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She says I want to tell you something in Hindi, that in Sahaja Yoga you don’t know that for us it has been told thousands of years before such great people will come in the world and like huge hills and like huge forests comprising with lots of trees will roam in the world talking and moving forests of huge trees will show the world and fulfill their desire like the kalpataru trees and bless them and each and every person will be like rising oceans which speaks of nectar, such oceans and shining sun which does not have any blemishes like the moon. This is how we are described thousands of years ago. This is how we are described by Gyaneshwara 300 years ago. How important you people are for the whole world. 

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The whole world is hoping this thing to happen-that they should get such people on this earth; those, which are described.

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whatever is described is happening and is done but the progress is slow. The progress is slow because of you people. Our attention goes to such places where we fall down. Our attention (not clear) the heights they have achieved are by fighting with this environment and all odds. They have kept their heads high, and those people who have lowered their heads for materialist things how will they rise up or people who have taken away their attention from mother earth, they will die for sure. So it is the responsibility of every Sahaja Yogi to understand that the whole world is looking at them with hope, so they should respect the position there are in.  

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The whole world is watching your progress, the whole world is expecting this to happen. The whole world has already pronounced it. And where are we? Where are we? Our progress is so slow. We’re worried about stupid things, material things, worldly things, superficial things, artificial things.

So, one has to understand that you are here today for this International Seminar to promise me

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You people have come here to promise me in this International Seminar that Mother, we will work as hard as You are working.

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everybody seems to be younger than me in this group- but you have to promise that, “Mother, we will work with the same zeal ,with the same attention as You are doing, and try to settle ourselves”. Quieten yourself, be silent. We talk too much. Talk too much, do nothing. Try to reserve your energy in that silent dignity.

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Be Calm and with dignity raise yourself. You should be aware of who you are.

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You must have full idea as to what you are. You must understand what you have been up to, what have you done about it? Talking, talking, talking! That’s not the way it is going to work out.

The atmosphere is nice, everything is fine. The future seems very jubilant, everything is fine. But the highest above everything is the hope of your Mother, that you are going to emancipate the whole world. Give attention to that. Think about it; that you are going to do it. You have to be the walking, talking, moving forests of that Divine love, that Ritambhara Pragnya.

I hope you understand today is a very important day. I feel that if this Bordi session works out well I, may be we might achieve a lot next year.

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I am requesting everybody with folded hands, please recognise your importance and don’t spend your time fighting petty things, quarrels, instead concentrate on meditation.

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Now, we look forward to a puja today; and try to absorb. My chakras work very hard and actually I find it sometimes impossible to accept a puja.

Today is a puja of a great day and a great time today. At this time a big reservoir has to be opened up. But it has to be channelized through people. And how can I channelize it through people who are filled with vanity, with stupidity or with small mindedness? You have to be large, huge, big-hearted, great people. You are all born-again, who were great, today again. But somehow you are still mixed up with your surroundings. So, try to understand your own importance and the importance of the time, is to worship yourself. To worship, but to be worshippable.

You all think that only by dressing up properly, or by putting up any show like that, we become worshippable. We do not I we should be worshippable to ourself. To see, that whether we are doing, it has that grace and beauty, the love and the greatness of the saints, who are very great saints, not ordinary but tremendous saints. It is being described – actually, Gyaneshwara in this poem has really worshipped you. I wish we had people like Gyaneshwara, but they are all inside my body. You are all outside. And whatever he said has to be fulfilled. Not only that, but whatever he said is the truth.

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I request all of you, pay attention to yourself. You are sitting on a throne, achieve that throne, be like it, compared to the whole world you have lot of things.

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People who get stuck in small small things cannot do Sahaja Yoga. I have seen small children who have achieved Sahaja Yoga but older people are still trying and are still stuck at the same place. They have not changed their behaviour, their habits have not changed. They have only the knowledge of Sahaja Yoga, only the knowledge, only having knowledge of Sahaja Yoga has no meaning. Suppose there a tree made of plastic, this man is same like plastic tree, though he has the knowledge of Sahaja Yoga he cannot be like kalpataru tree. If you expecting fruits from a plastic tree then tell me what will happen. You are fooling yourself. Don’t ruin yourself. Do a favor, be what you are, achieve the greatness which you have, in that greatness and in that pride you can magnify the whole world, realise this and do this puja seriously. This puja has no meaning when it is done by people who don’t have the right to do the puja. The right to do the puja is achieved by the depth which one has in itself. We need that depth in oneself. Unless and until we have that depth, there will be no meaning for this puja.

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For all these pujas, you must having that depth, that greatness of those great saints who came on this earth, worked for you, created this atmosphere. Think of them, what they have done. They have fought all the time. They were tortured. They had none of these facilities that you have. They had nothing of this enjoyment; nothing of the kind. While you have got it all, everything on a plate. So, be deserving people, authorised people, and work it out in that way. Otherwise, this world we cannot change.

This puja has a very special significance according to me and has to be done by people who know that they are these great personalities. It has nothing to do with your so-called artificial positions in life; or anything that is outside. It’s the inside.

In this seminar, one must not, too much talk about outside things. But just talk about God, your Mother or about Sahaja Yoga. Best thing is to talk about your Mother, so it neutralises both the ends, and it works out It works out better. It is the simple thing one has to understand, that, God has been so kind to you, so kind. You don’t have to fight for your saintliness, nothing. You are all brothers and sisters. You are all here, so much close to each other, you are not alone, You are so great that you can know what you are. Who told them? Who looked after them? Who helped them? Today, you are just like ‘VIPs’!

So, please try it understand that you have to have a very humble attitude towards .All the saints, and towards Sahaja Yoga. Try to absorb as much as possible. Be kind to yourself.

[Marathi to English translation]

Pay attention to self, introspect yourself, specially this responsibility is on the people of Maharashtra because Maharashtra is a land of saints, everybody has worshipped and accepted it as a land of yoga, so all the half-witted people do not join Sahaja Yoga. If there are such people please remove them. People who don’t have faith in Sahaja Yoga please do not join Sahaja Yoga and those who believe in Sahaja Yoga, in their behavior towards others, in their speech, in their behavior, that magnanimity, and royalty should be seen. If not, your behavior will have a very bad effect on all of them. 

Therefore, I would like to make a special request to the people who have gathered here today, especially the Maharashtrian congregation, that our behavior, our nature, our speech should be of decency and dignity. Only if you do this, you will serve these great saints of ours. God’s blessings on all

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May God bless you all…….

……So, keep that dignity, keep that feeling, that you have come here in a very big position. And so keep that understanding within yourself.

Now, people who come from Christian ideas you see, identify it with Christ. Christ is Me, now, sitting before you. It is all said about Me. Try to identify it with Me. I can feel the attention. It’s all said about me.

I have to say one thing, that when we are identified, say, Hindus are identified with some books. In the same way Christians are identified with some books. But because Christianity has been, like Islam and all that, an organised religion, the identification is much more in the brain. It’s very difficult to get out of it.

And you do not know that the Bible itself has so much discrepancies. Every chapter, if you read thrice, you’ll think there are three Christs born on this earth; because it doesnt tally with one Christ to another. If you carefully read about Christ, you’ll be surprised that the way they have described Christ in one, must have been born before John the Baptist, another one was born after John the Baptist! Like that it goes on.

So, there is a kind of an attack, even on the scriptures. We must understand, as Sahaja Yogis, because we are standing with the light in our hand, we should try to understand that all these books have had an attack of all the negativity. Like in our Indian temples, you’ll always find negative people going there and doing all the Tantric-vidya and all these base things. Even in the Churches you know we have got people now who call themselves “Charismatic”.

So, this is going on, and they are going to their own doom by taking to this kind of a wrong attitude. So, it is to be understood that you should not be so much conditioned by those things. Keep yourself above it to see what is the truth of every religion. That they all belong to the same principle and we should not adhere to something because we were born in that, or we are conditioned into it. That’s not a sign of a Yogi. A Yogi has no religion outside. He has no nationality. He is lifted of all these things. So, try to understand that you are a yogi and you need not adhere to these psychological conditionings that have being created in your mind.

If you understand that, then you’ll rise much higher. Because of the organised religions, it is even more difficult to get out of it. And that’s what we don’t understand. We want to bring everything to that, which is gone [God?] and which is being perverted, which is being spoilt and which is being misrepresented. So, try to have your own understanding of the whole thing of the past.

[Advising the brides-to-be, Shri Mataji said:]

You’re entering into a married life and you have been virgins so far and now you have to enter into the another life, of marriage. And its a great responsibility on all of you to see that you make your marriages successful. And you have to see that you behave in such a manner that you create a proper Motherhood within yourself, and a discipline that you want your children to imbibe and your husband to have.

You’ve seen your Mother, own Mother has been sitting for nine or ten hours sometimes at one place. Not even getting out of this place. But I’ve seen people, that they can’t sit for two hours at a place, even if they are meditating. And they get up, disturb everybody else and come down-this is a sign that we lack in our discipline, that our parents did not discipline us, that we did not discipline ourselves.

So, now the first thing is that you have to have perfect discipline of your temperament and is a sign that you are the people who represent this Mother Earth who has a special wisdom and a special power to express that wisdom. So, all of you have to be extremely careful that whatever you do will be reflected in the whole family and in the whole Sahaja Yoga system. Now, when you get married to your husbands, try to understand that you are the Mother Earth, and you have to give. And because you have powers, you can give. Because you have so many Shaktis within you, you have to give. That means you are superior in a way, that you can give. So, that your ego should not stand up all the time and say, “Why should I do it? Why should I?” And then you start enjoying this womanhood.

So, try to be good mothers, good wives, and responsible Sahaja Yoginis. Those, who, after marriage, try to deviate their husbands from Sahaja Yoga are really the most cursed ones. You should have sweet tongue for others, you should be careful what you talk, you’ve to be responsible. You are special people that you are married in Sahaja Yoga.

I hope you’ll keep this in mind.