Talk to Austrian Sahaja Yogis

Bordi (India)


Talk to Austrian Sahaja Yogis, Bordi (India), 13 [or 14?] February 1984.

Now Austria is very strategically placed in Sahaja Yoga, it’s a bridge. It’s a bridge between the left and the right. Austria is a bridge between the left and the right or we can say that now all the Western Europe is becoming “leftish” because of the influence of alcohol and frustration from aggression and they’ve done their level best, now they are fed up with themselves. It’s a sort of, they have given up.
And on other side is the German side, you can say the Russian side, those who are still trying to progress and develop and conquer and fight. So Europe is divided unfortunately into two types of people now. The left-sided people are committing suicide and the right-sided people are still busy with aggressiveness and aggressive ideas. So between these two, the bridging thing is Austria, is a very important place.

(To Gregoire: Now translate.)
Sahaja Yogi: [Grégoire speaks in German] Who does not understand English?
Shri Mataji: No, no, no. Better tell them [inaudible: as that-?].
Gregoire: They understand Shri Mataji
Shri Mataji: They understand.
So this is a very strategic place where the left and right are bridged you see, and the swing always moves from left to the right and right to the left. So there is a possibility that some of the Germans may try to take to the left-sided base. But when the right-sided person goes to the left-sided state, first thing happens to such a person is that he tries to jump on to the depraved side of the left side to begin with, you see, like sex, depravity, you see, a kind of a depraved attitude and that’s why you find that most of the communistic countries are extremely licentious, very licentious. They have no sense of morality left because they have discarded God. They say, “Now, there’s no God” and that’s how they can do what they like, you see. So they have gone to the other extreme and now they are starting again parapsychology. I mean you can say from Mooladhara, they are spoiling Mooladhara and left Swadishthana to begin with. So this is the situation that has started now.

Under these circumstances you play a very important role as Austrians. And Austrians have been very important before also, as you know that it was a very great country and Austria was regarded as one of the model countries, very balanced country. You had Maria Theresa, as a very great queen, I think, and all this happened there, and there was a Rajalakshmi there. But to get the Mahalakshmi ‘s Spirit, to bring it to the Mahalakshmi, where the seeking should start, one has to see these two channels within us because you are on the bridge. On one side, you could be very left sided and on the other side, you might be having Mooladhara problems, you might be having left-Swadishthana problems as well.
So this is a very funny situation and very precarious thing. And the existence of a bridge is always when you have both the banks firmly attached, otherwise the bridge doesn’t exist.
So the both the sides, means the left-side of Mooladhara, and I mean, I would say Germans – now they are ruined in this thing – but still in morality, Mooladhara, they’re better people, they’re better and not like them, I mean they are not that convicious. Russians are better people in Mooladhara but now – they were, I should say, they were better – but after the war they have also gone down. After that aggression they have also gone down. 4:002
But when, you see… You must know Hitler was a very, very – he was like a Brahmachari [celibate]. He led a very moral life, himself. See. And that’s how all this aggressiveness has now dropped down into the ditch and that’s how they have gone into it. That’s why all Czechoslovakian, Yugoslavian, Polish, we can say Germans, Russians… Who for instances?
Sahaja Yogi: Hungarian, Bulgarian,
Shri Mataji: Hungary, Bulgaria,
Sahaja Yogi: Czechoslovakia
Shri Mataji: Czechoslovakia I said.
Sahaja Yogini: Rumania
Shri Mataji: Rumania, Rumania. All of them are that type.
So how much they are affected, that aggressiveness has now collapsed into sex. Gone into that aggression and it’s a very serious thing. So you play a very, very vital role because you have to keep this balance and this bridge clean.

So now as you have travelled to India, I’m sure, you must have learnt about how the Indians live. So I would like to have your experiences said about it. What do you think?

What did you learn?
Sahaja Yogini: I’ve learnt a lot about myself. And, I don’t know…
Shri Mataji: Hum? What did you learn?
Sahaja Yogini: (Doesn’t answer.)
Shri Mataji: Alright, think it over. Who else was there in India? What did you learn?
Sahaja Yogini: The Indians are very uncomplicated in contact with other persons, but it’s…
Shri Mataji: Come forward. I can’t hear because, you see, I had a bath, and my whole body is vibrating too much, it’s very absolutely [Inaudible: gone into that, I mean-?]
Sahaja Yogini: One feels like a member of the family. If one is Indian, one is never seen abnormal.
Shri Mataji: True, true, it’s true.
Sahaja Yogini: Everything is normal, one is welcome, but it is normal.
Shri Mataji: So you know what normal is now.
Because many people told me: “I don’t know what is normal.” You see, normal relationships are there, normal, it comes out of purity, everything normal is pure, you see. That’s the point is. Relationships are pure, you are guests here, whatever it is, you are guests.
You are children of our Mother, have come here as guests, that’s it. That’s it. Now the pure relationship between them and you is this : that you give your love to them as much as possible, look after them, don’t complain, don’t do this, don’t do that.
Sahaja Yogini: Nobody was to play a show.
Sahaja Yogini: One isn’t concerned for what the other should think about one. It is like in family, one knows and there’s no point.
Shri Mataji: Yes, you see, they, they don’t have so much brains, you see, to bother about as to what others are thinking, what others are doing, you see. That’s not there. It’s collective, it’s a collective feeling you are all working it out in this. And what others are thinking makes no difference here. You see, what others are getting to think, it’s not much because it’s political idea as to what they think because they have to take votes, you see.
Yet there is no voting, nothing, it is your own heart which has to do the job. So good and happy you saw that. Because many people ask me what is normal, you see.
Because relative, if you live in a relative world, you must see what is normal. So now what about who else was here, you were here? Now you are coming now.

Sahaja Yogini: (Speaks in German.)
Gregoire: She has learnt that collectivity can be something wonderful, that man can live together without fighting and in good spirit.

Shri Mataji: And the peace you see is responsible, if you are not peaceful you cannot be collective. You have to be peaceful within yourself, you see. A person who is peaceful within himself doesn’t find anything wrong anywhere, except for himself, you see. I mean, he sees things so clearly.
Like you see, you are going on a sea-watch. All right. 8:40
Now a person who doesn’t have a proper ship will say: “Oh, the sea is bad”, something. But the person whose ship is seaworthy, first thing he’ll say: “Let me see the challenge, let me work it out”.

(To Gregoire: You tell her.)
Gregoire: So verstanden? [You understood?]
Sahaja Yogini: Nein. [No]
Gregoire: Ok. The essence Shri Mataji has gesagt… Mother I will really in short say what You said in the beginning. (Gregoire translates.)
Shri Mataji: If you are peaceful within.
(Gregoire speaks about peace in German.)

Shri Mataji: It’s the peace, you see, within yourself, Gregoire and – not the peace but that weight of the peace within you. The weight you see, of the peace makes you so balanced, sort of, no frivolity, nothing. It is, it’s the peace within yourself that… [acts] And how does this peace come? Because you are efficient, all your chakras are efficient. You are working all right. So you are not bothered.

(To Gregoire: You translate to her.)
(Gregoire translates in German.)

Shri Mataji: Yes, so that’s a good idea and I’m sorry you felt sick before, but now it’s all right now. You’re gone through it and you have to pass through it. Some of you might feel sick because if you have liver problems and all that. But be careful, they’ll – already, I’ve told them that they should be given a fiole of sugar for liver patients, this, that and it should be good.

Shri Mataji: What about your marriage?
Sahaja Yogini: Thank you very much. I’m very happy.
Shri Mataji: Now you have been? He’s come just now.
Sahaja Yogi: Marcus.
Shri Mataji: Marcus has been leader.
Sahaja Yogi: Yes, yes.
Shri Mataji: What about you Marcus?
Marcus: I have learnt a lot in many respects. First, Mother, thanks to Your Grace I’ve recognized you. I didn’t recognize You before. This is the greatest gain for me. But also I have learned that the outside world is not important at all. After the first day, I didn’t feel the impact of any inconveniences. Now I had experienced, the whole journey as a learning process. And when something was not on schedule, I was knowing, You know, that it’s the best for us to wait and I really enjoyed it very much and I hope that I can fight the negativity in my country which definitely will expect us. And I shoebeat them today but I’m sure now it’s just started, the real journey to You.
Shri Mataji: Is true, because I tell you, to people like Freud, they prosper there.
So the kind of people you have it’s quite funny. You allow Mr. Freud, a person like Freud to be prospering in that country shows that the intellectuals are really stupid people there, no doubt. But the people in India are wise, they are not intellectuals, they are wise. And they have sensitivity, you see. Nobody takes any time to recognize Me. Just I go to a village for the first time, they all just merge into it, no problem, because they’re wise people and they are simple-hearted. For the simple people, because their chitta is uncomplicated, it is very easy to understand somebody who is like them.
That’s my big problem. I don’t know. Because the ego is so much in the West, that how will they recognize me? You see, they only recognize themselves.
They have no sense at all to recognize anything higher than them. They will never accept anybody higher except for a person like Hitler who comes with a funny idea, you see, of pampering their ego. They are not going to recognize Me. It’s a very big problem. I don’t know what to do, how to make them recognize Me, it’s very difficult. What do they doubt in Me? I just don’t understand.

Now, some of them want Me to look like Marilyn Monroe. How can I look like Marilyn Monroe? Was she a Goddess?
And now, after seeing all these temples, you must have noticed why your Mother looks like this? She has to be like that, because that is a form which She has to take, that is the face She has to take, that’s how the whole coefficient has worked out.
I just cannot make myself the way Western people want me to be, like a six footer standing, you see, with the high heels walking like mosquitoes, I can’t do it.

So what will make them recognize Me?
Sahaja Yogi: It’s a prospection, they have to come to India!
(Shri Mataji laughs.)
Shri Mataji: But the problem is you see, as you see- saw, even to arrange for hundred people it’s a difficult thing.
But now I’ve done these 3 or 2 things, and I was about to stop all that, but now I should say, I may have to continue for some time. But those who have been to India, now have to really contribute, write to people, go to your newspaper people, tell them this and that, and you saw it with your own eyes. Just there, just get after their lives. You say, “If you don’t write, we are going to fast.” Put it all rights. Say what you have seen, what has happened to you.
You should say that: “She has come! Believe us, it’s the Holy Ghost. Believe us it is so”. Just write it down, “Don’t ridicule us, you’re stupid people, you’ll go to hell.” Tell them that. Let them know that. Otherwise I can’t have this going on forever. You see, it’s very inconvenient, it’s unproductive in the sense that we can only help hundred people or two hundred people like this. But we can’t get the whole of Austria, the whole of the world here going round in Maharashtra.
Later on you all can start it, once I start building up places for you and you can all go and see places, settle down yourself, manage it. That’s a different point. But just now, as things are, you can only live in Bombay, which is a horrid thing.
So the whole thing will be much more productive that a person like you, who gets an experience like that should go back and jump on their heads and tell them: “What are you up to? These Indians are going to go ahead of us, but you are all going to hell!
And the greatest thing is the third world war, is inevitable. ”

But don’t get into personal things, you see, this personal nonsense is the worst of it. Think that you have to produce something, be productive or not. Alright? Because everyone of you is a big saint, is a great saint. Yesterday I told you the description of your venture. Assume your powers. You have to become that. Assumption! Ego is there, but not assumption of that power of that dignity, of that weight. You are the Gurus, you see, and these hopeless people who have nothing in them, nothing. They know of Kundalini? Nothing of the kind. They write books, they have become gurus, they have become. What about you? Each one of you?

If you want, you can dress up like a guru. Whatever way you want to be, but just impress on their heads and go on their heads and tell them, “This is what is.” So many! You can say that, “She had a program in a college and She cured people.” It’s a sort of deserve, “There, this is happening, that’s happening.” What are you doing? Alright, what about you?
Sahaja Yogi: I’m second tour, Mother.
Shri Mataji: Second tour, alright.
You were there.
Sahaja Yogi: I was staying on my own.
Shri Mataji: So tell us.
Sahaja Yogi: I loved the tour and I wanted to say what is said now. But the thing to say is, I found out that the difference between Indian people and Western people is the difference between mind and heart. So I searched for possibilities to have contact with our Sahaja Yogi brothers from India. And it always was a little bit of opening of my heart. I think it was You behind all this who opened my heart, to try to open my heart.
Shri Mataji: Yes, they put Me in their heart, you see, that’s the thing is. They have a large heart, they put Me there, very easily. And the western mind it goes to the mind first, it goes to the mind and then they bring it to the heart, you see.
But if supposing I’m that, I’m the One who has to do the job. You see, you can’t just do it with your intelligence, you can’t use Me with your intelligence, you have to have the heart to flow Me down. You see, it’s a tremendous task I’ve come for and you have to have large hearts for that, to take me in, and this is what they understand, you see, because they realize it’s prophesized, it’s told, they know what is Goddess. She raises the Kundalini, finished. She is the One who has come.

But you don’t have the tradition, you see, I don’t blame you also, because traditionally you don’t know Me. They know Me traditionally. They’ve all the traditions with them. They’ve brought up that day for thousands of years. That’s why I’ve called you, to come here, to see for yourself these people, how they understand: no question, nothing, no quarrelling, no complains.
But they have a problem because outside they are most underdeveloped, you see. If you see their buses, they run, they need a governor, if you see their telephones, doesn’t work out, television doesn’t work out, anything, not much is working out, it’s horrible. And if you ask them, “How much time will it take to go somewhere”, they’ll tell you, “Five minutes.” It will be five hours. [Laughter]
It’s a big joke, you see.
So it is like that because, you see, they accept it. They think to go beyond time, is the tapa, is the tapa, the penance. To learn to go beyond time, to be worried about time, what time we are going to have food, what time we are going to do… You have seen your Mother, how She works. You see, hours together, I’ve worked like this, I’ve no problem of time. So time is in our hand, you see.
And another problem, the western mind is too much bound by time, they can’t get over that. You see, time is the jail, in prison. They are sitting in a, say, bus. Now the bus takes too much time, go into meditation!
Now, they’ll be worried, “Now it’s taking too much of…” But for what? It’s the time now. They are worried.
I know what you were thinking sometimes, so I’m telling what you were thinking. You see, I was with you, so I was travelling and I knew what was happening.
So they would think that, “Oh God, now this is going to…” But what is the time for?
What are you going to do by saving time? Jumping in the river, it’s not the only thing that you have to do, you have to meditate. So it’s a nice time you have got, just meditate.
And this is the attitude one should have, is that you have not come here to sort of enjoy one of the tours that we have, holiday tours, but you have come here, to overcome the bondage of time, the bondage of conditioning, of comfort and the bondage of all kinds of conditioning we have had with our ego.
So we have come here to overcome that. Get rid of all that nonsense that is attacking us and become simple, uncomplicated. If you understand – after all human beings are just the same!
As you are human beings, these Indians are also human beings, only that you have some more comfort, you have more money, that’s all. What else? What is so superior about you? Nothing. Why should you have more comfort? And these people, living without that, are much more happy. You see, Indians are much more happy people.

Now who else was with us? Tell me what you have to say.
Sahaja Yogi: I would like to be more like Indians so that we can love you more Mother!
Shri Mataji: That’s it.

They love each other because they love Me. If you don’t know your Mother, if you love your Mother, you love all kind, everyone. That’s the trouble is, you must know more about Me, talk about Me. But we discuss anything,
(Apart: It’s quite closed, you stop it it’s quite a lot.)
“ This should have happened, that should have happened”. You see, I’ve seen the English mind is the same reflecting all the European’s mind is.
All the time try to correct others, you see the situation, “This could have been better, that could have been better. Why did they put this one here? This should have put it there”. Now it’s finished! Done! Now why do you bother about? “On the road, they could have put it on the left-hand side, they could have put it on the right-hand side. They become the, you see, the sweepers of the street: “They didn’t clean”. Ah, but it is sweeper job, not your job.
They’ll go on thinking about everything else but themselves what they have to do.
What others have to do, that’s not your doing. You don’t have to think about others, what they have to do. What you have to do, is to be seen. You have to do a simple thing, is to love your Mother and talk about Her, finished. Don’t listen to any other talks. The loose talk is the worst thing and it’s very common.

And you may think that Indians don’t understand [English]. They understand and they know. Even the drivers know what you talk, how you behave, what is your attitude. You get surprised that you talk of something else you see, and not of your Mother’s Grace. It’s the time to praise your Mother, it gives you vibrations. Talk about, about Her greatness, about how She loves you, what She’s done for you, how you are changed, that is better than talk about others. So this loose talk must be given up.

And they love Me because they are simple people, they can see Me. But how to make these Johnies see Me through. With their big ego on the eyes and on their heads, they are so blind. So it is your job now. I said that you have to talk about Me, to dedicate yourself. Because after all you are born in that country or you belong to that country, you are duty-bound to give them something. This the only thing, this is, they call it, that Sahaja Yoga is the Yuga-dharma of this Yuga. It’s Sahaja Yoga is the dharma. And that must be spread, that’s what you talked about. And in your heart, you must keep Me.
That’s a good idea to get rid of all problems to Me. Look at your Mother, She’s so simple. You’ll become simple now!
Shri Mataji: Now who else? What do you have to say? You’re going back?
Sahaja Yogi: Yes.
Shri Mataji: Alright. Now?
Sahaja Yogi: First of all, I have noticed how ego expresses in bad manners, including myself. This can be small things and this can be very subtle things.
Shri Mataji: Hum.
Sahaja Yogi: And a point I would mention was in conversation. It is really a bad habit to have loose conversation because it’s a waste of time and a waste of energy.
Shri Mataji: Of course. And shows immaturity. That means you are frivolous, you’re a shallow. You are not a dignified personality if you talk frivolously.
Sahaja Yogi: It can also be a showing-off.
Shri Mataji: Very right.
Sahaja Yogi: You want to attract people towards you, but there is nothing within you which has to attract the people.
Shri Mataji: That’s why this is glamour. You see this attraction. If a person is innately attractive, he is not bothered about the glamour part, you see.
So this showing off and this and that is not dignified, nothing. One has to be very, very gentle and the gestures also I’ve seen, of the people who are ego oriented is very, very frivolous like this, that’s not the way. The dignity, the weight, the weight in your behavior, in everything, should be delicate, for ladies and also for men, not harsh, but there should be weight in everything that they do. There should be the weight of your dignity in everything what you do. That’s what it lacks in people and they talk frivolously.

I’ve heard, the drivers also said, “They are saints, but they don’t talk like saints.” But there’s a certain concept of saints. Now another thing is that you are not Avataras, you are not Avataras. Because Avataras never make mistakes, that’s one of the [sign]. You are not even Ansha Avataras. If you were Ansha Avataras, you get out to make mistakes the way you have made like as you did up to now.
So once you understand that you are human beings and if you have to perfect yourself, if you have to improve yourself, you have to become much higher than what you are. You must give up all these things you have collected through this human ego. Only human beings have ego. Animals don’t have, at the same storage [unsure], only the human beings have. And this is an intermediary stage, where you should see. In behavior also, “This is nonsense, this is not good.” It’s not the way to talk to human beings. You see, this is like doglike things and the dogs bark at each other. We must talk in a gentle way, in a sweet way and not discarding anybody, not charging anybody. But even, supposing, I know that sometimes people get angry when they start taking a baptism, but you be gentle. I know how to handle the situation. I can shout, it’s all right, but why do you want to shout or scream? Nothing, keep quiet and do it in a well-meaning way because you are the oceans, talking oceans, speaking oceans of Amruta, described already.
You are the oceans of Amruta. Amrut, you know, is the nectar of God. You are the oceans of that, can you realize your situation? Just assume that position! You are described by a ‘ansha-avatar’ [partial embodiment] like Gyaneshwara. He has described you like this.

So do not have formed ideas that are in any way contrary to the ideas of the saints. You are, that means, if you are that, that means you have to be humble. But once I say that, then you become arrogant. This is typical human nature.
If you tell them, “You are saints”, then, “You’re saints”, then you become like a devil, behave like a devil: “So I’m a saint, I can do what I like”. This is typically human nature. On the contrary the divine nature is such, supposing you say, “Mother, you are the Primordial Mother” which I am, it doesn’t give Me any pride or anything, nothing of the kind. I mean I don’t know how to feel pride about it, because I am. So it’s alright. What happens when you say that, you get vibrations. It flows, that’s all. So there is no pampering in any way. But human beings if you… The word “pampering” does not exist in the Divine laws, nothing. They just don’t know what this pampering is. It’s only possible for a pumpkin to do that, an egoistical fellow, but not to a Divine personality because he cannot never pampering. So this is what one should be careful about, not to pamper, get pampered, you see. What I have said is what you are actually. But when you are that, you’re extremely humble. And it’s so [inaudible: any heighted?-?].
Good. They become all relations, all intimate, pure relationships. You do not side with anyone, nothing, and meet everyone. It’s a pure relationship, no siding with anyone. Pure relationships are to be developed. Alright? Good.
Now it’s done. For all of you, are you all going for the first trip? Now as I’ve told you, it’s a… Hamid, you must tell me. Because Hamid has been very much appreciated by Dr. Sangue [?]. He told me. Did he talk to you about it?
Hamid: Yes.
Shri Mataji: I told him that he should go and talk to you and make a proper, four persons: you and him and we have got Nick, and another.
Sahaja Yogi: Allan.
Shri Mataji: Allan. These four persons should meet together. I’ve been doing agriculture. I’ve told him the four prone attack that we are going to use to finish off this problem of, you see, a kind of a integration should take place.

First of all I told him [Mr. Sangue]: “You must discuss with him all the modern ideas”. As you have craft and you know that, that kind of an idea, and he has some idea, he’s got style of India, what is best wheat he produces you see? And all these ideas that all Sahaja Yogis have or anybody else should be brought in. These ideas are to be first of all made Indianized, because we are going to do it on an Indian soil.

For example in Austria, you have to use machines to keep everything heated up. Here the Sun itself is supplying you a lot of heat. You don’t have to do anything, you can use the Sun for heating you up and all that, you don’t have to bother. So that it is.

And secondly, that when you bring it to the Indian soil, they’ll do have the ideas how to heat it themselves.
And thirdly what you have to do, is to make it a Sahaja Yoga event. It’s a Sahaja Yoga, how the Sahaja Yoga is worked through that, and how we are going to increase the input and all that.
For example, I’ve seen that hybrid cows. They are very bad and Indians didn’t want to have their milk, because the children became very nasty, restless, this, that. So they won’t have a hybrid cow. So I said: “All right, you give them vibrated water” and it all changed!
So we can have hybrid food produced, according to the Western ideas, and give them vibrations. Like you people are hybrid people, that’s why you have created so many things.
But now with hybrid, with vibrations, you’ve become perfectly all right, you’ve become greater saints than Indians are.
So that’s how we are going to work it out. That first of all, we use all the Western ideas and then treat it with somebody’s done with Sahaja Yoga. So this is the third thing.
The fourth most important thing for today is that you have to make statistics, you have to make data, how with Sahaja Yoga we have been progressing. Like we use to divide those plants in separate things. And see how these have given different features.

For example, supposing you have a hybrid, say a “papaya”. Alright? So it will be quite big inside but insipid in taste, you see. But supposing you add vibrations to it, it will become a very beautiful golden colour to begin with this and it will not get bad very easily and thirdly it will have a delicious taste and fourthly it will be satisfying and fifthly it will be active inside. So it has so many qualities that it will cure you. Alright?

So this is what it is to be understood, that the whole thing is for prone attack: one is your ideas, brought India, third is put the whole Sahaja Yoga on it and the datas and everything collected so that we make it acceptable to collective. This is my idea is and if you can help Me with that, I’ll be very thankful. Now I’ve told you to make a project so, I can break the heads of the scientific people also. They are very much guided by you, absolutely they are slaves to the Western scientists.
Sahaja Yogi: Mother, I have previewed something I want to show you.
Shri Mataji: Alright. I’ll have a look at it and we’ll talk about it because… When are you going?
Sahaja Yogi: He’s just arrived Shri Mataji.
Shri Mataji: No, but-
Sahaja Yogi: We’re leaving on Thursday morning.
Shri Mataji: Thursday morning.
Sahaja Yogi: To go to Vaithana.
Shri Mataji: But on our way we’ll talk then.
Sahaja Yogi: On the journey.
Shri Mataji: Vaithana, we’ll talk. I’m not going to Vaithana. On the 18 in the morning I’ll be arriving to Vaithana, because we’ll have the procession.
Vaithana we are having procession? Gunter?
Sahaja Yogi: Yes. They said we’re going to have.
Shri Mataji: Alright. Then we’ll discuss about it, talk about it. By the time we’ll be going back, then I’ll be at it. So Thursday they are going.
Sahaja Yogi: Thursday morning we go, yes.
Shri Mataji: That’s 16.
Sahaja Yogi: Yes.
Shri Mataji: Now Gregoire, what do you have to say? You’re not Austrian but you can say.
Gregoire: Nothing Shri Mataji.
Shri Mataji: No, but you tell them.
Sahaja Yogi: Mother?
Shri Mataji: Yes.
Sahaja yogi: I have a private problem. I feel sometimes, I have become afraid.
Shri Mataji: You have become?
Sahaja Yogis: Afraid.
Shri Mataji: Of what?
Sahaja Yogi: I don’t know.
Shri Mataji: Then, this will all go. All this will go away. You just don’t worry, this will all go. Without worrying, it’s nothing. Alright? If you are afraid just put your left hand [towards me] and right hand on the Mother Earth. That’s it. It will go. Alright?
Left hand toward me, right hand…

Sahaja Yogi: Gregoire, did you tell about we should take the Austrians [inaudible] ?
Shri Mataji: Gregoire, now, what do you have to say?
Gregoire: About what Shri Mataji?
Shri Mataji: About the group that is going now, have you got anything to tell them? Did you find anything wrong with the group that is here?
Or you have to tell them something.
This in thoughtless awareness.

Gregoire: I spoke, Shri Mataji …[inaudible]

Shri Mataji: No, it is for your education you have come in, for assimilation of vibrations you have come in. You’ve not come to give it, you’ve come here to take something. It’s like a college you are into, new studies you are into where you have to put in deliberate effort, and a will power, alright?
So this is one thing, is very important.
Gregoire: I saw the persons of the first group. There were some problems. I hope that the persons concerned by those problems, have taken, each of them has taken a lesson for themselves. Because I’ve seen that the tendency is always, when You are trying to teach us, through any happenings, the tendency is always to think that the lesson is for the other one and “after all I was right.” So I think every single will explain people know what that they have worked on themselves. My prayer before You is that everybody takes the lesson for oneself and doesn’t think, “After all I was right and the other one was wrong.”
If this is done I think that even if some have not swung in the bliss all the time because some people had to discover new areas of negativities within themselves which was really not the way before, it is very positive because they can work on themselves and become better. This is all I want to say.

Shri Mataji: Now what you said is true. But why it happens I’ll tell you, and it’s so useless to happen. Like now, supposing there is one Mr. X and one Mr. Y, there are two persons. Now I’m talking, so Mr. Y. is the one who is, supposing, has to take all the hints, he has to improve himself, he has to chisel out himself, he has to work it out himself. It is for his own gain.
So Mr. Y. thinks of Mr. X. that Mr. X. must improve. Now what is the use? He cannot improve Mr. X.
You can improve a chair, you see, you can improve a table, you can improve all that is dead, you can even improve your dogs, you can improve all your animals. But you can’t improve another human being, can you?
So what is the use? That’s not your doing!
What’s the use? You have come here to get yourself chiseled out. You are here for that purpose. So why should you worry about others? You are not going to help him nor you are going to help yourself. So why not work it out for yourself? That: “It is for others” is a common human nature. It is to just to escape. But why escape the truth which is the light, which is the joy, which is the essence? Why escape it? Why do you try to escape that which is before you, this whole promise of beauty, why are you escaping it?
Just you enter in. See, I’ve told you that you have to get into the Sushumna Nadi, for which you have to become super trained.
Now these things you are attached to, better get rid of it. That you must work it out.
Gregoire: This was the command for the group. If I should say [unsure] a command for myself.
Shri Mataji: Yes, you are part of the group also. You are alright. It is for everyone to see, that something wrong with others should not be seen, something wrong with yourself should be seen and work it out. And that will help. That is the one for which you are here.

Supposing you had an exam. Now you don’t think that, “That boy has committed this mistake and I haven’t committed this mistake.” You think, “I’ve committed this mistake, I’d better get rid of it, otherwise I’ll fail in exams.” Isn’t it?
You don’t think, “The other boy has done this way and I should see to him that he should not have done like that.” Baba, you have to pass the exam, not he! It’s like studying for another one. (Shri Mataji is laughing.) You can’t study for the other boy, he has to get it from himself. Can you see the stupidity?
It’s a stupid habit. To think about others is the most stupid thing.

But what you can do is to see the other in a way that would help you. Like another boy is studying very hard, see how he is so good, he stands first, what does he do for being first.

So the positive attitude of a person towards another person helps that person, not the other person. You cannot improve the other person, whatever you do.
But if you have that kind of an ideal within yourself then you do it, because the other one sees. You become right. But first become the ideal!
So this is a very good point which we should see that we should not see the defects of others, but the defects of yourself and try to go through [inaudible: tapas-?]. And we have come here to go through these tapas, penance, it is a penance in a way. But what a penance of joy, a penance of love.
Like Gregoire. Gregoire himself told Me this time it was less hard, because this time he becomes much lighter, that’s why.
Gregoire: Jai Shri Mataji. For me the great teaching of this journey…[inaudible].
Shri Mataji: And the collectivity goes down. Collectivity grows down, it’s a bit down.
After all I am a lone person.
Nobody could be with Me, I’m absolutely alone. I have no companion. But only thing is you feel this kind of floats [vibrations], you feel you are with Me. Otherwise you are with Me always.
This body is like a bubble.
Gregoire: But this is, I think… [inaudible] feel your presence when You are not just there… [inaudible]
Shri Mataji: Alright.
So may God bless you for that.
But one thing I have to tell tomorrow, only European is to understand, that sometimes it has been noticed by Me that we don’t talk very kindly to Indians. We think they are our servants, sometimes. I said, “You should not misbehave and hurt people saying like that.” Even if they are crowding to come around my feet, we should not use these words, they never say this to you.
I mean, you do misbehave many a times, quite lots of wrong things, but that’s not our domain to say. You should say, “Today, it helps me.” And the worst we use should not be so, it should be disparaging words [inaudible] a character like that: “Get out! Stop with that!” No. But, be kind and gentle with them. Take time, take time. Please take time.
But people don’t even use the word “please”. They say, “Don’t misbehave.”

I’ve heard it many a times with my own ears. But that’s not the way to talk to them. They are also saints and they are My – they love Me and if they’ve come on my feet… I know they are stupid because they are not so organized. They don’t understand that.
To them it’s the greatest excitement. They just want to fall at My feet, you see.
This is also always lacking in the West you see, you don’t find that spontaneity with them. For that you have to be extremely gentle with them. You must understand they serve you, not because of servitude. That’s not servitude, but it is out of their heart. They like you, they’d like to do anything for you. Even if you tell them, “My shoes are not all right.” “I’ll have them to polish.” But one would think , “Oh, this must be some trying to get something out of me.” No, it’s not that.
You are guest and for a guest in this country, you see, we have always had the theory that guests are the Gods and that’s how we had the English here. Now they are here since 300 years. They came as guests and dominate us.


300 years, can you imagine?
So this is what it is. So one has to learn these things about them, and they don’t feel hurt because they don’t understand the language. But still you are not doing any justice. You don’t see them, you don’t see them anywhere. Have you seen how many here are living? But it will all come. Tomorrow they will see the marriage. Nothing they are not show off, anything they are not like western people. Anything they go on like that. (Shri Mataji imitates hard breathing.)

You see western people they have to doing “ha, ha, ha” or they start jumping like that. Like Gregoire once told me like I told my daughter they were all sitting there for twenty-five of them outside her house in Hampstead and I told my daughter, “They all have their dinner.” She said, “All right.” This is not possible in the West. If you tell them, “You are going to invite people for dinner”, they jump up and down, sideways. But you see because they take it in a style then they don’t feel that it is necessary to make such fun.
But when they do it that way it should not be, you see, in a way treated that as if they are your servant or in any way are lower than you and that will help you a lot, to learn a lot from them, because if you treat them as lower people in any way they have not gained anything out of it, nothing. They don’t get much. What is it he will buy? I can assure. They don’t get much. Sometimes of course, I mean, I do supplement things for them. Money and things like that or money that you have given me, but as such, they don’t get anything for your own comfort or anything else. But not that they gain much of it.