Bordi (India)

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Marriages, Bordi, India 14-02-1984

It is that you apply a mixture of turmeric and oil and all that to the body to the boy first and then is applied to the girl.

They feel better on the body and on the face, they feel soothed down. Its a kind of a jubilant thing, now they are in for marriage, now painted for marriage you can say. They are not supposed to talk to anyone They have to keep to themselves and to be very very quietly settled down. This function has to be done. For the girls who are to be married, will you please get up and come round here. The girls who are to be married, all the girls Now, this thing is a turmeric, another thing mixed together. And this may spoil your sarees a little bit, so Bring one towl and were very simple clothes, you see, you may just wear a saree and a blouse, you may not have the inner clothes. You can just come down there, and someone will apply this to you, or you can sit there at one side Then you have to go for a bath, to arrange for the bath now Where are you? Just come this side Now You first go from here so we will have to apply this to the boys first. Now those boys who are going to get married, should come forward.

With great courage. Now all your clothes are going to be spoilt and bring a towl, and wrap it and sit down with a towl so best thing would be that you change your dresses and bring a towel Go go go all of you, just bring a nice big towl, so that you cover yourself. All these clothes have to be taken, I am sorry, you have to be in your birthday suits. This has a very secret thing you see If the boy is suffering from any disease or anything you can see on the skin of the boy So this system also helps a person to find out, if there is such a problem that exists. There is quite a lot of things in it, and apart from that if he has any skin troubles, because it is an auspicious day, if some ordinary skin trouble then also application of this soothes his skin so it has a double purpose, but if he has some bad skin trouble I mean something comes from a very dirty disease or something that shows on the skin, so the people know about it. Of course these boys are healthy, but I am saying in general. And the boys who are not getting married should go move backwards, otherwise they will also be. Everybody must know that there clothes are going to be a little bit spoilt so be careful. No no no you are not alright, you don’t have a big thing some big sheet or something? Go wrap yourself completely with a sheet and come back.

All this is going to be spoilt. Put a nice sheet around, tell them to put a big nice sheet around So now when the disturbed people have gone, we can talk to something else ..James is it alright for you? Its alright for me, yes. What she said? we talked a little bit, but she went off to the home with the other people , please come and talk to me no no no this is nothing, you better come in sheets, take out all this we have not had any talk, these people have appeared .. very very you see crazy husbands In Marathi there is a saying means that .. is the one that is to be tied here he is so in a hurry to get married that he is putting it up to his knees Now they are walking with anything they can get a hold of, they must have rushed there good good good looking like Romans I think Alright, now these are good what’s that? oh you must dress up with something more you don’t have something here? your pant will be spoiled.. you don’t mind? doesn’t matter, then its alright.. you are just suited for each other Rajneesh is too short for you its better that she said she’s confused … I said nothing doing.. Dev… Dev? where is he?

Congratulations.. she alright So I will have to announce the engagement of Mathuri to Dev very good .. very fine alright congratulations let them do it first because they have to move, they know better Hello all the people.. All the boys Have to wash first you go to the sea Have a nice wash there engagement annonce ..Hamy and Glenda Hamy and Glenda to be married have to go to the backside.. there is water for them now one by one, each bride will come to hand over the coconut to Shri Mataji, offer the flowers ……. at Shri Mataji’s Lotus Feet, after that go back you must tie it in such a way that your forehead must show, it must not go that down those who are the bridesmaids must see that the brides… Please put it up higher, I can’t even apply the tika if you make it that low Tied up higher should be tighter .. yes doesn’t look nice, its very low very low should be higher Must put some powder to her all black all over put some powder You are the one looking after her? You are her bridesmaid? Are you her bridesmaid? are you? very nice