Talk To The French Sahaja Yogis

Bordi (India)

1984-02-15 Talk to the French yogis, Bordi, India, Opt, 30'
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Talk To The French Sahaja Yogis, Bordi, 1984

End of seminar after weddings; each group of countries was taken apart

Shri Mataji: Only for the French. Only for the French, only the French. Now, I’ve told about the French you see. The problem with the French is that they are very individualistic. Can you translate?
Sahaja Yogi: Yes.
Shri Mataji: And they can’t bear leadership. In your country, you know how many times you changed your President. That your President, Tito [President of old Yugoslavia], had to say and say that: “if you keep me for 5 years I’ll stay, otherwise I’ll not stay.” That’s French mind.
Because everybody thinks they are very clever and very intelligent. And they know how to outwit others, they always see the defects of another person.
Now first we had Marie as our leader there. All the French were against her. She’s the one who arrange- [Hindi] No, it is only for French.
All of you who are not French should go that side a little bit.
Tell him. All of you should go.
Stop the music please.

Now, the basic problem that lies with every country we must fight. Now the thing is, when we had Marie as the leader, every body was at her throat. They could not see a single good point in her. [Hindi]
Now, as a result of that, I asked that: “Can you replace her?” She was intelligent, educated, generous. Only thing she was not so dignified, perhaps. But now, how can you get a perfect person?
So we dislodged her nicely. We dislodged her. Then came Alexander. And it seems you are all after his life now. If you go on behaving like this, Sahaja Yoga can never be established anywhere. Now he has married an Indian girl, and I know what he is doing. In case I find anything wrong with him, I’ll put him right. But you just don’t try to correct him and don’t try to find faults; otherwise you’ll again make the whole organisation extremely weak.
Maybe, somebody, Robert, is good in this, maybe he, Patrick, is good in that, every thing. But now, for Me to communicate to all of you is impossible. In the body, there is only one heart. How many hearts there are?
Now, if I have to cater to all the parts of the body, it’s difficult. So now, let him be there in one piece, [Shri Mataji laughs] and be kind. It is not good to fight like this, find faults with him.
Actually, Indians have noticed this. They have noticed it that the French are not collective. They told Me and they like him very much. Indians never think! If I say: “All right, he’ the leader, all right.” Then they will never question second time, you see? See how they work? Can you see them anywhere? What a food they gave you today? The whole, see the whole arrangements. Actually, you people did not do any work there; they have been doing all the work!
Because you people go on criticizing each other, you have no energy to do any work. And quite a lot of ego.

Like Jean-François, three girls he refused to marry.
[Shri Mataji laughs]
And for your information, Trish [unsure], she doesn’t want to marry. I must tell you about that one.
She doesn’t want to marry.
Sahaja Yogi: And Danielle.
Shri Mataji: Danielle, I know. But she doesn’t want to marry, the one you want to marry.
Sahaja Yogi [Patrice]: I know Mother.
Shri Mataji: So what! You see what I’m saying? All right. So what I am trying to tell you, that you must see the reality.
[Dialogue in Marathi]

Now, this is what it is. Now, you see, people, do you know that this Dave came all the way from America. We had no mind of marring him to somebody suddenly, because he came so late, Dave. But Maduri who is just here and her mother is here, nobody else, she has a huge traditional family and most of them are Sahaja Yogis. And despite all that, you see, she just said: “All right, Mother, if you say, I’ll marry.” She had not even seen the boy. And just see how nice they look both of them together. You can see them sitting there, what friends they have become.
But I think French will end up as bachelors, and the ladies as spinsters. [Shri Mataji laughs]
With their big egos, Humpty Dumpy.
Hello, this is only for French.
Sahaja Yogini [Marie-Laure]: I am French Shri Mataji.
Shri Mataji: No, no, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no. You are Swiss.
Sahaja Yogi: She immigrates in Switzerland, because France was too strong.
Sahaja Yogini: When it is to be near you mother.
Shri Mataji: Oh I see now, that’s a good idea. She is French all right.

So now, this is the position one should know that one should not try to find faults at least, if wife you can, but not with the leader who is there. If you, you see, want to make fun of anyone, you can make fun of Me also. You see, that is, French are specialists in making fun of the whole world. But what about them, are they not funny themselves? [Shri Mataji laughs.]
So, one should understand that there are so many things so much funny in French. When you come to India, you will realize it. And the girls who are going to have a- there are three girls who are going to France and they are in for shocks.
[Shri Mataji laughs]

Yes of course, can’t you sense things are? It’s a very different country, I must tell them. They’re in for shocks. [Hindi: Are you listening you all, did you not hear what I said?]
You are all in for shocks. [Hindi: you are going to get shocked by many things there]
The whole system is different; their whole ideology is different; the priorities are different; these are different people. But most of them are really upside down people. That’s a fact, you know.

So, now, the Sahaja Yoga is settling down. I used to always say that France is the Narka [Narka Loka means Hell], you remember, and that you people have become the lotuses and you have to emit fragrance. So try to understand your responsibility, you have to be serious people, not making fun of each other. And you must respect each other. The idea that if you become frivolous and childish, then you become young and flagrant and all that is nonsense, you’ll see that; dignity is so important.
Now for us as Sahaja Yogis in France, we have to inculcate tremendous dignity for ourselves and for others. And I would say, also Alexander, you should also now know that you are a grown up person, all of you should know that you are grown up people. Don’t be frivolous, don’t be cheapish; don’t be childish. All of you should feel that and that is what I expect of all the Sahaja Yogis. Now, luckily, you have three girls from India. They don’t think too much and they don’t go on like that, you see?
Ah! You see what I see is this, that when you start talking like that, loosely, you always hurt each other, I mean they are experts in hurting each other, nobody minds it also. It’s so shameless.

We are not only human beings, we are Realized souls; we are saints of very high calibre.
No, no, no, no, this is for French.
Sahaja Yogi: I’m also French.
Shri Mataji: You are a French? No, no, no, no, you can’t sit here. It’s secrets we give out.

Now, so for you people, it is very important to understand that you all should develop a character which is a Yogi’s character. You must meditate, like them, in London, people in that cold, get up at four o’clock, have their baths and meditate. They sleep early, but French can’t sleep early. In the night all the mischief starts. [About the translator] Already burning.
[Shri Mataji laughs]
All the night, all the mischief of the left side starts. So best is to get up in the morning and have your baths because now you have to know, you are the walking [working?] forests of those trees which can give any boon to anyone- Kalpatarus [wishing trees]. And you are the oceans of nectars which talk. That’s what’s described about. And how can you lack behind? [To the translator] How can you lack behind, how can you remain behind?
Shri Mataji: You translate better?
[Change of the translator]
So, it is important that all the French Sahaja Yogis must know where they are and how much effort is needed to transform that atmosphere. A special effort, a double effort is needed by French than anybody else. So, one has to work it out in that way that we change the Hell into Heaven. So, all of us to be together, don’t try to find faults which each other. And I’m sure a day will come when France will rise very high in spirituality. I am very hopeful. And the number of times I’ve gone to Paris, I’ve not been to any place so far. But the difference is this that now, the boat has started moving, but the Sahaja Yogis have to become experts.

I mean you should take responsibility then you’ll think that, supposing we are criticizing say, Patrick, then we are criticizing our own hand. All right?
Now so I request you that when I come, next, to France, this time again I’m going to come, we are going to have very good programs and you all put together, who have lived together now, are going to give such a nice picture of brotherhood, of each other’s love and affection and respect. Because it will spread out, but it won’t have the depth. You can go deep down, holding the whole sari down with you.

And once you go down, they will all come with you. Of course, I hope you enjoyed your programs here. Did you all enjoy?
Now, who travelled for one trip already?
One trip already, who did?
Already who did it?
[A Sahaja Yogi asks in French to raise the hand.]
Now only I can see. One, two, three, four, five six, seven and eight. Now let’s see. What do you say about the whole trip? What happened to you and what you felt about the Indians you met?
Sahaja Yogi: I think I have a great lesson to imbibe from Indian Sahaja Yogis.
Shri Mataji: And you were happy?
Sahaja Yogi: I’m very happy.
Shri Mataji: You feel very much changed also?
Sahaja Yogi: Yes, yes.
Shri Mataji: Good.
And now, what about you Robert?
Sahaja Yogi (Robert): Indian people gave us very much and it’s very hard to support [stand it] for us, I think.
Sahaja Yogi: [translates] “The Indians are giving so much that it is difficult to bear it.” He is not used to it, you will see it actually.
[Shri Mataji laughs]
Shri Mataji [to Robert]: So your wife is going to give you also a lot. All right?
May God bless you for that.
And now what about who else has been? Ah, what about you?
Sahaja Yogi: Jean-Marc.
He has discovered the purity of India.
Shri Mataji: Hum. And you are happy with your wife?
Sahaja Yogi [about Jean-Marc]: I think so yes.
[Shri Mataji speaks to JayShri in Marathi]

Now, who else is here? François?
Sahaja Yogi: He said that: “I found that the Indians are very simple, very pure, and we can’t receive them with our mind but with our heart.”
Shri Mataji: Yes, because you are a little complicated, na?
You like a hook you fix there, all right? Take out the yarn, put it there, again bring it another yarn. It is fixed twice to a hook outside. [Unsure]

[Shri Mataji laughs]
Shri Mataji: You’d better break that hook. It is all past now, you can do it very easily because you are now Yogis.
Now, who else is there?
Sahaja Yogi: Martine. She hopes to meet the other Indian wives now.
Shri Mataji: [Dialogue in Hindi].
So what did she say?
Sahaja Yogi: She said, she will be very pleased to meet Indians who are coming to our country, she’s very pleased.
Shri Mataji: Oh, I see. I’m very happy about it. You tell them, because they don’t know many things which you know, you see, for example, your aesthetics are much better. I mean, after all, you understand art much better, colour’s sense you have, lots of things there are. But they understand morality better I think.
And you have a tradition of aesthetic things and all that. We too are, I mean, very creative people, no doubt, but we don’t have appreciation of aesthetics. You are connoisseurs and we are creative. But you can teach them, you can tell them about, they’ll be very happy to know all about these things and they’ll pick it up now in no time because they are very humble people.
You see to it that she [?] doesn’t go back, you see, that’s her mother’s habit. And I don’t want it to develop in her. She’s a great singer herself, she sings very well. All right.
Now, who else was there?
Sahaja Yogi [Didier]: I think we have a lot of things to learn from them.
Shri Mataji: But have you noticed how they love Me so much? Because they know Me. And they know they have one Mother. Even without telling them, everything moves so smoothly. They never ask Me questions.
Even if, when I break their traditions, they never ask. Today, for example, I said: “The girls- the mothers of the girls are going to do this.” They said: “But this is done by the mothers of the boys.” I said: “But the mothers of the wives are mostly foreign so they can’t do it.” “Then it’s all right.”
I mean, they’re so obedient and they’re so smooth as if, you see, as if I’m working through them. I don’t have to tell them anything. They did it every thing on their own. I never told them anything. Because you know I was so very busy myself.

Now I have to tell you that I won’t have so much time when I’ll come to Paris. We’ll have three or four programs no doubt, but I won’t be able to move too much here and there. But Mulhouse I can go from Switzerland.
Sahaja Yogi: All right.
Shri Mataji: Mulhouse I’ll go from Switzerland. And in any case, you telephone to Me and we’ll manage it. I’ll be there in the month of April. All right?
That’s it. So may God bless you all. Enjoy yourself and now try to love each other and understand and appreciate. After Realization, you can enjoy others.
Now Gregoire, what?
No hurry, you see! Just too much hurrying you have been. No need.
Just a minute.
Sahaja Yogi: So one question Mo- so You’re coming to February on France now.
Shri Mataji: Italians, just call Italians.
I think too much organisation is going on and I really made the organisation for it. No don’t organise. Please, stop it! I can see the faces there.
Please stop all organising and all the writing work. Stop it!
Who organised your buses?
Gregoire: We don’t organise anything Mataji, I think the French people didn’t know that they are coming this evening with us.
Shri Mataji: Baba, they know it so well! Do you mean to say if you have told them they would know? Now, don’t!
Gregoire: Brian told me they didn’t know.
Shri Mataji: Now don’t!
Sahaja Yogi: Is it good if we are going to the hotel Mother.
Shri Mataji: But why are you all doing that!
[Sahaja Yogis are laughing.]
Shri Mataji: Now will you please all-
[Sahaja Yogis are laughing.]
Shri Mataji: Because I get into troubles Myself. You see, you are part and parcel of My body. Now leave it! All of you are going nicely. It will be all done. Take it easy! Sit down enjoy yourself! Come along!
[Sahaja Yogis are laughing.]
So now, this is what we have.
Relax! Relax!
All right. So now everything has been done for you, I’ve said it, arranged it and I’ll work it out. But now, you must also know I’ll do everything for you. But you have to do something for Me. And, the only thing you have to do is to love each other. And secondly to relax.
All right.
May God bless you.

Shri Mataji: Now, should I see Italians? Italians are already jumping.

Sahaja Yogi: Please, excuse me, can I ask You one question?
Shri Mataji: All right.
Sahaja Yogi: Somebody told us You will come for the 5th of May in France because we have to register some place. Is it confirmed or we have to, no to-

Shri Mataji: 5th of May? You want to do it in France? Italy?
Sahaja Yogi: We have been told, Mother.
Sahaja Yogi: It has been told to us that it would be better. It’s according to Your wish or Your desire.
Shri Mataji: You arrange, if you can, I mean whenever you arrange I’ll be there.
Sahaja Yogi: All right, Mother, thank you.
Shri Mataji: All right. May God bless you.
But who told you that?
Sahaja Yogi: When we bought the sari for nationals, they said: “Will you buy the sari for Sahasrar Day?”
Shri Mataji: You bought it?
Sahaja Yogi: No –
Gregoire: Shri Mataji it was told that You said the Sahasrara day was in France.
Sahaja Yogi: Not me, I didn’t tell but-
Shri Mataji: That?
Gregoire: That was told to me.
Shri Mataji: Oh, let’s have it in France. Every thing’s best for the France. But let’s see what French give us.
Sahaja Yogi: Thank you, Mother.
Shri Mataji: All the best for the French, I’ll do. But let’s see what they return.
Sahaja Yogi: Mother, there is a big house in Rouen, people can accommodate there.
Shri Mataji: All right, so you make it 5th of May in France, I’m willing. But only thing is that is the best day and you should be the best people. Otherwise, when I’ll reach there, I’ll find people standing with sticks and guns and so I’ll run away.
[Shri Mataji laughs]
All right. May God bless you.
Everybody should help each other.
May God bless you. Keep happy mood. Never do like this, you see, once you start doing like that [to frown, to scowl], it’s gone. Relax, relax!
What are you worried?
All right.
May God bless you.
Now, who else is there? Now I have to be- [end of audio]

H. H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi