Procession and Public Address

Vaitarna (India)

1984-02-18 Procession And Public Address, Vaitarna, India, DP-RAW, 65'
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Music, dance, Public Address at Vaitarna Temple (Marathi/English). Vaitarna (India), 18 February 1984.

[About the video: The first 15 minutes of this recording covers Sahaja Yogis on India tour and locals preparing for Shri Mataji’s arrival at Vaitarna (a small picturesque village situated at Vaitarna river near Mumbai, which is also a source of water to the city).
This is followed by a 30-minute video of a public procession with Sahaja Yogis and the locals of Vaitarna village.
Shri Mataji’s arrival is followed by a joyful and vibrant public procession with Shri Mataji sitting in a bullock cart, that is festooned with plantain leaves to form a canopy. In front, a band of village musicians provide musical accompaniment with simple pipes and drums that are typical to tribal and small rural settlements in Maharashtra.
Sahaja Yogis, school children and adults from Vaitarna walk and dance in front of Shri Mataji. Schoolgirls perform “lezim” (a traditional group march with handheld tambourine type of instrument). Village boys chant “Jai Shri Mataji” putting all their heart and soul in it. Slogans, chants and songs in praise of Shri Mataji are heard in the twilight setting. Women perform “fugdi” and “zimma” (traditional dances) and touring Sahaja Yoginis also join in.
Sahaja Yogis sing “Gondhal” and “Amhi Bi Ghadalo” with the procession. Shri Mataji is seated completely at ease in the bullock cart as the procession moves through winding slopes, unpaved paths and small tar roads. Mother is smiling throughout the procession, occasionally giving instructions to the performing children, talking to Sahaja Yogis and pointing out the beauty of the sunset. The whole setting appears timeless and takes one back a few centuries to the traditional village processions welcoming the great saints who lived in Maharashtra. After the procession ends, everyone is gathered in a small hall, probably the village school.]

[Shri Mataji speaks in Marathi]
I will speak a little in English first. Because I always speak in Marathi – they [foreign Sahaja Yogis] do not understand anything. I will speak in English first.
Please be quiet, everyone.

English Sahaja Yogi: The bag is OK, Mother. It is with me to set-up.
Shri Mataji: All right.

Sahaja Yogis ask everyone to be quiet once again in Marathi.
Shri Mataji [in Marathi]: First, I will speak in English, as these people [foreign Sahaja Yogis] have all come here and then I will speak in Marathi.

[Shri Mataji speaks in English]

It was such a joyful procession today in the evening hours where we call it as “Goraj Muhurta”, in Sanskrit language, meaning when the cows are returning home, the dust from their feet rises and makes a beautiful atmosphere and we call it as “Goraj Muhurta”, is the auspicious time. And so today, at a very auspicious time, we have had a beautiful, joyful procession.
And you must have realized that the people of this country have no inhibitions about things. They just get transformed and electrified as soon as they start to express their joy. They have no inhibitions nor are they are shy nor do they have to think about it – of all age groups.
And I must say that Maharashtra has done such a lot of traditional training for Sahaja Yoga. All the different types of dancings and things you have seen are all traditional dancing of Maharashtra. And I also used to do the same things, used to play many things called “zimma”, “fugdi”, and all those things. But, some of you, you have seen, but these things our body is used to, the “lezim”, girls were playing, I have also learnt. All of us are supposed to learn all these games from childhood. As if they were all prepared for this great day when there will be the advent of Adi Shakti.

Traditionally, they are so built, and I am so happy all of you have tried to understand the decent type of expression. If you see the balance of the body and the balance of the whole gesture, it’s very divine. It does not have anything that is ludicrous or vulgar. It has very, very deep expression if you see, and if you also try to express yourself that way, you see, all the inhibitions and the conditionings and the funny ideas about gesticulations will disappear.

Moreover, the whole atmosphere is very pure here and we are away from the madding crowd. [Laughter] Away from all that nonsense we have been going through. And it is a very, very blissful place. The whole thing fills me up with great hope that one day, we all will be able to fulfil the prophecies of the great saints who said that, “Get along, the great trees of bliss!” Not trees, but the forests of trees of bliss. These are the trees of bliss. Bliss means the ones they give the benediction. Also, then he also has said that, “Get along, the talking, the talking oceans of Ambrose!” So, that is what he has described [of] you, people. And I saw you moving, all of them, the forests of that.
I said, “This is the bliss walking on the roads here”. On the roads of Vaitarna, along the bank of Vaitarna, the bliss itself is walking, dancing, jumping and expressing its joy. It was beautiful. I wish I could express it more subtly because I think in the meditation, one can feel it more and the words get lost. The meanings are lost. They are not sufficient enough to express the beauty and joy of that bliss.

May God bless you all. I am very happy to meet the second batch here and I hope we will start the evening puja later on, which will be a very good beginning for you. So I have to tell you that there is no need to have any inhibitions, not to worry about time. You have to go beyond time. Beyond all your habits of comfort, habits of so-called sophistication. Try to really get rid of it. That is why you are here.
So, do not start the day with all those that we have left behind. And I am so happy to see you all so much drenched in the joy at the advent of the Adi Shakti. And to express it, and to feel that joy that you are the ones who are witnessing it, you are the ones who are spreading it.

[Shri Mataji speaks in Marathi]

Today I am very happy that you are all back here once again. And today there is the “chetana” (awareness) to be seen in you. There has been a big difference between last time and now. Compared to last time, the cool vibrations can be seen in all the children, there is a lot of “jagruti” (awakening) in them. Their faces are seen to be transformed, even the faces of the women are shining. The men also look very improved. There is hope shining in everyone and this hope is seen in reflected shining in everyone’s eyes.
It was a great pleasure to see all this. The dark days of our country which were there, the time has come to change all of that. Everything is going to change. The poverty, the grief is going to change. It has to change. For that we need the chance and that you attained. And slowly you have seen, how you have changed, how everyone around you has changed and how your condition has changed.
And how your mental state, which was full of sadness has now transformed in contentment. This contentment comes from “Atmaram” (the Spirit/an Indian name which means the Spirit) who is sitting in your heart. And that you experience this contentment, experience it and keep submerging in its bliss, that is my only wish.
Today everyone was very joyful, and they were very happy that they saw you. How you all came together in unison, danced with love and praised the glory with joy.
Now, these people were earlier, were ruling over our country. Then they did not value us. Today they have come to your feet, to meet you, to love you, to give you happiness, to recognise you and they feel you are so great. That you are from the great land of Bharat (India), from the great land of Maharashtra, the “yogabhoomi” (land of yoga), the land of saints, you are born here. They have come to honour you.
This is such a big thing. Now that they have honoured you, given you prestige, and they respect you, you must rise up to that prestige. That is the manner in which we must behave.
In all, everything today turned out very beautifully. The boys, the girls and everyone else celebrated with joy and enthusiasm. Seeing that, anyone would say that, “Is this “Nandanvan” (Eden or paradise), descended here?” This is the feeling that would arise.
May God keep you safe and happy. And I am coming back here next year. Before that Sahaja Yoga will be spread here to a great extent. And remove all the wrong thoughts from your heads. And slowly, whatever evil habits that you have, of drinking and tobacco, they should have been eliminated. And after that, whatever is beautiful and good, that should come within you. Only then can man progress in every direction.
These are very special days. In these days, a special work will take place, that each and everyone will receive God Almighty’s blessings, the infinite blessings of God Almighty. And it is bestowed to such an extent, that you will be surprised.
That you may be ordinary looking children today, but you are going to receive a lot of abundances. And you are going to receive so many days of joy.
Now isn’t everyone getting the cool, cool breeze?
Children: Yes.
Shri Mataji: You danced before me today. That is why you are getting the cool breeze. Just stay happy like this. And when I come back next year, I should see, that you give the awakening to other children and also to adults.
Children can awaken (the Kundalini) very quickly.
So, there were some people among you who had come last time, they had some problems, and I had told them what treatments to take. Also, there is a centre here, the centre has started. We have given you the photographs and anything else you need, please ask for that and practice Sahaja Yoga.
Sahaja Yoga means seeing our Atma (Spirit), attaining our Atma. It is said, “Tuzha ahe tuz pashi” (what you have is within you). You should attain that.
Once you attain what you have, there will be no limits to your happiness. Because Atma is a source of joy. And that joy is such that you cannot contain yourself within it. What else is left to say?
That is why, this maternal home of joy, this “Pandhari” (Pandharpur/considered abode of salvation in Maharashtra), is what you should attain. It is in your heart. When you attain it, you will be surprised to find how great you are, how magnificent.
About that Dyaneshwar has said, that you are the “arnav” (ocean) of “Kalpataru” (wish fulfilling tree). Arnav means as vast as a jungle. Today there was a such a jungle walking. You saw that you are all oceans of Kalpataru.
Each and every person a Kalpataru. Any “icchha” (desire) to be fulfilled, you will say “acchha” (all right), and it will happen. Just say “Tathastu” (so be it). You can also try it. Instead of saying, “Will this happen”, say it and see.
Even though you have received the kingdom and are sitting on the throne, still, you keep forgetting that you are sitting on the throne. Sitting on the throne, you should behave like a king. You do not act like that.
Say “tathastu”. Now we have become the yogis. Yogis have shakti (power). What we say will happen. Whatever we say “tathastu”, that will happen. That is what you are.
And further he has said that you are, what is it, the “bolte piyushache arnav”. “Bolte” means those who talk, “piyushache” means “amruta” (nectar) and that too “sagar” (ocean). This is you, this is how you will go all over the world.
You just experience what you are. Even now, you have not recognised yourself.
The way this small instrument is (the microphone), it had no meaning until it was connected, you also did not have any meaning. But now you do, and whatever you want to achieve, do it with full conviction. And what you want, say it with full conviction.
Whatever you desire, that desire will be fulfilled. What you want you will all get, and what you say for anyone, it will be attained, it has to be attained.
Parameshwar (God Almighty) is standing by you as witness, all the “Chiranjeev” (Immortal Beings) are standing with you, Hanumana and Bhairava are standing beside you, Ganpati is with you, Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh are with you, they are granting you the “Devdoot” (angels), this you have to experience. Unless you experience it, you will not realize what Shri Mataji is telling you.
Whether you have really become a yogi or not, you must try to experience that. Yogis means those living in jungles, are not wanted. Tukaram was not living in a jungle. But a “vimaan” (heavenly winged chariot) had come to take him. Similarly, Dyaneshwara was not living in a jungle. There is no need to leave anything.
Despite living as householders, you are yogis, you are that type of special yogis. And you are Sahaja Yogis because you know, how to awaken (Kundalini) of others, how to give self-realisation, you must learn that.
Now if you have this inclination from childhood, you will be experts. You will become great “yogiraj” (rulers of yogis). I want to be able to witness this.
My infinite blessings to all. I am very happy this time. I feel that in this atmosphere of Vaitarna, great work is going to take place. My infinite blessings to all. (Applause).
Now, everyone sits with your hands (towards Shri Mataji) and close your eyes.
Almost everyone here has self-realisation. If you do not feel vibrations in any hand, where you do not feel the cool breeze, extend that hand towards me. If it is not in both hands, then both the hands. And close your eyes.
Now when you close your eyes, there are no thoughts. No thoughts are coming, see. Close your eyes. And put your attention onto the Sahasrara. Sahasrara means on the “talu” (fontanelle bone area).
(In English): Please pay attention to your Sahasrara.
(In Marathi): Now, with your attention on the Sahasrara, say, “Shri Mataji, please sustain my yoga. Please increase my yoga shakti. And, please let the light of my spirit come into my attention.” Three things.
It means, upholding yoga, that is, (Sahaja) Yoga, means there is a connection, and this should be sustained.
(In English): You have to ask, “Please sustain my connection.” Then, “Please increase my yoga shakti”. And lastly, “Please allow my spirit to spread its light in my attention. Mother, please give me the boon of your grace.”
(In Marathi): Now see everyone, look at me, are there any thoughts coming. The cool breeze; see if you can feel the cool breeze on your head. Touch (the head) and see.
(In English): Please see if the cool (breeze) is flowing out or not. Just press it a little bit. Because, just now you have been jumping too much, your heart is catching.
(In Marathi): That is why place your hand on your heart. Keep your hand on your heart.
(In English): Please keep your hand on your heart. If the heart is catching, you do feel the pressure on your Sahasrara. The reason is, this is the place of the heart chakra. Fontanelle bone area is the place of the heart chakra. That is why put it.
Now just say, with full assertion, “Mother, I am the Spirit.”
(In Marathi): Say it. Say, “I am the Spirit”. Say it in your heart. Not aloud. Within yourself.
(In English): Say it twelve times.
(In Marathi): Twelve times.
(In English): But not mechanically.
(In Marathi): Hmm. Did you see? Is it better? Get it? Nice. Ha. Nice. Getting it now?
(In English): (To a Sahaja Yogi), Are you all right? Give it a bandhan and raise your Kundalini, I think.
(In Marathi): You know how to give a bandhan. Give it now.
(In English): They are all Sahaja Yogis here, sitting. The whole village becomes a Sahaja Yogi. So sweetly, ah. Now raise it. How they do it.
(In Marathi): Up. Right to the top. Tie a knot. Raise it again. Tie a knot. Two. Again. One. Again. Two. Again. Three. Now see. Now see your hands. Is it there?
(Children): Yes.
(In Marathi): What about you?
(In English): All right? Done? Like Maharashtrians, they say “yes” like this (nodding head from side to side, generally implied as “no” anywhere else). (Laughter). They do not do that way. But I think, good for Vishuddhi. Both the sides gives a balance. (Laughter). It is done.
(In Marathi): Nice. It is coming very strongly. Excellent. And now, there is a Puja. First, everyone must have dinner, and after that, come to the Puja. Everyone has to attend the Puja. The Puja will be for one or two hours, that is it, then there will be a Havan. And then these people (touring Sahaja Yogis) will leave tomorrow. So, will you come to the Puja?
Children: Yes.
(In Marathi): Do come. First, will you all have your dinner? Where are you eating?
To Sahaja Yogi: Where will they have their dinner?
Sahaja Yogi: [Inaudible]..home.
Shri Mataji: (In Marathi): Their home is far away? Are their homes nearby?
Sahaja Yogis and Locals: Yes, they are close by.
Shri Mataji: All right. Then you eat at home and return. Come back quickly after dinner. Have you had dinner?
Child: Where should we come for Puja?
Shri Mataji: For the Puja, come to the bungalow.
Sahaja Yogi: The new bungalow.
Shri Mataji: The new bungalow. Everyone should come. Because you are all Sahaja Yogis now. So everyone should come. Yes.
Children (in chorus again): Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Ki Jai. (Applause).
[More chants by everyone in the glory of Shri Mataji. The excitement of the children is still unabated. Video concludes with the start of Puja. ]