Shri Chandrama Puja

Vaitarna (India)

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Shri Chandrama Puja, Vaitarna (India), 18 February 1984.

[Shri Mataji speaks in English]

To organize. Yes, but I praise Indians very much and I also praise with you. But we have certain very bad qualities, and one of them is that we are very extremely untidy people. Our aesthetics are so horribly made that we don’t understand the difference between a plastic bag and a silver jug, such jumbled up things we have. And I think I would request you to insist on arranging things yourself, because then they will pick up and learn things that it is to be done. You have to learn a lot of things from them, but they have to also learn some things from you, and they are very important things. Because it all makes coefficients, it makes an atmosphere and a pleasing thing for the gods.

But this is the character of an Indian, Indian character, that whatever is wrong where, whatever is the condition, carry on. See no evil, speak no evil – it’s like that. If anything is bad, let it be as it is. Let it rust, let it absolutely till it becomes so rotten that it is going to fall on your head, then you may put a little support. That’s our character. We’re too tolerant with everything, and that has led us to this kind of incapacity to work.

But if you see the Ritambhara PrAgnya, see the Ritambhara PrAgnya, how she works, how she beautifully does everything, how she creates everything so beautifully. There’s so much neatness if you go to a jungle, you will not find anything dirty, filthy, smelling – nothing. Everything washed up, cleaned up. The nature works in beautiful circles. Everything works out so much beautifully that when we call ourselves “natural” we should understand that Ritambhara PrAgnya is the most natural thing. And how Ritambhara PrAgnya works is with complete neatness and complete cleanliness of the whole thing.

Indians will be personally very, very clean, extremely clean they are, no doubt. But collectively they don’t understand cleanliness. If you see their roads, if you see their outside of the houses, it’s all dirty. And that is what I will blame our Indian men, you see, they are extremely conscious that they are human beings. You see, we have only two races in India, women and men. There is no third race. Men are not supposed to do any work, inside, outside, anywhere. They don’t see to the outside of the house. Like in England I find men are all the time doing the sweeping, swabbing, everything outside. They do mowing of the lawn, looking after the garden, everything. Here the men will be just standing with their hands on their waist and ordering the wives, or if not the wife, the servants and all that.

And whatever may be, the wife may be dominating as far as money is concerned, but all these things the man is not going to do. He’ll just give up; he’ll say, “I am not supposed to do all these things.” That’s why collectively in this country we can never be clean people, because our men will just sit down. They won’t do anything, just they won’t do anything. Only the women are supposed to do everything, and that’s how our collective cleanliness is zero, absolute zero.

For example, if there’s a W.C. not working in England, I can’t think of any man who will sit down for five minutes. He’ll himself do it, he’ll get a plumber, he’ll do somehow or other, try to manage. Here, it’s not all right – it doesn’t matter, it’s all right. No, see no evil – manage. This is how we have lived all centuries now I think, and it’s high time for all Sahaja yogis to change themselves.

Now, here there are many artists sitting in this part, but the men are not doing anything – puja the women are doing. And the women don’t know anything how to do it, so the whole thing can be absolutely wretched. It is not, it is a sort of a character with us, we do this way. But otherwise we have so many qualities. We have so many qualities that you can’t imagine how much we have got through our traditions. We are very humble people, we are extremely loving, affectionate, we’ll go to any extent to serve others. We are not cunning people, we are not meticulous, we don’t calculate. We are very hospitable. All these things are there, no doubt. But these things that we have to learn from you, it’s maybe gross, to look at it looks gross, but it’s not.

Just now as you see that if it is properly done, if it is nicely done, I mean, at least I feel very much pleased with it, and everybody feels pleased about it. And when somebody sees the film also, they’ll be pleased to see this kind of a film where there’s something sensibly put up and everything is nicely done, care has been taken. Also shows a kind of an understanding that this is the worship of the Adi Shakti, and you cannot take liberties with it. Imagine, in these ordinary temples they spend so much money; even the walls, the doors, the windows, everything made of silver. They do so much to create that. But if you people miss it – the Indians, I am saying – then it’s going to be very dangerous for you.

One must understand that you cannot just play about – just “Mother is coming.” Nobody came to even call Me. Somebody should have come to call Me. I just walked on Myself. Here, this is not the way to behave, and the Indians must learn these things, that somebody must come to call Me. After all, you see, all these protocols they are going to learn from you, from the Indians; and if you don’t have any protocol about it, how are they going to get it?

So, this is what one has to understand, that as English have to learn from French and French have to learn from Germans, and Germans have to learn from, say, Austrians, or Austrians have to learn from Swiss, whatever it is, it’s very important that the Indians must learn from the Western people. Certain things, that the way they respect their women – first of all that, the way they respect their women. Of course, one should not go to that limit that the women just dominate all the time. I mean, American women are, I have seen about women, they are horrible. But still I would say that one must learn, one must learn how to respect the women. Women are human beings. Your Mother is a woman, and you must learn how to respect a woman. And if you don’t know how to respect the woman, then in this country I’m sure there cannot be bliss, whatever you may try.

So, the men must learn that, they must know how to talk to their sisters, to their mothers, to their wives. But if there’s a woman who is dominating, you see, if there’s a dominating woman then she becomes a prime minister in this country. That’s what we are. If you get a dominating woman then she can manage. If she’s a simple woman, she’s good, she’s religious, she’s submissive, then she’s finished. If she’s dominating, then men are afraid of such women. This is very sad and that gives a very bad images.

So, I feel that as Ritambhara Pragnya works out everything so well; in the nature if you see how she beautifully creates everything, how she chooses things, how she places things, how the colors change. You’ll never find anything loud, anything obstructing, anything that is destructive, vulgar, new – nothing. You find everything so beautifully done that it creates an inspiration in a human mind, in a human heart which can be of a stone also. Even French, you see, they get inspired by Ritambhara Pragnya. So you can imagine people with stone hearts can get inspired, people who have very funny ideas about human beings can get inspired by Ritambhara Pragnya. So why not we the Sahaja yogis should get inspiration from Ritambhara Pragnya, and try to make everything look nice, beautiful, and must have coefficients by which we can have the proper channel for our vibrations.

And this is what I feel is lacking in the coordination between East and West. Let us give them this simple thing as to understand how you respect your women, how you respect the aesthetics, how you look after things. I know in the London, supposing I have to have a puja, I don’t want to see these things at all. On the contrary, I am enamored the way things are done – always. Here also they work out, I’m not saying always, but it could have been much better a little bit, because a film has to be done and all that.

But this is the trouble is that in our everyday look, outlook we are like that. You will see that everywhere you go in the villages the problem is, there are bathrooms, there are W.C.s, but never repaired. Once spoiled means spoiled once for all. Telephone is spoiled, it’s spoiled forever. At least in America people will go and buy; they will not repair, but they will go and buy new one. Here they will not buy new one, nor they will have any replacement – carry on with it throughout. That is a very bad character we have got, which we must change. We should try to see everything is working all right.

Now, come to the kundalini. Supposing the kundalini goes out of order, are we going to give it up? If one chakra is not good, are we going to give it up? If there’s something wrong with – that point Indians are very particular, much more than the Westerners – if the kundalini is out, they’ll get after it. If one chakra is out they’ll get after it, they’ll clean it. Because they are the roots, you see, and the root doesn’t bother about the beauty; but the tree has to look after the beauty. So, this is a combination which has to be worked out properly by you both, and the things will work out very well, I think, if you understand what co-relationship you have with each other, what you have to learn from them and what they have to learn from you.

Now, today is a special day I thought of having a puja, because today is the moon – just see, in front of Me here – and today is the first day the moon is waxing *[ Shri Mataji may mean “waning.”] In the science of Sahaja Yoga, the moon is the spirit in our heart. It is the spirit in our heart, meaning in Marathi purnantara. It’s the spirit in our heart, and it shines when the sun reflects on it. When the son – the son, that is the son of God. When the son of God reflects on the heart, then the moon shines in the human heart. But when it shines as a moon, then Shiva Himself lifts it up and puts it on His head. So the human beings who are blessed by the son of God, who are being awakened by the son of God, that is you can say that it is Shri Ganesh or Lord Jesus Christ, any one of them, if they enlighten the heart of human beings, then it becomes a shining moon.

And the amavasya, the day when it’s the dark night, is when a man is not a realized soul at all. The realized soul is like the full moon. Now today is the day when the moon is slightly, one degree less. It’s a important day for us because this is the first day when it is waxing [waning.] And that is the day we have to fix up our moon within ourselves, that we start waxing [waning] by degrees. Into sixteen degrees we to go on waxing [waning.] And when that happens we don’t realize that there is no shining in there. The shining is going out. And we have to be careful, we have to look after it, and we have to work it out so that we worship that day when it starts waxing [waning.]

It can wax [wane] with many things. You see, we have so many ways of finishing off the light that God has given us in our heart,that is the spirit. One of them is, very great one is the thinking that we do about it. The first it starts when we start thinking about it, rationalizing about it. You must know that when I speak, I don’t speak: actually these are all mantras, and whatever I do, I work it out in such a way that what I’m saying works out within you. It’s the Krita Yuga, and it works out. When I say that, the whole machinery gets geared up. So when I say something, if you start reflecting it in your mind you are gone, because you are not receiving what I am trying to do. If it is a mantra, that means whatever I am saying, those sound waves will create that being within you that I am describing. So at that time, once you start thinking about it you cannot receive it, because you have put a barrier of your thought. So when I’m talking, just try to receive it. Just say “yes, yes” inside, so that you receive it within yourself.

So this is one of the greatest problems of today, is that whatever you say everybody must answer, everybody must argue, everybody must say, “No, this could be that way, that could be, there are alternatives, this, that” – everything goes on. There is no need at all to do all that. And when you start doing that, then all the gods and goddesses get angry one by one, and that’s how you start losing your light within yourself. So this is the most displeasing thing for gods and goddesses, that you don’t recognize Me, that you don’t recognize Me fully, that you still argue with Me. Still you start asking questions, still you start giving Me alternatives. Absolutely, this is just not necessary for you to go on arguing, to go on discussing it.

It is just that you assimilate whatever I am saying, and that assimilation itself will open out those new dimensions within you, which God wants to be opened out. So better surrender in that way your ego. Ego is the one that makes you say something, argue something, discuss something. And this is what is the biggest problem, what that I have seen when the first day of the waxing [waning] starts. So today is the first day when we should say that our ego should not start that drooping down.

It was nice to dance, enjoy, everything, but then when you sit down – while dancing you can’t think, thank God! But as soon as the whole thing is over you sit down, again the mind starts going on, “tck, tck, tck, tck,” and then we start thinking. And once we start thinking, then we are losing that light which we have received. Sort of, the moon has started waxing [waning] and that point one has to be careful, because that’s the most important thing. If you do not allow it to happen first time, then it can stop. It’s very simple to understand that if you can stop a sari or a last bit of it, it will not blow out, because you are holding onto it. So at the very beginning of waxing [waning] of the moon, if you are careful about it, if you are alert about it, it will never happen; whatever you have achieved will be sustained, and then you can increase. But that’s the very important point which we miss, and that’s why we have lots of trouble and lots of problems in Sahaja Yoga.

So now as you are moving for your further journey, so many of you have come for the first time, I have to tell you: don’t think, don’t reflect. In this you must learn from Indians. They don’t think about these things. But they have to think, because when they think they’ll start thinking about gross things which they have to think. I mean you don’t think. You’ll be giving up all that is nonsensical that you have been thinking about.

So don’t think about it, don’t reflect, don’t bother. Try to be subtler and subtler and not misidentified with your tags that are outside – like hooks, you see. And the mind is like a hook. I have seen all of you have some one hook outside and all the yarns go, hook around it, again another yarn goes and hooks around it. And the whole mind is attached to that hook. That is Mr. Ego. If you can cut your strings somehow or other and say, “I’m not going to think. I have come here for my spiritual ascent. Let me be what I am. If Mother says something I’ll listen to it, if She scolds me I’ll listen to it, She does something, whatever She does, let me see that as I have come here for chiseling out myself; let Her chisel me out, let the Nature chisel me out, let the whole atmosphere chisel me out, puja should chisel me out”. But you just become like a beautiful, we can say, a jade in the hands of the Divine, and allow the Divine to take out all your beauty. Just allow the Divine to take out your beauty, and then you can enjoy your beauty. But if you hang over to all these old things, then it will be very difficult.

So as being the first day, I have started it on the day when the moon is about to wane, you see. So I hope you’ll be all very careful about it. Be alert. You have to be very alert. You have to go beyond time. You don’t have to think about food. Once in a while if you don’t eat, doesn’t matter. Nobody is going to die, I tell you! We don’t eat for days together, nothing happens to us. So food has not come, the breakfast time, the dinner time – I mean, there food is a religion, I think, so everything has a time. Here there is no time for anything. We’ll do whenever we feel like, you see? Let’s do that way.

So we have to be prepared for a nice thorough cleansing, and a very enjoyable time throughout. These two things can work hand in hand, if you just accept that you don’t have to think. If you don’t think, everything can be done without any problem, and you’ll enjoy life very much.

So that’s one thing.

* Note: This was the first day of the waning of the moon, and Shri Mataji did use the word “waning” near the end of this talk (English part.)’

[Shri Mataji speaks in Marathi]

Mataji is addressing to the school children of the village and the villagers who have come to attend the puja.

Mother says: Now to speak with you people as you have come for the puja, the benefit of puja should be such that the God and Goddess which reside within you should get awakened and to awaken those God and Goddess we have kept this puja. So how do these people awaken different God and Goddess within themselves? Please learn it. Once you grow up a little bit then we will teach you mantras and then you can give Realisation to others. You will understand which chakras are caught up in others. What problems they are facing? How you can clean them? You will know everything. When you know all this then you will also be Yogis. Now you can also raise your hand, awaken the Kundalini and give Realisation to others. You see you will feel cool breeze on the top of their head. You can try it right now on someone. You will see that Kundalini Shakti is flowing from your hands. When you raise the Kundalini you will feel the cool breeze on the top of the head. Once you raise it three times, you will the cool breeze on the top of the head. But for that you need to do puja every day. Please take photographs if you don’t have it. Please apply little kumkum to the photograph in the morning, pray to the photograph and then go to school.

Before going to sleep, light a small diya near the photograph. Keep both the hands towards the photograph. Keep your legs in little water, add salt to it. Sit in front of the photograph for few minutes. Then wipe your legs and make them dry and then to go sleep. This is the only meditation. You don’t have to do anything else. Sit in front of the photograph 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening.

In the morning, when you are sitting in front of the photograph, your left hand should be towards the photograph and right hand on Mother Earth. Then after some time your right hand should be towards the photograph and left hand towards the sky. Do these for two minutes, pray to the photograph, take bandhan and go to school. It is very easy. Did everybody understand? It is very easy. Those who don’t have the photographs please take it. I had given last time when I had come. If you don’t have a photograph or you need another one please take it.

Now coming to the puja Shri Mataji says, “The puja should be very simple. We have to first clean the feet. Modi please come here. (Modi is the name of the Sahaja Yogi). Please take another two people if you need. Who are the newly married couples? How many there are? Please get up and come here. Oh! Lots of them are there. You have to sit in couples”.

Shri Mataji asks the children who are sitting in the front line to go back a little bit so that the newly wed couples who have come to wash Mataji’s feet can sit properly. 

Shri Mataji: They are new married couples, husband and wife. Sit first husband and then wife.

We have to clean the feet properly. Ok this is enough. Who is coming? Please come fast. 

Shri Mataji: Modi, make them sit properly to offer water. Why is the water so less? Also it is very hot. Filter it, it will cool down faster. Bring a parat [large plate] in which the Feet can be washed properly. 

Shri Mataji to a Yogini: Bring the large plate.

Yogini: Shri Mataji, I have not brought a big steel plate

Shri Mataji: To wash the Feet, big steel plate or copper plate, any one will do. During Atharvashirsha everyone can wash the Feet little by little. You four should come first, come forward.

[Newly married couples wash Shri Mataji’s Feet]

Three Maha Mantra: Om Tavama Sakshat, Shri Mahalashmi, Maha Saraswati Maha Kali, Trigunatmika Kundalini Sakshat, Shri Adi Shakti Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi Namo Namah. 

Om Tavama Sakshat Shri Kalki Sakshat Shri Adi Shakti Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi Namo Namah.

Om Tayvama Sakshat Shri Kalki Sakshat, Shri Sahasrara Swamini Moksh Pradayani Mataji, Shri Nirmala Devi Namo Namah.

Sahaja Yogi is saying: Ganesh Atharvashirsha

Shri Mataji: Modi, you can say Shri Suktam

Sahaja Yogi says: Should I start Shri Suktam?

Shri Mataji: Yes. 

Sahaja Yogi: says: I am trying to explain the meaning of Shri Suktam. It is not easy. But I am trying as nothing is mentioned here. 

Shri Mataji says: Yes try to explain. Say Sarva panchama bhuta – all the five elements.

Attempt to translate Shri Mataji’s commentaries on Shri Suktam in Marathi language into English

Sahaja Yogi: This prayer I sang is the prayer for Shri Mahalakshmi and I will try and translate it for you in English. 

hirannya varnnaam harinniim suvarna rajata srajaam
candraam hirannmayiim lakssmiim jaatavedo ma aavaha.

Sahaja Yogi says: The prayer starts with the word Hiranya Varnaam , Hiranya varnaam means which express the beauty which is shining like gold. Oh Mother You are just like the moon, golden moon through which the whole of your powers seems to shine. I invoke all your powers Oh Mother.

[Shri Mataji speaks in English]

Mother: Gold comes from the Sun and the Moon comes from the Spirit, so Golden Moon is a good idea, combination of both, Mother is. Chandra and Surya, both… Both are expressed on the Face.

[Enlgish tranlsation from Marathi]

taam ma aavaha jaatavedo Lakssmiim anapagaminim  

Sahaja Yogi says: Oh Mother we invite you over here to go through our Sushmana nadi so that we get enlightenment. You pass through our mind such that we get transformed. 

[Shri Mataji speaks in English]

Shri Mataji: You pierce through our heart, You can put it like that in English. But otherwise it is, the Mana is as you know the Super Ego, regarded as something great in India. Super Ego means all the conditionings, the good conditionings are the ….

yasyam hiranyam vindeyam gam asvam purusan aham asvapurvam ratha madhyam hastinada-prabodhinim

[Enlgish tranlsation from Marathi]

Sahaja Yogi : The golden colour of your chariot is something like a great person riding a horse, such that it is an extra ordinary chariot in the middle of the day, through which it makes your power absolutely expressive and it gives us tremendous amount of knowledge. Prabhodini means enlightenment of the knowledge.

[Shri Mataji speaks in English]

Shri Mataji : ‘Bodh’ is the knowledge and ‘Pra’ is the enlightened knowledge. The One who gives us enlightened knowledge.

sriyam devim upahvaye srir ma devir jusatam 

[Enlgish tranlsation from Marathi]

Sahaja Yogi : The way the sunrises in the east, similarly the enlightenment also comes in the same manner because of You. Oh Mother because of You the Shri Shakti is getting enlightened. You are the Mother of Shri Shakti, and you are the one who offers us the Shri Shakti

[Shri Mataji speaks in English]

Shri Mataji : Now, what is Shri Shakti? Shri Shakti is the power by which you enlighten all that is gross. You use all that is gross through your divine power. Sarva panchama bhuta, all the five elements. That is Shri Shakti. It’s the subtle power of all the five elements which can be controlled by You. That is what You enlighten within us and we can also control.

Shri Mataji: Now you have to go and let all the unmarried girls come.

kaam so smitaam hirannya praakaaraam aardraam jvalantiim truptam tarpayantim 

[Enlgish tranlsation from Marathi]

Sahaja Yogi: If I have any asmita, means a state of mind where you don’t think, that grows like a golden fire and the humidity becomes the fire.

[Shri Mataji speaks in English]

Shri Mataji: Asmita is where you don’t think, Asmita, without that, the state of mind where you don’t think. Asmita, thoughtless awareness. Adrata is the humidity felt by affection and love, becomes like fire, means fire means warmth, we get warmth in our attachments, in our expressions of emotions. Warmth. 

Truptas are people who are satisfied, who are Realized souls, and when You worship them or sort of respect them and honour them, as if You give them the honour because they are satisfied souls.”

[Enlgish tranlsation from Marathi]

Sahaja Yogi : and they feel honoured because of Your powers Oh Mother.

padme sthitam padmavarnam tam iho pahvaye sriyam 

Sahaja Yogi : You take a seat in a lotus and You have the colour of lotus and with that extra ordinary powers that You have composed. You offer us the power of composing, getting ourselves composed Shri. 

[Shri Mataji speaks in English]

Mother says, “Call the ladies who are not married, not small girls, come ahead ladies who are in sarees”.

Shri Mataji : Your apparition, Rupa [in Marathi : Mhanje] means your apparition, your appearance. Because of your appearance, whatever appearance You have we get our Realisation. We also get that appearance of Shri. Shri means dignity.

candram prabhasam yasasa jvalantim sriyam loke devajustam udaram

[Enlgish tranlsation from Marathi]

Sahaja Yogi : Because of Your prabha or Your aura which is like a moon which gives us the success. 

[Shri Mataji speaks in English]

Shri Mataji: Yash means success [in Marathi : but “success” is gross.] Spiritual success. We get burning spiritual success. [in Marathi : Shabda nahi. Exact shabda kase? // There is no word. What would be the exact word ?] You cannot think of a mild burning or a sweet burning in the heart you do get, isn’t it?

tam padminimim saranam aham prapadye lakshmir me nasyatam tvam vrne 

[Enlgish tranlsation from Marathi]

Sahaja Yogi says: It always happens because of Shri and because you have powers of all Deities, all these things happen because of you. Oh Mother who resides in the varna, I bow down to You and I surrender to You. Let my Lakshmi tatva remain enlighten because of you and A-Lakshmi tatva get vanished.

[Shri Mataji speaks in English]

Shri Mataji :This is just happening to you, I mean, just see it was written thousands of years back, is happening to you people. You are such special people. Otherwise the people used to read this before, used to think: “How, God knows how it works out?”

aditya varne tapaso dhijato vanaspatis tava vrkso tha bilvah
tasya phalani tapasa nudantu maya ntarayas ca bahya alaksmih

[Enlgish tranlsation from Marathi]

Sahaja Yogi : The way because of the sun the entire jungle gets fulfilled, blossomed out with fruits. Similarly Oh Mother because of your maya, the A-Lakshmi gets vanished and the Lakshmi Tatva gets enlightened. 

upaitu mam deva sakhah kirtis ca manina saha
pradur bhuto smi rastre smin kirtim rddhim dadatu me

Sahaja Yogi : You give me the good virtues, good friendship, the fame. But it is because of Your Powers. Whatever I get I surrender to You.

[Shri Mataji speaks in English]

Shri Mataji : I mean, one is asking for virtue. Virtue is to be asked, to be deserved, to be adored [?], to be proud [?]

ksut pipasa malam jyestham a laksmim nasayamy aham
abutim asamrddhim ca sarvam nirnuda me grhat

[Enlgish tranlsation from Marathi]

Sahaja Yogi : Because of your power around my Nabhi Chakra, A-lakshmi tatva gets vanished. I have the bigger heart and good name of your quality, Oh Mother therefore let your quality manifest and the A-lakshmi quality be washed out completely. The samruddhi (affluence) needs to be brought to my heart. 

Shri Mataji : A spiritual affluence. It’s all spiritual all right? There’s nothing like that, you see […] This is separate adjective used.

gandhadvaram duradharsam nityapustam karisinim

Sahaja Yogi : I offer you sandalwood.

Shri Mataji : Make my nose, make my eyes. You increase the power of my [nasal power]. You see when you are aware, you get a fragrance. So what he is asking for is that You give me a nose that will always have the fragrance of Your being, you see means Gandhadvaram. Duradharsam, means even if you are away, I should always have Your Darshan, means I should always be in your nearness [?], or I should always have Your blessing, as if You are with me. Karisim.

Isvarigum sarva bhutanam tam iho pahvaye sriyam

Shri Mataji : Now, Ishwari Shakti is the Power by which You pulsate in every atom, you see, and the same way as You pulsate in every atom, You should be all the time fragrant in my being and also I should be feeling Your Darshan all the time.
Shreya shabda (word), you see, Sanskrit word is such… Shreya means your spiritual wellbeing, but in Sanskrit you can say it is so in one word, but in English you have to say spiritual wellbeing. There is no one word in English attached to spiritual.

manasah kamam akutim vacas satyam asimahi

[Enlgish tranlsation from Marathi]

Sahaja Yogi : With my body, With my existence, let me be true to yourselves.

[Shri Mataji speaks in English]

Shri Mataji : Means with my body, with my being, with my speech, with my think, with my mind. Many people speak about Sahaja Yoga but in the heart they don’t have and many people have it in the heart but they don’t work it out with their bodies. You see they won’t work it out, you see they’ll be just using it for their own indulgence from the mind. Some may work it out by talking about it. But those who work by all these three integrated forces they are the ones… You give me that power that I work out all of them with the integrated force. I mean even that is asked from Mother… But at least there is the asking. That’s the great point [laughter] At least they’re asking for it.(laughters)

pashuunaam rupam annasya mayi sris srayatam yasah

[Enlgish tranlsation from Marathi]

Sahaja Yogi : Even to the animals you have given them the beauty. Similarly you should give us such beauty that it is full of spiritual success.

[Shri Mataji speaks in English]

Shri Mataji : It’s spiritual, again spiritual, see, animals have got their own beauty, but You should give us that beauty that gives us spiritual success. Shreyam mhanje (means) spiritual wellbeing…. There are very few words in English, difficult job. Or our knowledge of English is limited I think, I don’t know… Is there anything like a combine word for spiritual wellbeing in English? Would you say that? Anyone knowing English? [laughters]

kardamena praja bhuta mayi sambhava kardama

[Enlgish tranlsation from Marathi]

Sahaja Yogi : By your blessings if my family increases, if I create more praja , let it be because of Your blessings.

[Shri Mataji speaks in English]

Shri Mataji : If I have children, let them be by Your blessing.

shriyam vasaya me kule mataram padma malinim

[Enlgish tranlsation from Marathi]

Sahaja Yogi : Shyrea (Spiritual wellbeing) should reside in my whole dynasty as My Mother who resides in to the lotus.

[Shri Mataji speaks in English]

Shri Mataji says: This you must hear. In the whole dynasty. In my whole dynasty the children should be born out of Your grace so that You are worshiped throughout my dynasty.

[Enlgish tranlsation from Marathi]

Aapah Srjantu Snigdhaani Cikliita Vasa Me Grhe 

Sahaja Yogi : The way watervapour remains into the air ,in same way You reside beside me and in my element. The way a fragrance resides in the flower, in the same way you stay with me, in my existence. 

Shri Mataji : As the flower evolves fragrance spontaneously, in the same way You reside in my heart with that spontaneously.

Ni Ca Deviim Maataram Shriyam Vaasaya Me Kule.

Sahaja Yogi : Oh My Mother, You should remain in my dynasty.

Shri Mataji : This is how you remain in my dynasty oh My Mother. Asking for the whole dynasty, not only for his own heart, but for the whole dynasty.

Aardraam Yah Karinniim Yassttim Suvarnnaam Hema-Maaliniim 

Shri Mataji : Aardraam is I will tell you, Love which is full of emotional …, when you cry what do you call that, when you express your feelings of love with the heart cry, is there any word? See when you love us your heart is filled with tears, tears of joy means Aardraam

Sahaja Yogi : Suvarnnaam means just like gold and Hema Malini is a kind of flower

Shri Mataji : Hema means thread and Maaliniim is the necklace.

Sahaja Yogi : If you have the gold necklace of flowers, flowers necklace of gold, it is full of sweetness and tears of joy, in the same manner, he further says

Suuryaam Hirannmayiim Lakssmiim Jaatavedo Ma Aavaha 

Sahaja Yogi : The way the Sun God, the rising Sun looks like gold,

Shri Mataji : Jaatvedo Ma Aavaha, The one which rises and makes it a knowledge, makes it knowledgeable and becomes great, it’s Sun is too poetical I tell you, it’s too much, if you put it in English you kill it, what he is saying that the Sun when it rises alright, is knowledgeable, is full of knowledge, when the Sun comes in, you see everything, you get the knowledge and then we know its greatness so like that.

Aardraam Pusskarinniim Pussttim Pinggalaam Padma-Maaliniim |
Candraam Hirannmayiim Lakssmiim Jaatavedo Ma Aavaha 

Sahaja Yogi : In the same way, if there is a flower necklace made of gold and if it is having tears of joy

Shri Mataji : I mean what he is trying to say, is that think of the flowers of gold. First of all flowers of gold cannot have emotions. So the flowers of gold that has got this feeling of joyous tears as the dew on the flowers.

Sahaja Yogis : The way the full moon which is rising in the same manner my Atma tatva should also rise. 

Shri Mataji :See what he is saying ,that the golden flowers which are covered with the dew and in the same way I should have a heart which is golden, golden means untranishable(not of gold) but has got tears of joy in it. Second he says – like the moon as it is rising all the time my ascent of spirituality must be achieved.

Taam Ma Aavaha Jaatavedo Lakssmiim-Anapagaaminiim

Sahaja Yogi: Oh Mother I invoke You with in me in my Nabhi, so that you pass through my heart and take me to the ascent

Yasyaam Hirannyam Prabhuutam Gaavo Daasyo Daasyo-[A]shvaan Vindeyam Puurussaan-Aham

Sahaja Yogi: So invoke the powers like that of gold, that of sun.

Shri Mataji : Untarnishable. In the ascent of spirituality you have to be untranishable, if you get tarnished then you will fall, so all the time he is asking for golden qualities means the untranishable qualities, because you catch you see, you get involved, you fall down, you break, so you see the untarnishable quality

Sahaja Yogi: This is sung by me of you so that I am your servant. Let me be such a servant of yours who has such qualities.

Shri Mataji says: The main thing he is asking here is that Your untarnishable Power should descend on to me so that I become like gold, untarnishable. So that when I am ascending in my spirituality, it should not be tarnishable, but I must have the tears of joy and gratitude plus the golden flower what a demand? You never demanded anything still you got it. Make me Your servant so that I will get those qualities within myself.

Yah Shucih Prayato Bhuutvaa Juhu-Yaad-Aajyam-Anvaham
Suuktam Pan.cadasharcam Ca Shriikaamah Satatam Japet 

Sahaja Yogis: We are trying to transalate it. What happened because of your blessing, I should become that. Suuktam means your praise, I should recite your praise everytime.

Shri Mataji : He says that in every word of my praise of You, it should be Your work, work of God. It should be the work of God that should be Your praise, means whatever I do should be such that it should praise you. It is very poetical. It is Markandeya, you can imagine Markandeya writing about his desires, and you see, such a sweet fellow. Just think of it. For him nothing remains but his Mother

Padma-[A]anane Padma Uuru Padma-Akssii Padmaa-Sambhave
Tvam Maam Bhajasva Padma-Akssii Yena Saukhyam Labhaamy- Aham

Sahaja Yogi: Your face is like a lotus,

Shri Mataji : The Face which is like the lotus, Feet which is like the lotus, and the one which is being born out of the lotus, Eyes which look like the lotus. By remembering this Lady who is born out of the lotus and Her Eyes are also like the lotus, I get the greatest joy of life.

Ashva-Daayi Go-Daayi Dhana-Daayi Mahaa-Dhane
Dhanam Me Jussataam Devi Sarva-Kaamaamsh-Ca Dehi Me

Shri Mataji: You can give me cows, You can give me horses, You can give me elephants, everything you can give, You can give all the greatest wealth of the world. You can give everything that you want to give. But I want the real (…..)

Padma-Priye Padmini Padma-Haste Padma-[A]alaye Padma-Dalaayata-Akssi
Vishva-Priye Vissnnu Mano-[A]nukuule Tvat-Paada-Padmam Mayi Sannidhatsva  

Shri Mataji : This all the reiteration on the lotus, You are loved by the whole world, the whole world loves Your feet which are like a lotus. You are fond of the lotus Yourself. You are fond of Your feet Yourself.

Putra-Pautra Dhanam Dhaanyam Hasty-Ashva-[A]adi-Gave Ratham
Prajaanaam Bhavasi Maataa Aayussmantam Karotu Maam

Sahaja Yogi : You are the one who will give me children, wealth, a chariot which can move in all four directions, You become the Mother of such people and give me life so that I can praise you.

Shri Mataji : I say you give all the elephants, 

Dhanam-Agnir-Dhanam Vaayur-Dhanam Suuryo Dhanam Vasuh
Dhanam-Indro Brahaspatir-Varunnam Dhanam-Ashnute

Sahaja Yogi: Then he describes the qualities of wealth, Agni means fire which is also wealth, Vayu means wind is also wealth, Sun is also wealth and the whole Earth is aslo the wealth. Indra the God of Devas is also wealth, Brahaspatir is the Guru of devas is also wealth, Varun means the god of Fire is also wealth.

Shri Mataji: You can give me everything, but You just give me love, that I keep searching, that’s all I want. This is the main thing.

Vainateya Somam Piba Somam Pibatu Vrtrahaa
Somam Dhanasya Somino Mahyam Dadaatu Sominah

Sahaja Yogi: Give me vibrations like Eagle. Piba Somam means we drink vibrations. Give me only vibrations of the moon.

Shri Mataji: Somam means vibrations. We drink the vibrations. Give me the vibrations and don’t give me anything else. Give me the vibrations of the moon, and don’t give me anything else.

Na Krodho Na Ca Maatsarya Na Lobho Na-Ashubhaa Matih 

Shri Mataji says: I don’t want any anger, or any temptation, anything I don’t want to have. I don’t want to fulfill any anger or any temptations or any bad intelligence. Do you understand that? (laughter). It is bad translation. But it means something horrible. Bad intelligence. What you can say for bad intelligence, You Indians can’t understand. What do you says such type of bad intelligence? It’s beyond you, perverted things in English language.

Bhavanti Krtapunnyaanaam Bhaktaanaam Shriisuuktam Japet-Sadaa 

Sahaja Yogi:  Whatever virtue we have and if you want to give us something because of that virtue make Your disciples so that we can sing Your praise. 

Shri Mataji: Beauty : He says that Oh Mother, If I have done anything good in my previous lives, if I have done any punayas(virtues), then You just give me the power to sing Your praise all my life. What a beauty!

Sarasija-Nilaye Saroja-Haste Dhavalatara-Amshuka Gandha-Maalya-Shobhe
Bhagavati Hari-Vallabhe Manojnye Tri-Bhuvana-Bhuuti-Kari Prasiida Mahyam 

Sahaja Yogi: In the blue lotus there is saroj, and in one hand You have the garland of white flowers, it gives You the beauty. Oh Bhagwati the lover of Shri Hari, You enlighten my mind with knowledge. You make me so big (huge) that I manifest in to the tribhuvana and be your servant.

Shri Mataji: see the blue lotus is standing see that is the poetry, with the white flowers in Her hands.

Vissnnu-Patniim Kssamaam Deviim Maadhaviim Maadhava-Priyaam
Vissnnoh Priya-Sakhiim Deviim Namaamy-Acyuta-Vallabhaam Sahaja Yogi: You are the Goddess of Kshama(forgiveness), You are the Lakshmi, You are the priya Shakthi of the God, You are the Devi, I always worship You , I always bow down to You.

Shri Mataji: This is Mahalakshmi. The stuti (word in Marathi which means praise) is of Mahalakshmi that is why it is more related to the sun. You are the wife of Lord Vishnu, please forgive, that is like Mary. That is what Christ said – forgive. You are the wife of Madhav.

Mahaalakssmii Ca Vidmahe Vissnnu-Patnii Ca Dhiimahi
Tan[t]-No Lakssmiih Pracodayaat 

Sahaja Yogi: Let Mahalakshmi be the power of enlightenment within me and let Vishnu Patni (wife of Shri Vishnu) give power to my intelligence. Oh Lakshmi give me some proper enlightenment. 

After the pooja when Mother is wearing all the ornaments,

Shri Mataji: Don’t get scared. Put it tight. Keep all the things properly. Please come forward those ladies who have to fill offer ‘oti’ (offerings which consists of rice, piece of cloth, fruits etc). This is to be done by ladies. Sit sit. Keep Gauri in the centre. You are all sitting properly. Please sit. Put ghee in the samai (copper stand on which diyas are lit). Keep it one after other in a line. Correct.