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Anjaneri (India)

1984-02-19 Public Program, Marathi, Birthplace of Hanumana near Nasik, India, DP-RAW, 31' Download subtitles: EN (1)View subtitles:
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Public Program in Anjaneri, the birthplace of Shri Hanuman (Marathi). Maharashtra (India). 19 February 1984.

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Shri Mataji: Shri Hanumana had attained it. Just as Anjani Devi (Mother of Shri Hanumana) had attained it. Like Anjani Devi and Hanumana, if we can see the Spirit residing in our heart, if we get our Self-Realization, then there will be no question standing before us. All pain, wretchedness, poverty can go far away. We have many principles within us. They are still in the dormant state. They should get awakened. Unless they get awakened, there is no meaning of our lives. Our connection with God Almighty has not been established until now. Till our relationship with God Almighty is not established, how we will enter then into His Kingdom? And how we will get the boons that He wants to bestow upon us. That’s why our relationship with God Almighty has to be established and has to be everlasting. This is the main thing, that it has to be ever-lasting.

If meaninglessly we repeatedly call Vitthala and if He comes and stands before you, how will you recognize Him? Thus, the Apara Bhakti which exists and which is done without seeing, without knowing God Almighty, its fruit is today our Sahaja Yoga. To Ganesha we say, that, “Spontaneously we dived into the current so at the time of salvation, You protect us”. The time of salvation has arrived today. It must be preserved and we should stay forever in it. For that there is no need to give money. God doesn’t know what to do with money. This many people may not know that to God money is unknown. Now we went to rural places and told them, “See, you should not give us money or anything like that.” So they said, “Instead of 10 paisa should we give 20?” Does God understand money? When Shri Rama has come here, did He know what for are the money?

Otherwise, there is an example of Hanumana, that Sitaji gave Him a big necklace of gold, and He was breaking every jewel seeing into it. They said, “Why are You breaking these golden balls?” He said, “I’m seeing if there is Shri Rama in it or not? In none of it is Shri Rama.” The whole gold He thought was useless and He threw it away. Because Shri Rama was not there the gold was useless. This is what Hanumana showed you. Hence, Shri Ram who is residing within us, has to be attained by us. And after travelling in Shri Rama’s kingdom, all our sorrows will end. This we know. And that happens.

I want to tell you of a recent miracle. It doesn’t mean that you should believe in it, but, it can happen, and has happened and similarly all of you should get your wellbeing and all of you should be happy. That’s why God has made this plan, that “My devotees who are living in India, who have kept so much faith in God Almighty, should verily get this. They should verily get this. They should be blessed, that your benevolence should manifest. You should attain God. I’ll tell you an experience. There is a small village called as Kalwa. A householder by the name Rajaram Patil stays there. He was very humbly placed in life, his situation was very humble. And he used to attend My program and would bring along his son and other fellows. So he used to bring his family and friends from Kalwa, and would bring garlands and things for Me. I said, “Rajaram Patil, at least allow Me to pay for your conveyance, it’s too much for you. You feel like meeting Me is alright but how do you manage this?” He said, “God arranged everything for me, Mother.” I asked him, “What happened?” He said, “I had a small uncultivated plot of land. There, I do meditation in the morning. One day a man came and said, “Your land has some special properties. Using this soil, someone told me that the bricks become like stones. That’s why we have come here to see it. And this soil we shall buy in units of share (measuring unit). That land which he thought was barren and has abandoned, it got transformed into gold.

This golden Dwarika, God can establish for you, if you attain God. His principle is extremely great. Many people just do not accept. Educated people do not accept that there is some Power of God. Now, just see around, all these trees that we see where do they come from? Who made them green? Who produces mangoes in a mango tree? Why does it not bear any other fruit? All this is being done by the Divine Power. And you are going to witness today if this Divine Power exists or not. And when that Divine Power of God will come in you then the dormant, extremely deep type of principles, even the principle of Lakshmi itself, will get awakened and your life will change tremendously. People got many benefits out of Sahaja Yoga.

First and foremost is that people have attained physical well being. Physical illnesses get cured. Because of that plenty of our money and troubles get saved. Then, many people who have mental problems get cured. Then, many who have intellectual problems are saved from them. You are luckily not so highly educated, having less intellectual problems. Highly educated people have plenty of intellectual problems. So, lacking those problems is a good thing. And, after that those people who have Lakshmi problems (financial problems), that also gets solved. This way, many problems which we are in fear of, get destroyed, and we enter into the Kingdom of God and there we live in peace and joy.

This is Sahaja Yoga, and no matter how much is told about it, it’s still too less. I mean I’m constantly, daily, giving one lecture. And at every place, I speak so much and still people say that I have said something new. So, there is no end to it. If you have any question, please ask Me now.

[Aside] He was Pawan Putra (Son of Wind God), isn’t it? So the wind is blowing.

Ha, if there are any questions, you should ask. Are there no questions? Some questions should be asked, isn’t it? O.k. Now I’ll tell you one question. One question which should be asked is, “Mataji how does this all happen? How does it take place?” Shouldn’t we ask such a question? Just because somebody says something, we should not believe it. You should ask, “How can it be like this? You say so, all these big stories are true or not?”

So within us there is one such power, which is known as Kundalini. She resides at the base of our spine in the triangular bone, coiled like a serpent. She is stationed as a power in the shape of three and a half coils. This power is called as Kundalini. And since immemorial times She has been described by Dattatreya and so on. It is described in many books. Markandeya existed 1400 years back. Even he has described Kundalini. In the Devi Mahatmyam and Devi Puran that he has written he has described the Kundalini. This power is in a dormant state within us, because this power is our pure desire, our true desire. Now we think that our true desire means that today if we have a house is enough, It is not so. If you get the house then you want to have a vehicle. After the vehicle you want to have children. After children you want something else. So which is the pure, true desire? She is a power within us. Pure desire is that our relationship with God Almighty should be established, that we should meet God Almighty, that our connection (Yoga) with God Almighty should be established. This is the pure desire and it has not yet been awakened. She is the Kundalini power which resides in our triangular bone. If She gets awakened then this work manifests.

And many times She will also be visible to your eyes. In the triangular bone She is working like a heart, because She pulsates. And if that Kundalini power gets awakened, the cool breeze of the divine power starts flowing in our hands. and you experience chaitanya which spreads in all four directions. This Divine Power which is working in all four directions which does all the Divine work, is first and foremost experienced. And how to do it? That in short words, I am thinking to do it now. But if you have questions better ask. Ask, ask because otherwise your attention remains there, I’ve seen. Ask, ask. Ask. A question or so should be asked.

Question: (Inaudible)

Shri Mataji:  [unclear]

Question: The road going to and from the Hanuman Temple and vehicle – these issues raised by the Trust; will this pure desire get fulfilled?

Shri Mataji: It will happen. But it is not such a big issue. Road for going to Hanumana will be made. You do not know, many things will come to this country, but with that your satisfaction will not be gained. This is the main thing to be told. The road will be built, everything will happen, maybe here one of our ashrams will also be built. Something will happen, quite a lot will happen. but still it will not bring any satisfaction. Satisfaction will come after attaining God. Means what? What will happen? The biggest thing is that all your addictions will drop off. For attaining Hanumana the addictions should be dropped, shouldn’t they? If we have all the addictions how will Hanumana be pleased with us?

And if you want to go to the temple, go there, get your legs broken, and finally what will you get? Then I will ask one question on behalf of God. First your addictions should go away, shouldn’t they? To get the blessings of God, should we not be capable of receiving them? As I said, first you get that capability. That’s Mother’s work, so I’ll do it. Hanumana’s mother did everything she could. Now, let your Mother do what She wants to do. That capability you should attain and then everything will happen. Then whatever you say will happen. But first shall we not enter into the Kingdom of God?

Now ask the second question. The question was too good. I’m a Mother after all. so there is no problem in asking Me any question. Mother is all ours. We ask her all the questions, don’t we? If we don’t ask Mother, then whom shall we ask? Yes ask some more.

Question: What should be done for raising the Kundalini?

Shri Mataji: That’s the right question. That I will do. I’ll tell you about, but otherwise? Right. He asked the right question. This is a seeker’s question. This is the right question. For that very little has to be done. She rises spontaneously. As if there is some seed. If we want to sprout it, what do we do? You will say, “Plant it in the Mother Earth”. It’s just like that. This is the work of the Mother Earth. It happens spontaneously. “Saha-ja”, “Saha” means: born with you. This Kundalini is born with you. And the connection that you get with Her, is your right, it’s your birth right. Getting the connection established is your birth right. That you should take. Once you get enlightened, just like a lamp enlightens another one, similarly you can enlighten others also. Just a little bit of it you should know. Small children can also do it. Everyone can do it. Now ask one more question and then we will do it.

Question: Provision for water also?

Shri Mataji: Yes, everything. Everything that you have asked for, is material. Provision for water should be made, there’s so much poverty, there’s so much distress. If I’m to speak, the village from where my father hailed, I’d been to that village…

Question: What is this Sahaja Yoga?

Shri Mataji: What did she say? What do you want, tell Me. What did she say? Her language is different.

Question: How should a person get rid of Tamo guna? How can we establish oneness and affection with others? The Tamo-guna that exists in a person, how can it be reduced? And, how can a person experience oneness with others.

Shri Mataji: That’s right. That’s a very nice question. His question is related to dharma, that how can we get the feeling of love for others. Because of Tamo-guna we don’t feel love for others; also because of Rajo-guna when people become bumptious. Then how does this happen? Now, these people are here from 14 countries. They have love for you. They came here to meet you. But you people lack oneness. What’s the reason for that? Now see this finger of Mine; if it gets hurt, I don’t need to tell anyone, because if I get hurt, then I will soothe it and relieve it Myself. Isn’t it? Because it’s My own finger. Similarly, you are part and parcel of the Viratha Purusha. All of you are! But still the awareness is missing, the awareness that we are part and parcel of Almighty God This awareness is missing. The moment this Realization takes place, the cool breeze comes in your hands, and a new awareness gets awakened.

Now, we have various awarenesses. Compared to animals we are much more evolved. Evolution has taken place. Suppose an animal is told, “You walk across this filth”, it will walk across. But, if you tell a human being, he won’t be able to. But, when you realize your Self then, the first and foremost awareness that you get is, that we all are part and parcel of the same Being. On your fingers you will know what problems a person is having. What problems does a person have? His stomach is paining. You’ll be sitting and you’ll say, “Do you have a headache?”, “How do you know?”. Means, “I know it through my fingers”. Your fingers  will start speaking and you will know that he has that problem, that his one chakra or another is catching. That means that the collective consciousness gets awakened. Who is the other? It is told to Me, “Mataji, You have done lot of favors”, but who is the other? If everyone is part and parcel of our being, then who is the other? If you are having any pain I’ll also get the pain. If I remove my own pain then what favor have I bestowed upon you? So, this awareness is not yet awakened in us. Once it gets awakened, we’ll give our life for each other because as our nose, eyes, mouth is all ours, similarly all these people are also ours; this awareness comes into us. This is an awareness and it comes within us. This is the transition from the state of “human” to “super-human”. When a human becomes a super-human then we realize what are the troubles of others.

This awareness has to be awakened. And that will happen. Then there will be love among us. Jealously, hatred, all will go. Because we are all one, we should help each other. Because we are one, one and the same being. But because this awareness is not yet awakened, due to the ignorance, this knowledge has to be awakened within, we should feel it on our central nervous system. On your fingers you should feel it. It should be felt. Jaaniv, is a very good Marathi word. You should know it, not with your brain, like saying “we are brothers and sisters” and then start quarrelling. We should feel it from within. This will happen in the whole universe. All right? Very nice question. Such thought should exist that there should be oneness between all of us. We are all one, but due to the ignorance, blind people always feel that we are all different.

But once we get the vision then we are all one, then there is no difference. As they say Avya(Spirit) has no caste. The one who becomes a Yogi, to him caste and so on. has no meaning. It’s all the same. O.k. now, what has to be done for it? First of all I’m a Mother, so no need of wearing a cap in front of Me. You sit straight as you sit in front of your mother. Sit as you sit in front of your mother, absolutely simple and sober. There should be no difficulty in it. Sit in a very simple posture. How do we sit in front of our mother? Think of it while sitting in front of Me. You should have the same kind of love that you have for your mother. All our work is that of love. So we should sit in complete love. Now, just place both the hands like this on your lap, slowly. Place them like this slowly. Quietly. And now we should close our eyes. Everybody should close the eyes. No giggling. See, it’s not going to work out like this. Be quiet, we are doing Divine work, aren’t we? Close your eyes. Close your eyes and sit down. What’s there to giggle in closing your eyes? Because of this in our villages, that’s why it doesn’t work out in villages.

[Missing part]