Public Program

Rahuri (India)

1984-02-22 Public Program, Rahuri, India (Marathi), 35'
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Sarvajanik Karyakram Date : 22nd February 1984 Place Rahuri

Hon’ble Chairman of Rahuri Factory Mr. Sarjerao Patil, as well as the directors of the Mitra Sangh Sanstha, all the Rahurikars and backward class people who have gathered here, I do not feel comfortable saying so. Because they all are my children. Hello everyone! I had a sudden meeting with Dadasaheb once and I realized then that this man really cares for people. He who does not have compassion for others should not become a social leader. 

Those who have not done social work should not enter into politics. Those who have done social work, if they come into politics, they will have compassion for the people. But most of the people do social work so that they  come into politics and earn money. I know it all. I have seen the condition of our country since childhood. I am probably the oldest among you all. My father is also very religious, a very high class social worker, national worker and again very friendly, very friendly with Dr. Ambedkar! It was a close friendship. He always visiting to our house.  I know him (Dr. Ambedkar) since childhood. 

I used to call him uncle. So the relationship with them is very close. And he was very bright and generous. My father was a Gandhian and this was a bit against Gandhiji. Then they used to argue. Despite the conflict, there was great friendship between them. Very friendly! When my father went to jail, he used to come our house to ask how things are going, ok or not . My childhood is spent with all such great people. I also grew up in the Gandhi Ashram and it was from his struggle that I drew a conclusion. 

Jyotiba Phule  or any other social workers, Agarkars, Tilaks, all of them, the anger that was in them & the struggle they do is true. Casteism is the worst in our country. It means like a cancer. Let’s say that the leprosy  can be better than this! But we have to remove this evil of casteism,   and the cause of this casteism- is the people who are selfish. Now let us think that when caste came, what did you become a Mahar by birth, or did you become this from birth. How is this possible? 

If you think like this, who wrote the Gita? Gita was written by Vyasa. My thinking is that- I ask those who made caste. Who was Vyasa? The son of a concubine. One who has no father. Orphan, that Vyas! He wrote the Gita. How you impose  racism by reading it! What? The word ‘caste’ which emerged,  was later used by people to establish their own hegemony. There was no such caste in our country. 

It was going according to karma. Four castes were considered. The first caste, one who seeks Brahma is a Brahmin. Who was Valmiki? A fisher again. Today they  use this Ramayana and does casteism, so I don’t understand. Can you tell me how to correlate this? So this is something to dominate yourself. People get caste by birth, but first caste was done according to karma. 

The castes that the God put were internal, not external. Now suppose there is a species of tree. Mangoes are growing, he should get mangoes. A man who knows the Brahma, is absorbed in the Brahma, is a Brahmin. How many Brahmins are there, come before me! The one day I asked this question, they came and started doing this and that in front of me. Said, ‘What happened to you? Becoming  a big Brahmin. Why is this so and so? You know Brahma!”Mataji, you are Shakti, therefore we are shaking. 

These neighbors shaking. go and ask who are they? He went and inquired. It came to know that they have recovered from the mental hospital in Thane. Then you and they are one and the same. What is more in you? So if one thinks of himself as something decent and says, I have attained the Brahma and I am a Brahmin, then such a certificate, a self-certificate, will do nothing. This happened and happens in all religions. And let me tell you now, that there was a gentleman we know in the schedule cast. They were of good caste, say Marathas, Rajputs. But it came as a scheduled cast itself. I said, how come, how did you cast the schedule? If I am in IAS now, then the cast will be schedule cast. So now another caste has been introduced. 

So this struggle continues. These things will not be good. Another thing, caste was not there in our country. Those who accepted Brahmakarya are Brahmins. Kshatriyas who tried to find the God in war. So those who have money, i.e. those who are Marwaris, are Vaishyas. Because they found God in money and those who thought that no matter what it takes to make money… and those people, those people who force us to do something bad to them… done. Those who do agriculture, that is the greatest work. Agricultural production, agricultural work, is the highest. But whoever is an IAS, a collector, is highly regarded in our country. He is a government servant. 

Does he even know? he is a servant. We salute him as a collector. An agriculturist who toils in the land is in fact engaged in a high task. Then it’s all a trick of the mind. People’s minds are magic. The people of this country are very good at running something in the minds of others, how to get into people’s heads and it is still going on. It will continue somewhere. I have great respect for Ambedkar. My father was also a member of the Constituent Assembly. 

He made the constitution. .They used to come to our house and there would be arguments. Then my father said, ‘Let us do this among ourselves, that those who call us of very high status,’ because my father was a simple man, ‘we will make them monks. It means that the Lakshmi principle will be awakened in them and they will help everyone. Like what happened to Sarjerao Patil now. Ambedkar’s saying  that you should not get involved in these matters. These people are very evil and liars. Those who become these great brahmins will not give us anything. They should ….. That was what he was saying. Later Alladdi Krishnaswamy Iyer was its Chairman. 

Alladdi Krishnaswamy Iyer, the most learned man in the constitution- we don’t know, tells you very firmly a Sanyashi. A man living on two dhotis. I am telling you because I have seen it all. I have seen such people. Now you  see it differently because your luck is not good. But our luck is good. We have seen very selfless people at that time. If I you tell about them specially, you will think, what kind of things mothers do? And those who were in it were rushing  behind the Brahmins. 

Brahmin himself. And want to  cut off everyone’s heads tail. The awareness that they had at that time, the anger that they felt then, everyone felt the anger, didn’t Agarkar feel it, Tilak didn’t feel it, Gandhi didn’t feel it, but everyone presented things in their own way. ‘Mother, this is Buddha’s.’ This is correct. Buddha said for the first time, ‘Buddham Sharanam Gachchami!’ means he didn’t just talk. Did you become Buddha first? What is Buddha? One does not become a Buddha by displaying boards. What is it, just because we are engrafted as Christians, we are engrafted as Buddha, we do not become Buddhas. Should become a Buddha. This Buddha is sitting in front of you. He who knows Brahma is Buddha, he who is enlightened, he who realizes is Buddha. We are doing that work now Sahajayoga! Become a Buddha first. 

Second he said ‘Dhammam Sharanam Gachami’. That means religion should be awakened. When told not to drink alcohol then  will drink it for sure. I see it. Even as a child I was  been watching since then. Do not do what is said. This is human tendency. Rebellion. Then if religion is awakened in him, everything will be solved automatically. So religion should be awakened. ‘Dhammam Sharanam Gachami’. But last of all, what is Buddha said about ‘Sangham Sharanam Gachchami’ should be understood . You cannot descend into the sangha without becoming a Buddha. What is Sangh? That is what we call collective consciousness. Is this finger or this finger different among all these body parts? Built into a team. Also we are all a part of this virat. 

It just needs to be awakened. If you are awaken, then you join the Sangha, so what? Then this caste and that caste! What’s different about your hand and finger? Does your nose feel different? If we help this finger, who do we serve? So it should be done from within. I used to think that we were fighting on the tree since childhood. All these people are sitting on the tree and fighting among themselves, talking and thinking. Now he said that nothing special could happen. So the reason is that basically go! Everything must be principled, and the main principle in that principle is that your soul pervades the universe. Get that universal form. This is our straightforward Sahaja Yoga. Then they will say who is a Brahmin and who is petty! When all the Yogis become, when they descend into the kingdom of the Lord, where will caste be? 

This is all human filth. This  man is bound to get dirty here and there. You go and see now. In a forest, not a single dirt will be seen. As they started coming to the village, there was a smell from outside that there were people. Animals live, snakes live, all kinds of people live, but you don’t see so much dirt. When he came to the village, he knew that the village had started! It is a human habit. He has a so strong mind, that somehow, he wants to make something bad out of good. Has Buddha done anything good? I look at people who follow the path of Buddha and I wonder what to do with Buddha? 

The  Mahavir of the Jains, what has been done to them! Those contemporaries were doing the same thing. Kept them well. Kept Christ’s plight. All our sadhus and saints have done what they have taught. Now be awake yourself. I have decided to make everyone a Buddha. True Buddhism is Sahaja Yoga. Because in this you were Buddha yourself. You understand. Your fingers sense and you know, what is wrong with you, what is wrong with others, how to correct yourself. And once you take this Buddha Dharma which is within, yours is all. Everyone has Kundalini. Kundalini has nothing to do with caste. is there Is there any caste in your soul? 

Just connecting Kundalini and Atman. This is a task. If that happens then the principle of Lakshmi is also awakened. Now I will say what is wrong with the backward people? Know that even their suffering has a principle. I say, as a mother. It must be said. I mean ghosts and all these things, occultism, necromancy, we have destroyed ourselves by doing these things, backward caste. You should leave it all. Witches, hey, they do a lot. The other day I met a backward cast person. They asked me, Mother, if the God  is the same everywhere, why are we still so backward?

Hey, go to the God’s kingdom first. You are sitting in Indirabai’s empire. Go and ask them this question. But if you ask me, first go to the God’s kingdom and then see how poverty remains. Because once this crisis is over, this kind of sorcery and the business that is going on and more Brahmins are added to it. That is, all these people go there and say, ‘We will do your best. Give us four rings. Give us two rupees.’ If you leave all this, poverty will eliminated! Because wherever this is, Lakshmi runs like this. Well, back to the next story! Because I have traveled all over the country. Even if caste is gone, there will be no equality. Remember this. The word equality is different. What is it now, that in a place where there is no caste, in a foreign country, what people are happy there? 

You ask me what is the problem there! Not only in England, but in the city of London alone, two children kill by their parents every week. Speak now! There is no caste. Ah, when could not able to  kill others, now they started killing their own children. That means something is wrong within  the mind! Something is broken. No one would believe it, but it is there in the statistics, that in London the city, two children kill by their parents. I saw with my own eyes. Children who were born so small (infant), used to sleep in another room. Dogs and cats used to sleep in their room. Have you seen any where?  even if those children will die that can be tolerated. You will not believe, there are so many wicked people! Shots fired from the gun. This is how it works in America. So much theft that you will be surprised now we walk at night here. No one is stopping, nothing.  There is no such facility for walking in night. nowhere 

If you carry a purse in your hand even during the day, they will drag it from you. Even to London. Don’t even ask America. Saheb told me to remove all the ornaments if I go. Said, ‘Look, I don’t want that. Because this is the work of the goddess and all these ornaments belong to her. I can’t figure anything out. I see who steals. But you don’t say that. I can’t figure it out. These belong to Devi. I have to wear that ornament. As long as it’s work.’ So that’s the situation there. you don’t know What are the problems of people there! Can’t sleep through the night. crazy 65% of people are crazy. speak now There is no ethnicity. so what Man’s nature is such that if he, a group or a society is not allowed to oppress, he starts oppressing at home. Will do somewhere. That is nature. What is the cure for it? The cure for it is that if you awaken the Kundalini, the Kundalini will pull your ego on the agya chakra. Right, then you give work to these children in this hostel. 

Realized these little guys. As Patil Saheb  give realization to  the children in his school. So you get through. This is a true blessing. Now what we have said is that money cannot be boasted. Admittedly. But we can do with money. Learn to make it worth for money. A simple story tells us that in our Sahaja yoga a village man, how can he be called backward, is my son. 

You say backward people, they are of their caste, what can I do to him? One such man used to come to us. They are Patil. A very decent man and very poor. Well, there is no practice of charity in Sahaja Yoga. We have not kept the custom. In a sense, it is a donation. So the man came to us, I said, ‘What are you doing, Patil? Everyday also brings a garland of flowers. somehow I said to someone, ‘At least pay for garland.’

Here comes so many garland  and why you spend your money. So he said, “Mother, my problem is solved.” “How?” ” I don’t have any problem with money now.” What happened?’ I have some land ouside there I sit for meditation and do a little shatpavali in the morning and in the evening there.” A Sindhi community man came to me and said, ‘Give even a little bit of soil from this land,’ which means it has become a virtuous land! So ‘our bricks turned out like stone’ so he weighed them with scales. This Lakshmi principle was awakened. Now you will be surprised that  this man’s son study in  JJ School of Art, where my daughter studied, thousands of people studying there, but now he is studying there after getting a scholarship because he got first class first. Because this principle of Lakshmi was first awakened. I admit, you put it in school. Give education, but they must get realization at least once. Buddha should do. Secondly, you should remove all the people  who do totak  and things  from your village. These are against God. You should eliminate all these people who are doing things to make money, witchcraft, cremation, Bhanamati and so on, then the Lakshmi Tattva will be awakened. And some of this demons have penetrated into the heads of our politicians also. 

These are ghostly people. So it happens. I don’t think these are normal people as from their spoken language. Let’s bring them into Sahaja Yoga first to normalize them. It is good if everyone becomes a yogi. Now to say that if we want to do the welfare of our society, the welfare of the country, the welfare of the whole world, we must have integrity. Samagra means to bind everyone’s front with one rope. That rope is the Kundalini of the Universe. Once you were bound in that rope, that is what kind of caste and that kind of cast after all of them have become part and parcel  in the body of the Lord! This is our job. Then there is no point in attaching the leaves on the outside tree. Basically it should be penetrated. 

Therefore, the most important thing to say is that what we will do if there is a hostel, there  not to say that anyone is backward. No one wants to say anything. How it got stigma! These are forced occupations. In our country they are of this scale, there are of other scale. Again we feel that if money comes to us, affluence comes, then we will be very well. That’s not the case! These people have so much money, I said the that Switzerland, Norway and Sweden these three countries have the more money and the most people commit suicide there. Speak now! They had thoughts of suicide. 

What to say! Young boys and girls came there. In their hands I felt like, the state of a corpse. What do you say young people? The face having no charm,  so dry, like dead.  Said, what happened to you? Saying ‘No’, ‘We sit and think, how can we commit suicide?’ There is nothing to eat, drink or give. His intention is to commit suicide. So what happened? what do you do You have nothing to eat or drink. You have no car,  no education. Everything is there. Then, saying nothing  gives us  joy. 

Because we have not found joy in anything, so now we turn to happiness. Buddha is an example! Despite everything, why did he go in search of God? Thus they are committing suicide in search of God. Then why do you go to such lengths, commit suicide and then attain God? Get it now! Why such a long path? First, those people used to take drugs, then they walked around like hippies, screamed, did everything. It’s over. Now it’s 

In Sahaja Yoga and I said, what is the need for such a long path? They are sitting right here in the heart. Your soul resides in your heart. Let us take it and see b His power! Is there any poverty? Nothing,  It will be destroyed. Krishna has said, Yogkshem vahamyaham! It is said, Yogakshem Vahamyaham! You will feel better after yoga, but do yoga first. Until then, if it is not connected, what is the use of it? I tell everyone to do yoga first. Then let’s see next. But after doing yoga, when the bud sprouted, he sat aside. Do a little hard work for a month or more, I mean look  at your hostel. All this Rahuri will have a new form. This is our hard work. 

Its our parental  place. And even though they were very rich, even though they had everything at home, even after sacrificing everything, they could not find a satisfaction that nothing good had happened to our country. Worked so hard, went to jail. they sacrificed  children, everything. Everything has been done but still nothing good has happened to our country. But our father was very ascetic. He told me that, ‘the task for which you have come is very big. This is Mahayoga. So you find out that everyone will be accommodated. How, right work? If you find it, then my life is worth living. 

You figure it out.’ I could not do it till their time, but before my mother left, she asked, ‘Is it done?  I Said, ‘Yes. yes done Found out.’ She died happily. Then what we had seen before, the great people, many great people. You can become very  great than them. Just awaken your soul. It is very easy task. It doesn’t cost money. No building required. It will happen wherever you are. Take this first. The thing is straightforward. Get it once, so see how smooth and orderly your work is. This is one defect in us, that we have not yet entered the kingdom of God. How to give his blessings. A tree that has not been watered will wither. So the connection should be done. Become connected. This is the straightforward path of our SahajaYoga. 

The rest of these children are also very generous. These outsiders are very generous. Already we just went to (indistinct) there. There was some arrangement for children, school etc. So they say to me, Mother, we will make each child our heir. They say they will do it, but it is not a big policy of mine. will be I mean get paid, learned, ah, I’ve seen so many learned people behave like  donkeys. No wisdom comes from learning! Even become more stupid. And these politicians have not learned anything! They have no heart. 

There is no heart to see that  this man of your neighbor is dying and what are you doing and expecting bribe! That heart has to be awakened and for that our Sahaja Yoga program is running. We are doing and will do whatever we can for everyone. Whatever troubles you have, just speak out. Many are cured. It can happen just by listening. But let us come to the kingdom of  God, otherwise we will not be able to do it. Our hand will work when it comes to the kingdom of  God 

Take that blessing. Come and sit in the God’s kingdom and get yours. ‘Tuj hai tujpashi’, take it. Then who was happy and who was angry. Ah, when the lamp is lit, the lamp itself gives light. It is time to light the lamp. Until then, we ask you to add oil to it, fix the lamp, fix its wick. Give more light. Don’t need to do anything now. I fix your lamp and lit  it. You should keep it warm, that’s it! You will be the giver. Just do it. Get the principle of what is true once. This is very important. Did you see all the others got? What they can done for the enlighten others . So if you really want to light the lamp, you must get what is genuine. Don’t go for fakes. 

I make such a sincere request to you! i am mother If I have said anything to you,  should not feel bad about it. She is working for your well being. I don’t want anything beyond your best interests. I have come to give you all that is in me. Take it . So I will be free. Everyone called me here, performed Bhoomipujan on behalf of all of us, we are ready to give whatever you ask for. You should let me know especially when I don’t understand it. I mean, what is ours, what is their system as it is a global organization, everything happens through them. I don’t know one letter of money. Then write down what they will have, what your needs will be. 

Then from there we will do what we need to do. But it doesn’t matter to me. What matters to me is how many of you become enlightened and how many become sahaja yogis? So now I have come. So as a blessing, everyone would sit with hands like this. at ease  stop thinking. Now if  you are a politician. Whatever you are. But now you sit as mother’s children. And take what you have with you. Take whatever about your soul. Sit with your hands like this. It doesn’t need caste, it doesn’t need anything. The soul resides within you. You get it. What a sumantrao! Is your name Sumant? Do you know who was Sumant? do you know Rama’s secretary. You have taken a very big name. 

Your Mother must have thought of something and kept the name. Then something should be done. Sit with your hands like this, Hey, that Rama ate Bhillini’s Half eaten  jujube. I say, Bhillini’s Half eaten  jujube , but this donkey will not even eat food from her hand! Yes, the thing is true! I say because I am! Even if they eat the Bhillini’s Half eaten  jujube, there is no light in their minds, how will it light up! That must be of  soul . Without that it doesn’t cure. It has been shown by doing everything. Krishna has eaten food at Vidura’s house. But still the light did not shine in people’s heads. From whose hand did he write such a large book of Gita? So they didn’t get anyone else. He found the Vays. fisher.

Ramayana was written by Valmiki. The God has not failed. He is giving you lessons again and again. But human being  will not understand it. No matter how many shocks. So get realization now. You become a Buddha now, that’s it! Then I don’t have to say anything. Did you know? Now keep your hands like this. Simple as

It was simple to sit with hands like this. Now look at your fontanel, do you feel cold? Look at this hand. The head should be cool. Take off your hats. No one sits with a hat on a mother. Remove the caps. Why hats in front of the mother. How do we come to mother? Look, is it coming up, cool on the head. The cold should come from the fontanel bone. You will know how holy the land on which you are sitting! Are you coming? what’s up.  Now do the right hand towards me. It is very hot. Everyone gets hot. Then diseases occur. The head is very hot. Put your right hand towards  me and forgive everyone now. First forgive all politicians. 

ey work in ignorance. And also forgive those who spread racism. They are fools. Some are donkeys, some are fools. what to do? We should forgive everyone sensibly. Now look, is it coming through the head. what? Look, it should be cold. forgive them, forgive . Close  eyes and forgive others. People can’t forgive and say, ‘Mother, how to forgive?’ But hey, if you don’t forgive, you’re hurting yourself. Others do not. forgive  Say ‘I forgive’. I mean with  heart, with  whole heart. Are you getting? It has to come out of your own head. Look a little closer. It is subtle. is subtle. We are in gross. Did you come? Look, it’s subtle. Your own. See it’s yours. Is it cold? Now it will feel cold everywhere. Now raise your hands like this. And ask, is this Brahma Shakti? 

Is this the power of God mother? ask to me. Ask, is this God’s power? Ask sincerely. I answer this. This is. Look at this power. It comes in your hands. We do not see the living work that the God is doing at all our surrounding.  Got a cold in hand. Now you will feel calm. Now after this, see, the understanding will come slowly. What.  Now to say ‘Buddha Sharan Gachhami’. Otherwise the mantra has no meaning. not awaken.  Now the more the names are taken, the more it is revealed. All  are realized. But at that time there was no facility to do this thing. 

Does it come in hand? It’s getting cold. Something came! It feels good, calm! So now I say goodbye to everyone. By God’s grace, all your work will be well organized. Send me the addresses of the children. send photo These people want to adopt the children here. Will arrange them. Love will give them. That’s how these people will do it. You should send addresses and photos of children. Pass them too. His health will be fine. They will be all right. I am very grateful for your invitation. And on behalf of all the righteous I thank you.