Devi Puja: Achieve the power of Spirit within

Mula Dam, Rahuri (India)

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Puja at Mula Dam, “Achieve the power of Spirit within”. Rahuri (India) 26 February 1984 .

[English Transcript]

I hope your journey has been comfortable so far and will be comfortable later on, as the source of comfort is your Spirit. And more you see to the comfort of your Spirit the problems of outside comforts drop off. You are not bothered as to where you live, where you sleep, what you eat, what you do. So allow these gross sensitivities to drop down so that the inner, subtler sensitivities grow. That’s why you are here, to get over your time, conditionings…l mean it is a rat-race, and the rat race has to be somehow or other stopped, once and for all, “without”. So here we can do it “without”, and once you start meditating, that “within” can also be achieved and you can achieve that peace which all human beings should have, if we have to save this world from complete destruction.

As you must have realized that now the Sahaja Yoga is growing much faster, and is taking a good speed. And we all have to keep ourselves equipped to be able to be part and parcel of this great evolutionary and revolutionary process which is going to stir up the whole world.

For that, it is important also to see that we take ourselves to task and don’t get into mediocre living and mediocre thinking. We are people of very great potential. Not only that, but we are blessed by God’s Divine Power. Try to use that power within yourself and try to be one with it. A little bit, you have to see that you beat up your body, beat up your mind, beat up your ego, and chisel it out so that it is beautifully made, in such a way that you grow into that image for which you are made.

Regarding other things, like my tours in your countries; I think, the greatest good is done to you when you come to ‘this’ country; as if you belong to this country and you were uprooted in some other country. And, when you come here you prosper so well ! And in that country I try so hard, I work so hard, do all kinds of things, all the time I spend with you, I do everything, day and night, all the time—I find it’s impossible to achieve much, that I see happening to you here. As if here you take absolutely with great ease the divinity of this place. And I think this uprootedness has to be given up. I think as if you had immigrated into those countries and now you are back in your own! You are not found out by immigration laws, I think!

Now, under these circumstances we should change our tactics and start to establish our ashrams here, and our own projects here, so that you people should come down ‘here’ and achieve more. You can earn your living there. But you should come here and spend some time for two or three months ‘continuously’ and establish yourself and grow. Because I don’t think it can be achieved there that good. Because we’ve tried everything. So this is the ultimate outcome of our trips all over.

Despite all kinds of hazardous routes and hazardous life here, we are doing very well. I must say when I see you I find you are all very good and you are very much better and it’s all improved. ‘Like watches, you see, when you have to make them immuned, you put them under absurd conditions and they get alright. Like that, now you are immuned ! They are put into troughs which are shaken very thoroughly as yesterday you were shaken in the buses. Then they are made to pass through water which is running very fast on them. And all this we are trying here; and I think your immunity is growing very fast to outward things, and you are becoming really solid eternal time pieces, the way you are created here, and I’m so very happy to see the development.-That’s the main point which we have achieved here.

So the attention should be. out-away from money; first of all. That is one of the biggest problems. Actually nobody can believe that affluent countries are much more money-minded than Indians are, ‘though they are so developed. You see, the developed countries are ‘much more’ money minded, than the Indians are-its very surprising! When you see the way they count their pennies it is impossible to believe that these are really developed people. They are worse than beggars sometimes. So that is what you should get out of-the money part. Money is horrible stuff that people count. I mean-it is better to count the names of God than count the money-horrible coins .

Then we have other things like gross attachment to comfort. I don’t think it’s a very comfortable life there. Because here you can move in the night, anytime. You won’t meet anybody who will snatch your purse or snatch your bangles. You can move about the way you like and nobody’s going to bother. You won’t meet 2 or 3 drunkards beating each other-nothing of the kind. So it’s a very pure life here. That’s a very big achievement.

And the comforts that you want you can create later on, if you want to have them. At least I personally think that too much modernisation won’t suit this place. So you should not give them these useless ideas which makes your body slaves to your own comforts and ideas of enslavement.

In any case personal cleanliness is very good here, but the general cleanliness has to be taught to these people. All this giving and taking process will work out very well, I’m sure. And the way things are moving within yourself, I have great hopes that you will really grow much faster if you come to this country and stay here for some time, in a settled way, and then go back to your countries. That would be much better than to have a visit to your countries, which I feel sometimes is just bombarded by negativity.

The other point which I wanted to tell you is that you must learn to understand that you have come here to gain something. Nobody is going to gain anything out of you. So you have to gain something here. You are students and so you have to learn something, and try to develop a sense of discipline. Like a disciple who receives all that is around-“What’s that? How is it? This is the house, that’s nice”, you see, like that. But if you go on seeing the thing which is of no importance and loose talking about things that do not matter with you. All these have to be given up. Because you have so much time there that people sit down and jabber; talk, loose talks, ugly talks, useless talks. That’s not needed at all. On the contrary it’s better to be quiet, and assimilate more within yourself. Because here the people don’t have time, so they can’t talk, they have to work. But while you have lime there to talk, also here, so we start like that; and that’s a ‘very’ wrong thing.

Another talking is done with yourself also, quite a lot. like you start analysing, criticising and finding faults and all the time thinking “Oh, this could have been better-I’ve harmed very much here…that has happened”, all those things come into your heads. So this kind of a inner talk also should be stopped; they are called as “murmuring souls” by Christ, who said “Beware of murmuring souls”. But these murmuring souls exist within us. So beware of them and don’t listen to all nonsensical talks, and try to keep a good eye on that and be alert, so it will help you. On the whole, I must say that this trip and the last trip, I am overjoyed and I am ,very’ happy that it has brought forth ‘so many’ possibilities before me and your potential. I am very happy about it, that somehow, in this year, we have achieved a new type of atmosphere among all of you, which is humble, which is quiet, which is peaceful, which is absorbing the Divine, which is a very, very great, joyous thing for me.

So I thank you very much for all that. I hope you keep up your progress this way.

May God bless you all.

[Translation from Marathi]

Now I thank the Sahaj yogis of India on behalf of everyone that they did all the work peacefully, not infighting with each other, not landing anyone in the soup, not causing anyone embarrassment, not showing any anger, and doing everything sensibly and setting a good example in front of them (foreigners). They think that you are very great men, devotees of God, wise, having a nice and balanced life, and are extremely moral. This means in short everyone thinks you are Shivaji Maharaj, and to such Shivaji Maharajas, you all, I bow to you.

Now I have to tell you that in us sometimes it so happens that words and deeds do not match, because we have so many ideals here that hypocrisy enters into a man. We put up a pretence of being very nice, which these people cannot see through, as they are straightforward people. They have nothing concealed in them, which goes to such an extent that we will say they are shameless, but in them whatever is there, it is visible to everyone. They don’t keep any malice in their hearts, but in us this art is very advanced. So we show ourselves as very great to others, but inside we have many defects. So, we will be harmed in this case. When we talk to people, we say such things that people will feel God Almighty has himself descended on this earth, but if we look closely at their character or their life, then we feel that there is no bigger demon than them. And demons like these have gone abroad and swindled these people (foreigners). These people outwardly talk very sweetly, very nicely and act as if they are extremely innocent and loving, and after going abroad they have fleeced all their (foreigners’) money, made them hungry, destroyed their state, and they got respect and honour abroad. Then we all have a little bit of this quality that we can manage being outwardly very nice and be different inside.

These people (foreigners) cannot do this even if they want to. They even ask Me, “But he says he is so nice. So how can it be? I mean, if someone is a bad person among us then he will state clearly, ‘I am a bad man. I am cruel’.” So I said, “We don’t do this. If we say this we will get a beating. So we do not tell. Instead, they say, ‘I am extremely good.’ Even if he is an extremely cruel demon he will say, ‘I am extremely nice and a great man,’ but what he is inside, he will not say. I mean, we do not feel the responsibility to admit what we are inside.”

But in Sahaja yogis, outside and inside there is no difference. We should be the same outside and inside. The man who becomes the same outside and inside, ander baaher ek hi Janu, who has no difference in his thoughts and deeds, is a true saint. Outside and inside. If I tell you not to drink and I Myself sit drinking, then what will you say? This is a simple example, but if I am an Indian then I will drink in secrecy and tell everyone not to drink, and I will drink in secrecy. This is the Indian style. And the English style is telling you that drinking alcohol means you are going towards God. I am drinking, so you also drink. This is the style of the English or foreigners’ style. But both the styles are wrong. In their style even if we say everything is exposed, still it is foolishness, and even if we conceal everything nicely, we are really not as nice as we seem. We should keep this in mind. If we are surrendered to God, God helps us. He blesses us with innocence by which we cannot put up fake pretences. Where is the wisdom in pretending to ourselves? There is no meaning in it. By the fear of society or for the sake of show, we show we are ideals and we are nice. This gives one the impression that in society evil does not spread much, but by that egoistic behaviour and hypocrisy we are never going to benefit. So why don’t we benefit ourselves? We should think like this, that by doing goodness and good deeds they will benefit us.

Now people of old times used to say that saints always had trouble, and they always had grief. What happiness did they get from God? They faced so many crises, and the rest of the people lived in happiness. But in a way if we look at it, no one was happy. So, let’s look around. We see lots of people who seem happy, people who are rich, people in power, people who have huge empires, but if you look closely, no one is unhappier than them. They are in deep misery. If I tell you their grief, it is as big as mountains, and they are crushed under it. They are as good as mad. They don’t understand what to do. They do an injustice and then they feel bad about it. It must be so! If someone hurts anyone, then it returns back to him. The torturing hand also suffers. So they are in great grief. If they are cruel to anyone, then that cruelty affects them also.

We went to see those people who think they are very rich and very prosperous to their home. The day before yesterday I was in Pune. There is a gentleman who is very rich. He invited me to his house. About two or three years back, his wife and his son were very big alcoholics, and his daughter-in-law was on the verge of having tuberculosis. They were facing such a big calamity, but her husband was a drunkard and they had lots of money. The woman could not give up alcohol, come what may. She was like big-time alcoholics, and they were so prosperous that you cannot even imagine. So he told Me, “Mataji, I will give you lots of money. Please cure my wife.” I said, “I don’t need any money. I will cure your wife.” And you will be surprised to know that the day before yesterday both the son and his mother came. They had quit drinking completely and were completely normal. The rich man said, “Mother, I do not want this money. Due only to this money all the grief and penury has come into my house. All this trouble has only come from money. This is the true penury in the sense that I have so much money with me but I have no support from my wife and my son, and my daughter-in-law was falling ill. So this is true penury that I had. So I do not want this money. You put this money anywhere. Put this to good use. I don’t want this money.”

Other rich people whom I saw, some were caught up with false gurus, some were caught somewhere else, and there were misery and illness in their homes. Someone started running after money. So he went to the races where he lost everything, blah, blah. He ditched his wife and children and he kept women, began drinking and all this happens. This means that if we look at someone and say, “See how successful he is,” tomorrow if he falls from grace he will be lying on the road for days and no one will look at him. People say to him, “When you were in power you behaved like this. So now we do not care for you.” His aura of power is also gone. I mean, now there is also no meaning in his power. In this way, whatever we say makes a person successful, but when a person gets it, he is not happy. Have you ever seen a drunkard being garlanded after his death? We never hear, “He was such a big drunkard. Let’s build his statue,” or “This person was very cruel. He ill-treated everyone, but he was in power. Let’s build his statue.” Have you seen this anywhere? There is no statue of Hitler anywhere, one who was very well-regarded at one time and did so much cruelty. There is no statue of him anywhere. This means that the person who lives a bad life will never get recognition ever. So, superficially we may feel that he became so big and successful for the time being, but if we look with foresight, that man never gets peace.

So, after this we must understand that true prosperity is in attaining your spirit. But now this Mahayoga that is started, at the time of this Mahayoga we are going to get true prosperity in every way, as this time all the seven chakras have come on Sahasrara. As all the seven chakras have joined on Sahasrara, due to their integration we get the Laxmi principle. Similarly, we get the principle of Bhramadev, meaning all kinds of creativity will come to you, and you will start writing poetry. Also, if we are afraid of something or we are facing some loss or someone is attacking us, then all that attack is negated, and if someone still attacks us then he is destroyed. Such a situation will come. You should try to attain this level.

After that, at the level of Vishuddhi is the place of Shri Krishna. There you will get complete Kshema (wellbeing). As Krishna has said, “I will give you Kshema. If you get your yoga, I will give you Kshema.” All kinds of Kshema means beginning with good physique and a glow on the face. The whole life of the person blooms like a lotus. He gets the witness state, peace and mastery like Shri Krishna. He can do with people as he pleases and put them on the right track. He gets a kind of authority and sovereignty.

After that, on coming to Agnya chakra he gets a reservoir of forgiveness. He is not hurt by anyone or anything. He forgives everyone. Nothing sticks to him. Whatever anyone says to him or if anyone hurts him, he forgives. And this forgiveness has so many powers, it’s as if forgiveness forms a big mace and goes and puts that man in his place who had hurt him. I mean, either that man is corrected or he is destroyed. I mean, you have so big a blessing of Agnya chakra. Also on Agnya chakra are Ekadasha rudra, meaning that those people who have ill-treated you or troubled you, their Ekadasha gets caught up and they are destroyed. This means on one side you are nurtured, and you get love, growth and protection, while on the other side those who try to hamper your growth are completely destroyed. This is the magic of Sahaja Yoga today. This means it is the work of the seven chakras.

Then, Sahasrara being My place, those who reach Sahasrara and establish themselves, once their Sahasrara opens up, are blessed with Mother’s love in all ways, and whatever is sweet and fruitful in it, they get all the kinds of its tastes. Man feels truly blessed. He becomes aware that he is completely secure and he swims in the ocean of joy. His powers increase tremendously, and people give him recognition. A lot of people who have never spoken publicly become big and famous speakers. They develop oratory skills and they give realization to lots of people. In this way, the world is getting a new leadership which was predicted fourteen thousand years ago. So, this is the time to make true the fourteen-thousand-year-old prediction, and whatever has to be done is to be done only by your hands. You will be such big people that you have a place on My Sahasrara, you are sitting in My Sahasrara, and a lot of work will be done by your hands. And to do the work we need capabilities. We need to give up pretences, quit being hypocrites, stick to truth, be straightforward. We should ignore small things and look at the bigger picture. We should not get upset with each other, nor get angry or distressed with each other, and one must be humble and shine in one’s own glory. Even if only this is done, it is a lot. Everything is in your own hands, everything is near you, everything is given to you by God Almighty. So, it’s not like something special has to happen. It is a very simple thing to happen, and it is already predicted that it will manifest. You only need to stand in this holy Ganges. Keeping your legs close to each other, nicely you need to stand your ground. If you manage this a little, everything can be done. In this way once Sahaja Yoga spreads, everyone is going to be blessed by it.

So I bless you that you get those benefits and you bloom in it. My infinite blessings to you.

May God bless you all.

May God bless you all.