Tremendous Moral Crisis

New Delhi (India)

1984-03-12 Public Program, Delhi, India, DP-RAW, 96'
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1984-03-12; Public Program Delhi India

Sahaja Yogi: Her Holiness Mataji Nirmala Devi, and my dear brothers and sisters, on behalf of the spiritual seekers of Delhi, I extend a very loving welcome to our Divine Mother who is the very embodiment of auspiciousness. I extend a very heartfelt welcome to the honourable minister for home affairs (his name), who has agreed to participate in today’s inaugural function, but has been delayed due to the exigencies of his high office by half an hour, and he’ll be joining us shortly. 

I extend to you a very affectionate and cordial welcome to all the brothers and sisters assembled here, who have come to receive the blessings and grace of our Divine Mother. What does Sahaja Yoga and its founder Mataji Nirmala Devi (unclear), what does our Divine Mother have to offer to the individual and to mankind? Mataji has said Sahaja Yoga is the union of the individual with the Divinity within himself by the most spontaneous and natural method, by the grace and the divine love of Mother. The greatest sorrow of life is that you are not united with the beloved Divinity within you. The greatest joy of life is the union of the beloved Divine within you. These are the two important things most human beings are not aware [of]. The most important, the most exciting, the entire romance of life is your union with the Beloved within you, because this union will last in this birth and all births to come. This union, this union in love, love which grows and is beloved within you will always give you bliss. This is the holiest of the holy unions. 

Mataji wants us, wants to perform this holy union of you and the Beloved within you. This is the holiest of holy tasks, for which she has come here to perform. Mataji has often said [that] the true transformation can take place at the individual level and at the level of mankind only in case that a spiritual awakening, that a spiritual transformation, when the divine Shakti which is sleeping in the Mooladhara Chakra is taken up to Sahasrara Chakra. When you feel the Divinity within you, when you feel the love and compassion which the Divinity is, when you act from that level only then your actions become sat karmas. Only such actions which bring from the heart where the Divinity resides, those actions alone will bring integration and all the blessings, all these, the whole of humanity, all the nations, all the religions, all races can be united, can be integrated only at the spiritual level. Only in case all of us realise that we are the children of the One God, and that the integrating and cementing factor is the Divinity. And only when experienced the Divinity within you and when you perform actions from that level, where the heart and the intellect are merged in divinity, only then there can be peace on Earth. There is no solution to the individual problems or the problems facing mankind unless the laws of the divine kingdom are going to be observed. Unless you are going to be established in the Divinity within you, the practice of moral values or spiritual virtues is an impossibility. But once you’re established in God, in the Divinity within you then, the fact is of moral value, then spiritual virtue is become spontaneous where the only motivating action for all is love and compassion for mankind. 

Though Mataji has come amidst us to perform this great task, she can not only give individual awakening but awakening on a mass scale. The only condition is, the persons to come to Mataji must be true spiritual seekers. Let us all dedicate to Mataji’s ideal, let us all cooperate with her in this holy endeavour of bringing the Kingdom of God on Earth. Thank you. 

Shri Mataji: I bow to all the seekers of truth. 

When today, in these modern times, you look around anywhere in any country you feel that the human beings are really confused. They are in a very confused state. Whether it is politics, economics or social life, it seems nobody knows which is the right direction one has to follow. It was said that it was to happen in this (in Hindi) Kali Yuga that people are going to become (in Hindi). It has to happen. But today’s problem, if you come to the essence of the problem, is that we are passing through a tremendous moral crisis. Tremendous moral crisis within ourselves and without. Actually the human beings, the way they make this world, they see the world, they create the world, they live in that world. The confusion has come from human beings and not from the Divine. 

At this junction when science thinks no end of itself, when ritualism has taken roots so deep, when people have become so fanatically attached to the so-called truths they believe in it’s a hard task to talk about the Divine that is the truth and that is the reality. On one side one has to face the scientists; the people who believe that there is no God. It’s very nice to believe that there is no God. When you are darkness then it’s nice to believe that there cannot be any light. The others are – who are well-versed or who are educated in religion are lost in the words. As Shri Adi Shankaracharya has said (in Hindi). Those who are fanatics are lost in the fanaticism, the clutches of fanaticism, which leads you to violence. So one starts wondering if this is God, if this is Divinity, if this is religion why one has to face all these horrible manifestations of that Divine which is supposed to be compassion, love and above all peace. 

At this time one should understand that this country of ours, this Yoga Bhumi is specially blessed because we have had a heritage. Heritage of ancient times where people have talked that one has to get his self-realisation. The complete motivating force in an Indian life is how to get your self-realisation. Of course now we have become westernised, we despise our own sciences, we despise our culture, we despise what is written in our ancient books. But if you ever talk to any Indian who has some Indianness left in him, he will say that our country has a promise of Yoga, of self-realisation, of union with the Divine. This is the promise of this country. That’s why today you find so many people from the West come to this country to seek that way. 

Now when we think about knowledge, I call it avidya, the knowledge of the tree – we know the knowledge of the tree. When we have to treat the tree, we cannot treat one leaf here and there, we have to go to the roots of it. In the West, or into the – we can say the scientific approach towards this solving of human problems, has been the knowledge of the tree. Not of the roots. The knowledge of the roots is in this country. This is the greatness of our country, that we are the sustaining force of all the world. But in our ignorance, in our slavish nature we are following the West blindfolded, without knowing where they are going. They are going in a ditch, absolute in a ditch of (in Hindi). There is a tremendous moral crisis in the social life in the West. You cannot go in New York safe in the evening time. Anybody can snatch your purse, anybody can hit you, you can’t wear any ornaments, you cannot wear even an expensive watch in that country. You go to England, the same thing. [To] Russia if you go, it’s full of fear. People have so much fear that out of fear when they get out I see they are much more abandoned than any other Westerner.

So either it is the fear or it’s the abandonment under which these countries are prospering. As a result of that they have become so much conditioned that they do not know how to get out of those conditionings, of the abandonment. They have no (in Hindi), they have no freedom, because freedom can only come from your self-realisation. What they have is abandonment and that has come because they believe that individualism is important. The individuality must improve. One must develop the individuality. But this is not the way to develop an individual. If you see the life metaphor, the best metaphor is a tree. How a tree grows – that first you get the roots and then you get the shoot. Then when it grows it develops its whole manifestation into – first into leaves, then into flowers and ultimately into fruits. So the maturity that has to come then gives you the individual identity. Not before that. Unless and until you are mature you should – you cannot be an individual. That’s like a madman running amok. That’s what is happening in the West now, that you feel that these people are really crazy, mad or something has gone definitely wrong with their brains that they cannot locate their moorings, where they are. 

Now the individuality, so-called, of the West is nothing but is like a cancer, it’s malignancy. Because if you are on your own and [have] no relationship established with the Whole, then you can really damage the whole world. (unclear) can also become like that. Today we are sitting tied here, thinking any day a switch can be put by America or Russia and we all can be finished for nothing at all. This is what we have achieved through our great advancement of science. That we are sitting in a complete fear of that germ we have created out of your scientific researches. 

I do not condemn science at all but I say we have lost the purpose of science. The purpose of science is for the availability of the Divine. Supposing I didn’t have this microphone, I could not have talked. So it is, everything has to work for divinity, if it cannot work for divinity it will be devastatingly dangerous and it is a very destructive use you are putting them into. Scientists must realise that once they forget about God and separate themselves from God they are separating themselves from the Whole, as in a malignant cell when it becomes seceded, separated from the Whole it becomes so much ego-oriented that it starts overpowering other cells and creates a malignant situation in the society. This is exactly what is happening today in the Western society. 

Now in the East, where we are in this country of ours, the Yoga Bhumi, we have lost our heritage, we have lost faith in our own tradition. I mean we must understand that what these people have achieved, how [they are], you won’t find many Westerners who even have a steady look. They can’t keep their eyes still. Their mouth is twitching, their nose is twitching, their eyes are twitching, they are looking this side that side, they cannot have a steady look for any kind of an observation. Why is it that attention has become so much disturbed? Because there are so many things created to distract their attention. All the time it is attracted, their advertisement, their newspapers, all the stuff they are loaded with, the whole attention gets completely distracted and finished. 

Now we are going towards that. We think they are affluent, they are very happy people, they are very well to do and we should follow their path and jump into the same sea as they are. Now you know about three countries which are the most affluent. It’s Sweden, Norway and Switzerland. There’s a competition going on among the young because I have moved there, I have lived there, I have talked to the young and I know the essence of the whole problem is that, that they are so fed up with their affluence now and they are so much disgusted that they have not been able to find even a trace of joy in the affluence that they had that now they are all competing in committing suicide. If you ask an educated, intellectual from any one of these countries, he will very seriously in a very melancholy tone he will say that “by the way, which is the best way to commit suicide?”  In India people ask me questions, “Mother, how will I help my father?” “What about my job?” “What will – how will I get my money?” I mean we are still progressing [to] that side you see. But in the West people ask me a question, “How to commit suicide?” “How to run away?” “Where to run away?” “Have you got a place in India where we can come and run away from this mad race?” 

So now what should we do? If they have gone into the ditch, what should we do now? We should go back into our own heritage and find out what do we have there, what can we get out of it and be natural and spontaneous about it. No use following their pattern. They have gone wrong, we know thank God, we didn’t do that fast. But now let us find out what are our problems and how we can cure them. Only one way is that you have to get your self-realisation. There’s no way out. This is what I said, that your attention should be controlled, nirodha, so that you get your realisation. You should be dharmic so that you get your realisation. You should be in bhakti so that you get your realisation. You should do your yagya because – vedas, veda itself the word means to know. To have the experience (unclear). If you cannot get it, all this reading is (in Hindi), it’s just (in Hindi). So to go beyond it, what should we do? How are we to attain that subtler being within ourselves which is the Spirit so that we enter into the roots?

Now, luckily I must say that it was not possible to achieve that for many many thousands [of] years. People could not achieve it an-masse. It could be done for one or two persons, only a few persons could get realisation. But today the time has come. It has been indicated long time back in a book called Narigrantha, fourteen thousand years back. It has been stated that from 1970 such and such thing will start, and the people will get the awakening of their Kundalini and will get their realisation, sahaj. And the intellectuals today in our country, I have not met many who know the word even of Kundalini. This is our great intellect. By reading these Western books, where are we going to reach? Why not exploit the property that we have? Why not try on the heritage that we have, than to just intellectualise everything, analyse everything and go mad like them? 

Now what do we have in our heritage? It is said that within us lies, in this triangular bone, a power which is called as Kundalini, which is in three and a half coils. It’s an ancient science, I can tell you this. Of course we have lost all of our great (unclear). It has nothing to do with any Hindu religion, Christian religion or any religion which is outside. It is the essence of all the religions. Given by great drasthas and the great munis of those times. For a muni and a drastha there is no religion. They have no religion. As they say in Hindi (saying). They were the real people who could see the Kundalini, this power within you which could rise, and when it rises it penetrates through the six subtle centres which controls your plexuses as well as your nadhis, that is your autonomous nervous system. Now the trouble is that if there is something like that, if there is some science like that within us, if there is the science of the Divine, as a scientist why not open your mind to that? Instead of keeping a barrier to it, why not open to it? And see for yourself that there is this power resident.

I went to Greece once and there I was surprised that the word “atha” – Atha in Sanskrit means the Primordial – and Athens we went to, and there I went to see this goddess Athena. This Athena had a serpent in her hand and the coils were seven coils in her hand, showing absolutely clearly that she is representing the Adhi Kundalini, the Primordial Kundalini. And when I went to see the Persepolis which is the place where Athena resides, see this Kundalini they said she was a virgin. And outside that temple of Athena they said you cannot go in because she is a virgin. Kundalini is a virgin, she is the Gauri. She has not yet met Shiva so she is the Gauri. And that’s how they said she is inside, you cannot. I was amazed, I saw some cool vibrations coming out, outside the temple, and I looked at it and it was there. Who? It was Shri Ganesh. Exactly, Shri Ganesh was sitting. And I asked the lady who was interpreting, I said what do you see here? She said it’s a small baby elephant I can see. But this is the Child God who protects the Mother. I asked the curator of that place how do you know these things? From where does this knowledge come from? They told us your country is the one which gave us this knowledge. Thousands of years back. Much before Alexander came here, they told us that their one Power, Mother Power, from her the three powers coming, and these three powers manifest.

But what has happened to all that? Where are they? Where are they lost? I said they’ve all become now Anglicised, Westernised. That’s all I could answer. Because all the intellectuals of this country have taken to a kind of shabdajala. A kind of a funny attitude towards religion. Just to impress others, write books on Kundalini, write books about say dharma, read books, “I have read this, I have read that”. And that’s why sometimes I feel, when Kabir has said very clearly (in Hindi). First I didn’t understand when I was a child, what did they mean by this, how can they become (in Hindi). In the book it will be written (in Hindi). But they will go on reading that. They will go on repeating, thousand and one times. They’ll be saying it again and again. And then (in Hindi). You have to know yourself, know thyself, everybody has said that, what about that? They’ll go on reading [the] Bible, know thyself, know thyself. Everybody is reading it. But who’s going to do the job of knowing yourself? 

To know yourself is also spontaneous. As you have grown in your evolution, from the stage of amoeba to this stage, to go for the – has to be done by the same Force which has made you into a human being. We take everything for granted. Why shouldn’t we ask ourselves, why God has made a human being? Why [don’t] the scientists ask a simple question to themselves, why are we human beings? They don’t ask questions which they can’t answer. They’re honest people. But there must be a reason, supposing I’m making this instrument, I must have made it with a purpose. What is the purpose? I have to first connect it to the mains, otherwise you won’t know the purpose. You have to be connected to the mains, but once you’ve connected to the mains you’ll be surprised. You are dynamic. You are tremendous. Because God has made you like that. But have faith in yourself. Know that you are that. Like great Dnyaneshwara has described (unclear), [it] is a description of today’s Sahaja Yogi. He said you will achieve Brahma (in Hindi). You will become the Brahma, you will feel the Brahma, you’ll feel the Chaitanya, you’ll feel the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost in your hands. That’s what he said clearly. But he goes further. He says (in Hindi). You’ll become the (in Hindi), means the forest, you become the forests of (in Hindi) you will be. (in Hindi), meaning the talking seas, oceans of Amruta. That’s what you are. You are going to become that, it is said by Dnyaneshwara. And I don’t think he told us lies. 

That day has come today, for you to become that. Kundalini awakening is the simplest thing. Has to be done by the simplest person. If you are [an] extraordinary person, rather difficult. The ordinary has the extraordinary absolutely intact. The extraordinary person has wasted all his extraordinary into ordinary. While the ordinary villager has got that whole – the whole of that extraordinary within himself. No [hang-ups], no barriers, matter of fact. Balanced. Such a person is the one who gets realisation. But I must say it is doing wonders. I’ve seen thousands of people in the villages getting realisation. Once they get realisation, of course health gets cured, you get alright, automatically, because it is the sutra. It’s the thread of Kundalini that goes through, passes through all these centres and awakens them, which get vitalised and once it pierces though this Brahmarandra, [it] is the fontanelle bone area, then you become one with that Divine Force which is all-pervading.

We know this power exists. We see these flowers. How did they come? We cannot create one. We cannot create fruits out of flowers. How [are they] here? We see them here, we take them for granted as we have taken ourselves for granted. Now this happens through some power which is a living power of the living God. And this living power is the Brahma, which you have to touch, you have to feel. And that is the (unclear). That’s how you have to know. That’s the (in Hindi), that we have to experience. You cannot talk about it. It’s another world you enter into and you are amazed that Brahma is the only truth, the rest is all nonsense. 

Everything works out according to the desire of God. But human beings have been given freedom. If they want they can go to Hell. If they want they can go to Heaven, into the Kingdom of God. The whole arrangement is so beautifully made within yourself. Now the mistake, I think, some of the Western philosophers did – not Socrates of course – but later on Jung who got his realisation, who opposed Freud completely, he made a big mistake in describing a human being. He said that at the lowest point is the unconscious, which never manifests, then the unconscious that manifests. On top of that he said is the subconscious. And on top of it is the conscious mind, on top of it is the Ego. Now this is the biggest mistake to say, that you have to pass through the subconscious to go to the unconscious is absurd. Because God is the greatest organiser. Now see, you are sitting here, you can see there are passages made for you. You don’t sit in the passages, people don’t have to climb your heads to come down here. It cannot be layers like this it is, you see, it’s a (unclear). There’s a beautiful sushumna path kept ready for the ascent of Kundalini. 

There’s nothing needed to be done, except that when I said you have exhausted your extraordinary so it has to be a little bit nourished, and then it works out. It has to work out, it has to work out, the time has come. Because [the] Divine itself is anxious, the Rittambhara Pragnya itself is anxious that today, at this time, when the whole thing has to reach its epitome. The Creation can be destroyed because you are the ones who represent the fullness of this creation. You are on the stage. The whole stage is created for human beings. 

I wonder how many of us realise what God has gone through to create us. It is easy to discard God. It’s easy to say there is no God, it’s very simple. But that doesn’t help anyone, does it? Why not see if there is one, why not have a look at it and find out if there is? Now there is no amount of talking, no amount of discussion, no amount of holding big, big conferences and big, big organisations, you can achieve it. It is within yourself, this power is residing – it is your own, it just has to rise and give you self-realisation. But once you become realised, what Einstein has said, the macrocosm and the microcosm – because Einstein himself was a realised soul – you are the microcosm which is in the pattern of the macrocosm, the Virat, and you become the conscious part of that when you get realisation. When you are conscious who is the other? Like this finger of mine is paining, I just rub it. It’s mine. The whole thing is mine, is part and parcel of me. So you become, again I say, you become, it is not a shouting or screaming that we are all brothers and sisters, but it really becomes. It becomes within you, on your central nervous system you can feel another personality and you can feel yourself. 

Now the only difference I would say, which is little intriguing for people that did think oh it was so difficult, people had to go to Himalayas, stand on their heads, do all these kind of things, and gurus used to make them [do] all kinds of penances. You have done everything now in previous lives, so forget it. Maybe something with me also. It could be so. Somebody who knows how to do the job. And it can work out so why not do it? Why not have it? 

This kind of a negative attitude will not help you. You have to be positive. You have to think that you are going to get it, you are the one and you will have it and you’ll enjoy it. This attitude helps a lot. But if you have a negative attitude the Kundalini refuses to rise. I can’t help it. You may argue, you may fight, you may even try to beat me, I can’t help it. You cannot force me to do it. It has to work out spontaneously. It’s a very delicate work, but a very forceful work. Like a seed has to sprout, you cannot force it down, you cannot read mantras over it, you cannot do anything, it has to go to the Mother Earth. And the Mother Earth has got the capacity to sprout it. In the same way it works out. 

So to come to Sahaja Yoga, first of all you must have a mind which is receptive like a scientist. And humble like a bhakta. You must have only bhakti in yourself. Self-respect and self-confidence should be there. One should not criticise oneself, that I’m such a sinner and all that. That is not allowed in Sahaja Yoga. You have to feel that you are the temple and the light has to come within you. It is a simple thing. But once it happens to you, you can do it to others and you can transform others also. 

Now as we are going to have altogether four lectures more, I will be gradually telling you about the Kundalini, its chakras and all the other things in the subsequent lectures. But today for the introduction I think that should be alright. Now I would like to have some questions from you. But not some questions that disturb everyone. This is a meditative thing. And for [a] meditative thing everybody has [the] right to have a quiet – a quiet place and nobody should try to overpower others or try to say things which will disturb their right to get their realisation. So I would request you to be rather gentle about it and you can ask many questions, if you want you can write and let me know, I would like to answer those questions, if there are any sensible questions. 

Thank you very much. May God bless you all. 

(Shri Mataji speaks in Hindi.)

If you have any questions, please ask me.

Seeker: Patanjali has written about (unclear)

Shri Mataji: Who? Of course, he has. No doubt. Patanjali is to be seen. You see, at the time when Patanjali wrote about Yoga Sutra, you see, that was a different time. We had [a] very different style of life. Very different style. That time we had four ashramas. And people lived with the guru, who was a realised soul, and he had boys and girls who were leading a complete celibate life. Absolute celibate life in a forest. Living in a very, very spartan way in a forest. And according to the gurus we have got our gotras. Now gotras we cannot marry, because a person studying in one university is like the family, just like brothers and sisters you can’t marry. Can you think of such a celibate university in these modern times? 

Then, this is only the one part of it. But the second part of it if you read Patanjali, the first thing he has emphasized is (? Ishwara). Establishment of God within you. That is self-realisation to begin with. But he has not written how he does it. Because that was the job of the realised souls, the gurus. And after that, the rest of the things where other ashtangas are there, which means (in Hindi), all these are according to the rising of the Kundalini. For example in Sahaja Yoga also we do the same. If the Kundalini stops at one point, say at Nabi Chakra, there is a kind of (in Hindi) you have to do, whatever is to be done, we do that much. We don’t take all the medicine bottles you see, directly. The modern yoga system is so funny that I don’t understand, that every type of a person whether he is a tamo guni, he is a rajo guni, or a sattwa guni, does every sort of exercise indiscriminately. Absolutely indiscriminately. And it’s very dangerous. It’s extremely dangerous, I’ve got so many patients coming from – suffering from this kind of indiscriminate use of Yoga and [it] brings bad name to Yoga itself. So it is a wee part of it, where you have to do an exercise, it clears a physical obstruction. 

Then the niyama are there. What you have to live, how – these things are there. But before starting, the Kundalini – like before starting our car from my house – if I had turned my wheel on one side or this side it would not have worked out. I have to see where I’m blocked. Where I have to stop. See for myself. Go for it. Without raising the Kundalini you just cannot know where the problem is. It is very indiscriminate and it has worked very well with people, because if you put in physical exercises too much you thin down. And these days you see, the ideal is a mosquito character for human beings. They want to become like mosquitoes. I don’t know. All the beauty – things I have seen in the West, I was shocked, I mean the women were six eight, weight is a hundred and fifty, you see with high heels. I mean you can’t see the body anywhere, it just moves like a mosquito here and there. And that is what is today the criteria of glamour. 

See, and that’s how the people took to it because any physical exercise would do. Why yoga? You’d do anything. You’d do jogging, run, this that. You thin down. And this thinning down has become the end of everything. It’s not necessary to thin down to that extent. And it’s not proper, because such a man can become absolutely devoid of all emotions. First thing that will happen is a divorce in the family. So many problems come up with this kind of an extreme behaviour. But nobody knows, in this (? indiscriminate) doing, because they run after glamour. Our country never believed in glamour. Never. It believed in traditions. A married lady has to wear – a Devi has to wear certain things, it’s tradition. But no glamour. Glamour is so superficial and nonsensical. How can we take to glamour, we the Indians who are so deep-rooted in the reality? These are all modern ideas I tell you, which have come. It’s not Patanjali’s. 

Seeker: A large number of preachers show a large number of different paths. How a seeker may opt for the right way?

Shri Mataji: Those who say this is the path, that is the path – we should say only one path is that who makes you meet the Divine. Now, what do you feel when you get realisation? (in Hindi), you feel the cool breeze. It’s described. You see, if you read – nobody reads Shri Adi Shankaracharya, who reads that? I went to Kerala and the (unclear), I was surprised, all these newspaper people, they said we are communist, we don’t believe in him, he’s a hocus-pocus. Can you imagine such a thing, happening in this country? This pseudo-intellectualism, I don’t know where we are going to end up. 

Then the description of what realisation means. Becomes – you become collectively conscious. Even Jung has said it clearly, that you become collectively conscious. But somebody says that this is the path, that is the path. 

First of all, to nullify them you see two things. First is, does it take any money for anything like that? In the name of God. Ninety-nine-point-nine percent will drop out. It cannot take money because, you see God doesn’t understand money, I mean you cannot value (? it) to money. Absolutely absurd. It’s an insult. To sell God. Whether it is in the churches, temples or by some guru or anybody, anybody who takes money in the name of God is a hypocrite. It’s alright. If you want to build an ashram, alright you build it. Finished, it’s for the ashram. But the guru has nothing to do with it. 

Secondly you must see, when they talk so much, (? big), what are their disciples? Like if half of them are going to [a] lunatic asylum, better you not go there. But human beings are such, they take up challenges. I was coming in a village and I saw so many people coming out of one big place and falling on the street. I said what’s this, they said this is a kind of a pub, village pub. I said but those people are going inside, can’t they see these people are falling down, and finishing off like this? No, they said these are taking challenge, that will drink and will not fall. That’s what human beings are. If you tell them don’t do anything they’ll do it. So under these circumstances they see if somebody has gone to guru is gone mad, he says I’m something above it. I’ll go there and I’ll not get mad. With such people what can you talk? Let them have a challenge. And have it.

What have they got? Is the point. Do they manifest any powers? Do they have collective consciousness? I would tell you that even an ordinary bullock car driver who drove me down, because in a village you can’t go in a car, I have to go in a little car, he was talking like Kabira. He was talking like Nanaka. I said where did you get all this knowledge, (his name)? He said Mother I don’t know, it’s all within me. It’s all coming since I got my realisation. He has cured many people of diseases, he said I’m not curing, it’s this power that’s flowing. You become a third person, you talk like a third person. 

The shishyas are dabbling into all kinds of illegal things. Drinking, having all kinds of vices, and they have a guru. Then there is a guru who – with whom you go and he gives you a heart attack. You are sick. He can’t even look after you, what’s the use of such a guru? Why do you retain such a man on your head? Who can’t even look after your health. 

There are so many things, if you use your brains you can find out that who is real and who is not. You have to use your brains. In religion people keep brains hanging in the air. No, no, use your brains. See what the disciples are like. Judge it properly and then do it. 

Seeker: Please compare Sahaja Yoga with (? Kapila Sanket) Yoga.

Shri Mataji: (in Hindi). How should I compare? Adi Shankaracharya has done it. Only through the Mother’s grace you will get this. (? Sanket) is nothing but a philosophical treatise, which I do not want to indulge into. It’s a headache, what’s the use? Why to compare it? What is the need? This – these intellectual feats and ego-oriented trips you better give up. You have had enough ego trips. If you’ve read (? Sanket) throw him in the river Ganges. I tell you that’s the place it should go to. 

Seeker: Should a seeker discard tamasic food?

Shri Mataji: Don’t worry about food so much. You will yourself know what is tamasic, what is non-tamasic. It is – you have to see for yourself, because when you get your realisation you feel the vibrations in your hand. And if you are eating a wrong type of food, even a food which is supposed to be sattvic and is given to you by a person who is not sattvic can be very harmful. So it is the vibrations, the totality of that will tell you whether you should have a sattvic food or whether you should have a tamasic food, because the food that is good for your vibrations should be eaten. You are now – once you become realised you become absolute. You have got absolute values and you have to judge everything on absolute values. And that’s what should happen to you, where you don’t have to ask questions, you just know this [does] not do, that [does] not do. You know that this is bad, this is right. Here you get your eyes, like when you have the light you see everything clearly.

Seeker: Self-realisation, shall it help (in Hindi) when the masses are uneducated?

Shri Mataji: Of course. Educated are the hopeless cases. I really shudder to come to educated people. They are loaded with so much of ignorance. The uneducated are the ones who are going to be sukhina. And they are. Not the educated, difficult. And the so-called English educated. Look at this English language in which I have to speak. There is one word, spirit, for the bhoot spirit, for the alcohol, and spirit for Atma. What a language. 

I’m only worried about the so-called Westernised intellectuals. Not about villagers. Not about the Indians. They are all going to be that. No doubt, they are already getting it because health is improved, their financial conditions have improved because of Lakshmi Tattva. They have become very satisfied people. They have developed aesthetics. So much has happened to them. It’s nice to go to see them in the villages, but it’s rather difficult for the city dwellers to go down there, because I’ve tried to get some Sahaja Yogis from different cities and they were – they just could do some relay race with me. I was doing marathon and they were just doing some relay race. It was too much for them. But if you could come and see you’d be amazed how things are happening in the villages. Be careful about your cities only. I’m not worried about them. 

[Question and answer in Hindi, Hindi to English translation missing]

Sahaja Yogi: May I request the honourable minister to say a few words. 

Shri Mataji: He can’t hear me at all, so.