The construction of our being within ourselves

Constitution Club of India, New Delhi (India)

1984-03-13 The Construction Of Our Being Within Ourselves, Delhi India CAM 1 DP-RAW, 109'
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Public Program Day 2, Constitution Club of India, New Delhi (India)

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

Yesterday, I told you, in short, what is Sahaja Yoga. Sahaja. Saha means with, ja means born. Yog means, union with the Divine, in simple words. Saha is with, ja is born. Is born with you. Something that is born with you, is the right to achieve the union with the Divine. This is Sahaja Yoga. How it happens? Why it happens? Is, to be seen. Howsoever, I may try to explain to it, explain it to you, it may be that, you may not, believe in it. But as I requested you yesterday, like, as a scientist, you have to keep your mind open, with pure scientific attitude. And see for yourself, if this hypnosis, I put before you, is true or not. But if you put a barrier in your mind. Like a student going to a medical college, has a barrier in his mind about medicine, cannot receive anything. In the same way, if you put a barrier in your head, against knowing about the roots, roots that nourishes this great tree of creation, you can never understand, what I’m talking about.

Whatever I’m telling you today, has been written in our scriptures in this great land, of Yoga Bhoomi. This country, which we had taken for granted. As we have taken our, our human existence for granted. The greatest of greatest country, is India. Because spirituality, if spirit is the highest, this is the country which is going to deliver goods, to all the nations around.

In this Yoga Bhomi whatever I’m telling you today, has been discovered at least 16,000 years back. People were practicing this. Not, in way we are doing today in a hall. Individually, not a-mass. But today the time has come, to get this knowledge. The knowledge of experience, of [SANSKRIT WORD Prachit]. Everyone, can have the experience of one’s own spirit. But please don’t put your barriers against it, as I told you.

Also I told you, that in the west, they talk of individuality. As a result of that, we think that they have achieved a lot. But individuality, cannot come to human beings unless and until they are matured enough. So the maturity, has to be first seen through. And then the manifestation of the individuality can be sensible, otherwise, people will go [UNCLEAR amak] and that’s exactly what is happening in the west today. And we are following them, into the same problems.

So now today, as I told you that I’ll be telling you, about the construction of our being within ourselves. Yesterday I told you what mistake, Jung made, who was the disciple of freud, in describing a human being. In describing a human being, he said that, human being is made of the unconscious first. He’s described him in layers. Like, first the unconscious, then the unconscious that is going to manifest, then the subconscious. And then the conscious mind, and on top of that he said is the ego. This is typically, a western Yogi talking. Because he didn’t have the heritage of our wealth.

But you can see here clearly, how we are built. We are not built, one on top of another that way. But it’s a parallel thing, built beautifully, by a very great organizer. And the central path of our ascent, is kept absolutely clean, and open for us to ascend.

Because, any ordinary organizer can also see, that if you have to go somewhere, the passage must be kept clean. Then the one who is the organizer, of all the organizations, such a person, why will he keep us like this? That we have through the subconscious to achieve the unconscious? And that is why, all these gurus and all these people, are telling you that you have to go to the unconscious, through the subconscious strata, so you have to become like mad people. Even people say, that when Kundalini is awakened, you have to behave like a mad person. You start jumping and doing all kinds of things.

Actually, those who are unauthorized, can create problem. And this is the reason why, so many people in the world, are literally frightened to have their ascent. These books which are published, I mean anybody can write about Kundalini, there is no authority to stop it. There is no law to stop it. They can write whatever they feel like on their individual basis. And people buy those books, and get frightened. I think it’s a very negative approach. Because without the ascent of human beings, to that level of a spirit, you cannot solve the problems of this universe. You try anything.

So far whatever we have tried through our mental projections, has a linear movement, which comes back and recoils upon you, as I told you yesterday. The scientific, the political, the economic. But the only approach, that can spread all over, comes only when you become the spirit. And it is important, that we all have to become the spirit. Specially the Indians. Because we have our heritage, and it’s very easy for an Indian to get an ascent. But he doesn’t settle down so well as a westerner can. Because for him it is too precious and for us it is not. Like our independence I think, we do not treat our freedom of our soul. In the same way we just do not bother about the sustenance of it. But I hope, this august gathering, will give some heat to their own, self emancipation. And with self-confidence, they will achieve it.

Now here we have, as you see, in the chart, 3 types of channels. First we’ll be dealing with the Nadhis. There are 3 types of channels within us. These of course, in the medical terminology, can be called, as left and right sympathetic nervous system, and the parasympathetic. But in the Sahaja Yoga science, these 3 channels, are expression, gross expression of the subtle Nadhis, one is called as Ida on the left side, Pingala on the right side and Sushumna on the center.

Kabira has said [Hindi]. He, they have all talked about in poetry. Nobody tried to find out what they have been saying, what they mean by this. These 3 Nadhis exist within us and express themselves in the gross as left, right sympathetic nervous system and parasympathetic nervous system. Now, as far as the medical science is concerned, the doctors do not know how to control the parasympathetic. Sympathetic is controllable. If you run fast, the heart beat faster. But it comes back to its normal, through parasympathetic. Now this central path of Sushumna, which expresses, the parasympathetic nervous system in the gross, is the path of our ascent.

Accordingly, we have, 3 types of people and permutations of combinations of these 3 types. The first one, is the type, which is a left sided. The left sided people, are the people who are emotional people. Because it caters to our emotional side of it. With science you cannot explain emotions, love, attachments. Science is a very limited field. With medical science you cannot explain. But with psyche, so called psychological science which I think is, compared to our knowledge, in this country is not even a little dwarfy child.

Now this psyche, or the left side, is also catering to our past. Whatever is built in within us, since our creation, exists in this area, which is called as the collective subconscious. The other day in London I saw one television show by people who are doing research in cancer. And they admitted, that the triggering of the cancer takes place from the area which is built within us, which is built within us since our creation. And they say there are proteins, they call them as proteins. They say these are proteins 58, protein 53, whatever name you may give, they admit, that this, this kind of area exists within us. And from this area, this are, the attack comes for cancer. This much is admitted.

Now on the right hand side, we have another Nadhi called, Pingala Nadhi, which is very strong in Delhi. This is the Nadhi which create Rajo Gunis. The first one creates the Tamo Gunis, the second creates the Rajo Gunis, which acts for our physical, and our mental activities of the future. For example, we are planning. Morning till evening we are thinking. Those who are futuristic people, indulge into this creation, and they develop an institution, on top of the head, like a balloon, called ego. While those who indulge into the left side activities, create an institution, which is called as superego or all the conditionings within us.

Now these 2 things definitely exist within us, even according to Jung. When, we grow, these two, develop into a calcified formation of the fontanelle area, and we get closed down. So we develop an identity, a name, a personality, and you separate yourself from others. That’s how you get your freedom from the whole. In Sanskrit language we call animals as Pashu. Means they are in Pasha. Means, they are not free. They are under the Pash of God’s realm. That they are not free to decide for themselves what should they do. But we have a right, to decide. We can decide. We have that freedom, to decide, whether to go to God, or to go to hell. You can say, whether to be benevolent or to be cruel. We have all the freedom to decide whatever we want to do. And this power of decision within us gives us that, gives us that, special, position in the whole kingdom of animals, that we can decide. We have a power to decide.

Now in this decision making, if we emphasize on individuality, we do not cater or care for our maturity. If you are not matured enough, and you start deciding, what you have to do, then you have no relationship with the whole. And you become a person who is like an abandoned personality. Same thing happens in the cancer. When a cell, losses its connection with the whole, becomes malignant, it becomes ego oriented, it start overpowering others and eating up and developing itself with no proportional understanding of the whole. And this is what is happening today, to all the ego oriented society where they think they should develop. The way they have developed, now they don’t know what to do.

Now this conscious mind, when it develops, I mean, this effort of the ego when it develops in such a way, it hampers your conscious effort. It doesn’t allow you to, use your conscious mind fully well. Like hitler you become, like Khomeini you become. You become so ego oriented, a barrier is so much created in your mind, that, you cannot connect yourself with others and people say it’s thick-headedness. And this this thick-headedness is nothing but a man who is very ego oriented. According to our Indian philosophy, a man who’s ahankari, is a stupid fellow. He ultimately ends up into many stupidities which we cannot explain. I’ve seen the countries which are ego oriented, you just don’t understand why they do these stupid things. Because they are only ego oriented, they believe in individuality, but they have no maturity of any kind. And they do such immature thing that, you are surprised the way they are handling very serious situations. So this ego develops within us, and now I find that all these, ego oriented people are also quiet frightened of it. Absolutely frightened of it. They think that, they are doing harm to others, aggressing others and they don’t want to do it, but they have no control over it you see.

Now as I told you the left side is the person who is emotional, who is very loving, who is very kind. As I told you, that I heard that in England, every week, 2 children are killed by parents. I mean I can’t think of such a thing in India. But here, the other way around. They will do anything for their children. This is going to another extreme of superego, where, to you, your child is the most important. So you, one has to come in the center and the center is the Sushumna Nadhi. Which is Sattvo Guni as they call it. Because it is a balance. You have to have a balance. And to create a balance within ourselves, we have got this void, which is, which is our religion.

Now, this religion has nothing to do with the outside religions we are talking about. But fundamentally, we have got 10 valencies. As carbon has got 4 valencies, human beings have 10 valencies. You know that, all the matter has got only 8 valencies, while human beings have 10 valencies and these are 10 commandments or you can tell the 10 dharmas, that exist within us. When we try to go out of that dharma and into imbalances, then we develop problems of stomach, of various nature that even doctors cannot make out how they develop it and how to work it out.

Now this has got 10 chakras built in on your head, here. 5 on this side and 5 on the other side. This we, in the Sanskrit language we call as Ekadasha Rudra. They are 11 Rudras because the center one is the, one of the primordial being, what we call the Virat, is Akbar. These 11 chakras, when they set in motion, our destruction starts. They are responsible for destroying us. Because if we do not construct, we go towards destruction. So these 11 Rudras, are very important and in modern times I find they are extremely active. God knows, how human beings are going to be destroyed, whether from within or from without, the fear is everywhere. But the only solution is, that you become your Spirit.

Spirit resides in the heart. And Spirit, is the source of all the joy. The truth. The truth that is absolute. For example, a person who is spiritually developed, the one who has got spiritual power, will say the same thing as the other person will say. There is no duality in it. There’s no fight. So, to develop it, you have to have the ascent of your Kundalini. When the Kundalini rises, then only, the Spirit can be awakened within you. There’s no other way around. People say that there can be another way, this can be done, that can be done. There can be no other way for a seed to be sprouted. You have to put it into Mother Earth, because She is the only one who has capacity to sprout the seed. In the same way, your Kundalini which is residing into triangular bone, has to rise.

Now what is this Kundalini? Kundalini is the true desire. Is the true desire, or what we call the Shudha Icha. Pure desire. All other desires of human beings are impure. As we say in the economics that, the wants are satiable, only partially in the sense that in general they are not satiable. In general, they are not satiable. That means if you want something, supposing you want to have a house. When you have a house, you want to have a car. Want to have car, then you want to have a garden. The desire which you have desired for, doesn’t give you the satisfaction that you asked for. So you go on asking for more and more. That proves that the desire you had, or you always had, whatever desires you had, are not true desires. If they were so, when they were quenched, you should have got the satisfaction. So the true desire, the power of true desire and the pure desire, is the Kundalini, the 3 and a half coiled energy within us which resides in the triangular bone.

Now this resides there. It is there, has been described for, thousands of years in our country. But we are so westernized, that we don’t want to see, what exists within us. You can see in course of your Sahaja Yoga treatment and all that, those people who have obstruction in the second or the third centers, the Kundalini pulsates just like a heart, this triangular bone pulsates just like a heart. And you can even see the movement of the Kundalini. Even you can feel on top of your head, the throbbing, LOP DOB, the hearts, throbbing on your head, as Kabira has said [Hindi]. When it breaks, then you start feeling the cool breeze which is called as the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost. In the Bible, they have described Holy ghost, which is very ambiguous thing, nobody knows about it. Because they don’t want to anything else but Bible. But, it is the Adi Shakti, the Adi Kundalini, the one who is the Primordial Kundalini, which is the Holy Ghost, which is reflected within you, as your own Kundalini, your own Mother. And She is the Mother of every individual. Just waiting, for someone who is authorized by Divinity, to be able to give you your second birth. But there are many people, who are self-certified second birth, they are born-agains and this and that.

But as a result of awakening of the Kundalini, as I told you yesterday, you must become, again I say, you have to become, collectively conscious. Means you should feel, on your fingertips, the sympathetic nervous system of others, and your own. You should feel the difference of your chakras. And you should find out, what’s wrong with yourself and what’s wrong with [UNCLEAR others].

Now the modern Sahaja Yoga has done only one, great thing is that, that it enlightens thousands of people. Because without enlightenment, if you tell somebody “don’t do this, this will spoil your balance”. People will do it again. But, if Kundalini is awakened, then the Dharma gets enlightened within you, and I don’t have to tell anybody don’t do. You just don’t do it. It just happens automatically. And that’s why first, let the light come. Maybe it is very faint, maybe it is [UNCLEAR slight] there, maybe that, you do not feel much. But you start feeling the problems that you have. And because you separate yourself from yourself, and you can witness yourself, you can very easily, locate your problems and if you know how to cure them, you can get cured. You yourselves try to cure.

There are many people, who come and tell me, that Mother my Agnya is catching. In English ordinary language it means Mother I’m suffering from terrible ego. But if you have to tell somebody you are suffering from ego, you better run away after them. But this is what happens to you. You start facing yourself. So clearly, so boldly. And when you know the knowledge that, this is wrong with me, you’ll just start correcting. And with others also, you start correcting them. Not telling them what’s wrong with them, but talking on their chakras, so they don’t understand, and they can also be cured.

It’s not only the physical cure I’m talking about. Of course physical is the minimum that can happen to you. Let’s see only one point how we can cure cancer with Sahaja Yoga. Now as I told you there are subtle centers within us, which look after, cater our plexuses. Now say one of the plexuses, is made like this. With the left and the right, sympathetic nervous system, and in the center you have the chakras of the center, the subtle center. Now the left and the right sympathetic is passing through this, creating the center, and in the center is the Sushumna Nadhi. If you see the shape of my hand, is also something like your [UNCLEAR vertebral].

Now what happens, that if the energy is very much [UNCLEAR spent], say a person is very ego oriented, he works very hard, he does this he does that, all kinds of things. Then what happens, that the energy is pulled out of this place very much. At that time if there is an attack from the left, then, this, pushed out. And once it is the pushed out, the connection with the whole is lost. And the cells, start moving on their own. And once they start moving on their own, they become malignant.

Now how do, we, or Sahaja Yogis can manage to help such a person? Is a very simple thing because a Sahaja Yogi is connected to the mains as this one is, and through him, is the vital energy, which is emotional, which is physical, which is mental and which is also evolutionary. Is all combined together, is passing through him. Which is we call as Chaitanya. When this Chaitanya is given to that point, that, takes up all that is necessary and again joins back to the same point and that’s how we cure cancer.

There’s nothing special about it, but when you say that, I know that this time I had a very though time, with organizations run by doctors. They got very angry with me and they throw a challenge and all that. Now to be very frank, I’m in no way want to harm any doctors. On the contrary as I told you, that this is the science of the roots while they have the science of the tree. Only patients who are gone cases, whom doctors cannot treat, I would like to help. And the poor people of our country who cannot reach doctors. These are the only areas I touched, and the rest of the rich people are available to them. I do not have to, in any way disturb you on that point.

Now, this left side, is also very important. Right side is when I told you, you get extremely futuristic. That is very important in a place like Delhi. That people are extremely futuristic. They have no time. They have no time for themselves. They have no time for their family, they have no time for their children. They are busy. They are busy running the rat race. Now as a result of that, what happens? There is one Swadistana Chakra, on the center, which caters, which I do not know if doctors will agree, but it does, caters, to a very important function. Is to transform the fat of the stomach, for the use of the brain. Because you know the brain is made of fat cells. Now this function, is one of the most important, for this particular Swadistana Chakra. which of course in the gross, looks after the Aortic plexus.

Now, when you overuse this center, for only this purpose, all the rest of its functions become subsidiary and sometimes become [UNCLEAR]. Under these circumstances such a person must suffer, either form diabetes, because it caters to liver, to pancreas, to spleen, to kidneys, and to the ovaries, and some parts of the uterus in the ladies. Now when a man, starts using too much of this center, then he can have anyone of these problems. For example, he could be a liver patient, and doctors don’t discover liver trouble, till one gets cirrhosis. He might develop a diabetes; he may develop, a very serious disease called as leukemia because of spleen trouble. He may develop intestinal troubles, and also kidney. So the kidney trouble of high blood pressure and all that. So when you reduce it to its roots, it comes to one side, that the gentleman is suffering from the right side.  If you can cure the right side, you can cure the person of all these diseases. But if he goes too far, and escapes all these things maybe, he gets a heart attack. Heart attack, due to over activity. Over activity, one can get a heart attack.

Now the left sided people are mostly people, who do not take sufficient proteins, have lethargic organs, lethargic organs by which, you can say, you develop angina on the heart, you can develop, liver can give you all kinds of skin troubles, like allergies and all that. other problems of lethargic spleen and lethargic pancreas can develop if a person doesn’t take sufficient proteins in life or if he is too much left side is, emotional, always thinking of the past as we Indians are more glorious in the past, and future is all in the dark. Such people, do develop, a problem on the left side. Now, if you reduce it to the left side problem, and if you know how to cure the left side, and nourish it, we can solve the left side problem as well.

Now the worst problem that comes, is the wrong, attachment to wrong type of people who talk of God. Who indulge into anti-God activities. Those who indulge into anti-God activities and become gurus, can give very serious troubles, mostly on the left side, and some on the right side. One can get a heart attack, one can get a cancer, one can get leukemia. All kinds of left sided problems can come from these gurus because they mesmerize you, and in mesmerism, they put some sort of a thing, the same protein which doctors have described into you, by which you might get into trouble. People develop all kinds of nervous troubles which cannot be cured, and also, they develop a nervous skin, nervous stomach. All this nervousness comes from that kind of a, unknown attack about which we have made no enquiries and found out nothing about.

I’m not only dealing here with you about the mental or the emotional things. I’m not only dealing with people who are having physical problems. Now we have got, as I, we discussed yesterday, about the Yoga. I told you that, Ashtanga is 8 fold. It’s not only 1, that you start doing some exercises. It is not at all that, it’s wee bit of it. And one must know the science of that also, that unless and until Kundalini rises, which is describes as Ishwara Pranidhana, means establishment of Ishwara within you, unless and until the Kundalini rises, any exercise you do is absolutely indiscriminate. For example, people who are left sided should not do any exercise forward bending, those who are right sided should never do any exercise that is backward bending. But there is no discrimination in this so called Yoga, that they teach today.

So, anybody who wants, can dabble, into all this sciences, because we have not paid any attention to understand that it is so well organized. The science of God’s power, are so well organized, they are so accurate, and so absolute, that there is no change. Like you cannot get theories of Einstein flouted by another one. Then theories of somebody flouted by another one. Einstein of course was realized soul. And he did talk of a Macrocosm and a Microcosm which is very close to Sahaj Yoga, that once you get your realization, the Microcosm, the cell, becomes the whole. And that is what exactly happens. To you when you get your self-realization.

Now we have got these 6 chakras on top of the, Mooladhar. Mooladhar is the first chakra, which is a very important Chakra, and is the center of innocence. I wonder how many people understand the value of innocence. In the west specially I was shocked. The way they are playing about with their chastity, they have no sense of chastity left in them. They don’t know what they are playing [UNCLEAR]. They are playing with fire. And that’s why now they have developed horrible diseases, incurable diseases. And I don’t know what kind of a, eruption is going to take from within. The people who fall into parapsychology and all that, will die just like that. Without understanding how we are dying. All these things must be understood, properly. What these sciences are. What these Preta Vidyas, Spashana Vidyas and all these cults are, and these occults are, and how they harm us. Unless and until we know about it, we cannot administer human beings properly. We will not wonder what pressure they are working in, and how to cure them. The only solution I find is that we all should receive our self-realization, which is a collective, consciousness within ourselves. We become collectively conscious when we become the spirit. Then we understand others, we understand ourselves.

Now these 6 chakras, I will be telling you tomorrow about, in very clear words I’ll explain to you what these chakras are, how they are responsible. I have told you about the Mooladhara today and about the Swadistana. But about the Nabhi, and all others, I will be explaining to you tomorrow. Thank you very much.

If you have any questions, I would like to have, for about 5 minutes.


At this point, I would like to thank, our governor, for allotting us a plot of land. It is very kind of him to arrange that.

[Yogi]: Her Holiness Mataji Nirmala Devi, [Indian Name] [UNCLEAR] governor of Delhi, and my dear brothers and sisters. Today’s program, is [Hindi]. The purpose of human life, is evolution from the human to the Divine, and experience of the God within you. The purpose of music, is to sing the praise of the Lord, His attributes, and the beauties of His creation. The purpose of dance, is to express devotion through body, mind and soul. So todays program, of [Hindi], is fully oriented, to that Divine purpose for which God created music and dance. Today’s program of [Hindi], is choreographed by [Indian Name], the well-known, renewed, dedicated and innovative dancer and dance teacher of Delhi. This program is being dedicated, to Her Holiness Mataji Nirmala Devi, who has got the power, to awaken the Divinity within us, and experience true devotion to God. True devotion to God cannot be experienced, unless, the Kundalini [UNCLEAR is] awakened and, in the lotus of your heart, you feel the Divinity within you. This program of [Hindi] is a thanks offering to our [UNCLEAR] governor, our beloved [Indian Name]. who is not only an able, and, administrator. But also a person with a large heart. A person overflowing with love and compassion. A person whose life is based upon dedication and service to the people. He functions, from the level of the heart. I remember how, so willingly, so spontaneously, he agreed to give us a beautiful, valuable piece of land in south Delhi, for, our [UNCLEAR]. The only question asked me was whether it is for the cause of Dharma. I told him it is so. I told him our Divine Mother, is doing great work throughout the world, and we want to establish a beautiful Ashram. So I often think, if there are 100 administrators like [Indian Name] through the country, with his heart and head, the country will be a different place. Now, in a short while from now, the culture program will start. Before that, I will request the [Indian Name] to say a few words.

[Indian person]: Her Holiness Mataji, Mr. [Indian Name], distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen. It is my privilege to be with you this evening. I am doubly privileged by the fact that, Mataji is here. we all know, that cities [UNCLEAR are the spiritual work after] the nations. Delhi, has a special role to play in molding the Indian society. The worth of the city is not to be measured in its building or its boulevards, or its parks and green vistas, but, by the spirit that it nurtures. You have had the most illuminating lecture I believe. And I’m sure, the establishment of the Ashram in this part of the country, that is Delhi, will help in making our city, spiritually beautiful. And form this Ashram, grace will travel all over the country. As I said the cities are the spiritual [UNCLEAR workshop] of the nation. I would not like to, say anything more in the, such a distinguished gathering, and I’m told that there, there are series of lecture and when the Ashram is established then, I’m sure Delhi is going to have every many talks about this subject and this will help the cities into Delhi, in improving their caliber in the spiritual sense. Not in the material sense. I wish you the best of luck, best of time. Being a very noble cause, I will extent all my support and assistance. Both as individual and as an officer. My distinguished friend Mr. [Indian Name] was referring to the allotment of the land. But I think he is so persuasive, hardly anybody can refuse him. So I once again and, congratulate you for starting this venture in Delhi. Mr. [Indian Name] and all his friends and colleagues. And I’m sure our city is going to have a great landmark, spiritual landmark, and I again wish you the best of luck, best of time. Thank you very much.

Shri Mataji: I just wanted to say that tomorrow we are not having any program, and day after tomorrow, we are going to have 3 programs, one after another. And I will again, try the [UNCLEAR Pra Yoga] of, self-realization. Because today there is a program like this, so we have made it rather short. But, from tomorrow onwards, means day after tomorrow, we start this experiment of Sahaja Yoga. I hope you’d make it convenient to come again and again. Thank you very much.

Thank you very much all of you. We’ll have another program, day after tomorrow here.

Yogi: on the 15th.

Shri Mataji: On the 15th. Then I’ll give realization. 15, 16 and 17.

Yogi: Continuously we have program.

Yogi: Mataji Nirmala Devi Ki! Jai!!!