The deeper movement is extremely essential

Friends Colony House, New Delhi (India)

1984-03-14 The Deeper Movement Is Extremely Essential CAM 1 Delhi India DP-RAW, 47'
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1984-03-14 The Deeper Movement Is Extremely Essential CAM 2 Delhi India DP-RAW, 47'
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Public Program. Delhi (India), 14 March 1984.

There you should meet some people in a closer way because when we have programs is very difficult to have contacts so closely as that. Now today we have people here from abroad representing many countries; then we have people from the Government and we have other friends who are interested in yoga work.

[INDIAN NAME?], can you hear Me?

Sahaja Yogi: Yes.

Shri Mataji: All right.

Sahaja yogi: Mother…. (Transcriber’s Note: people are talking in the background.)

Now, this kind of a group is very good to have an intimate knowledge about Sahaja Yoga. But the problem I face today is this: that there are people who are at different levels of Sahaj. Then people start receiving vibrations feeling the Cool Breeze in the hand, feeling the Cool Breeze coming out of their heads which is described by Adi Shankaracharya as the Chaitanya,- Saleelam, saleelam – the Cool Breeze, the Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost. Then it is just an experience of achieving what is Vaid has said, Vid, that you know on your central nervous system that something is happening to you. But that’s just the beginning. It’s just started that you have started feeling it around you, coming out of your heads and then unless and until you develop a greater sensitivity of understanding how it works, how we have to maneuver it, how we have to work it out on ourselves and on others; the deeper movement is extremely essential.

Now there are people here who are very deep, extremely deep. And there are people who have just joined Sahaja Yoga sort of thing. So, I’ll try to make it easier for all of you to understand that this is just the knowledge of the roots. Whatever knowledge we have outside even about religion is the knowledge of the tree which is apparent shows Shabd Jaalam and all those things are outside. But this is the knowledge where you have to grow deep into your roots. And for that you have to become a subtler being. Unless and until you become a subtler being you cannot go back. Now if your attention is so diverted with outside things and you are so much worried about these outside so-called worries, how to take your attention inside is the problem. And those who are more involved with this are rather difficult but some of them who are very much more involved are the easiest because they are fed up; they are tired; they want to stop their disease; they think that it’s time that they should pay some attention to themselves. At that juncture is easier. So most of the western people are from that lot where they got just fed up.

While the eastern people also, who have their traditional understanding that the only think that is going to help us is the manifestation of the Spirit within us, also they try to see, they try to find out through reading, through doing all kinds of other things. But the only way it can work out is the ascent of the Kundalini. It’s a living process of the ascent of the Kundalini. Like a sprouting of the seed is done only by one. If you give a lecture to the seed, if you stand on top of your head it’s not going to sprout. It’s the Mother Earth has the capacity to sprout it and that’s what one should see.

In their seeking people get misled. Sometimes they feel that “We have to seek the peace.” Sometimes they feel they have to seek, sometimes they think that it should give you money; it should give you other things that we think important. Or some people say that “So I have to have a promotion in life.” or say, “I have to have a job.” And all sorts of things people come for – good health, all sorts of things people ask for. So as Krishna has said, “Whatever is your akars kamatiesor any way, it can be fulfilled. But the first thing is for anything: you have to enter into the Kingdom of God. Supposing I am a member of or I am the citizen of India. Then I am entitled to all the privileges of an Indian citizen. In the same way, when you become the citizen of God’s Kingdom then only you are entitled to His blessings. That’s why Krishna has said that, “Yogakshem Vahamyaham ” – “First Yoga and then change.”

Now here where we, our country has failed completely that we do not understand that our heritage is this: that we have to have our Self Realization. This is what we have to have, all of us. As Indians all our traditional behavior has been towards that. If you read any saint anywhere you’ll be surprised that they all were Realized Souls; they had no problems, they were not to be told, “Don’t do this. Don’t do that.” Whatever they did was absolutely correct. You didn’t have to tell them, “Don’t take this temptation. Don’t serve here or don’t behave in this manner.” Whatever they did was absolutely correct, one with God. Why? Because they’re one with their Spirit which guided… (Transcriber’s Note: Recording interrupted.)

So this is what is our heritage as Indians. And we have the knowledge of those roots in our country. The western people have to learn from us. They don’t have this knowledge. While our people who are educated or so-called intellectuals, you see, they’re trying to follow the western. Now what have the West got, you just see the complete picture of the West because I’ve lived there, I know what it is. It’s nothing but they are going steadily towards a shock of descent, absolutely. One must understand despite the fact they have been telling us story that they are very affluent, this, that. What is there is no sense of chastity. They have no sense of chastity. They have lost completely the sense of chastity. Their women are just glamorous and nonsensical things; there is no sense of tradition. They have… the quality of human beings is wretched, absolutely wretched. They might be affluent – agreed; they might be people who might be doing well as far as the outside is concerned, but the tree that overgrows so much that it loses its relationship with the roots is going to be destroyed. And that’s what I can see clearly, what’s happening in the West. If you go and study the young people in the West, you see, you are just disgusted and frustrated with the kind of a development they have had. They are saying that “We are just trying to find a way and method how to commit suicide.” They are all thinking is the books, and books, and books; how to commit suicide, which is the best way to commit suicide, which are the best spots to commit suicide. You can imagine where their mind is going after all these affluence and everything.

Now we are the one who can provide solutions for the emancipation of the humanity. But while we, one side we are trying to follow these people into the disaster where they are; the other side we are trying to talk of idealism. It’s not talk of idealism or ritualism or of big, big shastras but it is get into it, what we call the Kruta. Now the Kali Yuga is ending up, actually Kruta Yuga has already evolved through it where this All-Pervading Power that you feel is activated; is acting and is working out. And it is such a wonderful thing to see how It works. It works in every walk of life, in every thing that you do and It is for you to see how It works. But first of all you should be solid members of the citizen of God. Otherwise if you are not that, you are nothing. You will have no blessings, nothing; you’ll be always in a mess and then you’ll say, “Mother when we came to You we got Realization still nothing has happened.” How far have you gone? Have you established yourself as Sahaja Yogis? Have you really established yourself or you are just having a little, sort of a past time with Sahaja Yoga? You cannot. You have to take it up seriously and work it out then you’ll be amazed the amount of miraculous life, the fantastic life, the all powerful life you’ll enjoy and the righteousness and the virtuousness that is within you will glorify you. It will never make you depressed or disgusted but it will glorify you and you will find the whole thing, such a meaningful thing. Actually this is the greatest Swaarth, ‘Swa’ ‘arth’ means where you find the meaning of Swa. But if our brains are built with the idea of so-called development, so-called this and so-called that, then it is better that people should go and see the developed countries and learn from them what they have got. But if you just go to the cities you won’t find. You’ll be quite surprised the way they have much more cars going like this making much more noise than they are doing here. And you can be very much surprised the way they are developed. But the way they are developed, there have become absolutely [inaudible/ mad?]. It’s nothing inside; it’s hollowness inside, absurd.

Now the…yesterday as I was telling to them the reason why the western society has gone back far is because their accent is on individuality. Everybody’s an individual, you see; even a garbage cleaner will argue out with somebody. It’s a … everybody is an individual. “What’s wrong?” What’s wrong is their mantra. And there everybody is an individual you see, going. But they don’t bother about the maturity. That’s what I said, “That a tree must have a proper maturity to bear first of all the flowers and then the fruits. And when the fruit ripens then only it becomes an individual in the nature. But while here a little child becomes an individual starts going on an individualistic life. So this is the reason why they are so abandoned and people are amok.

If you go in England I tell you, you can’t walk alone anywhere. You’ll be….somebody will take away your purse, they’ll take away our bangles, you can’t walk you have to go in the car. Of course in New York you can’t do it at all. If you go to Russia you’ll be amazed people just look as if their eyes are popping out with fear. So it is only out of fear if somebody’s good, it is not goodness. Neither because they’re abandoned and this thing they had they think they have achieved something, it’s not also goodness. So it is both ways I think, both the people who experimented with so-called abandonment and fear have failed completely in their achievements.

As Indians I think it is our duty to see that what we can really substantially give to the whole world is this, not other things that we are thinking about. Is the quality of life within and that we have and we should be able to imbibe those things into those people because they are the people who are aghast, all right? But what they need is the source of joy, the source of peace and the source of knowledge. And the knowledge is not what brain tells you, is not. It’s a limited knowledge here; is all avidya. Soordas (Surdas) after writing Susagar says: “Soordas ki sabhi avidya door karo nandlal”, this is all avidya. Vidya is only one where you know God’s laws. Then you actually become the absolute and you know His laws how they work and you know the methods by which, you work it out, is the Shuddha Vidya. If you do not have the Shuddha Vidya all other vidya are useless.

We can show you by example how it works. I mean it’s something people can’t believe. But I’ll give you an example now. Recently I was traveling in Maharashtra and the belt of the car broke. So the gentleman said, “Now we can’t move because there’s no belt.” I said, “Just you start the car let it move.” And we went like this for eighteen miles and after eighteen miles [UNCLEAR] he saw one some sort of a garage or something where he went in. So the garage fellow said “How have you been driving, we can’t believe it.” But we moved very well, climbed up a cart and reached the place all right.

So even in the matter you can work out these vibrations, the Power of God. As you know that in every atom there are vibrations which can be controlled if you know how to control yourself within. If you cannot control yourself you cannot control anything. And this happens; I mean so many things have happened. Warren can tell you that when he went from India there was a strike and no petrol was available. And it so happened that he wanted to do My work there and he said, “Now Mother what to do? We have no petrol.” Very little petrol was there. And he says that twenty one days the strike was on he used the car and he went to the petrol pump. The petrol pump said that, “Why do you want petrol it’s all full.”

All these things can happen, no doubt about it. All miraculous things can happen, but the greatest of greatest miracle is this, that a man becomes transformed. A man gets his transformation. The Kundalini transforms him completely. This is the biggest thing that can happen, that people become Self Realized, means they become saints. So they cannot do anything wrong. They become people who become one with the Divine. They start using the Divine Power, understanding It. And for the first time now we can balance the ecological imbalance by giving back what we have taken out of this Mother Earth, from the sky, everything…we can give it back. And this is what we have experimented and it is working wonders; in so many universities they’re trying, in the agricultural university also.

But we must open our eyes. You should not be so much scientifically or hypnotized that we cannot see to the truth that can be underlined. So many things cannot be answered by science. The other day I met one of my class fellow in the medical college and as I used to be quite a good student you see, he was surprised that I gave up medical studies. Then I told him what I was doing. He was so happy, he said, “I would like to join this and I would like to find out.” Because he is a man who is very anxious. He says that, “There are so many things which are not answered in the medical science like the parasympathetic.” And because we were medical students I could talk to him about so many things and he was really amazed. He said, “If the medical people could get rid of their so-called intellectual rationing for five minutes they can see there’s something much more existing.” And from that level when you handle situations then you’ll be surprised, every sort, political, economic, every situation can be handled from that point because you become collectively conscious.

And then I would say what great poet Dnyaneshwara has said of today which he calls that [sounds like – posider]. [sounds like – Posi] is this one when you will get the milk of human kindness flowing. That’s [sounds like – posider]. It’s a wonderful poetry but in that he says that, “At that time when it will happen whatever you will desire that you will get, the Realized Soul.” And that he said that, “It will be one with the Brahma which is surrounding”. You will become, so many will become one with the Brahma, is the All-Pervading Power. But the biggest thing that he said describing the Sahaja Yogis or the Yogis in such a way he said that, “tsala kalpa tarun se aarav,” meaning they will become Kalpa Tarus. I hope you understand the meaning of Kalpa Tarus. Aarav means forest. There will be forests of Kalpa Tarus. Even ordinary people who are supposed to be not so good for other worldly things have the all, the extraordinary so much beautifully preserved within them. While we completely exhaust the extra-ordinary and we become really ordinary. And that’s what it is he says, “Tsala kalpa tarun se aarav.” So that you become the trees of Kalpa, means whatever you desire. And then the second one he says, “Dhonatte piyu shanse aarnav. There will be the talking oceans; arnava is oceans, of amruta, of amruts. Imagine that’s what he is describing, they will be like this. And you can see an ordinary Sahaja Yogi who is an ordinary person is doing miracles, doing such wonderful things. There’s a gentleman in Rahuri who is just an ordinary village man and he’s having his farm house and he is the one who has transformed over ten thousands people. So a person can do a lot if he takes to Sahaja Yoga in a proper way and proper understanding.

Thank you very much for all of you and I would like to have some questions from you and then we can have some dinner because you all must be very hungry also. Some questions. (Transcriber’s Note – background sounds are heard) Any questions?

Question: What is the Kundalini? What is understood by the word Kundalini? And what are the benefits for?

Shri Mataji: I’m speaking on that tomorrow and day after and day after but I’ll tell you in short what is Kundalini. It is a Power within us in the triangular bone which is the Power of pure desire. As you know in economics that in particular a want can be satiable but in generally it cannot be satiable. That means the want that you have or a desire you have for a particular thing, once you have it then you don’t feel satisfied. You want to have another, you want to have another so the desire you had was not a pure desire. If it was a pure desire then you would have been a satisfied person. But you are not. But when the Kundalini rises then you feel absolutely satisfied. Of course, some people go up and down but some of them just shoot off and become that in such a manner that they don’t need anything, they are so happy and they think, “Now we have to give.” Now these things when happen that shows that this Power is the power that we have been desiring for. And this Power is the one that makes you one with the Divine. Now what is the benefit? Of course we should think that why should…? First of all it is the epitome of our evolution. We are human beings; we are in human awareness, all right?

Now see a dog. If you ask a dog to pass through a dirty lane he can pass. A horse can pass but a human being cannot. He cannot bear the smell of that place. Now when you become a Realized Soul the dharma, your valences which are ten which we call as dharma, gets awaken within you. Then we don’t have to tell you, you just become a righteous person, a virtuous person, absolutely. You see all your problems we can resolve. A person becomes virtuous, finished. Just automatically he becomes virtuous; he drops all his bad habits ninety nine percent. I would say one percent may just go up and down. But some people do, specially with the villagers because they have their extraordinary thing quite intact while we have wasted ourselves quite a lot so we just go up and down. But these people…now in the villages you’ll be surprised there are I don’t know how many thousands who have given up all their bad habits. Thousands have given up bad habits.

So what happens that when this thing takes place first of all your dharma is established. Of course because parasympathetic is under your control your health improves. Cancer all these diseases get cured automatically, you don’t have to worry about it. But if the Kundalini is not awakened but somebody who has got the Kundalini awakened can just cure that person, it’s not difficult. Now like this lady who was sitting in the program yesterday. She couldn’t move she was bed-ridden. Just listening to Me, because yesterday I didn’t give Realization or anything, for half an hour I spoke and she felt so much better that she could come to Me. So it happens, one health, then mental health improves because people who are mentally disturbed you see, mad people, schizophrenic and all this, is a big problem in the West, also get completely cured. Apart from that you feel extremely peaceful and you feel joyous and you become the witness of the whole play. You start seeing the whole play as a witness. Of course externally your skin improves, your face improves, you loose about ten years of age at least minimum. Like that it works out but that’s just a by-product. All these are by-products.

The main thing is that you become collectively conscious. You become. That means you can know what’s wrong with another person on his centers and you can also know what’s wrong with you. So you start cleansing yourself if you know the method how to cleanse yourself. But the problem is that when the light comes into you the people do not accept it is that way and they don’t try to cleanse themselves. If they try they can do it and they can be very well fast there where one has to be. But you have to little bit cooperate and work it out raising of your Kundalini, cleansing yourself. There are so many advantages of that that it is impossible to describe in this little lecture. But I mean most of our problems can be solved by raising your Kundalini, getting yourself cleansed.

Question: How many people who have come in touch with You in the past years have attained Kundalini religion, who have been able to get rid of desires?

Shri Mataji: See, there are thousands and thousands; I’ve not made a list. I’m not interested in that way, you see? It is their own luck if they come and get it. It’s not Me to want counting them how many there are; I’ve not kept a file or anything. You see is like a river flowing. Those Ganges doesn’t sit down and write how many come and take bath in Her, do they? In the same way I don’t write; I have no idea. If you even ask Me how many centers there are in Delhi I would not know. I don’t know how many centers there are in Australia, I don’t know. How many countries? I have no idea. So for this you should consult some other people there. I have no idea of numbering. That’s not the attitude at all. But what is the need? What is the need?

Question: No, I …my question’s that: Has anybody been able to get rid of their desires?

Shri Mataji: Yes. Desire doesn’t mean that.

(Transcriber’s Note: the person that asked the question continued but is inaudible.)

Shri Mataji: You see the desire is…desire becomes one with God you start feeling that you must achieve God. Your so-called desires melt into one desire, all right? All of them have got that desire now.

Question: Mataji how do You explain the phenomena of supernatural and miracle on scientific bases?

Shri Mataji: How can you blame?

Question: How can You explain the super-natural and the miracle on scientific bases?

Shri Mataji: Of course you can, it is very simple. I’m not talking of super-natural because it’s a funny word, you know? Super-natural means all – bhoota-Vidya, prêt-Vidya, Pashan-Vidya. I’m not meaning that, but the Spirit. You see it is very simple to understand. That you see you have got parasympathetic nervous system within you. Are you a medical student?

Answer: No.

Shri Mataji: Then I can’t explain I’m sorry. But if you were a medical student I would have told you very simply that whatever you do medically you see is just outside. You are treating the leaves but not the roots. While we are treating the roots and the connection can be established. If you were a medical student I would have explained better.

Question: …You were just talking about the matter and we’d like to know of the miracle happen with the matter like the carbon or even neutrons? with some improvement and all that. So how do You explain this scientifically?

(Transcriber’s Note – Shri Mataji is asking something to someone)

Sahaja Yogi: You had given an example that in Maharashtra when You were in a car the fan belt broke and the car kept moving. How would You explain that?

Shri Mataji: You see you cannot bring the ocean in a cup, can you? No. That’s all science is just a little wee bit. You see, science just deals with one type of a power which is on the right hand-side; is just the power of the five elements, that’s all. It doesn’t deal with your mind in the sense it doesn’t deal with the emotional side. Now, can you explain love with science? Can you explain?

Answer: No, that’s why I’m asking You that…

That’s what I am saying. So you see science is just a wee bit of it. It is an integrated power of emotions, emotional or you can say the power of desire, the power of action, the power of evolution and ultimately the Power Divine. So you see how to explain it in scientific terminology you cannot. Science is something very little. It cannot explain. It is not possible because it analyses, science goes on analyzing. You see, you’ll have one doctor for one eye, another doctor for another eye. But this does not analyze, this synthesizes. You cannot synthesize with science, that’s why. You cannot explain but it works out, you can see for yourself. But I know how it works out. You see, you can control if you know how to control the elements, you can work it out. But scientific people do not know how to control the elements, they can only use it. But they don’t know how to control the elements. But supposing by chance, if you know how to control the elements you can work it out. All right?

How are you baby? All right? Now you may say that how to control our journalists. You cannot, you see? It’s impossible. If they are off their heads, what can you do? Journalists. But you can transform them if they accept. If they are off their heads you cannot tell them you see. They have to ask for it. You cannot force Sahaja Yoga on them. And you say how to control our politics. You cannot. Politicians are politicians; they’re just off their heads you just can’t control them. Or the government servants, you just can’t control them, they are one track people, you just can’t control them. You just can’t do anything about it. Because they cannot stop, you see, they are just moving speed wise that side. They won’t look here and there, they’re just moving this way. But if they can stop for a while then you can manage them.

End of first CD

( Sounds like – and a investment/adjustment too. They all have one track mind.

It is a thing where you reach to the point from where you see all the tracks. It’s an integration of all. But you can control matter; you can but not human beings because they have freedom. If they want they can go to hell also. If they want they can go to God. It is their choice. You cannot force them. That freedom has to be respected. Freedom has to be respected because if you have to go to the higher freedom, freedom has to be respected. You cannot force it on him. Not at all, you have to ask for it and ask for it and ask for it. Otherwise doesn’t work. It’s like any Vidya you cannot go and, an new a professor will come and touch hold of your neck and say that “You’d better study.” A father and mother may do it at an early stage but a professor won’t do that.

Any other question? [UNKNOWN INDIAN WORDS]. (Transcriber’s Note: Shri Mataji speaks in either Hindi or Marathi. Small laughter from the audience can be heard.)

Question: At our level of total understanding Is it possible for us to understand why was this world created?

Shri Mataji: I think you leave it to God. That is His whim. You see, there are…He is above us and we cannot ask questions to Him, isn’t it? It is His whim, He wanted to create. He’s created. He created it to create you people, to see His own image in you. He wanted to have His own children entering into His Kingdom. That was His sweet desire; any father has the same desire that he creates the kingdom for his own children and he wants them to enjoy. Have you gone and ask your father “Why did you create us?” He just wants you to enjoy His blessing, all His powers. [UNKNOWN INDIAN WORDS].

Question: Does Sahaja Yoga believe in theory of karma?

Shri Mataji: What is it?

Sahaja Yogi: Does Sahaja Yoga believe in theory of karma.

Shri Mataji: Yes, but karmas act in your ego because you are egoistical. That’s why you feel that you have done karmas. But once the ego disappears there is no karma, it’s shakti. When the Agnya chakra is enlightened then your karmas and your conditionings both are sucked. That’s how it opens out you. Then you are no more there, you go into akarma.

Question: [INAUDIBLE]

Question: Even the yogis have Ego?

Shri Mataji: They may have for the time being but it disappears gradually. To begin with, they may feel it but it disappears.

Question: Even the people who have achieved that highest still might have ego. Why?

Shri Mataji: Not, have you met some?

Answer: I’ve not met any who is not got it.

Shri Mataji: So that’s how you see, it is better to see for yourself. It is not a hear say, but see how the ego disappears. You start seeing your own ego. You don’t know, you start seeing it and people really are frightened. Like somebody came and asked Me “Mother You tell me if I was Napoleon in my last life.” I said, “What makes you think that?” He said “I’m quite frightened that my ego, the way I have ego and I’m very good at drawings. So Napoleon was also very good at drawings and has such a big ego so I think I must be that.” But he could see it, he start seeing it and now it is reducing.

By fighting it you cannot. Then your ego dissolves in the ego of God. Actually He’s the real person Who has the real ego. He’s the one Who is the doer. Like a person now, I’ll tell you an example, who is going by a plane, he’s told that “You should take less weight because the plane cannot carry too much weight”. So he sits in the plane and puts the luggage on his head, thinking “I’m carrying the luggage.” But when he realizes that “It’s the plane that’s carrying me and my load” he drops it down. Is like that. Those who think they are Girdhari jis holding all the world’s worries on their heads, you see, should know that even if they remove the finger it will not fall on their heads.

Question: Mataji the point that I have reached I keep saying it now is when the original Hindu philosophy said that, “One should learn to live by the virtues described in Veda.

Shri Mataji: Yes.

Question: That is the theory of karma. (Transcriber’s Note: the person that asked the question continued his phrase)

Shri Mataji: At the first verse of Veda it is that, “If you have not known the reality, if it is not Vida to you, the whole Vedas are useless.” Whole thing has worked out only to know the reality. That point everybody misses. Without knowing yourself you cannot know anything. That’s the point they said throughout. The whole Upanishads are that but people miss it. You see, now like before coming to Delhi if I start just imagining that I’m in Delhi, I am going to friend’s colony , I don’t go, isn’t it? In the imaginary world no use running about in the Shabd Jaalam. The person who really gave a proper shape to Hindu philosophy is Adi Shankaracharya. He is the one who said that, “This Shabd Jaalam must be given up.” All the people talk, talk, talk, talk so much but nothing in their lives, no transformation, nothing. They get no powers, nothing. What’s the use of just talking, talking? Philosophy is not talking it is something achieving, to be. That’s what is the real philosophy of Vedas it’s not just talking. Actually nobody has right even to do a Havana unless and until he is not a Realized Soul. All this Bhur Bhuvah Swaha whatever is said is all the seven chakras. Nobody has right to touch that fire because you cannot enlighten the fire. When you get Realization you will be surprised fire gets enlightened and you put your hands towards the fire you might get a black soot coming out of you. It’s all artificial. Whatever people are doing they’re nothing but mental feats you see? Yawning and going mad. And all such people I’ve seen when they get old they just talk, talk, talk, talk and give headaches, that’s all. There’s nothing that happens to them. I’ve seen so many like that, mad. [UNKNOWN INDIAN WORDS]. . They’ll sit in a bus, they are talking; they are getting down they are talking. You ask them “What’s the problem?” they are praying to the Gods. [UNKNOWN INDIAN WORDS]. Mental feats, just Shabd Jaalam. [UNKNOWN INDIAN WORDS]. How can they be so hot-tempered if they are reading Gita or if they are reading Vedas? Extremely hot-tempered., All right as far as we are concerned I’ve seen such people give such heat. Tremendous heat, they… and they get heart-attacks, all kinds of problems, mad. They are really mad in old age if you see, sit next to them you’ll find Oh, God. Sometimes start wondering why did they read Gita or Vedas? [UNKNOWN INDIAN WORDS]. They cannot smile, they cannot laugh, they are very serious people. The symptoms are like this, you see? There’s one fellow I met, the one who is a great follower in Vedas. Harish Chandra his name is. I tell you if you can sit with him for half an hour I can give you hundred rupees, You cannot. Just treat you off. There’s nothing sense he talks, he just goes on jabbering. And he’s hardly sixty years of age. If this is his case at sixty years what he will be at seventy years? God alone knows. Absurd, absurd people. Very quarrelsome, fanatical, how many [UNCLEAR- SIDES], how many things? He is the master of all the Shastras, the Shariatas. Now he’s such a stupid fool he doesn’t understand that shariat you see, they don’t even see the right thing. Like the shariat was written by, in the beginning of the second chapter of the Bible, sharia that you should kill a person who behaves like that because when Moses came down He found that the people were so corrupt and so much degraded that He started the shariats. And He put down “This should be done; that should be…” in the Bible. But the Christians don’t follow it, the Muslims follow it. Imagine the stupidity of people. In the Quran there is no shariat just imagine, all these horrible things of cutting hands, cutting neck and all that is in the shariat in the second chapter of the Bible.

That is the Torah, is the Jews. You see, Jews started these five books. [UNCLEAR], they call it. And the Jews should follow that, is the Muslims who are following. Mohammad Saab gave Quran [UNCLEAR]. But they have following the Shariats of the second chapter of the [UNCLEAR] as they call it. Torah. They call it [UNCLEAR] Torah or the Bible according to the religion they follow. Because these five books are the basics. Then somebody took to Mohammad Saab, somebody took to Jesus Christ and somebody took to Moses. Shabd Jaal

Old age is dangerous with such Christians. How many is eighty years, God save everyone. As they grow old they become hotter and hotter, terrible people, hard-boiled eggs. You can’t touch them. Even if you have to wake them you have to use a barge pole. [UNKNOWN INDIAN WORDS]

Delete – ([Shri Mataji is talking about Ramdas Swami]. [UNKNOWN INDIAN WORDS]. (Transcriber’s Note: Indian gentleman is saying something in Hindi/ Marathi and Shri Mataji replies in Hindi/ Marathi. This happens twice.)

[Shri Mataji is talking about her book “Advent”. There’s a very good chapter on Taantris. [UNKNOWN INDIAN WORDS].)

So is there any question from the Sahaja Yogis?

Sahaja Yogi: Shri Mataji, should we use any technique to train our attention?

Shri Mataji: He’s asking Me a question. Should we use any technique to put our attention? Yes, there are many techniques as you know in Sahaja Yoga. As Naam Deva has said that, “A boy is flying a kite in the sky and he is talking to everyone; he’s listening to everyone; he’s playing with his friends around but his attention is on the kite.” Try to put your attention to your Spirit, simple. In everything if you try to just put your attention to your Spirit now you can do it because you have gone inside, your attention has gone inside. It will work . Ha.

Delete ((Transcriber’s Note: Seems that Shri Mataji is talking to someone.) vibrations? Now put not like this, like that. Aa.)

Your attention is much better but they are all worried when they go back to these advertising companies what will happen. Like their countries are real nothing but advertisement, this, that, that, that. Just see to the Mother Earth. To control your attention is the best is to see the Mother Earth. Sahaja Yoga techniques are very simple, and spontaneous and living techniques. It is not something very difficult.

[UNKNOWN INDIAN WORDS]. (Transcriber’s Note: Seems that Shri Mataji is saying something to someone. Background noise.)

Question: How can we become deeper?