Heart and Vishuddhi Chakras

Mavalankar Auditorium, New Delhi (India)

1984-03-16 Heart And Vishuddhi Chakras Hindi CAM 1 Delhi India DP-RAW, 132'
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1984-03-16 Heart And Vishuddhi Chakras Hindi CAM 2 Delhi India DP-RAW, 132'
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1984-03-16 Public Program at Mavlankar Auditorium: Heart and Vishuddhi Chakras, Delhi

I bow to all the seeker who are searching truth. I told you about our Nabhi chakra which is inside us gives maximum strength. We get Chena from it. As Krishna has said yoga chema bahamyaham. First there should have yoga. Then only Chema will occur. I had told that is why our country had no chema.  There should be yoga first then chyam. We did not search for yoga first that is why Chema did not happen in our Country.  I had told about Chema.

  To think that a country which is civilized and has more money is  peaceful , they are more happy than us but that is a big misconception. I had gone to one place, Baarana nagar in Maharastra. There is one Corre Saheb. He had worked very hard and brought civilization there. There is big big departmental stores like in London, there are stores for the family,everything is found there.  There is all thing to be praised adorned, for women beauty material and aids etc . While going there You feel as if you are in some big  district of England.Corre saheb a very good religious peaceful pure simple  seeker truthful person.

 He fell down on  my feet and started crying .

 He said, “Mother, I did all this. But I have become so much disturbed and is at un peace..  I said, why, what’s the matter?  Due to you there is so much achievement is here you have got lot..Everyone’s happiness came here . He said, I did not know one thing. 

 He said I didn’t know the civilization will spoil people.

 People who are here have gone to such bad they trouble others. The wine has started to run so much here. Children have gone bad. Nobody listens to anyone here. Women have started weighing the in money. Seeing this I questions what I did this. Nobody will listen to me as the day gas gone My body has become old..But you are a saint. If you say they may listen and change the way. They have taken wrong. They sleep till late  Divorce started here..Their children started running away and smoke tobacco ganja etc.  The management is not at all peaceful. They are not like their own family members relatives . So you cannot sat this is ideal family.

I had told you yesterday this Nabhi chakra and around that is inhabited inside me, or that this navel circle was inside us, that is Lakshmi tatwa has to be activated. You can earn money. Look at the situation of Punjab. So they earn lakhs of money, had thought now there is no difference between us and the sky. That time to take name of God also in Punjab was difficult. The situations of Punjab now is such that people think what has happened. Same situation is in Haryana. People went on giving self importance but they did not think of root. Same situation is of Portugal and  in England. Every type of low thing started. Same situation is in our country. What is the reason of it.?

Wherever you go there is all types of trouble and poverty started slowly . Same condition is our. What is the reason for this . The people are behind money. Money is the trouble causing thing. Getting more money without Lakshmi tatwa is a no other  sorrowful thing than that . Now let us go to main thing. Many people think they can purchase God also with money. People think they can buy God also by money. 

Due to this people go to temple  make offer , make big big temple Gurudwara and do all sorts of things there . All kind of food and drink go over there. Some also think if we give money to Guru we can buy him also. You cannot buy God. You can buy world but not Paramatma. Money does not have power that you get peace inside. It does not have power to give you mental pleasure, it can not take you high state but you will fall down so much you will wonder where were we and now where we have come. So it is very important for us the kundalini inside us must be awakened. The element of Lakshmi status should be awakened inside us. And the element of Lakshmi is awakened by Kundalini.

  From Nabhi chakra it is spread all over, because it is the place of Guru that the intelligence balance to you.

that in countries where civilization has happened and has become very money-oriented, people will turn away from us. Subhata Civilization does not  says  people  are peaceful, here they are not at all peaceful. Is brought The way there are very unhappy creatures in London.The condition of the same Punjab that people do not understand what is going to happen. It is difficult to take the name of God in Punjab. There is no peace.  The same situation is in Haryana in England. People are getting poverty. All types of distress have started. Same is in our country. 

What is is reason due to what man became bad. The reason is that Lakshmi tatwa is not awakened in man. Those who say they are Hindustani must have their tatwa awakened.Till you become righteous whatever you do from here to there it is not going to improve.

This is very sad thing due to which so much money is spend. Let us see the main thing . 

 Now you listened the song and  got cleared.  Those who sang the song had seen the power of God so they had so much improvement in their song and they were cleared.  There is unworldly good feeling  and love to God in such songs. The song of Bharat is made from Om . Many foreign people listen this music with so much  enjoyment, when they listen the raag like Shri and Marva in classical music they are just absorbed in it.Such melodies which we even did not hear  they enjoy. There should be love to soul to enjoy such song.It increases vibration in fingers of hand and that gives immense peace.To sing classical music in front of our people is so different. what Is this matter , we have been so much in our ways, our way of living, our food, our custom,our conversation. What is the reason for this? The reason that the brain has gone bad? The one and only thing is that the classical songs were so high, but now a days even the singer have started drinking alcohol. Because they sing such a cheap song just to earn money neither they heard nor they know about God.what is the use of such singer. To know it also you need to know about your soul . So many foreign people are with us they listen the classical music so nicely . When asked what you heard they don’t do any discussion. These songs are of soul and the vibration of our fingers in the hand give us joy and peace. The classical music of those days  nowadays are not heard in this country but they sing such  song there is no smell of God. How people are accepting such music now a days.in Hindustan ?Previously  such  music were heard by dirty Kings, emperor,  Navab.The meaning of democracy is taken every one become bad.The democracy became so dirty involving only money,they think people with money may come to us. I call such democracy as  demonocracy.Everybody started to become demon. In such democracy which person has the ideal that can stand and  say no one can touch me, no one can buy me.?  They just do Rajkaran gossip. People will come to them and spit on them but their Rajakran gossip continues.We are standing on religion . Till we bring the Rajkaran gossiping of Shri Rama Chandra, of Socrates our country cannot move forward.The blood the soul of this country is different as it stands  on religion.We need to have people like Mahatma Gandhi for whom people say this man fought for the freedom of the country, he is pure and  was standing on religion and remembering God all the time. In this country if we don’t stand on religion no one can be accepted.If you do not remember God and do not stand on religion you can never achieve anything. People will come and spit on them and say this person has killed this nation in the history.Such high is our country. Anyone who has to work for the country has to stand on religion first . We were going to village there was so much respect for saints. In another village whomever you see he start Rajkaran gossiping. I went to one village I asked brother what do you do, he said I do Rajkaran gossiping. I asked is this a work? I am going to tell you about the chakra today. The kingdom of Rama should come in the world .First it  has to come in Hindustan, who for the country ,for the opinion of pupil sacrificed and left  his wife, though she was Aadishakti and knew no one can harm her . How much sacrifice he did how much religious and how much full of kindness was Sri Ram. We should have example in front of us like him.we should have such hero in front of us whom we admire and say I like to follow him. Today the leaders we see in cinema who drinks alcohol who does all kind if crime , killings and who does all kinds of bad things, such will be the leaders of English, because they had no one . Who will be Rama Chandra in their country? one king cut  throat of 7 wives.Person who killed his 7 wife is sitting on throne and ruling the country. The king there are alcohol drinker,  meat eater  and does all sorts of bad work. There also people know till we are not righteous our kingdom will not last. Though there was no ideal body in front of them to follow. In front of us there was Shivaji, Rana Pratap who was mother’s devotee and brave.Our history is full of the story of Rana Pratap. I had gone to Lajpat nagar I meet people like LaLa Lajpat Roy and similarly others  when my father was as congress leader.We cannot see such marvellous people now. I said unhappily my father should be borne again to bring Ram rajya ,kingdom of Sri Ram.Gandhiji fought for independence . If he was living he would have told to open the  swa ka tantra is to be independent and swa ka tantra is kundalini awakening, Sahaja Yoga.  From where such people came. Who has truth inside  . Without tatwa whatever you do until people stand on religion,your country is not going to improve because demonocracy is increasing day by day.When we put new foundation in our country by including the ideals of saints then only the country will be getting independence. When we went to villages we found so much respect for saints.This has to happen and it will be. It was written in Nadi tantra 14000 years back. People will come here and ask this knowledge. But it will happen once you will be doing Sahaj yoga deeply.In Hridaya chakra there are three parts, one left, one right and one central. In right side there is Ram Chandra the king like what Socrates explained.Who thought nothing than the benevolence of people.whatever he did in this world was for benevolence of people. He walk bare footed to forests so that the mother earth becomes vibrated by his foot.Tolerated all trouble he had body that could tolerate all this, he played all to show what should be an ideal father ideal son. Understand if some one’s right heart is caught his father’s may have bad relation or he has bad relation with father or father is doing some inrighteous work. Catching right heart or getting asthma is the cause of problem of right heart. Look how the matter moved from where to where. One should do meditation on Sri Ram Chandra in such case.  Left heart is the place of mother .If his mother does not believe in God, is doing wrong thing or made you bad by loving and pampering more, then she is also to be blamed.. One person used to come and say I dream repeatedly that my mother comes in my dream she is a witch. When asked how was your relationship with her he replied she loved me so much and spoiled me I am no use of anything.So it has come from your unconscious that she was like a demon to you, you be careful to your mother as she spoiled you..

 One man used to come and said I see my son as a king and sitting on throne and I am always standing in front if him as if obeying everything and bending head. When I asked shat was your relationship with him. He replied I have to get married. I don’t care for him.  Then I said your unconscious is saying you respect your son rather than troubling and blaming your son. That is why you were like this.The relationship between father mother and children are deep, some rear the children with the hope what will they do in future, others are not taking time to sacrifice them. Our parents took no time to sacrifice us. There are extreme of people’s relationship. Some just say my don my daughter my my my, some sending son like Bhagat singh to be martyrs. Here also my son like this my daughter like this. People should be in balance in stead of these two extremes. Do not do too much with them and respect them and deal nicely. Both these chakra are with us. Many diseases come due to bad relation of mother and we are tired of treating such diseases.

The disease named TB comes to those who were not cared or did not get love of mother in childhood. In this country where mother is so respected then also so many got TB. It means mother has spoiled the child. It doesn’t mean you go on scolding children all the time.Mother should keep such ideal in front of cheen that the children think look how is our mother and how are we her children and they motivation to be like mother. If you are busy all time to make you beautiful or quarrel with children then also your child is spoiled. A father who drinks alcohol does not care children or goes on telling different thinks to wife quarrels at home what kind of children he will have. The sanskar stays on us like the painting on pitcher is not dried that time it should be cared much.To love them is necessary but it doesn’t happen. Either we give too much water or less and it dries similarly we should be in between.Then to tell the society has become bad so the children are, how it will happen your attention is not on them. No one can blame here. I foreign children do not live with parents after 18 years if age but you are reading children whole life. If you say others smoke so my child also smokes, others drink so he also does others go behind girl so he also does what can I do, if you think like this you are the enemy of your children. Because you are not doing your duty and keeping the child in pit. I have also heard saying I drink alcohol sitting with children, if your mind and intelligence is like this why di you become parents . Then also you spoil the children otherwise you have become si hard the children run away from home. So I tell bring your children in Sahaj yoga.Once you are cleared. First get yourself realized. Otherwise what is the use of bringing children.Children will say our father says like this and Mataji says like this.

After you get through yourself  bring your children to Sahaja yoga.My granddaughter is a realised soul. She says grandmother this tiger must have done bad work in his past life, God says don’t eat animals but their parents say eat then what will he do. In her mind it came that this tiger had done bad work in past life otherwise why he will be borne with such parents.This matter should come in our mind what work we had done in past life so we couldn’t keep children well.When both these chakra become corrected your mother father will be alright and you will be alright. If mother. If you are a son , if daughter after these chakra will be ok you will be ok.

We have many disciplines in foreign. Thee parents what happened. Women marry there 4 time and man marry 6 times.What kind of bad work they did so that they got these parents. But when they came to sahajata, they improved. They married in sahaj hoga and tell great saints will be borne to us and how we behave with them.They made new thought how to remain in front of them.what ever has happened in sahaja yog is if Soul .Soul talks by these Chaitanya Lahari. From this only we know where are we.

The chakra which is in middle us of Devi.Devi Jagadamba protects her devotees.She killed many demons drank their blood , cluttered them killed them an d protected the devotees.

Some says your Devi devata are non vegetarian, this that.I tell you if Devi does not eat these demons will you eat? If she does not kill will you kill them. If Krishna doesn’t kill Kansa will you kill?If Rama doesn’t kill Ravan will you kill?If you do not do bad behaviour if you keep them with you then you see what will happen? Jagadamba took many birth at least 1000 birth and she protected her devotees.when the Chakra of Jagadamba is activated then fear doubts will be vanished from you. No doubt of any kind remains. Bv When this chakra is caught, when there is danger in her motherhood then one gets disease, when the husband says what is there if children are what is there if wife is there I should get freedom. When there is danger of motherboard in women she gets the disease we call it cancer, specially when left heart is caught then  she gets breast cancer.In America the matter is not like there in out place when there is one wife relationship. Why man gets trouble?When bad things adopted, not the natural things. Do you think when a man leaves his wife and demain with other will he be happy?Due to this reason our marriage society has a great meaning.One should think this women is the gruhalakshmi , she should be honoured . By troubling her we are giving trouble to our gruhalakshmi. I told you yesterday gruhalakshmi also should be able when we find being able also if the gruhalakshmi is troubled then slowly this home will be having trouble.When the chakra of Jagadamba is caught the person us always in fear.  He says whom to lecture what to lecture I am already I can’t do. When his this chakra is corrected he will have patience no arrogance remain. His language will be loving like that of a mother. Like Isha to those who put him on cross he said God please forgive them as they do not know what they are doing. He only once took a hunter in his hand and ran to beat those who were selling things in temple. What us the relationship of a saint and pross? In this also when people were throwing karne on press he went and stood in front of press and told them among you who have not done any sin throw stone on me. This courage this love is received by the grace of Devi.This is why the Shakti is worshipped. We do not think of shakti in ourself, Shri Ganesh is in such high position because he o ly accepts his mother and no one. He accepts his power as shakti. In world no one saint  is there who do not worship shakti.We also accept shakti but di not know how much power she has. There are doubts on people.  He was spoiled may be he did not get love from his mother. We need not go to any cause. We need not question like in psychology how us your father how us your brother whether your parents are alive. But as this chakra is awakened, man becomes like a tiger. Which person worship Durga?

Who have devotion 

Once she is happy you need not fear any one in the world. After this the chakra which us above thus us called vishuddhi chakra and this is very important Chakra.This chakra us if shri krishna.In this chakra there are 16 kalaa of Shri Krishna. The 16000 wife were his shakti whom he brought from the king who had kept them hiding.To understand the drama of Krishna you need to know Sahaja yoga, without this you cannot understand him. The meaning of Holi also needs to know from drama of Krishna. The water of river Yamuna got vibrated from the foot of Radha.He used to take this vibrated water put different hue in it and played in the back of those people. By this their kundalini used to be awakened.What ever drama he played in childhood was all Sahaja yoga, that time there was no hall like we have today. There were no people who seek fir God.When Gopi used to fetch water in river and put the water peacher on head and come back. Krishna threw stones on the pitcher that broke and the water fell on their back their kundalini was awakened.Because that water was vibrated. Ra means shakti  Sa means sahaja easily.By this also kundalini was awakened. When I went to America for the first time Lord Saheb was there. I did not go before 1873 he had heard about Krishna. He said mother I saw a scene after realization . I  saw we small children were there and one very shining person who has dark skin made us pyramid and he went up. He broke one mud put where water was kept. As soon as the curd fell on us we all god a very good vibration. I was wondering this man how he knew the dark shiny thing, he not did this. Krishna used to put  his feet on Sahasrara of boys and when water pot broken the water fell on them and their kundalini awakened. All his leela was sahaja yoga and ge did krishi so the name was Krishna. What krishi he did came in front of me in mature form which I could keep in front of you., People talk of Geeta. Before even the careful one didn’t understand it. 

Used to hold hand and run. That was Rasa leela he made the shakti ran.

For diplomacy of Krishna talk about absurd thing. To know it learn about Sahaj yoga. For example there were no shops there  he said you have to have knowledge first. But not knowledge from wisdom. In your nervous system you should feel and explained how should be a Sahayogi in chapter 15. Arjun was standing he said one place you say be witnessed, a other places you said be knowledgeable another place…. How is it possible. He thought Arjun will not agree he was representative of… of that time. If I become witness I will not fight how all things. He then started teaching opposite way. Look you do all karma but put the fruits of that in the feet of God. It is not possible. It cannot happen. Such absurd. One lady said what ever I do I put that in the feet if God. Like this keeping people in delusion. Some say I put the fruit of my karma in feet of God but it doesn’t happen. Krishna meant go on doing like this. One man was feeling the horse behind the varta and thing to drive. The father said keep horse in front and drive. But the son relief I am driving. So father said ok go on then . His cart never went forward.  But mother is saying put the horses in front of cart until you do it, horses do not move and your cart also do not move. So first get self realization then go forward . When you achieve self realization you start saying is coming is going , happening. You used to say i am coming before. Sahayogi do not say I am doing . This I doesn’t suit here. One lady said Mother get my son realised. I said you do and you give certificate your self. She said he is not par how can I give certificate. I  said I am telling the same thing. When he is not par how can I give certificate. When it is not happening in him how can you give false certificate.

So we start talking in third person. One person was saying ma you 

Cured me. I asked what happened. He said I had a gina you do t remember you course me. If you become Birat, allha ho akbar then this forefinger is the part of it. If you rub it or use ghee and cleared vishuddhi you are not doing any great thing. It is your part only. There will be no difference between you and others.  Jung had said when you go into collective consciousness there is no difference between one and another. For Krishna bhakti also Krishna said very clever thing. He said you give me leaf flower water milk whatever you like but at the time of giving be ananya, no one else . It means you be united with me. People didn’t understand it. No one else means you become one with me.

People give lectures on the world Ananya for hours. For  Krishna’s karma gyan abd bhakti  you need to be one with him then no one else remains.  The learned man does not see it because of their spectacles. Krishna is beyond the wisdom. To understand him is very difficult he wants you to dance so you come on right way.You need to tell him stop making me dance give self realization you need to surrender to Krishna . You need to saken krishna who is sitting in sushupti in you in bauddhik. Vishuddh also has 3 parts right left and central.when krishna was born he became  Gopal on left side, when he was king and sat  in throne in Dwarka after growing big he became Bithal on  right side, and sacchayat krishna in the middle. Every where Krishna like three part in chakra.  Those who have habit of shouting, for torturing others and troubling others by words his right vishuddh is caught . The person whose habit is to be submissive bowing to this one and that one,his left Vishuddhi will be caught, who feels guilty always, thinks I have many faults uncountable his left Vishuddh is caught. Who thinks I am the best in the world I can do everything his right vishuddh is caught and gets spondylitis and many other diseases.one gets angina if left one is caught. One gets asthma cold influenza. Who shouts too much he may get heart attack he can be finished in giving lectures. Like this from using such words to show others down, to dominate, is arrogant who has no respect for others feelings, goes on shouting he can have other diseases like paralysis, immovable hands also. Such person who thinks himself as most wise learned his own wisdom will make him fail. He thinks he was going to fail others who I failed myself. He may not get well also because his own wisdom fails.Because they suddenly start working something, suddenly. Krishna who hi is centre did all sorts of drama, he kept Sushama in his head, he went and ate vegetable in the house of Vidur. He did all sorts of  activities that will break the bad system of society. Similarly a Sahayogi becomes par in his eyes everything is a witness. In what I  had attachment that was a drama so what for I should run. When Shivaji came first he lifted sword and he also lifted sword. So all drama finishes.Krishna has given this to us. When he gets awakened we come  on witness state. He can withdraw both ego and super ego. This us the reason he settle the ego of Duryodhan. His ego was so high, the Sari of Draupadi went on increasing, so his ego came down. Who ever has ego krishna brings down his ego in play itself. Similarly when a person is so much dominated  and unhappy in society like Sudama to give respect to him, and give everything to him also is taught by Krishna. Whatever you praise for Krishna is not enough. Who knew him . He came here for 100 years only. Only by Geeta  people try to know him. But whom he made to write Geeta? He appointed Vyas to write Geeta Byas was son of Paraspar. He was a son of fisherman women that was also not according to rule  and was not of character. The reason he appointed Vyas was satpurush. A noble  person can be borne anywhere. It is not based on caste. Noble person can borne be borne any where his caste religion shouldn’t be asked. So by his actions he tried to bring people in right path. His actions were very lovely attractive and great. Let everyone be saved from his witty actions. Tomorrow is Holi and congratulations to all for Holi. Krishna has no intention to do any bad thing. To talk bad  to gali dena to say bad to others is not the work of Krishna. We need to talk to each other pleasantly. Radha was aalhadadahini, who gave alhad  love sheher to all who were working in your house as sweeper, or guard to give happiness and pleasure and hug them  was the work of Krishna.  For this only he started Holi festival. And we say bad to others on Holi. By saying bad to others we are spoiling our throat. This throat is given by Krishna. It has 16 works ear nose tongue functions on will of Krishna and we spoil that. Krishna attraction good wishes love.    

Should come in our life. We distributed our love our beauti to others. But people play holy very badly and making them self naked. How people. are insulting Krishna like this. Tomorrow is Holi you ply Holi but remember Krishna. You have to be part and parsal of Birat. If you have some questions you can ask. Ok wait.For what you are in hurry?Some people have come for realization. You are asking just non sense question. I have not stood for election that you ask me questions. I have to give you only. I need to take nothing from you. So you take from me. 

Heart and Vishuddhi remaining part.

I only wish you to take everything I have and use it. You ask such questions by which you get benefitted and others will be benefitted. Yesterday one person asked about Siddha yoga. This is of Guruji not my topic. I don’t know. Where will they have siddhi. Their discipline france and consume janga.

Merijuana how will they have siddhi.

They named as Bhagavananda,  Dhungananda. By keeping such name do they get siddhi.,You also use your inteligente. If some puts name as Siddh ananda will he get siddhi? Asking this type of questions is use less, it is like making a boat of paper and sitting on this. So if you want to get the truth get from here. You can go to other place. But once you are here here get the truth, to get artificial thing I don’t care. If you want truth I will do labour for you and give. If you want artificial go to other place there are many shops for that. You xan give their money and get from there. Here you ask the intelligent question and get the true things . No need of asking useless questions. Now you can ask  right questions but not necessary I reply .I am not bond to you. I have the bond of love to you. For those who are seeking God I will do but for useless thing, to waste time is not good. Now you remove your shoe. Because the mother earth is the basis of it. We haven’t got till now so sit humbly.It is inside us you get it. Your opinion and conditions should be kept away from you now. Be pure and sit because this is the fact is to know one self. You get that tatwa. If you are wearing spectacle remove it it involves eyes. Keep your both feet apart because both nadi run separately. The left hand is our will power and right work power. You have seen . Ida nadi and Pingala nadi. I will talk to you about Pingala now and Ida tomorrow. Sushumna nadi us the path of Kundalini. Now keep both hand like this towards me.Sit comfortable. If you have some tight thing like in neck make it loose. It shouldn’t give you feeling of some obstructions.we have to use the work power. Keeping left hand like this towards me signifies we want to get it. Keep right hand on heart because the soul remains here. Then I will tell one by one where to keep.On the upper part of Swadishthana  there is Guru twatwa we need to activate this also. Our Guru tatwa is bonded by these Gurus so we need to activate them inside. The part of abdomen where Swadishthan is there it is the place of pure knowledge. The God’s work is being done by here so we call it pure knowledge. Then again we come to heart and above it Vishuddh Chakra keep hand on left side of it. I will tell the truth and whatever Gurus learned people said I will tell you every thing. Vishuddhi chakra is very important for us so we should hold it like this. Many people’s Vishuddhi Chakra is caught in Hindustan so we give energy to it by our hand only. Then we keep our hand on Agnyan Chakra. Here also keep hand like this. Then in the back of Agnya where there is optic nerve which is the part of Agnya thus is to be held like this. At the end in Brahmarandhra I. Taki here Sunya shikhar per anahadh baje when kundalini is awakened the sound of heart  lab dab lab dab known as anagadh is heard. Many cannot hear. For many Kundalini just rises. For the same Sunya sikhar  par anahada baje then you get cold breeze from here. Thus cold breeze also is felt in hand then you fell peace. Once Kundalini crosses Agnyan chakra then you to go into Samadhi then you get cold breeze. This Brahmashakti

you fell. For this only if is said the power which is inside you get. You fell light from all around. Previously you don’t know about it but now you experience from where cold breeze you feel. Now you can see who is true Guru who is not you see by this cold breeze. Once we saw photo of Sridisainath . He was standing then my husband asked what is it.  I said he is the one. Like this happened many times. Once we had gone Kashmir on tour in one place I told let’s see what is here, very good vibration is coming. I said here may be mandir or Gurudwara something find out. The man said no nothing is here like this. I told find out something us here. Then we started walking. We saw some houses of Muslim then I said is here Mandir or Mosque? They said here is ek baal saheb , one hair  of Mahamood Saheb. I said o one hair of Mohammad sahab was there I felt the vibration 5 mill ahead. They said this time dharsan is not possible I said does not matter I had dharsan from very far.Till you get this thing no use if talking any other thing. Then it is like what colour to show in front of blind and what song to  sing in front of deaf. It will be like that. This is the special thing do you get it. Keep your eyes  close it it’s a way of dhyan. If you don’t want you get out why to trouble others. Who want to get sit comfortable whi does not want can leave here. Now u will tell few things 

Keep your left hand towards me like this.  Kundalini is your mother. Keep your right hand on heart and say mother please give me self realization. Mother  I am a soul if you don’t agree then ask mother am I soul? Say in mind. Towards self do not jeep any bad feeling such as I am a dinner i have done such sin etc.You are a temple of God just put on the light in it. So should not keep hate or bad feelings on self.Please forgive your self completely. This mantra will cure your heart if you have something. Mother am I a soul? If you are a soul you are your own Guru also.This should be 2nd question to activate Guru tatwa am I my own master Guru? Keep right hand on upper part of abdomen.Say mother am I my own master? If you are soul you are your own Guru.Guru tatwa has been made by Gurus , only it needs to be activated. There should not be any doubt. You ask this question mother am I my own Guru? If Guru tatwa ia bad there can be many diseases and trouble. I cannot describe all that. So the Guru tatwa needs to be awakened.Now you keep your hand in saadhu sthan where the system of God’s activities the technique is known.So keep your right hand on the left side of Swadishthana and press it. You are free but you get it only by begging. Ic you say you need self realization then only I can do it. You say inside mother I want self realization kundalini wants to hear it. You gave to tell this 6 times. Because there are 6 petals in Awadhisthan. Now you lift your right hand and keep on left side little up which is the place if Guru.Say mother I am the Guru of my self.All satguru will be happy by this. Say I am my own Guru because you will have their blessings. Say this 10 times because there are 10 guru tatwa inside you.

Whatever they did now you are going to get it’s fruits.Tell this 10 time from heart.

Now move your hand to heart and say mother I am soul with full faith. Mother I am a soul. This us the sound of kundalini.Nothing to worry.Say this 12 times. Mother I am a spirit.Now keep your right hand on your left shoulder where our neck and shoulder meets  and press hard.This chakra us also caught because we are told many times  you committed thus sin this is lie.

Then the person thinks don’t know what all mistake I do. This was told to make person afraid and control. This us not right.God us the oven of love ocean of benevolence and above all ocean if forgiveness., He has such  great forgiveness

you cannot do any sin that he cannot wash away.

 Hold there and say mother I am not guilty 16 times. Mother I gave no faults I am clean. I am not guilty. I am not faulty. This opinion is faulty we gave done such sin we must repent we must do such and such to wash it away etc”.Prayaschitta” This opinion is wrong. There is no need to do anything.

Now you keep your hand on forehead in such a way that you can press both side like you do in headache.

 Here you have to say mother I forgive everyone. To say we cannot forgive is a wrong thing. To forgive or not does not make a difference but when you don’t forgive you will only suffer. Whoever has tortured they will be in the hand of God then you will not suffer. So with full heart mother I forgive everyone. If you don’t give, you will have anger and you can get many disease.when you say I have forgiven now you do whatever you want. With this the health becomes fresh. So don’t get angry. Now you keep your hand on the back of the head and without any hesitation without the feeling of guilt say if I have done something wrong please forgive me, O God if I have done something against you please forgive me.If I have done something in your dignity please for give me.No need if counting your mistake and blaming you. Only say if there was mistake from my side please forgive. Now you keep your right hand on Brahmarandhra, for which people say fontenelle or tali continually in such a way to press it by palm or by fingers and rotate clockwise and say mother please give me self realization, because I respect you and without you taking I cannot give. Say 7 times mother gives me self realization because there is seat of all 7 chakra.Now keep this hand on lap. Now sit in thoughtless state, no thoughts from inside, so be in peace. You need to establish peace first. Now being your left hand above your head a little high and feel the cool breeze coming from your head.This is susma emotions we have come from zid to sushma so see coming cool? Now feel by another hand.