Agnya Chakra

New Delhi (India)

1984-03-17 Agnya Chakra, New Delhi, India, 106'
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1984-03-17 Music, New Delhi, India, 10'
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1984-03-17 yogi intro at 5th Public Program, Agnya Chakra, Delhi, India, 10'
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Agnya Chakra, Public Programme, Delhi (India), 17 March 1984.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

I want to wish you happy Holi today. It’s a very joyous day for all of us and I told you about Vishuddhi chakra yesterday where resides Shri Krishna and why He started the festival of Holi. As I told you before this is the knowledge of the roots, while whatever knowledge we have in the colleges, medical college, colleges of psychology and other sciences which deal with human beings on scientific research and scientific data’s, is the knowledge of the tree. So to become the knowledge of the roots we have to become subtler people. With human awareness we cannot dive down into ourselves. For example, you’re all paying attention to Me but if I say that, “Take your attention inside” you cannot take it. You’ll say, “How to do it?” It doesn’t go inside. Our attention is spread outside. That is how we are made specially that we should put our attention outside and understand the value of our freedom.

As human beings we are free to choose right and wrong. We have through traditions developed lot of correct ideas about right and wrong but there have been lots of saints and seers who have given us a complete idea about what is right and what is wrong. Despite that we find it difficult to be righteous, to be virtuous, to be what that we believe in. We see something, we hear something, we know something that it is good, that we should be like that but we just can’t do it. We are not samarth. We are not capable of doing what we believe in. The reason for this is because we are not integrated personalities. Our brains say something, our heart says another thing and our liver does another thing. So we are divided into 3-4 personalities and that’s why we cannot integrate ourselves. To integrate ourselves we have to become something that is integrated within ourselves. Now this integrated self is the spirit. The Spirit resides in the heart. It is said by all the seers, but in Sahaja yoga now we can prove it, that it does reside. That is, God Almighty reflects Himself in the heart as Spirit. And the Spirit is the one which is watching us all the time. The Spirit does not manifest in our attention. If it starts manifesting in our attention then we start feeling on our central nervous system, the coolness of the Spirit, the vibrations of the Spirit, the manifestation of the Spirit. But when it does not manifest it keeps out and watches us as a sakshi. Now this Spirit is the one that is the integrated point. Once we become the Spirit, all these beings that are within us which are disintegrated become completely integrated and that’s how we become capable of doing what we believe good or right, through our mind, through our efforts and through our love. It all combines together and we do perform everything that has complete integrated expression. Now to become the Spirit people have said that you have to meditate, you have to go inside because at the time of Shri Krishna He could not talk on this level where people were not so well equipped to understand.

Now how to meditate is again the problem. If I say, “You have to go inside to meditate.” You’ll say, “How to go inside?” Now we have to understand God Almighty has made us very beautiful. We never ask a question once, “Why has He made us a human being? Why did we go through the complete process of evolution to become a human being?” Now we have become a human being but why? Why are we human being? And if human beings are the epitome of evolution then why there are problems? Why we are not integrated? So we have to jump a little higher stage, a little higher awareness, by which we start understanding the absolute nature. Just now we are living on absolutely relative work, terminology. Everything is relative. We don’t know whether this is good or bad, whether this should be done or not. But for a self realised person, there is no doubt because he knows that his Spirit is emitting those vibrations which are all the time flowing and if he tries to do something wrong it immediately stops. So like a computer he gets attached or you can say united with the Divine and then the computer starts working and informing that this is not right and that is not right. It’s a very wonderful computer that God has created. We are one of the most exceptional type of computers.

We have computers in the world that human beings have created: it has to go through the thinking power and then come to something and the thinking is also fed into it by another thinking one who has thought from a very limited energy. But we do not think and we see. I see you without thinking. I can see you without thinking. As soon as I see you I, I know who you are. But for a computer it has to go through the process of finding out who the person is. Now there’s a big challenge now facing us that people are taking artificial methods in every field of life because they have not been able to go higher than what they are because they have missed their ascent, they are taking to all kinds of artificial things. First of all they are taking to artificial things like computers. Now these computers could be very dangerous things because the matter is all the time trying to overpower the Spirit. When you are creating a machine, you don’t know how much you are going in the clutches of the machinery. That the machine one day if you do not allow and assert your freedom and a proportionate understanding of the powers of machine also, you might just be finished completely. You can see that these computers now can speak, can take over. Supposing something goes wrong with the computer, it can start devouring the whole world. How can you stop it? Because it’s a machine, it’s the matter, which doesn’t understand, it is innocent. It doesn’t understand whether it is constructive or destructive. So this is a very dangerous point where we have arrived. In every field we are doing such dangerous things.

Like in the agricultural side we can see that we try to make a hybrid seed. Hybrid seed can never produce seeds. Moreover all this hybrid business gives problems. If you study a hybrid cow and an ordinary cow you will be amazed that the hybrid cow has no sensitivity to her child. If a calf dies of a simple cow, she stops giving milk. She stops giving milk because her love informs her that the child is no more, what is the use of giving milk now, for whom? But if a hybrid cow’s calf dies, it doesn’t mind. You see the little hen that we have in the villages, because people have now studied them very well, they say a hen which is an ordinary hen, which is a normal hen, if it sees the little chicks around it, and when she sees the, some sort of an attack from some birds or something she immediately calls her little chicks and puts her complete protection for them. But if you have somebody, say somebody which is a hybrid one like incubator or something, they have no feeling for their children; they have no feeling for them. So even if some rat is coming, anything she’s not bothered let somebody eat the children, do what they like.

It is so much going into our lives that we are not aware as to how much we are dominated by the matter. Matter is a very important thing but it is to be seen what it does to the Spirit. Now for example what we do of matter is nothing but to change its forms. We develop an ego thinking we have done this, we have done that, we have built this big thing and we have huge big palaces built by us. But what are all these things? Are nothing but stones. From dead to the dead, what have you achieved? Nothing but an ego which is absolutely, ego means something you believe into, which does not exist. So you believe into something that is the matter, that you have changed the forms of the matter. But as a result what happens? You become a slave of the matter. For example those who are used to the chair cannot sit on the ground. You get used to it, you form habits and this matter starts dominating you all the time when the whole ideology in the west starts with the individual growth and also of the comfort. Comfort is a very important thing in the western philosophy, that you must achieve comfort. And when you start seeking the comfort of the body, what happens that your body becomes such a slave of the material things that you are absolutely flabbergasted the way you land into a very funny situation. For example in England now, I am there, I find it is impossible to get fresh chicken, is impossible to get fresh lamb. Everything is tinned and you cannot change it because it has gone into that kind of a big industrialised process that if you want to have anything that is simple, that is natural, you just can’t get it. You have to do the way it is done for the whole there and that’s what you have to accept. While in India thank God, we are not that mad, that we still can get lots of things which are fresh. But the greatest thing that we can get in this world is the love, love of other people. Holi is one of the festivals in which we express our love to all the people. Now in England if you go or in any other western countries, the love is expressed through a printed card. There they say, “We wish you a happy Christmas.” Finished. To your father also they will send a card, “We wish you a happy Christmas.” We go to the market, get some papers, write down or they might get ready made everything. You get ready made for the mother, ready made for the father, ready made for the grandfather, ready made for everyone. Just bring the ready made stuff and write it down and send it over.

I have seen sometimes people will make mistakes and they might send a, one of these ready made ones in such a funny way that instead of addressing to the child they may address it to the grandmother. So it is so much of a mechanised life that you have lost that flexibility that can really inspire love within our hearts. Such people become absolutely dry, they have no love for anybody and what they want is only material things. This matter cannot give you joy. It’s already said in the economics, if you see the law of economics, the first and the foremost is that a want is satiable in particular but not in general. Means nothing can satisfy your wants. You will today ask, say for a bicycle, tomorrow for a car, then for a house, then for an aero-plane. I don’t know how it moves. So, a person is never satisfied who tries to find joy in material things. So now we come to the point where we see that these western countries as I have mentioned to you earlier, the three affluent countries, like Sweden, Norway and Switzerland, are competing among themselves as to the rate of suicide tendencies and how many people suicide. Now of course this year they have given prise to Switzerland because they have the greatest number of people, young people who are committing suicide. So they have the highest income. Despite that they are committing suicide because they have not found the joy. They have done everything. They have got beautiful railways, they have got beautiful telephones, not like Delhi telephones, and they have got everything first class. Despite all that they have now decided that most of the young people should commit suicide. That’s the only way they can exist. That suggests one thing definitely that their movement towards the achievement of material well-being has not given them anything of substantial value.

So now they are turning to God, turning to Spirit, trying to find out what should they do to become the Spirit. Now we must know those people have talked of the Spirit didn’t tell lies. They didn’t tell us lies, that is first thing we must know. There are some people who say, “We don’t believe in God.” I think is a sign of complete arrogance. Is a sign of ignorance also, that you just say, “I don’t believe in anything.” It’s like a person who goes to a university or school and there he goes and tells his teacher, “I don’t believe in this that this can happen.” If you are sensible and balanced person and wise, then you can think it over that, “Why is it in the world today there’s a moral crisis? Why we are suffering so much?” The reason is we have given too much importance to the material life, too much importance. The material life also cannot be enjoyed without the spiritual life.

Now I’ll tell you what happens when the Kundalini rises above the Agnya chakra which is placed between the pituitary and the pineal body in the optic chiasma. The optic chiasma has got this very important centre. Now this important centre cannot be seen through microscope or anything but it asserts and exerts its power when you see the Kundalini rising. When the Kundalini rises, mostly it stops at that point which we call as the Agnya chakra. You have seen now a study you saw so many people had this problem of their Kundalini stopping at the Nabhi chakra or at the Agnya chakra. You can see it clearly when it stops at the Nabhi chakra, with your naked eye you can see the pulsation of the Kundalini that rises and goes and stops at liver or some places. But at the Agnya chakra you cannot see. When it stops at Agnya chakra, it also drops down. Now this Agnya chakra which is placed between the pituitary and the pineal in the centre of the optic chiasma is the one which is a very narrow gate, which is a very narrow gate, through which somebody had to pass through to prove that eternal life is to be sought. Like Krishna has said about eternal life, (Sanskrit ) __ You see the thing is (Sanskrit) The reason is, what He is trying to say is that this cannot be cured, this cannot be destroyed, this cannot be sucked in. What is that? That is the spiritual life that is the eternal life that is within us. But how do you do it? Where do you get that eternal life which cannot be crushed? So somebody had to show what is that.

Krishna has described it so clearly in His life-time that you have to achieve that eternal life which I am telling you. So somebody had to come on this earth, on this Agnya chakra to work it out. In that I would say that you should go and read some of these (inaudible / doughty deeds or data’s?) about Mahavishnu which is described by Markandeya. Markandeya is the person who has very clearly described the origin of Mahavishnu. Mahavishnu was created by Shri Radhaji. Shri Radhaji is the Mahalakshmi, is the Sushumna, is the parasympathetic nervous system within ourselves. She has created with Her own will power, this Mahavishnu. And this one was like an egg, and half of it became active and became Mahavishnu. And with that active Mahavishnu, we can cross through the Agnya chakra. As I told you before that we had ten gurus who came on this earth and they represented the innocence of the three Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesha of Dattatreya and one of them was Zoroaster, another was Mohammed Sahib and all these gurus represent those qualities of innocence of these three personalities called as Dattatreya. And also told you how by understanding these different gurus we can produce the effects even on our physical health.

Like we had a doctor who came all the way from Iran and that day I was very tired, very tired and I told him that, “You have to become a Sikh gentleman if you want to become all right. And I cannot help you much because you do not believe that there is anybody else but Mohammed Sahib.” Then he got very angry and I said, “I am really very tired and in one sentence I want to finish it because I am really very tired.” So he went away and he came back next day and started arguing with Me. He said, “What do You mean by this?” I said, “I mean that Mohammed Sahib and Guru Nanak are the same personalities.” He said, “How do You say that?” I said, “It is said that once Guru Nanaka was lying down and people said that, ‘Sir, your feet are towards Mecca.’ So He said, ‘All right I’ll turn this side.’ He turned on the other side and Mecca was on the other side. What does that mean? That means that Mecca is at the feet of Mohammed Sahib, also at the feet of Guru Nanaka. That means both of them are the same personalities and if you want to argue with Me, I cannot tell you how, but I will tell you one thing, that if you want to get cured of your cancer of your stomach, then you have to believe in Guru Nanak.” He said, “I can’t believe in Guru Nanak”. I said, “I cannot cure you, I am sorry, I just can’t help you.” He went home, his wife was a wiser woman, she said, “My husband is going to die now.” He said, “All right, why not believe in Guru Nanak? Let’s see what happens.” So he came down after three, four days when he had very bad time and he said, “Mother all right, now we like to know about Guru Nanak.” So I told him about the greatness of Guru Nanak. Why He came on this earth. Because He found that what Mohammed Sahib had done is undone by Muslims. So He came down to tell the Indians about Mohammed Sahib and about other gurus and to bring a unity of Hindu and Muslims. But you can see now what’s happening to that also.

So the all whatever good these great people have done can be all neutralised by our own ideologies and by adding to it our own biased arguments. And this is what happened with all the great gurus. Now as I told you that with the guru problem you develop this stomach problem. For example a person who is following Dattatreya always will have a stomach problem, always will have. And if you have to correct him you have to tell him how to take the name of Dattatreya. Now in the same way we know that Christ came on this earth and He was the incarnation of Shri Ganesha Himself. Shri Ganesha is a (Sounds like -Chirabalakam), is a eternal child and that’s how He took birth on this earth as Christ. So when you see a cross, people get frightened. When they saw the cross in Maharashtra, they said, “Oh, Mother are You teaching Christianity?” I said, “Supposing the Swastika becomes the Cross have you any objection to that?”. He said, “Then we have no objection. If Swastika becomes the Cross we have no objection”. So swastika which represents Shri Ganesha who is the carbon atom within us with the four valences, becomes the cross when it comes to the Sahasrara. Because in between the Sahasrara the top chakra and the lower part of it that is, we can say the Vishuddhi, there is placed this special chakra called the Agnya chakra. And to enter into the Sahasrara, which is the kingdom of God as it is described, the limbic area, one has to pass through this narrow gate and something which is absolutely eternal had to pass. Now you know that Shri Ganesha is Omkara, is the Brahma Shakti. Is the Shakti which we feel after realisation, which you felt yesterday around you. Now this is the only thing that can pass through this one, that small gate. That’s why He said, “I am the path, I am the gate”. But He didn’t say, “I am the goal.” But He didn’t say, “I am the destination.” He didn’t say, “I am the destination,” the reason was by saying that He would have stopped the progress further. And that’s why He didn’t say, “I am the destination” because destination is the limbic area.

Now it is very interesting to note how people try to twist everything. For example in the life of Mohammed Sahib He Himself has said, “When the time of resurrection will come your hands will speak.” Very clearly He has said in the Koran. He has written so much about the resurrection time which is today, which you are feeling in your hands but nobody talks about it. They only talk about the qiyama, the time when everybody is going to be destroyed. They are just talking about that part. That everybody is going to be destroyed and you should be frightened, you should be awed that you should come to all these Mullahs and pray to these Mullahs and become frightened people thinking that the qiyama is going to fall. But there is a resurrection time in between which is described so clearly in Koran but is not mentioned at all throughout if you see. People never talk about it. People don’t know there is a resurrection. Mohammed Sahib has very, very clearly talked about it and said that, “At that time your hands will speak.” He has called Kundalini as Assas. Now in the Bible also we have, “I will appear before you like tongues of flames.” These chakras, these centres look like tongues of flames specially the Sahasrara. It’s such a beautiful assemblage of different colour flames which are very silently moving and are living flames. We can see them. If you cut the brain, in the transverse section of a brain, if you see it looks like the petals of a lotus. It is thousand petalled brain and you can see those thousand petals enlightened if you can achieve your evolution to that point, which just looks like a beautiful lotus with flame like little, little petals which are living petals. And you can see the silence and the beauty of those petals.

Through that is in the centre is the Agnya chakra through which the Kundalini has to pierce, which is a very difficult part and one had to come on this earth to show what Krishna has said that, “You have to lead an eternal life.” That’s why Christ incarnated. He was Mahavishnu, He was specially made. That’s why on Easter day they make an egg. If you ask a Christian man, “Why do you give an egg on Easter day?” They won’t be able to tell you. But it is in the Purana of Devi that you can find out that He was first made like an egg. He is born, gradually his pituitary starts working and he collects lot of ego on top of his head. So ego and super ego, both of them meet in the fontanel bone area and you develop a calcified thing here, I mean this cranial box, and you become a person with your ‘I’s. Like, “I’m Mr. so, Mrs. so”, like, “I am a citisen of this and I am a Christian or a Hindu or I am an Indian or Englishman”, all these you see, separate identities start crawling into you and you become like a box or like an egg. Now this egg has to grow. When it is ready enough then only just like we call a Brahmin a “dweeja.” A brahmin who is not a “dweeja” is called a brahmin in the Shastras, he is called as a brahmin. He is not a brahmin, he is a a brahmin. That “a” has to go away. Till he gets his realisation, he is still a a brahmin. So when this breaks, this egg breaks into a new being, when you become a new being, you are called the “dweeja” and a bird is also called a “dweeja” means twice born. But there are many people I met, they say, “We are already twice born.” Is also false certification, “We are twice born.” What, what do you mean by twice born? You cannot just give a certificate to yourself. If you are twice born then what is the specialty? What do you get as a twice born personality?

First of all you should become collectively conscious. Means on your central nervous system, always whatever you have evolved comes on your central nervous system. But now after realisation on your central nervous system you should feel your own centres, the subtle centres, and you should feel the centres of others. That’s the minimum that should happen to a person who says who is a yogi. If he cannot say that then he is just giving him a certificate. Like that you can certify yourself that, “I am the prime minister of India,” but who’s going to listen to you? This self certification is a very easy thing as far as God is concerned and religion is concerned because there is no law that people think can really guide them or can put them in the prison. So they do the way they like. Now we have to understand that there is a life in this life time only. You’re going to get a life which is in a very different dimension where your spirit starts shining through your attention, through your central nervous system. Yesterday many people felt the cool breeze. Now what is this cool breeze? This cool breeze is the Omkara Shakti, is the Brahma Shakti of God, the all pervading power of God, the power that converts or that transforms the flower into a fruit. Till you become a fruit we do not separate the fruit from the tree. In the same way till you become a realised soul you cannot have that detachment. Those people who work at detachment before realisation are really trying to do a very immature thing. It doesn’t work. Once you are mature enough then only you can feel the detachment completely and in that detachment you give, you become dynamic. Like the sap in the tree it rises, rises and gives its energy, nourishment to every leaf, to every branch, to every flower, to every fruit, and it returns back. It doesn’t get attached to anyone. If anybody gets attached like that, you can see in any tree, it does not, they are sensible. Because trees and vashus are in the pasha of God, so they are sensible things, they never get attached. But supposing like human beings, they get attached to one flower or to one fruit, the whole tree will die and that fruit will also die. But this is what we do not realise when we get attached to our children, we get attached to one person or attached to this and attached to that, attached to material things. But this detachment is actually your true nature, which just works out when you become the Spirit. Now to become the Spirit you have to pass through this Agnya chakra.

Now in Sahaja yoga we have found out the best mantra for this is that, “Mother I forgive everyone,” is the best mantra for this ‘kshum’ ‘kshum’. But Agnya chakra has got two petals one in front and one at the back. This is all placed in a this way, actually we can say that the front side is here and the back side is there. But all this works out in such a manner that when you have too much of ego, you have too much of ego, then your one of the petals starts working which we can say that this petal looks after the pituitary. So when you have ego you think, “I will do this, I must do this, I plan out this one, I must achieve this, and ambitious people, we can say the Rajogunis the Rajogunis, when they assert themselves too much, they develop an ego in top of their heads as I told you. And the another one, the ones who deal with life in such a way, who say that, “I have to bear and I must suffer and this is how it happens”, and you go on taking the conditioning of all kinds of things, then you develop a super ego. And the super ego and ego, both are on your head and that’s how you become the bird encaged in a shell of egg. Now when this Kundalini rises above the Agnya, what happens? The most marvellous thing happens is this that this ascent immediately pushes the, pushes the both these balloon like things into the Vishuddhi chakra and the whole thing is sucked in. Once it is sucked in the limbic area which is covered with ego and super ego opens out like this, and the Kundalini passes through that and enters into the limbic area and then comes out of your fontanel bone area called as Brahmarandra. And then you start feeling the cool breeze emitting out of your head.

Now this sucking of the ego and super ego is one of the greatest things that Christ has achieved through His crucifixion. Through His crucifixion He showed that He was resurrected, and resurrection is the message of Christ’s life, that He was resurrected because He could not, how can He die? (Sanskrit), how can He be killed? So He was resurrected actually and He showed through His resurrection that all of us can be resurrected. Now the suction of the ego and super ego is a very important thing I told you because the idea of karma that whatever karmas we do, we have to suffer, only human beings feel they are doing karmas. Animals don’t. We only feel, “We have done this karma, we have done that karma, we should not have done this karma, we have done this wrong”, either we feel sorry or we feel elated, whatever we have done. But when this is sucked in you have no ego nor super ego, it’s sucked in. So what happens, your karmas are all sucked in. It is the ego that makes you feel that you have done these karmas and it is the super ego that makes you suffer for your karmas. But once it is sucked in there is no problem of sins or karmas. That’s why it is said that Christ died for your sins. It can be explained this way that when He died, He resurrected Himself and when He resurrected, He created an awareness within us. If it is enlightened through Kundalini our karmas can be also sucked in.

But as a result of that so many good things can happen on the physical side also. I remember a girl met Me, she was in a hospital and one of the nurses told in the Breach Candy hospital, she knew about Me so she told her father that I should be contacted about this girl. This girl was supposed to have a kind of a tumour somewhere which was very deep down and they called a doctor from Madras and the doctor from Madras said, “It’s a very deep down stuff, we cannot just locate it and it’s impossible to go down there.” Then he called Me there. You’ll be surprised; this girl had a very funny problem. She had lost all her control on her fingers and feet, she was just lying down. She couldn’t even lift her spoon. In 5 minutes I just knew that the Kundalini is stuck there. I raised her Kundalini, immediately she became all right. And the father was so surprised at the whole thing. Actually I met him suddenly one day in a music program and he came and touched My feet, I didn’t know who he was and then he reminded Me what I had done and all that. I had forgotten even the trouble that that girl had. But then it really struck Me that if the Kundalini can be brought out you can cure all the brain troubles. All neurology can be brought into proper lines if you understand how to raise the Kundalini.

Now we have people who suffer from brain tumor. Now the brain trouble could be from super ego or from the ego. Whichever way it is, can be cured through the proper adjustment of the Agnya chakra. If you really master Agnya chakra, you can. But there are people in Sahaja Yoga who come to Sahaja Yoga, they mostly come that, “We should get our realisation” and some of them come that, “We should get cured.” But you need people of very deep devotion who should go into it and master it fully, how to control the brain and how to control all the problems of the brain through Agnya chakra. Now one of them is Rustom who’s I must say, Rustom Burjorji is another great personality the way he came to Sahaja Yoga and he took to it. Another is Dr. Bogdan and Dr. Warren whom you have seen. All these three doctors have really taken it up very seriously and they’re working it out. But the problem is that it is very difficult for scientists to understand that there is a knowledge beyond knowledge. That the controlling point of all the knowledge is somewhere else and we are just trying to treat the tree from outside not through its roots. But if you can find the roots it’s such an easy thing to treat a patient who suffers from nervous trouble, from brain trouble through Agnya chakra adjustments. Today I have talked to you about Agnya chakra, tomorrow I’ll tell you about the Sahasrara, the thousand petalled chakra which resides in the upper portion of our head. I hope I have been able to clarify about Agnya chakra and how it is worked out in Sahaja Yoga. But the subject is so big on Agnya, I must have given at least seven lectures in London so I don’t know how could I make it so compact as to deliver the complete idea about it. But it’s the most important chakra. Now why do we put red mark here? I mean many people don’t put it; many ladies also these days don’t put it. The red mark is because, if you put the red mark, then the red is the sign of innocence, is the sign of innocence, is the sign of a person who believes in innocence and all the bad prakrutis, all the dusht prakrutis which are against God are frightened of the red. That’s why we wear this special red just to frighten them. Specially the ladies are very easy to catch these depressing moods from others, like a woman has a hysteria another one has hysteria. All these depressing moods can be controlled if you can put the red here. Men should also put the red is a good idea. But it’s a very difficult thing to tell people who are so fashionable that they find it’s impossible to put a red mark on the head, but red mark is the one that saves you all.

In Sahaja Yoga what we do, those people who suffer from such affectations in the psychosomatic side, we ask them to put a vibrated red mark in the night when they sleep and they have been cured. It’s very simple. But to believe in it is an impossibility for people, that how can a red mark solve it. But it is vibrated, means there is a Brahma Shakti inside it and it acts. It does act, it has acted, it has helped so many people and should help all of you. In the Bible it is described as I told you about Koran, that Sahaja Yoga is going to come. That such and such person is going to come. That Mahakali, Mahalakshmi, that Shri Mahasaraswati, the Comforter, the Redeemer, the Counsellor is going to come. Christ has clearly said, “I’ll send you the Holy Ghost,” means Adi Shakti on this earth. But the Christians cannot see beyond even one foot, they cannot see. It is one of the most sophisticated fanatic group I have ever met. The most sophisticated fanatic group. You can see the Muslims as very blatant fanatics and you can say they are fanatics. And you can see the Sikhs sometimes, you can see the Hindus being fanatics, but these Christians are so intellectually sophisticated that you cannot make out how fanatic they are. They will be the last people to enter into the kingdom of God in India. But abroad they have seen through it, they have seen through it the sophistication. But in India, the Indian Christians are the most difficult and that’s why I took My birth in this the most difficult community called the Indian Christians because they cannot see anything beyond one foot. The rest of the Christians in all over the world are now Sahaja yogis, they can see it because William Blake, such a great poet has written about Sahaja Yoga exactly everything about it so clearly they have found it and they are reading it. But Indian Christians in India everybody’s religion is in danger. That way everybody’s a fanatic. If you ask anyone, they’ll say Sikhism is in danger, Hinduism in danger, Islam in danger, Christianity in danger. I don’t know how we are dangerously wasting. How can it be in danger? If it is reality, it can never be in danger.

We must know eternal things can never be in danger. Only we, we have made it something very transitory, something very superficial, something very cheap, that’s why we think it is in danger. These are eternal things and nothing can destroy, nothing can destroy. So tomorrow I’ll tell you about Sahasrara where we get the complete integration of all the seven chakras which are called as the peethas, as the peethas in the brain. I’ll talk about that tomorrow and I hope I’ll be able to tell you that from there how we’ll come to the gross. I’m sorry tomorrow there is no program it’s on the 20th. It’s My birthday on the 20th, they are celebrating here, you are all cordially invited to come and it’s nice that I have to speak about Sahasrara on that day because that’s the thing I have tried to study and work out. I have worked out the Sahasrara in this life time and hence you know I also studied medicine and partly this and that, just to understand what these people call this and that and that’s how I can relate it now to the gross things also. Thank you very much.

Now if you have any questions like yesterday you can ask Me for a while and then we’ll have the session of realisation, for about 10 minutes. But ask sensible questions.

Q: Inaudible /unclear

Shri Mataji: You see this widowhood and all that we don’t believe in it. No man is a widower, why should a woman be a widow? You see it is the mistake of the women who accept all these nonsensical ideas. In Sahaja Yoga we don’t allow any widows to come with that forehead. It’s all nonsensical ideas given to us, about women. Women are so sacred, have to be sacred because actually, they are Shakti peethas. But we the women have made us, ourselves like that. What was the need to be subdued like that? We have lost the capacity to be a woman now. A woman is like this Mother Earth. She can bear lots of things upon herself but not nonsense. This vidhwa(mourning) and all those things are all absolutely nonsensical things and Sahaja yogis don’t believe in all that. Between the two somebody has to die earlier, they both can’t die together. I’ve not known anybody both of husband and wife dying together on the same time, same spot. One will become a widower or a widow. Is only a suppression of women which has come to us from various sources and we have accepted it. North India, you don’t tell Me about North India. In North India even married women don’t put, they want to move like widows. They just don’t put it I have seen. I mean it’s not easy to make out the married woman from an unmarried and a widow in North India. They have no mark nothing, they don’t understand the value of all these things. They have all become like westernised people or Islamic, I don’t know what sort of a culture.

(Shri Mataji speaks in Hindi)

All religions. (Hindi) … All they are the best. (Hindi) … Sahaja Yoga.

Q: Inaudible /unclear

Shri Mataji: In Sahaja Yoga we respect all the religions. What Nanak Sahib has said, “Sahaja samadhi, now Sahaja samadhi.” You have to get your samadhi; you have to become your spirit. The time has come for that. There is no need to have so many religions. All religions are respected within yourself because they all reside within you. You do not know how important every religion is to us, is extremely important. We do not know the essence of all the religions, we are just outside, that’s why. So the child should be called a Sahaja yogi who is “dharmateet”, who is “gunateet”, who is “kalateet”. (Shri Mataji speaks in Hindi)

Q: Inaudible unclear

Shri Mataji: Now why are you worried about death? I am talking about life. This is a typical Indian mind. I tell you. Indian people first of all they’ll come and ask Me, “Mother was I a king in last life?” Then what was “I”? I said, “Baba why are you worried? To Me you are My son, you better get your realisation.” We have to be in the present. We have to be in the present, past is finished and future doesn’t exist. We have to be in the present.

Q: Is prakruti like purusha?

Shri Mataji: Of course. It’s like moon and moonlight, sun and sunlight. But when the prakruti creates, the purusha watches.

Q: Despite all my efforts in the last few days I have not had any sensation of Kundalini. Can I have your touch to clear my chakras?

Shri Mataji: All right, can you come down to Me? I will see to it. I’ll work hard, don’t worry. We’ll work it out.

Q: It is extremely difficult to become a lady saint as you are?

Shri Mataji: I mean I’m not a saint. I’m a Mother, that’s all. It’s very easy for Me to be the Mother. If your Kundalini is the Mother, I’m also the Mother. Is the easiest thing to be a Mother. I do not claim to be a saint or anything like that but lady is always a saint so she cannot become a saint. A woman’s position is that high. A mother who looks after her child, gives all her attention to the child, is already reached the saintly hood actually. But we Indians we think that only men can become saints. Naturally those who are not, have to become saints.

Q: Ladies can chant the Gayatri mantra?

Mother: No one should chant without understanding. Now Gayatri mantra is to be chanted by people who are depressed in life, who feel nervous in life, who are left sided. So ladies, some of the ladies have to do it. And those men who are like that, also have to do it. But those who are already riding a high horse should stop chanting Gayatri mantra.

Q: My son is suffering from asthma. What should I do? He is ten years old.

Mother: All right. Sahaja Yoga can cure your child. You have to come to our centre and they will tell you what is to be done.

All individual questions should be sorted out in the centre individually. We can pay attention to every individual. We have doctors here; we have other people who can look after you.

Q: Is it the Mother which has been, which has no beginning and end, therefore without the father?

Shri Mataji Is it the Mother ….

Q: Is it the Mother which has no beginning and end therefore without the father?

Shri Mataji: Mother that’s all. Mother is the thing.

Q: I have been feeling intoxicated since two days, something different. What is this difference?

Shri Mataji: (Sounds Like- “Jaba mast hue phir kya bole”).

Q: Some chandanas have been utilised for the forehead. Is it fine or bad?

Shri Mataji: There are two types of chandanas, white and the red. Now the red is to be used for people who are left sided, depressive. And the people who are aggressive or people who are right sided; they have to use white chandan.

Q: (Can You for life, why are we born?/Inaudible)

Shri Mataji:- We are born to be the spirit. We are born to be the citizens of God’s empire to enter into His kingdom, to enjoy all His blessings and glories. Like a very gracious father He has invited you and He wants to grant all that is possible for His children.

A yogi makes an announcement about Shri Mataji’s birthday celebrations.

Q: You have told about Kundalini jagrut but how can it be achieved? I want that we should achieve

Shri Mataji: All right we’ll have it now. Practical (inaudible). All the people who are standing can sit down, can come forward and sit down. Everybody should sit down. Be seated comfortably. Please be seated comfortably.