Birthday Felicitations

New Delhi (India)

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Talk at the Birthday Felicitation , Delhi , India. 20-03-1984

On this occasion I bow to all my children, to all the well-wishers, friends who have come here to express their kind feelings towards me. Thank you very much.

In such circumstances the words cannot express, the deep feeling of gratitude for all of you who have so kindly come down here. It is very important for us to realize one thing that the time has come for all of us to transform ourselves, all the possibilities of transformation is possible.  We all have to transform ourselves. We must raise our level from this human level to the higher level of spirit. Otherwise those who will not will not enter into the kingdom of god and may be destroyed. The time is very precarious and precious and the most opportune time.

Today is the day they have put a Sahasrara here, many one thousand petalled lotus surrounding the limbic area in our head. The coconut is called  as Shriphala which represents something like our brain and the inside of the coconut is the limbic area. In the same way we have got in our brain this limbic area on which many scientists have done a lot of research but they cannot go very far with it because they are doing everything from outside, it is only through Sahaja yoga you can understand what lies in that brain. All the seven centres about which I have told you in the previous lectures lies above this area.

To begin with is the mooladhara lies in the centre of your , you can say at this point you  see bone jetting out. I don’t want to use medical terminology because some people told me they can’t understand, now around that moves this Swadishthana chakra, you must have seen people who suffer from diabetes always lose their eye sight, eye sight is first affected when they have diabetics trouble. What is the reason? The reason is the Swadishthana is in the stomach the centre and the pitha or you can say the seat of that Swadishthana chakra is here at the back of your head where the lobe which supply the energy to the eye is seated. Around that, around that moves the Swadishthana in the centre is the mooladhara around that moves the Swadishthana which is responsible for this over activity when we think too much it is over active and the conversion of the fat cells from the stomach to the brain is done in such a fast speed, when we think too much we are futuristic that all other organs are neglected. So such a Swadishthana which gets hectic, which doesn’t understand what to do , now gets out of gear, because of that one of the organs being the pancreas gets no energy from the swadistan, it gets out of order and you develop diabetics. Anything goes wrong with the swadistana , spoils the seat of the swadistana around the mooladhara which is in the center. So by that you get your eyes blinded because it is pushing down the mooladhara which is in the center of it. So no use treating the eyes, best thing is to treat your mooladhara or treat your swadistana because swadistana is absolutely augmenting the movement of the mooladhara which has to support the optic lobe.

So it is so important to keep our mental being very sensible and balanced. It’s very important, this is only about one chakra , I have told you but all the seven chakras lie above the limbic area. All the seven chakras, so every chakra has got its seat over this limbic area hence it’s very important how mentally we are equipped. I don’t know what happens in the north India but in the south or specially in the Maharastra area there is a common practice of parents all the time asking the children where is your attention ( in Marathi ) where is your attention, where is our attention, is very important , attention is the most important, where is our attention because attention is the one which expresses our conscious mind.  

If our attention is all the time running from one place to another and from that place to another we develop a temperament which is very hectic, which is irritable. Which is uncertain cannot sit for five minutes quietly. I must tell you that in England there is a very big hall called Albert hall where you can have even 6000 people for any orchestra or for any music program anytime like this and you are not even allowed to cough during that 3 hour program if they have ,you are not even allowed to cough. Let alone going out, moving out, or getting all these kind  of hectic behaviour. You can not get out of that place.  Whether it is boring, it’s horrible, it’s no good, it don’t like it, it doesn’t matter. But if you are into the hall then be seated for 3 hours continuously, you are not allowed to move out not even to cough and I have seen people being lords and ladies and prime ministers and all those attending that hall all sitting tight, respecting musicians, respecting the music, respecting all that  they have created because they are so involved with them. But in India despite the fact our country has tremendous vibrations , tremendous depth, tremendous dignity. See imagine the kind of music we have produced. Even if these people labour for  thousands of years they cannot produce this. Believe me they cannot produce. You should see any one of their great master playing except for three ,four people whom I should say were realized souls, they could be playing something of a rare quality. But otherwise they cannot play like this spontaneous music , not one person can do that even if he labours for thousands of years. This is the beauty of our music in this country. The beauty of our arts, the beauty of our things they cannot produce, they just cannot do it. They haven’t got that depth, why? Because this mother earth has given us that balance, that peace, that depth within us that we the Indians can do that. Ask them to make one ornament, I lost once one ornament and asked them if they could make it, they said they cannot, they just can’t do it.   You make them anything higher, greater and all that but in fine arts they cannot come near us in any arts.

What’s so ever. Now what is the reason, how is it that the Indians have done it and still maintained despite the fact that most of the Indian’s have lost the capacity to respect, to realise where are we standing on this mother earth .the mother earth who has got its kundalini here and Sahasrara also here. The kundalini is in the Maharashtra and Sahasrara is in Himalayas. Anybody who comes in between this has to be realized, has to be a great person.

When I say this many people think that are very wrong ideas about Indians, may be but not about India.India you can be sure, one day when the kundalini will rise will shoot off everyone and we will show the what greatness we have.This is why it’s very important that we should workout .sahaja yoga in a very deeper way .first of all we must know Indians have to, Indians have to be deep, very deep. We cannot afford to be frivolous, cheap or something slavish. we cannot afford to be slavish. I have seen people now a days are so much enamoured by foreign things, foreign goods. What do they have nothing but plastic affluence , absolutely they have nothing. The Sahaj  yogies who got realization they get shock when they go to music centre and see people there are buying cheap ordinary music which they would not even care. so why this disparity is within us may be the slavishness of  so many years .but when we were slaves we were much better off but today when we are free I don’t know what has happened to us that we have lost that system of dignity, we have lost our dignity. That’s why I wanted him to play raga darbari. Darbari raga settles your kundalini in complete dignity. She rises with complete dignity and glory and pierces your brahmarandra . She is your mother and source of all dignity . She is source of all the chastity that you think .she is source of all the pride, you should have .all those qualities have vanished from my great country and I cannot understand when that ambe the Chandi rise within. When are you going to be charmed by the great force that lies within us. You are great people to be born in this country. This Sahasrara of yours is there as represented in the Himalayas, you have Himalayas on your head here which as to be just ignited with your kundalini which lies down, but we live in a very cheap style of life extremely cheap which has no dignity. We take to western life without thinking what are we ,what is our purpose of coming on this earth at this time .We are going to be leaders of the whole universe. All the world is going to fall at our feet for this because you know science has failed completely. They have realized that science cannot take you to far and where are they going to fall back. Is this country of ours and on you people who are great children of this motherland .The Sahasrara lies in the  Himalayas and how do you believe me that it lies in Himalayas . If you go any time to visit the ranges of Himalayas . If you go any time to visit the ranges of Himalayas who will be surprised the tremendous vibration flow from Himalayas towards the sky . You can see lights and lights going up if you are a realized soul , otherwise you may not see it’s a tremendous country, its tremendous opportune time. You are great people to be born at this time to get this . Only thing is you should assume your power , assumption is only possible if you know your country. You don’t know anything about your country. You don’t know what beauty it has. Nowhere in the world sandalwood is produced in the way its produced in this country. Nowhere in the world the clay or motifs smell so well as it smells here . Nowhere in the world you get so many types of champas that you get here , beautiful fragrant trees. Anyone who has visited this country any western man saying alright our gardens are alright but we don’t have any fragrance. This country’s fragrance is its magnetism has become fragrant why what is happening to us is that we do not know our magnetism our dignity our guru tattwa . We have become (eccentric )or we have become absolutely abundant if you are dignified your (eccentric ) one track mind of the another side is that you are absolutely abundant all the norms of an Indian life . So far Sahaja yogis who got realization it is important to go down to your traditions to understand that money never gives you happiness but you spirit and to get your spirit you must know Indian traditions because these traditions comes from the roots and if you have to go to your roots you have to know the tradition of this country. How these traditions have been built of course there have been many attacks on us and so our traditions have been quite (utilated)  but if you go deep down into it you will be surprised how our life has made to get only the self-realization to make beautiful mature personality. Sahasrara of India is the most beautiful place if you cannot see it you cannot enjoy it . What am i to do? I am the only one who enjoys Sahasrara has got all the petals, thousand petals like these beautiful colours which opens out and I see them dangling like the living flames of beauty and silence. Inside that you see the agnya chakra all over that. It is such a beautiful thing to see Sahasrara of an Indian, there is no pride, there is no conditioning, nothing, but just the joy of the spirit flowing into it. That joy has to come into all of us. Today is the time when Sahasrara has opened up. It’s the first time it has happened on mass scale and on the mass scale nobody has been able to do that though secretly many people did very slowly one by one people got realization but such a mass scale happening never took place. It took place now. Now perhaps we must know that you must be great people, must be that you have done great punyas, that the Sahasrara is opened now, that your fontanelle bone area or I would say thalu bhag has been opened out like this and you feel everywhere the all-pervading power of God. You understand how to manoeuvre it and how to manage it. But there are people in this country who talk in the name of yoga all kinds of eccentric things one sided, one track of mind. Now you must know that first thing is to get your realization, second thing is to know how to manage Sahasrara.

The other day I had a patient who had lost his motor movement. Now, he was cured, how? Just Sahasrara, working on the Sahasrara. Just putting my hand on the Sahasrara, I worked it out. It’s very simple because in the Sahasrara everything is brought together. All the seven chakras, all the three nadis, pass through the agnya chakra like this as you can see that if you can control your Sahasrara then you don’t have to worry about anything. Now let’s see what is the connection of this Sahasrara with rest of the body as the brain has the connection which the doctor know and you people also must be knowing. But they are the subtler correction. Sahasrara has got the seven pithas or seats of the chakras. All these pithas have got valayas, it meaning auras. Now these all auras are expressed in the heart. So around the spirit all these auras workout. When this Sahasrara is enlightened , by that the person become large hearted man, lion hearted man, a compassionate man and he starts putting his heart into his belief. Many people believe that this is not good. 

We should not do, we should give up. But they cannot because they are not Samarth. They are not powerful enough to give up what they want to give. When Sahasrara opened up you will be surprised you become powerful, virtuous, righteous personality. You can give up whatever you want to give up and you do what you like with yourself. Sort of you become master of yourself. You can compare Sahasrara with master of car. Master is sitting in the car and the driver is driving. But the driver doesn’t know how to drive, so he uses his brake, then he uses accelerator. Sometimes he makes mistake then he somehow or other puts into balance when dharma is established. Then after putting the balance he becomes expert. He does not think he goes into nirvachara and you cross over the agyna chakra through kundalini. You become nirvachara , you don’t think. Then when it reaches the Sahasrara and pierces through then he becomes one with the spirit. The master becomes distinct in a way that the driver becomes the master and he watches within himself, the driver the accelerator, the brakes all of them he watches, this is what happens to you, you become the Karta you become the master and you start monitoring everything yourself. Seeing it Mr.X do this job you are this to that job. Once the Sahasrara opens all your centres get absolutely filled with the grace of the holy ghost, grace of the Adi shakti starts flowing and all the chakras get filled up with beautiful feeling of contentment. On the Lakshmi chakra you get contentment. You do not become greedy. You do not run after other things. Whatever you have you enjoy. Actually this is a sad thing, whatever you have you never enjoy, you want to enjoy what somebody else has but when Sahasrara opens up you enjoy whatever you have, you just go and see in your house how many beautiful things you have, just watch them without thinking. You will be amazed that you have beautiful things within you and you are not enjoying what you have and worry about what others have.

And that is how people are getting crazy with their greed, then when it opens the heart chakra pure relationships between each other develops, pure relationships wife is a wife, husband is a husband, sister is a sister, brother is a brother, such beautiful relationships develop with in you that you become absolutely pure. Purity is achieved when Sahasrara  opens up. Purity is what gives you complete detachment. You are so pure that nothing can attach, like a soap in the soap you wash everything with the soap and soap doesn’t get dirty, everything that is dirty washes out. You become like that a Sakshi, nothing can attach you alright, you have things in the house, you have this and that, you are not attached, you become such a generous person. The purity of generosity is so great that you forget what you do for others and gave them, there is nothing like other left, you just enjoy giving, enjoy doing for others and once you open the door from one side you will be amazed the door from the other side opens and you are flooded, you are flooded, you don’t know what to do.  How much I should give, how much I should give still it is flooding. Because this door has to open. If this door opens then Sahasrara takes a new dimension, absolutely a new dimension of a saint. The greatest thing of a saint is he never does any adharma. He doesn’t do any wrong, you don’t have to tell him. So such a saint is born and such a saint start giving light to others. Actually opening of Sahasrara means opening of light to others. Those people who come only for treatment I tell them that after all you must also understand that god is a meticulous personality. Alright I am compassionate, he is also compassionate but he thinks what is the use of curing these people, what is the use of repairing of those lamps which are never going to give light. We have to understand our own worth that you have to give light to others. You are the light of the universe and you have to stand up to it and achieve it through deep understanding of your being. Now in Sahasrara what happens is the integration because all the seven chakras are there. All the incarnations are explained why they did like this, why they did like that. For example at the time of Mohammed Saab he found that the people were worshipping all the idols and all that . They were not worshipping the nirakar , the essence, like they were worshipping the flowers and but not the honey. So he said better worship the honey and talked of honey. He talked of honey and it became a talk, human beings know how to make everything into a useless talk, so they started talking about nirakar, same with Nanak Saab when he came. He came because he found Mohammed Saab was not whatever Mohammed Saab did was not sufficient, he had to come. It is Mohammed Saab only that came back to teach you that see there is nothing like Hindu, Muslim and all that. That you have to realize that is why he came. We have forgotten why he came on this earth and also he talked about nirakara but that also became a talk or just a song or a sort of akhanda path. That is not he talked, that is not he wanted. Why all this was to just make you aware of the spirit. Anybody who came on this earth like Buddha came on this earth at that time he found people were indulging into absolutely wrong type of attitudes. He came in the sixth century when tantricas were very powerful. He saw, he came in sixth century when tantric were very powerful, they has started taking ( Ship). He was so worried about them , then also he thought talking about eswara people started thinking that you are the eswara and that they all became great masters themselves. In the temple he found people were worshipping god and doing all kinds of dirty things even now they do it and they have forgotten that god who is sitting here and we are doing all these things, actually I have seen, heard many pujaris telling god never does anything to us, see we are above everything, and I ask them then why are you suffering from paralysis. He said paralysis everybody get but I got because I was over doing the puja of god. They don’t want to accept that. they ask them then why are you suffering from paralysis, are harmed and they did wrong, absolutely wrong at the lotus feet of the lord. So all these things to stop, all these things to stop Buddha came on this earth. He talked of uneaswara waad. He came on this earth and after wards he felt that uneaswara waad has  gone to the other side of it. Absolutely it is madness now. So he came as Adi Sankaracharya. Just to put it right they came on one side and see they ,they are going to one extreme to pull them they come on the other side. It is just a movement from right to left and left to right like that he came. All the integration from all these people can be felt when you open your Sahasrara . You are amazed that how they are related to each other. We are not, they are like Christ has said those who are not against me are with me, who are those people will the Christians explain? They cannot, they don’t want to know, they don’t want to talk about the future either, they don’t want to know about it because they think they are the chosen ones. But once all such chosen ones will have to land in hell. I think if they go about like this, Jews did the same, Jews could not accept Christ. They would not accept Christ. They said no no no, our messiah is going to come later on 2000 years back and this 2000 years is permanently 2000 and it is never finishing and they said we must suffer and without suffering we cannot meet god. This is their theory. 

So alright have Hitler, Hitler made them nicely suffer and they suffered and suffered and now they have become aggressive people. This is not god’s work. This is not what god is, god is a thing which is a complete integration within us, of understanding of how god has sent these paigambaras, his incarnations, his people on this earth to save us from this illusion, from this Maya of darkness, of ignorance, he sent us all these things. So we have to understand him, a complete integration has to be established within us is only possible if our Sahasrara opens otherwise you are not going to believe me. Now also the integration of your own physical mental and emotional being is established. Then the activation of all the universe is established within you. All the stars everything is established within you. You can control the stars, the stars come at the time you are doing some work, they are there working out. You will be amazed that once I was having a wedding of 27 people in Bordi, where I said that today is the day of 27 constellations to be here, can you believe that the southern star was there like a cross. It was there on the sky anybody could have taken a photograph of that to prove how the stars and everything becomes just our supporters, our helpers, they act for us. Then all the angels, all the angels look after so many miracles the Sahaja yogis will tell you about what has happened how sahaja yoga is ( helped) . It happens not because it is not something great but it is your own achievement because your Sahasrara is opened, everything that is created for the goodness of this world at your lotus feet. Everything that is created for the emancipation of the human beings is at your lotus feet. Every movement you will feel that is somebody holding my hand and taking me ahead and guiding me ahead towards something (supreme).   The whole being will be filled with joy at the Sahasrara name of Ananda is not swananda, swananda is in the heart but the name of Ananda at Sahasrara is niranand, surprisingly I am called as Nira in my family. All my family people call me as NIRA, because my short name is NIRA. And luckily the place we have got for the ashram is also along the river of the Nira, which flows down to the Bhima, which is another tributary of the Krishna river. But this Nira river goes just like the emblem of Sahaja yoga which we call as pradikshina.  That is the sign of shakti , because shakti goes around the Shiva like that and exactly like that it moves, so you will be surprised, it is not a coincidence. It is a reality that such a place we should have there at NIRA   which was the ashram of Shandilya. Shandilya is my gotra also. To have a place there as such vibrations, tremendous vibrations, Shandilya Bhoomi has something to do with Punjab. You will be amazed to know that at the time when Prahlada was born, before that his mother became pregnant and Indra thought this Hiryanakashayapa is a big rakshasha who was ruling in Lahore, so he that it is better to take her away from there and put her with somebody sensible or marry her off. So on his way he dropped her at this place Nira where Prahlad was born. 

Then Shandilya told him,  Shandilya muni,  this was 14000 years back Shandilya told him that this boy is going to invoke the Vishnu tattwa so much that he is going to appear as Narasimha.  So you better not take this lady with you, but what you have to do is to just wait and see how it works out and when the child grows of some age I will send the child to the father’s place. So Indra agreed and he went down in the south and got his realization. There is a place called Chidendra where he got realization. Now this Prahlada who was living there. now see the miracles are like this. When he was five years of age he was sent to his father. And you know what happened, how Narasimha avatar came in. Now after many years  peswas tried to build a temple on the Sangam or the meeting place of Bhima and Nira river, and they spend 7 crores of rupees just to fill up the area for the temple and they couldn’t do much there, then 3 or 4 hundred years back on gentleman thought he should build the temple and finish the job. So when he thought of that he dreamt in his dream he saw a Prahlada himself and he said that I have already made a statue of a Narasimha with my own hands and the statue is made out of sand, and it is lying in the Nira river. You can go and find that yourself and put that statue in the temple. So the gentleman went around and saw the statue made out of the sand . For thousands of years, he brought that statue and put it in the temple. But statue has tremendous vibrations. Only a realized soul can see from long distance, you can feel the vibrations of the statue made by prahalada who in Lahore went and because of him Narasimha avatar came and then he ruled in Punjab. This place has got something miraculous that from the top of the sikhara of the temple you should put your finger there you will find a small little dhara of water flowing and you can feel it. All these great miracles are still there in our country, but the trouble is we have no time to know about these things. 

We have no time to understand what is so great in our country. What we do is to go to some of temples and there we find some of these Brahmins looting we just get fed up with that horrible and we run away. What even they may try they cannot remove, cannot remove the greatness of our country. So today is the day where you are celebrating my birthday, I don’t know what I should say about it, but anything  I am very happy that Sahasrara has opened in Delhi. Delhi is the place one has to be very careful about. Here is the place the rakshasas have ruled, this is the place makes you very ego-oriented, you might create a Hitler here one day, is such a horrible place is Delhi. I got married myself in Delhi only. I lived in Delhi quite a lot because I know the importance of Delhi. Delhi is the place from where we rule the whole country and in this place I have seen people get into the ego trips very fast. Even an ordinary person a peon could be in that ego trip. So with that ego trip one can do lot of harm to others, because those who have ego harm others, those who have superego harm themselves. They can go on harming all the time for their selfish ends this that and they won’t realize there is anything wrong with them. In Delhi if you can work it out with that depth, I am sure a day will come when definitely say that Delhi has given a new jump, a new dimension to the whole world, but  Sahaja yoga one must understand though it is integration it is a collective work. It is a collective work. It is a samoohik work. It is not that you sit in the house I was meditating nothing, you are not to go to Himalayas, you are not to go anywhere but you all if you have to go to a place where they are meditating all of you should meditate, the more you meditate the better it is because one person has   some defect and another has some defect, all of them put together feel the real source because all of them are a part and parcel of the spring. You are the part and parcel of the  Virata of the great primordial being, of Akbar, you are part and parcel, you are in the brain when your Sahasrara is open. Now can you imagine one cell sitting at home and the other cell sitting in the shop all the cells have to be together and have to work it out being something substantial. You cannot workout with one cell. You have to have all the cells working together in complete unison, in complete understanding, in complete love. So one has to understand that after getting realization, so many of you got realization, I saw that happening. It is a great thing the greatest present you can give me on this birthday Will be that you form a collective understanding of Sahaja yoga. Have collectivity, you may be anything, you may be a big man, small man. See among Muslims they are cheating. Even the king he is with everybody else to do the Namaz. Now what about you, you people must understand that it is a collective happening for the whole universe. The people who have got realization have to meet together every week for one day, can’t you spare for something so great. I remember my father was a great fighter for freedom. Not one minute they could think of anything else but that and there were thousands and thousands of people who did it. Mahatma Gandhi had that charm that he brought people into such a position that they fought for it. It is very easy for people to make fight others, but to fight themselves is very difficult. Moreover here you have to become something. It is not one can give a certificate, now you are realized soul, now you are alright, alright you are a foreman, a member, it is not possible. There is no money nothing can purchase it. You have to become the tree as Krishna has said the tree opens in the head. The jadas of the or you can call them the roots of the tree are in the brain and then the whole being is completely nourished by that. This brain of ours is such a wonderful thing that it can nourish the whole universe. You have to become the part and parcel of the whole, part and parcel of Akbar, which we call the Virat. Now this is the brain of Virat which is the Sahasrara and in the heart resides the spirit. But once you achieve that state of nirvikalpa then the spirit resides here at Sadashiva, at this stage there are seven stages higher than that, but at least three can be easily achieved if you try the collective method of Sahaja yoga , collective method by which you can correct yourself. Just watch yourself, face yourself and enjoy the way you are correcting yourself. For the first time you start seeing yourself am I like this, alright I am going to put this right. You will see yourself as centres, you won’t feel bad or hurt. You will correct yourself and thus you will correct the whole society. No use crying, weeping, saying that is wrong with the society, this is wrong with the society, do this, do that. Everything can be brought around if you all decide, even all these people if you all decide to do the collective work of Sahaja yoga I can assure you things are going to work out, or going to work out very fast. Very fast but let that kundalini be awakened in Kolhapur, we have a god, the goddess of Mahalakshmi is the Sushumna nadi expressed is come out of the mother earth and there people are saying udhe udhe ambe , udhe udhe ambe, udhe udhe ambe , udhe udhe ambe , what is that, she is Mahalakshmi, why are you saying Ambe, all the time Ambe is Mahakali’s power, because kundalini is the power of Mahakali. So they are saying that how the Mahalakshmi, the Sushumna is alright, now let the Ambe get raised means let the Chandi raise, let the kundalini raise within us and this is what is going to happen to all of us once that starts you will be amazed how great you are. Don’t run after petty things of life. Don’t think that these petty things are going to give any happiness. Open you Sahasrara, I know it is not possible for all the people to get it, but so many in this country can get it for nothing at all because this country is specially placed, the people in this country.