Birthday Puja, Be Sweet, Loving and Peaceful

Juhu, Mumbai (India)

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Puja for the 61° Birthday (Be sweet, loving and peaceful), Juhu, Bombay (India), 22 March 1984.

[Translation from Marathi]

I bow to all Sahaja Yogis, saints. It is no longer birthday after the age of sixty years, but a reminder that life span is shorter by one year and hence the progress (in Sahaja Yoga) should also be correspondingly faster. It is a matter of joy that you have celebrated my birthday with so much enthusiasm. It was very enthusiastic and loving of you. I was overjoyed.
Sahaja Yogis have to work while leading the worldly lives. They have to look after their children, households, and parents and practice Sahaja Yoga as well. I am also taking care of universe while looking after my family, my brothers and sisters and other relations and my husband. We cannot leave anyone aside. So, it is a very difficult task to manage both. Women panic when a daughter or a son falls sick, something goes wrong somewhere, husband is bad etc. Similarly men get jittery with a problem in jobs, reduction in salary, financial constraints etc. Also various other incidents that bring pressure on their minds do occur. However in these very circumstances the Sahaja Yoga has to be established. If you are away from water and are thirsty and say that you suppress your thirst, then there is nothing special in it. But you are real Sahaja Yogis when you are detached even when water is available around you.
At the beginning many people told me their family problems, “My mother is like this, my father is like that, this is how my husband behaves and also about others”. Gradually such complaints became less and lesser and in Sahaja Yoga the person came to such state that he or she started feeling his personal worldly life as a drama. Now, yesterday I realized that the feeling has been awakened in the people that they should do something in the life of the rest of the world.
In Mumbai the three powers, Shri Mahakali, Shri Mahalakshmi and Shri Mahasaraswati together have specially taken birth from the mother earth. Its reason is, without such powerful force Sahaja Yoga shall not be established in the city of Mumbai. A plethora of corrupt practices are rampant here. They are so many that they cannot be described. They are about bhoots, about badhas, about money, and also there is bribery, all kinds of filth. Like all rivers merge in the sea, all dirt gets settled in this sea which is Mumbai. All kinds of thieves, all kinds of lecherous people, all kinds of cheats live here. So, we have to bloom in this mire, the lotuses I told you about yesterday and if we are able to do that it is going to benefit the whole country.
In Delhi also the work has begun with full force. Similarly in Mumbai also you have already done great work. That work is, in this land which is devoid of Punya (merits), and Dharma (virtues), in such filth, you are blooming high your own lotuses. It is very great and I do not know how I should congratulate you for this. I feel proud, what a great work has been done for me! What great work my children have done! They have made this beautiful achievement while living in this society, while being connected and being one with this society. For this accomplishment I have great regards for you. Now it should not be the slow progress but now you should speed up the progress. Unless Sahaja Yoga is spread you will not be able to spread.
Sahaja Yoga should spread and you should rise. Only then it will work out. So long as you do not rise, Sahaja Yoga will not spread. As a flame enlarges in size, its light also enhances. So, it all depends on you. The more the growth of your flame, the more will its light increase. I agree, there are various types of people, but have I not established Sahaja Yoga amidst them? Have we not created so many Sahaja Yogis in these circumstances and thus proved the existence of God, the existence of God’s power and we can work it out with that power?
Having thus proved it, we should, without harboring any doubt, forge ahead with open heart. We should start the work in a big way. If possible display a board at the place of your residence. Start center in every house. Let us see what happens. (Note: Shri Mataji directed sometimes in 1993 to have centers only in halls and not in Sahaja Yogis’ houses). This way, you should work it out wherever possible, to the extent possible, and little more than that. Have courage. You can do it. I hope the next time I come to Mumbai I shall see a large number of Sahaja Yogis. Even otherwise, a good number of them come. You saw, yesterday they were in thousands. However, how many among them were real, matured and knowledgeable Sahaja Yogis? Even now Sahaja Yogis pay more attention to their household problems. You know, I can solve them in a minute and in Sahaja Yoga they are being solved in a minute. But, unnecessarily you worry about them and destroy yourselves.
Second thing is animosity in the people which has been there since very long time. Now that we are Sahaja Yogis we should give it up. All things, all points regarding enmity, should be cleared. Whatever mistakes we have made, should be got rid of. Whichever ill-feelings that have come in our minds about each other let it clear out, because we have now become clean, we are now like mirrors. So, no dirt can stick to us. In this respect one thing should be kept in mind; how much our mother forgives, how much she has to tolerate in this regard and how many things she tolerates, how she ignores, how she accommodates all. We have our mother as our role model. If she can bear with so much, why we cannot? Why can we not bring such feelings in us as forget and forgive? Howsoever may a person be, we should respect him, and help him in his ascent and transformation. When you have this magic you should not think about what happened in the past and who did what. Many people behave little different with new comers. They will have you as examples as to interacting with people.
Now I think, here we may have our own land then Ashram too. But when four persons (Sahaja Yogis) are kept there they will start driving away persons who happen to go there. I have seen this. Let the Ashram be set up anywhere, Sahaja Yogis who stay there ask persons who go there,” Why have you come here? Who are you? You don’t come here. You cannot stay here. This is not all right, that is not all right etc” This is how the people in Sahaja Yoga started treating them. Does it behove of you? If this is how we start treating the people, does it become of you? I agree that some people are not suitable for Sahaja Yoga because they are trouble makers while some people are not capable of doing anything. We cannot afford to snub them. Slowly we should bring them all to be amongst us. Those who are wicked and gone cases, I will think about them and expel them. But you should be peaceful about them.
First thing we should do is to bring peace in our life. We should become extremely peaceful. I always tell you. I agree, you have to face too many difficulties in life but you must bring peace in life. You should give me this present on my birthday, “Shri Mataji we shall keep peace in our lives.”You should be extremely peaceful, peaceful like ice. You should be extremely tolerant. Without that it will not work out. Even after you bear with all, you will have no problem. Everything will clear out from the Sahastrara. Whatever you say, you bear with, all will go away. So, it is better not to think much about it say, I am distressed, I have this trouble etc. What is all this, any way!
You have become saints, what distress can you have? Can distress stay with a saint? You should now have a conviction; now that we have become saints, we have become very great, how can afflictions and distresses, stay with us? We are the ones who heal others’ afflictions, like soap we wash all. How can we become dirty? Once you have this firm conviction first thing you will have is peace. First thing, you will become peaceful within. And as soon as you are peaceful you will start seeing everything in the proper perspective. So long as peace is not established within, you will not be able to see anything in the proper perspective but will see it upside down. Forming an opinion about someone, assessing a situation are such things that if your mind is upset you will not be able to see them clearly. Hence you should have peace established within. Pray for peace. Mother has told you to be peaceful. When you become peaceful you will understand how relationships are formed, how all joy comes, how friendships are formed, how things work out. When you are disturbed angels who hover above you, all the arrangements that I have made for you- cannot understand what to do with such people. Suddenly there is rush.

Some people are such that they are not peevish but for everything they will say, “Where should I keep it, here or there?” Their hands are always moving like this. It shows disturbed mind. Some persons are irritable, which is also a disturbed mind. There is a variety of disturbed minds; some persons do not express their anger and suddenly it bursts out. Some persons become morose. Is it the sign of a saint? Saints come in the world to give. They want to give to others. Persons who go to them should get compassion, should get love, should get satisfaction, should get protection! And mainly, the person should feel peaceful, he should say, “I met so and so and felt so peaceful! How peaceful he himself is!” One may be a great scholar, but have you ever heard, that people touch the feet of those who have mastered the Vedas? On the other hand will they not fall at the feet of a faqir or sadhu if seen on road? Howsoever erudite may you be in Sahaja Yoga but of what use it is if you are not peaceful? Who will regard you as sadhu, if there is no peace in your mind? This should be remembered.
First thing is, dignity and peace should be ingrained in a person (Sahaja Yogi) and should manifest in his demeanors. Frivolousness, all the time giggling is very common in Sahaja Yogis since they are joyful within. But giggling is improper. One should keep to his dignity. It should be inbuilt in one’s life style and seen in how one conducts oneself..
Secondly, if anything is negative in us, its effects are reflected in the behavior. If a person is negative, he or she will always make mistakes. A mistake in this, a mistake in that, somewhere or the other he will keep making mistakes. Then he says, “How did it happen Shri Mataji ? How did I make that mistake?” How did you make that mistake? Something has to be wrong in you otherwise why would it happen? What is that wrong? There is negativity in me. I have negativity, is it not? Then I shall throw it out! But you should not come and tell Shri Mataji, “Shri Mataji what can I do, I do everything but it does not work out!” You do everything but not from your heart. If whatever you do is not from your heart, then its results do not reach you. I have seen of a plethora of men, they told me, “Shri Mataji we work so hard but negativity does not leave us”. How will the negativity not leave? You are not the negativity, then how it will not leave? Everything can be thrown out, provided one makes efforts.
Quite a number of half baked persons are in the Sahaja Yoga even now. So you should take care. Some of them have joined the Sahaja Yoga due to the temptation of making money. Some people come with the hope that they will able to make money, or get prominence or will move on the stage, or show their smartness or get leadership. But they also change realizing that their falsehood is known to all and it is meaningless and people laugh at them. Many such, big guns hang around. One gentleman was to go to Delhi to attend my program. He said, “I cannot go to Delhi. I am very busy. I am so and so. This has happened and that has happened”. So a Sahaja Yogini-she was small but wise- said, “Tell that man to take even one program, as Shri Mataji has done, at Mavlankar hall and see whether even four persons attend. Nobody will come even if he offers money. You may be a minister or some big shot, but four persons will not come at your programs even after you have paid money. What do you think you are? Do you have any authority on anyone? Do you love anyone? Does anyone have regards for you from the heart? Nobody will come. As you are a minister some may come to flatter you. But you arrange your program at Mavlankar hall, not even four persona will turn up even after advertising and spending lacs of rupees. Attendance by four persons will be a big thing, owing to your good luck.
It means such persons who take leadership, think no end of themselves, who think they are special, show their own smartness, are finally pulled down. It always happens in the ashrams, too. Such a person thinks himself to be a special one and starts behaving like a special one. But he who thinks he is special is a big fool. All laugh at him, “Ha Ha..see he has climbed the green gram bush”. So, those who are in the front today, have something wrong with. They are bound to fall and you will also fall.
So, when the Kundalini is awakened in us, we can say Chandi has awakened in this country. What does it mean? When the Kundalini has been awakened we have to be straight forward and truthful. If somebody tries to play falsehood, he will certainly fall. We need not worry. He will be exposed in front of all. See how fake he is and he has these faults. They all will be uncovered. This is one part of Sahaja Yoga, of throwing special light.
So, when new people come and you find some of them are false seekers, they are hiding, they have come for money, let it be anything. You don’t worry about them. I will think about them. I will put them all right. But, you should be dignified, like a king. Let anybody behave as he likes but you should keep to your dignity. If this is how you are decorous then nobody can touch you.
But people squabble on minor issues, on small things. “Shri Mataji spoke in Marathi. Why did she speak in Hindi? She should speak only in Marathi.” But Hindi is our national language. And see these people, these foreigners. Probably they did not know that there is a language called Marathi in the world. Yet they silently listen to me. You should learn from them as they have climbed on the green gram bush much more than you have and fallen repeatedly. They have borne with the hits of chisel and have thus become God’s statues. You have to fall down as yet, but why should you climb so as to fall. No need to ride on the paper horse. Why do you want to land up in that condition and face discomfiture? All such persons have to face their discomfitures. So, be wise and do not show off and pretend to be a big person. You may be moneyed but in Sahaja Yoga you cannot purchase Shri Mataji. If you are rich be wherever you are. If you are minister and want to show your importance show in your house. Howsoever big you may be, it has no importance here. Here main thing is: where is your Kundalini, what is your state in Sahaja Yoga, which chakra you have evolved most (Siddha). One who has achieved all this is appreciated. Others are not.
This is the kingdom of sadhus and saints. Here all extraneous things are better kept outside. Which car you have come in, how much money you have spent, what you have done cannot impress anybody. Always it is your state your level of being a sadhu or saint that has impressed the world. That should be seen and you should become like them. I had been to Agra. It is such a huge royal palace and fort but when it was dark they were felt like haunted places. There is absolutely nothing. Many powerful kings and their queens lived there. Which beautiful ornaments they must have worn, what caprices their men folk must have indulged into. Whatever it was, but all was over. As we came out we saw a grave where a flame lamp was burning. In that light we could climb down. There was no other light in that area. When asked whose grave it was, they said he was a faqir and Guru to emperor Akbar. But, since he never entered the palace the emperor built his grave at that place. What a great thing it is! Even now a lamp is lit at the grave of that man, while the palace has no light and it is in pitch dark. Nobody knows who were kings and queens and whose graves were there. Whatever was bygone was bygone.
So, what is that which permanently stays after the man? It is his glory and that glory is in his spirit. We have to achieve that by Sahaja Yoga. Unlike other people we do not want to achieve material glory which is transient but we want to get that which is eternal. And having achieved it, we have to distribute it, we have to give it to the people, have to cure the people. Let the people be benefited. We should compassionately view them and treat them with love. Once it starts growing we can set right the condition of not just this country but that of hundreds. But first of all you should be ready. I will not be able to do it alone. For example I speak through this microphone but something more is necessary to carry its sound. Same is with you. If you are completely hollow then this power will so beautifully flow through you that it will be as what I said yesterday; the time has come for this to happen. The lotus of the universe has to open. The thousand petal lotus (the Sahastrara or the Sahasradala Kamal ) of the universe has to open. You are each petal of that lotus.
It is not very difficult job. All should do little hard work viz meditation, and the chakra cleansing. Take your house as the Ashram and yourself as the residents of the Ashram. Getting up early in the morning and completing meditation and Puja, proceed with your routine chores. Then meditate in the evening too. You should also go at public programs. See whether you can open a meditation centre in that area and start one, if you can. Make friends with people, invite them at Sahaja Yoga centers. Invite ladies for get-togethers ( known as the Haldi-Kumkum programs) and tell them what is Sahaja Yoga, that Shri Mataji has given us the Sahaja Yoga and we have had these benefits. Share the good news of Sahaja Yoga with as many persons as possible. This way you should, spread Sahaja Yoga.
You should be kind and loving with those who are still half-baked and guide them such as, “Do this way so that you will be better.” Getting irritated with them will not help. They need to be guided with love and affection. This is the first thing which I tell you. Connect with all with love. Your loving style of interaction impresses them most. Once I told a lady to go to Delhi and take the blessings. She told me, “Shri Mataji, it’s all monkeys’ rule there and I do not want to go among the monkeys. How you deal with the people and how those monkeys do!” I did not understand as to how monkeys live there. So she said, “Whosoever I talked to, had already climbed the green gram bush.” I replied, “All right, I will talk to them”. I tell you, it would not be so bad, but see how our behavior impresses the people. A little snobbishness by you spoils the impression. You should be extremely humble.
Secondly, I want to tell you, you should be conforming to Indian tradition. Suppose, we set up ashram here and a jeans clad lady with western hair style is there and greeting visitors with “Hi..” then the visitors will think,” What is this ashram”? Ours is not a modern ashram. Ours is a ashram of ancient traditions. We may bring modern gadgets and know modern methods, but that does not mean we should follow modern ways of life. We will not do that. Being modern is different from being glamorous. Sahaja Yoga does not accept glamour. Glamour is not all acceptable in Sahaja Yoga. However, being traditional is not for a married woman to bear weird looks. We have decided that even widows should be properly dressed up according to traditions. So, we have to be traditional. Men should also be traditional and not show off like Sahibs wearing suits and ties.
Only the other day I told, that to get the bearing of a Sahib somebody wore a bow with shirt sleeves, but the people around him thought that a bearer had come. Nobody thought that a sahib had come although he had spent lot of money on the bow. What is the need for all this? We have beautiful clothes that have come to us by tradition in our country. When we wear them, they are comfortable and keep us cool, as well as, appear decent and beautiful. So it is not at all necessary to follow others. As far as possible one should keep to traditions.
Especially, in the ashrams the traditions should be followed to welcome the visitors and interact with them. We don’t have such words as, “Get out”. We never utter the words, like, “Get out” and every now and then ask, “What’s wrong”. Nor do we say, “I hate you”. Had we ever spoken these words our father would have thrashed us. The expression, “I hate you” is frequently used in the English language. You say, “I hate you”, who are you to say this?
If someone utters its Marathi translation, “Malaa tujhi ghrunaa waatate” our people will respond, ‘”We will set right your nose.” This is the way they speak in the west. We will not learn this English style or the western style. It is not good. What do they mean by, “I hate you”? This is not our way of talking. If there is a visitor we welcome him with the words,” What a great fortune of ours that you have come. Please come in. What can I do for you?” You know, the King Harishchandra gifted his whole kingdom. His child was killed!
We used to give whatever our guest asked for. But, now we do not want this style of the English or the westerner. Never allow these terrible, abusive words to set on your tongue. We should use gentle and respectful language to interact as the people from innocent families do. Your mother is extremely innocent and so you should also be. I am surprised when I hear people use bad words. Now your mothers are changed. Now I am your mother. If your mother uses bad words you should forget about it and imbibe my way. You should never ever use harsh or bad language. The main point I want to emphasize is that the light of love and peace should completely manifest from you. Others should say that such and such person is love and peace personified. I shall be very glad to hear these words. So, I ask from you the gift of love and peace.

[English Talk]

I have just told them (Indian Sahaja Yogis) that you should not try to copy the western style of ego-oriented society where people use harsh words, because then we think that we have modernized ourselves. To say harsh words to somebody, “What do I care! I hate you!”—All these sentences, we have never used, these are unknown to us. I mean anybody to say like this is unmannerliness. How can you say such a thing: “I hate you!”.

But now I have heard people talking like that in our country. “What is wrong with us?”. “Who are you to say that?”. Like that we do not talk. This is not the way we talk. Any person who comes from a good family would not talk like this because this reflects on the family. But the language is more copied here than in the western countries. I am surprised the way the people talk here in buses, in taxies and the way they use the language that’s something I can’t understand. And so I have asked them that the language should be full of love and with our own traditional style.

We wouldn’t even scold our children. If we have to scold our children, we use language which makes them honourable (Bahumanav): Damle Sahab has put on a kurta pyjama, so “You are looking like Shivaji Maharaj. Welcome Shivaji Maharaj”.

We should speak in such respectful language so that they would not get scared. Correction if it is to be done, we used to do it this way; but the correction of the other side is not proper because it never corrects. That’s why you cannot control your children. All the time you are scolding them, insulting them, insulting others.

Insulting methods and emotional blackmail and all this nonsense is not at all traditional in this country, and those who try to do this will be thrown out. You should not do them, I can tell you, in Sahaja Yoga you cannot do it.

You should not have all these ideas of insulting people, of bringing them into situations where they can be insulted. This is all modern style. So we should not do like that. In Sahaja Yoga, we should behave in such a way that we should be dignified, behoving our style, our tradition. Sahaja Yoga tradition is that we talk to people in the most sophisticated manner, the sweetest manner, in the most affectionate manner and inviting manner. And that is how we should all speak.

So, this is the first thing I ask that in your expression of love there should not be a thing that you shout. I do shout at people who have bhoots in them, but by that the bhoots run away. But if you shout, you get the bhoots; bhoots do not run away, they get attuned, so better not do it. If you have my powers; you can do that. But you don’t have.

So be careful, you don’t try my tricks, you see, I’m different type of a person and I do say things understandingly, which you do not. So when you follow me in things I am the way that I am on the side that I forgive, the way I am loving, I am affectionate and not the way where I am terrible. Because my terrible nature has got an undercurrent of my Love which you don’t have, nor those powers. So don’t try these tricks with anybody else. You have no right to shout or get angry, because if you should, you get back all the bhoots in you. For they are the ones who provoke you.

They provoke you to get caught up into it and you get absolutely ruined, the more you try to do so. Therefore, the best thing is to stand in the centre and to have affection and love, the power that I have given you. That power you have to develop—that power of love. First develop that power of love, then you don’t have to worry, you don’t have to shout or do anything. Your power will become (Krita), (active), it will work out itself and create that beautiful atmosphere that we do not want to have anybody ruined.

But if you shout, people will run away. Specially in a ego-oriented society, you cannot shout at all, it cannot appeal to them. If you shout in ego-oriented society this will distract them and they will run away.

So I have to tell you, that you might be highest of highest, first thing that you have to give me today that in your talk, in your behaviour, in your heart, you will reside one with Love.

The second thing I have to ask is that you be peaceful. Try to have peace with yourself. Now don’t fight with yourself. Now, the western people have one problem that they fight with themselves. “How is this that this is happening to me? I am this! I am so bad! I am no good.” If you go on fighting with yourself then you will not progress. On the contrary, you should say that, “I am so good. What’s wrong with me? I have got my realization, what’s wrong with me? There is nothing wrong with me”. Have that confidence in oneself, and then it will work out. Not that you start shouting at others, but supposing you understand that there is nothing wrong with you. You have to be peaceful. You all have to be very peaceful. You have seen, my peaceful nature has solved so many problems just like that. You have to achieve that peace within you. That peace has not to be lost at any cost, should not be expressed outside. In a way, My peace itself becomes terrible. You don’t have that kind of possibility. Don’t do it, never do it that way, try to be extremely peaceful, keep your forehead relaxed.

Many people come to me with face like that (distorted, twisted face) and I see bhoots sitting in their forehead, then I shout at them, forehead relaxes. “I am not doing anything, “Mother is doing everything.” Relax. If you relax you will find that your heart opens out. Some say that my heart cannot open. Why can’t you open your heart? Because you have no trust in yourself. Try to trust yourself. It will open your Agya, open your Ekadasha, open your Sahastrara, and your heart will open. Once the Sahastrara is open, the heart will open automatically, so you will have a peaceful life.

So today I am asking for two things from you. It is a funny thing that Mother has to ask for a gift. The first gift you have to give is that you should express peacefulness through your own character. But it does not mean that you should be people who are timid, or people who are morbid or who tolerate nonsense. No, but the people who are peaceful resistance. You are not afraid of anything. You are not going to bow down to anything, compromise with anything, but you have that sort of a temperament you should develop and express—is very important.

And the second one is that this peace and all this should express your love— Love to others. Like, now, in everywhere in next two-three years you will have Ashrams, I am sure. And in the Ashram, I will like to see Loving, caring, affectionate, patronising beautiful attitude for the people who come there. On the contrary if you do not have this, Ashrams will be reduced to zero. It has happened in many places. You don’t blame me why our Ashrams do not run. It will be your responsibility to see that it is Mother’s House and people are coming to the Mother’s House. How Mother will treat these people, with love, affection. Whatever you do—you can starve, but give to others kindness and sweetness so that the impression on the people, that people will think he is not an arrogant personality. I want top class persons to be in charge of an Ashram. If the person is mediocre, he should not be appointed. By next year you will have all the lands in your hands and Ashrams will start by next year.

May God bless you.

On my birthday today so that you be properly established by the end of next year, but first two conditions should be there. If you are not ready for that, God will never give you an Ashram. He does not want to give Ashram to some funny people. It becomes such that some people have no place anywhere, come in the Ashram. So unless and until you have people of that calibre who remain loving and peaceful then the Ashrams will be established.

You should be able to have Ashrams in every place.

May God Bless You.

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi