The tradition of Seeking

Porchester Hall, London (England)

1984-04-10 The Tradition Of Seeking, London, UK, DP-RAW, 71' Chapters: Talk, Q&A, Self-Realization
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Public Program. Porchester Hall, London (UK), 10 April 1984.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

So very happy to see so many Sahaja Yogis as well as so many seekers today here to know about themselves.

First of all we have to realize that when we use the word “I”, when we say “I like it, I want it”, we do not know this “I” at all. This “I” is unknown to us .What part of us likes it, what part of us dislikes it and what part of us is the reality? We know what we can see with our eyes, with these human eyes, with the human awareness that is available to us. We can at least as human being have a conception, have an idea that there has to be something more to this life. It’s not that we are just to be born on this earth, worry about material things of life and then die worrying about them again. That’s not the life we are here. We are human beings specially created, delicately, beautifully looked after, for what purpose? Why are we here? We have to understand that there has to be some higher purpose of our life. But it’s definite that we have not yet felt it and so many of you have felt it too.

Seeker is that special category as I have told you who is aware that you have to seek something more than material well-being or the power or the so-called pleasures of life. There’s a special category born out of the people who have had this seeking before, before they came on this earth and they had this seeking, they worked it out and today they are ready to receive the knowledge. Now this knowledge is not the knowledge that you can know through your brains. Whatever you can know through your brains is all limited because your brain – the capacity of it – is all limited, so you have to have something higher sensitivity in your central nervous system to know this knowledge I am telling you about. Now when we talk of knowledge we do not know that it is the knowledge through our central nervous system. When we evolved to human state whatever we know, we know through our conscious mind, through our central nervous system. But as far as the brains are concerned we can think of anything, we can think that we are now become the King of England, we can think that we are the President of America. Whatever we think we can go ahead with it and whatever we want we can read, all that is nothing but a mesh of words. There’s no reality about it. The reality exists in our central nervous system, in our conscious mind and that’s why the knowledge has to be in your conscious mind.

Now those who have tried to misguide the seekers had some gross intentions, maybe to make money but I think the subtler way they are so negative that they didn’t want you to seek. I have met many seekers all over the world and I’ve found they were all exhausted people who have been to wrong type of seeking. They are so exhausted that they have no energy left now any more to seek. They are so fed up of seeking, so doubtful about everything, even about themselves, that they don’t want to seek and thousands and thousands or maybe billions are lost like this. Their misguiding forces, their gurus have been exposed but still these misguided people are still blindly following something which is destructive. It’s a very sad thing that traditionally you should have known what to seek, what to find out, what is the Spirit, what do we gain, how do we get it. But I think in this modern style that we live, we have lost that tradition. Just now I was coming I saw so many houses built so traditionally like this one without the cement. So beautifully it is but we have lost the tradition. Now we can’t make them. We have lost it. In the same way in our seeking also we have lost the tradition to know what we have to expect, what are we to know.

What do we have to know is about that all-pervading Power which has been described in all the scriptures. In the Sanskrit language it is known as Brahm or the Nirakar or the formless energy of God, the all-pervading Power of God, of love, the Divine Power of God, of God who is living, the Power that does all the living things like transformation of flowers into fruits; like changing the seasons; like working in our heart; the parasympathetic nervous system; all autonomous things that happen; everything that living work has to be dependent on is done by that energy which is the all-pervading Power of God.

Sahaja means “born with you”. Saha Ja. Saha means “with”. Ja means “born”. It is born with you that you should get this yoga, the union with the Divine, with this power that is all pervading. This right to get it is born with every human being and you have to have it and for that it is said that you have to go to a master but master who is a sat guru, who is a real master. Reality doesn’t mean how he dresses up, doesn’t mean what he does in life, it doesn’t mean how he earns his living but real personality is that which makes you meet the Divine Power. He’s not interested in your purse. He’s not interested in your wife or husband. He’s not interested in all these things. His interest is only one that you should get your fundamental right established of this union. For that He works. “How can you pay Him for this?” is a simple question we cannot understand. We think we can pay for everything. This is our ego to think that you can pay for everything. So many things you have, can you pay for them? Can you pay for love? You cannot. Can you pay for being born in England? You take it for granted. We take for granted so many things that God has given us. How much you have paid to be a human being? You have paid nothing but it is difficult for human beings now to understand that there is something for which you can never pay. You cannot put in any effort. It has to be effortless. Actually putting effort itself builds up stress and strain. Anybody who says that you have to put in effort for it to get your Realization you must know that it is wrong. It cannot be. It’s just the akriya, is the opposite of effort.

I’ll tell you an example. For example, a man is standing in a very Sahaja manner, is spontaneously in a relaxed way. There’s no pressure on his body. What you call the prayatna part, the energy of prayatna is not acting, like people who are standing will move their hands, scratch their heads you see, slouch themselves. But a person who is standing just not bothered, absolutely relaxed. And another one is standing with some intention. Maybe the intention of catching the thief or whatever it is, some intention. He has that idea that he has to achieve something through this body and he’s in an effort. Now this man, the second man, is not suitable for Sahaja Yoga, is not suitable for Kundalini awakening because his energy has gone outside. All his attention has gone outside on to something else. But a person whose attention is relaxed, a person who is just not bothered about other things is the person who gets Realization quicker. Many people who come to the program are mostly futuristic. They are thinking how they are going to get a car or something like a bus or I don’t know what all. “What’s the time now?” You see even if you look at the watch there’s attention. Attention has to be relaxed first of all. That’s very important. Unless and until this attention is relaxed it’s difficult to raise the Kundalini.

Now there are people supposing who are sitting and doubting, doubting – I mean that’s the habit we have, we doubt everything because we are shoppers. We go to the shops and they will pay money and we’re doubting, “Is it all right for the price or am I saving some pounds or not? Is there some consumer surplus?” We weigh it all the time. In the same way, when we come for Realization also we sit down here, “Is it what She says is correct or is She another hoax?” We start doubting. Unless and until you are mesmerized you go on doubting but in Sahaja Yoga you are free. You cannot be mesmerized. If you are mesmerized then Sahaja Yoga cannot work out so you cannot be mesmerized. You are absolutely free. You are free to choose, choose to relax, to get your Realization.

Now when you try to relax you’ll find all these things will be there but you should learn how to neutralize it. Neutralize it by saying “I have come here for my Self Realization, that’s all and I have to get it”. So these thoughts which have been hovering will also settle down. It’s important that these thoughts must be settled down, otherwise you are still busy, you see, so many things, there are so many tags that keeps you down. Of course, you know that here at least there are seventy percent people who are realized souls sitting in this hall. Never happened in this hall. I don’t think you could have had such a congregation before, such enlightened people sitting down here. But this relaxation has to be first established which I find is a very difficult thing in the Western countries because they are over alert to things, over sensitive even to the sound over – any child cries and suddenly the attention goes out. Something happens all the time because of the hubbub of this modern time and the peace that is required within yourself, minimum of minimum, is also not there because there’s no peace outside. It’s a vicious circle. We are seeking the peace and the peace is inside they say and to get the peace inside you must see that there is at least peaceful atmosphere outside. So people would go to Himalayas, sit down there and try to achieve their Realization.

But I must say today the Sahaja Yoga in it’s modern state has become really quite aware of the modern society. Whether you are in the hubbub, whether you are in London or New York, you can get your Realization. I’m Myself amazed the way it is working out, very much amazed at its speed and its way of getting it done at any cost. Whatever may be the situation [SOUNDS LIKE: it will] work out, it does work out. I can understand thousands of people getting Realization in India, in the villages, not in the cities but in the villages. But even in New York we could see people getting Realization, even in Hong Kong. So I should say one should not worry, think about those things which are your surroundings and atmosphere and bother your head about it.

Just now you have to just see within yourself that you have to have your Realization. Once you have your Realization you will know what peace is within and then you will know what peace is without. Then you will know that you are a part and parcel of the whole, that you become part and parcel of the whole, not that just a lecture that you are brothers and sisters but you do become, in the sense, you start feeling the other person within yourself. You help the another person through the methods that you learn how to use this energy, this all-pervading Power which starts flowing through you. It is all over. It is all over. It is within you also. Otherwise how are you doing all living work? But you are not aware of it. You cannot handle it, you don’t know how to adjust it. Once you become part and parcel of that it starts flowing and once it starts flowing through you, you have to just learn how to use it. Simple methods for which you have to come to some centers that we have. This is the trouble is that thousands will come to My lectures but to the center very few are coming.

There again the tensions like somebody supposing he is a minister he’ll come to My program. In India I have seen people, ministers and commanders and the chief of air force, this that, all are there for My lectures but for My program – none of them, because they are quite conscious they are big people. How will they come to the centers? Programs are all right but not to the centers. Why? They are conscious. That consciousness itself creates the tension. To be conscious that you are something is a horrible haunting nightmare. You are nothing but the Spirit. All these are outside things. Tomorrow they’ll drop out like that. So this consciousness of ego that “I am something, how could I go to the centre and how could I learn – you see that fellow is not even educated and I’m such an educated man, I am doctor of this thing, that”. These things give you tensions and these tensions cannot lead you further. You might get your Realization. It might just sprout and finished. You won’t grow. You have to grow and you have to grow so that you mature.

It’s a big confusion in the West that they talk about individuality. We should be individuals. Even a boy of seven years would like to say “I like it. I, I, I”. He thinks he is an individual but without maturity how can you be individuals? But when you talked about it, it didn’t mean individuation – means that you must mature. Once you mature, when you become the Self, then you are an individual. Before that you are not. You are a slave of all your habits. How are you an individual? You are a slave of your mind. You are dominated by your surroundings. Even a slightest sound can upset you. You get upset with the smallest thing. How are you an individual? Only because you can do what you like, you are an individual? To be an individual you have to become the Self. This is the missing point I think in the Western philosophy when we think of individuality and that’s why everything is going amok. The whole thing has to be worked out to your maturity of your wisdom. You have to become that peaceful beauty and then you become an individual personality. Like a fruit has to come up ripe and then it separates from the tree and becomes an individual when then through the seeds of this fruit other trees can grow. Otherwise, if it is raw and it says “I’m an individual”, it’s spoiled. It’s of no use. It has not matured.

So first we have to achieve our maturity in Sahaja Yoga and then you will be amazed to see your own glory, your own depth. The shallowness will disappear and the deeper things which are so subtle, which looks so mysterious to us, become so apparent and the whole knowledge about your Self becomes so easy. Like so many newspaper people ask Me, “Have you got all Your disciples scholars here?” I said, “No, I think few may be scholars, very few, but most of them are knowledgeable. They have the knowledge”. And this is what one has to achieve is the Spirit.

Now as you know I have been speaking in England for the last twelve years and thousands and thousands of lectures I’ve given in England, America, Europe, India. So in this short lecture how much can we achieve? But only thing one has to understand that whatever we have is not the end and the end is very near and this is the special time when we have to have it. It is absurd to live like this satisfied with the mundane things, with the ordinary things, because you are not born for them. You are born for something special and that special you must have and this is your fundamental right to have it. And why should you deny yourself that fundamental right when it is available, only because you are whimsical, because you have funny ideas, because you have got some sort of a kink in your head? You are so great and why not find that greatness, that glory, that’s – wealth that is within you. It should not be given up for anything whatsoever. Is a very important time and is a fantastic time when you are born and you realize that you yourself, a special personality, that you are a seeker. I hope you’ll ask Me some questions and I’ll answer you because really I have spoken every day in India and there has been a very little gap for Me here also. So I don’t know what more to say but if you have any questions I’ll be very happy. It’s a sort of an introduction I have given to new people. May God bless you.

I think you can ask Me some questions if you have. If you can come here nearer to them [INAUDIBLE]. You do not know what to say about what?

[Someone speaking – INAUDIBLE].

[Shri Mataji]: What’s it?

[Someone speaking – INAUDIBLE].

[Shri Mataji]: Why do you want to cut off from everyone? Sit down.

[Someone speaking – INAUDIBLE].

[Shri Mataji]: No, no, no, no, that’s all wrong idea. You don’t have to run away from anyone, they are so beautiful. Imagine I have to cut off from everyone, then what will happen? You don’t have to cut off at all. On the contrary, you become one with everyone. Even if you are here or not you cannot be cut off. You become the part and parcel of the whole, then how can you cut off? If this finger is numb then it can cut off, you see, but when it is not, it is connected with the whole, why should it be cut off?

[Someone speaking- INAUDIBLE].

[Shri Mataji]: [speaking- INAUDIBLE]. No you are, that’s what you have to see, that’s your idea that you are an individual, you are not. You become only an individual when you become the whole. That’s the dilemma. Hanging in the air you cannot understand it. Once you become the whole you are surprised that you are an individual. You are an individual Self but which is awakened. When you are not awakened Self you think you are individual because of ignorance but once you get the knowledge then you become one with the whole. Then you become the whole, the real individual. Before that you are not the whole. Before that you feel you are individual.

[Someone speaking – INAUDIBLE].

[Shri Mataji]: You see, this is, this comes out of ignorance. You are part and parcel of the whole, that’s the truth. That’s the reality and when you try to become one alone you become malignant, you become a malignant cell. You see, so that’s anti-life, that is anti-evolution. You have to become the whole.

[Someone speaking – INAUDIBLE].

[Shri Mataji]: That’s you, that’s you very much. You become Me and I become you. All right? You are very much that, you are the Spirit and when you…

[Someone interrupts – INAUDIBLE].

[Shri Mataji]: Yes, yes, I would love to make everyone that way but let’s see how many. You have to try. That’s the first time you enjoy others you see. That’s the first time you really enjoy others, other human beings. Really enjoy them. It’s so beautiful, they are beautiful things. They are nothing to shun. All like lotuses. Beautiful flowers. Yes, my child?

Side B Starts Here:

[Someone speaking – INAUDIBLE].

[Shri Mataji]: What is the whole? I mean, there’s a big lecture on that but I would say that it’s a conception for you, is a hypothesis for you. For Me it’s the knowledge, it’s the reality but if I tell you something you need not believe. It is better that you feel it, that you become the whole. Now what is the whole? It is the whole body like we are, in the same way the whole cosmos is one body, the whole universe is one body, the whole creation is one body and you become part and parcel of that in the sense you become aware of it – of this oneness that you are a part and parcel of the whole. In short, I have told.

[Somebody speaking- INAUDIBLE].

[Shri Mataji]: Yes, then you become the whole.

[Somebody speaking- INAUDIBLE].

[Shri Mataji]: Yes, but you become the whole like a drop falls into the ocean becomes the ocean, doesn’t it?

[Somebody speaking- INAUDIBLE].

[Shri Mataji]: [INAUDIBLE]. All right, now what’s it to be? Somebody else?

[Somebody speaking- INAUDIBLE].

[Shri Mataji]: What?

[Someone speaking- INAUDIBLE].

[Shri Mataji]: What sense?

[Someone speaking- INAUDIBLE].

[Shri Mataji]: That you know that you have become the part of the whole, that part that you know that you are the part of the whole, that much. That you are aware that your existence is absolutely related to others. You are not alone. That part and that part is nothing but your Spirit. The more you evolve, the more you see the light, the more you understand. Like this in this room supposing, you have no light, then there is – you think all of you are separated, you see. Everybody sitting separately, everybody grouping this, grouping that. Somebody says that this pillar is the truth. Somebody says that these lights are the truth. Like that they go on having individual ideas. But when the light starts coming, “Oh, no, no, no, this one is also with me in the same room. This one is also with me”. The relationship improves. Gradually you start seeing the light more and more clearly. You start seeing you that no, we are all in this room. Any problem to this room is problem to all of us. If there’s a bomb going to fall on this all of us are going to suffer. You can feel it if you are going by a ship and it’s better. In a ship some people are together, all right? Just put together and all the problems of the ship they face all of them together and they are surprised that we have no individual problems. We have a collective problem.

So the whole universe is one. Because we are not aware one person is dealing with one problem, another is dealing with another problem, Third one is dealing with another problem and actually no problem is solved because it is the problem of the collective which has to be solved. Now how to be one, collectively one? We cannot think because there is no light. Say for example, if you have to climb up to these steps here, come up here. So then what you have to do is to find out a way. Now how to find out? If there is a light all of you can see this is the way to run up to the stage. So unless and until there is a light you do not see the problem being solved.

Now, individually if in darkness you solve one problem thinking you are very individual, a great individual, another is solving, you are not solving the problem at all. On the contrary, you are creating problem for others. Perhaps you are hitting someone or you are aggressing someone or you are trying to take the area of somebody else, you don’t know because you are in ignorance. There’s no co-ordination, there is no cohesiveness, there’s no understanding. But in the light you see another person sitting next to you, he has a chair of his own and all that, you know where you are standing. You’ll step onto somebody else’s feet if you don’t know where you are with the other person, what is the relationship. When there is light then you see the whole. Not only that but you see the beauty of this place. In the darkness you might see some ghosts here or something like that in your own imagination but when there is light then you see the beautiful place, how it is beautifully done. Because there is no light we think we are separated, we are individual and because in that loneliness we see all kinds of ghosts, we want to run away from that, also want to become greater individuals but actually when there is light, it’s beautiful, it’s beautiful, the world is beautiful. The whole chaos is very superficial. All these problems are extremely superficial.

Now, what is it? Is it the same person asking questions? No, please don’t. If you have asked the question then you should not now. Let others ask, all right? Sit down. Now, what is it?

[Somebody speaking- INAUDIBLE].

[Shri Mataji speaking- INAUDIBLE].

[Somebody speaking- INAUDIBLE].

[Shri Mataji]: All right, that’s it. That’s the question, very good question. That you have to have on your central nervous system the knowledge of others. That you have to be collectively conscious, that you should feel another person on your central nervous system. That’s scientific. That you can feel it on your fingertips. Mohammed Sahib has said that when the resurrection time will come then your hands will speak, not your tongue. Even for people who are blind, those who cannot speak, deaf and dumb, they use their fingers, to express. But when you get your Realization your fingers speak. That means you feel the Cool Breeze around you of the Holy Ghost, the Cool Breeze of this living force on your fingertips. You feel the energy flowing through you and when you try to test yourself you find out what’s wrong with you on the centers and you can feel others also what’s wrong with them. Actually you can feel it.

This is the only one thing but there are thousand and one thing happen to you but I am just telling you the only thing that happens at collective awareness point, to that extent. But it’s so many things happens to you when you get your Realization. But firstly you should start feeling your own centers and the feeling of others on your fingertips. As we say always, “It is on my fingertips”. That is the criteria. I mean there are many who say, “We are born again, I am a self-certified people”. They are not. There’s no transformation. And then the transformation starts your priorities change, you become a transformed personality, a dynamic force because the force that you are acting or the one that is manifesting is such a dynamic force and so peaceful and compassionate and so kind and dynamic. Can you imagine love being dynamic? Yes, please.

[Somebody speaking- INAUDIBLE].

[Shri Mataji]: That’s it. Now that I won’t tell you, I’ll give you. And I’ll teach you how to give to others, all right? That cannot be told, that has to happen through the Kundalini awakening and that is within you. You know there is Kundalini force within you which is the Pure Desire. It has to manifest and when it manifests you will get it. That’s the thing, that has to work out. It’s a primordial force within us which works it out. That’s all. But how it works out, how can you tell? Because you can see with your naked eyes it’s rising. It’s a thing that’s pulsating. You see the pulsation on top of your head as Kabira has said: “A shoonya shikhir per anhad baje re”. On the head you start feeling the throbbing and then you feel the Cool Breeze coming out of your own being. Surprising isn’t it? But it happens, it does happen. It’s very simple to sprout a seed, isn’t it? But how it works out must be very complicated and the capacity that the Mother Earth has, if somebody has the same capacity you can get your Realization, why can’t you? But the best part of Sahaja Yoga today is that you get the power, you can do it, you can give Realization, you can work it out, your own powers manifest. Any other question?

[Somebody speaking- INAUDIBLE].

[Shri Mataji]: All right, that’s very simple. That I am going to do that. They are very anxious. It’s a very good idea because you are a seeker, out and out. That’s the right question, yes. That’s a very encouraging question. That’s the thing, you’ll just get started just now. All right? Is there any other question now? Yes please?

[Somebody speaking- INAUDIBLE].

[Shri Mataji]: What’s that?

[Somebody speaking- INAUDIBLE].

[Shri Mataji]: No, no, no, no you go beyond time, nothing, you become, you just become, you go beyond time, as we say, kalateet. You go beyond time. There’s nothing like limited time like military hours or nothing. No. You become a free bird, you see but for a free bird which is say a bird that has come out of the egg has to learn how to fly. That’s all. Then the whole sky is there. Go ahead, go wherever you feel like it. First strengthen your wings and fly. That’s the point where people miss, specially in the West. If they miss there, they get their wings all right. But they don’t learn. They don’t take it seriously. So far our experience has been that. That’s why the progress of Sahaja Yoga has been very slow. I met so many people like that who said, “Oh, why we have been to Your program. We’ve got Realization, Mother, but we have had no time. We were busy you see, this thing”. Then you must have little time to learn. That’s very important. All right, now should we have it? All right? Good.

I’m sorry you had to take out your shoes. The reason is this Mother Earth helps us a lot so you take out your shoes and you put your feet to the Mother Earth. You don’t know this England. England is a very holy place and the place of Shiva Himself resides so you put your feet on the ground, very carefully and we have to ask this Mother Earth to help us at this time. She has the power to help us a lot, to suck in all our problems, so in our heart we have to thank Her for what She has done for us, and to request Her at this time of our salvation She should help us. In full faith in ourselves first of all, we should not think that I may not get and all that, we shouldn’t worry. Must have faith in yourself to begin with. There should be no guilt and there should be no feeling that I am incapable, how will I get it? Everybody has to get it and forget the past. This is transformation power which is tremendous. You should forget the past, absolutely forget the past. Whatever has happened has happened.

Now if you have anything tight please loosen a little bit if possible. Sometimes if it is too tight it troubles you. You have to sit in a proper way, little bit if there is any tight in the neck or here. If you can little bit loosen it, it will be better. Physically, be comfortable. Sit in a very comfortable way. Physically you should not be uncomfortable. Nothing should bother your attention at the time of your Realization.

Now just put your hands like this. You can take out your spectacles also because eye sight improves with Sahaja Yoga. You don’t have to open your eyes, keep your eyes shut. There is no mesmerism on. So, put your hands just like this towards Me and close your eyes.

Now in this introductory lecture I didn’t tell you how the machinery within us works it out and how we have to work out our own machinery. But whatever I tell you, you try to listen to Me and don’t start arguing within your mind. Tell yourself that I am not going to argue it out. Let Me work it out, it will work out. It’s very simple. Just put your hands whichever way you are comfortable, either like this or on your lap, whichever way you feel comfortable for a while. It’s not long time. It’s very quickly it happens, very quickly it happens but still its better to be comfortable so that your attention is not drawn away due to discomfort.

Now you have to close your eyes and don’t open your eyes till I tell you. It is important because if your eyes are not closed then maybe the Kundalini may drop down, maybe, or may not start even. Keep your eyes shut, that’s all. Nothing has to be done for about a minute. Just keep your hands like this straight towards Me. Please put your hands like this, like this. This gentleman? Yes, like this. Be comfortable. Now close your eyes. Close your eyes. Put your hands straight towards Me, not towards yourself, your hands but towards Me straight. Now close your eyes. You should try to close it for a minute.

Now later on you’ll realize on the left side is the manifestation of your power of desire, left side. Now you have a desire to have Realization so you put your left hand all the time steady towards Me like that with the desire that you have to have Realization. And the right hand has the power of action so you yourself should learn how to awaken your own Kundalini which is a very simple thing. So what you do is to put one hand towards Me, and one hand on your heart, the right, right hand on your heart. Now keep your eyes shut. In the heart resides the Spirit. It resides in the heart, so you have to ask a question to Me, “Mother”, in your heart you have to ask, “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Ask this question thrice, “Mother, am I the Spirit?”
This is a very fundamental question you are asking but don’t feel guilty this is the problem is that as soon as you ask the question your mind stands against you and says “Oh how can you be the Spirit, you have done this wrong, that wrong and all that”. You forget it and just say the question.

Now the right hand should be moved on the left hand side of your stomach, left hand side of your stomach. Keep the left hand all the time towards Me. We are doing all the work on the left hand side if you notice, with the right hand, so now when it is on the left hand side, your right hand on the stomach. This is the center of the master, the guru. Now, you have had some good gurus and had some bad gurus, some had a very great gurus also, no doubt. But your Principle of Guru is to be first awakened. If you are Spirit you become your own master, your own guru. So here you have to ask a question thrice, in your heart you have to ask a question thrice, “Mother, if I’m the Spirit am I my own master? Am I my own guru?” [INAUDIBLE].

Now, put this hand still in the lower part of your abdomen, in the lower part of you abdomen. Here is the center we get the knowledge about the roots and the knowledge how to work out this Divine Power, the laws that are Divine. That’s why at this center you have to ask, I cannot force you .You have to willingly, freely, on your own humbly ask that “Mother I want to know the true knowledge”. We call it shudha vidya, the pure knowledge. You have to ask for it. Six times. Better. Now, six times you ask.

Now, raise your hand higher on your abdomen on the left hand side. When you have ask this question to Me now let us see if this knowledge is working in you or not, but you have to be confident, absolutely confident about yourself. No diffidence, no guilt no ego, nothing but full confidence that you are the Spirit. So as you are the Spirit you have to say with full confidence, “Mother, I am my own master”. Say it ten times, “Mother, I am my own master. Mother, I am my own guru”, because you are the Spirit. You have to say this ten times because the Principle of Guru is ten. Your valencies are ten, the Ten Commandments. “I am my own guru. I am my own master”. While saying that you are not denying any great gurus which have been great people on this earth but their ten principles you are trying to invoke within yourself by saying so that “Mother I am my own master”. You are not to be nervous about it. There is no need to be nervous. Nothing harmful can happen to you. You have to be completely confident of yourself, first of all.

Now, raise your hand, after saying it ten times, to your heart again. In the heart you are the Spirit so you have to say, “Mother, I am the Spirit. I am the Spirit. I am the Spirit”. Say it twelve times please. This is according to the number of petals you have for a particular center we have to say it. “I am the Spirit”. Better. Tensions are too much, too much tensions.

[Somebody speaking- INAUDIBLE].

[Shri Mataji]: You shouldn’t doubt Me at this point because you have come to Me for something very great. You have to, not to accept Me but you are not to deny Me either.

Now put your hand on your neck on the left hand side, near your shoulder. Where the neck and the shoulder meet on the left hand side, push back your hand, push back your fingers and hold it tight and try to press it. This is one of worst chakras in the West where we feel guilty about everything, all the time we feel guilty. I don’t know why the psychologists and every sort of a training and all this things have brought this guilt in the West. Now, putting your hand down there pressing it, you have to say, “If I am the Spirit how can I be guilty?” So “Mother I am not guilty”. You have to say that sixteen times and if you still say that you are guilty then you better say it thirty-two times. It’s stupid to sit down and sulk and think that you are guilty. Who are you to judge yourself? You have no right to judge yourself like that all the time. What guilt can you commit which cannot be forgiven by the powers of God? He’s the ocean of love. He’s the ocean of compassion but do you know He’s the ocean of forgiveness? Say it sixteen times with full confidence that “Mother I am not guilty”. This is the worst hurdle I’ve had, always, specially with English people. I don’t know what they are guilty about. All right, better, getting better. Hold it tight, push it down and say that “I am not guilty”, with full confidence.

Now put your hand on your forehead across, right hand, with the left hand towards Me. At this point, you have to say, you have asked, of course, you are dependent on the forgiveness of God, so now you have to say that, “I myself forgive everyone. I forgive everyone”. Put your – only right hand and left hand towards Me. “I forgive everyone. I forgive everyone”. Otherwise, why should God forgive you?. Now. You see when you say I forgive everyone your tensions will disappear because most of the tensions are there because you do not forgive others and is it not funny that the people who you don’t forgive don’t suffer. It is you who is suffering. You are suffering yourself, not the people who have made you suffer and you are suffering at their hands more because you cannot forgive them, so just say, “I forgive”. And how dare anybody can harm you? This is the greatest weapon you have, when you forgive others, nobody dare harm you.

Now put your hand on top of your head, on the fontanel bone area here which is called as taloo. Now press it hard with your palm and move it clockwise. Now again at this point, I cannot overcome your freedom. Here you have to again ask Me that you want your Realization, so humbly you have to ask “Mother, I want my Realization. Please give me my Realization. So please Mother give me my Self Realization. I want it”. In a humble way, say it seven times and press it hard, move it, move it in a clockwise manner. You just say that.

Shri Mataji awakens the Kundalini of the seekers, seven times a wind voice is heard.

Now put both hands in the same way as you had started. Now don’t think about it, don’t think about it, just don’t think. You are not thinking if you see within yourself there’s no thought. Now, slowly put your left hand on top of your head about four, five inches, slowly. Now don’t think, that’s the main point is. Now see if there’s a Cool Breeze coming in from your head. Right hand towards Me. Is it? All [Sounds Like: right or rise?] It’s very subtle. Move it up and down. It’s a very subtle thing. Little higher. Not very high. Move it and see. Try to find out. It’s there. It’s very subtle. In the beginning it is. At the back, here, just on top of the fontanel bone area.

Ah. Now put the left hand towards Me and without thinking, again don’t think, now put your right hand, you can stop your thinking, now put your right hand and see. Right hand. See now. Is there – right hand. Put the left hand towards Me, left hand towards Me. Now right hand and on the top of your head. See. Now do you feel? Ah. Better?

Now raise your hands above like this all of you, just raise it high and now ask a question in your heart, “Is this the Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost? Is this the all-pervading power of God? Is this the brahma?” Now feel it in your hand. Just see. With all this, it’s very subtle. You’ll also feel it in your hands.

Now I’ll tell you how one has to raise the Kundalini oneself. First of all, when you are sitting down put your left hand in front of you just like this, left hand and the right hand has to be moved, up, forward, downward, backward. In this way you have to move your right hand in a clockwise manner and try to move it slowly, watching the left hand, carefully putting attention on the left hand. Keep the attention there. Try to raise it. Now loosen your arms and give it a twist, give it a twist and tie it up. Now, we have to do it three times and the third time you have to give three knots. That’s it. Again. Slowly, do it very slowly watching your left hand. Left hand should be watched all the time till you go up, loosen your shoulders, put your head up, again give it a big twist and now a knot. Again, once more. Now you have to give three knots. Now loosen your shoulders, put back your head. One knot, second knot, third knot. Now you have to protect your aura. That is very important. You are going now to do this. Now how to do it? Please put your left hand on this and try to do this. One, two, again, three. Again, four. Again, five. For all your centers. Again. Six. Now the seventh. Now see you feel the Cool Breeze in the hand more. All right? Good. Now raise the hands who have felt the Cool Breeze, let’s see, both the hands. [INAUDIBLE]. Everyone.

May God bless you. It’s done.