Questions and Answers after Maha Sahasrara Day

Château de Mesnières, Rouen (France)


Conversation the day after the Maha Sahasrara Puja, in the chapel of the castle of Mesnières, Rouen (France), 6 May 1984.

Shri Mataji: All right, be seated. All of you are here? Ask them to get some tea for Me. Tea or coffee, it will be all right.
First of all, we have to thank the French Sahaja Yogis who have arranged this program for us. So, give them a hand.
We have to thank all the leaders from all Sahaja Yoga centres in Europe and in England who have helped to arrange this program.
You are the leaders; you are clapping to yourselves! [Laughter]
So, last of all but not least of all, we have to thank, I thank, all the Sahaja Yogis for coming all the way to this castle.
So, as a token of my gratitude, for all of you, I would like to give some little presents to the different centres of your opening land. So, as we call the names of people, one by one, we should come, now Gavin, because the handwriting is written by people that you cannot read. First the centres, you take on. Move it the other way round. It’s correct, it comes out correctly. Now, let’s start.
Now we have done one thing. First of all, all the leaders of the centres will be called, of the countries, will be called and given a present to them. And, after that, we’ll be calling some of the leaders whom we have not yet given presents, but I would like some of the senior leaders to give them the presents. So, it will be a generosity on their parts. Because I have put those names which are the leaders already. And I think it will be very generous on their part to give these presents.

Then this is to be cut into pieces. Has anybody got pair of scissors?
Sahaja Yogi: Yes.
Shri Mataji: That’s good. Now take them in, one by one.

[The ceremony continues. Then it is the turn of children to receive a present.]

[Starts at 1:17:08 on video]

Now, if you have any questions, I would like to answer them and then I’ll you something about Sahaja Yoga.
[Aside] Gavin, can you keep these letters it’s important. This is a funny thing Nick is telling to his wife. He doesn’t want her to speak Marathi and wants [inaudible]. He doesn’t allow her to speak to any Sahaja Yogis.

What’s the time?
Sahaja Yogi: Nine twenty pm.
Shri Mataji: All right.

So, just ask Me questions.
Gregoire: How can we better protect ourselves if we work in an environment which is against Sahaj?
Shri Mataji: That’s the place you have to work it. I will tell you later on, on this point, more. Later, on the lecture, I’ll tell you on this point. Now another question.

Gregoire: Is there a particular advice to keep the Sahasrara open and clear?
Shri Mataji: All right, I’ll answer this also. I can answer this question now. It’s very simple, as I told you, that the deity of Sahasrara is sitting before you, that the deity of Sahasrara is Mahamaya, that try not to understand Her through your reasoning and imagination. But by surrendering absolutely to it, you keep your Sahasrara open. In case you still find- [to Gregoire] just one sentence more- it is still closed, you have to ask for forgiveness from the deity that, “If we have by mistake made any mistakes, so please forgive us”. That’s all.

All right, now, what is the other question?
Gregoire: There is a specific question. It is advised that children should sleep in the same room as their parents. But if they wake up four, five times in the night, is it possible to put them in a separate room?
Shri Mataji: No, no. Then the mother should sleep with the child and the father should sleep in another room. Mother should never leave the child. Moreover, I would advise you that now you have children, don’t get too much involved with your children. That’s a dangerous thing. This is another phase: first, they get involved with the wives or husbands, then they get involved with the children. If you get involved with the children, then again, you have to restart many things. So, don’t get involved. You have to just do the work like a trustee of the child, just a trustee of the child. But don’t get involved with the child. That is my job. You have to leave it to Me. So, don’t get too much involved with the children. I find people who got children, you see, are going now wrtiting literature on it. Don’t do like that. I’ve already given instructions what is to be done about the child. But the children are mine, not yours. So, you just don’t get involved into them because that’s a temptation for you. Too much involvement in the children is the sign of degradation. It’s only a responsibility to look after it. That’s all. So, tell them.
And mother must be with children, must be with children. She should sleep with them; she should look after them till they are five years of age. If she has to go out, then she must know that she has to carry the child. She cannot leave children. That’s not good. She should never leave the child before they are five years of age, whatever it is. Because you should know that till that age, five years of age, the child is growing very fast. You see, at an old age, say, somebody is ninety and ninety-five, there is not much difference. And at that time, the sense of security must be maintained. That, one has to do! So, if the husband has to do something else or if he has to go out or anything, he can go with other friends, the boys, or other Sahaja Yogis, but the mother must look after the children, that’s her duty, she has to do it!

And of course, the husband must help her, must do whatever is needed. But here the question is of shifting the similarity. Now, at this time, the mother is important. She has to look after the child, that’s her first job. And at time, the husband’s job becomes a secondary thing. But hers is the first job. And later on, then, it again shifts because husband’s work becomes more important.

If you give them now the security complete, the children, you’ll find, will be very peaceful and that’s what Indians do. You have seen how Indians behave. They are so quiet, so peaceful. Because completely the mothers forget about the whole world. You’ll be surprised, till my younger daughter was five years of age, I never have, went out with my husband.

And women should not unduly feel that to look after the child is a lower job and to work in the office is a higher job. Because that pays more money or gives you artificial powers. You must know the greatest power in this world is that of the mother. And unless and until you give that much to your child, the child is not going to give you back that discipline, that respect, that glory, that you expect as parents. There should be a rapport between the child and the parents and understanding. They should talk and not give toys all the time but talk to them, even when they don’t talk, you talk to them. And that will improve cases.
All right, so what is the second one?

Gregoire: Can you talk about discrimination, Shri Mataji?
Shri Mataji: It’s an innate quality, you can’t talk about it. Discrimination is not rational.
It’s an innate quality but the best thing you have are vibrations by which you should see if the things are all right or not. But you must know as Sahaja Yogis, as you’ll grow, you will know immediately what is good and what is bad. It’s a state in which you just become discreet. But for that [what] you must know is to have your responses controlled, a steady response to anything. And you just, for example, you see something, for a minute you just become into thoughtless awareness and you’ll have the power of discretion. It’s a power, it is not a thing that can be discussed or taught. It’s a power.

So, one has to develop that state and the best way is to, at any confrontation, anything that you face, first, you become thoughtlessly aware so you enter into the kingdom of God. And then react. The responses must be made very steady and subtle.
And one should not suddenly change the attentions, you see, “Just now, now everybody’s attention, their mind is not”. [A loudspeaker has been moved.]
I did the job.
Gregoire: Once again.
Shri Mataji: All right? The attention now is with Me. Suddenly, all of you turn [your head], what is there to see? Who is responsible?

So, those who put their attention there, pull your ears. [Shri Mataji laughs] I think everybody should do it.
All right, so. Now, what’s the other question? Yes, yes.

Gregoire: For an artist who is a Sahaja Yogi, what means to create a piece of art?
Shri Mataji: The piece of art must emit vibrations. It does not emit: that means there is something wrong. And going for something, higher subjects, like Kundalini, like the expression of Kundalini, the colours of Kundalini, and into another world, you have to move into that world. Like, you can see we have so many artists. For example, you can say Blake. And for a Sahaja Yogi, it should be a kind of a beautiful integration of the gross and the abstract or realistic and abstract you can say. And a little bit of impressionism. That’s how you should try to integrate all of them. They express one style; a Sahaja Yogi has no style because he knows how to mix up, how to integrate. But certain colours like black should be avoided. But the pastels colours, if they are mixed with black, it gives a depth to the pastel colours. [To Gregoire] Pastel.
[Laughter because Gregoire cannot translate]
Now, your Mother’s attention goes to Sahaja Yogis. That’s my attention is. And it is such a remarkable attention that it is describing, “kataksha, kataksha, nirikshan [inspection]” means, “every glance examines and acts”. So, when you have that attention, then it’s all right to see everything, because it is so deep and penetrating.

Shri Mataji: Yes.
Gregoire: For the people for a reason or another, they cannot live in ashram. So, how would such people know that they are growing in collectivity?
Shri Mataji: Growth in collectivity creates joy, fun, happiness. No discussion, no argument comes in, especially with the leader, and what are your relations, that’s very important. Now if you fight with the leader, then something ‘s wrong with you.
You have no right to fight with the leader. Now if the leader becomes absolutely unpopular, then he is no more a leader, that I know. But he has to be unpopular in the whole world. [Laughter]
Say, for example, if there is mister X who is popular in the country – who is a leader and who is unpopular in a country Y. Now that is no judgment because they might be jealous. They think they are equal to him and can fight him back and can shut him down. And no administration can work like that, least of all, Divine administration. So, those who fight the leader are first of all uncollective. Actually, India is the best way to find out, they come and tell Me about who is who. So, I would put it like this, very grossly that you have to be popular in India. And the Indian’s leaders have to be popular otherwise, in other countries. But perhaps I have some sense of discretion and I know who is who. [Laughter]
So, somebody who is a leader, you should not fight, first of all. You should not- if he is strict, if he is harsh with you, take it with a grace and be happy that you are corrected. But if you give an explanation or if you fight it back or you think that you are all right, then you can never improve. I’ve seen, there are some Sahaja Yogis and Sahaja Yoginis who have been with us for years, and they have not improved at all because they think that there is nothing wrong with them. Sometimes I shout at them because the bhoots have to go. So, they say, “All right, Mother has shouted at our bhoots”. And they never want to look at themselves. And they are the losers. Who is going to lose? They are stupid.

And then such people go and talk against the leader at his back. These are the murmuring souls that Christ has describe. And they try to form a group against the leader and create a problem, a barrier for themselves and also for Sahaja Yoga. These are very dangerous people and they know the ways how to talk against the leader. So, keep away from them and shut them down. Even they might be your husband or your wife or your child, don’t listen. Tell them to shut up! This is a bhoot talking! Just don’t listen to anyone who murmurs behind the back of the leader. They will appear to be very wise, very sensible, but know that they are against Sahaja Yoga. Just don’t listen to them, don’t accept anything from them. Tell them to shut up!
The leader has to deal with very important things. With Me, it is very difficult to deal and he also has to deal with petty things. The poor things are like martyrs, I should say, in my presence.
Gregoire: Well.
[Laughter because Gregoire cannot translate]
Shri Mataji: I had to correct so many times in such a bold manner, I correct them and they take it from Me. This is how we are going to work it out very smoothy.
[Gregoire cannot translate]
Gregoire: Nothing for “smooth” in French?
Shri Mataji: Oh! They are too smooth!
Shri Mataji: “Frigité”.
Gregoire: No, fluidity.
Shri Mataji: Fluidity. I thought “frigid”!
All right, on the French soil, we can’t say much, all right, be careful.
Gregoire: Shri Mataji, may I translate just one minute in German and in Italian. Yes, Shri Mataji.
Shri Mataji: One must understand that it is the leaders who have to be really strict with the discipline. They themselves should be disciplined and they must put discipline on the people.
But they have to be compassioned, full of compassion, compassionate towards all other people, but not sympathetic towards bhoots. Not to sympathise with bhoots, not to identify with bhootish nonsense, not to be kind to people who have bhoots. It’s discipline, it’s the compassionate discipline. That’s how we all are going to improve and improve and improve for our own gain. Now here, there is no domination. It’s the compassion of God you accept and the bhoots, you discard, the domination of the bhoots you discard with the help of your leaders. So, if they are harsh with you, thank them for that.
Next question.

Sahaja Yogini: What happens to people who might not join the collectivity and who try to meditate together and put themselves together?
Shri Mataji: They are sadly mistaken. If they do that, they’ll be lost in no time. This is the same thing which has ruined our Western country where people believe in individuality without maturity. We believe in maturity and then in individuality. Say, a flower becomes a fruit. On the tree, it has to mature, on the tree, with the whole till it is completely mature. And then it can become an individual, otherwise, what’s the use of having these half-baked people? We must know the in Sahaja Yoga, we don’t believe in an immature individuality.
Like two little boys of ten years fighting in front of my road and having a boxing. And I asked them, “Why are you fighting?” They tell Me back, “It’s a personality clash”.
[Laughter] Even if you fight with another Sahaja Yogi, there’s something wrong with you.
All right now, what’s the next question please?

Gregoire: The question is, if there is one leader who does not live up to his responsibilities?
Shri Mataji: That’s my “loka” [domain], that’s my loka. You know I know everything. So, you just don’t worry. You don’t have to judge your leaders, leave it to Me, I’ll manage them. See now, already you have so much work to judge yourself and to judge those who are not yet Realized, so, why should you worry about your leaders so much?

Gregoire [relaying the question of a little boy]: Is Krishna born from a cow, Shri Mataji?
Shri Mataji: Is Krishna?
Gregoire: Is Shri Krishna born from a cow?
Shri Mataji: No, but once upon a time, long, long time back, the Mother took birth as a cow, you see? And everybody was in that cow, Krishna and everyone was in that cow. The, later on, that cow took the form of a lady. And then Krishna was born from that lady. All right? That’s for children. All right, all right, good, he understands English. Now any other question?

Shri Mataji: Yes, yes.
Gregoire: If you are in Sahaja Yoga and your wife leaves you and your family leaves you, how do you react? Is it that?
Sahaja Yogi: No, when you are Sahaja Yogi and when your wife and your family is not, how to do?
Gregoire: If you are a Sahaja Yogi and your wife and your family is not in Sahaja Yoga, what to do?
Shri Mataji: I am just the same.
[Laughter; applause]
Now fourteen years have passed, it’s just the same. And only thing you can do is to prove it, prove it by your own behaviour, by your own example. If they are honest, they’ll accept it, if they are dishonest, forget them. This so-called family is temporary, this is the eternal family you have. So, don’t quarrel or fight with them, leave them alone, they’ll come round. Actually, you should never force them to come.
I’ll give another instruction today, that many people who are Sahaja Yogis won’t take their children to their parents because, according to them, they are not Sahaja Yogis. Sometimes, they don’t take the children because they think their parents will spoil them. Unless and until they are positively against Sahaja Yoga, if they are not against Sahaja Yoga, you should take your children there, there’s no harm.
Because this is a very funny attitude people take. But if they are definitively against Sahaja Yoga and doing activities against Sahaja Yoga, then you cut up. But as long as they are neutral, they are not doing any harm to Sahaja Yoga, they are not against Sahaja Yoga, they are not against you, then there is no harm in going and seeing the children.
I mean the Sahaja Yogis are so frightened of bad vibrations that they look like schizophrenic people. It should not be a craze, Sahaja Yoga is not a craze, it is a power that should give you greater power instead of making you frightened personalities. You are not excluded people, excluded from the rest of them, you are not excluded! You are exclusive! But not excluded. This is discretion again. So, go ahead with it, meet everyone, talk to everyone, be nice to everyone, go to every shop, go to your friends, parents, friends, talk to them nicely, be nice, don’t talk about Sahaja Yoga! Otherwise, you’ll develop some horns.

So, this is to feel everybody’s vibrations, bad vibrations, good vibrations, madness! And the fellow who came to see Me, he is a Freudian and he wrote in his book that Sahaja Yogis are schizophrenic. No, he did. There is one fellow in India, a stupid fellow. And you see, he must have picked some Sahaja Yogis from the periphery, you see, who are frightened to talk to him, “You are Freudian, oh! I don’t want to see your face”.
[Laughter] Why should you be afraid of anyone? Even of the Satan? Who is he? You are there to kill it and you have powers. So, what is this kind of a cowardliness? It doesn’t behove.
Gregoire: Bolo Shri Jagamata Shri Adi Shakti Shri Nirmala Devi ki! Jai!
Sahaja Yogi: Bolo Shri Jagamata Shri Adi Shakti Shri Nirmala Devi ki! Jai!
Bolo Shri Jagamata Shri Adi Shakti Shri Nirmala Devi ki! Jai!
Shri Mataji: All right, next question.

[Big applause]

Actually, you have such powers that even if you do like this, the bhoots will run away. Like this [Shri Mataji snaps her fingers]. It’s sufficient.
Now what is it?
Gregoire: This we’ll register.
Shri Mataji: Yes! Because they said [about the chapel], “There’re not good vibrations in the thing. I’m coming here, how dare anybody stay here?”
They must have run away at least hundred miles!
[Laughter; applause]

So now, let’s have the second question. Now what is it?
Sahaja Yogi: Mother, how can we please You best?
Gregoire: It’s not a bad question Shri Mataji.
Shri Mataji: What does he say?
Gregoire: How can we please You best?
Shri Mataji: I have no desires. I don’t know [Laughter; applause]. You see, inside Me is complete peace and complete satisfaction. There is nothing that is needed inside. But the ripples of that joy flow outward all the time. And when it reaches your shores, you see, it comes back. And it weaves a beautiful pattern, and I see the pattern. The reciprocity, how much you reciprocate is the way the pattern is beautiful. It’s delicate, it’s powerful. It’s so soothing and it weaves the complete beauty of bhakti. So much so that this ocean of joy itself gets turbulent, and I really swing with it. And it is not easy to describe that beautiful feeling of tremendous joy. The first thing you have to know that I love you very much, with all my heart, with all my soul. In the same way, try to love Me with all sincerity and trust.
May God bless you all!

Now I’ll speak for one minute about this meditation. Yesterday I told you about putting your attention to different areas, the “pradesha” [region] or the chakras. And the chakra, as you know, has got “mandalas” [orb], it’s the areas. So, when you pay attention to the chakras, where do you pay attention to, is the point. Actually, you pay attention to the deity. Now this deity- supposing you are taking the name of Shri Rama, you are trying to establish Shri Rama within your heart, Right Heart Chakra. Now at that time, what do you do? You say the mantra.

But there’s another way which is easier. Because you are saying a mantra in a way that is not so much intelligible there, to Shri Rama. But first of all, if you study the qualities of Shri Rama, what were his qualities? And if you manifest those qualities through your character, then it’s very easy to please Shri Rama. What is the quality of Shri Ganesha? He’s entirely surrendered to Mother, even Father doesn’t bother Him. What is the quality of Christ? He forgives those who have crucified Him. He can go through all kinds of tapasya. What is the quality of Shri Krishna for whom everything is a lila? Like that, when you take the name of Shri Krishna, do you see everything as a witness? If effortlessly that happens to you, you should know that you have established Shri Krishna.

It’s the most difficult thing, is to establish Me because I am Mahamaya. And the facets are so many: sixteen thousand into, raised to power one thousand. So, it’s difficult. But whatever things you can grasp and think, “This is Mother’s quality”, try to imbibe that within yourself. That doesn’t mean you start shouting at bhoots first.

So, first, what is the first quality of Mother? That She came on this earth and She has worked for people who are nowhere near Her. She stooped down to elevate others. And then gradually you can understand that this quality will take you to higher qualities than you think. So, among the seven colours to begin with, I am the green colour. Because I’m in the centre. Green colour is the colour that you get it from the Mother Earth. So first you must establish the quality of the Mother Earth that she sucks up all the problems, gives you the best that she has. Start with the Mother Earth, so you start with the Kundalini.

That’s how one should start imbibing the pure Kundalini form of Mother, is purity, is cleansing purity. But are you pure? Are you pure in your heart? Just think of that. And then, with purity you start. That is how you have to establish different chakras, of purifying all the chakras and ultimately when you have purified all of them, you have established Me.

Thus, we understand we have to grow within and without by spreading our light horizontally now. Only when you become like the deities your light will spread horizontally, otherwise not. That is what we say that somebody has got the “siddha” [power] of a particular deity, is the siddha of Ganesha, is the siddha of Shri Krishna. So first, when you develop their manifesting outside powers, you see, of kindness, compassion, of witness and all those, then you can develop their other qualities, which are on the destructive side. First the constructive side you must develop, then the destructive automatically will work, you don’t have to worry.

Like one side of Shri Krishna he was playing with ordinary herds men and the- another side, he was killing rakshasas. So first, you have to become like Him and then automatically you will get the other powers. You don’t give swords to stupid people, do you? So, one would understand that one has to develop these qualities of construction of all the incarnations and then you become empowered by the destructive qualities of those incarnations. If you understand the sequence, then the fanaticism will never grow because fanaticism comes when you start thinking that you are the incarnation or whatever incarnation has done, you can do.

Like Christians felt they could become Kalki without His Advent even. And they took a piece, a rifle or you can say, a gun in one hand and the Bible in another hand. And the Muslims, they never believed that Mohammad was a prophet [an incarnation]. “Because he was not a prophet- he was a prophet but he was not an incarnation. So, we could also do the same what he was doing.” In the same way, Hindus also, when they become fanatic, they start thinking they have become great incarnations. So, discretion must be used again that you develop all the constructive side of an incarnation.

So, after the seminar you have to remember my word about it that you have to concentrate on a deity to imbibe the qualities of that deity. Otherwise you have no communication with the deity, and no use saying the mantras.

Like we would say that, “My this chakra is catching or that chakra is catching.” Why? Because there is that lacking of that chakra that you have not yet imbibed within yourself. So you must try to identify yourself with the qualities, the constructive qualities of every deity and that’s how you should believe that you are now correcting your chakras with the mantras. Otherwise I’ll find all the Sahaja yogis carrying all the thousand weapons of the Devi in their hands, suddenly thinking they have all become Devis.

Now I hope when you go back home, you won’t forget my words and try to concentrate on your pradesha, on your areas of different chakras which are not all right and which are troubling you. And try to imbibe those qualities. And nourish, nourish also the ones that are all right by understanding the qualities of the deities. Then only you will be amazed that your powers will flow without even thinking about it. It’s not difficult for you, it is not at all difficult. But know that instead of paying attention to other’s chakras better look after your own chakras. If your chakras are all right, you won’t even catch from others.

Another dangerous thing people do is to correct the chakras of others. Individually it should never be done, collectively you may do. But it’s better not to enter into that exercise till you have reached certain state of confidence. This is for your further movement into the second era of Sahaja Yoga. And I hope I will live to see the second era fully.
Gregoire: Until the third, fourth one?
Shri Mataji: But first second one. You desire for the second. You cannot jump, you know.
Now here you should today say to yourself that in your heart promise that, “Mother I will now correct myself completely for my own benefit and I will project my mind to think discreetly how I can help to propagate Sahaja Yoga to others.” With discretion, we should not go and talk to a bull about Sahaja Yoga.

Now for the leaders, I have to tell you that consolidation is a very important part of the projection. I would say all the leaders must meet and decide specially about few things like tapes, now. Tapes are to be put into some place as bank. Put it in Switzerland, put it somewhere and that they should be distributed regularly, there should be a regular register of it. Write it down wherever I speak where is the tape, how many lectures She gave. Some of you should try to translate or to edit some of the tapes on your own and see how you have done it. Send it to your leaders, let the leader read it and then if he finds it’s all right, he can send it over to Me. So that we have a record also on paper.

And also, the sending of tapes from places to places is very important. And must find out the people who want the tapes, should write to a particular committee for that, that you haven’t got this tape or that tape and if you get a particular tape, correspond about it with each other. Just don’t get lost. Correspond, “Did you see? Did you listen to that tape? Have you heard of that? What is this?” You discuss now Sahaja Yoga among yourselves. Write to each other.

Now the video tapes: whatever tapes you have, video tapes or any tapes, you better inform the Central Committee which will be formed of all these leaders here and inform them that you have got this tape and that tape and that tape. Make a list of that, send it over and revise it, put it right. Because they should not be lost.

All of you should try to think about the little problems of facing the propaganda. Like, I would say that people may say, “What is so miraculous about Mother?” They are not Realized souls. So, what do you do? Now we can always keep the photograph where you saw the light on my head. And show them and ask them, “How do you explain?” Also, you can – now there’s another beautiful photograph. Can you show them Arnaud? Arnaud has got a beautiful photograph where my whole hand has come like a moving sun.
Arnaud: Shri Mataji, it’s in the room. Shall I take it?
Shri Mataji: All right. Bring it up. You must pay him to get a copy for that and all of you who want should keep that with you. There is another one where there is light coming out of my feet. Like that you should keep these photographs with you, all of you, so that when anybody confronts you, you can show the photographs, “See now, how do you explain?”

Like a simple thing, like, people were talking now in England, a discussion about Christ that a gentleman supposed to be very knowledgeable says, “Christ never existed.” Because Paul never mentioned it.
Shri Mataji: Paul, I think you change your name because that Paul was a horrible fellow.
Gregoire: Paul, OK. Shri Mataji, how should he be called?
Shri Mataji: This now, we have to ask them, “But why do you believe in Paul?” You should write to all the churches, “Because you believed in Paul, that’s why there is a problem about Christ.” This is also some of the committee should handle that we have to blast all of them when there is any attack on Christ or on Me or anything, all of us must write immediately, “What do you mean by this?” Christ has said that, “You are to be born again,” and Nicodemus said that “Does it mean that I enter into the womb of my mother?” So, Christ said, “That is, what is born of flesh is flesh. But what is born of Spirit is the Spirit.” See the vibrations [inaudible]. What about that! So, then you write to them that, “This Paul great was never- I don’t mean you, but Paul, the mister Paul of the Bible was never a Realized soul. So, we cannot trust him”. And the churches cannot give him up because their basis is Mr. Paul. So, you write to Pope and you write to this [bishop of] Durham fellow and you write to all of them. And say that you cannot believe in that Paul, you have to believe in Christ. And it’s a very cowardly thing to compromise with the non-believers. You better write. Like that, you will face so many things. But it should be a wave, all of you must react, all of you in collective way.
Gregoire: Who is going to write a letter? Please raise your hands. Who is going to write?
Shri Mataji: All of you.
Gregoire: To the Pope. The English to the Archbishop of Canterbury.
Shri Mataji: No, no, no, no. All of you should write to the Archbishop. What is the harm? And to the Pope and to all of them. Because this controversy has started. Gavin must be knowing the man who has started the controversy, the name of the man. Of course, it is good, because it hits the basis of churches, in a way, it is good. You need not mention Me. But you should not mention Me, but you should say, “Any sensible religious man can see this Paul is good for nothing.”
[Laughter; applause]

All right. So, the photographs were I’m in a simple dress, that is better to be shown than when with the crown because they just – their ego gets challenged.

Now there’s a funny letter, a thing- news, a pseudo-intellectual of India has written about Me, which I have brought to show you, which is very stupid. She says that, “We should be wise, not to touch the feet of a person who is just a human being,” and all that. Now is better to write to her about her wisdom is very shallow because she’s a pseudo-intellectual of the West. But if she knows anything about the Devi or about anything about an incarnation, it’s very easy to find out that Mother is the embodiment of Shakti. Because She has, we have seen, She has given Realization to so many. We have seen the pulsation of the Kundalini with our naked eyes, and that the cool breeze comes out of the head, and to deny it will be dishonest. Moreover, Mother always, in India, says that, “It is better to give Realization to people who are not over-educated. Because Westernized education that they have had and they have not yet matured into it “.
But we, in the West, are eighty percent educated people, eighty wide, about hundred percent I should say, mostly cent percent. Or you can say about eighty or ninety percent people who are educated, very well educated, and we have found that through this knowledge you cannot understand Mataji. Only the way you can understand is through some of the poets like Blake, or you can say Khalil Gibran or some of the people or through the scriptures you can find out who Mataji is. But the best part is that the poets of India, the ancient seers of India, had given it much more clearly and when you try to test it with that, you can find out who Mataji is. So, first you better read these things and then talk about Mataji. On this line you all should write.

We have here all kinds of doctors, engineers, all sorts of people, educated graduates, this, that. And all kinds of people are educated people. But in India, there are only about twenty percent who are educated in Sahaja Yoga, because all their education has been in the Western language and western ideas. That’s why they are still to grow into it. They have not passed through it, you see. That’s what you should impress on them. And that to challenge our sanity or our wisdom is not very kind of this lady.
Her name is Uma Vasudev. What a name she has! Does she know the meaning of Uma and Vasudev? You see, Uma is the Devi, and her surname of Vasudeva, actually, the Goddess. Because She was the sister of Shri Vishnu. So, her name is Uma Vasudev, and you can write, some of you can write a letter to her, care of Yogi Mahajan, that we have heard like this, that this lady has criticized Mother by saying that She allows people to touch her feet. Actually, She doesn’t want people to touch her feet. But those who are Realized are specially privileged people, they can feel the vibrations. Has she heard of Pragnya loka? Has she heard of anything like that? What is she talking? She’s just like an ignorant, some clerk in England. That’s what she is.

And when you write the letter, you send Me a copy also, I would like to see. So, now for all such attacks we all should act in a very collective way. And this will open the eyes of many in India, because they think no end of themselves, they have just Western education of a very low standard, and one has to cross the limit to become, you see, a Sahaja Yogi. When this Western wisdom reaches its depth, you see, it reaches its depth, then it starts seeking something beyond it. That should happen, only it can happen to a category of people who have reached that state. Otherwise, it cannot happen to a person who read the books of economics, you see.

Otherwise it cannot happen to a person who read the books of economics, you see. So that is how we have to develop our attitude towards these people. And towards other people whom we want to get it, we have to know that they will be impressed by our behaviour.

For example, I have seen people who try to organize programs also dress up in a queer way. That’s not necessary. Even Indian dress is queer to other people. So, if you are organizing programs you don’t dress up like Indian people. You dress up like French, you can dress up like English, you can dress up like the way you are. So, you should not appear to be strange to them. It’s all right among ourselves. But among the other people to impress them, you must dress up like the way they know and understand. Because even the dishevelled hair, they can’t understand. So, you can go to a hair-doer to get the hair done like some sort of an actor, doesn’t matter. You have to do everything for these stupid people and dress up in that way that doesn’t give them a shock. Because you have to have the show to begin with. Otherwise, they’ll never look at you.
[Gregoire does not translate]
Shri Mataji: [Inaudible]
Gregoire: I think it is a development on the same idea, one has to look normal.
Shri Mataji: A little abnormally dandyish.
Gregoire: Dandyish?
Shri Mataji: Little, little. That impresses, I tell you.

You see, in the Western countries, I’ve seen people like aggressive people. They like people who are show-offs, little bit. So, I’m not saying that you should, I mean, wear funny things, absolutely like a stage actor. But you should look a little bit more than what you normally are.
[Laughter; applause]
What did he say? He said it, he said it.
Alexandre: He said, “A touch of class”.
Shri Mataji: Ah! That’s it. A touch of class, you see. And I know it’s very simple. This country is like that mad, you know. In England once I didn’t know that they appreciate real pearl so much. Actually, I had one pearl necklace. And my daughter one day wore a chiffon sari with a pearl necklace that particular pearl necklace. And when she came back, she said, “Take back your ‘madam pearl necklace’”. I said, “Why?” She said, “Today everybody was calling me Madam, Madam, Madam.”
And once, I was wearing an emerald ring I have, I mean with diamonds, you see, in Oxted and I went to a shop. And everybody’s eyes were popping out looking at Me. I said, “What’s wrong with Me?” I couldn’t understand. And actually, one lady then asked Me, “Is it real Madam?” I said, “Yes, it is real. So what?”.

So, this is the trouble is, is so superficial attitude is that you have to be careful about it. But the seekers, you see, seekers are not so much impressed, as I always used to think, but is not so, seekers are also. Little bit mania of that they have. That must be broken. I used to think that seekers would like to see people absolutely like a sanyasi baba walking, you see. But no, they like it in Indians, not on you. For such purposes, we can use people like Bala.
But he’s so smartly dressed always. So, you see, you have to make him look like that, if you have to carry someone.

Now, so we have to come to an end of everything, and everything beautiful has to end up to start something more beautiful. I’m going to travel in the second half of August, September, part of October to all the European countries. You all should write where you want Me to go. So, all of you should write to Gregoire or to Gavin about what country you belong to and what places you would like Me to go.
Gregoire: Shri Mataji, would You like to do the tour at once or come and go, come and go?
Shri Mataji: First you write that, then we will sort it out.
I can do one thing. Say, for example, I go to Italy, go back to London. Then I go there and go back to London, like that. You see, I think that’s a good idea is to divide it a little bit, will be better, and if you can’t pay for my ticket, it’s all right. Don’t you worry. No, doesn’t matter. You see, we have some money in the bank as it is and if it is finished, it’s all right. But if you can pay for my travel, you may pay. But if you don’t have, don’t worry. But it’s better to keep it with gaps. And don’t pay pegs or regs or hex tickets for Me. I can’t manage that you see. It again puts me into a pot, all right?
Now one more thing is the responsibility of the London Sahaja Yogis, because I’m in London, to see that I get all the visas in time.
Gregoire: [Does not understand]
Shri Mataji: Visas, in time. All the London Sahaja Yogis have the responsibility to get Me my visas in time.
Gregoire: Thank you Shri Mataji, I thought it was nice if You repeat it three times.
Shri Mataji: No, no, but I tell openly, it’s better. Because I always forget that I have to take a visa because to Me, the whole world is mine.
[Laughter; applause]
So now we say good bye to all of you. You all have to go pack up, have your lunches and then you have to go. Please write to Gavin and not to Me. Whatever you want to write, you write to him on his address, it’s the best. If you have to send anything to Me, any letters, put it care to Gavin Brown and get his address to yourself. All right?
Now if you have any personal problem, you can come and see Me in my room. But not all of you. Those who really have. I would like to see Pamela for something, Pamela and her husband. And anything else? Anybody has any personal problem, raise your hands. All right. But not about your husband, wife, and all that, all right? Because I have had enough of it.
And I would like to meet Glenda and her husband. And that Austrian Sahaja Yogini. The Austrian Sahaja Yogini who has come with him. Who else wants to see Me personally?
Alexandre: Mother, the little between centres can be given after You live.
Shri Mataji: What?
Gregoire: Shri Mataji, we have some presents for the French Sahaja Yogis. And French Sahaja Yogis have presents for us. But that we’ll do after.
Shri Mataji: That you can do among yourselves.
Gregoire: So if you would allow Shri Mataji, we would now take your mantra and You…
Shri Mataji: As long as you don’t have any more present for Me now, let Me go.
Alexandre: There are few presents for You still.
Shri Mataji: All right, then you can give Me the presents and then say the mantra, all right. But finish it fast.

Gregoire: Just bring it at Shri Mataji’s feet, that’s all.

[A Sahaja Yogi comes with a frame]
Shri Mataji: What Have you? You put your name there? Have you put your name or not? May God bless you. No name?
Sahaja Yogi: From Italy.
Shri Mataji: From Italy, but who? Is this a painting? Can you open it for Me? Yes please.
Sahaja Yogi: Do we announce the engagement of Engelbart and Daniel?
Shri Mataji: I’m going to, just before you start.
[Cut in the video]
Meanwhile, I would like you to tell Me if you want to announce any engagements.
Gregoire: Please everybody, sit down. Today is a very auspicious day.
Shri Mataji: Now today I want to announce the engagement between Engelbart and Daniel.
May God bless you.
[Cut in the video]
You talk to Valérie. Got hold of Valérie before end. You can take her with you to Paris if you like. Valérie, you should come, go with Marie to Paris. If she’s here Valérie, she’s going now, very soon. Somebody has to go with Me, so don’t forget Me.
Gregoire: Shri Mataji, perhaps I would because…
[The three great mantras of Sahasrara]
May God bless you all.
May God bless you all.

H.H. Shri Mataji NIrmala Devi