The Experience of Truth (Part III)

Ilford Town Hall, London (England)

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Public Program at Ilford Town Hall. Ilford (England), 8 July 1984.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

In the previous two lectures I told you how to understand the experience of truth. In the first one, we came to the conclusion that if we have to feel the truth, it’s not our only mental acceptance that it is truth, or our mental projection that it is truth, but you have to feel it on your central nervous system. In the second lecture I told you that when you feel the truth through your central nervous system in your evolutionary process, then you become something. You become, you become is the point. Is not that you think you are like this or like that, but you really become something. Like a flower becomes a fruit or an egg becomes a chick. You have to become something in your awareness, and this new awareness is the awareness of collective consciousness. Where you can feel yourself, what’s the problem with you and you can feel others, on your fingertips. This is a very good English idiom they use, on your fingertips. I mean somebody must have thought of Sahaja Yoga when they formed this I am sure. To use this, you should know it on your fingertips.

Now what does that mean? We have never thought of it, we always say so, we should know them on our fingertips, but actually you feel them on your fingertips. The different centres within you and the centres in other people. As hot or cold, may be as heavy, burning; this you just feel it. You can feel it, others can feel it, children can feel it and everybody feels the same, because truth is absolute and is for everyone. Whether you have a different caste, community, race, religion, nationality, all kinds of superficial things, which divides human beings, everyone feels the same.

For example, supposing you put a finger to this, (Candle flame) you are going to feel hot. Because you have a different hair style, you are not going to feel something different, it’s like that. Truth has to be that way, and that is what is the experience of truth. And once you know you have to know the truth and nothing else but the truth. When you decide in your mind and be honest about it then when you see it, it is very obvious. It has to be obvious, it cannot be secretive. It cannot be, it has to be obvious, apparent, absolutely known to your central nervous system.

So you know the absolute as I told you. Like a computer you start working, you ask any questions, absolute questions and the answers come to you, as cool vibrations for yes and as hot vibrations for no and sometimes the vibrations stops to say that absolutely no. But it can be some blister sometimes a little bit, to say that it’s satanic. And you can decode it yourself and see for yourself. This is the second phase where you start knowing about others and knowing about yourself. So you become connected with the Absolute. Absolute, means there is no question about it, absolute means there is no doubt about it, absolute means it is single.

Today I have to tell you about what actually happens when this force called Kundalini within you rises and gives you self-realization. Actually within your self what should happen? Nobody tells you these things, I mean, they’ll say you are to be reborn, so you have a sort of a certificate, twice born, reborn and you go about, when it’s not like that. Supposing a monkey puts a sign-board on, “I am a human being”, does he become? If we just say we are this, we are that, you are not. For example we say we are Muslims, we are Christians, we are Hindus, we are not. Because you have formed a group, you call yourself something, or something that you are not. It’s just your own idea. How are you a Hindu? How are you a Christian? What all these religions have said that you have to be born again. Every religion, Jews have in a way said it too, but the problem is that we don’t do what is told to us, we just form a group.

Group can be made out of anything nonsensical like, I met some other people the other day and they told Me our group is called as Knives and Fork. I said “What’s that group?” Knives and Forks, yes very good group, so I said, “What is that?” “Because we put our knives and forks in a different way than others.” I said ” But what’s the use?” “No, we form a very strong group.” “For what?” “We can form a political party tomorrow.” I said, “All right, go ahead with this kind of a nonsense”, But it is nonsense, all this is nonsense. What is sensible is that we have to become something more than what we are. We are human beings, we have to become more knowledgeable, we have to become the knowledge. That knowledge you cannot get in the libraries or from the books.

How do you grow into that knowledge is through this Kundalini awakening, through this happening that, this Kundalini rises within you and pierces through your fontanel bone area giving you the real baptism and not the artificial one. The reality again. Supposing somebody doesn’t get it, all right, so he comes back on Me, “Oh I never got it Mother”. Something wrong, he should get it, should get it. Because we cannot give you a false certificate, you cannot give yourself a false certificate. But it is very common as you see in this world, that when you listen to people who are religious, you find they are horribly fanatic, funny, stupid people. I mean if you want to hear about each one of them you should go to the opposite party. Like if you want to hear about Hindus go to Muslims. If you want to hear about the Muslims go to Jews and if you want to hear about Jews go to say Muslims or anyone, Christians, and they’ll tell you. So there’s nothing universal opinion about things.

It is surprising for a person who wants to see the truth in every religion, he cannot understand why people belonging to religion, when God is only one, why there’s a fight going on. Why this world is divided by, even religious leaders are dividing the world. It is very amazing. So where is this religion? And what happens to our religion? When we get our self-realization, we become the Self, the Spirit and the Spirit is untarnishable. It’s untarnishable. You cannot cleanse the soap, can you? But the quality of Spirit is that it cleanses you. First is it cleanses you. Just like a Mother lovingly cleanses the child who has fallen somewhere in the road and cleanses the clothes and makes the child absolutely neat, tidy, clean and with great admiration looks at the child; in the same way the Spirit bathes you with it’s beautiful blessings so that you cleanse.

And the second thing it does is to give you light. Now the light doesn’t mean electrical light, it doesn’t mean the light you see inside. What does this light means is your awareness itself. Your awareness itself becomes a higher awareness by which you start seeing things clear cut. Like I know somebody who came to see Me before Sahaja Yoga and he met Me after say a month, he was a changed man, I could not recognize him. So I said what has happened to him? He came to Me I asked him, ” How are you?” He said “Mother I am fine.” He used to look very old and haggard and absolutely frustrated. I said “What has happened?” He said “Mother you know, when I got realisation, suddenly I felt tremendous compassion for everyone and I had an enemy that was my uncle and I hated him from the bottom of my heart, and I used to think he has killed my mother, and I could not believe that he has not killed my mother, so many people told me but still with the hatred I could not get over it. I had insulted him, he had insulted me and if somebody had given me freedom with a dagger I would have gone and killed him. I hated him from the bottom of my heart. And all the time I thought of killing him, doing this and all the nasty things I could think of. My whole mind was pre-occupied.” “So what happened?” He said, “Next day I started seeing his good points, I said no he is a very generous man. I have been nastier that he has been, suddenly I started feeling it, that feeling of love, compassion and when I said uncle, I forgive you completely, the blissfulness crawled upon me, that’s the first time I’ve felt the joy of my spirit. I had said this before also but I had never felt it, but first time when I said this I felt it and that bliss was so great and that joy was so great I said now I must have it at any cost. So next day I saw him at a race, he was a great race goer also, a very rich man. I saw him and I just embraced him. I couldn’t help it. He was surprised, he looked at me, he said come and have tea with me, and we are great friends now.”

So all that wrinkle, all that horrible anger and all that has gone away and this divine, serene face was showing its beauty there. But he said “I have done this before, I’ve tried to forgive him, I told myself, I told many a times that he’s not killed my mother, I should not hate him. I tried to convince myself, but still I could not forgive, I didn’t have the power to forgive. But when I got my self-realization, suddenly the power came to me, in such a gush. I have become powerful Mother.”

In the Sanskrit language it’s called the word Samarth, Samarth means powerful but actually means Sama-Artha, it means equal to your meaning. Equal to your meaning, means you become your Self. Samartha. When you become yourself, you become powerful to fight your weaknesses and you automatically do it without any trouble, spontaneously. Very easy it is to forgive.

Not only this, so many things there are which you just do without any difficulty. It is very difficult before realization for a person to think that to part with your little bit of two P’s that you have, even that is sometimes difficult. You think ten times, calculate it, all right, if I give two P’s now how much will I get, three P’s or five P’s, all right if I get three P’s no good, five P’s is all right; but after realization you just give. You just give, you like to give, you love to give, you want to enjoy the giving capacity of yourself. So far the acquiring, acquisition and also the capacity to preserve, keep everything to yourself becomes a giving capacity. And as a result of that, what you find, you are filled in.

Every sort of thing, every sort of material or physical or anything that is needed to make you happy just comes down. From where, how, God alone knows because it’s only God does the job, it’s God’s work. So the power to stand up against evil, against injustice, against wrong doing just changes your priorities completely and you become a powerful personality. Like Christ when He saw the prostitute, Mary Magdalene, being stoned, He saw the disciple Mary Magdalene in her. He stood up and He said, “Those who have not sinned can throw stones at Me.” That character, that strength that stood up there, and nobody could even think of throwing stones at Him.

This powerful personality which is compassion, which is righteous, which is virtuous, starts shining through you. It’s not a quarrelsome dominating power in which we believe. According to us a powerful man is the one who can dominate the whole world. The power of love we have never exploited, never. All our enterprises, all our worldly affairs, political, economic, are based on hatred. The power of love in it’s purest from is the most powerful thing and that is going to emancipate the whole universe. There’s no other way out. It doesn’t mean your carnal love or your nonsensical ideas of love, it’s not, it’s pure love. The pure love is that kind where the sap rises in a tree and gives nourishment to all the parts of the tree and goes back. It’s not attached. If it gets attached to one flower, the tree will die, the flower will die. So this is the power which empowers you, nourishes you, soothes you, consoles you, relaxes you and leaves you powerful.

That sort of a power is to be felt if it is the experience of truth. But we have never tried to understand love in its own truth. The reason is we were not realized people. When we are blind, we are mixed up. We can’t make out one from another but when our eyes are opened out we understand the true love. And this is what people have exploited, many of them, many so called gurus and these people who talk of God have exploited this side of love by teaching dirty things to people, debasing them, using their weaknesses. Saying that if you do this kind of a weakness, then you will reach God. Love that makes you a slave cannot be love and that is what it is, the love that is divine, is the love of God that starts flowing through you, you become the medium, as you call it, of that love. A powerful medium. But you know how to manoeuvre it. You know everything. It’s not blindly, I have seen some people, oh we are in love, you see going on like that, no. You know everyone. You know ins and outs of everyone and of yourself also.

I have seen many people coming to Me and saying, “Mother please save me from this Agnya.” Now in our language it is this Agnya, but actually it means ego. You can see your ego clearly once you get realization and we say oh God what is this? That’s not me, I am not ego, oh that’s not me, I am the Self, I am the Spirit. So this separation takes place within yourself, with your own understanding that, you are not this body, this mind, this ego, this superego but you are the spirit. And the more you grow into it, a beautiful personality of a character, which is not a character, sometimes people think if you are very meek, is he compromising, such a character will never compromise, is a terrific character. It would never compromise with anything that is not the truth. It cannot by temperament. But is very kind and compassionate, forgiving. Gives lots of chances because there’s that inner urge to save others, to save others, to help others, to get them to the right thing. It’s like people who are standing on the brink of a disaster, or people who are on the bank and see the people getting drowned and trying to pull them out with all their effort. But they don’t want to compromise as to jump or to leave the banks that they have got.

Such a character you develop then and this character is felt by everyone. I have known many Sahaja Yogis first who came to Sahaja Yoga, their own family people were angry. Now you are following another Guru, this is another cult, this is that. But then they found out that they are giving no money, nothing, and they are flowering. In every way they are beautiful, they are becoming better and better people. Righteous and virtuous people, powerful people of great character and they are amazed you know. How do they become? And they become very intelligent, they don’t do any stupid things, they just don’t do it. Even a little child knows it’s stupid. They don’t do stupid things. They don’t do nonsensical things. They are dignified and they don’t take to cheap entertainments. The depth that you feel in the poets, in the great musicians, becomes their own nature. When they talk, when they walk, any rapport with them, you can feel the depth of their spirit.

They become very knowledgeable suddenly. As I told you last time these journalists asked Me “Mother have you got all scholars?” I said “Scholars, what.” “All scholars are Sahaja Yogis,” I said “No, at the most one percent may be, who have been great headaches to me, the rest of them are simple people.” Simple people are the best and this is what is true, that those who get realization start feeling the knowledge which is absolute. Seeing the knowledge, knowing the knowledge. Like if you see, say, this pillar, you just look at it, you say, oh very nicely done painted this, somebody might say it should not have been this color, that color. But a Sahaja Yogi doesn’t see this pillar as to how aesthetically it is and all that, but immediately he’ll say it’s beautiful. You’ll say why? It gives vibrations. The whole aesthetics are worked out through vibrations. All the beautiful things, as I told you last time, of the world have vibrations. Real beautiful things have vibrations. Like Mona Lisa I told you the other day, if you go and feel her vibrations, she has vibrations. Now the one who has made her has put his joy into her and she emits vibrations. And that is the thing that gives joy to you because you are at a level where you can feel those vibrations.

You start feeling the physical side of yours, you understand you have a physical problem. Immediately you know you have a physical problem, you know where it is, how to correct it, how to cure it. I have seen many people who come to me, Mother cure my cancer, but they don’t come to Me before they get cancer. If they had come they would never have got it, but they had no time, at that time they had no time. But when they get cancer I have no time either. It happens always. Of course they are to be helped, cured, but why not come as a prevention to all those diseases which has no meaning. It is unnecessarily so much accepted that health is first of all. Then there is nothing to worry about health if you come to Sahaja Yoga, you don’t need any doctor, sorry for the doctors, I am sorry. And this is what it is to be understood that physically you feel absolutely fit. You look fit absolutely. You look marvellous.

Then when you start expanding yourself you start feeling your own mind. The peace, the bliss of your own mind. Many a times you’ll find there is no thought but the joy is just bursting in and you just think why it has happened. Suddenly, how do I get this? Gradually the state of joy starts increasing in its frequency and you become joy. That is, one has to achieve, to become the joy is important. And once you become that joy it’s not a duality, it’s not a duality. It’s not a thing in which you feel the happiness and unhappiness but you feel the joy. Joy is a witness, it’s a kind of a power of a witness which sees a drama, by seeing the drama, whether tragedy or comedy, it’s at a point where it is just a witness and enjoying it. In the same way you’ll see so called comedies and tragedies of your life and the futility of your nonsensical endeavours and you’ll laugh at it, oh that’s it, that’s me. For example in Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare has tried to show the futility of all those egos. According to Indian standards he was Avadhotta, as they call it, a person who was realised and was a very evolved personality. And if you want to see how Romeo should get his realization and how he should feel that after all that happened he should laugh loudly. She gets realisation, oh what a fool a stupid thing I was. Shakespeare did not show him getting realization he kept it for us Sahaja Yogis to see it, but should have seen to it that Romeo laughs at himself and makes fun of himself, oh stupid Mr. Romeo, now you better settle down. But he showed and very cleverly if you see in all his Macbeth or any of his dramas that he has tried to show the futility of our ego, our enterprises, we think that is very important in life.

I would say there are so many great writers in English language, which I cannot name them in a series, but I have read them. Somerset Maugham, I would say was another one. I was very much impressed by his writings and read most of his novels because he was very much there. Cronin for example is another one I would say who wrote Citadel was another great person who could see the drama of stupidity. Leave alone your great poets like William Blake* and all those. But all that was to show that there is a higher being you see, which sees all this, and giving you a drama of yourself, projecting it through you. That this is what you are, you see, see yourself. That’s what they did and despite everything we’re lost. We are lost quite a lot. We have to become the same like Shakespeare to see the drama, like Somerset Maugham, we have to become the same.

To see the drama, we may not write a book, doesn’t matter, but the capacity to see the drama, that’s what we develop. We need not write, we may not have the flare of a pen to write but we see it the same way as they see it and that’s the mental capacity to which we rise with self-realization. I have seen very stupid people absolutely calling themselves gurus, you look at them and you don’t know what to say, you see. You have to look at stupider persons to stupider, that person, what you say, stupidest person, in the presence of such a person, because he looks at you, you see, and you understand he is stupid and you don’t know what to do. And you get frightened of such a person you know and you don’t want to hurt his feelings you see, so you look the greater stupid person and then he gives you a big lecture, on something very stupid. But then you find that person you see, big newspapers you see like Times, publishing such a stupid man there.

Just imagine, this is what we have done to Shakespeare, to all our great writers and everyone, we have reached that state that we cannot even see the stupidity. Our brain is stunned because we have been asking for sensations, with all these electrical sensations in the brain we are stunned. Which opens out, which completely opens out and you start seeing, through and through, the mockery of all this kind of seriousness and the hypocrisy and the way people who are stupid try to give you stupid ideas. And once you are realised you laugh at yourself, oh God I was so stupid, that’s what should happen. If that does not happen your self-realization has no meaning, it has no meaning. The righteousness and the virtues become part and parcel of your being. It’s not that you have to be told anything, you just shouldn’t do it. It’s beyond your self respect because you respect your Self, you respect your Spirit. How can you do such a thing? You cannot despise yourself can you? You just become virtuous. You may be kind to others even if they are not virtuous, you can be nice to them, you can forgive them but as far as you are concerned there is no compromise. And you enjoy your virtues, you enjoy your magnanimity, you enjoy your generosity. People will tell you, stupid fool, you go on distributing things what are you doing? And you laugh at them. As Lao Tse said, somebody told Me this saying about Lao Tse, another great incarnation of the primordial master, that when a wise sees the way, he respects it and says this is the way. That’s the sign of a wise man and a mediocre who is half way this way and that way when he sees the way he waits for others to go into it, and when the stupid sees the way he laughs. But when the wise sees the stupid in himself he laughs. So that power of wisdom starts shinning through you, you become a wise, righteous, virtuous man. And such a balance you develop. I have known people who are honest, you see, so called, now they go to such an extreme of honesty, that for honesty’s sake they’ll kill their father, kill their mother, kill everyone. But such a balanced and integrated person you become that whatever you do is good for your spirit and for the spirit of others.

In Sanskrit the word is Haitha [BEST GUESS], what ever is good for your spirit and for the spirit of others you do it. And that is the right thing to do, and that’s how you become a righteous personality. That’s the religion within you that gets awakened. Nobody has to tell you your religion, you yourself become your own master, your own Guru, and by which you determine yourself, now Mr. you can’t do this. No you can’t. So you become your own police commissioner. You don’t need any outsider to tell you. You are on your own guard because if you do something like that your vibrations will disappear and then you don’t like it, don’t like it. Then you feel uneasy. Nobody has to have you as a Guru, there’s no need you become your own Guru, is the best way. And that’s how you solve the problem of becoming better by others, is very difficult but yourself becoming better, by your own understanding and urges, it’s a thousand fold happier and strong.

So the third thing that happens to you, that you become religious, you become the Guru, yourself. Nobody has to tell you because there is a natural valency of ten within you which starts balancing you, and you become one and enjoy that balance. As you enjoy a balance of colors in a beautiful photograph, in the same way you enjoy the balance within yourself. You enjoy your personality, you enjoy your being and you enjoy to be the Self. And those who are on the same level, you just enjoy each other. This is the first time you enjoy other human being, as if you are enjoying a flower. The fragrance of that personality is spiritual fragrance, is so beautiful and attractive. Without any lust and greed in it but just enjoying the company is real perfect bliss. Thank you very much. May God bless you.

Now, again today, I would like you to ask Me some questions. There is going to be the fourth lecture, that they will announce. I hope you will make it a point to come and complete the series of lectures we have been having.


A1. It’s true. It has been told that you must have a Guru. But it’s said that it has to be a Satguru. Anybody you see, mostly, the gurus who are in the market today. You cannot be in the market, and those who are in the market are actually, are nowhere near God. They have to be Satguru, means he has to be a realized soul of a very high degree. Now you better become your own Guru. And then you will know that you are a Satguru. I am the Mother, I am not a Guru. And what is Mother’s desire is? You had a mother also. Whatever I have, you better have it. That’s all. So as you have come to Mother, now you don’t ask for any guru, you better become yourself a Guru. All right?


A2. No. You see, you must know that the Kundalini awakening itself, breaking through and all that, is a big happening. A key event of evolution, the epitome of it, as you know, as an Indian you know how Sakshatkar is such a big thing. But to achieve that, there must be a big machinery within us. Like you see the electrical bulb here, or a light here, you know there is a history behind it, and it is a big mechanism and organization that has worked it out. In the same way to achieve this there’s a big organization. So, when you become realized, that will happen very soon to you. Means you’ll feel the cool breeze coming out of the Brahmarandra, through your fontanel bone area. But then to develop it, you have to understand, deeper, the mechanism. Then the mantras are placed according to the deities of these seven chakras. Now if the Kundalini is stopping, or is weak at a point, any one of these chakras, then you have to say a particular mantra for that. Which will be told to you, which you can learn very easily. And you will know also about all the mantras that are to be said. Like, you see, many gurus I have seen give away one mantra. Like they say Ram. How can that be? You see, there are seven chakras, and if you take Ram, he’s on the right side of the heart chakra, means [UNKNOWN SANSKRIT WORD]. Now, if you are taking the name of Rama, why, why Rama’s name? Ask a question to him, you must ask a question. Why Rama’s name, why not Krishna’s? Why not Jesus? The reason is, if he’s a Satguru he’ll tell you, that you have a problem with your right heart. But all of them here, those who are realization souls, can tell you where is the problem. And you will also tell tomorrow.


A3. No, it’s not. There are seven mantras actually. Basically you must know about seven mantras. But gradually, you pick it up in no time, because immediately you know where the problem is, and immediately you say the mantra. It’s not very difficult, it’s very simple. It is woven in a pattern and it’s very simple to say those mantras. But it works out so spontaneously, I mean, these are all people who are English and Greeks and this and that, and they don’t know. Even, we can say mantras in English language now. That’s an advancement I think. That all the deities can understand English language as well. So you can say it in Sanskrit or in English, it’s all right, it works out. And, once you know it, it’s so easy to say it, easy to understand. It’s not a problem at all. But first of all you should get your realization, that’s first thing. That is you should break through, you see, the seed must break. [INAUDIBLE], its primule must break. Then the second thing is to see that it sustains itself above the ground. Then it is to be maintained and developed until you become a tree. But it’s very simple, it’s not difficult.


A4. When you get your realization you start feeling the cool breeze coming out of your fontanel bone area and you start feeling the cool breeze in your hands. Then you can ask a question, is this the breeze of the Adi Shakti? Is this the Chaitanya Lahari of the Adi Shakti? Is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost? The Holy Ghost is Adi Shakti actually. Nobody has explained to them, they don’t know. I mean, they asked the Archbishop of Canterbury about Holy Ghost, he said “I’m agnostic,” can you imagine? Yes, he answered. I mean, if he’s agnostic this Robin Day asked him “So what are you doing here?” So he said “I’m doing my job.” So Robin Day said “Yes” because he also does the job. He understood it. [HINDI]. Now the problem is that when you start feeling the cool breeze in your hands, you might find that after some time it goes away then comes. See, depends on. Some people have a express train, as we call it. But some of them have some bogeys, which go up and down. It doesn’t matter. We should not frustrate on that point, it works out. One should not get unhappy about it.


A5. Subconscious. Of course, I mean the same. I am the Self, I am the Spirit, yes. Like, I’ll tell you, in the bible, Christ clearly said it, very clearly, we don’t read bible that way, that’s why. That Nicodemus, you see, He told Nicodemus that you are to be born again. So, Nicodemus said that does that mean that I should enter into the womb of my mother. He said no, that is flesh, and the flesh is born out of, whatever is born out of flesh is flesh. You are to be born of your Spirit. And whatever is born of the Spirit is the Spirit He said. But how many people follow that? That’s the consciousness I’m talking of, the real Selfhood. What we do, in the churches, or in our Indian, any one of the religions that we have. We put the water on the head, now you are baptized, you are a Christian. For a Hindu they put a string, now you are a Brahmin, without knowing a word about Brahma. [INAUDIBLE]. So now, there is reality. All these people didn’t tell us lies you see, never told us lies. But the truth is always covered by the intellectuals, by the intelligent people on one side and by the fanatics on the other side, and that’s why the problem comes in.


A6. You see, because, what happens that intellectuals rationalize it. They say whatever we see, we see the science, so we don’t want to believe. Now recently there has been a controversy about Christ miracles, isn’t it. There, lets take this thing very recently, there’s a controversy about Christ’s being born of a virgin. He was born of a virgin, no doubt, but how can you convince an intellectual you see, because He cannot be born of a virgin. But He was born. All these miracles are absolute truth, no doubt. So the problem is they want to see through science. Now science is analytical, it is not does the synthesis. Science deals with the dead. It deadens everything, it analyzes, and whatever you see you think it’s the truth, no, but it’s just a part of the truth. Now why do they accept? See now, big challenge, is intellectual. This was Mr Paul, who came in. When I was a child I asked My father, who is this Paul? My father, being a very great realized soul himself, he said, he was another mad man. And this Paul had never seen Christ. What we call, he had a supraconscious, a kind of a [CONDITION or POSITION?], he got blind and all that. And then he became, he was a horrible man, he killed so many Jews, he killed the young boys for [STEALING?] you know he did all sorts of things and then suddenly, he becomes a big Christian. Because he saw some sort of a political thing in that. So what does he say, he doesn’t talk of Christ as He was, he talks of a Christ which was the church Christ, the Christ of the church. Now, Christ of the church has nothing to do with real Christ, has nothing to do. So now, because they have to accept, the churches have to accept Paul, they cannot accept Christ. It’s a good idea. Either accept Christ, or accept, this is what happens with intellectuals. Even in India it has happened. I’ll tell you when, when Adi Shankaracharya, he wrote a book called Viviketurya. It’s a great treatise. About Athvaida [BEST GUESS] he said that God is everything, Brahma is everything. A beautiful treatise he wrote. So there was a fellow called Vishra, Mandan Vishra [BEST GUESS], is a great learned man, another intellectual, he came to argue with him. And he argued and argued and argued, you see with argument where do you reach? You cannot by arguing give realization to somebody. And he said, “Why don’t you take your realization?” But he argued, he said “You defeat me.” He said “I don’t want to defeat you I want to give you realization, why don’t you take your realization?” He would not take the realization. So, the intellectual, you see, tortured his life. He was so fed up, Adi Shankaracharya. The book he wrote was Saundarya Lahiri, if you ever happen to read it, it’s nothing but the praise of the Mother, throughout. He said this is how [SANSKRIT] not by yoga by Sankara [BEST GUESS] by discussion, it’s only through Mother’s grace you are going to get realization [INAUDIBLE]. So the intellectuals, you see, want to derive a pleasure of an intellectual feat out of most if it. It’s not the real that they are seeking. They read, a lot, achieve nothing. I have known people who are very learned, who have written many books and they are so horribly immoral within their private life you can’t believe it that they could be philosophers. And you don’t understand, how can you be, why are you so hypocritical? But they are. Because they are not realized souls. And an ordinary person, you find a realized soul. Just uneducated. That’s why Kabira has said Pari Pari Pundita Mura Kabai, by reading too much you learned have become stupid. But I don’t say all learned are stupid. No. But learning should reach that supreme power of intelligence, which is pure intelligence. Then obviously you see the thing and you accept if you are honest as I said in the beginning. You must have that pure intelligence to see, God is there. He’s above everything, he’s above your intelligence, above your thoughts. You have to feel him first, you have to rise. That is the transformation, if you cannot achieve, then how can I talk to you? If a person is blind, what’s the use of talking about colors to a blind person, what does he understand? He can’t even see whether I’m smiling or laughing or if I’m crying. What can you talk? So the eyes must be open, and these eyes which I’m talking of are above your thought. You cannot by your projection get it. It has to come to you. It’s a grace. Ashedvard [BEST GUESS].


A7. No You see what I would suggest that what happens that once you get your realisation then I have seen a person who has developed the intellect, understands it in an intellectual way what realization is and a person who is not supposed to be so intelligent starts talking like saints. I had gone to a village in India and there was a person who was, I was going on a bullock cart, he was driving Me and I asked him when he did you get your realization and then he started talking to Me. I said “Kabira is driving Me or what?” How is he talking like this?” The truth, tremendous, what intelligence. How much Christ studied in what university? So we should not misunderstand intelligence I mean the divine intelligence, that’s a very different thing.


A8. You are, all the time, if you, Shaktipad [BEST GUESS] is the word they use it, Shaktipad you see, but it is very much misused. Shaktipad means people start dancing like mad, they start shouting screaming how can that be Shaktipad? That’s madness, that’s possession, you get possessed. Shaktipad means if somebody is a Shakti, you see the Shakti of that person enters into your being and invites your Kundalini so the Kundalini rises. That’s what actually it is and then the Kundalini rises and makes you a beautiful person it doesn’t make you a mad person no how can it be? Just imagine now after evolving yourself from amoeba and all the donkeys and all the monkeys and what else, oh, cockroaches are you going to become a mad person? Or a frog, jumping like that. So this is very much, that’s why I don’t use very much Shaktipad power because these days every Dick, Tom and Harry is using you see. Shaktipad that’s not what I mean. Shaktipad means if somebody has Shakti it just works. You don’t go and put it in the head of that person, it just flows, all right? But it was used in Patanjali’s day in that way but who reads Patanjali? Nobody reads I think nobody reads and talks about it. What they talk is some sort of a head standing some sort of a [SOUNDS LIKE SHEERSH] asana that’s all. I mean that’s we, we, we, part of it. Nobody reads him I mean if you read it, I mean, [INAUDIBLE] you see what he has written is that’s what I am doing. I am quite surprised how people talk about this thing. What he says you achieve [SANSKRIT] means you become effortless first [SANSKRIT] you become without thoughtless, then the third thing he says you become complete negation of thought, [SANSKRIT]. But here it is they are all jumping, talking big, this, that, how can that be? Meditation means jumping in the air, how can it be? [HINDI] Indians understand thank God, Indians are that way you see, safe. But there should be seeking in India. You see these people are seeking and striving and they are the ones who want it, I must tell you very frankly they are the people who really are nicely seeking, in England I am saying not in India. But Indians are not seeking that, but they have one great thing in them is that they know what is reality. They understand. You see like some of the people who went to a Guru, I must tell you, and he gave them a mantra for which he charged £300 in secret, in the ears, nobody to be told. And the mantra was “Tinga”. “Tinga” and they told Me in the ear and I couldn’t help laughing, “Tinga” means showing like this to someone. And he used to giggle at people because they were all so stupid, poor things, but they were seekers, real seekers, you know, of such high quality and this fellow who told Me was a barrister can you imagine?


A9. Yes, you are part, you are part of the whole. You are part and parcel of the whole. The microcosm becomes one with the macrocosm, as we say in Sanskrit is Virata, you become part and parcel of that Virata.


A10. No, no, no. [INAUDIBLE] Correct. See it may look like that because the myth of responsibility drops out. Supposing, this wire thinks that it is responsible for what I am speaking, does it become more efficient? Say, what responsibility we have is like this. When we are going by a plane, question is very good, I have seen it. I mean actually, it must be understood in its full context it’s correct that when you think it is the responsibility of God you see, then you become irresponsible. On the contrary, you become an instrument into his hands you see. But you don’t think that you are doing it yourself, like you are sitting in the play. I give this example many a times because I have seen this happen. Some villagers never knew how to go by plane so they were told not to take too much luggage. They sat in the plane and put all their luggage on their heads. Carrying the responsibility of the plane, saying that we have to carry the load because we don’t want the plane to carry all our loads you see. So that myth drops out, that myth drops out. But you become a very efficient person because the energy that’s divine starts dynamically working, manifesting. You become a dynamic person, you can do a thousand and one things which you have never done before, because you have become a perfect instrument. You are not perfect as long as you think you are doing it, you see My point? All of them, those who are realised souls, and you will be too. What work are they doing, is spiritually they are doing a lot of work, now, that’s another side when you’ll come to Sahaja Yoga we’ll tell you what work they are doing. You see what work you want us to do may not be the work that we are doing but we are transforming people. We are saving people from cancers and so many diseases, we are transforming them, we are changing them so much that they have given up drugs. So many people have given up alcohol, all these bad habits have dropped out. So many people are cured of so many diseases, so many diseases we have cured already, when you come to us we will let you know as to what substantial work it is. all right? Starvation of course, our starvation. Why people are starving also because I think people who drink are starving because they waste their money in drink. If they haven’t, if they have money why should they drink? If they don’t have money why should they drink? But most of the people starve themselves because they spend all their money, in UK I am saying, not in India, India is a different thing. But in India people who have got realization are blessed they don’t starve anymore.


They don’t need anything, it is said that Yoga Kshema Wiam Miam, first you get your yoga, your union with God and then I will bless you. Kshema.


Yes, yes, of course, of course you can pay your rates, everything, but you just come and see before. This is the intellectual side, come inside and see, whether it works out or not. Why not see? Don’t argue for arguments sake, it works out. There’s somebody sitting behind you who has, in his life it has worked out, just behind. In many lives it has worked out but you come and see for yourself what miracles it has, all right? You come and see all previous things just drop off. Come and see how God is blissful after all the blessings come from God. But we don’t want to do anything for God and why not God look after us, what have you done for God so far. Can I ask a question? Everyone has right to ask a question to Me, I better ask you all. What have you done for God? Just surrender it. [INAUDIBLE] You are afraid? [INAUDIBLE] Afraid of God? [INAUDIBLE] Pray? But what we pray to God is “Give me my food. Give me a job. God get me this. Let me win this war. Let’s kill my enemies” I know all those prayers.


A11. First you get connected all right. First let us get connected then you will know. Then you will know what He wants and what He does. Then you will know He is very kind man, very kind, extremely forgiving that the way He has forgiven us for whatever we have done. But don’t feel guilty for it, that’s one thing I didn’t want to start, because you see that’s one trouble you all have is to feel guilty and I don’t want you to feel guilty because realization doesn’t work out. Don’t feel guilty it’s all right. We’ll have it next time madam, is it something important?


A12. Talk. Talking is not the thing, you see what I would say you should see the way they talk has nothing to do, what you have to see, what have you achieved yourself. Whatever people may talk is they might be talking because they are possessed, that’s all. If somebody talks big be careful, be careful, the one who does, isn’t. You have to feel the cool breeze coming out of your head is the point I said that nobody can do, can anybody do that? Those who talk can be good actors at the most, at the worst they are possessed. [INAUDIBLE]


A13. Your married life improves immensely. Because you will learn later on there is a centre for it and you understand your married life as a bliss, it’s absolutely pure blessings to married people. Actually you will be surprised we can’t give realization to people who are not married, in the sense who are going to marry is all right. But those who are against marriage we can’t give realization because they are a little imbalanced. I think the one we had you see, we couldn’t give realization, I hope he’s not here. But he is going to get married so we will give him realization, we just couldn’t give him, but married life improves like this.


A 14. What is it about Bhagwan? [HINDI] This kind of a Bhagwan, who cannot even smell a flower. Can you think of a Bhagwan like that? You know in the Devi Mahatmayam or into the Vishnu Shastranama, or anyone of them where there is a described God at least twenty five names of God is he’s fond of flower, fragrance, flower. I can’t live without flowers and the fellow who cannot smell a flower [HINDI] I mean what do you give him? Phenyl or something? This is one of the tests. How can you be a Bhagwan? [SANSKRIT] These are the names of God.


A15. You see, say now if I give you Indian money say 100 rupees how do you know it is 100 rupees? You have to go to India and spend it and see if it works out or not. In the same way when you get the vibrations and you feel the cool breeze you spend it and see for yourself and judge it. You can do the whole process yourself, you can give realization to others all right? You see now I would say please get your realization, if you get it, I don’t promise, if you get it. That’s a very big if, sometimes. I know it happens if you get it then you have to go and see for yourself whether it works or not. But to get it is not easy in certain cases, so be cheerful about it and be patient with yourself. More patience is needed with yourself, not with Me because I am extremely patient. You have to be patient with yourself because your mind will be coming up and always saying something, you didn’t ask this question, you should have asked this question, tell your mind to be quiet. Take your realization, lets see if it works out. We cannot assure, it may, it may not, it’s your luck, that’s it.


A16. This conscious mind that you have just now is the human awareness, all right, at this point the human awareness is at such a stage, that you are not connected with your spirit. First your human awareness has to be raised it has to be brought to that point where you get connected. Like this instrument is here now, consciously whatever you do with this it is not connected, it has no meaning. In the same way first you should be connected. After connecting only we can see where is the problem is, what is missing, what is it and is to be done. So we have to take a very reasonable attitude towards it, about ourselves, to understand that maybe there is something missing, something is happening, it’s not working out. Because at this awareness, at this consciousness that you have, this human consciousness is not sufficient. So you have to jump, there’s a breakthrough, and you have to achieve that breakthrough. Which I will not promise, as I told that gentleman there you, it cannot be promised, it has to be achieved. If you get it then you have to have patience with yourself work it out and see for yourself.


A17. Yes They did because that was the time you see. Now Jesus came at a time when our Agnya chakra was opened, see it’s like a Tree of Life has to grow you see and They come at a proper time what has to grow. Now if it’s the root time and somebody else came in, when the shoot started somebody else came in gradually it has come up to this point. Now Mohammed, what Mohamed has said, nobody says that today. All the Muslims must know that He said “At the time of the resurrection your hands must speak”, where is that? He said it I mean nobody else but Mohammed had said so clearly about it. And what does He say is not known nobody knows why He said [INAUDIBLE] like this. Nobody asked questions, why do you follow? But after Sahaja yoga will know what [INAUDIBLE] what Mohammed means, who He was and why He said so what is so important about it. You can’t understand even Mohammed or anyone, Jesus or anyone, without realization because you have not entered into that rank, you see My point. Because the time that time was not to say whatever They had to do They did very important work very, very important. Every one of Them have worked very hard. Only I must say that today I am at an advantage than They are because so many are getting self-realization. They had a very bad time. They had a very bad time nobody accepted Them. All acceptance came later on when They were not there and people liked to have such acceptance because they can do what they like. They don’t want to, nobody asked Them for realization at that time, nobody, everybody tried just to kill Them. I mean everybody was anxious how to get rid of Them, isn’t it a fact? Like today as there are so many who want their realization that time was not there. Today is the time, all right?


A18. You see that you don’t even need one minute for that, to say, “I’m born again” it is all self-opinionated thing, just to say. But you have to have powers you see that’s what I told you the whole lecture was like that. That once you get self realised you get the powers you have collective consciousness you become conscious. You see it is very easy to say, just to put the, I don’t know how much they pay but you just put the name membership “I’m born again”. You don’t know this born again people, horribly hot tempered, useless people absolutely. You see some of them brought some bibles and one lady bearing all artificial jewellery here and there and she came to give Me the bible and I just ignored her. I just started laughing and she was quite surprised to hear this sound. So this is what born again how can they be born again if they can’t make out a saint. How can they be born again? [INAUDIBLE] Only the truth will survive. All these are fads and things [INAUDIBLE] it has no meaning.

Let’s have our realization now all of us, but I don’t promise as I said it’s your own lookout. If you believe in our, according to Indian thing if you believe, according to our former karmas according to our previous things that we get Atma Sakshatkar, because it’s the highest to have. So let’s see what happens. And also My compassion, My love, My desire that you all should get your realisation and establish it and become powerful Sahaja yogis and understand it fully. Now those who are here have to follow what I say, is very simple method by which you help yourself. As I said you are your own guru and on different chakras we have to work it out and it works. So please take out your shoes for one reason, that the Mother Earth helps us to sort of earth some of the problems that have come from the Mother Earth. Now, you have to keep your eyes shut throughout, not to open your eyes. The reasons are many but one of them is that the centre of Agnya, which is placed between the pituitary and the pineal body, is a very important centre. It is the gate and it doesn’t open if your eyes are open outside just now. So please keep your eyes shut till then and maybe the kundalini may not also rise. The whole attitude should be that I should get my realization. You’re not going to lose anything, I don’t take any money, nothing of the kind, and there is nothing to gain out of it anyway. So just you have to gain something out of it so, in a humble way, you have to sit down and put your hands on your lap. Those people who have come for the first time, or are standing there, can come forward here and sit down and the Sahaja yogis should give them places. Sahaja yogis should never take the first places, I would request, it would be a good idea. All right, just try to sit on the side if possible, those who have come for the first time.


Now, as I told you, you don’t have to do anything. It’s an effortless thing that happens, it’s a happening, and the kundalini rises by itself. Only put both your feet straight on the Mother Earth. Straight, as far as possible, straight touching the Mother Earth. But those who are sitting on the ground are all right, they can sit with [HINDI], on the ground is all right. [HINDI] Now put your both the hands towards Me, as I told you, and close your eyes. We have to have a proper attitude towards ourselves. Firstly, it’s going to be the happiest thing that is going to happen to us, and the highest thing that we have been asking for ages. So we are not to be in any way under any tension about it, it’s really happening to all of us. Sit with a very cheerful mind, not frivolous but cheerful mind. And secondly you have to respect yourself. If there is any guilt or anything in your mind, it won’t work out, as I told you. You must know you’re saints, born to get self-realization. You are, as described by William Blake, you are men of God, who have to become prophets, who will have powers to make others prophets. So, that is the attitude we should have towards ourselves, that’s how you are here today. Please do not condemn yourself, do not have any guilt about yourself, nothing of the kind. Just believe in yourself, that you are the Spirit. Now, you have to keep both the hands on your lap (you can keep your purse down, lady, you can keep it, it’s all right). Now put your both the hands towards Me, close your eyes fully. Some of you must have already started feeling a little cool breeze in your hands. Put both the hands like this, open upwards, just as like you do for [INAUDIBLE] or something. The left side, as I told you the other day, is for your desire, and the right side is for action. So we are going to put the left hand, all the time, as it is, desiring to be one with the Divine. And the right hand we are going to use for the action of removing the obstacles in our centres.

So, first put the right hand on the heart, just on the heart, on the left hand side. Here resides the Spirit in human beings, so, now you ask Me a question without opening your eyes. You can call Me Mataji or Mother, as you like, whichever way you want to call Me. “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Ask the question thrice, you have a right to ask Me that question. Now this right hand has to be taken down on the stomach, on the left hand side, on the upper part of the stomach. This is the centre of your mastery, or what we call the guru centre, it is on the left hand side of your stomach. On the left hand side you put this right hand. Put the left hand towards Me as it is. Now, here you ask a question, because you, as a spirit, has to be your own master, has to be your own Guru. So you ask Me a question thrice again, “Mother, am I my own Guru?” ask Me. With full confidence, “Am I my own master?” On the higher part of the stomach, please put your right hand on the higher part of the stomach. Now, put this right hand on the left hand side of your stomach, in the lower region. There’s a centre there, in the lower region of your stomach, lower region of your stomach. On the left hand side, keeping the left hand towards Me. Now, this is the centre where is the knowledge of the working of your kundalini. In this centre, called as Shuddha Vidya, meaning the pure knowledge. As this point, I’m sorry but you have to ask for it, I cannot force anyone into it, like you cannot force a student to accept any knowledge. In the same way you have to say “Mother, give me that pure knowledge” or you can say “Mother, please give me that Shuddha Vidya”, you have to ask six times, because this centre has got six sub plexuses. So you have to ask six times, in a very humble way, “Mother, please give me that Shuddha Vidya”. That is the first asking. See this prayer, this is such a pure prayer. Give me the Shuddha Vidya, give me the pure knowledge of the Divine, the working of the Divine. Now, as you have entered into that realm of asking Me for the pure knowledge, the first thing you have to assume, is that [END OF TAPE].

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