The Experience of Truth (Part IV)

Chiswick Town Hall, London (England)

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Public Program, “The Experience of Truth”  (IV part)

Chiswick Town Hall, London (UK), 10 July 1984.

I bow to all the seekers of truth. We have had three lectures before this, about the experience of truth and today is the fourth one and the last on the subject of experience of truth. In the first lecture I described what is truth, how to recognise truth and that’s how we proceeded till today, and today we have to get to the finale, that is the enjoyment of the bliss of truth. The first one was as I told you, before was the experience of truth which one has to feel on the central nervous system. Into a new collective consciousness, was the second one and the third one we talked about the transformation that takes place. But the final is the nature of Divine. People say divine is purity, divine is blissful, divine is compassion, divine is love, it is described by many words, but I don’t think it can be described. It has to be experienced. You can go on describing, writing books after books, stories after stories, poems after poems, divine is so unlimited that you cannot describe it in it’s full extent, nor in it’s depth, but as it is being described that the spirit is the truth.

So the first three lectures I covered the subject of truth within us, that we have to feel it in our evolutionary process; the truth on our central nervous system. That’s a very important point we have to understand, because anything that people tell you or project is not the truth. Nor whatever you project is not the truth, but whatever you feel on the central nervous system is the truth. Like you feel something hot or cold, everybody feels the same and that’s how it is the absolute, but the truth that is within us and which manifests within our being is known through our brain. So yesterday somebody asked me a question that the intelligence is very much needed, yes that much intelligence everyone has, to know what is truth. But before knowing the truth if you depend on your intelligence you can be misled completely. Intelligence that is without the spiritual insight is your own ego. Is not pure intelligence, it is just your ego which says this is right, “I say, I believe I am like this”, that is ego. After realisation the truth that comes to you is the real pure truth and is not your ego.

For example now we are in this hall I have been here before or not, whether I was in this place or not? How will you know? It’s not possible. But for a realised soul it is very easy to make out because they can feel the vibrations of the place. They can make out that somebody here has been a person who had self-realisation and now in this hall there are so much vibrations that even to speak to you I have to watch it’s just right, if those who can feel it can feel it but those who cannot feel it, for them is just the same, no difference at all. So when the truth is felt within us, our intelligence tells us is the same thing. If you are inert, people say like this stone, or this thing, it might suck in the vibrations, it may have the vibrations and now see the point, the differences, but it will not be intelligent, or it is not intelligible to that particular matter. So the matter when it is inert is not sensitive to understand, it is different to absorb vibrations, but it is very difficult unless and until you are a human being to discern it, to find out whether there are vibrations or not. Like we would say that, I went once to Kashmir, with my husband and we were going out somewhere in the wilderness and suddenly I felt tremendous vibrations in that place. So I told the driver there must be something great here, is there a temple or is there a mosque? He said nothing this all wilderness. I said lets go the way we get the vibrations, so I asked him you drive on this side, and we came on a road you see, crossing through something, we came on a road, and on that road and we found there were some poor people living and some other people just walking about. So I asked them have you got any temple here? They said no, we have nothing, but we have further, if you go, there’s a mosque. What is that mosque? It’s called as Hazarat Bhal means one hair of Mohammed Sahib is kept in that place. I said really, just imagine! One hair of Mohammed Sahib was kept in that place and I caught it up at least five miles away. So that you can imagine that hair may not be aware of the vibrations it has, but the one who is a human being and a realised soul gets the awareness five miles away from that hair, that there lies the hair of Mohammed Sahib.

Now for this hair there has been big quarrel and fight and this and that and then it was replaced, all sorts of things, but ones who were fighting even for that do not know what it is. Just fighting for nothing at all. Like that you can see that those things which have got, we can say matter in it, same matter becomes a human being after sometime through evolutionary process and the same thing which was just a matter when it becomes a human being, becomes aware of those divine vibrations. Before that it can not, so we cancel out all the animals. I had a dog which used to vibrate, if anybody came used to say Mother what vibrations coming from this dog. And it used to feel if some man with nasty feelings or something would come in the house, he knew it was, so it used to bark on that. He knew many things but he was not aware that he had vibrations, he could not feel himself that he had vibrations. He kept a very good health and was a pedigree dog but the doctor said that this dog is remarkable for his own pedigree, he’s too tall and too broad and very healthy you see, but because of the vibrations he kept up that kind of health.

So one has to understand that you become the truth, means your awareness itself becomes aware of Divine. That your central nervous system, or you can say that your brain evolves to that state that you can feel the vibrations. That’s one thing. Then you can not only feel the vibrations but you can discern them, you can find out whether these are good vibrations or bad vibrations. Then you can also say whether these vibrations are partial or full vibrations from the person, if the person has got some sort of a disease or a trouble, you can without knowing a word about medicine, you can say this person is suffering from such and such diseases.

Imagine the computer that we are, we are really the greatest computer that anybody can produce. Human beings can’t produce this computer. The one they have produced is just a copy of this which is not such a great copy also, because this computer sees something and knows this is this, it doesn’t think. Can you think of a computer which doesn’t think? Just without thinking it knows, And that’s the computer we are. Now this great computer of our brain which just sees and knows, feels and knows, smells and knows, this special computer becomes a greater, we can say subtler instrument which knows the divine, which feels the divine, which understands the divine and can manoeuvre it, it can manoeuvre it. For example. A person has got some problem, he is suffering from some disease, take it, he knows how to cure himself, also he knows how to cure that person. Now don’t many people who say that we are doing, they are healers, some people hea also, but it can be very dangerous with these healers, because these healers are not the people who have any knowledge about the divine. Some of them could be realised souls, could be, but they do not know what they are doing, what they have to do and some of them, most of them are not the ones who are realised souls, they are the people who use a kind of a spirit.

Like in this England, here in London we had one hospital once upon a time, called late Doctor Langs Hospital, called as Doctor Langs International Hospital or something like that. Now this doctor was dead and he manifested into a soldier somewhere in Vietnam and told him that you go and see my son. And when he came to see the son,. the son said “How do you say that my father is in you?” He said. “I’ll tell you the secret talks you had with your father” and he talked to him, he was amazed. Now he said your father wants me to start a clinic. So he said “Are you a doctor?” He said “No I’m not a doctor,” but he said there are many doctors who have died without expressing their skill, so they would like to help and we should start this clinic. So the boy agreed and they started a clinic. Now see the father did not posses the boy but he did posses another healthy person in Vietnam; where he got a shock, and he possessed him and then they started their healing process. So, actually I came to know about them because there was one lady in India who came to me and she came to see me because she was suffering from horrible nervous trouble and she came before me she was shaking before me just like this, so I said. “What’s this?” She said. “This is my nervous trouble.” Then she told me that she had some ulcer in her stomach and she had some problem with her ulcer and she knew about this Doctor Langs International thing from someone. So she wrote to him saying that please cure me and one day she was just resting in her bed, they told her that on such and such a day you rest in your bed and such and such a point, that we’ll cure you. And she felt this shaking in her body, the whole shaking came to her as a shock because they didn’t tell that you’ll be shaking. And after the shaking stopped her ulcer was cured and she felt very much better, but as the time passed within three years time she discovered that she’s a very nervous woman. She got frightened of everything and she used to shake and at a very young age and her whole body started shaking. And doctors couldn’t understand what sort of a disease is this. Now this kind of thing can be also so called healing, but the healing has to have an intelligent answer, after realisation.

Supposing we say Sahaja Yoga can heal cancer, then we should be able to tell a doctor how we have cured the person of this trouble, it’s not just I have touched a person and I’ve cured. Yes it has happened that way, it may happen but that doesn’t mean that there is no explanation for it. There has to be an intelligent explanation, that on such an such centre we found that it was exhausted, and when this exhausted centre was triggered by some entity, then the cancer took place, and what we have done is to put back the centre. Now the doctor would be surprised because he will be surprised to know that we know exactly where the cancer is, we know exactly how to put it right, and we can give a full explanation to him, from what plexus it has happened, and what it has gone, he will be surprised. Then if you give realisation to that doctor, he gets realisation and then he himself can cure other people, he can cure himself also, but it has to have an intelligent explanation. This is what the truth becomes when you become a realised soul.

If a person is a realised soul, he sees truth so directly and that he can explain it so the people can understand what he is going to say and what he is meaning. Its not something ambiguous. For example, now in the Bible we have a word called Holy Ghost. Now we can say that “Holy Ghost” is a word which we can not explain because if we just read Bible you can not understand the Holy Ghost, because Christ or Holy Ghost are like oceans and you cannot just put it in one little cup and say that this is it, and beyond this is nothing. You have to go beyond it to see there are many cups filled with the knowledge and you have to see all of them and find out what is the meaning of the word Holy Ghost, in other scriptures also. And when you find the similarity between the two, then you are surprised that this is what Holy Ghost is. But when we just take Bible as everything you see, then I have seen people making Bible so small as that, putting in the golden box, hanging it here. Imagine! It is absolutely absurd. Bible is to be respected no doubt, it has great knowledge in it but as the Bible itself I feel is a microscopic thing, is very microscopic every word is microscopic and to go into it’s details and all that you must first get realisation and get explanation from other places, other dictionaries which can explain it better.

But when we stick on to one sort of thing, then we are flabbergasted, like other day we had a controversy about Christ and I told you very frankly that Paul is all wrong, he is not a realised soul at all and he doesn’t understand God, he doesn’t understand religion. And that is what, is when the truth comes to you, you see everything clearly and all the people, truth being absolute say the same thing. Take Kahil Gibran, he says the same thing, take your William Blake*, in England, any one you take they say the same thing because there is no difference of opinion as far as the truth is concerned, if you are facing the truth. And the trouble is when you are a human being you can be, also dishonest.

Supposing even if you see that this microscope is placed before me, all right. Then a person who is not a realised soul can tell a lie also, there was no microscope, can tell but not a realised soul. And a person who is possessed may not even see a microscope. You will be surprised some don’t see me, they see the light, if they are possessed, their eyes are possessed, if somebody is a drunk fellow he may not even see me, he just walks over me like that. So the awareness before realisation can be blurred and there for a simple truthful thing as you see with your own eyes there can be aberrations there can be other explanations and other descriptions. But after realisation the basic truth never changes.

You may say in a poetic way like Paul has said this; Paul seems to be a strange man to me, I may say that he was not honest or somebody may say something but the truth about Paul is the same but those who are not realised souls will not understand. They have built big churches in his name, people are going to the church, now people are flabbergasted, they don’t know what to do, they have built up the churches in the name of the Christ, everything, and denies the miracles of Christ, so now what to do? They are lost. They don’t know how to get over this feeling of frustration, that they love Christ so much, they adored him and they thought him to be such a great personality that The Son of God, and then now suddenly to say that he has no miracles. You get a shock, but don’t believe them. Don’t believe them because Christ was a Son of God, no doubt about it. But how can you explain, when you just read Bible you cannot see, and then Paul, this Paul who was he? He should not have been there, he is not a Christian in anyway, because he had never seen Christ.

So this kind of a challenge, only a person who is a realised soul can put it and all realised souls will stand by with that person, they’ll have the same voice about it. Whether you go to the antiquities or you go in the future any time a realised soul will come he will say the same thing. That’s why there is so much similarity, I should say the unity, in all these people whether it is Lao Tse, or whether it is Mohammed Sahib or whether it is Raja Janaka Or Nanakaa they say the same thing.

Now where is the difference that comes in? Also we see very clearly when the truth is your own. The difference comes that these incarnations came for a different type of a job. Like Moses came to establish the void, as we say here, in the centre. All these Primordial masters came to do that. So their job was, like we can say like Guru Nanak, or all these people who were Primordial masters came on this Earth to establish the balance and that’s why whatever they have said, all have said the same thing. Then came Rama. Supposing Rama came on this earth, he came here to establish the benevolent king. What is a benevolent king, the idea of a benevolent king, so he talks differently, then came say Krishna. Krishna came to establish the truth that you have to ascend first and secondly he came to show that the world is just a play of God. Then came Christ, now Christ came on this earth to create a full awareness within us that we are the spirit. So the accent of their preaching has been for the purpose they have come.

For example I have to give realisation to people, I have to raise the Kundalini and I have to explain all of them and integrate them so I have to talk about all of them. But my task is easier because there are sensible people in these days, but when Christ lived, what sort of people lived there, absolutely cruel, violent, nonsensical. Mohammed sahib had a very bad time, Guru Nanak had a very bad time, none of them have such a nice time that I am having. None of you are going to crucify me.

So you must understand that the truth when it comes to a person like that, not only that he knows but he can make others also know, this is what William Blake has said. That at this time men of God, that’s you people, will become Prophets and they will have powers to make others Prophets. So people sometimes say why didn’t happened earlier? No that was not the time, now the blossom time has come, so it is happening. Then you see the truth in its full extent. Like at that time this was the situation, today this is the situation and according to the situation or the development of tree of life the work is done. This is what one has to understand, the complete comprehensive idea about the spiritual growth of human beings. Unless until you have that kind of an idea, whatever you have, is like a person is saying that the flower is the tree, somebody saying that the leaf is the tree, and they are fighting. Everything is the tree, everything is needed for the tree.

So when you understand through your self realisation, that truth is what it is. We can not change it. So you become the truth and strength of truth comes in you and then you’re not afraid of anything. You say it out, loudly. You say this is the truth, I know this is the truth. People may not accept it, they may crucify you, what they like, but truth is truth and that truth remains for ever and ever, it is eternal. But this brain that we do not think much of becomes aware of the truth, this is the blessing of the truth upon us which comes to us through our self-realisation or we say through our spirit. There can be complete seven lectures on truth if I go on but, I think I have to see to the other side of it, what else it does.

Another thing happens to you is your attention. Now our attention is out side, the reason is our brain has become like a prism and the rays that come into us of awareness also are thrown out and as a reaction our attention goes outside. If I tell you take your attention inside you can not take it, just cannot, something has to happen inside and that’s why when this Kundalini rises within you, then your attention is attracted inside and this happening takes place and then you find that you can enter inside as well as outside, but otherwise you cannot. Many people say that we are praying, now you are praying outside, there is no connection. First the connection must be established. So when your attention is outside you react to everything. For example I come and see these flowers, then I react to it and then I say something, or another thing I see all the time I am reacting outside. As a result of all the kind of sensations we get out of our reactions our attention becomes absolutely disturbed and we get into lot of troubles. First of all our eyes are not steady, they go on hovering from here to there, God knows what are we looking for. The eyes become impure because we start thinking about things, as soon as we see something we start thinking and barrier is created. For example there is a beautiful piece, something very beautiful you see, and looking at it if there is a thought you can not enjoy it, but if there’s no thought, there’s pure rapport, pure connection between that beautiful art and yourself, then you just see it and enjoy that joy of the artist which he has poured into it, without thinking about it, otherwise normally people will think oh how many pounds can I save? Or what should I do? Should I purchase it or not? All sorts of nonsensical flippant, cheap ideas can come into your head, or could be something higher also, this colour is not matched with that and this, but a person who’s a realised soul will just see. Just like children, they just look, in the same way, without thinking.

So the first thing that happens to your attention, that the thoughts subside. Thought is the first problem that has started with ego and now when the thoughts subside, then you become peaceful. People talk of peace, we should have peace, how can you have peace? It is not possible, is an impossible situation. You see we think by thinking by organising by manipulating, we’ll have peace, you cannot. You cannot have peace that way? How will you have peace? When the peace is established on your attention, when your attention is peaceful, when we are absolutely without any thoughts, then the peace is resides. After all the peace is disturbed by human beings only, isn’t it? It is not disturbed by something else is disturbed by the human beings. And now if the human beings are not peaceful how can you have peace by talks? On the contrary when there are talks be sure that there will be some violent action after that, always it happens, because thought is incapable of keeping your attention in balance.

Now how do you remove the thought from your mind is the problem. Thoughts are all the time in your mind, if you get possessed you may not have thoughts, but otherwise which is the other way? The other way is the Kundalini when it rises, a thought rises and falls off and another thought rises and falls off, but when the Kundalini rises, then what happens, these thoughts become elongated and starts some work inside and there is gap in-between and this gap is place of our peace. If you achieve that peace the world peace can be achieved. By just taking placards, by shouting for peace, you can not establish peace. Peace has to come from the hearts of human beings, in the hearts of human beings peace can be only established when you establish the spirit within it’s core, where it manifests the bliss of peace.
When you start enjoying the bliss of peace you don’t want wars, you don’t think of a wars and that is the state where now the human beings have to rise and go to that. So these horrible times which we call as Kali yuga, the modern times which are the times of complete illusion and when all the value system is changed, where everybody seems to be unhappy and sick, is the time also preceding the Kruthayuga, the time where everything will be done, perfected and established. That’s the meaning of Kruthayuga. So to begin with primitive times which were called Kritta yuga are established again the primitive is again established, but here with the awareness, like as I told you the matter becomes aware of itself.

The Kundalini which is a potential thing, which is a potential power of desire within us, which is we can solve the primitive, manifests itself and becomes aware itself. That is what is Sahaja Yoga today, it’s all Sahaja, it’s all spontaneous all life process has been spontaneous, but today that is what it is. So spontaneously our attention becomes peaceful, absolutely peaceful, and when that peace is achieved, that peace is established within your heart through the ascent, then every bit of that peace emits peace. Such a person wherever he is, he emits peace, wherever he is, if there is quarrel going on, there will be peace. Even we have seen if there one person who is a realised soul in a train, and if there is an accident everybody is saved, even one person. There are many examples where, in a bus there was one lady who was a realised soul and the bus fell down with three somersaults and fell on its four legs and everybody was safe and the thing started and they tried to find out who was the realised soul, because in India we understand these things. We are more grown up in spiritual sensitivity than in the material sensitivity. You are very sensitive to material things we should also learn something from you I should say, but you should also learn something from us and that is the spiritual sensitivity. To understand what serenity is and what superficiality is.

So with this attention being absolutely stationed on a balance, you start seeing the superficiality and you start discarding the superficiality. You immediately see that this is superficial there’s nothing in it and then the attention only accepts whatever is deep, whatever is divine. The rest of it is rejected, it doesn’t accept, it doesn’t react, it doesn’t say anything about it, it doesn’t accept, it has nothing to do with it, it just separated. The attention keeps a distance from all superficial things, it has no enjoyment. I have seen many Sahaja Yogis, who are here today, who used to indulge in all kinds of things, all kinds of things which I was amazed. How could they go, because they were Men of God. But this situation is such, the atmosphere is such, that they were, like that.
They had given up their parents, they had given up everything and had really become like vagabonds I should say, but when they got their realisation they settled down, everything settled down. And now they know they don’t go to those places now, they
just don’t like it, they don’t want to see it on the TV. If it’s on the TV, they put it off, because the attention has now the sense, the sense I would say, of purity. The sense of morality, which morality which we know of is hypocrisy outside.
We are hypocritical but this is inner morality which just keep you moral. Inner quality, like Christ now, he would not do something filthy, will he? Why didn’t do anything like any other person why he was not attracted to something that was not good; because his attention was pure; it would not accept anything that was not pure. Like that your attention becomes absolutely pure, your eyes become innocent, your eyes do not have dirty ideas, lust and greed, but they have purity in them. And wherever you put your eyes that becomes purer, wherever you look that becomes purer and you spread purity through your eyes, not lust and greed. And this is something must happen today because the time has come our eyes are tired, now tired of looking at all horrible things.

Let us now have those eyes who discard. Then why will they have dirty things? It’s only we have created this filth, once we discard it, it will all disappear, its our own creation. Whom can we blame? Not the birds have done it, nor the tigers have done it, or the trees have done it, it’s we the human beings, we have done all this nonsense. If we get purified everything will be purified. Now the attention becomes, the attention becomes collectively conscious, becomes. So far your attention is not. Your attention is, you can see a person, how his hair is or what dress he is wearing and all these things, but you can not penetrate into that person to feel what sort of trouble that person has, what centre he’s catching, whether he is a good man or a bad man, from the divine point of view. Because your attention has achieved that state of collective consciousness you can understand, at a very sight of the person you can say what sort of a person he is.

I mean I have many experiences like that I told once my husband, that this man has came to loot our country and he was shocked. He said. How do you pass such a remark, just looking at his face? I said he has came to loot our country, and he did it, he did it, within three years time and we found out that he looted us out, like that, we can have many people who are really are at the top of organisations, Governments, this, that, are really cheats. Are going to one day ruin the whole country or destroy us completely, you can see it from the face of it, but that penetration can come only when you have those pure eyes, When you are yourself impure how can you see it? When your glasses mirror, supposing there is a, your eyes are covered with some colour, then how can you see? To see something clearly your eyes must be clear and clean, and that’s what happens to us, but there’s nothing wrong, once the Kundalini rises he kindles a light, you can see a twinkle in the eyes of a person who is a realised soul, their eyes are twinkling, and there’s a kind of a light, you can see in the eyes of such a person and then you know that a such a person is a realised soul.

It’s very simple to make out even the eyes of a bad man and good person when you develop your own inner sensitivity and this comes through the attention being absolutely at balance, no thoughts, rising you look at a person without any barrier. For example, you see, say I see an Indian and immediately I think, oh from what country and what part of the country, then who is he, this that, supposing. So that’s he’s lost that it’s nothing important, what is important is, what sort of a person he is He may be your own brother, may be a nasty fellow tomorrow he may murder you So it does not matter whatever you have understood through your brain, is not important, what is important if you are seeing through and through what sort of a person he is.

So the attention has to be purified, but that you don’t have to do your Kundalini itself purifies your attention, you become collectively conscious, so many things happen to your attention. Sitting down here you can tell about people, what’s happening to them. Now the Kritta Yuga means it happens, it is manifested, so now the attention manifests itself, it’s another very remarkable thing has happens. Like I’m sitting here now and I’m thinking of someone, all right, I’m thinking of someone, if I want I can think, if I don’t want I need not think, that is the situation, but after realisation somebody needs your help, you’ll just think of that person and if you think of that person, that person is helped. Even if the person doesn’t know and he’s thinking of God, you may help that person just thinking of him. It happens, it has happened you must have seen one of these things happened in Bedford is very surprising for people but it’s a fact.

The fact is like this, that some people were going, no, one boy See extract from Bedfordshire Journal: Appendix (a) was going on a motor cycle and he fell down from a bridge and they called for the ambulance, but after some time the boy himself got up and came up and they were surprised because they expected him to be dead you see, they were surprised how did he walk up. So they asked him, he said, there was, no I’ll tell you in the hospital; they took him to the hospital and there was also police people and he told them that I fell down all right, but a lady came in a white car, I have a white car, and she came down and she healed me. They said which lady, he said an Indian lady, she was wearing a white sari, they could not believe, said this must be an hallucination. Next day he saw my photograph, because I was speaking in Bedford at that time when he fell down like this, we had a bigger hall than this and I was speaking there when this had happened. So they were quite surprised and he said that a little point down below is left there, she said you come to me and I’ll cure it. But it’s nothing great it’s nothing special because if you can receive on the television something from the ether, you can always receive at that level also and you can manifest them, but in the television what we receive is, it doesn’t manifest supposing we see some photograph of someone, it doesn’t get up and cure us does it? It does not, but here attention when you put to it, the attention manifests, see how fantastic it is. It is very hard to believe but it happens, it happens, that the attention itself manifests. So this attention that becomes enlightened becomes one with the divine, it manifests and it acts and it helps. It is very miraculous. But now those who are Sahaja Yogis here know a thousand and one stories about it, it has happened like that, it can happen to you, it can happen to anyone of you.

Like once I remember a girl, she went to a place which was a little lonely and some people attacked her and some Sahaja Yogis were going by bus, so they just suddenly got down at a place and just walked, they didn’t know why they walked there and they found that so many people were attacking this girl and they just saved the girl from there. And they were from a different place and she said how are you all here? Oh we don’t know we just felt we should walk this side, so we came, we just felt the vibrations we just came walked here, and we saw you in this condition. It can happen that way, so you become one unit, one unit. Like the part and parcel of the body. So you become the attention, makes you a part and parcel of the whole body, but also the awareness of it, like this big finger, is part and parcel of the whole body; but is not aware, is not aware that it is part and parcel of the whole body. It acts but there it is aware and it acts without even having any connection outside like ductless glands it acts and it manifests and it works out the way it has to work out. It’s such a fantastic thing is the attention that becomes.

Then the last and the most important thing is that you become the joy. Nowadays we have lost the sense of joy. With the smallest thing we get irritated and angry. You see the small children running “you should not run here I am disturbed”. I mean children when they run and the sound they make, so sweet, so beautiful, so joy giving, but she can’t bear she’s so tense, she’s just waiting to hear, she comes down, there’s one child, she shouts at the child, the child cannot even speak, why are you shouting at the child, he makes noise he can’t talk, oh then she goes back. All the time you are just waiting to find faults with others, waiting to complain, waiting to see what others are doing wrong, not enjoying them at all.

Once I was travelling from Luknow to Delhi in a train and we had ladies compartment and we were four ladies, but there was only one lady with me and myself and in the other compartment there were two young boys and they had met after a long time I think they were in college together. And they were hitting each other and you know talking with each other you know in such a friendly manner, I was just enjoying you know and this lady was so angry, she said these stupid fools don’t allow me to sleep, I said we sleep every time enjoy the way they are having, she said what you are enjoying really enjoying, I am feeling my young age has come, and hitting each other and you come along now, what is it this way and that, is so interesting such innocent talk they were having, this lady got so infuriated, and she said no, she said no I’m going to hit them hard, I said you cant so that, at the most she knocked ten times she knocked I said why are you knocking let it be, I am enjoying, so she said no, no I just can’t manage I can’t, then she went out, her attention you see would just not allow her to sleep. She went out shouted at them “ what do you mean by doing like this and what do you mean by talking like this”, poor things you know like this, I felt so sad, so when she went away, I went and told them doesn’t matter you know she’s still her ears are very very sharp you see, so when you talk, talk in muffled voices she wont know, but even that she could hear, she would not spare them, the whole night you see she didn’t sleep just hearing, are they talking? She asked me, don’t you think they’re talking? Now better sleep. That’s how our attention is, horrible, it can never enjoy anyone. What the birds sing, how the children run and how the people talk, you see enjoy, it’s so enjoyable everything is such an enjoyment which we have lost, that sensitivity completely.

We cannot enjoy each other but then we enjoy, we just enjoy the person who is a realised soul, just sitting with a person, nobodies talking, many a time we Sahaja Yogis travelling together, there’s a pin drop silence nobody’s talking and the ticket collector said why are you meditating or what, nobody’s talking just sitting enjoying, he can’t understand and what’s the matter with these people their not talking, nobody talking just enjoying each other, just sitting enjoying the company, then nobody bothers about the comfort. You know sometimes we have our programs where we have thousand people or something and also sometimes we go to India, it’s horrible spartan living, absolutely spartan to the last we can say, and they don’t mind at all and they don’t mind anything. I said you want to go to the villages but be prepared it’s a horrible place. Oh no, no Mother we enjoy. They said our Kundalini rises, it just goes boom in India and we just enjoy that, we don’t want anything else and it is so difficult for them to send them to send back to their own country that you actually push them with a pistol, now go back. And they enjoy all the discomfort in that country I was surprised absolutely most uncomfortable places there. But we had four Americans once and three of them ran away, they couldn’t bear it, they said Mother its too much. and we had to force them, we said we have to stick them with something and they stick on here but they would not.They said, no mother it’s too much for us, how can we live like that. I said what comforts you have in your country, you see all plastics, you eat in plastic, everything plastic, even for towels you have plastic at least in India you have everything cotton. You have a plate of say, a beautiful plate of brass to eat food, what do you have in your country that you are talking of your comfort and they got a little bit I said at least we have motor cars, all right we have got bullock carts doesn’t matter but it is too much for them to go by a bullock cart because you see their body is all shaken up and their attention all outside you see.

So this is what happens your attention becomes balanced, attention becomes collectively conscious you start enjoying others and this so called comfort which we really vie is zero. like here I see if you go to Yorkshire you find people have gone to Brighton. Why? For a holiday and the people from Brighton have came to Yorkshire for a holiday. I said. But why? I can’t understand they can’t sit in the house you see nothing like a Grahasta, means the one who stays in the house is there, there’s nothing like a householder they are always out, out of the house as soon as they get holiday they must pack up and go out, some people are just cruising. Why? Why are you cruising? You must sit at home, home is the place of bliss, sit down, talk together and have some rapport, be nice to each other. That’s not there you will have a television in between you, otherwise if there is no television there is a fight. Nobody can stand the company of another person even for five minutes either you have television or a newspaper or something in between. There’s nothing like enjoying the company of another person. Why? Because our attention is so shaky, it just gets disturbed for nothing at all, I mean how can you live in a place, in any place without any sound? You want to have a soundless area then why God as given you ears? See He has given you the ears to enjoy the music of his rhythm and that you can only feel when you become a realised soul before that you are very uncomfortable, you have all kinds of wrinkles all over, and you ask them why have you got wrinkles? Oh God, you know I have neighbours who are young boys, they are all the time singing loudly, I will grow old in no time. I said I would go and join them if it was so, what is there to feel so bad about it? What is there to feel that you cannot bear it? You see, why should you be so tired about it? Because our attention makes us tired all the time our attention is, and the worst is our attention is on the watch. Watching the time, for what? For what are you watching the time, there is no more going to be a war of Waterloo anything. You don’t have to worry on that point, when the bomb will come, it will come without knowing; so why watch the time? After all that’s the only thing that is important isn’t it, otherwise what is important, is enjoy the time, this moment, every moment has a dynamism in it. But you are thinking, now to go, now Mother is speaking, whether I’ll get my train or not, I should look at my watch now as soon as time is I’ll run. But I tell you for a Sahaja Yogi the trains will stop, the aeroplanes will stop; everything stops for them. Because after all its all God’s realm you are entering into. Who is greater than God, who is more powerful than Him, once you enter into His Kingdom everything works out, you know it works out. Mother we don’t know how it worked out, it works out. They talk in third person, it works out. So the joy of those happenings, the joy of that blissfullness, that security of God, fills you up and when it fills you up you feel absolutely relaxed. You feel it’s all done for you.

Now the gentleman has gone you need not look at him, actually when he was sitting he was having big things and it happens with people, because I think he’s a possessed person and with me sitting here sometimes you know, they go into contortions and do all kinds of things, better that he’s gone. But you don’t pay attention to him, he’s nothing important, there’s no need to turn your eyes. Just now were talking something nice, lets talk of something nice, why put the attention to something that’s not so nice. So attention should be at the nice things as we say but it is never. How do we do? We do it by enjoying the nice things, by understanding the nice things, just our attention goes there and whatever else may be there we just don’t see, we just don’t see.

We once went to a place called Nepal, you must have heard about Nepal and Kathmandu and my daughters were there with me and normally Indian people are a little bit, sort of you see with daughters, they would not carry them to places if there are erotics and all that, actually we had never seen erotics in all our lives you see because our attention is not there. So we saw the whole of Nepal we never saw any erotics you see, second time I went my disciple was there he was writing a book and he said Mother do you know that Nepal has the maximum number of erotics? I said no, I never saw. We were moving about with our daughters we had never seen any erotics anywhere. Oh it’s full with that. I said where on top of every temple I said why do you see the top of the temple, why don’t you see inside the temple, he said no on top of the temple you’ll find lots of these erotics. I said where? You know to my amazement when we went there the Japanese had put up, long, these wires and what you call them, what you call them those big machine like ladders, special ladders they have and with the zoom lenses they were taking photographs of these erotics. I said Baba what’s the matter with these? I said what is there to see in that, and they were taking photographs of these. I said from this distance I can’t see anything. I mean any Indian who goes there, goes to a temple, his attention is on the Deity and he’s not bothered we never saw these things. What is there outside? And these Japanese are there with the zoom there’s one falling down and holding onto the wire, another standing on his head trying to arrange the camera, to get what? That filth, dirt. I was amazed because our attention is used to filth, you see if you know people who are, called a sweepers in India, they have to clean the, which is not very good thing, but they do dirt cleaning thing, or the garbage cleaning; and they have no nose to feel the dirt or anything. You see they become like animals, they can pass through any dirt or filth.

Same thing happened to us, we have no sense left of sin. What’s wrong? So what! That’s what we have lost sensitivity to sense but after realisation you just become sensitivity and you abhor it, you just leave it. So the discrimination takes place. You never enjoy a sinful act and the enjoyment of righteousness and virtue starts flowering into and you become flowering personality. You really enjoy yourself, you never say I hate myself or you never use this word I hate you and next movement I love you. That sort of a nonsense goes away from your tongue. You become beautiful person whose never bored, whose never bored. You enjoy your own company so much even if you are in jail you’re enjoying yourself, whether outside, you enjoying yourself because you are there, you are not lost.

So this is how our attention becomes enlightened and you become the joy. And this joy fills you up completely. You become personality of magnetism, complete magnetism. I was surprise that best perfume that they produce in Paris is called as joy, is the most expensive is joy, I think they have found out that joy has that magnetism in it, and it is from pure flowers, actually these flowers we find in India. I don’t know where you find them here or not, from where the joy is made, but whatever it is, what I find that the people are hitting the point all right, in every way this is joy, the perfume. Joy means the joy is the perfume in a human being. If you have that within you, you may not take bath for ten days you will never have a problem of any smelling or anything, because you are perfume, you become a perfume. Anywhere, even some people think of me they get the perfume. All kinds of perfumes you might say, it happens like that, because in the attention the Mother earth which was the element, the matter becomes the perfume, the causal; causal of the mother earth is perfume, it becomes the perfume. The magnetism of the Mother Earth becomes the magnetism in your personality.

Whatever you have, got it from five elements, goes back into its primitive stage, in the sense that it becomes its causal. Like it becomes the glow, the phagous is the, the causal of light, the causal of light is phagous, is the glow, your face glows, your skin glows, there’s a glow on your face. Sometimes you find glow around the thing, but to see glow is not good, that I’ll tell you sometimes later, but you do see a person like this has glow on his face. So you become your primitive, or you can say your causal, of which you are made, all your five elements express in it’s causal. But now the causal is aware, that’s the only difference there is. So you become the joy, source of joy, and the giver of joy and you yourself enjoy yourself, because your ‘self’ is so glorious, so great and so

May God Bless You..

So again we’ll have some questions but open the windows today its like India I tell you, it’s so hot. Again some questions please, the windows are made for England not India, can you open the thing just push it out so there’s cross ventilation, can you open this one please here.
Now any questions please. You mentioned the glow. why is this so?
The glow or aura is you see, we have seven we are made out of seven centres and they emit auras around us and they are actually the expression of the causal of all the five elements, so they express it outside, now what happens if you are in the centre, in the present, you see the person as he is, but if you are say on the right hand side, where the causal you can feel, say like persons who take LSD take it they move to the right hand side, so they just see the light of a person, like a person comes to me taking LSD. they cannot see me there are many who will tell you that and they just see the light here, nothing else but the light, you see, it’s like that, so if you see some dort of an aura around me before realisation then you have to be a little careful that means you are more on the right side but there are left sided people who are very extreme left sided, especially. I would say the Eastern people are left sided very much so they see me in my previous lives you see and they see me as something else than what I am, so that is also not good, you have to see me as I am now today, so when you see me as I am, that is this very normal and I would say you have to be a normal person first of all is there any normal like this and see that gentlemen who was sitting who having is left sided fellow and he possessed that somebody guru must have done something to him so he could not sit before me so it alright he can be cured but if you at back it is better then to sit here but nobody told him and he sat here and he had problem but not such a problem if he have had it is so, if you are too much left sided and you have problems and you have too much right sided you have problem, if you are in centre is better but central people get realisation much faster then he get retain then better but even once sided or another sided manners can be given to them and realisation can be some of the photographs are there with all are and that yes there are some photographs of my. Yes please.

Q: I think Mother he said that is matrin your immoral or moral before realisation?
A: It doesn’t matter at all doesn’t matter after all how much moral you can be doesn’t matter at
all, don’t judge yourself, don’t judge sight, don’t feel guilty, doesn’t matter. There’s no morality needed before that then whats might being here just don’t think about it and don’t feel guilty that
the first thing and last thing that I request you don’t feel guilty, if I say something forgive me and don’t feel guilty all those thing are gone know that you calms yourself and do this nothing of the kind and
you just come and get your realisation for this, this is like this modern Sahaja Yoga is different way that first thing was calm upon us for 25 year, 25 years again to put him in every chakra bring him up and then give him realisation altimately by 75 he will get his realisation that was the old style, I just thought give them realisation first let their be a little light then they see themselves and bless themselves and you don’t have to tell them all right that the better idea is it, we cant afford to wait longer.

A : Yes it is think but it depend on supposing I mean if you have a brain wash and have it something cured always and you have a Sadguru, if you have a guru, yesterday we had many Indians I must tell you and they were following some funny sort of a craze saints you see and I was surprised how can you follow, Indians can not afford to follow such gurus, I can understand western people, but they’re naive, they dont know, its all right but how can Indians follow these wretched people, I just could not understand, I was amazed , how could they follow such a guru, after all what is said about Param, whatever will said is Sat Chit Anand it has to be one who gives this Sat Chit Anand that person you attend to and to other people we have clear cut say about who is the real guru, who is not real guru, I mean everyone has said if might that wrong time we go to tantrikas and we go to miracle making people this and that, who gives you say a guru change, you would call him guru I mean for that you could go to some Javari Bhaja, isnt it, but it is so, you know what I am saying, that this is Kali Yuga Ghole Kali Yuga it is and in these times people can be enamoured by something which is told so many times dont go to a person who takes money, who has anything to do money, who takes you towards money, he is also a wrong person of course when you get realisation you do get material well being, because Yoga Kshaama Waha Mium, Krishna has said, that after yoga you get your well-being, so that’s a different point, but you come to me and I’ll give you money, if somebody says so then dont go to that person, but most of them say you come to me you give your money to me and I’ll look after ti you’ll have no botheration, so this brainwash should be the wash of a Mother, or a wash of a person who is a pure person, purity is very important, otherwise if wash is done with something impure what will happen, you understand. You can cure the person also and he can help very much hands and feet are not such a difficult thing those who do not feel in the hands and feet and they feels in the spinal cord also they can feel in Chakras but first thing is the heart if you have a black heart it’s very difficult but if you have hands broken or any thing broken doesn’t matter even spine is broken gets connected but how to connect the black heart I don’t know.

Q…What is the black heart?
Now you know that, not sinful but crooked like a vulture a sinful person is like a little bird which is hurt and hunted so it commits sin, that is familiar, but one who hurts, one who is a vulture which was a hawk that one was not good for Sahaja Yoga. Sinfulness I have seen many a times comes out of torturing, trouble, childhood problems, it’s absolutely a hunted heart alright, like Hitler I cant give him
realisation….. Now have your realisation then you will know what Sahaja Yoga is, you see when you ask questions you should take benefit of it……..

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