Conversation with Sahaja Yogis: Take vibrations

Founex Ashram, Founex (Switzerland)

1984-07-17 Conversation With Sahaja Yogis In Founex Ashram, Founex, Switzerland Opt For Transcription, 93' Download subtitles: EN,FRView subtitles:
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Private conversation in Founex ashram, 1984

Shri Mataji: The situation is the same as I have in my house [with so many flowers].
All right, now you sit down. So, today I was explaining, in my bedroom, to some of the Sahaja Yogis how this universe is created. And they said, “You should tell about his to us, in the evening”. But, after diner, most are in digestion, is it worth it? Carol wanted to show off the watch that my children have given me. These also came in the same price. The watch was so big, which they gave me, for that you really need a wrestler to wear. And I saw the watch. I didn’t know what to say, you see. There’s a saying that, “You should not open the mouth of the horse which is given to you, from the teeth.”
Because they asked me, “We are going for Guru puja and we collected some money for you in Switzerland. What should we give you?” So, I said, “Of course, in Switzerland, a watch!”
So, they said, “What kind?” I said, “Something sensible I would like to have which you can select yourself.” So, Antonio showed me some Italian, nice-
Sahaja Yogi: Nice Swiss
Shri Mataji: Hum?
Sahaja Yogi: It was Swiss.
Shri Mataji: Swiss! They told me Italian.
Sahaja Yogi: No, that was Swiss.
Shri Mataji: Ah! Mistake.
Sahaja Yogi: It’s all right.
Shri Mataji: I thought it was Italian. So, I said, “I don’t want Italian, I want a Swiss watch”. But the name was not Swiss.
Indian Sahaja Yogi: I know about the name.
Shri Mataji: What’s the name?
Indian Sahaja Yogi: Eagles.
Shri Mataji: Eva.
Indian Sahaja Yogi: Eagles. Etam [unsure]

Shri Mataji: So, I said, “Whatever money you collect accordingly, you purchase whatever you feel like”. So, they bought a watch. It was selected by Gavindra and actually, I did not know. He had not seen it properly and he told you the number, and such a big watch came in, you see. I got a fright. It was solid gold, I know and thick, it’s a solid gold.
I meant a [inaudible], I was really shocked, but I didn’t show any shock. I told him, “Very well” and I said, “Wonderful. You are testing things out my Left Vishuddhi vibrations ” everything I said. It was all false. Imagine, five hundred eyes on yourself, and you say something that is given to you as present. This is the most embarrassing position. It is easy to kill the rakshasas. But to break the heart of your children like this is very difficult. Puranas said all those things. But then I thought that, “Arnaud could not have bought that watch”. Because he must have tried it on his wrist and he must have seen such big thing on his wrist. He would not buy one like that for his wife.
So, I dared to ask him that, “Who has selected the watch?” So, he said, “It is you.” I said, “I?” He thought I must have forgotten something.

I said, “Not me, I’ve never said like that”. Then I thought of the catalogue they had shown me.
I said, “No, no, no, no, no, not me, I’ve not seen any and I think there’s something wrong”.
He said, “Gavin show himself the example”. I said I was surprised. And while he told me, he got the example. Well, I was surprised. Have you seen how the myth goes on!

It was critical but I started, you see, thinking that I must have said something, otherwise how can it be, you see? Because if you tell lies all the time, you see, people start believing that the lies are the truth. In the same way, I thought, “How can it be? I must have seen the watch”. Because, you see, everybody was saying that, It’s such an imbroglio such an imbroglio. I said, “How can it be?” But I said, “No, but I never saw still”.

I said, “Call Gavin”. And Gavin said, “Mother I saw the things [inaudible] but I didn’t know it would be so thick as that!”
So, what one has to digest from such a thing? Is this that, when you are searching anything for your Mother, the best it to see the vibrations. And you should also, for yourself, always see to the vibrations. But Gavin is one of the earlier Sahaja Yogis. And then, if he can forget that, I think anybody can forget it! So, what you have to remember is this, that God has given you a new personality of vibrations.

Now, as I told you in those pujas slightly, that this watch has got vibrations, tremendous ones, this watch [Shri Mataji’s watch]. And same with the ring. But we bought it only on vibrations, not on anything else. And Rustom said, “This is the only watch that has vibrations”. So, what we bought, got us [unsure] two things together. And I think one must not give up feeling the vibrations and taking decisions with vibrations. One should take decisions with vibrations and should remember all the time.
Gregoire: For those who can do it, Shri Mataji.
Shri Mataji: If you try, Gregoire, what I am saying, have confidence in it and you will feel about it. So that your personality becomes very aware. Because this watch is not aware that it has got vibrations. But you are aware. So, if you develop your awareness in that way, then you will understand yourself very well. Otherwise, you can make such big mistakes!

Now what I feel about some of our centres all over, that there’s a kind of a collectivity but not that you have homogeneous, spontaneous collectivity. For example, in a group, when I speak, I find some people have full understanding of what I am talking and some do not understand me when I go to the subtler side. When I give lectures, they are very happy because they get vibrations, because the Kundalini goes up. That’s a very, very good thing because that is how you will develop. But what about you who have to now become the gurus? Can you talk to people about Sahaja Yoga? Do you understand it that you can convince an intelligent man about Sahaja Yoga? Or you have to use one or two persons all the time? Because you all must know, intelligently what is Sahaja Yoga. Otherwise, you cannot spread Sahaja Yoga.