You have to take to it little seriously, Workshop

Brighton (England)

1984-07-24 You have to take to it little seriously, Brighton, England, DP-RAW, 61' Chapters: Talk, Workshop
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1984-07-24 You have to take to it little seriously, Brighton, England, DP-RAW

I don’t know how she {unclear}, I said alright, we just pray and give her a bandhan. Now the prayers work. Because when they go home, they find the mother is in a different mood, father in a different mood in a very loving manner. You can change people and we are surprised (of) how they start liking you, they are quite amazed. You are so much {unclear: eased} You give-up your habits completely because your own master. Nobody, no habit can dominate you. Your habits just drop off. We had an experience here in Brighton, there was a gentleman who came and shouted at me because he was drunk. Next day he came and now, he is a beautiful person. We have so many experiences like that. When they were drunk or drugged or something they came and shouted at me and then they are alright. There are people who came from groups and things, and they were mocking at me making fun at me and today they are sitting here. Because this is the love, the power of love that acts, it acts. And that is what it is called now that the Kaliyuga the worst part of the modern times is over. Now the Krutayuga has started. And in this Krutayuga, in this new age, it will be done, perfected and completed. Kruta means that done, perfected and completed. And that’s what is going to happen to all of you. Only thing is that you have to take it little seriously. We have no way of convincing you than giving you the experience. But even after the experience, people take it for granted. Because they start footing some of they are very happy, oh I am a realized soul. That’s not the point. You have to grow after that, you have to move collective, you have to be absolutely the master otherwise it is a waste. Complete waste. Now we have a very small ashram as you know because we have no money to dormant, but we have a little place where boys sleep, they stay there with their own money and live there. It’s not very impressive, it’s not like one of these big palaces you have where they take money from you @ and fill/bill @ Palaces. But we have people we have common people there. We have educated there, we have intellectuals, all kinds of people sit together and understanding because this is the area where you don’t need any other language but language of love. Love of God. That’s how you entered into the kingdom of God and enjoy the bliss of your spirit throughout. In these two lectures I tried to cover quite a lot of it, I cannot cover all the chakras. But if you want there are books you can take them and read them but reading leads to nowhere. You have to experience. It’s a state that you have achieve. It’s not just reading. Another reading and people like to listen to lectures also, nice lectures very entertaining Mataji’s lectures are. So, I get halls full of it. That’s no good. It’s a waste. I feel it’s a waste. A complete waste. Because of no background sometimes I think that people understand the importance of Self-realization. But in India it’s better. I have been in England and I have spent most of my time here. (In) India, I know the day I start it will be done in no time because they have that traditional understanding. And I have done on thousands and thousands in India. While I worked in ten years, in India I have worked two years only and I have thousands in here a few and in here minimum are in England is a sad thing. Because I know English, I don’t know French and French are much more than the English. Only in this lifetime I have learnt English. Because English are something great. Because they can do a great job and the great job is of circulation. Because England as I told you yesterday, is the heart. The heart of the Universe. But one must have that idea of circulation within you. The other day we had some people who had read Vedantas this that. But when it came to Self-realization, they are nowhere. So, what’s the use of reading all that. It’s like reading about Brighten. Oh, Brighten is like this, you go to Brighten you can see this, that part and only reading? When are you go there? Reading about all these things can give you just a mind which has read many things worth nothing. If you read about gold and you don’t buy gold to you. In the same way, Spirit is to be achieved and to be established. This is the snag of SahajaYoga. In SahajaYoga, we have no enrollment, you cannot pay for it. There is no nothing like what you call: membership or anything. But it’s a river of love where you have to bathe yourself, improve yourself and enrich yourself and become something of higher personality. That’s what it is. And that’s a difficult thing for people. They say, “alright Mother if you want money we will give you four rupees write down our name”. We can’t. That’s a difficult thing. But English have always done something great. Like last war they are the ones who stopped it. And that’s how today I have great faith that one day this heart of the universe will rise as William Blake* has said and sure what he wished two hundred years back will come true. And that’s why I am in England working for the emancipation of all of us to achieve that spiritual status where we become the citizens of God’s Kingdom. May God bless you.

Today we will not have many questions, because I have to go back to London. But will have the experience of SahajaYoga. Yesterday people asked me lots of questions where is that gentleman who asked the questions yesterday. He is gone? he is no more?
Yesterday a gentleman asked me questions which I liked and then I asked Warren to work on him. He has read all the books about Indian philosophy; about Kundalini he knows everything. And he couldn’t get his realization. And today he is not here. So, you can imagine how frivolous people are. When you read, you start identifying yourself with the books you think I am Shake sphere. You don’t become Shake sphere by reading that’s what happens and then when you do not settle down with it, when you do not want to have it I cannot force you because you are a free person, you have to be free to choose it. You have to ask for it. I cannot force on you. This is the big problem. Your freedom is to be respected. Because you have to get your ultimate freedom. For that I must respect your freedom. It cannot be forced. You cannot be entailed. You have to come with your complete free will and your own desire.
I must give one good news that so far, we were never able to give realization to anybody coming from Scientology. First time yesterday, some people who have been to Scientology and got their realization. I don’t know if they continue with realization or not. But it’s a very good news for me. Because anybody coming from Scientology used to say No, we cannot, we are sorry. And same we happened with first EM and then with these the Rajneesh people and all those. But now I find this last hurdle of Scientology is also over. Somehow, we have learnt the way how to do it. so now will have the experience, which is very simple. But again and again I would request you that you must go and see the simple ashram we have meet people, don’t go by the outer superficial exposition of that place, but just go and see them and talk to them, if you have any problem, will try to solve you. When we will be having any other meeting I am sure we can somebody from London who can clearly also more clearly talk to you or solve your problems. But we have very good people in Brighton. Very good people and they are very deft in this art. So please take full advantage of that and you can become the same and help this great work of God.
I have to make one humble request that, you have to take out your shoes because shoes also tie up your feet and also there is a barrier between your feet and the Mother Earth. So just if you can takeout your feet it will be helpful to you. Just take out your shoes not feet and put the feet on the Mother Earth in parallel. Now, I have to make another humble request – Those who have to go can go away now but don’t disturb others when they are having the experience. It would be very aggressive on your part. But it is worth it that you have the experience. After all nothing is going to be lost. Whatever is going to be is your gain and you can see that. [Sree Mataji addressing to some person- it has helped you? Are you better now? You? You improved? yes] This gentleman had a problem, and he had a virus trouble and is much better today. He came only yesterday and you can be completely cured. There are many people who had such troubles have been cured are sitting down here. So, it’s not difficult. But it’s not only physical as I said. It’s the spiritual piece that we are seeking. Now please put your hands like this, because these fingertips are the ones which have to become sensitive and put both the feet straight on the mother Earth in such a way that they are parallel. Because left and right are two different things and they should be touching mother Earth separately. Don’t make them meet each other. But try to keep them away and both the hands away from each other. Now, please close your eyes and remember that don’t open your eyes till I tell you. Because this is no mesmerism. Something has to happen within yourself. If the eyes are open, then the Kundalini doesn’t rise because of this centre. You will understand why I said so. So please keep your hands just like this and close your eyes. You don’t have to do anything else. Just follow what I tell you in a simple way, the left hand is manifesting your desire. So, keep your left hand all the time like this. And the right hand is to be used for different centres to be nourished and when you nourish them then you will find suddenly the cool breeze will be coming out of your head. And this is something you cannot do. It just happens. You have to be, to begin with, you have to be in a very cheerful mood, and you should not at all feel that you are not capable of getting it or you are {unclear: defiant, defendant} about it or that you are guilty. No one should feel guilty please. It helps me a lot. You are not to feel guilty at all. Because God is compassion. He is ocean of compassion and whatever guilts in and all this non-sense that you think can be washed off in no time by so please don’t feel guilty, that’s one thing you do : not to feel guilty. Just to help your own being fully manifested. Remember that you are the temple of God. So don’t feel guilty about it. Now please put both the hands like this. You have to only move the right hand because it is the hand of your action. Now right hand you take it to your heart, keep your eyes shut. Please keep your eyes shut and don’t watch others. That is very important. Don’t watch others, we have to watch ourselves. Put your right hand on your heart. Here you have to just say or ask a question to me. Because you are a computer and this is a fundamental question you are asking. You can call me Mataji or Mother whatever you like. “Mother am I the spirit?” ask the question with confidence in your heart. With confidence. Which you are. Don’t feel guilty. All of you are having that problem. I can see that. Please don’t feel guilty. Without feeling guilty will you ask? Otherwise first you say 100 times “Mother I am not guilty” then you do this. It’s catching very badly on that point where you feel guilty. Collectively I get the pain. So please don’t feel guilty. Keep your neck in the centre. Not on one side or on another side and sit little straight. Don’t pull back your neck or push it forward. Now, take this right hand keeping the left hand as it is and right hand in the upper part of the abdomen of the stomach. Put it there. It’s one of the centres there. As you are the spirit, you are also your own master. Now ask a question to me three times again. Mother “Am I my own master?” now without feeling guilty. Please don’t feel guilty. You are your own master. Take the hand from the heart to the stomach, to the upper part of the stomach. This is the principle of mastery or what we call “The guru principle”. If you have had some gurus, if you have bowed to some people, it will be neutralized. Just ask within yourself. “Mother am I my own master?” Please do it. If you don’t do it, maybe you may not get realization and say “Why I dint get?”. Now take the same hand in the lower part of the abdomen. This is the centre where you get the knowledge or you get the power to operate the divine laws. So here, again I have to request you that you have to ask for it. I cannot force it on you. So you have to ask “Mother may I have the true knowledge, the pure knowledge?” in Sanskrit, called ‘Suddha vidya’. Pure knowledge. Keep your head in the centre please. Pure knowledge. Some people are thinking that I hope that this doesn’t go against their own religions they have been following. I have to tell you that only after realization you will really know how great your own religion. Before that you have no idea. All religions are respected, understood, and integrated in Sahaja Yoga. [Sri Mataji talks to the yogi who is clearing Shri Mataji’s Visuddhi- hmm.. better. Left visuddhi.] Now six times you have to ask ” Mother may I have the true knowledge or the true technique of the Divine laws. Six times. Because there are six supplexsses. Now, again raise your right hand higher on the abdomen on the stomach, on the left-hand side. We are working only on the left-hand side. At this point because you have now accepted or asked for the true knowledge, you are empowered to say that you are your own master. Now don’t feel defendant, don’t feel guilty. Don’t feel that you cannot be. Just assert “Mother I am my own master”. Just assert it and you will get it. “Mother I am my own master.” You have to say that ten times because this centre has gotten subplexes. Ten commandments. Say ten times. Now, after saying that put your right hand on the heart again and press it hard. You don’t feel confident sometimes, it is better without feeling guilty you have to ask for forgiveness from God once for all. You just say, “Oh Lord please forgive me if I have done anything wrong knowingly or unknowingly” but don’t feel guilty about it. Just say that. Say it with full heart. But don’t feel guilty about it. Just you have to say it because just to feel confident because that you have said it already.

*(about William Blake)