Questions about Sahaja Yoga

Hove Town Hall, Hove (England)

1984-07-25 Questions about Sahaja Yoga, Hove, England, DP-RAW, 62' Chapters: Q&A, Self-Realization, WorkshopDownload subtitles: EN (1)View subtitles:
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1984-07-25 Questions about Sahaja Yoga, Hove, England, DP-RAW, version 2, 62' Chapters: Q&A, Self-Realization, WorkshopDownload subtitles: EN (1)View subtitles:
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Public Program Day 1

…is because they want to get realization.

It’s only aggressiveness or they belong to some cult or something and uh..they don’t want to admit that they have been stupid to pay money there so also they try to, sort of, profess that no, no, no, no this is correct and that is correct because this is too much that you are not supposed to pay. So, if you ask questions, it should not be an aggressive question – it should be a question that relates to your ascent. will be much better, wiser because I have nothing to gain from you – it’s a fact, I have nothing to gain from you but even when I say, “I’ve to give you something,” maybe, ego rises, “Who is She to give us, why should?” I mean, I would say, “Better you do it. Can you do it?” – I’ll be very happy. You see, as you know, I have a good family, everything is there [UNCLEAR -BUT?] like a ascetic I’m moving all over the world, working hard with people. If you can do it, nothing like it. It’s My lot to do it and I’m doing it because that’s My job.

There’s nothing that I’m higher or lower than you. On the contrary, in a way, I always try to please you so that you get it. Mother’s job is a thankless job. She has to go on telling you, “Please have it, it’s your own, why not?” Any question, yes please, ask? Will you say it loudly? Can you [UNCLEAR] [INAUDIBLE] doesn’t have to perform too much physical exertion and mental – and mental [INAUDIBLE] – You’re asking about something – Yeah. – Hmmm – Is this Kundalini [UNCLEAR] and you have to perform all sorts of mental or other forms of effort to reach No, nothing. First of all you get your realization, alright? First you get your realization, means yoga – the union takes place.

Sahaja means – ‘Saha’ means with, ‘Ja’ means born – is born with you means spontaneously. So the Kundalini rises automatically – She rises without any effort. Please be seated, I’ll tell you. Then, what happens, that the Kundalini sees that you have problems so She goes back. Supposing, you are a liver patient – take a simple question – you are a cancer patient or any other patient – say on the physical level. Then She sees that the physical side should be alright so She goes and bangs there. You can see it with your naked eyes, you can see it’s banging at that point. then you have to know how to make Her move from there, how to give Her energy, how to make Her move, how to improve that, how to manoeuvre – that you have to know, that decoding you have. This is the knowledge of the Divine laws which you have to know which is very simple – even the children spontaneously. You see a child putting his finger – all the children outside were putting their finger in the mouth.

What does that mean – that the people sitting inside are feeling guilty. They, they know. If they put this finger, means something, if they put this finger, means something, if they put this thumb, means something. So the children spontaneously know because they’re born realized children but you will have to know what it is in decoding but it’s very simple is not difficult. Even the one – now he’s a doctor, alright but those who are not doctor have cured cancer, have cured, definitely cured cancer. They have cured many diseases because what you have to do is to go to the source of the trouble and just try to help the source and that’s how you cure but it’s not like a spiritualist thing that you shake before the person and he feels alright – it’s not that. You know exactly what you have to do. So first of all, you raise your Kundalini, you get your realization – this is the first yoga. Then you have to look after your Kundalini, gradually you have to raise it again and again – for that there might be an obstruction on all levels maybe, physical, mental, emotional – any level, there could be an obstruction so you have to understand what this obstruction is and then you should know how to clean that. If you know how to clear it out, you take your Kundalini up – it is like that.

So, there is no effort as such because you see yourself as an outsider to all this thing. Like this saree of Mine has supposing some spot on it. So I see it. If I don’t see it, I cannot cure it. But not only that I see it but also I know how to do it. So I clear it out – I’m not identified with that. I don’t have to tell you that you do this, you don’t do that – nothing. It just happens to you spontaneously – I don’t have to tell you. You know yourself and you do it yourself because you become your own master, I don’t have to tell you. Only thing if I raise your Kundalini, if your Spirit is enlightened, in the light you see yourself.

Like in the darkness I’ll have to tell you walk carefully, don’t go here, you’ll hit that, do that but if I put on the light, you can see it clearly – it’s that simple as that but still you must know that how to keep the light on. That’s a little thing which you have to know if you know that you become a master. Alright. It sounds fantastic, isn’t it – it is. [SHRI MATAJI LAUGHS] It is. You are fantastic – what do you think of yourself? Aren’t you fantastic – look at yourself. Look at your eyes, how you’re made, how beautifully. Just look at your brain – everything that you are, can any computer make like that? You are a computer which doesn’t think and knows.

You look at Me, you know I’m sitting here. You don’t think about it, you don’t have to go to some thinking process to come around to see – it just knows. What a computer you are made! So must be having some higher connections. Only it is to be connected to the mains – that’s the point is. But sometimes the connections are loose so you have to put the connections alright. Anything else? Ask questions, no harm. [INAUDIBLE N UNCLEAR] giving instructions, ummm, I find it confusing because [UNCLEAR] those instructions something is trying to control me. If it is something, [ UNCLEAR – GOD TRYING TO SPEAK FOR WHAT?]

If during her spiritual [UNCLEAR] If during her spiritual development she starts hearing voices, she, she’s a little confused. She’s wondering, is it the voice of God or is it something which It is never voice of God, it’s wrong. Your hands will speak not your ears. You shouldn’t hear anything – that’s all wrong. I don’t want to harp, tell you all about it but you will know what it is. You should never hear voices – is a wrong idea. – I, I feel it’s wrong [INAUDIBLE] – She feels it’s something is trying to control her and that’s wrong, she feels. That’s very, very wrong – you have to be an independent, free soul. Nobody should control you – why should anybody control you? That’s a wrong thing.

That means you have gone on a wrong way, that’s true but you, you don’t hear anything, you just become the master – you know everything yourself. If somebody is trying to control you, then it’s a wrong path you have taken but it can be corrected. Alright, it’s nice you have seen that – I’m very happy – because sometimes people come in a condition when they are in a coma from all these paths. It’s so difficult, you see, to raise them – it’s better to see it clearly. I don’t quite understand what the source is [INAUDIBLE] hands. – What’s it? – She doesn’t quite understand what the source is from the hands – Sources? – The source, where it’s coming from? It’s coming from your Spirit, it’s coming from your Spirit. Spirit is the source.

Spirit is the reflection of God within us and that’s the source which is the universal being within us – that’s the source. Christ said about it – somebody touched Him, He said, “The energy has passed into the lady who has touched Me.” But He was Spirit Himself so what He said is something to be seen that it happens to you also. Anything else? Yes. I just wonder if I could see the spiritual development [UNCLEAR – OF THE KUNDALINI?] – What’s it? – How does one nurture the seed to ensure the development of the Kundalini? Very good question, it’s beautiful! If that is the anxiety My child, there’s no problem.

That’s the best thing I’ve heard, really. Isn’t it important – it’s so sweet! This time we have really nice people here, I think. It’s very simple to look after the seed. You’ll be told about it. We have luckily a center here where people have risen from all kinds of problems and they will tell you. We have all sorts of people here who can help you, who have come to sahaja yoga, have come up to that – they’ll all tell you, it’s very simple and you yourself will know. Very nice question, very encouraging! Very encouraging, isn’t it? That he’s, he’s concerned about his development – is a very, very big thing otherwise people are so self-centered and so contented with all the nonsense that they have but to see that you have to develop and to retain it, is something great.

It’s only possible if you really value your life, if you really understand how great it is to be a human-being – it’s only possible then. It’s beautiful question. Any other question? [INAUDIBLE] Is it possible to raise the Kundalini while you are attached to a lot of other desires and fears? [SHRI MATAJI LAUGHS] Uhh yes, it’s possible – it’s not difficult. Yes, it’s possible, absolutely. I mean, you see, desire is a myth, is a myth. Kundalini rises through these centers and the desire power is on the left-hand side and the right-hand side is the power of action so Kundalini rises through the center, center-most part and this has nothing to do with those two which are on the sides, left on the sides. So there’s no problem – but then what happens to your desires and then what happens to your attachments – you become a witness. You start witnessing your desire and then your desires change then, uh.. you start thinking in a different way.

Like when you are not a light, you want to become a light but when you have the light, what is your desire – is to give the light because your state changes. See the point – because the state changes, you become a different person. Like, if you have to, say, nourish a tree, then what do you do – you go to the roots. If you try to nourish the leaves, there’s no nourishment so you go to the roots and these are the roots that we have. But you must know that the sap in the tree doesn’t get attached to anything. If it gets attached, the tree will die and the place where it is attached that will also die. So you become the sap and once you become the sap and not the leaf, you are a different personality. You see My point – the state changes You are at a state where you give. You emit. – [INAUDIBLE] – What’s it?

– I think, it’s the old puzzle that we all had before we got our realization. – What’s that? – Now that You’re so involved in all these things – Me? – No, we. – Haan – How can we break through this, this barrier? That’s the miracle of God! Yes, these barriers are all mythical. Now, for example we think we’re doing this, we’re doing that – let’s take some myths that we have. We say, now we made this big hall – alright, so what? This is something from dead to the dead – what have we done?

Can we transfer a flower into a fruit – one flower? So, this is a myth coming from ego that we have done this, we can do this, we can do that – alright, that’s one thing. Another myth comes from superego where we’re conditioned that we are this and we are that oh, we should not be expecting to be higher than this – kind of a suppression within us, whatever is suppressed us. All these things can be easily broken just like that where we say that Christ died for us – is a simple thing like that. Christ resides in this center – it’s not here, it’s one of the windows but on the optic chiasma where the pitutary and the pineal body are there in the center of it, this center is of Christ is. So what happens, that when Christ is awakened here, He sucks in – these two pouches you see there, the blue and the yellow – one is the ego, another is the superego – and a space is created and when the space is created, Kundalini goes out. We’re bound by these two that’s why we think we’re attached but is sucked in. If it is sucked in, the Kundalini passes out but Christ has to be awakened here by the Kundalini itself. Alright, you understand the mechanical process, yes. Good question.

You see, Kundalini rising is a tremendous process. It rises, it augments, it relaxes, it has to work out in , I mean, after all if this machine is working, there must be something, a lot going on inside, isn’t it? And in the same way when Kundalini comes up, there lots of things happen. But one of the examples I’ve given you how our, the Sahasrara opens out because when Christ is awakened He sucks in. That’s why we say that He died for our sins, He suffered for our sins. Meaning that whatever sins, so called, we have committed, so called always I say, will be sucked by Him. but still people believe that we must suffer – so go on suffering. He has already died for you, why should you suffer any more. Can you suffer more than He has suffered? You just remain a happy person and you get your realization – finished.

Now any more question? [INAUDIBLE N UNCLEAR] Could You say a little more of the importance of this country in the matter of Spiritual affairs? I think, you better read William Blake*. He’s said it quite a lot but people call him mad, mean the all mad people calling him mad. If you go to lunatic asylum, all lunatics will call you mad, you see, it’s like that. He has said it that this was to happen, He has given exact places where it will happen He has described My house where I will live, exactly. He’s described everything – is the most important country. For Me, imagine, I started My work about 12 years back, you can say and 10 years I’ve spent in England, 10 years but I have the least number of sahaja yogies in England, what do you say to that – isn’t it sir? The maximum are abroad, of course, in India we have thousands in the villages and we have more in Australia, Switzerland, France. France, imagine the French [PEOPLE LAUGH]!

isn’t it a big joke? [SHRI MATAJI LAUGHS] Yes, the French. Italians – Italians are great, traditional. They are wonderful people. Can you imagine the mayor – now this cannot happen in England – uh.. the mayor just saw My photograph, a mayor, imagine – he saw My photograph, looked at it, he said, “This is Divinity”. He made a copy of that photograph and on 40 places he placed where it was his authority to place, on his own, paying for it, everything and he gave us a hall, beautiful hall with a beautiful ceiling done with – I don’t know what artist has done that work. – Annh? – [UNCLEAR] Just imagine, a mayor doing that! But we are not sensitive here much, I think, because we are the heart. Imagine the heart not being sensitive!

We have to have the heart. Heart is frozen by many things. Many things have frozen our heart here, I understand that. I know, our love has been challenged all the time as a result, you see, we are frozen people inside our heart, no doubt, I agree but when it melts, it melts very well. Imagine this, hundred years back, two hundred years back William Blake has said this – can you imagine? Such details, even of our ashram, where it is. He’s described each and every detail but who reads him, who understands him, who is bothered about him? There could not be any better poetry. Even Shakespeare, Wordsworth all were realized souls. Shakespeare showed the futility of all nonsense we are doing – didn’t he?

In our Sanskrit language we call him avdhoot – means a person who is beyond everything – so he showed all the futility of Romeo, Juliet, this, that, everything and then we have Wordsworth who talks about the breeze, huh, in their own sweet way. Even your nursery rhymes are all about sahaja yoga. ‘London bridge is falling down’ – what does that suggest? So many nursery rhymes are about sahaja yoga. ‘Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall’ – Who was Humpty Dumpty – an egoist. You can understand that and ‘To fetch a pail of water’ – the seekers. ‘ Broke his crown’ – all those things are absolutely happening, you can see that. These are not ordinary nursery rhymes – they have come from the Unconscious. So many great people you have had in this country. – Should we have the experience now?

– Should we? Now, for that experience, one humble thing I’ve to tell you, you have to do, is to take out your shoes because we have to use the Mother Earth for taking out our problems, so just take out your shoes – it helps. With this experience also people get well, their health improves automatically, I don’t have to do anything – it just happens – they get well. Now, one has to remember that all of us have got Kundalini within ourselves but everybody has got their individual problem so, it cannot be guaranteed to everyone. Ultimately everybody will get it, ultimately but maybe, some people may not get today, may get it tomorrow – doesn’t make any difference whatsoever. Some seeds sprout today, some seeds sprout tomorrow – makes no difference. So nobody should be anxious about it, worried about it, ultimately you’ll get it, all of you, I promise you that but I cannot guarantee today but ultimately all of you should get your realization – that’s your right. Secondly, you have to close your eyes and till I tell you keep them closed – don’t open your eyes, is important because of this center if the eyes are open, it doesn’t allow the Kundalini to rise – that’s our experience. So please keep your eyes shut. Put your both the hands in this way, in this way comfortably on your laps – not like that, not like this but like this because these are the five centers you can see, five, six and seven centers on the left and the right hand side so if you put your hands like this, the energy passes through you, it informs the Kundalini and Kundalini rises.

The left hand suggest or is symbolically expressing your desire to get realization so keep your hand like this, left hand all the time but we use the right hand for the action of nourishing our different centers ourselves so that if there is any obstruction on these, then it is cleared out and we can do it, we have done it the other, yesterday uh.. we had few people, of course but everyone of them got realization – the Kundalini was here – just they could feel it and they were surprised, “It’s a gale, Mother.” I said, “Yes, it’s true.” So it will work out for all of you only thing is, few things that I have told you, please try to remember that without questioning, just do it. There’s nothing serious, I’ll just tell you where to put your hand and to say what on different chakras, on different centers. The ultimate result will be that you start feeling first the cool breeze out of your head. First of all, you’ll be without any thoughts. Just now it has happened to many of you – there’s no thought in the mind but then what happens that it breaks through and you start feeling the Kundalini coming out. but you must listen to Me and do what I tell you and it should happen. Any habits that you have of which you’re tired and fed up just drop out next day so you just don’t worry if you have some habits, you have been doing something wrong and forget about the past, just forget. At present you are sitting with Me for your realization and you have to get it.

Don’t think this mistake I have done, that mistake I have done or this person has tortured me or that person has done to me – forget everything. Just now you get your realization – this is what you have to achieve. To address Me you can call Me Mataji, if you find it difficult, you can call Me Mother – whatever suits you, you can call Me by that name. Now, please close your eyes. [ASIDE – Can you put this off, it’s too much – light?] Please close your eyes. I think, put off both. I don’t think we should have any more, it’s finished. It’s too much light. Done?

Released? Agnya released? – Agnya is released, Vishuddhi is still a problem. – It’s alright, started now. Hmmm. It’s better now, it’s too much of a Vishuddhi Remove his hair, just Ekadasha. Remove his hair, I’ll have a watch. Uh.. Warren, remove his hair. Ekadasha is there – just remove his hair. – If you remove his hair, he has Ekadasha – Yes, he’s, he’s just told me he’s paining to [UNCLEAR] doing the same sort of thing by this habit but he just said – Ekadasha – It’s cold diet [UNCLEAR] – It’s alright.

Is it working now? No, is it working out? – You can see that’s what I said Ekadasha is there – [UNCLEAR] Can I just remind all of you that there is the follow-on meeting tomorrow morning and there is a meeting here tomorrow evening, which you can find out the times? If you look on the sheets that’ve been given you, you’ll see the address on the back side of where our center is situated and can I also request that you just be a little bit quiet while Mother is working. Thank you very much. – It won’t work. – It’s a typing business Now, is it? – Well right void is released, left void more now – Right void? – Left void now, Mother, left void. Hmmm – He’s got it, hasn’t he?

No? – He’s not feeling, Mother. It’s alright, he’ll feel it but Vishuddhi is there. It’s terrible, now don’t feel guilty. Don’t you feel guilty all the time, don’t feel guilty. Haan, now better? Are you feeling on your hair? Good! Sit, work. Now keep it up, alright?

Now this has to relax little bit because you type too much, hmmm. You come to the ashram, they’ll give you the oil, you rub your hands with that, rub this part, it’ll become sensitive – alright? May God bless you! Yeah. Thank you very much, thank you very much. Beautiful! I had a very big problem this week. I was in Switzerland and I don’t want to stay then someone tried to terrorize me [UNCLEAR] soon overshadowing me in my aura and they still they regress me with a lot of power, an awful lot of power I’ve never seen – and they threatened to damage my shockers my heart – Where? – In Lausanne, in Switzerland, I went there. He claimed it was fantastic.

– He claimed to be a [UNCLEAR] – In Lausanne? – In Lausanne. I went there for three months to work and I was terrorized – by someone with a lot of power – What’s his name? – I don’t know. I think he was from Scientology. He Yes, yes I know him, horrible fellow. Yes It wasn’t in person. It was like attached to my aura in Spirit for the live person – but there’s one fellow who’s doing that – and a lot of power, a lot of power – Hmm, hmm. Oh baba – he wouldn’t leave me, he was attached to me. – But I was in Lausanne too – Oh, I went to a talk in July 5th, in Lausanne.

Someone gave, someone from your group. That was in the middle of it – They were attacking my aura all around me all the time. I lost my job and I had to come back to London. – But this man who was attacking you – Anh, ha – I didn’t sleep for four weeks because – you didn’t see that – I couldn’t see him, I could feel his presence all the time with me – For four weeks with me. – There’s one horrible fellow there in Lausanne – Oh! – Yes, one horrible fellow, uh.. – he had captured a woman and all sorts of thing he’s doing I don’t know why – It’s like black magic [UNCLEAR] something like that – Terrible! Yes, he’s killing people also like that – Oh, I tried [UNCLEAR] almost have a nervous breakdown almost have – Hmmm – That’s what they tried and I came back – I’ve only done good things like Buddhist to Christian meditation – I never was involved in anything – But even Buddhist is no good But even Buddhist is no good. That’s also you see, all these are all, all misguided people – Buddhist are very misguided. Might be from the Buddhist meditation you do get this problem. – I never had anything like it – You see, these Buddhist lamas are the ones who had advised uh.. Hitler – do you know that?

– No. – Yes, under there guidance only Hitler did all this – I couldn’t get it away from my aura, like it was something with me in my aura. – Now do one thing. Put your hand like this and ask a question, “Mother, are You Buddha?” Ask a question, “Mother, are You Buddha?” – “Mother, are You Buddha?” – Keep your eyes open – “Are You Buddha?” – Again – “Are You Buddha?” – Again – “Are You Buddha?” – Again – “Are You Buddha?”

– Again – “Are You Buddha?” – Again – “Are You Buddha?” – Again – Are You Buddha?” – Haan, alright. – Yes – Ha, ha, ha, ha – They are all mythical people, that’s why – [UNCLEAR] had lots of power, lot of power and just – No, no, it’s all negative – Haan I know that man, I know him – horrible. One person only in Lausanne who does all these tricks – I know. – and comes out of the body, out of the body to my room – Hmm, – I never had anything like that – He, he also teaches Buddhism, same fellow – but he captured a woman very badly she came to Me, she told Me about him. He does all Buddhist uh.. rituals and all that – it’s horrible! – I know him – Oh, I didn’t know [UNCLEAR] – Baba we had a big problem with him – Of course that woman is now out of his clutches – Is he alright? – Thank You!

– Are you feeling it – the cool breeze? Tie it up, tie it up – tying up is the best way. Have they been to someone? Have you been to some guru? No, no one, sure? Drugs? Same thing. Void is catching that [UNCLEAR – SIDE OR WHY?] left void. throughout – he is also left void.

Just uh.. call that publisher here – what’s his name? – Uh.. John Knox – Annh, John? – John Knox – John Knox Just eat this, it’ll neutralize It will neutralize, you see, the effects. Come along, eat it. Come along! Let him eat it. This will – just eat it. This will neutralize the effects, on the stomach, you have. Eat it. Put it everything in the mouth – just, just there – it will neutralize, you see.

Yes, John I was saying that as you see here, of course, we have got Simon and all that but, you see, if you also take up also very positive action because see there are intellectuals and people have to understand sahaja yoga and you have to explain to them somebody has to talk on those lines. Of course, I’ll tell also Simon – he’s alright for realization and all that when you have to talk to people, you see, there has to be somebody elderly otherwise they don’t take you seriously so I would say that whenever they have such a meeting and all that, you should try to conduct – I’ll tell Simon because, you see, what reports I got that in Brighton you have all little, little boys – young people. – I mean, Spiro is there, everybody but they look so young so if you help them, it will be better that you stand up, you see – alright? – Yes Mother. – May God bless you! How is he, he’s alright? – Unnh? – He smoked four cigars, he had four cigars – He smoked four cigars, Mother, today. – [SHRI MATAJI LAUGHS] Alright, don’t feel guilty. [SHRI MATAJI LAUGHS] Haan, better now, see – are you feeling the cool breeze?

Feeling the cool breeze now? Good! You have this thing to eat to neutralize your cigars – let’s have it. – Just to neutralize your cigars – Thank You! – Alright, just put it in the mouth. Now How is this gentleman? – Kundalini has risen – Good! – during the program, right now. Wait, – What about this one? This lady, is she alright?

How are you, are you alright now? – Whom did you go to? – Hmmm? – Whom did you go to? – [UNCLEAR – SCIENTOLOGY?] – Oh! – Oh! – I think I was meant to – Hmmm? – I think I was meant to [UNCLEAR] mentally – I didn’t follow – She thinks she was meant to go to Scientology and then she was mentally Scientology. Really I tell you the damage you have.

Scientology is a one of the worst damages I’ve ever seen, I must confess This is the first time we’re giving realization to people who have been to Scientology otherwise we used to say no. Believe Me, it was such a damage, I don’t know what [UNCLEAR – SPIRIT?] – such a damage, I must say! – You’ll be alright. – I feel like [UNCLEAR] I’ve learnt to laugh, I’ve learnt to [UNCLEAR] – That’s good, very nice. – You see, once you come out of it, you can be very great – You see, you have to come out of it fully – Yes – That’s what they’ll tell you how to do it – Hello! How are you, how did you feel? – I didn’t quite understand [INAUDIBLE] – Really, you didn’t quite understand? [UNCLEAR – WHY OR WHAT?] – You, you didn’t feel the cool breeze?

– I thought I did, I wasn’t sure. [UNCLEAR] relaxing – Is it? Now, what about you never felt any cool breeze you mean to say? – I felt the heat coming out but I [UNCLEAR] – Heat? Hmmm, there’s lot of heat inside has to come out. There’s a hole I’ve made in the head, you see, – so the heat is coming out. Let the heat go away, you’ll feel the cool breeze. – I’m not [INAUDIBLE] – Did you – [INAUDIBLE] It was, that’s good, it’s the beginning, isn’t it? It’s very subtle. We have to go little further with it, isn’t it?

– [UNCLEAR] – Very simple – Better you [UNCLEAR]. She’s alright too but she’s a liver patient, little bit liver trouble you have – that’s why the heat. – Liver trouble? – Liver – Liver trouble, have I? Liver is little bit over-activated, that’s why you felt the heat but you’ll be alright – now you’ll feel the cool breeze, let’s see. – Yes, I do. – Now let’s see there – There is. Now, ladies like you should take more interest because these are all young people and you can work it out better, act more, guide, guide them better than these little young boys – isn’t it? You should come and help, I request you. You better come, you’ll be of such a help and you have to look after your children – they’re taking to drugs and all this Isn’t it all waste and now AIDS is coming – you have to guide them.

No more to sit at home and do something. You should come. This, this is the greatest business. You come on the Saturdays, Sundays – meet them, guide them I’ll be very thankful to you – alright. May God bless you! Alright, thank You! Yes, well – What’s the matter? – I’m very grateful for Your time anyway and – I honestly believe, You’re trying to give me something I couldn’t get it and – What’s the problem on your neck? – I just [UNCLEAR] so uh.. I just [UNCLEAR] the bone three months ago and [UNCLEAR] – Could that be broken [UNCLEAR]?

– Yes of course, of course so I must cure you. Take it out, I’ll put that right – Take it out, this one. – It’s got a thin [UNCLEAR] – No, I’ll take it out. What it’s a cotton? – Hmmm – That’s a doctor behind you – this is a , [UNCLEAR] BONE – that is quite easy. – Remember there’s a poultice on it. Someone suggested putting poultice on it. – But I didn’t mean that. I just meant it’s that – I know, I know. Yes, that does block, that does block.

See, first the Mother must first give you physical health that’s important for Mother, isn’t it, that children should be alright physically Hmmm, [UNCLEAR] this dislocation has to go, – that’s very important. – Hmmm, wish it could! – It will, hundred percent. – But I didn’t come – I know, I know that My child you didn’t come – No, I didn’t – but, but I, I feel as a Mother you should be alright first then talk of God – alright? – Hmmm, let it work – [UNCLEAR N INAUDIBLE] – Don’t feel guilty – that’s your problem – No, I don’t, not anymore – I used to – not anymore, not allowing that – Haan. Hello Sara, how are you? How is everything working out? – I do want [UNCLEAR] what You were trying to give me [UNCLEAR] It is working out – just see on her head – has she got it? – Warm – It’s coming, it’s coming up – don’t you worry. – [UNCLEAR] – Yeah – I know You’re trying to give – Yes and you’ll take it too – [UNCLEAR – ARRANGE?]

– I’ll arrange, I’ll arrange that for you. Ha, ha, haan, now see. Now, can you sit here, this side, just this side please. Now it’s alright – now – [UNCLEAR – KUNDALINI?] is coming, Mother – Haan! – Left Vishuddhi is very much there Just go on saying, “Mother, I’m not guilty.” Just – Hello, how are you David? Haan You’re alright? Take a light. – What about this gentleman – Ross?

– [INAUDIBLE] – Haan? – His hands are numb, Mother. – His, his -UNCLEAR – HIS HANDS ARE NUMB?] – What’s up? – His hands are numb, Mother – He has a, he has vibrations but his hands are numb – But why are they numb? – He must have done – Has he been to some guru or someone? What work you do? – An engineer work. Very simple question; Ask about engineering This is the Divine engineering. Put both the hands towards Me and ask the question.

– [UNCLEAR] – Unnh? – This is still [UNCLEAR] – It’s better now – Yes Haan! Put both the hands like this and ask the question. Hmmm Alright? That’s the answer – this is Divine engineering. Haan, done. Close your eyes. Tie it up, tie it up. There is right heart and Agnya, Mother. – Right heart – Right heart and Agnya – Right?

– Yes, Mother. Forgive, forgive, forgive, forgive. Forgive your father – alright? Forgive your father. Haan! – Now, alright? – Still [UNCLEAR] – Still? – But the cool is coming out. – Oh, yes Mother. – Alright, then it’s alright.

You people are the such perfectionists, I tell you [SHRI MATAJI LAUGHS] – Now, you feeling the cool breeze in the hand, madam? – [UNCLEAR] – Yes, that’s it, you’ve got it. Now see your neck, move it and see, is it moving? Move it on the sides. – Alright? Is it paining now? – [UNCLEAR – YEAH?] – Move it to the left and right – Is it paining? – Yeah. – Alright – No – It doesn’t pain?

– Little bit Paining? Where is it paining now? It’s there so the dislocation is here Hmmm Alright? Neeche gaya? This is all engineering – Haan! – [UNCLEAR] – Beg your pardon? – [UNCLEAR] – What’s he saying? – What did You say to give my problem? – Because you have not forgiven Isn’t it correct? [UNCLEAR] [UNCLEAR] it’s very strange, I mean, this morning she was saying she didn’t blame me for anything.

– [UNCLEAR] – Nothing is strange, you see, I have to know about you. If I love you, I must know you, isn’t it? Only through My love I know what your problems are because I’m the Mother. I’ve to know your problems – there’s nothing strange about it. Haan! Haan, Mother’s love is so powerful, isn’t it? Haan! She has a problem. Better! All her head is pulsating Now see your pain is it better, My child, just see.

Less now, much less. You are enjoying them and they are enjoying you wonderfully – you’ll go on like this forever, I think. [SHRI MATAJI LAUGHS] Actually they are enjoying you, you see, so they’re not moving out – they’re just enjoying you taking your vibra…. – isn’t it wonderful? The first time we start enjoying other human-beings. How is this gentleman? He has a Hamsa little bit. Do you get sinus trouble sometimes – no pain there? He has a Hamsa – stops there. Hmmm, now you’re alright – pain? – No.

– Gone? – [UNCLEAR] – Now see, is there a pain now? Move your – Is there a pain? – No [UNCLEAR] – Done, gone for, everything gone. Alright, perfectly alright. She’s – Aha, you’re alright. Yes, sit down, sit down. – I didn’t get anything but thank You for everything but – I’ll work it out – I’ve been talking to one of your – [UNCLEAR – A MAID ?] is there, she said, I told her, I came to know because of an experience sign – Hmm – about a long while ago thirty-eight – Unnh? – a long while ago, thirty-eight – I had [UNCLEAR] and I was lying in the bed [UNCLEAR] all these buckles and all these I couldn’t see him coming [UNCLEAR] and then the next thing he was on the ceiling.

I [UNCLEAR] and the most beautiful music was being played and such a thing piece was beautiful – You felt separated? – Oh yes I was! I was up there and I was just [UNCLEAR] – [UNCLEAR] but I was up there and I felt some peace in myself and contented – Did you go to anyone like that, into any Spiritualist or any? – No, no. – To no one? – No, no and then I was just about to follow these people [UNCLEAR] came back and she came out of the side and she shook my hand and shook my [UNCLEAR] and before [UNCLEAR] I came but I had to get back in through heel and I had to slide in [UNCLEAR] and I had to put my toes in – Annh? – to put my toes in where they belong to, my legs and [UNCLEAR] – they had come back then through here I just saw hiding [UNCLEAR] because it was so beautiful out there and then [UNCLEAR] as I was at the – lake canal train – Hmm – and I didn’t want to come back [UNCLEAR] – I’ve never experienced any thing [UNCLEAR] before – That’s the Spirit; You become the Spirit but your body should contain it, you should not get out of it, – that’s not a good thing – Hmmm – If it takes you out then there’s something else that’s working it out – Hmmm – You, you have to feel it within yourself with your body intact, don’t have to leave your body. Leave your body then it’s not alright but you have to be there – it’s very dangerous also to leave the body. Sometimes you may lose it completely so you have to be there all the time. Now – [UNCLEAR] All the left side is – Annh?

– all the left, all the left side is – Now you say you didn’t go to any body like that, you didn’t go see any – No – transwoman and – no sure? – No – You remember that? – I’ve been to a saint to meet him – Annh? – A spiritualist saint – That’s it! That’s it! Is the Spiritualists; You see the spirits. They do these tricks. – I think, your spirit is great, no doubt but to separate you from yourself – [UNCLEAR – THIS WAS 30 YEARS?] – Yes, that’s what they have done. – So you have to work it out a little bit to get rid of it because what you have to feel this beauty within yourself, in your body, in your consciousness.

– Hmmm – You understand My point? – Hmm, hmm. – Alright. So for that, it’s very simple is they’ll tell you what is to be done. You have a left-side problem and they’ll correct it for you That’s very also not good because if you have the left-side problem, you might again fall into the same trap so better get it corrected. – Alright? They’ll do it for you, you come and see them. Get it corrected – it’s very important for you – alright? – Yeah. – God bless you!

– Thank You! – Is she alright? – Again left side. – It’s [UNCLEAR] Mother. The left-side and [UNCLEAR] – Alright. – So she can work it out if she has to work it out. – Absolutely. – I’ll tell somebody about you. Who’s there? Annh – You see, this la… – what’s your name please?

Annh? – Irelene – Irelene. This lady has been to Spiritualist [UNCLEAR], you see, and her body was separated from her soul once. You see, it’s a dangerous thing so, what you have to do is to put her left to the photograph, right outside on the Mother Earth – give her a light and all that and get her alright because left-side is absolutely burnt – and is dangerous, alright. Irelene, they’ll look after you – look after yourself – Thank You! – Alright? May God bless you! Look after yourself. – You take her address – it’s just burning, just be there. Just rub it – Yes, ooh, ooh, ooh [UNCLEAR] – Haan – [UNCLEAR] Carolene – How do you do?

– [UNCLEAR] – Did she get it? – Yes, [UNCLEAR] – I’m not sure, maybe. [UNCLEAR] sure I did. – Hmm – What work does she do? – [UNCLEAR] – She is a medical student You ask Me a question. Say, “Mother, are You the source of all the medical science?” Ask a question. – “Mother, are You source of all medical science?” – Again. – “Mother, are You the source of all medical science?”

– Again. – “Mother, are You the source of all medical science?” Feeling it? – [UNCLEAR – I DO?] – That’s the answer. [ SHRI MATAJI LAUGHS] Like this engineer sitting here, he had to ask, “Mother, are You the engineer of all the engineers?” He got it, quite surprised because I look too simple to be that. Alright, May God bless you! She’s alright – is the barrier not the – medical science, this science, that science – barrier ha, ha – so, absolutely burning. How are you?

What’s the matter? – [UNCLEAR] – Oh, what is it? – [INAUDIBLE] – What’s the problem? – I had a virus [UNCLEAR] – Alright, sit down on the chair. Get him a chair. – I’ll sit [UNCLEAR] – No, you sit on the chair. You’re alright. Sit comfortably facing Me, facing Me. Now, do one thing. Take the light behind him.

What time, when was this, when did it happen? – What’s the result? – [UNCLEAR] – You got an attack – Yeah – Virus infection? – Think so virus – Alright, have it. Put both the hands towards Me. This shakes more than that. Put the left like that. The left like this. Right towards Me and left like this, yes. Put the right Just forgive, forgive, forgive everyone.

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